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bots 153

Par Wujigege
“Uuuu, darn it, uguguguu, ahhhh!!”It felt like he would start crying if I kept going so I stopped there.“Well? Why were you thrown into the prison? Doesn’t the Dartanel family hold a significant amount of power in the capital? You fell to ruin too hard, man.”“Are you saying that?”He clenched his teeth and leered at […]

bots 152

Par Wujigege
“Boss?”A frail voice called out.“You guys are bad. Really bad.”“If the boss says that, then it must be true……”“However, you worked 1.5 times more than the others. You guys are strong, after all. On top of that, you don’t get tired easily. If I tell you to, you will probably be able to work the […]

bots 151

Par Wujigege
Botsuraku 131The talk with Toto ended without any problem and he also became a member of the project. The next day, Toto went out with his employees to sell medicinal plants. As I was left behind, I faced the criminal group who were lined up in front of the mansion.Every one of them seems to […]

oma 188

Par Wujigege
Chapter 150 [Episode 77] She, not he @She, not he. Sang Hyuk’s group worked hard to speed their arrive at the next Sky Island before the Dark Knight departed for South Korea. The theme of each Sky Island varies, and this Sky Island was a place that was reminiscent of a Sauna. In fact, the […]

oma 189

Par Wujigege
However, Sang Hyuk didn’t play ranked games on purpose. Sang Hyuk knew better than anyone how horribly obsessive he was. He had never been able to find a hobby right for him so he thought to spend the unavoidable downtimes while exploring the Middle Layer by playing the ranking games. So, he didn’t play for […]

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me 173

Par Wujigege
“So, is this Black Princess the cause of the leak?” “Perhaps, but I think it is unlikely. That person is very tolerant, always putting the interests of us youkai before anything else. She wouldn’t be doing such things as spying. Her heart was considerably worried during the ghosts’ appearance, too.”Ouka went back on her own […]

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me 172

Par Wujigege
My Entire Class c170   I can’t say I won’t get myself killed     When I went to the shrine in the spirit world, I was greeted by Ouka, — who still waits for her transition — who guided me into the shrine.“Please, go ahead.”After sitting down and waiting for a moment, Ouka comes […]
  • 16 novembre 2019 à 03:03

slime 386

Par Wujigege
“Aye. Mister Veldora is on a different level. After all, he could defeat Super Beasts by punching them.”Not only Karman, but his men all agreed. There was something more than mere respect in their voice. It was clear that they were all drawn to Veldora and Beretta. However, as the person listening to them, Jegyll […]

slime 387

Par Wujigege
‘Are you listening? We are cyborgs, but people think we’re weak without the Powered Suits. Well, they wouldn’t be entirely wrong, but Mister Veldora’s modification skills are incredible. I haven’t even received much damage from Jegyll’s attack just now. And the repairing ability is also great. It seems that my stomach injury will be completely […]

slime 385

Par Wujigege
“I thought so too. But it’s also quite possible that there won’t be enough time even if you returned now…” “Yes, I agree with that. Besides, it would leave a bad aftertaste if we left this world like this. And what if we did come back later and everything had ended? Could you imagine such […]