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Aujourd’hui — 27 janvier 2020BD, nouvelles…
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The King of the Battlefield 249

Par Wujigege
Even Dantalian did not know the details about the Sky Lord.  All that was known was that he was a ‘very ominous being’, and if he hadn’t been created for the purpose of stopping Diablo then the reason for his existance was unknown. “Baal was different than us.  Maybe, he is the ‘only one’.  So, […]

The King of the Battlefield 248

Par Wujigege
There will be weekly releases of King of the Battlefield to make up for the lost time. Volume 62:  The Transcendental Beings (1)     “…….” Everyone was silent. There wasn’t even a need to keep fighting. A single punch. The earth SPLASHED as if it was a liquid, the ground ruptured as if it […]

itai 222

Par Wujigege
Itai no Wa 222   Defense Specialization and the Tower’s Fourth Floor 2They kept going downstream for a while without fearing anything coming out of the forest to attack them. Since Maple was using her ‘Dedicated Affection,’ Sally was just chilling while lying down on Maple’s back.“Hey Maple, how are things underwater?”“Full of fish and […]

I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? 68

Par Wujigege
This is the last chapter by this translator. Waiting For You Online translator will be taking over this novel. Cheers! I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? Chapter 63 Xu Ziyan said it casually, but he didn’t think much about it, so he went to prepare dinner. Now the master comes to […]

Instant Death 103

Par Wujigege
It was much better than being scared in the dark forest where you wouldn’t see your enemy coming. However, the others seemed to have come to the same conclusion as well, and so there were a few that came running to the wall. They weren’t running away, but seemed to want to make this the […]

dd 237

Par Wujigege
235 Younger sister“Is this really for the best?”I asked Lady Letticia this question after the king had departed the room.“What are you referring to?”“The fact that I was here to hear this. No matter how you think about it, it seems out of place.”Letticia smiled with exasperation.“It’s true. But I’m still curious to hear from […]
Hier — 26 janvier 2020BD, nouvelles…

The Tale of Revenge of Hero on his Second Coming 76

Par Wujigege
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi 76 – Teaser   5-1  Midnight VisitorA veil of darkness has fallen on Leytesha. The grasslands that surround the Peter Religious State had been engulfed in the dead of night. In there, the Holy City of Schmelz, which was surrounded by its great snow-white gates, was the only thing to […]