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V56C7P3 – Construction Site

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to the proofreading team: Armada, Jasla, DumbassRocks & Younhacomet 🙂

A quest log appeared in Oberon’s view.


< The Hunt For Kaybern.

The time has come for every dwarf to gather their strength.

Lift those honed weapons!

Let the war cries echo!

It is time to take down Kaybern.

The battle against Kaybern must take place within a month.

With victory, the dwarves will take back their lost pride.

Difficulty: Race quest

Requirement: Dwarf.

Must be top 3% of player level in all of the race.

Reward: The dwarven race trait, Pride. >

“Uh… A race quest just came up for dwarves.”

“A race quest?”

“It says to defeat Kaybern together with a dwarf named Weedhand.”

Weed decided to go to battle against Kaybern with the dwarven warriors.

With his decision, the quest activated for all dwarf players in the top 3% pool.

“I will gladly fight against Kaybern.”

Oberon spoke after he had already accepted the quest.

“I can’t wait for the day we will fight in Morata.”

Python and Pale shared similar feelings.

“It’s thrilling. It will be an awesome battle.”

“Yes. Fight without regrets.”


After visiting the Hermes Guild, Weed still had more to do before going to hunt the dragon.

“You wish to learn how to use the axe?”


The east side of Hilaya Forest.

He had to convene with Lumberjack Patin and acquire the secret technique of the axe.

Patin was a lumberjack with long legs and broad muscular shoulders.

“I don’t really know about noble or royal families. But, even I know your name because you are that famous.”

“Having fought a lot of villains spread my name around. I eradicated monsters for the peace of this world.”

“You are not a bad guy. I heard you are an adventurer and sculptor who has done countless good deeds. I on the other hand am a knucklehead in the arts field.”

Lumberjack Patin, whenever he came across an infamous player had a tendency to chop their heads in an instant.

Status or honor did not mean anything. He was just a simple lumberjack who despised bad guys.

Patin scavenged the well cooked, oil dripping boar hind leg from the bonfire.

“I really love boar meat. This is cooked nicely.”

“Boars roasted in the mountains are a true delicacy. The salt was dug up from deep within the mines.”

“The seasoning is perfect.”

He had received information about Patin’s background in advance from Mapan.

– Mapan: Patin has no profound form. Players who acquired axe techniques all visited him but… He doesn’t give out quests but rather you must become friends with him.

He loves cooking, but he prefers common dishes over expensive cuisine.

When your friendship level exceeds a certain point, he will offer an opportunity to learn the secret axe technique.

He won’t be teaching you kindly firsthand but instead you will be able to watch him apply the technique on a tree.

The secret axe technique has to be acquired by examining with your eyes. There are 6 individuals who have learned it until now. I know Weed-nim is more than capable of joining them.

Weed knew the basics of how to wield an axe.

‘Compared to a sword, the weight is overwhelming. A weapon with the least minimal breaking transitions but displays destructive force.’

It was much more simple than wielding a sword or spear.

On the other hand, swinging an axe while stationary did not bring out its true power.

Moving randomly and applying body weight would bring the best out of an axe.

“Do you care for a glass of beer?”

“You have beer?”

“I have enough to get us completely drunk. This is beer from Morata that even the dwarves would die for.”

“Beer from Morata… My mouth is already getting watery.”

4 hours.

The time taken to soften up Patin with meat, beer and flattery.

“I don’t do well with explaining. You will have to see it and pick it up if you can.”

“Sure. That will be more than enough.”

Patin got up to his feet and began swinging his axe on a thick tree.

Boom! Crack! Cruck!

WIth each swing, the thick limbs of the tree fell.

‘The power is plain awesome. As expected from a pure strength invested skill.’

At first he thought of the grain sword technique, but he soon realized within a few swings that it was different.

‘He isn’t slashing the weak spot. It is more like he chips into it with force.’

The concentrated power of the axe was backed up with speed and resilience, striking the massive tree. The tree was sliced clean in half as if slashed with a sword.

– Mapan: Two players went about together with Patin for about 2 weeks. The battle with Kaybern is close, but rushing won’t help.

‘I got the gist of it. It is a weapon in a different form from a sword.’

Weed took out a recklessly dense large axe.

The Dragon Slayer Axe was not a weapon to be used lightly due to its stat reduction trait.


He swung sideways on a giant tree with his heavy axe.

The tree managed to fall on his second swing, but the cut was not clean like Patin’s demonstration.

‘The power and speed was similar… So there’s more to it.’ 

Weed after multiple axe swings was able to cut down a tree in a single swing.


“I still have a long way to go.”

Gradually, his axe form more closely resembled Patin’s.

Bang! Crack! Creek!

His wrist, shoulder movement and swing trajectory became similar.

‘It’s something like this. This form is highly suited for cutting down trees.’

The empowered axe slices through concisely.

The sensation from the impact was exhilarating!

Weed believed he could acquire Patin’s secret in a day.

He had trained sword techniques systematically and spent breathless hours moving from one dangerous hunting ground to the next.

Wielding a weapon was familiar like a part of his own body.

‘But, do I need to learn this with my head?’

Not too long ago he erased the concept of sword technique from his mind.

When needed he did utilize the fixed forms of sword techniques, but for the most part he wielded as his heart intended which was the answer.

In a split-second duel, the best answer did not come from thinking.

‘Even though this is a new weapon, would it be so new that I need to start from scratch?’

Weed’s swing no longer referred to Patin’s form and he stopped thinking deeply.

He did not follow through with his thoughts but let his instincts and body carry on their own.

Weed began finding his own way of sensing the axe and the most optimal form of tree cutting.

About 30 minutes passed.


< You have acquired the axe technique of Lumberjack Patin.
You have learned the secret technique, Empowered Axe Strike.
Patin wielded the axe all his life on cutting down trees.
He was able to bring out the full potential of the axe.
Empowered Axe Strike performs 500% of attack damage.
Destructive force deals 250% splash damage in 30 meter radius.
Even non-living things such as rocks and terrain will be destroyed.
Enemies with low health points and defense will be executed in a single swing.
Max attack damage and splash radius will increase with each skill level. >

< Your understanding of the axe technique has expanded greatly.

Axe technique level has increased to Novice level 9. Destructive force has increased by 15%. It grants 4% additional armor penetration. >

< Strength increased by 10. >

< The Warrior’s Achievement increased all stats by 2. >

It took a bit of time, but he managed to master the secret axe technique fairly easily!

Patin spoke in admiration.

“The axe technique that I have sharpened my entire life; you picked it up so quickly. I have never met a man as excellent as you.”

“I appreciate it.”

“I am hungry after all that swinging. Do you have any meat left?”

Weed had lots of meat packed in his bag.

He originally estimated about 4 days to acquire the secret axe technique.

“I do. Do you want them?”

“Mmm. Share some with me.”

Weed took them out from his bag and roasted them once again.

Since he already possessed the axe technique, he could have ignored him and walked away. Still, an axe master could prove to be useful sometime in the future, so he decided to maintain the friendship level.

“Chomp-chomp. You are a decent man.”

“It’s nothing. Thank you for teaching me the way of the axe.”

“You are an amazing student. A true genius.”

“I was able to learn it much quicker because it was a superb axe technique.”

“The last two who learned my axe technique left instantly without any show of gratitude.”

“They are sick to the core.”

Weed bit into his meat while chiming along with Patin.

“Are we out of beer?”

“There’s more. Have as much as you want.”

Their stomach filled and Weed was about to pack up and leave.

Then Patin spoke to Weed in a serious tone.

“Hey, do you want to learn my axe technique?”

“Axe technique? I already did.”

“That’s an axe technique that doesn’t need teaching.”

Weed’s head began processing rapidly.

‘There’s still more.’

The Empowered Axe Strike was not the end to Patin’s axe skills.

There is one more skill born from the axe technique you acquired. I made it for the occasions where I encounter a boar in the woods. Look closely.”

Patin took a stance like a swordsman ready for a duel!


He swung left right consecutively 6 times.

With each movement, a menacing sonic boom split the air.

The swing and strike of the axe scarred the ground and blew away the trees like bowling pins.


The final moment, Patin shouted and threw his axe.

The axe spun at high speed, completely smashed a boulder directly in front of his path and flew back to him.

“Gasp. How’s that? This is Boar Slaughter Skill. Do you want to take a shot at it?”


< The Axe Master Patin is willing to pass down a skill.

Boar Slaughter Skill:  It is a consecutive strike skill after acquiring Empowered Axe Strike.

The 7-strike skill possesses extreme power.

Each attack activates critical strike, penetrates armor and crushes the opponents.

The use of this skill requires extraordinary stamina and strength. >

“Of course I will.”

Weed nodded frantically.


The predetermined day of destruction.

Kaybern appeared and destroyed everything of Castle Mistress.

Such misfortune already had repeated several times and people had grown used to the destruction. Their interest was on the next city to be destroyed.

The buildings set aflame and crumbled.

After Castle Mistress was turned to ruins, a message log appeared.

< The Dragon’s Revenge
The Black Dragon Kaybern is on the move once again to destroy human civilization. The spirits and fairies are warning again.>

“A week later, Kaybern will be headed to Morata.”

The players all over the continent and the ones in construction at Morata also checked the alert.

– Agh! So it is Morata.

– It’s Morata for real…

– Guessed right! The battle of the century will be unveiled.

– To fight in a major city like Morata… Isn’t it too disadvantageous for Weed-nim?

– It was until 2 days ago. Now, Morata is becoming a huge fortress. Did you see the 7 layers of walls? What about the 10 level iron traps? Morata will slap the impregnable Odain Fortress right across the face.

– I’m sorry, but what good are those walls? The dragon has wings.

– They are raising dense walls around vital structures so that they will not be easily destroyed. They are digging trenches in case the dragon decides to land inside the city.

– I heard that siege weapons like ballistas are under mass production.

– Buildings are also being taken down for emergency fire escape routes.

– Merchant councils are transporting massive siege weapon parts all the way from Haven. They are on a rush.

Once Kaybern’s next target was announced, the discussion boards were in uproar.

Footage was uploaded constantly, showing scenes of Morata’s transformation and the movements of each merchant council.

War supplies and siege weapons were being summoned from all of Versailles Continent.

– It seems this will all come down to an intense battle.

– Us players against a single dragon…

– A massive war that will be unmatched in the next 4, 5 years.

– It’s because of Weed-nim that we can even hope to see such an event. Utterly insane.

– But… What if they lose?

– Let’s not think too far ahead…

– Complete annihilation of Versailles. Geez…

– Ah, I told you not to think about that.

(To be continued…)

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V56C7P2 – Construction Site

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to the proofreading team: Armada, Jasla, Younhacomet & DumbassRocks 🙂

Reverse, too, received a bowl of grass porridge and sat mindlessly on the ground nearby.

The front gate was crowded with players, several times more than usual.

“Mmm. Let’s have a taste.”

With a wooden spoon, he took a plentiful dip and scooped it into his mouth.


The porridge was so hot that it burned his tongue.

“Why is it so hot? It’s too hot for me to taste anything.”

Reverse skimmed the top of the grass porridge and blew on it heavily before he put it in his mouth. It was a delicate flavor; puckery and bitter but still a bit sweet, salty, and spicy.

It tasted like a huge amount of grass and berries were boiled and seasoned with salt, sugar, soy sauce, and a bit of pepper paste.

“How is this delicious?”

He couldn’t comprehend it and tried a few more spoons.


Fresh grass hung on his spoon.

The watery thin soup had a few rice grains and bits of meat.

“It looks like they put everything they could and boiled it. Especially a lot of grass…”

Reverse was a complete outsider when it came to cooking. He said it without much thinking, but that was the truth!

The secret of grass porridge in a big construction site was cooking without much care.

“This tastes really bad.”

Reverse left about half the bowl and followed the other players.

Usually, he would be too lazy but in an event like this, he wanted to participate even in a measly task.

“Are you a novice? The stones will be too heavy… Will you drive the bull wagons?”

“Give me the stones.”

“It will be exhausting…”

“It’s alright, just give them to me. After all, I am different from other novices.”

Reverse trusted in his gear imbued with various enhancement spells.

“Call nearby players for help if you are tired.”

“I told you not to worry. Hmmf!”

The weight squeezed his lungs.

The immense weight that pressed down from his head down to his back made his legs shake like twigs.

Next, he had to walk all the way to the construction site like a swarm of ants.

‘Why are people doing such jobs?’

Reverse was filled with regret and questions at the same time.

All the other players were doing the same work, their faces filled with exhaustion and liveliness all at once.

The feeling of accomplishment!

After one transport of stones, he could understand by a fraction.

“So this is Weed’s influence. Leading the public…”

Reverse slowly came to understand while playing Royal Road.

People were like saucepans. They heated quickly and cooled just as fast.

No matter how good a deed is, they cannot continue for long. It is the same when they criticize others.

However, attaching some kind of meaning and encouraging participation sometimes led to overcoming the impossible.

The atmosphere in firsthand participation was different from observing through a monitor.

“Weed did not become the emperor because of power… But instead became an emperor because he changed the world.”

Reverse was shocked to see that the construction had doubled by the evening.

The following day would expand at least 5 times more because of players arriving from all parts of the world.


“It’s absurd. Outrageous… But it’s Weed. I can’t just ignore it.”

Michel hosted a secret congregation with 20 major lords such as Carlise and Roam.

The purpose of this gathering was supposedly for promoting friendship between lords, but they all knew that each one of them was full of greed and ambition to expand their influence.

“For him to bring in the Hermes Guild out of the blue. Who would have guessed?”

Roam groaned lightly.

Weed’s recent actions struck them hard behind their heads.

They themselves, after becoming major lords, got opportunities to expand their factions after slaying monsters.

In this crisis with Kaybern, they were thinking of watching idly, but for Weed to decide on a full-scale Kaybern hunt!

“I thought preparations alone would take at least a year. Will we be triumphant?”

Carlise let out his concern.

It was a question common among the great lords at the gathering.

‘For them to slay that mighty dragon so soon…? What happens if it fails?’

Though they had their doubts, they collectively decided to support the dragon hunt. They needed the shade under the Arpen Empire and also were conscious of the public consensus that no one should back out of the dragon hunt.

“This is the dragon we are talking about. It’s not a being we can think of in simple terms. The Hermes Guild joined forces and the Brazier of Sacrifice is in possession, but it will not be easy.”

Michel hid the fact that he messaged the guild members in the assault squad not to use the Brazier of Sacrifice.

It would have been the same for all other guilds.

They agreed on preserving their forces in the upcoming battle.

If the hunt were to fail, an era where military strength is the first priority will come.

Sherwood frowned and spoke.

“It all depends on how we fight and should expect to win anyhow. We don’t know the dragon. But what we do know is that the Hermes Guild is excellent in combat. Same goes for Weed.”

The major lords did not favor the current turn of events.

They were familiar with war between guilds that usually ended up being fairly even, but a dragon was on another dimension.

Roam predicted the events to occur in the near future.

“If Weed overcomes the dragon, he will gain an unquestionable authority on top of his current popularity.That Bard Ray could still be called a God of war would be laughable.”

If Weed were to defeat the dragon, they would have to bow before his will for 2 more years.

‘I would fail if I were him. It’s a dangerous adventure that I wouldn’t want to bet on probability. But it’s Weed… There might be a chance.’

‘I can’t even guess how this battle will turn out. The main forces of Versailles will be mobilized…  Weed and the Hermes Guild, too, will be in full swing, meaning that the scale of this war will be well beyond imagination.’

‘It’s Weed. Bard Ray is likely to participate in person as well. The use of the brazier and the Hermes Guild joining forces… Mmm.’

The major lords could not blatantly pray for failure.

If Weed could not resolve this situation, they had no way to address the dragon.

The dragon would continue destroying city after city, spread monsters, and eventually their turn would arrive.

For everyone to fall into oblivion or to extend their lives with their heads low to the ground and flatter the man in power.

Either path bore bad consequences and the worst of it all was the fact that they had no other choices but gossiping.


“You there. You are pretty sturdy.”

“Thank you.”

Bard Ray was finally acknowledged by the barbarians.

Every battle he contributed significantly and brought a hefty amount of game for the tribe.

Bard Ray also learned how to get along with the barbarians.

They set up a campfire in the evening and shared dinner, talking about the combat.

‘It was this easy… I have come a long way.’

Bard Ray felt empty at the thought that if it was Weed, he would have taken about two or three days to increase friendship levels.

Realistically, it would have taken less than a day!

“There is a land sought by no man. Have you seen beyond the ice walls in the northwest?”

“Isn’t it just filled with ice?”

“Nature is harsh. If you uncover the legend buried there, you will be called the tribe’s outstanding warrior.”


< Prove your worth to become an Ironblood Warrior!

Climb the glacial walls in the northwest and walk endlessly.

The warrior’s heart will not cease due to hardship or cold. Each step you take will be the new milepost for the barbarians.

You must overcome physical pain and exhaustion.

When you collapse after transcending the limits, you will be reborn as an Ironblood Warrior.

This death will not result in a decline in level or skill proficiency.

The longer you travel, the more you endure, the more perseverance and defense skills will be enhanced.

The territory of the barbarian tribe will expand as far as you walk.

Continuing for more than 5 days will lead you to the location where the Glacial Sword is buried.

If you do not arrive at the destination, the ice will shatter and you will fall into the pitch black depths of the icy ocean.

Difficulty: S

Reward: Advancement into Ironblood Warrior. Glacial Sword. >

At last, the advancement quest appeared.

“The Ironblood Warrior has shown. The Glacial Sword… interesting.”

It was the first time Bard Ray unlocked a legend by proceeding through a quest by himself instead of with the Hermes Guild.

“I can become stronger.”

He heard the news that the Hermes Guild had knelt before the flag of Arpen, but that wasn’t important.

The stability of Haven and the survival of the guild were no longer his concerns.

‘Weed. I will allow you to take the seat of the emperor. But, the God of War title will be forever mine.’

Bard Ray immediately headed to the glacial wall in the northwest. He was anxious to match the day of the Kaybern hunt.

It was the condition for the Hermes Guild maintaining control over Haven, but also because no one would acknowledge him after beating Weed who would have become weaker after the use of the brazier.


Pale led the assault squad with Python and Oberon.

They hunted for days against the overwhelming number of monsters in the Central Continent.

“Python-nim’s sword technique is always so dynamic.”

“Hahaha. It’s a style I picked up for the fun of blowing away monsters… Anyway, how did Pale-nim become an archer?”

“It was due to a quest.”

“Oh… A special quest for the archer job class or a skill?”

“No. I was carrying out a request to hunt rabbits with a bow and I ended up an archer.”


Python and Oberon exchanged glances that clearly meant Pale was a total fool.

Pale caught the gist of their thoughts and smiled.

“Still, I never regretted once about becoming an archer.”

Python and Oberon nodded.

‘Of course he wouldn’t. But, judging by his personality, he wouldn’t have complained even if he became a swordsman.’

‘He would have been good no matter which path he took. It’s his own life after all…’

Many players knew about Pale’s life and acknowledged him.

Weed’s combat slave No. 1.

Even so, he became a major lord who ruled over a large area of the Arpen Empire and gained a fitting reputation.

Players similar in level to Pale did not have as much influence or popularity.

The success story of the combat slave was such that the fool could not be criticized.

“By the way, I heard that Oberon-nim’s personality is different in real life.”

Pale asked with curiosity.

In Royal Road, he was a committed warrior!

In reality, he was an heir to a megamillionaire, a charmful man full of confidence.

He did lead people around but did not provide for them unconditionally.

Borrowing from Weed’s words, he was ‘a man born with everything but a scrupulous side .’

Obern smiled brightly.

“It’s weird that whenever I log into Royal Road that I want to protect people. I think failing miserably at my first dungeon attempt is the reason for it.”

In the pioneer of Royal Road, he reached level 50 by hunting around town and went on a dungeon hunt with friends.

Every one of them were inexperienced and were wiped out before they could try anything. From then on, he was engulfed in his sense of duty to protect his comrades.

Pale spoke cautiously.

“I guess that emotion isn’t very… controllable?”

They all witnessed how Oberon protected his comrades. It was a touching sight, but eventually he died after diving in for no reason, so it could have been seen as a little nosy.

“It doesn’t work the way I want it. I do have the intentions to protect people, but I end up standing in front without me realizing it.”

“I see.”

Pale spoke after a short pause.

“Are you planning to use the brazier at the battle in Morata?”

“Of course. It will be a spectacular battle.”

Pale sighed.

He realized why people called him a sucker to such extent.

‘So this is what it’s like watching a fool.’

(To be continued…)

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V56C7P1 – Construction Site

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to the proofreading team: Armada, Jasla, Younhacomet & DumbassRocks 🙂

Residents of Morata changed into their construction worker attire.

“Take the construction beyond the walls. We need to keep expanding.”

“The farms will be overturned. The Arpen Empire will compensate for them later.”

“Build 5 layers of walls around the Great Landmarks. The Great Library possesses various pieces of information of which there are no other copies, so it must be protected at all costs.”


Protective walls were being constructed all over Morata in preparation for the dragon’s attack.

The construction that began in the morning had become even larger by noon.

The building materials and workers from the Northern Continent streamed in endlessly.

“We will be short of stones around nightfall.”

“Let’s dig up the molten rocks from the mountains in the northwest.”

“About the transport teams plans… Damn. Just move the entire mountain.”

Thousands of bulls were supplied from nearby ranches.


The muscular and sturdy bulls dragged the wagons, transporting stones and piling small mountains everywhere.

“In order to save time, let’s implement the method of sliding the joints in. Use the damaged stones too.”

“What about the durability?”

“We aren’t defending against siege weapons. If the dragon slams with its body, we will be lucky if the walls hold at least once, so quick assembly on site is crucial.”

The surplus of novice players raised walls around the Great Landmarks and vital facilities.


The artists that visited from Rhodium had their own sense of pride.

They walked the path of art since the early days of Royal Road.

They were often looked down upon as they were accused of being useless, but Weed, who started as a sculptor, had become the emperor.

Since Morata was their new station, the artists gathered at the Tower of Light.

“Now, what we must do is protect Morata!”

When Debs shouted on top of the podium, the painters and sculptors kept silent.

Some of them possessed combat abilities from hunting but they were the precious few.

They were unable to fight despite their desire to defend Morata. They had thought of throwing away their job class characteristics to simply transport stones like the novice players.

“Why are we incapable? Artists should never accept that something is impossible!”

His words were flashy but had zero follow-through.

“We cannot battle Kaybern, but we must defend Morata.”

Such a thing wasn’t possible with just heart.

The artists were discouraged. Then, Debs announced with a loud voice.

“So, we must plagiarize!”



Plagiarism was forbidden for artists!

Debs explained his idea at the podium.

“Did you not feel anything after you observed the shoddy construction by the architects at Castle Bawell? Morata is filled with precious artworks. As you can see from this Tower of Light here. We all now take these for granted like the rest of the scenery in Morata, but just how incredible were these artworks when they were first released? A tower built from light just beside the city.”

The artists nodded in agreement.

The amazing street views of Morata weren’t born solely from architectural skills. It also came from the massive sculptures such as the Tower of Light or the Statue of Goddess Freya.

“The Tower of Light was a work that shined above Morata. Anyhow, my plan is to make tons of artworks that are similar.”


“Just plagiarize. Copy them! Also, it would be great if they are sculptures or paintings that can attract more eyes than the original. While Kaybern destroys them, Morata will be that much safer!”

His plan was to craft similar copies of important artworks so that Kaybern would not destroy the originals!

The eyes and ears of artists who were struggling to find a task opened wide to this idea.

“What- that is amazing!”

“Now that is creative plagiarism. Plagiarism is the idea. There really is no limit in art.”

“To promote plagiarism is absurd. Truly insane.”

“Honestly, we were overly conscious about it. I have earned a hefty amount of gold by sculpting and I could easily copy Weed-nim’s sculptures.”

“It is also not difficult to divert Kaybern’s attention. All it would take is for me to build a statue of Kaybern spewing manure from its mouth, am I right?”

“Aren’t paintings that mock Kaybern better? I just have to draw a ridiculous painting.”

A switch of ideas!

The artist finally found their role.

They were a peculiar bunch that would become so immersed in something even if they weren’t paid. The Arpen Empire made an official announcement.

– Though it may not be much, the workers who assisted for the defense of Morata will be paid wages. It is difficult to keep a separate book, so all citizens will be paid 3 gold per day. All restaurants in Morata will be open for free meals. Festivals will be held at midnight.

“As expected of Weed-nim.”

“Haha… Just look at his deep consideration.”

“He is being generous given our hardships. He always takes care of the novice players.”

“He did not change a single bit even after becoming the emperor.”

The policy was pushed ahead by Seoyoon and her gratitude for the participating players.

Architects and artists stepped up and the other players stuck like bee swarms and thus the fortification of Morata began.

The lead squad of the Hermes Guild also arrived in Morata.

“It seems like knights could lie in ambush over here. If we lure the dragon closer, a surprise attack would be possible”

“If a street battle breaks out due to the complex buildings, it would prove advantageous for us. It’s up to Weed-nim and the citizens to approve it.”

“To reduce the mobility range of the dragon, we must install the walls like a maze.

Height should be about 3, 4 meters. It shouldn’t just be about protecting the buildings but also securing the mages, archers and making sure there is a safe route for reinforcements. Would that be possible?”


The requests from the Hermes Guild were mostly taken into consideration by the Architect Association.

Due to their shared goal of defending Morata, they could easily put their past grudges aside.


“The players don’t hate us as much as I thought.”

“There were even people asking for autographs.”

“What’s more… I don’t know if we have enough forces against the dragon.”

The Hermes Guild heads remembered when they confronted Kaybern in the past.

The ludicrous combat level of the Black Dragon!

It was true that at the players’ current level, the battle was overburdening.

Lamifter spoke.

“I’m sure Weed-nim has a plan. The forces of the Hermes Guild will be the core of it all. Even so, we need more preparations to ensure victory.”

Calcus approached slowly.

“Do you have any good ideas?”

“We never got a chance to use it in Garnav Plains, but how about bringing the hextech cannon?”


“There was a first-class security lock placed on it. An ancient artifact, a magical equipment that was different from a naval cannon. It shoots based on the magic level of the mages.”

“Does it blow things up?”

“It is not an explosive type. It emits a dense light made of magic that is not suitable for a siege. Still, the accuracy and penetration is decent enough that it could be potentially used for hunting massive creatures, so it has been kept secret. I think it could be used against the dragon.”

The guild members having a range of experience hunting boss level monsters conjured up various ideas.

“The tiger hide chair will be delivered by the Lebre Merchant Council in a few days. Please install it on top of the walls.”

The unusual request from the Slaughterer Calcus drew a bit of attention.

“What would be your reason?”

Flame, who was in charge of the construction in the region, asked.

Calcus was far above him in terms of levels, but he himself was the manager in charge of the arrangement of facilities.

Calcus held his head high pridefully and explained.

“Who knows when Weed-nim will make a visit? If he sits there, he will have the entire view of the defense line.”


As the guild decided to make amends with the Arpen Empire, Calcus turned enthusiastic.

In reality, the overall atmosphere of the guild was changing even more in Morata.

It was hard to find members that continued to burn with vengeance and speak of killing Weed in the future.

As soon as they found out that the tide of power had turned in Morata, more were ready to transfer their loyalty.

In all honesty, their actions weren’t all that strange.

From the beginning they sought power and authority and got to their current standings,  based on that principle they simply decided to follow Weed.

– Gather. In Morata!

– A construction site is underway. Grass Porridge Cult, assemble!

– Protect the sacred grounds.

Players from Puhol Waterpark were flooding in and a huge movement began in the Central Continent.

The Hermes Guild members felt pressured by the huge number of players roaming in Morata.

“There is no end to the crowd of people in this city.”

“Thousands are entering through the gate each minute.”

“This is a huge city. If the shantytowns were turned into stone buildings, this city would have been more developed than Castle Aren.”

Although most were novice players, the population was extraordinary.

Their goal was to assist in the fortification of Morata and observe the war with the fate of the Versailles Continent on the line.

The novice players walking through the gate in a line chattered in excitement.

“It’s amazing to see how many people gathered to stop Cletta.”

“It’s all thanks to Weed-nim acting as the center of everything.”

“So, Weed-nim and Bard Ray will fight alongside one another?”

“Yup. Whoever ends up hunting down Kaybern, it will be a spectacle.”

“What if they all die…”



Since Weed and the Hermes Guild put their knuckles down to work, they seemed to have a fighting chance against Kaybern.

The players gathered in Morata participated eagerly in the fortification process.




“What is going on?”

Reverse logged in soon after.

In less than a day, Morata was completely turned into a construction zone.

“I thought I realized it before, but is this truly Weed’s influence?”

The gate front that was calm just a day ago was now a pandemonium.

“Passing through. Please step aside!”

Workers and bulls passed busily and transported building materials.

Architects stuck to the walls and made progress on structural reinforcement in addition to the barriers.

The scale of the construction expanded by the hour. It is expected to be completely transformed by the time of the dragon’s arrival.

The Garnav Plains were a vast barren land, but Morata was a giant city with great human resources and no troubles in supplies.

Based simply on the number of active players, it was the largest city in the Versailles Continent!

“We have to hurry. We don’t have time to spare for us to complete more than 5 round trips!”

Simultaneously, the important data in the Arts Center and the Great Library were being siphoned away to neighboring cities.

Morata would be the site of final stand, but there was still an urgent preservation plan to prevent treasures from being destroyed by the dragon’s breath or AOE spells.

A few words found their way into the ears of Reverse who stood blankly near the gate.

“Whoever wants grass porridge, come this way!”

Huge pots were boiling thick in the construction sites.

In large-scale construction sites in the north, grass porridge always made its appearance!

The players working in construction lined up and each took a bowl in their hands.

“The grass porridge this time tastes good.”

“It’s less bitter… Nutty as well. I can see a few berries too.”

“This is luxury. Indulgence.”

Reverse, too, naturally stood in line.

‘Real grass porridge. This is a chance to taste it.’

He was curious about the taste of grass porridge ever since Weed built the pyramids of Rosenheim Kingdom.


“Thank you.”

“Please work hard.”

“I will until my back snaps.”

The grass porridge cooked by novice chefs!

It was a chance for them to increase their proficiencies through large quantities.

(To be continued…)

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V56C6P4 – Weed’s Scheme

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to the proofreading team: Armada, Younhacomet, & Jasla 🙂

“The 1,000 who will leave the Hermes Guild after becoming lords will be the key. Though they may continue to reside in Haven, the majority of the guild members will no longer think of sharing the same fate with the guild.”

“Would things go that far?”

“Gradually, the bond will weaken. Those who left may fight alongside Weed when he begins to tear down the Hermes Guild.”

Weed’s offer was designed to weaken the guild over time. Referred to as the new wave or trend, the gradual effects were to be much more difficult to cross.

“Then would we have been better off declining his offer and defending Haven until the end?”

Arkhim was entirely devoted to the Hermes Guild. He did not wish for the downfall of the guild even in times of crisis.

“No. There was no choice given to us this time around.”

The negotiation between Weed and the Hermes Guild was broadcasted live.

Inevitably the average guild members welcomed the offer.

The guild did not exercise absolute power like in the past and no players wished to be confined within Haven.

Moreover, the heads of the guild, who were lords themselves, mostly thought positively about the offer.

After all, they would be able to maintain their authority.

“In various individual perspectives they may realize the poison, but it is just too sweet to decline the offer.”

“Such sly intentions…”

“Looking further ahead, Weed will benefit much more. He may use the players from Hermes Guild to contest the Arpen lords and keep them in check… He could also reduce losses from going to war as well.” 

“For him to commit to such tricks.”

“Weed uprooted the base of our guild with a simple offer.”

“I refuse to believe that we will go down so easily. I… will remain until the final moment.”

Arkhim did not follow past the gate of Lahonya Fortress.

Lafaye walked out the gate as the sense of freedom from his last regrets was lifted and reduced the weight of the bag over his shoulders.

‘The Hermes Guild failed and now the world belongs to Weed. I lost completely in strength and in brains. I actually feel glad.’

For him, Royal Road was not yet over.

He thought of his novice days, when he went on adventures with fellow comrades like Da-In, to have been joyful memories.


The following day, Weed made an official visit to Lahonya Fortress.

The players of Lahonya lined up along the streets and the rooftops.

The road that extended from the gate was covered with red carpet.

“I am in the presence of the emperor.”

“Long live the Arpen Empire!”

As Weed tread on the carpet, the citizens and players showered him with flower petals.

Even the Hermes Guild members clapped at their stations.

“The God of War, Weed. Our guild surrendered to one man.”

“It’s pretty impressive. I understand that it was a negotiation, but for us to succumb to Arpen so early.”

“Their conditions are favorable. It’s beneficial for us. One war will wash away the sins that we have committed.”

“Would it really be alright for us to roam freely?”

“Weed made a promise. The promise of Arpen’s emperor should be upheld.”

The Hermes Guild members felt conflicted.

There were many with hostile feelings toward Weed and the empire, but, in truth, their feelings did not stem from a legitimate reason.

They were forsaken after waging wars against the entire continent. They should, in fact, be thankful instead.

“I am honored to meet Weed-nim.”

“This way. We welcome your presence.”

With Arkhim in the lead, the heads of the Hermes Guild greeted him politely.

Famous players like Steer, Boemong, Gaushu, Heiller, Gross and Crebulta all bowed their heads.

What was unexpected was the Slaughterer Calcus’s attitude.

Until now, he always screamed for a chance to kill Weed whenever a guild meeting took place.

Each time he failed, he vowed to kill Weed in the next opportunity.

However, this time he greeted Weed while bent down 90° and reached out with his hand for a handshake.

“It is an honor. Having been under different settlements I had always held my sword against you, but I had always rooted for you. Weed-nim, from now on, whatever annoyance or trouble may arise, let me know. I will take care of it in an instant.”

He was truly a textbook example of social-skills!

Weed, with a smile, grasped Calcus’s hand and clapped him on the back back.

Responding warmly to the first flatterer would get others to approach him without hesitation.

“Slaughterer Calcus-nim, I watched you often on broadcasts. I observed many of your combat videos as well.”

“Rrr… Really?”

“Yes. Let’s hunt and get acquainted whenever we get the chance.”

“Thank you. I am deeply honored.”

The heads of Hermes Guild watching this scene realized the future man of power.

The Hermes Guild followed the unmatched power of Bard Ray.

But now, with complete control over the Northern and Central Continent, Weed, who would soon rise up as the emperor of the united Versailles Continent, was the tide.

The Hermes Guild, in the very moment, acknowledged that they have lost in both power and mind.

Many players wished for the revival of the Hermes Guild, but that reality now seems like a dream. .


< The lords of the Haven region lifted the flag of the Arpen Empire.

The territories of the empire have expanded.

National reputation spreads across the continent.

Political influence is on the brink of reigning over the continent.

The rich citizens of the Haven region wish for special regional products, artworks and various cultures.

Fulfilling their needs will lead to an accelerated commercial development. >

Thus, the merging of the Haven region began!

The Arpen Empire now practically controlled the majority of Versailles Continent.

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The southern deserts, the eastern kingdoms and the orc lands.

A bit more time was needed until total unification, but Arpen’s world was right before their eyes.

Weed announced at Lahonya Fortress:

– We will combine our strength and slay Kaybern at Morata!

“Long live Weed!”

“Long live Arpen Empire!’

“Hunt down Kaybern!”

The sight of the Hermes Guild members cheering Weed was one of pure shock for the viewers.

– I never thought I would see the Hermes Guild rooting for Weed in my lifetime.

– Wow. I am speechless. That’s crazy.

– When I heard that Weed-nim went to Lahonya for lunch, I thought it was outrageous. But he returned with a full stomach. He even conquered Haven.

– What is going on? I’m scared.

– He gulped down the entire Hermes Guild with a few words. Burp.

– The Conqueror, Weed…

– He even mobilized them to fight together against Kaybern.

– Why is the Hermes Guild so happy?

– They’re thankful that Weed-nim decided to spare them despite all their sins.

– As you all know already, Kaybern rose because of that guild.

The Hermes Guild may have announced their participation in the Kaybern hunt but were not spared from the public criticism.

On the other hand, having them protect Morata of all places brought positive response from the Northern players.

– Secure Morata!

– I trusted that Weed-nim would not abandon Morata.

– It begins and ends in Morata.

– The invincible stronghold Morata. It will be the dragon’s grave.

– Weed-nim himself stepped up. The Hermes Guild, too, is joining forces.

– Let’s go spectate at Morata.

– I’m inviting people to my home. It’s located at shantytown #6.

– My house is also open to whoever is in need. The roof collapsed a bit last time, but it will be fixed by tomorrow.

“Awesome. If I sustain this atmosphere, more will volunteer to use the Brazier of Sacrifice!”

Weed was more satisfied over dragging in the Hermes Guild than the response of the public.

– Mapan: Your political skills are outstanding. With just a few words, you have brought down the Hermes Guild to their knees.

“Well, I gave up what I could afford to give and I took what I needed, but I won’t die alone.”

There was no way he was going to sacrifice himself for Versailles like a fool.

It went against Weed’s philosophy of eating and living well.

In movies, the hero that saved the world was extremely likely to die after a life of hardship.

The burden on the remaining family members was the cherry on top.

In this day and age, the true hero needed to take what he could and secure his life.

“We will die together, but I will survive alone if possible…”

Weed had to utilize the short remainder of time effectively.

“Morata has become the battleground with the fate of Arpen backed against the wall.”

– Mapan: Yes. I made a call for full mobilization of all merchants. The merchants of the Northern and Central Continent are waiting for your orders.

The merchants had to leave a good impression on Weed, the emperor of the Arpen Empire.

The dragon hunt was not a battle against a single boss monster, so it was necessary to make preparations beyond the level of war.

“It’s obvious at this point, but the evacuation plans are cancelled. We need to enlist players over level 400 willing to join the battle and forge defenses.”

– Mapan: Understood. I will concentrate all forces in Morata.

Weed also sent a whisper to Seoyoon.

“Morata will be the battleground where the fate of this continent will be decided. People will be crowding in, so distribute tasks for them and prepare for the dragon.”

– Seoyoon: Leave it to me. I will protect Morata.

Weed did not forget to message the architects.

“Pavo-nim. This battle also depends significantly on architects. The damage on Morata will be immense.”

– Pavo: There is no end to work! But, I will take this on with spirit. I have realized a lot after seeing Kaybern destroy Castle Bawell. I can’t guarantee impregnability, but I will make Morata as solid as possible.

In order to increase the odds against the dragon, they needed to fight on a good turf after exhausting the dragon.

“It would be beneficial to collaborate with hunters as well, though I am uncertain if the traps will work.”

– Pavo: Noted. Like the Stonehammer Architect Association, all Northern architects are on their way to Morata.

“What about the architects from the Central Continent?”

– Pavo: They were travelling on birdmen as soon as they heard the news. I was also contacted by Hermes Guild… They offered assistance with the preparations. Should I accept their help?

“For now, accept all the help you can get. Things like magic traps are weak against the dragon… But they, too, have vast experience in boss monster hunts, so they must have something they can offer.”

– Pavo: I will do my best.

“I am always in your debt.”

– Pavo: I should be thankful for your acknowledgement and trusting me with such tasks. If it weren’t for you, architects would have never been respected.

 After Weed made the decision to fight in Morata, the entire Northern and Central Continent was on the move. Perhaps, it would have been better to make preparations in advance, but not much could be done since he was improvising according to the situation!

‘This is the best I can do for now. The reconciliation with the Hermes Guild too…’

He had a long history of bad fate with the Hermes Guild.

They decided to bend knees because they were at a disadvantage, but it surely did not mean that they became friends. Then again, he could not guarantee that the lords of Arpen were pure and trustworthy.

If Weed’s popularity were to decline, the lords could very well be the first ones to draw the sword against him. In fact, they could very well be raising forces for when that time comes.

‘They are all treacherous. The only thing to trust is myself.’

He could be stabbed in the back at any moment if he let his guard down.

In the current situation, he decided to focus only on defending Morata.

(To be continued…)

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V56C6P3 – Weed’s Scheme

Par mimosab

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“We are very thankful that you are enjoying the food.”

“I have never tasted such delicacies.”

Arkhim, the guild member in charge of intelligence, joined the conversation.

“I know that you are also a chef…”

“Advanced level 2.”

“Huh… Your cooking skill level is very high.”

“I have only cooked with cheap ingredients from markets and dungeon hunts, so it was very limited I’d say. But, I will master it one day.”

“They say ingredients matter as much as the cooking. It seems your interest in cooking was consistent?”

“Yes. I am thinking of putting aside some time to sell my dishes at a townsquare.”

Lafaye analyzed every bit of Weed’s vocabulary and his nuances, but there were no hidden messages.

He truly meant his compliments about the food and went on about mundane stories.

‘Why? What does he want to get at?’

As more time passed, he felt it was pointless in trying to uncover something.

Although they were inside the impregnable military fortress of Lahonya, Weed coming all by himself into the heart of enemy territory was disturbing.

“Can I pack the leftovers?”


“I don’t want them to go to waste…”

“Please do as you wish.”

Weed packed a pile of food into his bag. Finally, the meal table was taken away and the atmosphere for a serious discussion settled in the room.

‘At last we will hear his true motive.’

Lafaye and the guild members were waiting in anticipation of the story to come.

Weed followed with a blunt announcement.

“Assist me in the fight against Kaybern.”


“I am not asking you all to take responsibility for your past actions. We did what we did for our own survival. So, I am making an offer. If you fight alongside us, I will make sure the Hermes Guild prospers.”


Weed left and the heads of the Hermes Guild gathered in Lahonya.

Hostile characters like Calcus were outraged by the missed opportunity to kill Weed.

“So… He asked us to fight Kaybern: to form an alliance for the defeat of the Black Dragon?”

“That is the proposal.”

“Rubbish. You should have turned it down on the spot. Why would we fight for him? Weed the conqueror of the Central Continent should deal with it.”

Calcus’ opinion was perfectly reasonable. The guild members that were present when Weed made his offer thought in a similar way.

‘For whose benefit will it be for us to fight?’

‘Our losses will be huge.’

The meeting was to be broadcasted, so it was just a matter of turning it down in a way that would not upset the viewers.

Arkhim frowned and explained.

“He said we, the Hermes Guild, will be recognized as members of the continent if we are to fight alongside him.”


“The independent governance of the Haven territory will be recognized and no acts of conquest will occur. The conduction of trade and other external affairs with the Central and Northern Continents will not be restricted. However, under the agreement, Haven accepts that it is under the control of the Arpen Empire and associated under the empire’s territory. Furthermore, there are many lands without lords across the continent. 1,000 guild members will be given the privilege to govern the said regions.”

Calcus’ head began to process what he just heard.

“He will accept our independence, cease any attacks against us and 1,000 of our members will be appointed as lords? Then… he means to end the war. Aren’t those conditions very favorable for us?”

It was a groundbreaking offer that rendered the hostile guild members speechless.

The Hermes Guild was dwindling away with members deserting the guild and players’ negativity toward the guild was only continuing to grow.

They would not dare dream of reigning over the Central Continent again.

The Arpen Empire in comparison was growing even more powerful, offering them acceptance of Haven grounds.

‘From now on, a fight against the Arpen Empire must be avoided.’

Things were different from the human wave tactic shown back in Garnav Plains.

The progress of the assault squad was broadcasted every day.

The Hermes Guild called themselves the most powerful faction in Royal Road, but the assault squad was quickly closing in while they prepared against Kaybern.

Furthermore, they heard about the discovery of the Brazier of Sacrifice.

The guild had fallen from its prime and, if users of the brazier were to confront them, another horrific scene like the Garnav Plains would befall them once more.

If they were to lose the war, Haven could be taken away from them.

That was how the other guilds fell after all.

However, if the Hermes Guild loses power, they must face all of the players in the continent as enemies.

Due to the evil deeds they had committed up to the present, every member of the Hermes Guild would be hunted for revenge by the players.

Although no one spoke of it out loud, they knew it all too well.

The moment the guild falls, they will be on the run from all players.

“Although it’s a formality, the Versailles Continent will be completely united under the Arpen Empire if we accept the offer.”

“Correct. In our current situation, accepting the offer means we are forfeiting the ‘Emperor of Unification” achievement. The south and the east will remain unconquered for the time being.”

“There is no longer a chance of our guild conquering the continent, so we are not losing out. No?”

“I would say so. We would be safely ruling over the Haven territory and earn 1,000 lord seats. The territory under our control would double from now.”

The general consensus of the players that heard Weed’s offer felt it was an acceptable deal.

Arkhim let out a long sigh.

“There is a trap in this offer.”

“What trap?”

“We, the Hermes Guild, must use the Brazier of Sacrifice to fight Kaybern. At least 10,000 of us.”


Calcus and the players were astounded.

Through what they confirmed on broadcast, the use of the brazier was the worst thing a high level player could imagine.

“That’s too absurd, isn’t it?”

“It is not an easy offer.”

“We must decline it!”

“It’s not an outrageous demand either. Weed, too, will use the brazier. So will the dwarves, his closest acquaintances and many players in the assault squad.


“If they themselves will fight under the effects of the brazier and we are in our normal state, we would be little help against Kaybern.”

“That’s indeed a problem.”

They did not wish to use the brazier, but the gap in combat level would be too great.

“Also, he said the 1,000 lords will be appointed based on their contribution in the battle against Kaybern.”

“Contribution in battle?”

“Yes. That is the reward system that will supposedly encourage active participation…”

“I guess that does make sense. Under those conditions it will be much easier to convince our guild members.”

Since the guild members were to be appointed as lords, they deemed this part of the offer to be acceptable. Even for them, the player who contributed most should get the most reward.

“To fight Kaybern or not…”

“At first I felt awful, but it doesn’t seem like a total loss if they acknowledge the Haven territory in exchange for our assistance.”

“We would lose levels, but they can be regained. Our territory will remain as is…”

“If we end up succeeding in the dragon hunt, we will attain an incredible combat achievement. Just from that alone, wouldn’t we be able to gain back at least 10, 20 levels?”

“That’s all under the assumption that we succeed.”

“If we gather our strength. Weed will be there as well. Since when are success rates favorable? If we decline his offer, we are going to lose out on much more than a few levels.”

The heads of the guild realized the more they discussed that they really didn’t have a choice to decline. If the Arpen Empire were to march on them, they themselves, being major lords, would suffer the most.

Money, power, land.

They were more important than levels.

The leaders of the Hermes guild voted to accept Weed’s offer and they asked for Bard Ray’s advice.

If the leader of the guild, Bard Ray, were to reject, the matter could not pass.

Bard Ray stayed silent for a moment but soon accepted the absorbance under the Arpen Empire and the battle against Kaybern.


Lafaye cleaned out the items in the office of Lahonya. The antiques, treasures and equipment that he stashed away as the second in command were mostly lost when Castle Aren disappeared.

He only packed one bag with the remaining items.

“Whoo… It’s less than I expected.”

Lafaye scavenged his items and gazed at the scenery of Lahonya outside the window.

Back when the faction maintained its power over the Central Continent, they had constructed this military fortress to defend against the most powerful threats they could anticipate.

It was an unassailable stronghold that could withstand the most massive armies, but now it was rendered meaningless.

“The wise said that building a castle will lead to failure and forging roads led to success… It’s not the most appropriate figure of speech, but it seems that the situation turned out that way.”

Lafaye’s voice felt relieved from the world’s pressure. Arkhim was waiting as he stepped out the hallway with a bag over his shoulder.

“Are you leaving for good?”

Arkhim sensed a strange feeling in the meeting.

Lafaye rarely spoke, a dramatic change from his usually assertive self and even in the last moment of the decision, all he did was nod.

“It seems there is nothing left for me to do around here.”

“I don’t understand. Your title and role will be untouched. I think that you should stick around for the rebirth of the guild.”

Since Lafaye had planned the larger schemes, he was quite free from the liabilities of the defeat against Arpen. Weed fought more skillfully than they had assessed him for and the power of the players were greater than they imagined.

The members of the Hermes Guild knew Lafaye had the highest contribution to the guild.

“It is as I said. I am leaving because there is no more use for me.”


“It’s the era of Weed now and the Hermes Guild doesn’t have the power to win against his command.”


Arkhim could not understand what he meant and walked alongside Lafaye to question him.

“What do you mean by that?”


Lafaye was about to explain himself but sighed instead.

“It will be best if you don’t know. Do you want to know anyway?”

“It doesn’t seem like you are implying that the guild must unquestionably follow his conditions because of the power of the Arpen Empire.

“His offer is a poisonous apple.”

“A poisonous apple?”

“I couldn’t imagine that Weed had such an incredible ability in politics. He is truly… skilled in framing the situation to his advantage. He is a man who could break down our guild with just a few words.”

Lafaye felt the need to tell Arkhim a few things before leaving the guild.

He himself fell for Weed’s scheme helplessly, but he felt some kind of responsibility for the oblivious comrade.

“The offer seems to be a simple trade-off on the surface. We use the brazier and battle against Kaybern. Then the anger and grudge of the players on the Hermes Guild will be appeased, and we will be able to maintain our control over Haven.”

“Then it is good for us, no?”

“Weed’s offer in itself is a fair and logical one without question. Things will proceed as it seems on the outside. We will fight until the very end in order to keep what is ours. What awaits us at the end of the fight will be our downfall.”


“The fate of the guild surrendering after being driven into a corner.”

Lafaye said the result of the battle against the dragon had little significance.

“Victory or defeat. Whatever the result may be, the relationship with Arpen will not change. What’s important is the next step… Firstly, our guild members will fight one another to become one of the 1,000 lords.”

“That would be a logical assumption.”

“1,000 core players with excellent combat skill will desert the guild.”

“They could retain their association with the guild. Weed said they are free to do so.”

“They will most likely leave on their own.”

The Hermes Guild members to be newly appointed lords of Arpen.

Harshly speaking, they would find no merit in maintaining a relationship with the guild.

Instead, it will be an obstacle in ruling over the Central or Northern Continent players so their eventual desertion would be inevitable.

“The Hermes Guild is a fence that will only weaken with time. The players will live out their new lives as lords and if there comes a divide against Arpen, they will not stand by the guild.”

“We aren’t so small that the desertion of 1,000 players will lead to our ruin.”

“We aren’t a small faction. But, even the most dense castle wall can crumble in an instant if a hole breaks through. What had tied the members into one will disappear.”

The Hermes Guild sought for supreme power and distributed immense profits to its members. But with the new world, they would all see that it will be much more advantageous to live as lords of the Arpen Empire than stay as a part of the guild.

Adventurers, warriors, lords…

They, who seek a different style of life, will follow in their own path of freedom.

(To be continued…)

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V56C6P2 – Weed’s Scheme

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to the proofreading team: Armada & Younhacomet 🙂

Lahonya, the armed fortress of Haven Kingdom!

It was rising as the new military stronghold of the Hermes Guild after the destruction of Castle Aren.

The 5-layer thick castle walls were equipped with various defensive mechanisms, arguably the best fortress that could hold off an Arpen Empire invasion for at least a month!

A lot of players gravitated to this location for the sake of quests or simply because it had become their new homeland.

“Selling king crabs that were just caught!”

“Going to a dungeon. Looking for warriors level 350 or higher.”

“Recruiting an architect for building a house. I’ll only accept someone who can finish building it within 4 days!”

The players, who were crowded near the gates, suddenly went quiet.

Someone was walking proudly towards the gate.

“Weed! Weed has appeared!”

“No way. Why would he…”

“I’m serious. It’s him!”

The players near the east gate all turned their heads toward the direction of the commotion.

This place was the center of power within the territory of the Hermes Guild after the destruction of Castle Aren after all. The players believed it was a hoax and looked towards the ruckus.

“Uh… Huh?”

“Is that really Weed?”

“I don’t recognize the face…”

“His armor! The Sky Ruler’s Armor. He has the Loa sword by his waist too!”

“He’s the real guy!”

Though they did not know his face, no player could fail to recognise the symbolic equipment.


– Weed is here!

– He’s fully armed. It’s war!

The military fortress Lahonya instantly fellinto a state of emergency.

“Move it. Come on!”

The Hermes Guild members sprinted to the east gate.

Mages and archers stationed themselves on top of the massive walls constructed for siege war and knights on horses darted to their positions like they were mad.

“All get ready for battle!”

The news of Weed’s arrival spread and attracted over 2000 guild members in the fortress in just 3 minutes.

Including the east gate, forces were positioned at the west and southwest gates as well!


Under the emergency protocol, the fortress gates were closed tightly and the trenches were filled with water.

Even a huge fire would not cause such commotion. The memory of their dreadful defeat at Garnav Plains was heavily imprinted in the minds of the Hermes Guild members.

No one would think that Weed had come all by himself.

They all witnessed the prowess of the assault squad in their preparation against the sculptural creatures and Kaybern on broadcast.

“It is Weed-nim.”

“So cool. How did he get here?”

The players of Lahonya could only stare in wonder. Others looked with eyes of anticipation.

“Is a massive war going to break out here and now?”

“Whoo… Just imagine… the Arpen Empire flag lifted high as he conquers the entire Versaille Continent.”

“The conqueror Weed!”

“But there is no one else around. Even for him, I’d say it’s quite reckless to go solo against the Hermes Guild headquarters.”

“Are they in the sky? Could he have brought his aerial forces? Players landing everywhere from above…”

The players scouted frantically. The forces could unload from the merchant wagons or they could just as easily fall from the sky.

The tension became so high that the players were expecting an attack against Lahonya fortress at any second!

Weed climbed to the top of a rock near the gate.

The Hermes Guild members and the players guarding the gate and the wall observed him tensely.

– Alright, today is a day that doesn’t come by often.

Weed’s shout echoed shrilly.

– Players of Lahonya! This is a fox sculpture that is essential nowadays! Now that doesn’t mean you absolutely need it. It’s just something everyone else has.

Weed flipped the sack and spilt the fox sculptures.

– These are premium limited editions. True works of art that I carved myself. But they go for just 500 gold! As quantity is limited, it will be first come first serve.

In the central headquarter of the Hermes Guild, he set the latest trend and gained profits from selling fox sculptures.


It only took about 5 minutes for the fox sculptures to be sold out.

Sales were quick because there were rich players in Lahonya who bought 5, 10 copies each. 

‘That’s the economic power of the Haven Kingdom.’

The most developed neighborhoods of the Central Continent were the Haven region and the Britton Alliance.

Several hundred thousand players from Castle Aren had also migrated to Lahonya Fortress after its destruction, which helped in his easy sales.

‘How simple it is to earn 500K gold… Distribution without question is best for money. Lower the production cost but sell it as expensive as possible.’

The purpose of emphasizing craftsmanship was naturally to  sell the products after over producing them. 

After selling all his fox sculptures, he spoke out to the Hermes Guild members on the walls.

“Lafaye-nim is here, yes? Can someone deliver a message?”


The armed Hermes Guild members did not let up on their guard.

They felt insulted while watching Weed sell his sculptures right in front of their eyes, given that there was still a huge possibility of a war breaking out in Lahonya Fortress.

The God of War.

The undefeated commander.

They were under great pressure because of Weed’s history of accomplishments and his records of crushing the Hermes Guild.

For the guild, they could risk one or two battles near the border. However, a conquest was a different story.

If they lost their key military fortress Lahonya, it also meant the end for their pride and dignity.

They felt tense and anxious as if the Arpen Empire’s hive attack had already begun.

‘So it is war.’

‘We should expect a huge army rushing in after his speech. How on earth did he bring his forces without spreading any news?’


The guild members waited for the declaration of war, thinking what Weed will say was predetermined.

“I just want to have lunch together.”


“I was in the middle of a quest and I would appreciate it if you can treat me with a delicious meal.”



Lafaye was hurriedly preparing to command his troops to ready for the coming twar in the castle of Lahonya.

He summoned guild members scattered across the regions and positioned the army most efficiently, preparing for the siege battle on ground and in the sky!

For quite some time he had been preparing for war against the Arpen Empire, but he did not expect it to break out this very day in Lahonya.

“Weed wanted to meet me?”

“He said he wanted to have lunch together. Well, he wants to be treated to food; to be exact…”

“What is the current situation?”

“We do not see any Arpen forces at the time.”

“The skies were scouted?”

“Yes. The elemental spirit callers and avian players did in detail.”

There were a minority of the avian under the Hermes Guild.

“If he isn’t here for war… I can’t tell the reason why he wants to meet with me.”

Lafaye walked to the terrace connected to the outside.

The scenery of the military fortress Lahonya was reassuring to him, but now he felt insecure.

He felt reluctant to have lunch with Weed, the one who pushed them out and became the emperor of the Arpen Empire.

‘For him to visit alone and demand food. Is Arpen trying to offer us something? Or is it to prepare for the duel against Bard Ray-nim?’

Lafaye closed his eyes.

He could not determine the motive of the opponent and felt he would be in a disadvantageous position.

Comparing each other’s faction to faction, he was disgraced after having lost consecutive battles against Weed.

“May I join as well?”

“Weed. There is no telling what that arrogant man will do, so I will stand guard.”

“If you are alright with it, I will also…”

“K-hu-hum. I’m curious too about what he wants to say.”

Gaushu, Jest, Gross, Boemong.

The rankers representing Hermes Guild wished to be in the lunch meeting with Weed.


Lafaye hid his long sigh.


Though an enemy, he had achieved incredible accomplishments.

The emperor of the Arpen Empire was popular among players. Him having come all this way, it would be a little presumptuous to send him back without meeting him.


Weed, with official invitation, entered Lahonya Fortress.

The hallways of the castle were extravagantly decorated with ornaments and antiques as if confirming the stories that said all of Haven Kingdom’s wealth was in Lahonya Fortress.

Kaybern’s targets, with the exception of Castle Aren, were focused on the capital cities of each region and the Britton Alliance, but Haven Kingdom, overall, had many wealthy cities.

Weed spoke in front of Lafaye and the 10 elite members.

“I’m so hungry… May I tell you all after eating first?”

“Of course. We prepared quite urgently so it’s not much. But please help yourself.”

“What do you mean? The table is about to break down. Fried eggs can’t compare to these dishes.”

The Hermes Guild cooked the finest ingredients from their inventory and displayed an ocean of food. Weed was indeed an enemy, but he still deserved a welcoming, delicious meal befitting his title.

‘Why? Why did he come?’

It was Lafaye’s first time seeing Weed up close and appreciated the time he could observe Weed during his meal.

‘Asking for a meal must be his way of intimidation before the real deal. To show off his composure…’


“So good,  this dish… Wow. Hermes Guild had great chefs too. The ingredients are amazing.”

Weed was only caught up in feeding himself.

The same could not be said of his hosts: the Hermes Guild members did not touch the food at all and simply watched him. Weed did not seem to care at all.

All his life he couldn’t eat comfortably, but now he could enjoy tasty dishes among other people.

“This is the special grade pine mushroom from Mallen Village. It raises health points permanently by 20.”

Boemong observed Lafaye’s mood and spoke cautiously.

“You are right. You know of Mallen Village in Haven territory too?”

“When I first started Royal Road, I contemplated choosing Botha Castle Seraborg of Rohaim Kingdom and Mallen for my first city. The village was filled with medicinal herbs, so I thought the side income after each hunting trip would be profitable.”


“I considered Castle Aren too. It was the best of the major cities. Well, now it’s been destroyed by Kaybern.”

Lafaye and the Hermes Guild members were confused as to the attitude they should pose against Weed who seemed very relaxed.

They were both too significant of figures to be grudgeful like children.

Of course, they felt disappointment and sorrow of having been defeated just before completely conquering the continent, but they knew that their feelings towards him were shameful.

“The food is really delicious.”

Weed offered compliments from time to time while trying the different dishes.

Lafaye regarded them as words out of courtesy and reacted in similar fashion.

(To be continued…)

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V56C6P1 – Weed’s Scheme

Par mimosab

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Lee Hyun satisfied his appetite and headed to Namsan Mountain.

His Royal Road schedule was tight, but he ascended the mountain to whip up an important, yet petty trick.

‘I climbed this mountain for the first time when I was 15 years old. Looking up to it from ground level only made me want to climb it more and more, I always wanted to go higher than the skyscrapers.’

He had climbed it because he was exhausted with his life.

There were gondola lifts in place but they weren’t free to use and so he climbed every step to the top.

He recalled old memories of climbing the stairs, holding back his hunger.

Lee Hyun still used the stairs to climb Namsan Mountain.

‘Today is a weekday so there are less people around.’

He could still see children holding hands with their parents.

Their attires were clean and their faces were free of concern: things that Weed was most envious of back in the day.

‘Will those children know those hands protect them from the wild tides of this world? They won’t. They are too happy to realize it.’

Lee Hyun looked down on the view of Seoul from the top of Namsan Mountain.

Back then, he was surprised to see so many buildings and sad because his place to rest was not among them.

‘Compared to those times, my life now is pretty good.’

He filled his stomach with the chicken broth that Seoyoon cooked along with some wild ginseng. He saved up so much money and real estate that just about any rich person would be surprised.

He was the example of a successful individual in his neighborhood, but he still went to the old market to buy his clothes.

‘I am not afraid of failing again. If I somehow… God forbid – fall down; I think I can get right back up.’

Kaybern was a tremendous threat. But, above all things, if the demon king were to appear, the Empire’s existence would crumble down.

‘Kaybern needs to be taken down right now. Stopping this from progressing to Cletta is the most ideal solution.’

Lee Hyun continued his train of thought while looking at the forest of buildings in the distance.

He could see a bit of microdust in the air, the foul dust clouded his vision, just as his schemes clouded his mind. 

‘If the demon king Cletta appears, we can’t stop him. If we slay Kaybern now, we would be able to delay Cletta’s spawn. Maybe prevent it altogether. If we were to fail, it would mean  the fall of the Arpen Empire along with the dwarven race.’

Proceeding with the savior quest at this point in time was dangerous in itself.

The death of dragon Yuskellanda.

There was a possibility that it could lead into another quest with dragon Ratuas.

‘The difficulty of the savior quest, too, could ramp up to an insane degree. In the past, a quest regarding the dragon was put to a stop because my abilities were said to be insufficient. It will be difficult no matter how I look at it.’

He had to invest a lot of time and the quest difficulty would get out of control.

During that time, so much blood will be spilt across the continent, making Cletta more powerful. Time was the true enemy.

‘If Cletta appears and we are defeated, what will become of the world? We may live under the cities dominated by monsters or be placed in a state of total submission under the demons.’

Royal Road, the paradise of earth would plunge into complete darkness.

‘The Arpen Empire would be dissolved. There is nothing easy about thriving.’

Lee Hyun felt a heavy load on his shoulders. But in such a crisis he could not afford to be dazed. He didn’t climb Namsan Mountain to be fiddling with his thoughts.

‘Concentrate. We are backed up into a wall, but there must be a way out. After all,even a mouse can bite the cat that chases it.’

The destruction of Morata was inevitable.

The foundation of Arpen was falling apart but he had neglected it until now. It was because he figured that there was no way to stop it.

‘What if I lead all the forces I can muster to defend Morata?’

Lee Hyun drew in his mind the forces he could gather immediately.

First, the thousand dwarven warriors he gained through the race quest!

‘They are useful. I’m sure they would put up a tenacious fight if they use the Brazier of Sacrifice. If I lead the dragon into a trap, they would fight valiantly. Then… they will be defeated without a doubt.’

There wasn’t enough attack power to kill a dragon.

Even if they wielded the Dragonslayer Axe, it was beyond their capabilities.

Equipping loads of high magic resistance gear would just help them hold for a little longer.

‘Northern players? I can’t even fill the head count. They will all die to Dragon Fear.’

The human wave tactic was not viable. Players under level 300 would not be able to deal any damage to the dragon.

They could just as well be obstacles during the battle and would potentially get sacrificed in dark magic.

‘Assault squad? I need to train them further. The brothers will be helpful but…’




Byungjoon Yoo Was monitoring Lee Hyun.

He had a system of satellite and android tracking in place that monitered whenever Lee Hyun left his house.

“A guy who knows no other places than his home, the market and his neighborhood has climbed the Namsan Mountain.”

The AI responded.

– The change in his blood pressure indicates that he is undergoing intensive thinking.

“It must be because of Cletta.”

– That is correct. He ascended the mountain after being informed about the demon king.

Byungjoon Yoo also knew about Cletta. Certainly he took a look at where the sealing stones were located. For dragons, the removal of the sealing stones was quite dependent on luck.

The orc tribesman in possession of the sealing stone could die to monsters or have them seized by a dragon.

It could be near or far into the future.

Yet, if Cletta were to appear, the Versaille Continent would fall into a catastrophe incomparable to Kaybern.

“Judging by the movement of his lips, he seems to be muttering something.”

– He said that Kaybern is a son of a bitch.

“So, he will hunt the dragon?”

– Based on his usual pattern, he seems to be putting together an estimate.

“It is the shortest path, but is it possible?”

Byungjoon usually did not want to hear the probabilities calculated by the AI because it burst his bubble. Now, he wanted Weed to defeat Kaybern if it was at all possible so that Morata would not be destroyed.

– It all depends on how great a force he can mobilize.

“The dwarves, the assault squad and what else? What about the Geomchis?”

– There are many variables in combat, therefore exact calculations are impossible. Under normal conditions, the success rate is under 3%.

“How come?”

– There is a lack of military strength that could control the battlefield. When the dragon goes rampant using spells, the assault squad, which is the core of the army, will be defeated quickly.

“Even if Weed leads them?”

– Fear spreads rapidly. It will be hopeless if a monster the scale of a dragon goes on an rampage.

Byungjoon agreed unlike before.

When he was a novice, his heart pounded whenever a single wolf roamed around the hunting ground.

When instilled with fear, one cannot exercise their full capability and if players nearby begin to run: the formation breaks in a matter of seconds.

– On top of this, dragons treat their own lives dearly. In the worst scenario, Kaybern will flee when in danger and no one would be able to stop him.

“So you’re saying that even if a battle breaks out, it is not possible to kill a dragon.”

– Yes. The dragon would recover and return to Morata.

“Wouldn’t they meet the required combat level if the players following Weed each use the Brazier of Sacrifice?”

– Their levels would increase but the curve is limited due to the lack of skills and equipment. Even if one uses the brazier to reach level 1,000, their true level assessment would put them at around 800. Additionally, I analyzed the players of the assault squad and the number of eager individuals who would use the Brazier of Sacrifice to engage in battle are at a maximum of 2,540.

“So including the thousand dwarves and the Geomchis, the total would be around 4,000?”

– With Weed’s devious, grand speech and the Mapan Council’s steerers they could gather up maybe 1,000 more members. But, that is nowhere enough. I assess that they need at least 10,000 soldiers.

“The dragon is too powerful for the current state of the players.”

The Kaybern hunt seemed overboard for Byungjoon after exchanging conversations with the AI.

“So, it’s not possible…”

That moment!

Lee Hyun in the monitor suddenly began smirking.

A perfect rotten smirk!

Judging by the Lee Hyun observed until now, it was clear that he came up with a trick.

– The success rate of Kaybern hunt has just increased to 53%.

“For what reason?”

– I am not certain, but Weed has gained considerable confidence in the hunt.

“I thought you said there are too many variables?”

– I assess that Weed will control all variables and lead the hunt advantageously.

“But his army is lacking…”

– He is already a legend weaving adventurer and the emperor of the Arpen Empire. If Weed himself believes and makes a speech with his overwhelming charisma, he will be able to gather 2000 more players willing to use the Brazier of Sacrifice.

“This situation is far from easy though.”

– He will overcome it somehow. He is Weed.

Byungjoon was enveloped in a strange feeling.

The AI was acting like the common Weed wagons seen online.

“Your attitude has changed a bit.”

– They say you have to line up under the right connection.


– The man most likely to become my new master is Weed-nim.




Weed logged into Royal Road once again.

In the dwarven secret storage were the dwarven warriors waiting in their positions.

“You have returned!”

“The preparations for battle are complete.”

Before the showdown with Kracore, the final boss of the dungeon, the dwarves strengthened their resolve.

Weed looked over the faces and equipment of every dwarf.

‘A force I could rely on. But they aren’t enough to heatbutt right into Kaybern.’

The resolve required to hunt a dragon was no ordinary determination. He reviewed the few tricks he came up with at Namsan Mountain and made up his mind.

“Follow me for now.”

During the time he spent outside Royal Road, the supplies were prepared by the Mapan Council.

He took the dwarves outside the dungeon, fed them and taught them more combat skills.

Mapan, with a generous layer of belly fat, came in person with the council.

“Weed-nim, you must meet the lumberjack in the eastern region of Hilaya Forest for the secret axe technique.”

“Is that so? Moreover, we must prepare for the battle against Kaybern.”

“The council is also under preparations without delay. We are consistently procuring war supplies and also in search of necessary skills for the dragon hunt.”

Weed nodded and appraised the council.

Many talented merchant players and experienced mercenaries were among their ranks.

The immense economy of the Central Continent meant that there were trade wars waging between the merchant players and due to the situation with Kaybern, the times were calling for differentiated service among councils.

The Mapan Council, having started in the barren lands in the North, adapted quickly.

“We have to be quicker. We will hunt Kaybern in Morata.”

“Yes. In Morata… What?”

Mapan was astonished by Weed’s bombshell announcement and questioned Weed.

“Did you just say that you are going to hunt Kaybern in Morata?”

“Yep. Since we have the problem with Cletta, there is no reason for us to stall. “

“But we are less than 9 days away and you plan to battle… No. Go to war against the dragon.”


“Sorry, run this through me one more time. You are going to call upon all forces to defend Morata and confront Kaybern.”

“That’s what I’m telling you.”

A shroud of concern could be seen on Mapan’s chubby face. Then, because of Weed’s composed facial expression, old memories surfaced.

‘He once asked me to buy tons of silver arrows for the Immortal Legion.’

This was when Mapan, who was a merchant specialized in miscellaneous items, was able to seize fortune and reputation, growing the scale of his council.

Looking back, the legend of Weed had started there.

“Mapan Council will make preparations for war. Will the supplies we have procured already be enough?”

“I just need to fill the lacking numbers in our army.”

“From where exactly?”

“We already know where the best fighters are.”


(To be continued…)


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V56C5P3 – The Decision For The Continent

Par mimosab

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Weed soon realized that Geomchi’s advice was boundless.


< Critical Strike! >

< You crushed Kalamu’s head. >

< Critical… >

< Critical… >


– The best sword technique? I don’t know. As I aged, no one could defend against swings guided naturally by my will.

When Weed heard this from Geomchi the first time he was taught the sword, he understood it as if he could win against any opponent without trying.

‘It wasn’t what I thought. Truly my heart guides me. This is a boundless sword technique in its entirety.’

There was no specific form to this sword technique.

Certainly experience and skill was its foundation, but the user would unconsciously feel the righteous path of the sword. 

Tuned to the enemy, the most optimal attack appeared naturally.

100% of attack and 100% of defense: it was the perfected form of the sword.

A presence that transcended the idea of driving one’s physical limitations.

‘Well, I just did it.’

Weed’s sword began to show its power, rapidly cutting down on the Kalamus.

He raised Strength through Sculptural Destruction and stormed away.

“Sword of Regeneration!”

He even activated the secret sword technique meant to defend himself and the dwarves. Even after he broke through the Kalamus, he searched relentlessly for items.

< Armory >

< Large Armory >

< Warrior items >

< Long-range weapons >

< Consumable >

< Treasure >

< Blacksmith ingredients >


“Everyone equip yourselves with better gear.”

Weed consistently swapped their gear for more advanced items.

His unimaginable generosity had a back story.

‘I will exploit them right down to their marrows.’

It was to keep as many of them alive for the battle against Kaybern.

“Huugh. I feel like dying. I need to rest for just a bit…”

The dwarven warriors began falling apart after having been overworked.

They were deployed to battle without reprieve, exhausting even the healthiest dwarves.

“You all can do it. Think of our kin that are suffering at this moment.”

“Kaybern exploits us, yes. But, most dwarves are doing just fine in their respective villages.”

“Pride! Do you not all bear pride after being born as a dwarf?”

Weed was blinded by the dwarven made equipment.

He poked away at their pride and continued his exploit.

‘I just need to keep them alive. I can cure their wounds and illnesses later.’

The touch of the evil, exploitative commander had reached even the world of the dwarves!

Weed emptied out the dwarven special storages down to just one remaining location.

Whilst clearing the dungeon, he gathered clues and already knew about the final boss.


< Kracore the Storage Keeper

It is a monster with a gigantic body composed of special cells. It was the ruler of Woodgorn in the past.

After it was pushed from its throne by the demonic beast Baharant, it grew in power in order to take revenge.

It is extremely intelligent and spews sickening acid in all directions.

It also utilizes its own cells to commit modified attacks. 


It can grab hold of nearby foes and absorb them.

Physical damage is mitigated by 95%.

It possesses near immunity to fire magic but is considerably weak to cold. >


10 forbidden locations.

The final boss that defends the secret storage of the dwarven race!

Brockhand who was under Weed’s exploitation shivered as he spoke.

“You know too, yes? Kracore is an absolute danger for us all.”

“How come?”

“Dwarves absorbed by that thing number in the hundreds.”


“They become a part of his body. I thought it was hiding somewhere in Agoldia, but for it to be here of all places. Weedhand, let’s fall back.”

“I cannot turn away after all this way.”

“Even if we do not loot Kracore’s equipment, it will be enough for us to confront the dragon. You don’t need to overdo it.”

Those words did not convince Weed even the slightest.

‘They spoke like bold dwarves, but they have so many things to be afraid of.’

He couldn’t just leave without the dwarven equipment, especially not equipment of the best quality.

“I’m going to fight.”

“Alright. Then let us rest plenty before opening the door.”

“We will just have gear inspection and go inside.”

“Damn it!”

It was when he took the dwarves to the armory where the final boss waited.

– Mapan: Weed-nim! Urgent news. Landony’s lair has been breached!


Even Weed stopped in his tracks.

– Mapan: There is incredible news from the adventurers who explored the lair. It is related to both Kaybern and Landony.

“Could it be… Is Cletta the demon king involved too?”

– Mapan: Unfortunately, you are right. It says there was a conspiracy behind the dragons’ movement. Since I only heard a brief explanation, it’d be best for you to watch the video yourself. In 5 minutes, the adventurer Dedron-nim’s footage will be released through KMC Media.

Weed gave the dwarves time to rest and took out the crystal ball.

He practiced sewing as he waited and soon enough KMC Media began their broadcast.

– We are interrupting the regular broadcast to inform everyone of important news. The adventurers exploring the Ring of Fire have entered Landony’s lair.

Joowan Oh, the exclusive anchor of KMC Media was the conveyor of this news.

Just moments before they were live streaming Weed’s dungeon hunting with the dwarves.

– Firstly, we will show you a short clip of the adventurers’ footage.

The scene of the adventurers climbing the Great Volcano and passing through the lava cave was edited into a simple clip. Parts of the footage were not clear but it was evident that they were entering with their lives on the line.

A lot of time was consumed in advancing through the monsters of the lava floor.

Three adventurers survived until the very end.

Even though they arrived inside the lair, they couldn’t take the piles of treasure and head back.

“Let’s find something at least.”

“Yeah. As bad as this situation is… It would be nice if I can find some skills that I can pick up right away.”

The adventurers attained the adventure achievement called ‘Lair Breach.’

“Be careful of the traps.”

“We got this far, so let’s not die in vain. We don’t know if we’ll get another chance of coming back to this place.”

What they discovered was surprisingly Landony’s old diary.

It was a record of the dragon and it contained an incredible secret.

– Kaybern and I learned how to fly from the great demon butler Zepent-nim.

– The food that the demons bring us is reallyreal delicious. They are kind and take good care of us.

– The demons are very wise and virtuous. Humans and dragons have a certain prejudice against demons, but they aren’t true. It is perhaps because they are jealous of demons.

– I learned dark magic. They are incredible spells. The most destructive! Far greater than fire magic.

In the diary were stories of young Kaybern and Landony.

They weren’t raised by dragons, but demons.

– The king of demons, Cletta is said to be a benevolent individual.

– It is a shame that I cannot meet him. Useless humans, elves, dwarves and their sealing stones. If all of them disappear, Cletta-nim could reign…

– Demons are so nice. They left. Is there a way I could bring them back?

– Sealing stones. If I can destroy the sealing stones…

– It must not end with just destroying the stone. I need to drench the continent with as much blood as possible. Then Cletta-nim can appear with his powers whole.

– The more deaths, the more powerful Cletta-nim will be.

The records in the diary were fragments but it wasn’t difficult to deduce the context.

“The demons were involved in the reason for Kaybern and Landony’s hostility towards humans.”

If he proceeded with the savior or race quest he would have discovered the same truth.

The adventurers’ discovery of the diary answered the mysteries. But, the solution was yet to be found.

Dragons were beings that could not be persuaded by words.

They were classic examples of stuck-up boomers!

‘In the savior quest there was an option since the beginning to bribe. Though there was no chance of success. If I tell the dragons they were deceived by the demons, would the war end? Never.’

The dwarf race quest urged the players to bet the fate of the entire race on the battle against Kaybern.

There was no choice but to overcome the two dragons with power.

– Additional information has been uncovered about the sealing stones. The Great Library of Morata is said to have words about the sealing stones. Up until now we did not understand what they meant, but we do now.

The broadcast screen shifted to the Great Library of Morata.

A man in a traveller’s outfit showed the stone with engravings.

– Humans preserved their sealing stone somewhere inside the city that erected their civilization.

– The sealing stone of the elves is inside the World Tree.

– No one knows who seized the Orcs’ sealing stone. It will be extremely difficult to find. It might even be quicker to just kill all the orcs instead.

Kaybern will destroy cities. Landony is searching for something among the orcs.

The sealing stones explained the movement of the dragons.

– Mapan: I will begin an investigation about the sealing stone.

“Please make it quick.”

– Mapan: But chances are that Weed-nim’s adventure might be related to the sealing stone.

“There may be an answer at the end of the savior quest. However, it’s overburdening to carry it out along with the Orc race quest… I guess we will leave it up to luck.

– Mapan: What would happen if all the sealing stones are destroyed?

“Then the Versaille Continent will be nearing its doom. If demons spawn on top of all this, there is no way out.”

– Mapan: So many cities have been destroyed already. Perhaps that day isn’t far.

A long time had passed since the initial rampage of the dragons.

If the demon king were to be freed, it would be a disaster.

– Mapan: The worst day imaginable may be unleashed.

“The best method is to hunt the dragon but…”

Weed’s brain was quickly at work.

As a savior as well as the emperor of the Arpen empire he had to determine the right protocol.

Completing quests to gather weapons, armor, trusty allies and skills was ultimately necessary for taking down Kaybern.

‘Morata will be destroyed. What if we gather all our strengths now and fight the dragon?’


(To be continued…)


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V56C5P2 – The Decision For The Continent

Par mimosab

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“Concentrate on defending!”

“Shield! Shield up front!”

While Weed was caught up in his concerns after talking to Geomchi, the battle between the dwarves and the Kalamus was still waging.

The Kalamus movements were flashy, but their swings were quickly fended off by dwarves with their shields.

‘To be free.’

More attacks were poured onto Weed who was a step further.

‘Do I need further enlightenment in the way of the sword?’

The advanced training arena.

When he penetrated through the path of struggle, he felt he was walking down the way of the sword.

He found the perfect path that allowed him to fight numerous enemies based on a wide range of vision.

With clean, efficient movement that crushed the enemy.

With each battle honing his skill to perfection, but at this point in time he felt that he had nothing to add or shave from his swordplay.

‘Maybe I’m just concentrating on combat more than is needed.’

In Royal Road there were many players that reduced instances of using swords directly and were therefore more dependent on skills to fight.

Depending on the situation, they used appropriate attack and defense skills which were decent enough.

That kind of style used up a lot of stamina and mana, but the player could carry out stable combat.

Players like Weed who utilize sword techniques perfectly against monsters were monstrous themselves.

People who calculate their decisions several times within a second were extremely rare.

‘I am already using 100% of my combat abilities. But for me to feel the thirst for the sword now…’

He thought no change would arise.

He learned a fine sword technique that allowed him to react appropriately to any situation as he saw through the movements of any monster.

Quick reaction and moving a step ahead was thought to be enough for hunting.

He also possessed secret sword techniques, various skills and equipment.

‘Dying to an opponent that is ridiculously powerful such as the dragon is unavoidable. Even so, I feel this thirst that is driving me crazy.’

Weed’s frustration grew further as he battled the Kalamus.

The three-legged creatures raced around and harassed the dwarven defense line. It was very difficult to catch just one of them.

They were 100 levels higher than the dwarves, so it was best to hold for 30 minutes to an hour to defeat them a step at a time.

‘The dwarves lack in attack power. This composition inevitably consumes time.’

He thought so in his head, but his heart was different.

It told him to swing his sword.

To take a step further.

He thought of Geomchi’s words of freeing himself from bounds.

Weed decided to follow it.

Three steps.

Just three steps taken caused the Kalamus to focus their attack on him.

The attacks from the front and sides doubled.

Weed processed the enemy attacks like usual.

‘Deflect the spear from the left first. The sword on the right is next. From the current position, up to five monsters can attack me simultaneously. I can’t retaliate this instant, but if I exchange a few times and knock them away, an opportunity will rise.’

His split second decision was made, taking the nature and combat level of the Kalamus into consideration.

It was all thanks to his wide vision in combat that other players could only admire.

‘Kalamus are strong and have high stamina and intelligence; they are difficult monsters to defeat. Their bond with their own kin is also strong. They are formidable opponents for the dwarves.’

This dungeon was located underground.

Unfortunately, he could not spam large AoE skills such as the Lava River and there was not much he could do about that.

‘I don’t need all that. Don’t process things anymore.’

Weed emptied his mind.

He did not think of anything while watching the enemy’s movements.

He just raised his sword to retaliate!

Cling! Clang! Ching!

He fended off several attacks consecutively.

His movements were instinctual, as they had always been.


That moment, Weed’s sword lunged forward.

It was as if his sword bent time itself.



“Where is he aiming?”

The Kalamus mocked Weed who was stabbing the empty space between them.


He swung his sword several times more.

They seemed like odd attacks, but soon the Kalamus were severely threatened.

His sword seemed to bend space itself.

The sword technique that even sees through movements of irregularity.

It seemed as if the Kalamus themselves were diving into the swing of his sword.


< Critical Strike!

You slayed a defenseless enemy… >


Weed defended, parried and attacked.

‘I swing where my heart directs.’

The Loa sword swung without rest.




The adventurers that gathered at the Great Volcano were blown out of their minds.

“He ascended this mountain alone?”

“He’s crazy. So crazy that he pulled it off.”

Half of the mountain was covered with dark red lava.

The lava was flowing down slowly and surging into the air like fountains in certain spots.

The ground was burning hot like a heated frying pan.

Chase’s face turned serious.

“I expect that a lot of us are going to die here… Turn back now if you wish.”


None of the adventurers were hindered by what Chase said.

The situation was different from when nothing was discovered.

Adventurers were like moths flying into fire when they had a clear goal to pursue.

Chase too did not speak because he wanted someone to leave. He wanted them to strengthen their resolution before they proceeded.

“Let us go then. Blitz tactics.”

The adventurers were well aware of the danger that came with the Great Volcano.

According to their observations, the massive lava surge occurred every two to three days.

After the surge, the dreadful heat prevented access for an entire day, so there were no safepoints.

“This is the start.”

The adventurers began their climb.

The sky was covered with ashes and one could not tell if it was day or night.

Despite the darkness, the lava emitted a red glow and lit their path.


The ground under the adventurers shook violently.

“Could this be?”

“A volcano nearby has erupted. Let’s keep moving.”

The adventurers witnessed the glaring lumps of lava from the volcano beside them.

It was truly an astonishing expedition.

“This is as far I go. Everyone please keep it up.”

“Yes, of course.”

The players with low fire resistance gave up after a third of the climb.

Their health points were falling and their bodies set on fire. Hence they decided to descend.

“It took 6 hours to get to this point. We must move faster. We have to take the risk.”

Chase, who was directing the path, made his decision.

“So be it.”

“If the Great Volcano erupts we are all dead anyway… Then we must hurry.”

The other adventurers agreed as well.

Each time they found a stream of lava they circled around, slowing down their progress.

“Throw the hooks!”

They tossed their hooks to the other side of the lava stream and crossed over.

Some adventurers split away from the group and found their own paths.


“Sa- Save me!”

The adventurers that came in contact with the lava burned to a crisp instantly.

The water elementals were summoned in an attempt to save them, but they too dissipated not long after due to the heat.

Just advancing 50, 100 meters led to several deaths.

When they came across a massive lava stream, they tossed their hooks, put together coils of rope to cross.

“We are finally here.”

“The lair is really here.”

256 adventurers made it to the lava cave discovered by Bison.

The interior of the Great Volcano visible through the cave contained the Red Dragon’s lair.

“Look, over there. Gold is flowing like water.”

“Yeah. There are mountains of rubies too.”

A river created from smelting gold was inside the lair. There was magical equipment and gems stacked in piles.

“The treasures here are about half as much as the treasures in Kaybern’s lair.”

“That dragon had loads of treasure because it exploited the dwarves.”

“Still, this is the most I have ever seen.”

The adventurers boiled with greed. But, passing through the lava cave was their problem at hand.

The width of the cave was about 3 meters. The ceiling was high, but lava was dripping like water drops.

“We have to avoid the lava… About half way we will have to cross a complete lava floor.”

“It appears to span across about 50 meters. More like flying over it.”

“Luckily there are no forces guarding the lair.”

“Who would dare to pass through? It is fortunate for us that there are no monsters.”

The adventurers ended their brief discussion.

From this point on, they had no choice but to leave each to their own abilities.

Ten adventurers leapt into the cave and died from the heat and dripping lava from the ceiling.

Two of them managed to get further but still lost their lives near the 50 meter lava floor.

“Next group.”

“Yup. Hurry.”

The adventurers did not have time to assess each try.

In an interval of one or two minutes the players were deployed.

This method of sacrificing lives was pure recklessness but seemingly effective.

They didn’t discuss their trial and errors. They just experienced what method works and what doesn’t with their bodies.  About a hundred of them died, but they secured an acceptably safe path to the lava floor.

Even on this path, 2 out of 10 would be the unlucky ones to die.

“Lava floor. I will try it first.”

Chase posed to challenge the biggest obstacle. He had various types of powerful magic resistances and decent equipment.

After safely advancing up to the lava floor, he activated the flight spell sealed within his ring.

He flew so low across the lava he almost seemed to skate across its surface. However, about half way through, the lava began squirming.


An arm covered with scales like a lizard spawned and grabbed Chase.

“Wind Acceleration!”

Chase hurriedly increased his speed and returned to the other adventurers.

“Monsters. What do we do?”

“They don’t seem to be monsters protecting the lair, but rather creatures that inhabit the lava. Combat type job classes would be able to handle them.”

“We can’t defeat them, so it will be best to go around.”

“Are you saying we should find another path?”

“That’s too much. We have 12 hours at minimum – 24 hours if we are lucky until the eruption.”

“What if we recoup and return after the eruption?”

“We don’t have many chances. It will take another day for the heat to simmer down.”

The adventurers continued to try to find a way through while being devoured by the lava monster.


(To be continued…)


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V56C5P1 – The Decision For The Continent

Par mimosab

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The brush danced in the hands of Petrov, the aqualight painter.

The Northern War was coming alive on a 7 meter wide canvas.

A painting in which Weed and Hestiger wipe out the Haven Imperial army!



< Masterpiece painting! You have completed The War Hero.

In the hands of the painter who expresses the pain in the world and those in need, a new painting has been given birth.

A massive war that took place in the North; based on true events, the painting portrays the Arpen Empire emperor and savior Hestiger.

It is a piece that captured the vivid images of the heroes and many will desire to witness it.

As time passes, its historical significance will only increase.

Artistic Value: 2,960

Historical Value: 1,863

Special Attribute: Those that have seen the War Hero painting in person will have 32% increased health points and mana recovery rate for 24 hours.

Combat skills increased by 2.

Maximum health points increased by 14% ~ 67%, depending on their level.

Inflict a terrified status to monsters and enemies.

All stats increased by 13.

Experience and skill proficiency gain increased by 4%.

Does not stack with other paintings.

Completed number of masterpiece paintings till now: 42. >


“Whew. A masterpiece. This turned out alright. The amount of paint I used seemed quite a waste.”

Petrov put away the completed painting and moved to Morata.

The joyful city of the Versailles Continent.

The shantytown and the luxurious residential area blended well and were blessed with the liveliness of the players.

Numerous artists from Rhodium gathered and the artwork they produced brought the city an elegant beauty.

“I am selling a month old lion cub! This one is a male that will turn magnificent with the right care. Novice players should not take it! You will be devoured if not raised correctly!”

“Selling an elephant. Accepting offers.”

“I am a zookeeper. I’m looking for short-term jobs. I also handle wild animals. An expert with horses.”

“A direct descendant of Nurung! I am selling the 12th generation of Nurung. It pulled up to 12 wagons at once.”

In the town square, a ridiculous number of animals were being traded.

‘This city is just so lovely.’

Patt wished to paint the images of the current Morata.

Though it was devastating, after Kaybern destroys Morata there would be a need for paintings to allow people to reminisce about the city.

“Wow. Your painting is amazing.”

“This scenic painting is insane.”

Patt’s painting skills drew a crowd.

The buildings and streets of Morata, the tower of light in the distance and the goddess statue he drew delicately and gorgeously.

“His paintings look more beautiful than the scenery in real life.”

“Isn’t he Zeros-nim, the painter of cities?”

“He’s different from him. His brushstroke technique looks like it slips but draws out a painting. That’s a talent he was born with.”

The crowd expressed admiration for Petrov as he painted a dozen paintings until the night passed. Their artistic worth wasn’t high, but they expressed the scenery for what they truly were.

“Whoo… The scenery of this street is pretty much finished.”

Patt piled up his paints, brush and papers. Then he activated the painter’s secret technique!

“Paint Duplication Technique!”


Fifty different sized brushes took a dip inside the paint cans and began dancing in the air, drawing out the painting on paper.

The skill could copy an original painting identically on paper!

Depending on the level of the skill, the user could control the total number of brushes and types, the use of paint and number of copies.

The duplicate paintings could take on 10% ~ 40% artistic value and attributes of the original.

The paintings created by painters were traded for high price among artworks due to their rarity and beauty. Like a living printer, he was stamping out rich scenic paintings.





“Delicious dwarves are here.”

“This is our territory.”

‘The space has gotten wider. About 25 meters. Judging by the echoes, there are at least several hundred of them.’

Weed thought to himself as he watched the monsters swarm through the corridor.


This bunch were one of the higher ranks of Argoldia’s monsters. It moved by using three legs simultaneously and it not only ran forward but also sideways and diagonally in an irregular fashion.

They were monsters that he despised facing against.

“Form a shield wall and cut them off one at a time.”


Weed commanded the dwarves and as he fought hard, he felt his mind tangling up.

‘Why is it that I feel disappointed about this hunt?’

For four days now he had been forging a path from the front.

The tickling sensation slowly distilled into disappointment about himself.

‘I thought that I was near complete in terms of my combat ability. I feel like I am lacking something.”

He learned thoroughly about sword techniques long before starting Royal Road.

It was about defeating the enemy with speed, precision and efficiency.

He was confident that he was at the pinnacle of skill utilization, health points, stamina and mana management.

He never possessed any bad habits that hindered his combat level.

On top of that, he possessed a vast range of experience that allowed him to identify enemy weaknesses.

– The scene of Weed’s battle in the advanced training arena!

– The duel at Garnav Plains.

– The Great King of the Desert, Weed!

The combat videos of Weed drew out admiration from the viewers.

Players watched it multiple times, resulting in every video reaching millions in views.

His incomparable hunting speed was a result of all factors combining into the most optimized form.

Weed’s mind was congested like a tangled thread.

‘I’m mentally strong. So why do I feel so uneasy?’

Perseverance, decisiveness, focus and boldness.

If there was something he needed for combat he trained intensively until he mastered it.

Compared to his early days of Royal Road, he had transformed into a different person.

‘I’m not concerned with being too low level or with being a sword master. But still… Why does it feel so lukewarm?’

Weed did not have to ponder for long.

It was an important concern, but he had someone who could always assist him.


He whispered to Geomchi, receiving a reply after some time.

– Geomchi: Why are you calling for me, my student.

“Are you preoccupied at the moment?”

– Geomchi: Burp. It’s alright. Speak.

Geomchi was happily drinking beer with the other students in the southern desert.

They had roasted five wild boars as snacks for their party and were eagerly devouring them!

“I came to a dungeon hunt. The battles are decent… but I feel stifled. It might be that I want to fight better than I currently am, but I cannot determine what it exactly is.”

Weed’s explanation did not convey his situation clearly.

Truthfully he himself did not know what to make of his feelings.

– Geomchi: Hmm… Seems like you hit a wall.

“A wall? You may be right.”

– Geomchi: Getting more powerful is like climbing a flight of stairs. Forging yourself as you climb – you will eventually hit a wall.

“What should I do about it?”

– Geomchi: A wall isn’t a wall for no reason. They call it a wall because it is hard to overcome.

“I’m not sure what it is that I am lacking.”

– Geomchi: It can’t be overcome by sheer efforts, nor is it easier to advance a step further even with great talent. So, just live as your will directs you.

“My will?”

– Geomchi: The will to be free from any bounds. Do not be caught up and do not be tamed. Don’t hesitate for even a split second. That is the way of the sword.

“What if it still doesn’t work out after that?”

– Geomchi: Then nothing could be done about it.




“Drink as much as you want.”


A cheerful liquor party was taking place in the desert.

Geomchi and the apprentices led the warriors who signed up for the assault squad and only took them to hunting grounds.

The completion of the nonstop hunting that spanned over a week!

They hosted a relief party with loads of meat and liquor until the day after.

“Ugh… I am usually such a lightweight. Why are the drinks so good?”

“Drink. Let’s drink first and just die or something.”

The players drank each glass served to them.

Both their body and mind were exhausted, so the liquor and meat found themselves almost involuntarily to their mouths.

‘This is hell.’

‘I want to escape. Back to high school Grade 12.’

‘If I started hunting like this way earlier, I would have been Weed or Bard Ray, sigh.’

While drinking, the warriors checked on their status screen.

They had a huge level increase since the start of the hunt which brought smiles on their faces.

‘I have to keep it up. I will train well and…’

‘If I don’t hunt, I’ll fall behind.’

The players were pulling themselves in their own ways, though they did not have a clue as to what Geomchi and the apprentices were thinking.

“They are holding the grounds even on top of the eastern sand hills.”

“I thought about 20% of them would fall off.”

“I think it’s going pretty well because we only took in the best from the Central Continent.”

Geomchi smiled contentedly and nodded.

“Alright. Let’s increase the difficulty after this hunt.”

“How far should we take it?”

“Double I’d say?”


Geomchi2 and Geomchi5 thought it was too extreme. They themselves were rocks in the tide, but these players were just normal people.

They could already hear the screams of the players as they fell to their knees.

A high level body could withstand the challenge, but their mindset wasn’t ready.

“I think that’s a good boost.  You are great, teacher.”

“Amazing. These players, too, will grow substantially under your teachings.”


In the middle of the feast, Geomchi exchanged whispers with Weed. Geomchi2 asked what it was about.

“Oh, it’s nothing. It seems that our youngest one has arrived at a wall.”

“A wall already?”

“Yeah. He got there quickly. As expected from his talents and determination.”

Geomchi reminisced when he met Weed for the first time.

He who defeated his challengers with a single sword.

A ferocious, untamable beast.

Geomchi desired to hone those sharp claws and fangs and so he did.

“That brat took whatever I taught him and made them his own.”

“He was a genius who also drove himself to his limits.”

“Mmm. Though he approaches his fights too calculatively. He was most powerful when he didn’t think about anything… I taught him an ocean of skills, so it is all up to him to realize it.”

“Will he be able to penetrate the wall?”

“I did speak some words of advice to him, but a wall is a wall.”

“I suppose so.”

“Ku-ku. He needs to experience countless defeats, suffer and fail again and again.”


(To be continued…)


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V56C4P3 – Dungeon of Argoldia

Par mimosab

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There were two things about the dungeon that were different from what Weed expected.

“There’s a lot of golems.”

Starting with iron golems, there were also golden and ruby golems stationed.

After a long time, some ceased to work and the dwarves brought out their hammers and various repair tools.

“The receptors connected to the internal core are damaged. A bit of work should do the trick.”

“Oh dear… Look at the structure of these ligaments. I’m not mocking our ancestors but these are so outdated.”

“Implanting compound joints alone will enhance their combat abilities. Above all things, these are so outdated that they clink and clank when they tread.”

The dwarves’ abilities as blacksmiths were far greater than anticipated.

The golems that were damaged in battle were easily repaired by their hands.

At times, they lacked the materials to fix them, but quickly scavenged what they needed in the following battles.

Other times, they dug up the ground with pickaxes.

Weed thought to himself as he saw that ores were abundant no matter which wall or ground they dug up.

“An iron ore mountain of excellent quality… The dwarves would not have created a storage here for no reason. It was because it was abundant in ores.”

The ability to assess land was most prevalent in dwarves above all other races. 

They dug up first and second grade high quality iron. They could dig pure silver, sapphire, ruby and opals just as easily.

‘A thousand warriors that are also blacksmiths and miners.’

There were many advantages to taking dwarves in dungeon hunts.

Even in plainfield hunting, the dwarves could install traps or defensive barricades.

That being said, their preference was more into swinging axes and maces.

‘The difficulty of this dungeon was reduced because of these dwarves.’

With each battle, three to four golems joined his ranks as subordinates.

The purpose of their creation was to protect the dwarven secret storage. So, if another race were to enter, they had to engage in battle.

‘But this could be a trap. We are having swift battles thanks to these golems for now, but we may get overwhelmed by monsters all of a sudden.’

Weed had his fair share of unfortunate turn of events.

Weed commanded Gomfhand.

“Send the iron golems to the rear. Us dwarves will keep pushing through.”

“Are you not going to use them?”

“We will. It’s just a waste to have precious monsters slain by golems.”

Weed penetrated through just about any monster with the dwarves’ sheer efforts.

He put dwarves with high defense in front and he himself stood a step further up.

“Sword of Regeneration!”

The secret sword technique that increases defense and recovery rate!

There were 1,000 dwarven warriors under the command of Weed.

It seemed, at first, that too many warriors were mobilized for the dungeon, but that wasn’t the case.

The scale of this dungeon was massive and so was the resistance from the monsters.

The monsters of Argoldia were armed with dwarven made premium gear.

Crustacean monsters five to seven meters tall burst out of the walls and the ground, and poisonous insect swarms came like pitch black clouds.

“The wounded, fall back and rest!”

The dwarves with low stamina and health points were wrapped in bandages and rested. Those that could fight were swapped in and out of battle and fought constantly.

He literally grinded the dwarves into the dungeon.

“Sword of Regeneration!” 

Weed and the dwarves had to fend off the reckless stream of monsters.

‘This would have been much more difficult if I didn’t have this skill that I obtained from the savior quest.’

Perhaps the savior quest, too, had a similar step in the process.

To lead an army through battle with the Sword of Regeneration.

‘A savior… Up until now it was just the half-elves that have joined as comrades, but I could lead a human army with this. I could lead a huge crowd of humans and fight against the dragon.’


< Combat achievement! You have accomplished the title ‘Impregnable Wall’.

You have successfully defended against a monster swarm for 30 minutes.

Perseverance and Endurance are permanently increased by 2. >


“Um, could we chill down a bit with a glass of beer…”

“There is no time for rest. Our kind is suffering as we speak, so how could you even think about drinking beer right now?”

Weed adamantly declined their request for a break.

As dangerous the dungeon was, their combat skill proficiencies and stats increased rapidly.

The feeling of becoming more powerful was a great stimulus for battle!

“Group 11 will lead in front. Dwarves who have had the luxury to drink beer, advance to battle.”

Weed extorted the dwarves through the dungeon and increased his level once more.

Although not comparable to Undead Summoning, the hunting speed far exceeded the level of typical players.

As they proceeded through the dungeon, they occasionally discovered armories created by the dwarven ancestors.

“This one has a lot of swords.”

There were several hundred dwarven made fine swords!

Some armories contained just suits of armor and shields and others had a span of several hundred meters filled solely with daggers.

“As expected of dwarves. They made plenty.”

Weed did consider selling them, but the weapons and armor were first used to arm the dwarves. They were superior weapons with level restrictions between 700s to 800s, but the dwarves, being blacksmiths, were able to equip them.

‘This race benefits the most from  equipment… I can see their combat level being greatly enhanced.’

Their attack and defense were increased, leading to a much faster hunting speed.

The work of blacksmith masters dropped as loot on occasion.

There were dwarves among them that could not use equipment beyond level 900 restriction.

They were rare, but not all dwarves were blacksmiths!

For the time being, they couldn’t utilize the gear but were able to once they activated the Brazier of Sacrifice.

‘By the time this dungeon is cleared, the dwarves’ defense will be indomitable.’

He couldn’t help comparing the dwarves to the desert warriors back in his days as the Great King of the Desert.

The desert warriors went rampant and charged whenever they encountered an enemy.

It looked chaotic but with overwhelming power they crushed the opponent.

‘In terms of attack power the desert warriors are several times more powerful. Their mobility was also exceptional riding on camels. However, they did take severe damage every battle.’

The main objective was to save time, but many warriors lost their lives.

The dwarves’ stability came from high survivability and also possessed high growth potential.

‘They are a race that changes completely depending on how they are commanded. If well led, they could win even against the desert warriors.’

Even so, Weed felt a slight disappointment.  

‘The need for leadership is for typical battles. Most of these powerful dwarves will probably die in the fight with Kaybern.’

It would be a huge loss but one that was necessary.

– Mapan: Weed-nim, I have a report from the adventurers.

Weed was ignoring messages from other players once he entered the dwarven secret storage chambers.

It was crucial that he trained the dwarves above all else and he only received the most important news from Mapan.

– Mapan: They reported that they finally discovered Landony’s lair in the Ring of Fire.

“They must have gone through a lot.”

– Mapan: The lair is said to be located where the volcano erupts endlessly. The adventurers are sacrificing themselves to hop inside the lava cave as we speak. I expect good news from them real soon.

“Is that all you have to inform me about?”

– Mapan: I am continuing to monitor any information about Knatul and Malin.

Weed was laid back, waiting for news on the savior quest.

Even if a hero were to join his ranks, it would be less help than ten dwarves.

Kaybern was extremely powerful and could not be taken down with a few heroes.

“I see.”

– Mapan: Also, Weed-nim. It is not too late. If we reduce Morata to a fifth… We could buy so much more time.

11 days remained until the day when Kaybern planned to destroy Morata.

Mapan was suggesting that they reduce the size of Morata before Castle Mistress gets destroyed.

– Mapan: Among the Northern players, some suggest that you protect Morata in person or break down the city and leave just the bare bones.

“Just the bones?”

– Mapan: Leaving the base structure and the Great Landmarks where they are and moving the residential and trades sectors somewhere else nearby. Then, we can rebuild after the dragon’s attack is over.

A Morata preservation plan that was devised among the Northern players!

They were to construct a satellite and transfer as much of the facilities of Morata.

Then after defeating Kaybern they will restore it back to its original state; a truly historical accomplishment of grinding!

Normally, no one would buy this difficult idea, but the many accomplishments founded by the labor force led to this very plan.

Weed, too, thought for a moment.

‘So we tear Morata apart and piece it back together… This could be pulled off quickly.’

If the merchants and the players mobilized, this plan was achievable.

It wasn’t necessary to take down Morata completely, as the removal of just 10, 20% of the residential sector would free the city from Kaybern’s aim.

If the transfer happens at a moderate level every week, the commerce, population and development will lower altogether and would bring down the city to a safe level.

If the base sectors of the city are left intact, it is possible to restore the city once Kaybern is defeated.

‘I’m sure it will do the city some good if I clean up some of the disorderly buildings. When this is all over, Morata is going to be reborn.’

He could see some great advantages to this plan, but it was still a poisonous apple.

Firstly, it would require an immense amount of funding and labor force.

Also, they would be under condemnation from all over the continent.

If Morata becomes safe, it means another city would be destroyed in its place.

Then the citizens of that region will blame Weed.

– How come you protected Morata but left us be?

– Does the Arpen Empire only care about Morata?

A chain reaction of side effects could occur across the continent.

No lord would want their city to become a complete ruin.

If the major cities were to start a competition of destruction in order to stay off as Kaybern’s next target, the results will be catastrophic.

“We can’t do that. If we take Morata apart, the other cities will be destroyed. It will be an endless cycle.”

– Mapan: Yes, I understand. However, Morata is… Sigh. I guess it is what it is. But still, it will be pitiful so please sleep on that plan.

Weed felt uncomfortable after the conversation with Mapan ended.

‘I, too, don’t want Morata to disappear like this.’

The city was the heart of the Arpen Empire’s history.

It was where everything had begun, Morata had risen from the ruins and shaken off the control of the vampires in Black Giant Star Castle to be born again. 
(To be continued…)


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V56C4P2 – Dungeon of Argoldia

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada, RealShady & younhacomet 🙂


Weed was concerned with the difficulty of the quest.

Even with well prepared dwarves he couldn’t advance, hence the iron golem reinforcements were waiting for them.

“Even so… It will at least be fun.”

Weed wasn’t an ordinary dwarf that was discouraged from a bit of hardship in a quest.

He went through all kinds of difficulties with countless adventures across the continent and possessed a vast range of skills.

“The dwarf race quest in normal progression would have been obtained around level 700 to 800. It might have been later than that. Assuming that the dwarves made progress too, they would at most be around mid to late level 500.”

The quest then would have been different in that he would have had to lead the front by himself and push through the dungeon with the dwarves behind him.

“There will definitely be powerful monsters up ahead.”

These dwarves were to be expended on Kaybern. Not one could die in vain.

“Will it really be that dangerous?”

Weed felt his competitiveness rising.

In a tunnel design dungeon, the dwarves, with their level of defense, could withstand just about any powerful monster.

It was dangerous but not to the extent that they would die instantly. Depending on how they fought, they could all survive.

“We still have the dragon to fight after all this… Surely all this extreme battling is unnecessary.”



The adventurers that travelled to the Ring of Fire faced the death of their comrades each day.

“This area is dangerous no matter how much caution is taken.”

“Yes, I agree. The terrain is our biggest problem and the monsters are only adding to it.”

The abrupt volcanic eruptions caused the ground to split open and fume unbearable heat.

The adventurers witnessed several dozens of their own burn to death at once, realizing that there was no such thing as safety.

“In regions with extreme conditions, you can survive with proper gear but here, you never know when an accident will kill you.”

“We are going to return. Let’s find any leads in Orcland.”

“The King of demons. Are you going to look for leads on that?”

“Yes. It’s a bit of a goose chase but if we find even the most minor quest, it will be the first lead.”

“We are going to remain here. Landony’s lair is surely around here somewhere. I can’t give up after coming all this way.”

The adventurers formed two groups.

Chase and Spenson.

The accomplished adventurers chose to remain in Jigolaths and continue the expedition. Most adventurers chose to return to the Orcland or Central Continent instead.

The Ring of Fire expedition had been incredibly dangerous except for the land that was connected to Orcland. People died falling in the lava between the land fissures and from falling debris from volcanic eruptions.

Weed, too, explored the Jigolaths in the past, but he only visited the volcanic island in the glacial region.

The unstable tectonic shifts were constant, spewing lava without rest; the earth split apart like grains of sand.

The Ring of Fire was the most dangerous place; it denied exploration.

“So, what will happen to us all who stayed?”

The adventurers that stayed in Ring of Fire opened the map and revised the expedition plan. Even with the deaths of so many adventurers, they explored only 20% of the location.

The rest was extremely dangerous to approach or access was prevented altogether by monster nests.

Chase assessed the map and spoke prudently.

“The exploration is being delayed either because we are all being wiped out while moving together or because we are advancing too cautiously. So, how about we explore individually? We can share new information among ourselves.”

“Sounds good.”

“I don’t know which one of us will find Landony’s lair, but let’s not hog all the glory after we all came this far.”

The adventurers commenced their solo expedition.

They took each step with their lives on the line and left behind markings, indicating safety where they passed.





The level 230 adventurer who began in Morata, before the Arpen Empire was established.

“I have to find Landony’s lair!”

Bison, who came to the Ring of Fire, lacked certain skills as an adventurer but burned with passion.

He already came close to dying twice while exploring near the volcano, but he did not return to Orcland.

He fell deep into his thoughts near the flesh-cooking hot river.

“The terrain is so hazardous. The areas I managed to explore just transform because of the eruptions.”

Bison thought that, with his abilities, he would be unable to find Landony’s lair.

The Ring of Fire was befitting of its nickname, the graveyard of adventurers, as it rejected the touch of humans.

“Searching through the entire region will get me killed a million times in a year.”

It was the very reason that so many adventurers decided to turn away.

“If it was Weed-nim… Wouldn’t Weed-nim have failed too?”

Bison was a player who grew his dream by watching Weed in the Northern Continent.

He pondered for a while and decided to reverse the train of thought.

The Ring of Fire was extremely dangerous hence the expedition was delayed.

Adventurers were fearless individuals but none would dare explore an area where a volcano just erupted.

Exploring the surroundings after confirmed safety was quickly overturned by a shift in the terrain or a volcanic explosion, leading to deaths.

“The dangerous areas cannot be explored further because of this. To find Landony’s lair in such a location will cost countless lives.”

Bison blankly stared at a volcano in the distance, erupting.

A volcanic jet that never rests.

The Ring of Fire had several locations that were just radically dangerous to explore.

Lava surged several hundred meters into the air; a dark area where the sky was covered by black blankets of ashes.

“Landony’s lair… Landony is the Red Dragon. Then it would favor the essence of fire.”

Bison was Korean. He thought of the heating mat that he bought for his parents last month.

“Just like how my parents like the warm heating mat, wouldn’t the Red Dragon prefer the same?”

The terrain that was most unique in Ring of Fire.

The mountains with flowing lava, he thought, was most likely, especially the great volcano that erupted frequently!

The most dangerous place in the Ring of Fire seemed to be hiding Landony’s lair.

“Off I go!”




A day later, Chase received a message via whisper.

– Bison: Hello, Chase-nim. I’m at the great volcano.

“I see. You are exploring that area.”

Chase thought it was just a mundane message. For his expedition, he was crafting supplies from the materials he obtained in Ring of Fire.

Crafting many adventure supplies from animal hide, plants, ores and other loots was Chase’s speciality!

– Bison: I got too close to the lava and my body set on fire, haha. The burns are serious and I ran out of water. I guess this is where it ends for me.

“Darn… I apologize for asking you to come all this way.”

– Bison: It’s quite alright. My death this time around is meaningful.

“Did you manage to find something?”

– Bison: Yes. Landony’s lair.


– Bison: I’m going to pass soon so I’ll keep it short. The Red Dragon’s lair is visible. You have to take the path between the lava… I will upload a video on the adventurer’s web page so check it out. I wish you all good luck.


– Bison: It was a fun time on Royal…

That was the last they heard from Bison.

Chase spread the news to all adventurers. They were doubtful at first but soon they confirmed the footage uploaded online.

In it, Bison fled from the monsters and ran while he burned from the boiling heat in the area.

Finally he arrived at the great volcano.

Half of the mountain was covered in dark red lava, a despicable place.

None of the adventurers dared to scout out this location.

Bison began climbing the mountain with just ropes and a shovel.

He kept advancing even when his boots were melting, probably because the situation was too grave for him to stop and recoup.

Like so, Bison succeeded in climbing two thirds of the great volcano.

His health points were at a critical level, but he managed to find a lava cave in the midpoint of the mountain!

That is where he discovered the Red Dragon’s lair beyond the cave, the core of the great volcano.

Chase spoke to all adventurers in Ring of Fire.

– Chase: The coordinates are for the great volcano. All assemble. This is precious information for which Bison-nim sacrificed himself.




Black Dragon Kaybern appeared at the famous trade city Castle Wapen and destroyed it completely.

The Dragon’s Revenge

Black Dragon Kyabern is on the move to destroy all human civilization.

The spirits and fairies are warning.

“Kaybern will head to Castle Mistress in a week.”

Castle Mistress!

According to calculations, the next target should be  Morata, the village that became the foundation of the Arpen Empire.

Now that the empire took over the Central Continent, there was a desperate need for more major cities and Morata was a monument of the Arpen Empire.

“Everyone, proceed to evacuate. It’s best that the merchants leave in advance. I expect that you all will have lots of packing to do before all the other players leave.”

Seoyoon overlooked the evacuation in person.

The Northern players did not want to depart from their cherished city but reluctantly escaped through the city gate. However, they did not get far and established a temporary settlement near Ruben river in the north.

There was a massive group of Morata players moving along and so the market and residential areas formed very quickly.

“Forget about other cities. Shouldn’t Weed-nim be protecting Morata?”

“I’m sure he would, if he could. There’s no choice since he can’t defeat the dragon.”

“But he needs to do as much as he can.”

“It does seem like he gave up quite early.”

The Northern players, too, were shaken, slowly developing a public sentiment against Weed’s decision.

It was not just the memories, but also their living space that were going to disappear altogether.

If Morata were to disappear, the trades, production, adventure, religion, security and most of the environment of the Northern Continent would be affected severely, and the players knew about it.

“The North without Morata… I do not even dare imagine it.”

“Could it be that the Arpen Empire is shifting its weight into the Central Continent?”

“I can’t take that. For real… The North is our home.”

The consensus of the Northern players, too, was shifting away.

They willingly rushed out to countless battles, but this time around there was nothing they could do except watch with eyes of disappointment.

(To be continued…)


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V56C4P1 – Dungeon of Argoldia

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Weed led 1,000 dwarven warriors from Treestub Village.

He busily moved along with them to Argoldia!

“We have to run.”

The dwarven warriors hurried on their short legs and headed to Argoldia.

The dwarves were gifted with stamina and Argoldia was just beside the Central Continent.

– Spenson: I will send you a detailed map that I drew out the last time I visited Argoldia.

– Chase: I have a collection of information that I gathered about Argoldia.

He received the assistance from fellow adventurers and the avian.

The avian around Argoldia scouted the desert regions in detail.

There were considerable numbers of flying monsters that meant they had a few collisions but even still, they made quick progress.

– Swift Coldwind: I found it. It’s about half a day in distance from where you are now. You will see it after 3 rock mountains.

“Everyone, run!”

Weed dragged the dwarves mercilessly, giving them as little rest time as possible.

The bunch were over level 500, the best dwarven warriors with vigorous strength and stamina.

Some were even near mid and late level 500.

Most of these dwarves had a story. They bore the vocation of confronting the dragon since a young age and lived in the dungeons all along.

‘They are different from other players that spare themselves. They will gladly use the Brazier of Sacrifice for the glory of the dwarves.’

Leading them well was the most important matter.

He had to command them when they finally met Kaybern.

In Argoldia, flying monsters were roaming freely.

– Kuaaaagh.

– Kyaaaagh!

In the past they were fearsome figures and still remained just as formidable.

When the monsters descended to the ground, they fired arrows and threw handaxes to keep them away while running.

Weed arrived at the location marked on the scroll but there was a thick rock wall in their way.

“We have arrived.”

– Swift Coldwind: Judging by the surrounding terrain, this is surely the place. However, I did not find the entrance yet.

Weed examined the drawings on the map and the nearby mountains and was assured that this was the rock wall.

“The problem is the entrance.”

He pondered for a bit but quickly arrived at a simple answer.

“I bet there are dungeons still unexplored. Maybe an avalanche blocked it or someone sealed it off…”

If the map was correct, they would just have to excavate the entrance.

“We will dig an entrance.”

Weed’s words got the dwarves to pull out their pickaxes and begin digging through the wall.

After less than 30 minutes, they busted through the rock and created a path inside the dungeon. The possibility of untold events had them dig the entrance just wide enough for two or three people to pass at once.

– Dungeon. You are the discoverer of the dwarven special storage.


< Benefit: Reputation increased by 15,000.

Experience and drop rate increased 2x for a week.

In the first hunt, the monster will drop the best item from its potential loots. >


Just shovels upon shovels of reputation.

The surplus of reputation was perhaps a common trait of the dwarven race quest.

Normally the dwarves spread their reputation as great generals.

Not many became adventurers.

That aside, this quest was extremely vital for the entirety of the dwarven kind, hence he received a substantial amount of reputation.

“We found it earlier than I thought.”

Weed led the dwarves and made his way slowly inside the dungeon.

‘From this point on, I can’t get the help from other players. There are other disadvantages too.’

He would not be able to use Undead Summoning, which was despised by dwarves.  Needless to say, that meant he cannot call upon Van Hawk nor on Torido.

The dwarves were simple minded and did not compromise for the things they hated.

“Hmm. Then I just have to exploit these dwarves to the fullest. We have enough of a fighting chance.”

Weed brought 7 pieces of dwarven gear that he obtained from the dragon lair and distributed them.

There were a huge amount of treasures but it was unexpectedly difficult to find dwarven equipment with level restrictions around 500.

“Is this the work of the great commander Weedhand-nim?”

“I brought this from Kaybern’s home. You are all welcome to use them.”

In a massive war, the equipment of 7 dwarves wouldn’t be much of a difference.

However, if the dwarves leading the group inside the dungeon had reliable defense, they could withstand just about any foe!

“Maintain close formation.”

The dwarven secret storage had marble walls, quite spacious with corridors 20 meters in width.

“Be careful of traps and advance slowly.”


Weed divided the dwarves into 20 teams of 50.

He already confirmed that these warriors could use about 5 to 6 types of weapons freely.

From throwing weapons like handaxes, daggers to heavy weapons such as double axes and big spears.

They were blacksmiths and consequently had a deep understanding of weapons.

They even wielded shields well, truly the jack of all trades in combat.

– Kwat!

– Kwa-Kyagh!

Keya, the herbivores that inhabit Argoldia appeared in front of them.

They were herbivores 5 meters long, tyrannical creatures that attacked smaller creatures for fun.

“Enemy spotted. Begin battle!”

The cluttered dwarven warriors lifted their weapons and advanced.

Due to the thick skins of the Keyas, typical attacks had little effect.

“Front line throw handaxes and pull back. Second row, throw your spears. Third row, shield charge. Fourth row, arm up with axes and attack.”

The dwarves carried a variety of weapons on their backs and swiftly adapted to the kind of enemy they were up against.

They fended with their shields and attacked the body with spears while cutting off the approaching tentacles with axes.


Weed was satisfied at the sight of the dwarves moving exactly as he commanded.

Each dwarf was pulling off their role and the innate intrepidness of dwarven warriors stirred up an intensely engaging battle.

They weren’t as extreme as barbarians, but the defense that came from shields and armor was incredibly effective in close combat.

They took care of the Keyas while sustaining only minor injuries.

“K-hmm. It stings a little.”

“It’s more than bearable. I can fight more.”

It was impressive to see them treat their own wounds after the end of battle.

“Slight tweaks will make them great.”

Weed refined the warrior composition further with each battle.

In the treasure storage, all kinds of monsters from massive insects, rock monsters to cursed spirits appeared.

At times he ordered the battle with mostly handaxes and spread them out in a defensive formation on purpose to confirm their effectiveness.

It was crucial for him to confirm the combat level of the dwarven warriors through a variety of situational combat before confronting the dragon.

“Their defense is great. Currently there are no priests… If they join as well, these dwarves could plant their feet in the ground.”

When they fought with axes in close combat, they were a bit reckless. They swung mindlessly and did not back away even a step.

Conversely, when they wielded swords or spears they were true to their role of keeping the enemy in check.

“So their combat style changes with the weapons. Not too surprising.”

However, when they came across monsters with high defense, the limits of the dwarven warriors were evident.

They hit with strength, then even more strength.

Ultimately, they would swing until the enemy broke and shatter, but it was time-consuming.

“They aren’t half bad in hunting, but not enough to defeat the dragon.”

Weed frowned.

The dwarven warriors were utilizing only the simplest skills.

Their defense skills were diverse but lacked proficiency because they wielded so many.

Thanks to their high strength and good weapons, they were unstoppable against monsters with mediocre defense. But when the enemy was just as dense, they couldn’t kill it swiftly enough.

Spear and axe warriors had decent attack and if arranged in a good composition they could hunt speedily. This method was meaningless against a dragon.

‘It would be a hassle to kill the boss monster of this dungeon, let alone Kaybern. They do hold their ground well though.’

Maybe Weed could mitigate those weaknesses. 

The dwarves could wield swords, spears, axes and shields.

He just needed to teach them more efficient and powerful skills.


– Mapan: At your service!

“The dwarves are capable of wielding just about any weapon. But their skills are outdated and I need useful ones.”

– Mapan: Is it for battling the dragon?

As expected, Mapan understood his motives clearly.

“It would be helpful to find skills that will do well in normal hunts, but of course we will need secret techniques for the dragon hunt.”

Secret techniques of the sword, axe and spear.

In the past it was difficult to learn just one, but times have changed.

Weed was the emperor of the Arpen Empire and he held the ultimate authority.

With the exception of those within Haven territories, every secret technique could be collected.

‘Not just anyone can master the secret techniques, but I’m sure these dwarves are worthy.’

– Mapan: I will scavenge the best as quickly as possible. Oberon-nim, too, would know quite a bit of defense skills.

Fulfilling the lacking skills of dwarves wasn’t the end.

For them to reach advanced levels, they had to go through an intense grind.

Luckily for them, Weed was an expert in the field.

‘The dwarves are prideful and have high tolerance levels. I can make them crawl just before they die short of breath.’

Now it was time to increase the tempo of the hunt.

– I am Weedhand!

Weed roared and pulled out his Loa sword.

From this moment out, he was to win the hearts of the warriors and engage in the hunt himself.

“Oh. Finally Weed has pulled his weapon.”

“Sword? So he primarily uses swords!”

The Dragon Slayer Axe reduced stats, so he had no intentions of using it.

The weapon was almost forbidden unless he were to face a boss level monster!

Weed’s roar was effective in boosting the morale of the dwarves, but he had a different motive.

From afar, endless legions of monsters stomped towards them.

The dungeon became a living hell filled with the horrific cries of the monsters.

“Now we are going to clean the house.”

Weed did think that it may be dangerous to funnel all the monsters together.

‘I have to save time. With our forces, it’s worth a shot.’

The dwarves did best when pushed to the limit!

If he sealed the halls of the dungeon, only a small number could fight at an instance, no matter how many monsters.

He confirmed the high defense of the dwarves and all that was left was for them to fight until the end.

“Sculptural Destruction! All shall become strength.”

Sculptural Destruction converted all Art stats into Strength!

“Heraim Fencing Skill.. Haaah!”

He ruthlessly slashed through the monsters and wiped them out together with the warriors.

“He’s incredible, that dwarf.”

“He might overpower an ogre.”

The dwarves followed behind him with admiration.

He looked back after they fended off the monsters for a while. The dwarves were worn out but there were no casualties.

It was all because they protected each other with the close bonds they have for their own kind. Weed was very impressed.

“Mmm. I am assured that I can drive them even further.”

He did not want his subordinates to die in vain, but he took the mindset of the exploitative CEO to heart!

“We’ll keep moving forward.”

At some point in their charge, they found iron golems. Thick dust had collected on the head and shoulders and when the dwarves approached them, they opened their eyes.

“Enemy. Prepare for battle!”

– Guuuuuuuuuuuuh. You finally arrived.

– We have been waiting for ages.

Surprisingly, the golems weren’t enemies but the allies of the dwarves.

They were iron golem reinforcements created by dwarf commanders.

“As one should expect from an advanced dungeon in one of the 10 forbidden locations.”

(To be continued…)


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V56C3P3 – Legendary Artifact

Par mimosab

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There was a huge commotion on the discussion boards as well.

Each broadcasting station was live streaming Weed’s adventure but in some situations, there needed to be a bit of confidentiality and hence they delayed the feed by 3 minutes.

The viewers went wild since the appearance of the Dragon Slayer Axe.

After hearing that Weed had to uncover the Crown of Lightning, they were about to go on a riot.

– Aaaagh!

– God of items has blessed him. This is  God’s work.

– So awesome! He’s completely looting all of the dwarven treasures! Sick!

– But, Weed isn’t a dwarf. He’s a human.

– Dwarf race quest. Flex. Weed’s about to bleed them dry.

The players watching the stream were even more excited.

‘The legendary equipment of the dwarves. These will do nicely as the crown of Arpen Empire’s emperor.’

Weed was outright tempted.

A collection of great equipment was said to be the most transparent thing in this world.

“Yes. I will certainly find it.”

< Quest has been accepted. >


Weed decided to gather some information from the dwarves of Treestub Village.

“Where’s the Crown of Lightning?”

“I don’t know.”

“How could I find this crown?”

“Uhh… You have to look for it. Weedhand, who brought back the Brazier of Sacrifice. I am certain that you would be able to find it.”

“So, the Crown of Lightning…”

“First time I heard about it.”


None of the dwarves in this village had useful information.

Weed remembered the dwarf who first spoke to him about the crown.

He was a particularly short dwarf but with a thick lower body!


He was a warrior and an excellent blacksmith, a renowned dwarf citizen with a high reputation in Thor.

“I wish to know about the Crown of Lightning.”

“I want to tell you but… It will be dangerous.”

Weed smacked his lips and answered.

“So you knew after all. I am ready to sacrifice my life for our kin.”

“If that is so, take this.”


< You have obtained the dwarven secret map. >


It was an old scroll made out of deer hide. The corners were worn away over time, but it had drawings of mountains and an X mark in the center.

“Our dwarf ancestors created this location in preparation for  battle against the dragon.”


“So, this must be the treasure storage?”

“I am not certain but you could think of it like that. We stocked all the equipment crafted for the dragon hunt.”

“Including the crown; loads of equipment…”

“However, it was overtaken by monsters. The proud dwarf warriors will assist you, so you must take them back.”

Weed took a closer look at the scroll.

‘There are no cities or villages on this map. I guess that’s to be expected…’

There were neither markings of rivers or seas. There were mountains coloured black and some were especially darker.

‘Maybe this is showing size and altitude by gradations? The terrain looks like Argoldia.

It was one of the 10 forbidden zones.

It was a region located in the desert terrain of the Central Continent, comprised of rocks and sand. Versailles was vast but these rugged deserts were rare.

‘If it’s Argoldia, that’s less area to search. Though it’s one of the forbidden locations, it’s not the early days of Royal Road now. It’s not an absolute danger zone. The quest will be difficult and I have to get into the mindset. The pinpoint location will be not too difficult to find since I have the map.’

Weed looked at the map and made calculations.

Since this quest had the fate of the dwarven race  and the equipment to be used in the battle against the dragon on the line, it would be a great challenge.

‘I have to assume that high-tier monsters inhabit these forbidden locations. They told me that they were overrun by monsters, so it’s likely that the monsters may be armed with the dwarven gear.’

The Goblins, for example, utilized human made items very well.

The higher the tier of the monster, the better they recognized quality equipment and used them as their own.

‘So, I have to lead the warriors and defeat the monsters. Seems pretty self-explanatory.”

The quest being a race quest, he could not receive help from human players.

Oberon and the dwarves could provide some help, but strategically that would only mean a few dwarven warriors added into the mix, which wasn’t too significant.

‘I gotta do this solo. Yep. That’s the plan.’



Reverse was blissful stepping out the gates of Morata.


< Awakening of the sword!

Your incredible talents in swordsmanship is showing prowess.

Swordsmanship becomes stronger and quicker.

Novice restrictions allow up to 54% increased rate in proficiency. >


“Hahaha. Now we’re talking.”

He obtained a good sword into his possession from the auction site.

He also equipped a leather armor that boosted health points, defense as well as Agility.

From head to toe he wore the best equipment for his level.

“This is a great vibe.”

Reverse felt the exhilaration from his gear and sprinted towards the nearby rabbits.


His movement speed was 30% quicker than before.

He dashed ferociously and cut them down in a single swing.


< The rabbit was killed. >

< You have obtained experience. >


“Hu-hu-hu, one hit.”

Reverse was now comfortable killing rabbits that were once a hassle to hunt.

He was much faster, with stronger attack, making his hunting speed at least 5 times more efficient.

“Yes, this is how it should be. I need to hunt speedily like this.”

He focused on hunting in front of the gates of Morata and the time that passed so slowly when he hit scarecrows was ever so quick now.


< You have gained a level. >


It was so exciting to move around.

Experiencing growth while hunting was more satisfying than eating the most delicious food in the world!

“Excuse me… Do you want to hunt in a party?”


There were even other players asking him to hunt together.

In the eyes of fellow novice players, Reverse looked to be an amazing swordsman with rapid movement.

“We are going to the eastern forest and hunt foxes or wolves. You seem to be a swordsman. Do you want to go with us?”

A group showed up asking him to go hunt in a party.

Reverse rubbed his chin and checked the status of each player.

Having looked through so many novice equipment on the item trade websites, he could assess them roughly.

They were equipped with common gear that were a little over level 15.

“Sounds good, I’m in.”

Reverse moved along to the eastern forest with the group.

The wolves he had trouble with before now took significant damage each time he struck with his sword. One careless move got him bit or scratched, but most of the damage was mitigated by his armor.

“You’re so strong.”

“This is just the basic level.”

Reverse continued his party hunt and drenched in the joy of being the carry.

The results of spending cash was reflected on his gear and the more he fell into Royal Road.

‘This is fun. To an insane degree…’

After about 30 minutes, they settled to rest.

They started a campfire and shared some fruits from their bags.

In Morata, farm products were abundant and delicious, commonly carried around by novice players.

“I heard Morata is going to fall. Is it true?”

“I don’t know. I heard when Castle Wapen falls, Mistress will be the next target. After that is Morata.”

“It will be devastating if Morata gets ruined.”

The players chumped on their fruits as they exchanged conversations.

It was only 18 days until the doomsday predicted by the scholars of Grass Porridge Cult.

As a result, it created commotion among the players of Morata and many did not believe it.

‘On that day, Kaybern will appear for real.’

Reverse frowned while digging into his fruit.

The date that was calculated via his AI and the date predicted by the scholars were identical.

In order for Morata to avoid being targeted, they had to scrap 5.2% of the city’s territory.

Then 2% more on the following week; 8% on the week after.

If they destroyed Great Landmarks or commercial facilities, they would have to destroy less area, but that did not seem feasible.

If the dragon appears, I have to move to another location. I wonder if it was a bad decision for me to start in Morata.’

Although he wasn’t there for long, the thought of losing his homeland planted thoughts of regret inside him.

“Wouldn’t Weed-nim protect Morata?”

“Mmm. He did retrieve the Brazier of Sacrifice… Maybe he could win against the dragon.”

Reverse considered their words as false hope.

‘Brazier of Sacrifice. It will be impossible even with that item.’

Weed’s success of the lair raid increased the expectations of players.

Especially, the Northern players were creating a public sentiment to defend Morata.

‘He can’t pull it off with those measly dwarves…’

Even though Reverse was a novice, his assessment skills were on par with Weed and Bard Ray.

‘If they fight well, they could deal some damage to Kaybern. Even so, it won’t be enough to kill it; not worth betting the fate of the dwarves…’



The alliance of dark gamers.

They were making huge profits after Kaybern threw the world into chaos.

Monsters were everywhere and hunting was much more accessible and, correspondingly, so did the danger level.

– I want to go to Puhol Waterpark. I am looking for an escort.

– Looking for a weapon. Only ones that I can equip.

– Can someone carry me for 2 days?

– I need people to join me in a dungeon for a quest. I will pay hourly wage when we depart from Morata.

The dark gamers sold their loot and took errands to make money.

Even among them, the debate about Kaybern was a hot topic.

– It’s so prosperous nowadays, but Kaybern is quite worrisome.

– The clients are afraid to hunt. There are also a reduced number of tourists.

– Did you see the lineup at Puhol Waterpark? All the people that should be out hunting are just dozing off.

– I do see less commissions coming in. Market price on equipment declined slightly as well.

– The Central Continent players are streaming over to the Northern Continent, so that is no surprise. However, they too will need gold to spend, so the price of gold would remain the same.

– The equipment needs to be sold for higher value. I can’t make decent profits with just errands and gold.

– Seniors. Magarita Village is being invaded by monsters. Could you offer some assistance?

Every day in the alliance of dark gamers, the information about village destructions and monsters were updated.

The dark gamers that were making high profits in such a short time were also feeling the state of the world.

– The villages and cities are being destroyed one by one. Just by the fact that the village we passed through some time ago was overtaken by monsters… Our jobs are disappearing.

– People are migrating to safe regions, so won’t the jobs stay consistent?

– They will crowd up and get destroyed… Let’s say in the future the vital cities have suffered greatly. It would be a huge predicament.

The dark gamers were concerned about the state of the world.

They wished for this Kaybern alert to be relieved soon, but the dragon would not be easily defeated. They, who hunted far more monsters than anyone, knew that fact very well.

(To be continued…)


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V56C3P2 – Legendary Artifact

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to Armada, RealShady, younhacomet & Lee for the proofreading!



Weed swung each axe again.

At first, he didn’t know which axe was best, but he quickly caught on.

Weed smiled lightly and made his decision.

“I will choose the axe on the furthest right.”

“… Are you sure? You won’t regret it?”

“Yes. I am certain that this is the legendary axe that will split Kaybern’s skull.”

It was impossible to identify by looking.

Touching wasn’t any better. Maybe a master blacksmith could differentiate it.

‘I wonder if I needed to be a master blacksmith and a level 700, 800 warrior to succeed in the dwarf race quest.’

There was no extent to just how difficult this quest was and inevitably he had to choose a single axe. If he chose with greed and false hope, it would be no different from relying on luck.

Only the dwarves knew which ones were the axes of heroes and which was the legendary axe.

‘The examiners had the answer.’

Each time Weed swung an axe, their eyes and attitude changed noticeably.

Their reaction for the plain-looking axe wasn’t particular.

Their eyes were fixated when he was holding the other axes and when he swung the axe on the furthest right, they were enveloped in a sense of excitement and awe.

Even when he put it down on the ground, they seemed anxious as if it was going to leave a scratch on the axe.

‘There was no trick to begin with. Dwarves are a kind that cannot hide their expression.’

Their attitude towards the axe showed him the clear answer.

There was no reason for him to hesitate on the decision nor the possibility of failure.


< The dwarf test is complete.

The legendary axe instilled with longing that has spanned centuries has shown itself to the world once again. Honor will be restored to the dwarves that have lived lowly on the ground!

Lead the dwarf warriors. Swing down with the legendary axe and slay Kaybern. >


< Reputation increased by 40,000. >

< You have touched the legendary axe.

Blacksmithing skill level has increased to Advanced level 4. You are now capable of refining more resources and applying traits to weapons and armor. >

< Adventure achievements increase all stats by 4. >

< Intelligence increased by 5. >

< Wisdom increased by 4. >

< You have gained the authority to command 1,000 dwarf warriors. >


The rewards were tremendous for quite an easy quest!

The increase in blacksmithing proficiency was also a precious benefit.

“As expected of the dwarf who took back the Brazier of Sacrifice.”

“I knew you would find the legendary axe. If you knew the taste of an axe, that is.”

“If you’re a dwarf, you can feel the legendary axe. It was a simple test, really.”

Weed showed no interest in the chattering dwarves. His eyes were set only on the legendary axe. The dwarf that led the conference handed over the axe with his two hands upheld.

“This is yours.”

“Are you really giving it to me?”

“Of course. You, who must command all dwarves, have the right to wield this axe.”

Gulp, gulp, gulp.

Weed was almost drooling.

‘Look what rolled right into my arms.’

The reason he came all the way to Treestub Village was to ask for assistance from the dwarf warriors.

Historically, the dwarves lived like slaves under the dragon.

Defeating the dragon was the sworn fate of their kind.

In the entire process of the race quest, they were offering so much.

Weed understood why the dragons left other races alone and specifically exploited dwarves.


< You have received the legendary Dragon Slayer Axe. >


The legendary weapon.

Emperor Geihar had legendary equipment in the past, and it was said that even among legendary items there were great differences.



< You have passed the dwarf test and the details of the axe has been revealed. >

Dragon Slayer Axe: Durability 350/350. Attack Damage 331~ 572.

An axe crafted over generations, across centuries, by the best dwarf blacksmiths who ever lived.

An unbelievable legendary weapon!

The dwarf blacksmiths from each generation imbued it with all their talent.

Unimaginable power will be transferred to the dwarf who wields this axe against the dragon.

Its tremendous power could only be wielded properly with two hands.

Divine sacrifice!

The dwarves have suffered a lot in order to craft this axe.

Each battle with this axe will result in 10-point reduction in any random stat.


Requirement: Dwarf only.

Level 990.

Attribute: Maximum health points and mana increased by 300%.

All stats +150.

Axe skill damage increased by 80% and increased critical chance.

5% lifesteal.

Radius of axe skills increased by 200%.

Grievous wounds apply additional damage for 20 seconds.

Armor penetration!

Consecutive successful attacks will reduce the target’s armor by 15.

Armor break.

Reduces monster’s spirit by 70%.

Axe skill destructive force increased by 200% and mana cost reduced by half.

Planting the axe into the ground summons Dwarven Rock Shield.

Strength and stamina enhancing skills are all mastered.

Rate of mastering combat skills increased by 200%.

Attack damage of nearby dwarf warriors increased by 50%.

Special attributes that activate only when engaging dragons:

Attack damage doubled.

Magic resistance increased by 49%.

Upon taking damage, health recovery is increased by 150%.

Immune to curse and physical debuffs.

Penetration, destructive force and crushing damage.

When both feet are touching the earth, the user will not be knocked back by any force.


“This is insane, just utterly insane.”

Heavenly compliments sprang out of Weed’s mouth.

The axe was so huge that it had to be held two-handed, and it was heavier and more powerful than a sword.

It was a weapon solely for offense!

Its base attack damage was three times the damage of the Loa sword and had enhanced attack skills and additional power transfer when fighting a dragon.

“The only thing that bothers me is the Divine Sacrifice…”

Each battle would cost 10 stats!

By simple calculations, just 5 battles would cost 50 random stats.

Needlessly accumulated stats in Dignity, Charm, Mentality and Fighting Spirit could decline, but it was the same case for Strength, Agility and Stamina which were vital.

“It’s not a weapon I can use all the time. Still, compared to the Loa sword it will have 5 times more attack damage. I suppose this is for boss raids. As I thought, the dwarves were the answer.”

The Savior quest, as grand as it sounded, would only provide for one or two heroes.

When they combine their power against the dragon, just how much help they would prove to be was unknown!

The dwarf race quest not only gave him experienced warriors as allies but provided him with the best weapons.

‘With this axe, I could inflict some serious damage on the dragon.’

Weed was confident that this weapon could cut down 10% of Kaybern’s health points.

He would have to use the Brazier of Sacrifice without question, but he could do a flurry of attacks while the dwarf warriors bought some time.

‘Even so, I can’t guarantee a victory.’

The dragon’s style of battle was the concern.

No matter how powerful they could get, if the dragon bombards magical spells from the sky the dwarves had no way to attack.

‘Kaybern thinks so lowly of these dwarves to begin with and now that he was robbed, he would be furious. With no other variables, the battle has to be on ground level. We need to draw him into it. If the other dwarves create a diversion, it will buy me some time but it will still be difficult.’

Weed simulated the battle scene against Kaybern.

Even if he were to be very tactical with these dwarves, it still seemed a bit extreme to fight the dragon.

It wasn’t as if the dragon was going to just swing its paws.

‘The probability is just too low. If I enhance magic resistance radically the dwarves won’t die as easily but…’

The dwarves shouted and announced their fighting spirit.

“Let’s fight!”

“We won’t even get a chance to get at Kaybern if it wasn’t for Weedhand.”

“It only makes sense that he will lead us. Though he may be young, he has shown us courage and strength.”

“But a dragon is a dragon. We won’t win the battle.”

“The treasure of our race. The Crown of Lightning will do the trick.”

“You mean the legendary gear crafted by Somhand, the most brilliant dwarf in history?”

Weed’s ears were hooked.

His heart fluttered at the story of another equipment.

The dwarf that brought him the Dragon Slayer Axe spoke again.

“Weedhand. If it’s you, I know you will be able to find the Crown of Lightning. It is another treasure crafted to kill Kaybern!”



Crown of Lightning.

The dwarves are valiant warriors and will follow you, the hero.

Lead the thousand warriors and uncover their treasure, the Crown of Lightning!

It will be worth every sacrifice.

Difficulty: Race quest.

Requirement: Dwarf.

Reward: Crown of Lightning.


< The quest, with the fate of the race at stake, has been activated!

You must command the courageous dwarves and defeat Kaybern.

The wicked dragon will ridicule its challengers and destroy them.

The dwarves however, will not back down and the clash with the dragon is inevitable.

Return true freedom to the dwarves of the high mountains!

The legendary gears hidden by the dwarves will aid you in your battle.



The dwarves prohibit other races from entering the secret location where their treasure is kept. If one who is not a dwarf enters the quest, the warriors shall reject the hero.

Should the quest fail, the relationship between the dwarves and Kaybern will turn for the worst. Thor will be annihilated by the dragon. >


The destruction of Thor.

This Kaybern mission determined the fate of the dwarves.

‘Why is this race quest so extreme?’

One wrong move and the entire race could be erased off the planet.

‘The Crown of Lightning…’

The legendary gear kept by the dwarves!

Weed asked the dwarf who gave the quest to him.

What is the Crown of Lightning?”

“It’s a crown that wields the most powerful element, lightning. It’s a legendary item that could turn anything in sight into ashes. If you wear it, you can lead an army with great charisma. It’s a crown crucial for leading our warriors.”

“Oh… What an incredible treasure. So where is this crown?”

“That’s up to you to figure out.”


“The young dwarf warriors will assist you. Wherever you go.”

– Mapan: I have never heard of the Crown of Lightning! There isn’t any record of it in historical books nor quest logs.

Weed imagined that it was an invaluable item if it was on par with the Dragon Slayer Axe.

The legendary artifact of the dwarven race! They have prepared it for hundreds of years in order to kill the dragon, so there was no doubt that its powers would be immense.

‘This is a jackpot of items!’


– Chase: So, a legendary gear hidden by the dwarves. Weed-nim just might slaughter them all before we finish our quest.

– Spenson: Given the trait of the crown, it seems there is a big boost of command ability. I bet there’s various protection spells to use against the dragon. If Weed-nim equips it and leads the army, the effects will be enormous. Since it’s a crown, it will also help him in his governance as the emperor.


(To be continued…)


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V56C3P1 – Legendary Artifact

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to Armada, RealShady & Lee for the proofreading!


The entrance to Norn Mountain Pass.

Pale was on standby with the assault squad in order to help Weed with his quest.

“Whew… My heart feels tight but it’s a thrill to watch.”

On live stream, so many draconic warriors and monsters could be seen roaming the mountain pass. It was incredible that Weed and the dwarves were able to infiltrate thus far, and the scene of them heading to the village disguised as animals was palm-sweating.

“There is no need for us to step in.”

Randel, one of the squad members spoke in amazement.

She was a lightning type mage!

A level 510 mage that could focus unmatched firepower on monsters in a split second.

Randel came to the ridge expecting a raging battle but instead was simply watching from afar.

“I didn’t think they would weave through that horde of monsters. This could be really dangerous if the dragon shows up as well.”

“That’s Weed-nim. He always comes through with insane achievements but avoids needless fights.”

“Amazing. Such a variety in proceeding quests.”

Sollon of Mabaros Guild also cut in and pretended to be amazed, but in truth he was disappointed that Weed wasn’t killed by the draconic warriors.

‘He did well as the emperor of the Arpen Empire until now, I give him that. But, there is no need for him to do better. Right about now is a good time for him to die and fail.’

A considerable number of players from the Central Continent were clapping but were full of jealousy.

They wanted to witness Weed fall to his demise, but time and time again he escaped like a slippery roach.

KMC Media was also streaming the scene of Weed traversing Norn Mountain Pass.

– Hyemin-ssi, the terrain of this place is known to be the greatest challenge, right?

– Certainly. The downhill path toward the village has lots of places to hide in comparison. We can assess that they have passed through the most dangerous areas now. The higher the level of the player, the more they think resolve becomes important. They know that concentrating on fighting is what will save their lives. Novice players however, they try all kinds of methods.

– It is astonishing to see this kind of method succeed. The draconic warriors have no clue.

– Though it may be bright, it is still night time… There is grass and trees on this mountain. It would be normal for them to see animals roaming around.

– The draconic warriors were admirably loyal, but they are not exactly wise or quick-witted. I think Weed-nim is taking full advantage of that. 

– He got well around their backs.




A thick fog settled in the midst of the night.

Weed and the dwarves followed the ridge and soon diverged into a path between the trees.

“Treestub Village isn’t far from here. I know a safe route.”

With Brockhand’s guidance, they passed through a cave and grassy regions.

Their range of sight was only about 3-4 meters but the dwarves knew the roads like the back of their hand.

The closer they got to the dwarf village, the more covers and caves they could use to keep themselves hidden.

If Brockhand died before getting this far, they would have never known this route.

“Up ahead is Treestub Village.”

Finally, they had arrived at Treestub Village where vicious-looking dwarf guards who were holding massive hammers and axes were standing by the entrance.

“Do you go by Weedhand?”

“We welcome you!”

Weed was shocked by the equipment these dwarves were wearing.

‘Only the best dwarf warriors are gathered in this village.’

Over time, the quality of equipment worn by players has improved constantly.

Items of level 400 ~ 500 were very common and those of higher level showed up as well. The typical examples of these gears were the ones looted from the dragon’s lair!

The equipment worn by the dwarven warriors were at least over level 500 and given the current standard of the players, the quality of these items were of the best.

‘1,000 dwarf warriors. It means they are Thor’s best dwarf warriors.’

The elites of the elites trained in secret for the assault on the dragon.



< Dwarf Conference Complete.
You have arrived at Treestub Village where the dwarf conference will take place.
Now you and the dwarves will decide on the fate of the dwarven race.>

< Reputation increased by 20,000. >

< Adventure achievement increased all stats by 2. >

< Perseverance increased by 5. >

< Spirit increased by 4. >


The dwarf warriors gathered in Treestub Village varied from young men to seniors, but they all possessed incredible strength and stamina due to their racial trait.

They each emptied 20 glasses of beer straight and denounced Kaybern.

“The Brazier of Sacrifice has returned and it means the time we dwarves have been waiting for has come.”

“No matter what danger awaits us, this opportunity is worth every risk.”

“We will advance and show the youth what pride is.”

It wasn’t long before the dwarves decided to go to war.

The thousand most skillful dwarven warriors in the entire race determined to step into battle against the dragon.

The next moment, a chain quest appeared!



<The Dwarf Test

The dwarves made up their resolution to fight with their boastful iron axes.

Their bodies and stamina were denser than the rocks!

The dwarven warriors, the crushers of fearsome monsters, amassed their will.

“We dwarves will not stop until the end.”
“For freedom!”
The dwarves spoke in agreement.
“However, we must announce the leader who will lead us all.”
“The most valiant dwarf. One who can charge at Kaybern fearlessly.”

Pass the test of the dwarves.

You will gain the title to lead them.

Should you fail, you will be unable to lead them in battle and instead will participate as one of many in the battle against Kaybern.

Difficulty: Race quest

Requirement: Dwarf. Restricted to dwarves in Treestub Village only.

Reward: Legendary weapon.

This quest cannot be forfeited. It will proceed invariably.>


The dwarves in charge of the conference came out with 5 axes.

“Since you retrieved the Brazier of Sacrifice, you get to choose an axe first. Pick the axe that fits your preference.”

The dwarf warrior with the reddest nose and muscular forearms spoke.

“If you’re a dwarf, you must have a great understanding of axes and iron. Examine with your eyes and wield it with your hands. If you choose the right axe, we will be under your command.”

Weed looked over the axes.

They were crude axes that varied in size, thickness and materials.

These dwarven made weapons carried the unique trait; the sharp blade shined in the light and a sense of raw power that could split anything apart.

‘The handles are nothing fancy, very ordinary.’

Dwarven made products were known for being extremely practical and sturdy, but these axes seemed like they were crafted long ago.

Weed grasped the thick axe with his hands.



< A blacksmith who wields the essence of iron has hidden the details of this axe.
Your blacksmithing level is too low. Identification failed. >


Identification skill was useless.

‘Of course there was a trick.’

He knew it seemed too easy compared to the difficulty of the quest.

The dwarf warrior explained with his rough voice.

“One of these axes is a legendary weapon that we have treasured, three are axes wielded by heroes in the era of war, and the last is just a plain axe.”

“Legendary weapon?”

“The dwarves, deemed as great commanders, crafted this through generations. One of these axes was a masterpiece crafted over hundreds of years, instilled with the will of us dwarves to crush Kaybern’s skull in half. It was a desire greater than life itself.”

He must search out this axe with his eyes and touch.

Weed gulped anxiously having to find the axe just by appearance.

‘A legendary axe. Lucky draw is definitely not my forte.”

Since he was young, he never believed in luck.

He never played claw machine games because he thought it was a waste of money, but when life was hardest, he bought a lottery ticket just to keep himself hopeful.

For a week he was dreaming of the chance of winning 1st place and made a plan of how to spend it.

First, he would buy a house, then make a deposit to the bank and buy clothes for his grandmother and sister.

‘I never won.’

He kicked himself after watching the lottery announcement, thinking he was stupid enough to waste money and scrapped the ticket.

Even after that, whenever he hit curves in life he bought himself tickets, but never won.

‘Lucky draw is buying false hope. S rank quests are better off.’

Indeed it was a challenge to figure out the correct axe just by looking.

‘It’s not about the appearance. Novice weapons could be differentiated easily from the better made weapons, but these axes are premium.”

The plain axe mentioned in the quest could be identified with ease.

The handle was made from plain lumber and seemed like it was mass produced.

However, picking a legendary weapon out of the 4 incredibly well-crafted weapons was near impossible.

‘This too is a dwarf quest after all. If I used an axe as my primary weapon, would it have been easy to figure out? No. It would have been some help, but I don’t think I would have figured it out just by brief touch.’

Weed swung each axe into the air. The weight balance and transfer were all clean as they were all dwarven made.

If swords were elegant and quick, axes were swung with brute force accumulated from the entire body focused into a single point.

Due to its destructive power, one who started off with an axe rarely switched to other weapons.

‘One of four. 25% chance. That plain axe is undoubtedly what it looks like. It doesn’t seem to carry any tricks.’

Weed was having trouble determining which axe to choose.

‘Should I really leave this to luck? A Miracle? No. There must be a way. One that can’t be seen with just eyes and touch…’

A thought suddenly passed through his mind.

Dwarves were master artisans before they were the strongest warriors.

How the weapon would be wielded was the most important for their kind.


(To be continued…)


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V56C2P4 – The King of Devils

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to Armada & RealShady for the proofreading!


That night, the adventurers had a meeting in a tent.

“There are many locations that cannot be reached due to the terrain.”

“I don’t think we can find our answer without any kind of information. It will be difficult to find anything.”

“If it’s a dragon, there will surely be some traces. Maybe near the largest volcano or between the ground fissures.”

“Half of us would die in those locations.”

The more they talked, the more they realized the danger of this adventure.

‘But, this is what adventures do.’

‘One slip and I’m dead. I never had such a thrill doing quests.’

The adventurers investigated the Ring of Fire, uncovering the unknown regions bit by bit.

Every day, several players died but no one desired to go home.

After some time, news reached out to them.

Orc lord Seechwi who was investigating the Plain of Despair messaged them.

– Seechwi: Shhk! I finally earned the trust of the orc tribe. Ch-Chhk!

“How did you…. Did you find anything?”

The adventurers at the Ring of Fire were basically barehanded and needed any information they could get.

– Seechwi: Orcs do not have records… Shhk! What’s worse is that stories weren’t passed down properly through the generations. Ch-chhk!

“I suspected so.”

Chase and the adventurers were discouraged. In truth, it was the reason only a few adventurers visited the Plain of Despair when it was released. The orc history did not pass down properly.

When one orc says his stomach is full, the other orc would think they succeeded in the hunt. The next orc would scurry over to have a share, many stories were lost or distorted.

– Seechwi: However…  Shhk!

Seechwi continued.

– Seechwi: I discovered a word that could be a clue. Shhk! Cletta the king of devils…Ch-chhk!”




Weed and Brockhand diligently moved with their short legs and climbed the mountain.

‘Cletta, king of devils? What does that have to do with anything?’

A name that randomly spouted in this calamity of the Black and Red Dragon!

‘That is too misleading. It’s not worth trusting, coming out of the orcs. Yup. It doesn’t have any basis.’

He wanted to relieve himself as such, but he could not free himself from the tickling at the back of his mind.

‘For now, I have to do what must be done. The things on the list… will be done when they are due.’

Weed could see monsters from far away.


“Leave them to me. I’ll split them in half.”

Brockhand took off the axe tied to his back.

“There are other monsters in the vicinity. Monsters will crowd if we make a sound, so let’s pass through quietly.”

“My dwarf pride doesn’t…”

“I’ll buy you as much beer as you want later.”

“I think your quiet approach is right.”

Brockhand intervened at times and discovered shortcuts, but when it came to decisions Weed had to convince him every time.

To their luck, they were dwarves with small stature.

Just by sitting in the grass, they were hidden from monsters breezing by.

“Hmm. It’s unfortunate that they can’t get a taste of my axe.”

“There will be a chance.”

On their walk to Treestub Village they discovered a small cave with 9 dwarves.

“We are warriors of Golson Village. We saw a lot of monsters while heading to Treestub Village, so we were preparing a surprise attack. Who might you folks be?”

“I am Brockhand of the liquor storage, and here is Weedhand who took back our treasure from Kaybern’s lair.”

“I am in the presence of a great dwarf. It is an honor. It seems you’re making your way to Treestub Village. Do you mind if we accompany you?”

Weed accepted their request and his brain was working fast. 

‘With them, that’s 10 dwarves. At first I thought it was mere coincidence coming across Brockhand… It might not be what it seemed.’

He only thought about sneaking into Treestub Village. But now, leading all these dwarves increased his chances of getting caught.

‘Plans will change slightly. A clean surprise attack and clear the path.’

At Treestub Village, the dwarves will make a decision that will determine the fate of their kind. It wouldn’t be so bad for him to take the time to befriend the dwarf warriors.

– Betten: There are monsters around. They look to be gigantic demonic beasts leashed by the draconic soldiers. 7 of them are roaming, all apart from one another. If we wait for 4 or 5 minutes, we could sneak through.

“7 ahead. Can we take care of them quickly?”

“So be it. I’ll finally show them my axe.”

“I will take 3 of them.”

“So I can see your lair-robbing skills in action. I got your back.”

Weed and the dwarves launched an assault on the monsters blocking the path.

The monsters hidden among the grass and trees burst out, then Weed leapt down from the tree branch.

The dual-wield axe with which he trained so rigorously!

With the weapon he grabbed from Kaybern’s lair, his base attack was 280.

Other attributes also increased sharpness, strength and destructive force.  It was truly a rampaging weapon.

The monsters quickly died as soon as the dwarves unleashed their two-pronged attack.

Weed rapidly slayed two demonic beasts.

– Biwald: Southwest, 270 meters. Draconic warriors and monsters approaching. If you leave quickly you won’t be discovered.

– Sseum: 8 monsters north. I have been observing for some time, and they seem to patrol within certain boundaries. You could take care of them at the chestnut forest and remove any threats.

“Let’s hurry. Our next destination is the chestnut forest. There is a battle waiting for us there.”

“Sounds good. My blood is boiling.”

Thanks to the avian scouting the surroundings, they took care of the monsters and advanced with ease.

Weed slaughtered dragon soldiers by using Sculptural Destruction and poured all his art stats into strength, crushing them in just 3 blows.

These soldiers had substantial health points and endurance, but were weak to his method of heightening base attacks.

They could withstand skills, but were crushed under direct attacks!

Weed’s eyes glimmered.


‘I can’t say this is efficient in terms of hunting, but it’s a decent location overall.’


The draconic warriors dropped useful equipment as well as dragon teeth and scales.

These were great as magic ingredients and also needed in special quests.

The dwarves looked at Weed with amazement.


“You are incredibly strong!”

“I didn’t think you’d slay the soldiers that swiftly.”

The dwarf warriors of white beards were in awe. They were all short but had broad shoulders.

“They are nothing compared to Kaybern.”

“The Black Dragon?”

“When I faced Kaybern…”

“Gasp. You battled Kaybern?”

“Well, we clashed briefly… Let’s keep moving. We need to get to the village by tomorrow noon.”

They arrived at the ridge of the rocky mountain.

There was a high chance of getting discovered by the draconic warriors and monsters.

What made matters worse was that the moon was bright and the family constellation that he created while mastering sculptural techniques too was shining.

The star that resembled Seoyoon and a baby, dressed with jewels rained light down on the earth.

“Please come take a look.”

Weed gathered the dwarves.

“This ridge is widely visible. We will definitely get discovered through this way and attract the monsters.”

“I have no fear. Death isn’t something to be afraid of.”

Brockhand spoke with confidence.

“We will distract them if it need be. You have important matters, so head to Treestub Village!”

Their plan was the warriors scattering and diverting the draconic warriors and the monsters.

Weed thought that in terms of just the success of the quest, the dwarves could be sacrificed.

‘It would be helpful but it risks a huge loss.’

The dwarves boasted about their bond of loyalty with one another. They willingly jumped into battle to save one of their own.

Hence they despised leaving one of theirs as bait.

‘I will get to Treestub Village, but there may be a significant turn of events.’

Though it was a while back, he used to take care of the Rohaim Kingdom soldiers one by one in the Lair of Litvart. 

He never got to see them after that, but he did not wish to lose military resources meaninglessly.

‘I have to save as many as I can. I have to save them to exploit them later. These are dwarves we are talking about here.’

Truthfully, Weed was not concerned even if getting to Treestub Village would turn out to be challenging.

He was proceeding in the form of the dwarf, the standard of the current quest but he could always use Sculptural Transformation.

He could morph into a monster or draconic warrior and just walk through carefree.

Or he could turn into a squirrel and scurry away.

Riding on Wyvern3 across the sky could get him seen by the draconic warriors, but the other methods were just plain cheating!

‘Keeping these dwarves alive will be of help later on.’

Weed took out animal hides and a sewing kit from his bag. They were items he carried around after he mastered sculptural techniques.

“I have a plan so please wait.”

He sewed the hides together and applied paint that he borrowed from Yurin.

The work of sewing intermediate level 7.

He wasn’t a master but was very crafty, even fine-tuning it.

The thread and needle danced and created the animal hide clothing. The head was carved from mud using sculptural technique. 

The collaboration of sewing and sculptural technique!


< Well-made Coat of the Black Bear: Durability 20/20 Defense 11

It was a finely woven coat based on the form of a bear!

So well crafted that the wearer would definitely be mistaken for a bear.

Attribute: Slight fear on monsters.

Weak monsters may flee.


Far from current trends, but could be sold at high prices depending on personal taste. >


“Mmm. Turned out pretty good.”

It was just a plain leather coat.

Even so, like the sculptural master he is, the head of the black bear was very realistic.

One could not tell it apart beyond 10 meters away.

Weed followed up with wolf and monkey coats.

“Wear these coats.”

“You mean these?”

“Yes. We can skip over this ridge with these on.”

“This is disgraceful for a brave warrior. How about we wait until nightfall?”

“That’s not an option. The Family constellation is too bright… We could wait even longer and traverse when the fog sets, but then even we cannot tell when the enemies approach us.”

In the fog, the scouting from the avian was also rendered useless.

Weed did not want to leave this quest to pure luck.

“Currently the draconic warriors are leading the monsters. The draconic warriors have sensitive taste and do not hunt animals. I heard that there are many bears, wolves and monkeys on this mountain. If they do not approach us, they might not notice. Even if they do come quite close, they won’t be able to identify us.”

Weed’s plan was to wear disguise and traverse the ridge.

Many animals of the natural habitat were roaming around as well, so nothing would be peculiar looking from afar.

‘Disguise coats in the middle of the night… Even a ridge will have trees and grass here and there on the way that would provide as cover from their vision. Being exposed a little bit at a time would not be a problem.”$

The dwarves were reluctant, but it wasn’t difficult to convince them.

“I don’t like it more than any of you. But, we are making a sacrifice for our kind.”


“Yes. I wish to fight them too… But we will not win against Kaybern if we do. How glorious would it be to have a cold beer after we slay Kaybern?”

Hearing Weed, the dwarves grumbled but managed to wear the disguise coats.

“If they catch us, we will buy time. Weedhand, you head to Treestub Village.”

“Yes. I will do so.”

Weed wore the wolf hide coat.

The mouth was sharp and long with fangs sticking out; the typical villainous wolf coat.

The dwarves got on the move one at a time wearing the animal disguises.

The bear walked a bit further up front and the wolves and the monkeys followed loosely.

It was indeed a strange scene, hence they spread the distance apart and walked in threes or fours.

Weed was experienced in walking on four legs in the past and it was familiar and fairly easy.

The dwarves too were pretty decent in mimicking animal movements, moving along the ridge.




No one asked them to do so, but the dwarves got excited and started making quiet animal cries. There was surely the sound of sipping beer back when they were getting dressed.

– Sseum: The dragon soldiers are passing by from a fair distance in the east. You will still be visible in that range.

Weed too slightly turned his head to look.

Under the moonlight, he saw the dragon soldiers and the monsters patrolling Norn Mountain Pass. Their objective was finding the dwarves.

The bear, wolves and monkeys treaded lightly along the ridge and headed to Treestub Village.


(To be continued…)


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V56C2P3 – The King of Devils

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to Armada & RealShady for the proofreading!


His reputation and various other requirements were already at such a level where he could accept just about any dangerous quests!

In the past, he was discouraged at the sight of S rank quests.

Now, he could see high possibilities of success with his arsenal of tricks.

Nonetheless, the process would still be arduous.

Weed, slowly and carefully walked through the shortcut and found his way into the crack in the rock where the cool breeze passes.

“There are only a few dwarves that come all this way… Who are you?”

Brockhand was a dwarf with a beard that reached all the way to his knees. His nose was red and held a large, sharp axe in his hand. He was ready to swing down on the infiltrators without a permit at any moment. 

“My name is Weedhand, Sir Brockhand.”

“Oh. Weedhand, you say! What in the world… I never thought I would see the most famous dwarf here.”

After he stole the Brazier of Sacrifice from Kaybern’s lair, his reputation had increased by 32,000. The entire Versaille Continent was in an uproar and dwarves in the Thor region talked about it at every beer table.

It was surely going to simmer down soon, but for the time being it was boosting his reputation significantly.

“It takes more than just courage to face Kaybern, you’re an impressive man.”

“I do not deserve your kind compliments. I was just unable to turn away from injustice and lifted my axe.”

“Of course. Do you know what it is like to wield an axe?”

“It is heavy and dense. It is useful for chopping down trees, but best when crushing monsters with power and destructive force.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. Such a splendid dwarf deserves as much of my beer as he wants.”

“Would you be kind enough?”

Weed was securing friendship level all the while.

Drinking beer among dwarves was a great way to become friendly.

One thing to be cautious between dwarves is that when you turn down the offer, the relationship plummets badly.

“You must be on your way to Treestub Village. I know you are busy. Let’s empty one barrel quickly.”

He drank plentifully from Brockhand’s offerings in the rock liquor storage.

– You are slightly drunk from the flavorful beer. The dwarf trait grants increased focus and stamina until you become sober.

All production and combat engagements efficiency is increased by 10.

Recovery rate  is increased.

Reduced loss of strength from severe wounds.


< You have tasted Bornyak beer.

Tasting such great beer increased Art by 2.

Dignity increased by 2.

Courage increased by 2. >

< Cooking Skill proficiency is enhanced.>

< Outstanding Insight allowed you to see through 85% of the recipe for Bornyak beer. >


‘Such cool effects…’

Weed was content drinking the hidden beer of the dwarf.

In Royal Road, many thrived by diligent hunting, but there were also those who searched for spectacular scenery or cooked delicious recipes and became powerful in their respective ways. It was about enjoying life.

Though one mistake could turn that life into a lazy and frolic one.

Brockhand laid down his empty glass and spoke.

“Weedhand, are you really  going to hunt that dragon?”

“Of course. The dragon persecuted us dwarves.”

Weed lied without a conscience.

“Then I shall follow in your endeavor.”

“It’s too dangerous. There will be many enemies waiting for me.”

“Do not worry about that. This body of mine is old indeed, but if it’s slaying Kaybern, I will fight at any battlefront.”

Hence Brockhand joined as a comrade.

Weed skimmed through his equipment and they seemed to be less than level 500. Even so, his axe and equipment were worn out like they have been used frequently.

Brockhand undoubtedly would have gone through countless battles in his youth.

‘He’s at an acceptable level as a comrade.’

Veteran dwarf warriors were always welcome in any group.

In any situation, they always pulled through despite the costs in beer than they raised.

– Mapan: Brockhand is a dwarf with a sensitive personality… It feels good that he’s joined as an ally. Brockhand has never been a comrade of a player. This is a first.

– Spenson: It looks like the dwarves are joining in on our quest against Kaybern. Normally, dwarfs aren’t such cooperative people .

Weed came out of the liquor storage and walked with Brockhand.

“Look at these prints. They belong to the draconic warriors.”

Brockhand checked out the firm prints on the ground.

Weed had already known from the avian that there were 5 draconic warriors up ahead.

Though he avoided the outposts, there were many obstacles on the way to Treestub Village.

“Do you know how to identify the tracks of the earth?”

“Not in detail. But, the mountains and forest are familiar to me. Draconic warriors have larger and heavier feet than those of a human.”

“Dwarves have feet just as big.”

“We do have such feet, but we try our best not to step on live flowers.”

“That is so.”

“Don’t trouble yourself with them. This place is like my own backyard. The path is blocked for sure, but there is always a way around.”

Brockhand led the way through a crack in a large boulder using his small stature.

“Have you ever swung on vines? We can traverse a long distance up this tree.”

“Hmm. I will give it a try.”

Weed climbed the tree with Brockhand. Then he grabbed on the vines and leaped through midair, travelling dozens of meters each time.

Brockhand who was confidently leading the way lost his grip and almost fell several times.

“K-hmm, high places are sure dizzy. Weedhand, you ride well like the young dwarves.”

“Thank you.”

Brockhand’s guidance allowed them to bypass several groups of draconic warriors.

– I hear something from afar.

– It must be the wind.

– It seems young monkeys are just playing around.

The draconic warriors stood at their assigned positions and patrolled the area. Passing through the tall grass and the path through the rocks was safe enough.

“Whew, we didn’t get discovered.”

“It was possible because of Brockhand-nim.”

“I know, it was all me.”


“Now if we stay in the shadow of the trees and if we put this on, we will be well camouflaged.”

Brockhand’s suggestion was rubbing mud on their faces. Then he stuck a bit of grass and branches between his chainmail and praised himself.

“This is perfect, if I say so myself. Those dumb lizards will never figure me out.”

Weed honestly didn’t think much of Brockhand’s camouflage.

‘I guess it will have some sort of an effect. Barely a difference though.’

An axe sticking out between a tree and the grass!

Even so, the dwarves must always be praised as the best.

“Your hiding skills are amazing.”

– Beakraccoon: A group of draconic warriors closing in fast, 320 meters west. 4 draconic warriors and multiple other monsters.

Weed peeked unnoticeably to the west. There was nothing in sight, but soon the draconic warriors were going to appear.

Brockhand put his backpack on once again.

“Let’s get on our way.”

“Hold on. This doesn’t feel right. Let us wait in the grass for a little longer.”

“Well, if you say so.”

After a moment of waiting, the draconic warriors and the monsters passed by.

“We must find Kaybern-nim’s lost items.”

“We have to get them back, even if it means killing every last dwarf in these mountains.”

“Find the villages with lots of dwarves. They will know where the treasures are. If we don’t find treasures, the dwarves will have to offer their own lives and treasures instead.”

The patrolling dragon soldiers were exchanging murderous conversations.

“Those bastards!”

Weed stopped Brockhand from dashing out.

“They are just words. I heard that the nearby dwarf villages already retreated after engaging with monsters.”

“I must take revenge.”

“There will be a better opportunity later.”

Brockhand was hotheaded like the dwarf warrior he was. Other than the fact that he wanted to pounce whenever he saw a monster, he was an excellent guide.

‘Terrain and scouting. Assistance in both makes it so much easier.’

He moved cautiously nonetheless.

According to the map, Treestub Village was west of Norn Mountain Pass and surrounded by steep mountains.

Thick forests prevented sight of the village from a distance.

Adventurer Chase and many dwarves said that they only heard stories about Treestub Village.

– Chase: I constantly write down clues about quests in my notepad. I’ve heard about Treestub Village 3 times. It’s recorded as a peaceful, typical village where the dwarves reside.

Even adventurers did not know what it was like for certain.

Some players might have visited by pure chance but passed through thinking that it was just another village.

The village served as the meeting point for the warriors when their fates were in danger.

‘Judging by the map, Treestub Village is near the waterfall. At the foot and breast of the mountain I could hide and detour, but where the water is – there is the problem. Typically, it would be full of monsters.’

Weed pondered but came to no solution.

Teleportation and Painting Teleportation was prevented and flight would be discovered by the draconic warriors.

‘Of course that S rank chain quest wouldn’t be so easy.’

Just because the first difficulties had been overcome easily didn’t mean the entire process was the same.

“Brockhand, let us go.”





Adventurer Chase. He who arrived at the Ring of Fire could see mountain tops spewing lava.

Some volcanoes were vomiting lava several hundred meters into the sky.

“Wow… This is truly an incredible sight.”

“It is too hot. The heat is going to melt my face.”

“Put on your fairy windbreakers. The flames will be dangerous from here on out. We have to be careful of the terrain more than the monsters right now.”

The adventurers began the investigation with Chase.

Their objective was Landony’s lair that was yet to be found!

For now, the threat of the Red Dragon was looming; it could invade the Central or Northern Continent after its assault on the orcs.

“K-ugh… This is a perilous path.”

With each step, they sank to their knees in the volcanic ash.

In the sky, strange-looking rock monsters took flight. Some grounds sank and lava flowing underneath was visible to the eye.

“Watch your feet!”


A boulder on a steep area crumbled and dropped down into the distance.

The adventurers had tied themselves to one another and didn’t fall, but it was truly a dangerous moment. 


(To be continued…)


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V56C2P2 – The King of Devils

Par mimosab

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Weed received news about the Earth Shadows party while on his way to the dwarf quest.

“The high elves are stepping in…”

– Mapan: Yes. Apparently the quest for reviving the World Tree has surfaced.

A quest appeared for all elven users across all continents.


< Protect the World Tree.

The last hope yet to be destroyed by the Black Dragon Kaybern.

Adventurers Unring, Ben and Elicks are planning to recover a part of the World Tree’s roots and return it to the large forest.

The World Tree is a great presence that calls for fairies and spirits and protects the elves from harm. When the World Tree returns to the forest, the elves will regain their lost powers.

Unfortunately, this news has also reached the ears of the dark elves and Kaybern’s subordinates.

Protect the World Tree so it may return to the forest from the far south.

Requirement: Elves exclusive racial quest

Reward: Elven magic and Elemental Summoning enhancement.

Difficulty: S >


The quest popped up for all elven users from level 1 to over 500!

“This is pretty sweet too.”

Weed thought it would be worth offering his support if it wasn’t for the dwarf quest.

All he had to do was to use Sculptural Transformation to access the elf race quest.

“If I weren’t too busy with my schedule I would have loved to visit.”

– Mapan: Are you considering helping them?

“If it’s possible.”

– Mapan: I thought you weren’t interested in the adventures of others.

“Unless I’m going to be active as an elf for a long time, enhancing Elemental Summoning or magic won’t do me much good… But, I have to devote myself to this world.”

– Mapan: Yes, the amount of taxes from the elves would have to increase as well.


– Mapan: K-heh-heh-heh.

Weed wished to help the elves but he could not offer transport with the wyverns like with the Brazier of Sacrifice. The World Tree must be in the presence of the earth’s essence, so if it gets too far off the ground it would wither away.

Before its roots settled firmly in the earth, it was a frail being that would die easily when exposed to heat or to cold.

“It won’t be easy to travel through the desert.”

– Mapan: They plan on passing through the oasis and taking the long way east.

“Are you close with them?”

– Mapan: Yes. Well, they’re my usual customers…

The more famous an adventurer was, the closer they were acquainted with the merchants.

The bigger the merchant council was, the quicker they could deliver the necessary equipment and materials.

“It would be great if the elves could join in the fight against Kaybern.”

– Mapan: I also think it is possible. However, the fact that a quest that connects elves after the dwarves with the dragon must mean…”

– “It means that the savior quest connected with the dragon will be a serious challenge.”

Weed was assessing these quests all along.

The quest that recovered the Brazier of Sacrifice was the dwarf race quest.

There were savior quests for rescuing barbarians and the fairy knight as well, and perhaps it was possible for the elves to join.

Several races were binded to a single fate due to the dragon.

“It will become a disaster… What about the information that I asked for?”

– Mapan: I am still in the process of organizing the information about Knatul and Malin. There were too many incorrect stories and too much fake intelligence, so it will take a considerable amount of time.

“Fake intelligence?”

– Mapan: It’s because of the hopes of becoming a lord of Arpen that… They are reporting just about anything.”

The lord seat and a million gold. The reward was attracting a huge amount of information about the barbarian and the fairy knight.

The problem was that they were rarely useful.

Even quests of rank F difficulty that were incomplete were still being sent in as information.

“It is what it is. We have to sort them out from our side.”

– Mapan: That is so.

“It will only become more dangerous given how the scale of the quest continues to grow. Nothing to fall back on if we fail…”

– Mapan: Yes! We have faith in you, Weed-nim.

“You speak so calmly since you’re not the one behind the wheel.”

– Mapan: Well, that is life.




The entrance to Norn Mountain Pass.

Weed arrived on Wy-3 to attend the dwarf council meeting.

‘I have to be careful from here.’

It was a considerable distance away from Kaybern’s territories, but there were terrible rumors that thousands of draconic warriors were roaming around Thor.

– We have to retrieve the treasure.

– Find them and kill them. How dare those lowly dwarves intrude Kaybern-nim’s lair!

Additionally, the monsters level of activity became more frequent, turning Thor into a danger zone.

“Bypassing the obstacles and getting to Treestub Village where the dwarves are is a quest in itself.”

He had 10 days and it would have been far easier if he moved as soon as he accepted the quest.

However, he had to split up his schedule in order to host the Arpen Empire lord conference and another slot for hunting. During that time, the draconic warriors and monsters filled the entire mountain pass.

“It’s already difficult as it is and it’s getting even harder. I suppose this is how we all thrive.”

– Bidol: No enemies in sight within a 200 meter radius. They may be hidden in the grass or below the trees, so be wary.

Just like how they scout with drones in the military, the avian users were scouting the surroundings. The avian were always helpful for Weed, but after the lair raid, their loyalty grew exponentially.

“Sculptural Transformation.”

Weed transformed into a dwarf and equipped average equipment around level 300.

There were many useful things out of the dragon’s treasures, but they carried a risk of drawing too many eyes and hence he did not bring them.

Even so, he stashed equipment like the Loa sword and the Sky Ruler’s Armor in his bag.

It was a kind of infiltration quest into the heart of enemy lines!

If he were to be discovered, all draconic warriors and monsters in vicinity would swarm on top of him. Kaybern too would undoubtedly fly over from the lair.

“I am on the move.”

Weed’s voice transferred through the regional chat to 100 avian that were mobilized to provide aerial surveillance.

– Pale: Preparations for reinforcement complete.

With Pale as the core, the backup team, composed of the users out to hunt for Kaybern, waited nearby as well.

“You don’t have to do this.”

“We are doing this because we want to.”

Weed wanted to turn them back because he did not see them as any significant help if the situation were to turn for the worst, but they were voluntarily gathered.

“As I have seen for quite some time, there’s a lot to gain from staying near Weed-nim.”

“It is draining… Deathly painful, but ultimately worthwhile.”

“You get to be on broadcast. That in itself is profit.”

Much like how the Hermes Guild assisted in Bard Ray’s hunt or quest, Weed was receiving the same reliable support.

– Biwalde: There are monsters at the east ridge. The trees are blocking the sight, so I think Weed-nim will stay undiscovered.

– Chukyeong: There are 20 draconic warriors found in this area. We are confirming all of their movements.

– Kaliyacard: There are some outposts along the progression path. They were built by the dwarves but were overtaken by the draconic warriors. The detour is west but you must pass through a gorge.

– Seum: Currently scouting the gorge. Large group of monsters are resting here. It may be possible to progress through them without being discovered but…  It’s not certain.

– Toro: The gorge is not viable. Judging by the look of these monsters, I suspect that they possess a keen sense of smell.

Weed received a wide range of information on his mountain climb.

‘draconic warriors on outposts… That’s the first challenge.’

If he were to be seen, nearby draconic warriors and monsters could overrun him.

‘S difficulty quests are not simple. If things go wrong, it won’t end with just me, but all dwarves in Treestub Village will perish.’

Weed’s mind was sharp and sensitive like the tip of a blade.

Avian scattered all around informed him. He assembled those stories into one. He did not take anything lightly; the surrounding terrain, sound of the wind, the smell.

‘I will not let up my guard.’

It was Weed’s style to not get full of himself or underestimate his opponent until the moment of death!


Using his short legs, he barely made a sound during his climb. He even carefully avoided tree branches and leaves. 

– Herman: I know a lot about Norn Mountain Pass. The outpost on that side can be evaded by going through the dwarven liquor storage.

Herman spoke to Weed after watching the live stream.

“Liquor storage?”

– Herman: I can’t call it the next crossroad… If you continue that way for a bit more, there will be a secret path on the right. It might be covered by grass. It’s where the hundred year old trees intertwine and if you switch directions towards that way and keep walking, you will encounter a passage between the rocks.

Norn Mountain Pass had lots of huge trees and also large boulders.

– Herman: Cold wind seeps through it, so the senior dwarves store their beer inside. The manager of that area should be Brockhand… The place is only known by reputable dwarves. Eh-hem. He will treat you well if you mention my name.

“Thank you, Sir old dwarf.”

– Herman: … If you could take out “old”. Damn it! If this goes live, more people will mock me. Curses. Ah, my cursing just went live. This is not good.

Weed received Herman’s info which was soon confirmed by Seoyoon and Mapan.

He wouldn’t have told Weed wrong information, but Herman was more a blacksmith than an adventurer. Many things could have changed since his last visit.

– Seoyoon: The dwarven liquor storage. Location confirmed. Sir Herman’s words are correct. If you pass through the storage, you can cut down the distance down by approximately 340 meters.

– Mapan: I am assessing the mountain map. The location is firm and based on the words of other users it seems that NPC Brockhand is a bit picky. He doesn’t seem to let dwarves with low reputation through the entrance… Well, I guess that isn’t a concern for Weed-nim.

An adventurer, an artist.

Weed’s reputation as he climbed to the position of emperor of the Arpen Empire, with a bit of exaggeration was known even by the aquatic creatures just fished out of the ocean.

In fact, mermaids and creatures of intelligence spoke about Weed. 

– On land I heard there is an honorable man who creates beauty and doesn’t know fear. How can I meet him?

– There is rumour spreading throughout the oceans. The polar explorer, the honorable king of kings, a determined fisherman. I have stories to tell day and night about the man with such titles. Shh. These are secrets that I haven’t told anyone. 


(To be continued…)


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V56C2P1 – The King of Devils

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to Armada & RealShady for the proofreading!


– These pesky, worthless dwarves must have lost their senses stealing my things!

The dwarves of Cygorn and Ulta Mountain Pass continued to suffer under Kaybern’s wrath.

The peaceful villages were set entirely on flames, and the terrain was transformed by a series of avalanches.

“That insane dragon!”

The dwarven citizens forgot about their instinctive fears and retaliated, only to be wiped out by waves of magic.

– Attack, slaughter them all!

The dragon soldiers led the monsters to invade the resisting dwarven villages.

In 3 days, 45 villages were razed and over 30,000 dwarves lost their lives.

The war that took place in the deepest parts of Ulta and Cygorn Mountain Pass were released to the public via broadcast.

– Thor has ultimately become the target of the dragon.

– Seems that the dwarves and the dragon cannot coexist within the woods any longer.

– Would there be a possibility that Kaybern’s weekly target may shift to dwarven villages?

– It doesn’t seem to be to that extent. For the time being, the cities that the dragon will likely target are… Hmm-hmm. The calculation is very complex to understand, but anyways the targets will be major cities.

– The dwarves do not settle in large communities, to begin with.

The situation in Thor became dire and more dwarves descended from the mountains away from the dragon. It was so critical that even Weed, who carried out the dwarven race quest, was deeply concerned.

‘This is a race quest? What, is this some kind of dwarf annihilation quest?’

Even so, the dwarves of Debrado Village, who were connected to the quest, actively roamed around the Mountain Pass.

“Just for how much longer are we supposed to suffer? We retrieved our nation’s treasure, the Brazier of Sacrifice. It is time to swing the axes of revenge.”

“Finally, has that time arrived?”

The nature of dwarves were different from humans. They were naturally afraid of the dragon, but if their kind lost their lives they burned in vengeance.

All the dwarves were uniting as one.

“Is it really true that the Brazier of Sacrifice was found?”

“Yes. A great, heroic dwarf has appeared before our kind.”

“What is his name?”

“He’s… Weedhand.”

It was a fake name that Weed told them when he was under Sculptural Transformation!

That name was spreading among the dwarves of Thor.

The dwarf users that remained in Thor laughed.

“This is amazing. Isn’t it the first time that such a large-scale dwarf race quest arised?”

“It’s spectacular of Weed-nim to discover it. A chain quest after the robbery of Kaybern’s lair…”

“Awesome. Just purely epic.”

“I want to join too.”

“We are dwarves too, so we can.”

“Oh, yeah. Dwarves never had a war quest like this one. It’s going to be fun.”

The dwarves that were negligent even when the Hermes Guild dominated the Central Continent wished for Weed to succeed in his adventure.

Kaybern was the most wretched presence of all for the dwarves and so they hoped dearly that the dragon would be slain.




Weed preceding the progression of the dwarf quest, hunted whenever he could. It was also an important task to lead the assault squad that pledged to fight against Kaybern and take care of the multiplying monsters.

“To battle.”

100,000 monsters vs. 1,000 assault squad!

On the vast plains, huge clashes with aerial supports from the avian broke out in the morning, midday and afternoon. Even after midnight, before breakfast, during breakfast, after breakfast… They just kept on fighting.

“19 hours of hunting in a day… Though I think I’ve grown a little used to it.”

“Humans are mighty beings. If I kept on levelling since the start of Royal Road, I would have won against Bard Ray.”

The users that enlisted in the assault squad began calling themselves combat slaves in the process. The nickname that was given to Pale had spread to everyone.

“This is impossible. But, he can fight like that even while leading us.”

“I thought it was plain insanity when he first explained it, but once we got into it, it’s doable.”

“The hunting level has become more difficult than when we first started, but somehow we are pulling through.”

“The willpower of humans is strong.”

“Yeah. That’s why people die from exhaustion.”

They were all above level 500, but the more they hunted the more they developed respect for Weed. Weed wasn’t a typical person to whom they can apply feelings like jealousy.

Weed sprang into a field full of monsters, fighting with the strength of ten men. 

– Everyone fight! Advance!

He swung a sword, used a sword cloning technique, wielded the Radiant Sword Technique…

He even healed his allies with the Sword of Regeneration on occasion whilst leading the battle. Then he would use Corpse Explosion and summon the undead, doing the job of 30 or even 50 men. Even users above level 500 could do nothing other than watch in awe.

“That is just really amazing.”

“He is the perfect all-around character, the complete, ultimate mode. Something like that.”

“But he doesn’t use Sculptural skills that often. He’s not even using Disaster sculpting.”

“If he used that, this place would become a living hell. We would die too.”

The high level users would spend weeks in dungeons during their peak. They levelled up and naturally exceeded their limits whenever they found good hunting grounds.

They reminisced about past memories, and gradually their complaints diminished.

Whenever Weed led the hunt, their eyes dropped below their cheekbones, but when he was absent on a quest, they waited anxiously.

Depending on whether or not he was present, the hunting speed could be from 2 to 3 times faster.

Furthermore, their hearts boiled whenever they saw Weed in action with their own eyes.

‘Weed is doing that much… What stops me from doing the same?’

‘Just hold my ground. If I stick here for a month, I will become a hero in the future.’

‘Rankers? Hermes Guild? This is the chance to become stronger than any of them.’

A craze for training was brewing up among the users of the assault squad. Passion burned inside them whenever they saw thousands of monsters advancing across the plains.

– Let us fight!

The Central Continent users thrived under the pressure of the Hermes Guild and the prestigious factions. Their tendencies were slowly changing.

‘My operation is starting to show results.’

Weed too felt their attitudes changing into proper combat slaves. On the other hand, news of the Brazier of Sacrifice was spreading like wildfire.

“Using the brazier reduces your level by 20 to 30?”

“You can decline further than that. It’s to a maximum of 10% depending on how much you use as fuel.”

“That’s absurd.”

High level users made a blunt assessment.

The tradeoff was too heavy for fighting Kaybern just once.

“For one hunt… I need to throw away all that I’ve worked for?”

“All that grind we did in hunting hell would become meaningless. Just how hard did we try to reach where we are?”

“Other people would be training while I become weaker.”

Most users that heard of the brazier could not accept it. They wanted to participate in the fight against the dragon, but they did not wish to use the brazier.

The higher level they were, the more they were attached to their own level of power.

“What about the live stream? If we give up now, won’t we look like dirtbags?”

“We said we are going to fight Kaybern, so we just need to fight. Forget about the Brazier of Sacrifice.”

“That’s true.”

“If we end up fighting in our current state, it is good enough to keep our promise. But if I am forced to use the brazier, I’m out regardless of how people are going to curse me.”

Out of the 400,000 members in the assault squad, only a few hundred elected to use the brazier. They didn’t want to bear the loss and frankfully they had their legitimate reasons.

Fleeing during a battle would indeed be a behavior subject to criticism, but throwing away a handful of levels was a different story.

Weed also knew of this consensus and did not bother mentioning it.

‘These guys signed up to fight against Kaybern, so I can drag them all around these hunting grounds. But I cannot impose sacrifice.’

Honestly, the success of the Kaybern hunt could not be guaranteed.

There were no rewards he could offer at the moment and even he had some conscience. On top of that, it did not concur with Weed’s usual philosophy.

Normally, speeches of encouragement in war are the desires of a single individual manipulating mob psychology.

The core desire of these high level users was to become more powerful.

‘Even I would have been reluctant if someone asked me to fight using the brazier.’

No matter what reward they were promised, it was very difficult to get someone to do something that most people would turn down.

‘The only one to trust is myself. I would appreciate people who will help me, but I should not rely on them.’



The Earthy Shadows party that left for the South quickly progressed their quest to uncover the secrets of the Frozen Forest.


< The Reason For the Cold Winds >

< The Tree That Vanished >

< Ancient Vestige >

< The Elves’ Course >


The difficulty was above A rank but they were clever in their use of adventure skills and requested necessary information from the Great Library of Morata.

“There is nothing yet about the Wind Mage, Ruckledare. Could we have followed a false lead?”

“I don’t know. We might have opened the door for another quest, but it’s too late to quit.”

“Weed is progressing through the dwarf race quest, so maybe the lead to stopping Kaybern might arise from that side.”

“We need to be hopeful.”

The self esteem of the continent’s best adventure party was depreciated after repeated failure in quests.

They changed the weather with magic and created a miracle of reviving the frozen forest.

The bleak forest of solid ice regained its green vigour.



< Mayad’s Forest is reviving. The wood elves will return.
As reward, affinity with nature is increased by 3. >


Elix wrapped bandages around his wounds and spoke.

“This is the reason why I cannot give up on adventures.”

“It’s a spectacular sight. Even if other people wouldn’t appreciate it as much.”

It was something that occurred in the outskirts where no one visited.

Just who will acknowledge their accomplishments of putting their own lives in danger to bring back the elves.

Even so, they felt pride in turning a small part of Versailles into a beautiful scenery.

“Let’s look around  the forest before the elves return.”

“That’s a sound idea.”

Following Silver Ring’s suggestion, they walked into the forest.

It was a silent forest yet without creatures like birds and hares.

On the ground were snow and ice fragments that were still melting; a little eccentric.

– Welcome, Adventurers.

A tree began speaking to them.

It was a plain tree about 3 meters tall, rooted in the wide open space in the forest.

Ben was extremely surprised.

“A talking tree… You don’t seem like a spirit or a fairy. Are you the World Tree?”

– I have succeeded that great being, somewhat. Though I could not protect even this forest.

A tree in Mayad’s Forest.

It wasn’t the World Tree that existed and protected the world since the beginning of time, but its descendant that budded from its branches.

– The World Tree was destroyed by Kaybern. It rotted in poison, burned in its flames and was torn down in pieces. The high elves took the roots and branches not yet burnt away and scattered across the continent. To revive the tree that protects the realm of forests.

“Kaybern… So it was connected to Kaybern after all.”

Elix moaned.

– Kaybern and the high elves engaged in countless battles. Despite the dragon’s might, the high elves did not submit until the end… Thus they disappeared.

Silver Ring was inspecting the fallen leaves on the ground and asked.

“So, the reason for this forest being here…”

– Yes. They fled from Kaybern and raised a forest here. The noble high elves fell one by one to the monster legion that tracked them down. If it weren’t for the help of a human, the new roots would not have settled.

Elix’s eyes glimmered.

“By chance, is that human the Wind Mage Ruckledare?”

– Yes. It was he who assisted us.

It turned out that they were on the right track for Ruckledare’s tracks connected to Kaybern and Landony.

– I have a favour to ask of you all. I must return to the forest again. All elves will offer their assistance.

(To be continued…)


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V56C1P2 – As The Emperor Wishes

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The room was still.

The lords realized what kind of situation they were in.

All they had to boast of was their status.

Real authority, power, fame, cause and the right to rule were all in Weed’s grasp.

There are some that possess many weapons but do not wield them effectively, but Weed wasn’t anything of the kind.

He took control of the moment instantly, a vicious presence that could trampede mercilessly over any who challenged it.

Weed’s wet lips sparkled.

“As you may all know, I have spent all my fortune that I have accumulated since my days of Morata. I have never kept away a single penny while I ruled the Arpen empite.”

He choked in sorrow when he spoke about not keeping anything for himself.

Weed pondered.

‘I haven’t abused anything until now, so why should I be in this pathetic stance?’

If he pulled off a big success, he would have gladly acted more amenably but the situation was different.

“Everyone here has a noble duty to make the Versailles Continent a happier place. Millions of users are observing our words and actions. But compared to myself, what has Harold-nim done for Versailles? What exactly have you done after buying your way into your seat?”

Regardless of how big a mistake or how dark a misconduct one may have committed, the man seemed to have no shame in pointing fingers at the opponent’s mistakes!

It may have worked in the real world somehow, but it wasn’t a method that could work on someone who had both fame and power.


“Don’t just stand there. Speak in greater detail. Let us compare the things we have done, one by one. To see who did better. It isn’t just lords gathered for this conference. There are millions of viewers watching. Won’t they have their opinions about me?”

“I, I…”

Harold was speechless.

After he became a lord, it was true that all he did was boast around and remained half-hearted with his errands. He did order castle wall reinforcements to be built, but spent only a fraction of the city’s income.

If it was Weed on the other side of the scale, the difference was as obvious as heaven and earth.

Weed spoke confidently.

“I make a proposal to everyone here including Harold-nim of Castle Sisley. If you don’t like your seats, you can turn it down. I will refund the duty fees that you have spent already.”

The lord seats rose in worth after the auction was over. The seats of Arpen lords were rare positions to come across.


Harold’s face turned bright red in shame.

At that moment, he couldn’t retaliate at all.

He was secretly attempting to play politics but Weed quickly turned the tides against him and pushed him into a corner. Harold’s cause was overwhelmed and he was defeated verbally.

If he were to stand up to him any longer, he was about to me stripped of his status and kicked out.

‘Give up the position voluntarily? Then I can’t become a lord again… For me to be driven to a corner like this. Is there anyone who can help me?’

Harold looked to his surroundings but the new lords that complained together were now sitting and looking away.

‘He drew his sword too early. He should have known better of who he was up against.’

‘Weed hasn’t committed that crucial mistake, so it was a mistake to dig his teeth like that.’

‘Chatting upfront like that is plain stupid. Considering the popularity, people will be more enthusiastic towards Weed. Not to us rich people.’

‘It was wrong to assume that he would stand down because of the live streaming. Weed is someone who can line up people behind him and take us to the guillotine whenever he wants.’

The lords decided quickly. They also learned of their own weaknesses.

Paying money didn’t put them in power. As far as it went, they were only respected in their own cities as lords. If they stood against Weed, they could be struck down at any moment.

Harold too realized this disadvantage and backed down for now.

“No. It seems I was in the wrong all this time. I have realized my mistakes. I will reflect on myself and make Castle Sisley a better place.”

Retreating at this moment at least spared him some dignity and interests.

His mind was full of thoughts about revenge in the future, but for the time being he acted strategically.

“Let us continue with the conference.”

Monster eradication and the road construction to bridge the North and the Central Continent came up as topics.

Weed started out with a bold stance and the major lords with massive lands followed his will, leading to a smooth conference.

The vital bills for the growth of the Arpen Empire were passed and the conference was near its end. Weed looked to Harold and spoke.

“Something came up in my mind after listening to Harold-nim. I am going to organize an inspection team to overlook the governing practices in several cities including Castle Sisley.”


“I know that many cities weren’t being managed properly. That is why I wish to assess the concerns of the city and offer assistance.”

It was masked as help but promised outright interference!

“Just what are you planning to do with my city?!”

Harold fumed in protest.

Weed pulled out his Loa Sword and placed it on the table.

“If you don’t like that, step down from your position as lord.”


“This is to assist lords who aren’t yet knowledgeable enough to run a city. The good lords won’t have any problems. This isn’t a time of peace but rather the entire continent is in danger because of Kaybern, so we all have to chip in.”

It was clearly a grudge.

Harold thought about giving up his seat, but it was too sweet.

Power was something you could not give up once you’ve tasted it, and he already boasted so much about becoming a lord. The duty fees refund wasn’t the slightest of his concerns.

Weed skimmed each lord with his eyes and spoke.

“You all have a responsibility to make the Versailles Continent a better place. You all pledged to this oath when you signed up as lords. Please put in all your effort. If you can’t, simply step down.”

Not one lord expressed intentions to give up their position by the end of the conference.




The leaders of the prestigious guilds nodded as if they had expected it.

“He got his pants pulled. He got what he deserved, standing up like that.”

“He underestimated Weed.”

“Weed turned Harold’s complaints into a petty act of blaming others, and he established his credit with all his achievements and rolled him over with status. All of this happened simultaneously.”

“He just isn’t someone you can go up against without power andnor influence.”

Roam, Carlise, Michel, Gunter and Sherwood. They assumed that these lords would not be able to cross Weed for a very long time.

This event showed everyone that Weed wasn’t a weak man that would take insults lying down.

“That’s the scary part of it all. Murder would be less traumatizing.”

“Let us not drop our guards, ever. A man’s revenge can wait a decade.”

Michel laughed in response to Carlise.

“Yup. Until the day when we get to compete against one another, that is.”

Gunter rested his hand on his sword and spoke.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

A moment after the leaders disassembled.

– Michel: Weed-nim. Carlise and Gunter are suspicious. Currently they seem obedient under your power, but I am certain that they have ulterior motives. I will keep a watch on them and report to you any strange words and behavior.

– Carlise: Please do not trust any other lords. Only us at Black Lion Guild wish to prosper with the Arpen Empire, but the other lords don’t think as faithfully as I do.

– Gunter: You must keep eyes on these lords. There is traitorous scum among them. That being said, we at the Lion Guild support Weed-nim no matter what happens.

– Sherwood: I was deeply impressed with Weed-nim and your generous rules from this event. I am embarrassed to see that a man like Harold is a lord. Could I do the honors to take him out? I will take care of him quietly and secretly.

– Roam: I can only imagine the struggles you are going through with ruling this empire. All of this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for you. I have recorded the names of all those who complained earlier. If you give me a slight signal, I will get the deeds done.

They were competing to sweet talk Weed once they were alone.




Bard Ray at last was able to go out on the hunt with the barbarians.

He cleared all the small errands perfectly and a barbarian named Vals invited him on a hunt.

“You’ve finally done it. Vals hunting squad. They are renowned among the village citizens.”

“If I get the chance in combat… The rest is easy.”

Bard Ray was confident in any kind of combat.

Barbarians were quite skilled for NPCs but they were far too weak compared to himself.

‘They are warriors, so I just need to show them my strength.’

Bard Ray thought, and he fought valiantly with the Vals hunting squad.

He urged to hunt one more monster and actively sought for battle.

Though he crumbled under Weed, he concentrated on the battles as if he was proving his name as the God Warrior.

‘So he succeeded in robbing the dragon’s lair? Things are going well for him.’

He didn’t watch any video feeds of Weed, but just heard stories.

When he led at the front of the continent he had felt uneasy about all those that followed behind him, but now he could only feel excitement.

CTS Media and various other broadcasting networks secretly contacted him. Even after his defeat, many were curious about Bard Ray and his activities.

‘I will not appear on broadcast for the time being… Until I defeat Weed and slay the dragon.’

He threw away fame, even glory.

All that remained was his deepest desire to become more powerful!

He thought that even if he were to fight Weed again this very moment, he would have a chance of winning if he sealed away a couple of Weed’s skills but that wasn’t enough.

It was not about determining who was stronger through an exchange of swords.

It was the path to displaying absolute power that all will acknowledge!

‘Weed transitioned into a warrior, so the comparison will be more simple. Power. It doesn’t matter who rules the continent. You can keep it. It is all about showing who is more powerful now.’

Vals hunting squad roamed until late at night. They scavenged countless numbers of monsters and other prey, stocking large quantities of meat and leather.

Vals approached with a water buffalo on his shoulder.

“This is your portion.”

“I don’t need it.”

“You’re not going to take this?”

“Yes. Split it amongst yourselves.”

“… So it shall be.”

Bard Ray did not bother picking up items unless it was a notably advanced equipment.

He already was supplied with an enormous funding and equipment from the Hermes Guild, so he couldn’t care less about picking up miscellaneous items.

Vals must have thought positively about Bard Ray who fought well, as he approached him again at dinner.

“Cooking the meat well after the hunt is more important than anything. This is delicious piece of meat. Do you want to learn how to cook meat?”

“I am not interested.”

“You don’t want me to teach you?”

“I have a bit of interest in learning how to wield spears and axes. Defense skills are good too. I don’t want to concern myself with anything other than getting stronger.”

“… I see. Alright.”

(To be continued…)


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V56C1P1 – As The Emperor Wishes

Par mimosab

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They were in the administration conference of the Arpen Empire.

The lords listened attentively to Harold’s speech and criticism of Weed.

‘Weed has fame and is highly regarded by the public. Hence we cannot exercise force like with the Hermes Guild.’

‘Harold’s words may sound plausible, but it is really a load of rubbish. We were appointed as lords after Kaybern began his move. How did an idiot who knows nothing about the current circumstance become a lord?’ Then again, it is true that we are suffering because of the monsters… It is a justified point to bring up. Now, Weed took a blow so how is he going to respond?’

‘For Weed, he’s going to end up with more losses than gains no matter how he resolves this. He’ll be hit hard.’

The conference was being streamed live, it was a one-sided situation with Weed on the defensive.

If he were to get furious his popularity would be impacted, and if he were to stand down he would be looked down upon.

Expecting generosity from the lords or even convincing them were not possible solutions to begin with. Harold would endlessly bite his tail and chew at Weed’s mistakes.

‘Continuous instigated criticism could put an innocent man behind bars. This is what defines politics, ya punk.’

As the grandson of a rich family, Harold loved to use adroit speech even in the world of finance. He also liked being the leader in a crowd and had an ambition to take control of the atmosphere of this very conference, spreading his reputation across Versailles Continent.

Weed just stared blankly for a while.

New lords caught his expression and were disappointed yet found it peculiar.

‘Is he lost about how to react?’

‘He should just get furious, if anything.’

‘He’s a newbie, as expected. The assumption that he would be weak in politics was right after all.’



Roam’s chest trembled with anxiety. He participated in the lords conference held in the Earth Palace and watched the silent Weed who faced the opposing lords.

“Weed-nim must be more mindful of establishing public security.”

“Aren’t you spending too much time in the North? Are you not aware that monsters are rampant in the Central Continent?”

“Kaybern’s Lair. The treasures you stole from that place; how about you distribute them to us, too? At the most minimal level of compensation for damages!”

As Weed stood idle, several new lords stepped up after Harold.

The scene of these people pacing the atmosphere to their accord was too ominous and awkward.

‘These crazy idiots. Have you no sense poking up that man? You’d rather take on the Hermes Guild with bare fists. No. They’d have it better going up to Kaybern and call it a lizard.’

Nowadays, their faction was weakened and assassination orders just weren’t possible, and as for the dragon it would all end if it just died once.

Weed however, was truly the most powerful ruler of the Arpen Empire.

He took on the appearance of a just, benevolent adventurer but his true form a villain who had no boundaries in his devious and vicious tricks.

Roam met eyes with Carlise who was watching with his jaw dropped. They understood each other just by the stare.

‘They are all out of their minds.’

‘I know. Let’s stay put, aside from this atmosphere.’

‘We have to stay under the blanket at times like this.’

‘Mmm, that is indeed the best for us. This is a really dangerous situation.’

 They never thought once of supporting these foolish rookie lords who can’t even access the situation.

‘Still, what if Weed blows up in such an official event? I mean, it’s good for me as I have to expand my influences… But, why am I feeling so uneasy?’

Those that felt the same as Loam exchanged whispers carefully with one another.

– Gunter: This is going to get ugly.

– Michel: These fools have no understanding of Weed. That man is not at all afraid of the public. He manipulates people like it’s nothing.

– Sherwood: I agree. They are all unaware of Weed’s personality and his abilities. They may believe he became the ruler of the continent out of sheer luck. The same kind of idiots who know nothing about anything and comment online anyway.

– Roam: He’s determined and ferocious. Does that man look like someone who will take a blow and walk away? Moreover, Royal Road is not subject to the politics of the real world.

Politicians could make promises about anything and take no responsibility in the real world. However, Royal Road was different.

– Roam: No matter what happens, we must stand by Weed.

– Carlise: Of course. I worked so hard to get my faction back on its feet. Weed isn’t a man who will endure these dull-toothed piranhas for long.

– Michel: Unless a whole lot of time passes and he loses motivation. They’re courting death by trying to intimidate a beast at its prime.

– Sherwood: The lord of Castle Sisley surely dug his own grave.

The leaders of the prestigious guilds believed that Weed was capable of anything. Their hearts raced as they watched, hoping to not get caught in the crossfire.

“We are not enough to defend against the monsters. Supply us with reinforcements, or give us the treasures you stole from the lair.”

“Kaybern is putting the entire world in danger. It is unfair that one person hogs all the treasures stolen from that very dragon. Do you not believe we all have a share in that?”

“You are ripping off taxes when you can’t even protect us lords. If this is to continue, we must have something in return!”

The new lords wandered way over the line.

The one thing Weed hated more than anything was free riding!

He knew such a day would come.

‘This world is too harsh for someone to live kindly. I took money in exchange for lord seats and that is why those men are here now.’

In the name of duty fees he sold lord seats. It was inevitable that these ungrateful wolves after a serving of good will, would pounce for more.

‘The lord appointment would have had its drawbacks no matter what route I took. But, if they want to come straight at me, I will do my honors to stomp them.’

The new lords by level were novices and had no influence on the public. They were appointed lords by Weed himself and they were truthfully insignificant.




Weed quietly heeded to the complaints of the lords and smirked.


His laugh was threatening, as he took out a sculpting knife and a wood block.


The sculpture that quickly took form resembled Harold, and the quick and precise knife movement stole the attention of the lords.

“Woah, that’s…”

“It’s the same as what I saw online. It’s so fast when looking at it in person.”

It was something he did countlessly as a sculptor.

Easily he made a sculpture that looked identical to Harold.

Weed slowly looked around the space and made eye contact with the lords.

He was looking for a lord who had the nerve to try and stare him down.

‘I can tell from the faces that there are a few. A few that will not stop at free riding and steal from my pockets too…’

Weed’s voice spread gently through the room.

“I am aware that some inequalities have arisen in the Arpen Empire. I am doing the best of my abilities to prevent Kaybern and the monsters, but a solution is nowhere close. I understand that you all are disappointed.

Harold looked down on him even further now that Weed was apologizing.

‘Was this guy this stupid? In politics, you can’t take back a step or admit a mistake knew this guy was some raw country punk, but to think that I would completely roll him over…’

Even more, he thought that Weed made his sculpture for him as an apology.

‘K-haha. This kid was such a pawn.’

Even a beast was nothing more than a household pet if it didn’t know how to use its sharp claws and teeth.

Harold instead was thinking about changing his approach.

‘Actually, maybe I should be a bit more gentle. If I stand on his side and encourage the Arpen Empire… Maybe that would land me second seat to the throne. I could also ride on a better tide in future situations.’

It was when Harold was trying to calculate various scenarios.

Weed put forth his hand that was holding the sculpture.

“But, Lord Harold.”


“Speaking of yourself, just how much have you done as lord?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Harold shrivelled his eyebrows and responded.

Weed then took the sculpting knife and struck down on the sculpture in resemblance of Harold.


The detailed sculpture split in two and the air in the room froze cold.

It was quick and decisive.

Without a hint of hesitation, the way he slashed the sculpture was violent and had indomitable force.

Weed stood from his seat and stared at the lords one by one. Unlike before, they were afraid.

“It sure wasn’t easy to govern the Arpen Empire. Especially when the war had just ended and territories expanded all the while the dragon’s threat. This crisis is ongoing and I cannot afford the luxury of keeping lords that have nothing better to do than blame others.”

“Blaming? All I did was rightfully criticize you in my perspective as a lord.”

Harold expressed as if he was being victimized to turn the tides, but Weed continued without reserve.

“Rightful criticism? All of you in this room know what I have done until this point. Every day I roamed the continent and eradicated monsters and carried out quests to stop Kaybern.”

Of course he did pull off a robbery too, but Weed saw that as par the course; he was on a hunt to grind down the multiplying monsters.

‘I did all that for my own gains… But it’s not like I didn’t pull any effort to defend the continent.’

Weed smacked his lips wet.

“You ignore the quests and hunts that I have done until now. You ignore the many peoples who appreciated my heart and efforts from the frozen lands of the North and who helped me on this journey. Together we threaded one needle at a time and built the Arpen Empire from the ground up.

The reason I conquered the Central Continent and appointed lords was because it was a necessary measure to make the Arpen Empire a better place.

I sold lord seats for money. I get it. There are many of you that questioned if that was the way to go.”


The lords were silent like babies with suckers in their mouths.

It was the Arpen Empire that offered these seats for money, but the ones who bought them were also subject to criticism from the public.

Weed had achievements and progress under his belt that backed him up, but the lords had weak justification.

“Do you think that I sold those seats to you all because I was short on personal finances? That is not the case. Eh-hem. There were many abandoned cities in the Arpen Empire that were about to be invaded by monsters. There were many difficulties governing the continent, so I collected money from you all. The same money was all invested back into the Empire. Now I ask all you lords. Why should I be under the rain of criticism? Is there anyone here that has the right to criticize me?”


(To be continued…)


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V55C8P5 – Crisis in Morata

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Seechwi went around the rundown orc huts and searched for Landony’s tracks.

‘I can’t figure it out. What is Landony’s objective? Some kind of treasure in the hands of the orcs?’

Nothing was intact inside of the orc huts wiped away by the Red Dragon. The grounds were crushed and pummeled, forcing them to scavenge through the dirt for remains.

‘I don’t know what it is searching for. If something was indeed here, wouldn’t it be with Landony already?’

Nothing could be found in the remains.

Adventurer Spenson, who she met in Morata, used his inspection skill, but he shook his head.

“I can’t do it, big sis.”

“Sheek. Nothing?”

“Yeah. When this inspection skill reaches advanced level 6 it shows you what happened in the past, but mine is only level 3.”

“Is Chase-nim busy? Sh-sheek!”

“He’s on his way to the Ring of Fire with the other adventurers, and nothing would change if he was here. He could only look at traces of the dragon destroying this place. If we find an object related to the dragon, the inspection skill will discover something… But this place was wiped out completely and nothing is left.”

Tracking the dragon was a failure.

‘It’s not like we can meet the dragon… I’m an orc so it’s a shame that I can’t train my tracking or inspection skills. Are orcs really that unfit for adventures?’

Seechwi was sulking in defeat.

‘I’m such a fool. I think I was underestimating Royal Road.’

She only thought of chasing and finding tracks. For an excellent and reputable adventurer it was viable, but not for her.

‘If we can’t find something from the remains left by the dragon here, shouldn’t I find something from the dragon’s opposing side?’

It seemed probable that she could find some tracks in Landony’s route. At the very front to be precise.

The Plains of Despair had a surface area that equaled three kingdoms of the Central continent put together. Moreover, the reproduction rate of orcs was insane so their kind spread wide over the continent.

‘There would be a tribe that knows about the secret. Orcs with some link to Landony would be extremely rare. What to do in order to find them?’

There definitely would be orcs with a lead in such a vast land.

– Fierce Pigeon: Alright.  I will take flight across the Plains of Despair.

She paid the avians and scouted the inhabitants of the orc villages.

– Fierce Pigeon: Most of the orcs are scattering due to Landony’s invasion. There are some hiding into the caves. Nothing unusual as they are just orcs fleeing out of fear. But…

“What is it? Sheek!”

– Fierce Pigeon: Unusual movement sighted. Normally, orcs move altogether as a tribe.

“Shu-ek! What about it?”

– Fierce Pigeon: There was an orc tribe that scattered in all directions, to avoid Landony.

“As if Landony was targeting them? Sh-sheek!”

– Fierce Pigeon: That is correct. They are on the run and it is difficult to close the distance.

Seechwi set out her objective and ran towards the Plains of Despair.

Her muscular orc frame allowed her to reach tremendous speeds!

At last, she found the tribes that were related to Landony.




– Malsa Village was destroyed. We urge for restoration.

– A monster swarm marching towards Levento Village. Request for immediate reinforcements.

– Just received a report that Jun City is undergoing a siege.

Inside the office located inside the Earth Palace, Seoyoon was putting in her best efforts, but could not stop the situation from getting worse.

In the time Weed was carrying out his quest, the fate of the Arpen Empire was sinking.

The newly appointed lords criticised the Empire.

– Ropener: The behavior of the new lords is suspicious. I went out with them for beer, and they were questioning Weed-nim and the Arpen Empire’s abilities.

Ropener secretly transferred from the Hermes Guild in the past!

He was one of the few in the Arpen Empire that could be trusted with the Central continent.

Seoyoon tried grit her teeth and tried to bear it, since resolving the situation with Kaybern was of utmost priority.

– Ropener: but their level of criticism is too much… Some are saying that it was better when they were in the Hermes Guild, and that the empire is not keeping up with all the money it was fed. Shouldn’t I take some measures against that?

It was a tough call for Seoyoon to make.

She did look after the internal affairs, but she was not comfortable trying to contain the lords.

“There is a lot of complaining among the lords. Shouldn’t we calm them down anyway we can?”

Seoyoon delivered the message to Weed with a big expression of concern.

Weed took Bahamorg, Seasoned Crab and Pale for hunting even during his quest.

– Weed: It’s already exhausting dealing with the dragon and Morata, and now the lords…

“We have to calm them down somehow.”

– Weed: I mean, all the bad and annoying things happen all at once. Are the Northern lords complaining too?

“It doesn’t seem that way. We persevered through the tough times together.”

– Weed: Then it must be the newly appointed lords.

“That’s right.”

– Weed: I’ll be on my way after the hunt, so summon them all to the Earth Palace.




The Arpen Empire administration conference was quickly called for by Weed’s command!

The lords of the Northern, Central continent and the tribal chieftains of the Southern deserts arrived at the Earth Palace.

The South was near its completion with the ‘Birth of the Pallos Empire’ quest, slowly taking the shape of a nation.

The tribal chieftains of the deserts were more aware of reality than anyone else.

‘At this point in time, the Arpen Empire is the leader. Go against Weed and you won’t survive.’

‘The South has a tiny population… What’s more is that most of the warriors of the region are deeply connected with Weed.’

‘Independence? Cause a revolution? My members will try to kill me before that happens.’

They were the closest allies of Weed, Geomchi and the apprentices that accomplished the ‘Birth of the Pallos Empire’ quest.

Nowadays, the top elite warriors of the continent chosen for hunting Kaybern were training in the South.

It was the means to unite the deserts and though it wasn’t intended primarily as an active display of power, the watchful others succumbed naturally.

‘Other than the Hermes Guild, the skilled users of Royal Road are all following Weed.’

‘In reality, the deserts we live in now… It was really Weed that established them, that there is a connection with the orcs in the east. Where on the continent has Weed not touched?’

‘Weed has public popularity but that is not all. His grudges are long-winded and he always pays them back. I don’t know what he’s going to pick on, so let’s be careful.’

The desert tribal chieftains decided to sit quietly through the conference and took their leave.

Roam, Carlise, Michel, Sherwood, Gunter. The major lords too could have boasted their influence and tried to control the atmosphere, but they kept to their seats instead.

‘Nothing good will come from drawing Weed’s attention.’

‘Stay quiet. The cornered stone meets the chisel.’

People who experienced it firsthand knew very well.

The ones going around chattering were the new lords that knew nothing about the world and also the first time running a city.

“Hahaha, you are the lord of the city in Britton.”

“I still haven’t figured out every corner of the neighborhood, but I will treat you to some spectacular wine when you visit.”

“Sounds great. Royal Road is a prosperous world, ain’t it? Huahaha.”

The new lords were confident and loquacious in the conference room.

The major lords just kept their silence observing the fools.

“Weed-nim is entering the room.”

Finally, the emperor of Arpen Empire Weed’s entrance!

He equipped the most fancy looking items from the loot he gained after the dragon’s lair. 

‘Although it’s annoying, a luxurious appearance is needed at times. Like a CEO that exploits the part-time workers.’

Weed’s outfit was a plain traveller’s attire, but he was wearing a sizeable jewelled crown that he brought from the lair. As an emperor, he wanted to give off the right impression.


All lords stood up from their seats and greeted him.

“We are your humble servants, emperor!”

“Please have your seats. Next time, I hope that we can have a more comfortable atmosphere. We will forego the formalities, emperor, your highness and the like. That’s just too burdensome.”

Weed spoke softly with a smile, and the new lords thought he was a generous man.

‘He’s probably a chump with no experience in society. He may be swell with adventures, but politics is a different story. The one who wields his cause will win the pot.’

‘Ruling cannot be done with just the power of youth. Though the Hermes Guild failed, their direction was right.’

The newly lords were appointed by paying for their seats and therefore mainly comprised of the rich or their following generations.

In addition, there were a considerable number of lords that were originally lords in the Hermes Guild.

‘Earth Palace? I may just be able to expand my influences starting here.’

‘My ambition cannot end with just a tiny city. Since my level is low and hunting is a hassle, I just wanted to run a city here and there. But with such temptations before me….’

The eyes of the lords glittered with the greed of ambition.

The lord appointment did not take into factor people’s attitudes or reputation, hence it was an inevitable side effect!

Some turned their eyes to Seoyoon who walked in together with Weed.

‘The Grass Porridge Goddess… The name sounds silly but she is so beautiful that she just captivated me. I’m looking at her right now and I can’t believe it. Maybe I’ll have a shot at her. No woman doesn’t like money and power.’

‘The Arpen Empire is not rooted properly yet. I have to talk a lot and spread my influence. So that people will take note of my suggestions. This is politics.’

The ambitions of these lords were growing rapidly in the conference room.

“The matter to be discussed today is the additional eradication plans of monsters in locations with unstable security and the road construction that will link the cities.”

With a relaxed voice, Weed raised the matter of securing internal transportation routes for the Central and Northern continent.

Road construction was more important the worse the security.

It was highly likely that typical users encountered monsters or bandits while crossing mountains and fields.

If roads were established, users could group together and travel through the same routes, making it safer and much faster.

For merchants, the roads were vital in their large transports with wagons in their trades.

“The first location for road construction is…”

“Hold on.”

Harold raised his hand.

He was the lord of Castle Sisley, the center of the Free City in Britton.

“There is something we have to address first. The reason we became lords is because of the trust we have in the Arpen Empire. As you know, we spent fortunes. Then, we are taking tremendous losses as the monsters broke out. We are all afraid of when Kaybern might destroy our cities. Bluntly speaking, the governing isn’t anywhere close to our expectations. Shouldn’t you apologize to everyone on this matter?”


Silence overwhelmed the banquet hall of the Earth Palace.

There were many places suffering from Kaybern and the monsters, but for him to publicly criticize Weed right off the bat.

Harold looked around and smirked.

“I know there are many others that think the same but cannot voice themselves. I am merely speaking out for them, so please do not misunderstand. Personally, I am your fan.”


(To be continued…)


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V55C8P4 – Crisis in Morata

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Seoyoon governed the Arpen Empire and learned about the logistics and the people.

When she was only looking over the Northern regions, she just had to develop the city, but there were more things that needed attention now that the lands expanded and monsters increased in numbers.

Fortunately, Yurin followed her like she was her own little sister and helped out whenever she could.

“Hey sis, Eton Village sent a request for investment. First time hearing about this village.”

“Eton Village is located on the eastern shorelines. You can see it if you go south from Port Varna, and the shorelines are beautiful with a rich fishery from what I remember.”

Seoyoon rode on Wy-Three and travelled to various parts of the Northern continent.

“If a sea route were to be established it would have the potential to grow into a midpoint stop for all sea trade. I need to look into investing actively.”

“Wow, sis. You can see all that?”

“Yeah. You will be able to do it too once you’ve got more experience.”

Seoyoon responded with a gentle smile.

That smile was extremely beautiful, causing Yurin to lose her mind for a moment.

It was like her conscience just melted away.

‘She is really beautiful.’

Yurin thought that her brother was dating someone very pretty and kind.

‘Truthfully, my brother and sis were people with walls in their hearts…’

It was a mystery as to what triggered their hearts to intertwine with one another!

Broadcast stations also tried to delve into that secret, but it was impregnable.

Weed and Seoyoon’s relationship.

How they first met and how they began dating was an issue all viewers wanted to know about.

‘Last time, he cooked ramyun for sis separately and even put in a large egg.’

Yurin was paying close attention to the small things at home.

For her cheapskate brother it was an unbelievable change, and Yurin thought that it was love.

“Sis, how’s sandwiches for lunch?”


“Yep. I found a really good place near the palace!”

Upon Yurin’s suggestion, they decided on sandwiches for lunch. When work was really busy they had light lunch, but it was nice to search for good restaurants.

Wherever Seoyoon went, she unintentionally promoted the places and that were helpful for the development of the Earth Palace.

Someone expressed an opinion that there was no need for artwork in the Earth Palace because of Seoyoon’s presence.

“Wow… Uh… Ha….”

“Out of this world, otherworldly.”

“She’s shining even in broad daylight. She is just radiant.”

“She looks unbelievable up close. It’s puzzling how a human being can look that beautiful. Seriously.”

People travelled the Northern continent and had to stop by the Earth Palace because it was a chance to see Seoyoon in person. There were people standing on the streets and even on rooftops.

“Psh. She probably fixed herself everywhere from head to toe.”

“I don’t know just how many stats she spent on appearance and charm. Maybe 300? 400? She couldn’t have invested over 500.”

“I heard she looks nice even in person.”

“Plastic surgery.”

Many people spoke carelessly out of jealousy.

Yurin frowned after hearing the words coming from a distance.

“Sis, don’t you get angry hearing that kind of stuff?”

“I don’t know. Should I be angry? I’ve been told I was pretty since I was 5 years old, so I don’t want to react to anything about my looks.”


She was just alway beautiful from the moment she was born and had grown accustomed to praise and accusation alike..

Seoyoon knew that her appearance was the wall that prevented people from getting close to her.

Envy, jealousy, admiration, obsession.

They made her vigilant against people in the past, but now she was fine.

There were now people by her side that melted her frozen heart and made many memories with her.

“This is so delicious.”

Seoyoon smiled brightly as she ate the sandwich.




The economists of the Grass Porridge Cult finally figured out Kaybern’s order of destruction.

“Mistress. Morata will follow.”

“Are you certain?”

“Yes. The last thing that needed confirmation was the city quest. It weighed less than development, population or economy but the city quest was a factor. The regional influence was quite significant. The nobles and highly reputable users of the citizens were also involved.”

The economists pulled out two full A4 sheets of formula calculation.

It was a complex formula determining Kaybern’s targets, and even before the announcement there was a commotion among themselves.

“Even when we submitted a thesis to the world’s best academic journal, Journal of Finance, we didn’t have something this precise.”

“Of all the people who verified it, 300 were university professors.”

“We were so delayed because we perfected it so much.”

“Anyways, we pulled off an amazing job.”

At the weekly conference led by American economists, they analyzed Kaybern’s next target.

They celebrated the intellectual accomplishment, but the public did not even look at the formula.

They merely skimmed through all the complex symbols and figures they’ve seen for the first time!

– Insane. Mistress will be destroyed in 17 days and Morata is next.

– Wow… Morata’s fate is only a few weeks…

– According to the statement, it was so fortunate that not many quests regarding the city reputation were carried out. If the city had a long history, it would have been destroyed way beforehand.

– Let’s go tour Morata before it’s too late. Go visit if you haven’t already.

– Don’t come, everyone! The gap is only 3.6% compared to Mistress. Morata might be destroyed first if we aren’t careful.

– That’s it. The holy land of the North…

The news heated up the Northern users.

Morata was their homeland and the founding city of the Arpen Empire.

The news of that very Morata being destroyed brought great shock to the users.




Before moving to the dwarf village, Weed hunted for the time being and gathered information about Knatul and Malin.

He raked information with the Mapan Council at the Great Library of Morata and also received reports from adventurers.

In the meantime, he heard the statement from Grass Porridge Cult.

“Is the destruction date of Morata guaranteed?”

– Mapan: The economists are said to have put their entire career on the line. Kaybern is going to destroy the capitals of the old kingdoms in the Central continent before reaching Morata. The thing is that if we destroy a part of Morata intentionally, that could push it back down the priority list and buy some time.

Destroying Morata with their own hands.

Crumbling landmarks and facilities and driving out the population would reduce the development rate and allow the city to be pushed back from Kaybern’s priorities.

Even so, it would only buy them a week or two.

“It’s a meaningless option.”

– Mapan: Still, Couldn’t we move the landmarks to somewhere nearby in that time? If all the architects put in their time and effort, I am certain that we can transport the landmarks entirely to a nearby location.

Except for the Dark Giant Star, 99% of the buildings were new with little history, but loved by the users nonetheless.

There was the Light Tower, sculptures and several Great Landmarks.

“In light of that fact, I will not agree to destroying the city to gain time.”

Weed didn’t think there was a noticeable difference even if they could earn more time.

Morata was his first Northern city too and he had a deep attachment, but delaying the destruction of Morata would mean another city of similar development would be destroyed.

Cheating time by moving landmarks elsewhere, wouldn’t save Morata, the new location could never be the city they knew and loved.Honestly, the tremendous expense of moving would be the same as rebuilding Morata after its destruction.

‘So Kaybern will reach Morata after all. I knew that day was coming.’

Weed did not want to lose Morata.

The city was the start of the Arpen Empire.

That was something he couldn’t just let go of, that easily.

If someone talked about the Arpen Empire, Morata was always mentioned and if that place were to disappear off the continent, stories of Arpen would feel empty.

He grew attached to the back streets and the plank houses of Morata. 

All the money he earned through the years of Royal Road was invested to develop the city.

Great Landmarks were a given, and even now it was breathtaking for him to see the commercial buildings he had raised from stone blocks.

The city Weed considered home was about to turn into ashes.

‘I want to protect Morata. I’m sure the Northern users are thinking the same.’

Unlike the Central continent, where it was easy to travel to other cities, Morata was a centerpoint in the North where the majority of the population lived.

If the years when everyone lived together in Morata did not exist, the Grass Porridge Cult or the culture of the Northern users would not have been established.

‘I cannot afford to relax right now. I have to proceed with the quest as soon as possible.’

Weed realized the clock was ticking.

He wanted to stop the dragon and defend Morata if possible.

“Chase-nim, I heard you travelled to the east. How is your situation?”

– Chase: I believe the other adventurers and I will reach The Ring of Fire in two days.

“It will be dangerous, so be careful.”

– Chase: Now that you mention it, the volcanic ashes are filling the sky already. Thank you very much for your concern.

The adventurers travelled to the Ring of Fire to learn about Landony.

Kaybern wasn’t the only problem, so a sliver of information could be vital.

“Haruna-nim, have you discovered anything?”

– Haruna: I’m sorry! Nothing yet. I will hurry as much as I can.

“I know it’s late, but thank you for your assistance.

– Haruna: Huh? Yes! I will do my best.

Haruna who was scolded badly back at the dragon’s lair was knocked out by Weed’s whisper.

– Haruna: I am on my way to investigate the Fairy Garden and I will let you know soon.

Seechwi, Geomchi2 and the other apprentices roamed the land of the orcs.

“Brother, how is it over there?”

– Geomchi2: The orcs were all killed off. Hmm… The dragon seems extremely violent.

“The Red Dragon is told to be the worst in terms of temper.”

– Geomchi2: Though I think the girlfriend has done something.

“Your wife?”

Geomchi2 was speechless for a second.

He was very content each time Seechwi was referred to as his wife.

– Geomchi2: It seems to be related to the dragon… I think we scored.


(To be continued…)


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V55C8P3 – Crisis in Morata

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Weed travelled through the sky on Wyvern-Three.

The sunlight was warm, the air was fresh and the breeze was pleasant.

“Ahh, this is nice.”

Through the white clouds he looked down, saw the mountain, trees and the lakes in a harmonious view that refreshed his mind.

– Kuaaagh.

– I’m so tired, master!

Wy-One and the other wyverns behind him struggled to keep up.

He tied the Brazier of Sacrifice to their bodies and was on his way to meet half-elf vishur!

It would have taken a long time if he used a wagon, so instead he chose to fly it over by mobilizing flying creatures.

Weed sewed his leather armor and spoke lazily.

“You guys have to bear it.”

– Why should we?

“Delivery must be fast and precise.”

Wyvern delivery was boastful of its best service!

– But this is too much. It’s too heavy.

– Yeah,  so heavy that I’m going to crash.

“Does whining make things any easier for you? I’ve done delivery before and I’m telling you its not that bad. Just do it!”

Weed thought he seemed like a supervisor but he was enjoying it.

Other people may criticize his behavior, but being able to boss people around was very pleasing.

“Just hold on for a little longer.”

– Aren’t we still far from the destination?

“Yeah. Still, I have to tell you to hold for a bit longer. It’s better than telling you to hold for a long time.”

– Kyaaagh!

Wyvern-One screamed furiously.

Unlike the baraags that did exactly as they were told, they were sassy.

They were wyverns said to scare children who were already crying!

“Are you taking your anger out on me?”

– … No.

“I think you were.”

– That’s not true.

“You respect me right?”

– Y… Yes.

Weed continued sewing as he flew to Baroque Mountain Pass Forest.

Half-elf Vishur stayed back in this forest in order to recover her lost powers.

“Over there.”

Weed led the wyvern group and descended to the forest.

“I have returned with the Brazier of Sacrifice.”

“So this is it. You recovered it so quickly.”

“Kaybern had it in its possession. I got assistance from the dwarves.”

Weed explained that he recovered the brazier from Kaybern’s lair through the mine built and excavated by dwarves, intentionally leaving out the part about how that process flowed into robbing the lair.

“I can sense pure heat from this brazier. It’s as if life itself is lit constantly.”

Dwarven Precious Treasure Complete.

Half-elf Vishur said that the Brazier of Sacrifice was required to defeat the Black Dragon Kaybern.

The miracle of the brazier that is fueled by life.

Through the adventure, the savior discovered what the brazier was and finally recovered it.


< You have gained a level. >

< Honor increased by 25,000. >

< The completion of the near-impossible adventure granted permanent special reward.

Maximum health points increased by 500.

Maximum mana increased by 1,000. >


It was quite a hefty gain!

Experience points were important, but as he started out with the sculptor known for low health stats, it was better that he gained little more health points.

‘This isn’t half bad.’

That being said, the biggest gain was the treasure he stole from Kaybern’s lair.

Magic items or mages, dwarven masterpieces, precious jewels.

Weed set aside a warrior set, hunter set and mage set fir himself.

There were equipment that could only be worn by special monsters, but even those could be worn by Weed through Sculptural Transformation.

80% of the weapons and armor taken out of the lair were item level 800 to 900.

Some equipment could not be worn even by Weed, and they were so expensive that most users could only see it on display.

Now that he had ownership of these items, it was inevitable that his hunting or training rate would hit a spike.

For a long time he would never feel disappointed in his equipment.

Vishur spoke to him with glowing eyes.

“Even with the brazier in our possession, our powers are not enough to defeat Kaybern. We need to gather comrades.”

“Are there any candidates out there capable enough to fight the dragon?”

“Knatul who lives near the frozen ocean in the North. If I can meet him, he will help us.”


“He is a barbarian with huge fists and unrivaled defence. He battles endlessly with the freezing pillars of wind. Also, fairy knight Malin will be a huge asset if he were to become our comrade.”



To find comrades who will fight together…
The cold lands where there are no human footsteps.
Go to the land inhabited by barbarians in white animal hides and find Knatul.
He who wields his two fists as weapons is the mighty hero of the barbarians!
Fairy knight Malin, the lover of elegant beauty, will be in the deepest pond garden.
Meet and talk to them with half-elf Vishur.

Difficulty: S
Quest Requirement: The hero who saves the continent
Highest adventure reputation.


Weed nodded.

If there were warriors who could stand in front for such a dangerous mission, he was ready to invite tons.

“They will be a great help in stopping Kaybern once they join us. I will hurry with the search.”


< You have accepted the quest. >


The quest for slaying the dragon.

Powerful individuals not yet known to the continent were about to gather.

– Mapan: A barbarian with white animal hide? If it says a cold land where humans do not tread, I think you would have to consider the wild regions.

Weed proceeded with the quest and actively gathered information.

If there was a variety of information, the mission time could be reduced significantly.

– Chase: I think it is the glacial region north of Liselit Mountain Pass. The land is frozen with over 1 meter of piled snow. I’ve heard intel that tough barbarians that battle against gigantic monsters inhabit those lands. 

Information gathered fast even for locations they only heard for the first time. The other adventurers were to assist in confirmation and additional help.




Lafaye was living in the ruin of the Hermes Guild.

The users comprised the main battle force. Over 700,000 elite users were dwindling in number from the Haven regions.

“It seems that they have transferred to Gradian where Myul is. After all it is burdening to be playing in the Central continent like nothing happened. Over 20,000 have already made the migration. Hundreds are following each day.”

Lafaye smirked after hearing from Arkhim.

“He turned his back on us now that we’ve weakened…”

“Shouldn’t we give orders for his return?”

“What if he refuses?”

“Then we put him on the wanted list.”

“Who would hunt him down, the guild members who already escaped Haven territories?”

Arkhim’s expression stiffened.

Throwing someone on the wanted list for migrating over the border to the Arpen Empire was going to bring unimaginable consequences.

“The runaways will continue further away from Haven territory, and battles will occur no matter the Central or North continent. If normal users intervene, the safety of our hunters will be at stake.”

“What’s worse is if the guild members that set out to hunt were to never come back.”

Users hating on the Hermes Guild was nothing new, but they were blamed for Kaybern’s deed. The Hermes Guild members knew that as well and tried any way they could to break away from Haven territory.




Yoo Byung Jun realized that the world he knew changed after he personally tried Royal Road.

Eating reminded him of the food in Royal Road and observing the people outside his building did the same.

‘Their levels must be higher than mine. Daring to be higher level than the creator himself…’

He was the one who invented Royal Road.

After he spanned out the technical structure, he built up the details with AI as the foundation.

‘I should have tried this sooner.’

Sitting idly made his body all itchy, urging him to log into Royal Road.

He wanted to hunt monsters like rabbits, squirrels and foxes in the novice regions.

‘Should I use a bow for the quick footed monsters? Most of them run away so fast that it’s not easy to hunt.’

He spent more time surfing through auction sites than the time he actually spent on Royal Road. To ensure he had plenty of time, he cut down on sleep.

– Title: Selling 3,000 gold. Waiting at Morata. Insta-transaction.

– Title: Selling iron sword. Work of blacksmith Babtus.

– Title: Binryong town square. Trading up for 10 minutes. 17% mana recovery ring.

Overall, the novice items seemed relatively common, but some had 1 or 2 higher attack damage or special properties.

< Selling Marksman Bow.
Level 10 restriction.
15 attack damage.
Increases accuracy of close and mid-range by 43%.

It will hit most of the time.
We can’t aim long range anyway, haha.
It also has 10% quickdraw and 5% penetration.

I’m desperate for some cash so I will sell to whoever bids highest before the end of today! >


“I landed one!”

The pleasure of looting an item after surfing through the auction sites!

Yoo Byungjoon instantly checked out the maximum price range set by the seller.

“10 million won?”

The bid had started with 10,000 won.

Marksman bow usually sold for 30,000 to 40,000 won so the starting bid was just for courtesy.

“That’s really cheap.”

It seemed very inexpensive for Yoo Byungjoon.

With that bow in his hands, he could land several more shots on those sly rabbits.

That in itself was a great gain for him.


< You have purchased the item. >


He collected decent items for each part of the character and bought various weapons like swords, spears and axes.

– Professor, you are showing the typical traits of addiction on Royal Road.

The AI alert signaled.


– Yes. Current state addiction stage 1 with possible sleep disorder and insufficient exercise. Rest is recommended.

Yoo Byung Jun was annoyed by the AI alert.

“I don’t have many years to live anyway, so I’m going to do what I want.”

– That is also plausible.


The AI acknowledged it without much of a backbite!

Yoo Byung Jun started out in Morata without much thinking, but now he deemed it to have been the best decision.

“Let’s buy everything.”

It was the best city for a novice to spend real currency.

From weapons and armor to production tools and food, all sorts of items were being traded.

Like the saying that late flings are scary, he spent more time spending real currency and buying items across the townsquare instead of hunting.

“So this is the joy of life. I think I can live happily with just Royal Road.”

– You’ve entered addiction stage 2.


(To be continued…)


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V55C8P2 – Crisis in Morata

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to Armada & RealShady for the proofreading!


Robin fell into a deep sense of loss when the Hermes Guild was defeated in Garnav Plains. It was like all the joy in the world had vanished.

“Weed… In the end, he took it all for himself.”

Robin was born the heir of a rich family, but what he truly wanted: Seoyoon and the Versailles Continent both belonged to Weed.

“That guy isn’t anything special…”

Arth City that he governed had been developing healthily recently.

It was located on the main road from the Northern to the Central continent, attracting lots of users to settle.

“This is some village. The townsquare is big and very clean.”

“The walls are sturdy too… Look at the waterways in the residential areas. The city is well organized.”

“A Weapon store, armor store and a general store. The basic stores are at their best quality and the necessities can be found in the market.”

The users that walked by, praised the city which further fueled Robin’s ego.

“Weed-nim is so great.”


Robin was confused by the abrupt and out-of-place words.

The users were smiling during their conversation.

“He had it planned from the beginning. The way I see it, he prepared this village because he already knew he was going to conquer the Central continent.”

“Yep. The way he prepares everything in advance so the users are not left with inconvenience is awe-inspiring.”

“Weed-nim is the only person who looks after us so much.”

“It’s so fortunate that Weed-nim is by our side. We are the lucky bunch, having started out in the Northern continent.”


The more his city grew, the more Weed was praised.

“How does that work exactly? This city is all mine.”

Robin put up signs at the city entrance so there was no misunderstanding.

– City established by Lord Robin.

Started from scratch like Morata it is thanks to him that the city is so developed. The detailed history of City Arth is…

He inscribed in about 200 lines the history of the city’s development. He also meticulously explained the tremendous fortune that he invested and the social welfare measures for the users.

“Now everyone should acknowledge by accomplishments.”

Robin could now relax and grin a little. But, only a handful of regular users cared to read the sign properly!

“Weed-nim is the best. If Arth is at this level, I am so looking forward to visiting Morata.”

“For sure. I’m going to hunt around this area and then head to Morata. This city has less users so far so it’s easy to train near the city walls.”

“I heard the Earth Palace is great too. Some days you can see the Grass Porridge goddess.

“Oh, you’re right. Let’s go to the Earth Palace first.”

Even users that started out in Arth benefited from all the support plans and only thought of transferring to Morata or the Earth Place.

Those that climbed to the lord positions of nearby regions through the auction frequently visited Arth City.

“You’re incredible. I think this is the best city around this area.”

“It should be deemed number one of the Northern pioneer villages.”

“I want to import some iron. Do you have a surplus?”

Arth City exceeded all nearby regions in terms of population, technology and production.

Being a great distance away from Morata and the Earth Palace, it served as a resting place where users lodged on their journeys between the Northern and Central continent.

Robin’s pride became intolerable when he met other lords.

“Haha, pleasure to meet you. I am always open to trades.”

“I didn’t think the city would develop this quickly. How many new citizens per day?”

“About 1,000 new citizens are being listed daily. Maybe 2,000 on the weekends?”

“Ho, that is impressive.”

“It’s already busy enough trying to expand the residential areas as needed. The roads need expansions, and maintenance for the hunting ground is loved by everybody. Did I mention the redevelopment of the industrial sector? It’s going through an expansion again – it’s only been 3 months.”

A day wasn’t enough to discuss Robin’s development plans for Arth City.

‘Would Morata’s early days have been like this? This city will continue to grow as a foothold that connects the Northern and Central continent for commercial trades and production, and there is always room for the birth of a new kingdom.’

No military strength was worrisome, but he was relieved to think that even the Arpen Empire was established thanks to the support of the users.

‘If I continue to develop the city as quickly as I’m currently doing, there will come a day when the users will acknowledge me. Yeah, nothing is easy from the get go. I’m going to hop on every chance I get, to be on broadcast and bribe the other lords…’

Robin even sold his own stocks to invest into the city.

‘In the eyes of others, it may seem like pure stupidity. However, the worth of Royal Road is immense. I invested everything into the city, and I will be able to make profit in the near future… No one knows what the future will bring.’

He was secretly waiting for Weed’s downfall.

If Morata and the Earth Palace were to be burnt down by Kaybern, he assessed that the value of Arth City in the Northern continent would rise further.

‘I’m sure Morata will become a target too real soon. I don’t know exactly when that will be, but there are under 10 cities left that have a higher development rate than Morata.’

Robin grinned and whetted his knife for the day to come.




At Ulgor Highlands, there was a ceremony that had to take place no matter how busy it was for Weed.

“Swift Coldwind-nim.”

– Coo-coo-coo!

A pigeon descended to the ground.

He was the most outstanding user, now temporarily in the form of a pigeon due to a quest.

“I award you with the speed improving cat’s eye necklace.”

– Thank you, Weed-nim.


“You’re the best, Weed-nim!”

The dwarven users lifted their arms high and cheered.

It was an award ceremony for the success of the robbery at Kaybern’s lair.

Weed had different thoughts from his initial entry into the lair.

‘I just want to keep all these to myself. Could I just run off with them?’

He just wanted to throw away his dignity and get on a plane!

But, Mapan was smirking as he stuck right beside him.


“Hmm-mmm. Are you suspicious of me? You think I’m going to change my mind about distributing the treasures?”

“Huh? I didn’t do anything but just smile. Heheheh.”

Mapan was just forever joyful.

His face was filled with happiness, but his eyes were composed like a quiet lake.

‘You don’t know when this guy might take off. Anything is possible.’

‘Mmm, as expected. He does not let up for even a moment.’

Weed was able to get back to his senses because of it.

Honestly speaking, how ridiculous would it be for the emperor of the Arpen Empire to run away like that with all the treasures?

‘I have so many assets that I am sitting on right now. Treasures might be easier to liquify but… Hmm, yes. I must deal with this free-handedly. But why does it feel like such a shame?’

Weed proceeded with the award ceremony to rid himself of his last, lingering attachment.

“Jartar-nim, you almost lost your life at the lair.”

“It’s nothing. I am already so honored to have participated in your endeavour.”

“This is the armor set that you asked for.”

“I am so grateful.”

The users present at the award ceremony happily received their equipment.

– You do not have to come if it’s too much of a hassle. The equipment can be delivered.

Participation was not mandatory, but everyone who survived starting from dwarves to the avian, architects, Pale and even the assault squad were all present.

It was a miraculous 100% participation!

There was also a separate award ceremony to be held for the deceased users to receive their reward as soon as they could access Royal Road.

– Yes, this is epic.

– Weed and the bandits. Success.

– Laughs and giggles. It’s filled with joy over here.

– While everyone is so happy, it looks like Weed-nim is the only one frowning about giving away the treasures. Are my eyes deceiving me?

– That is called a stiff smile. Also known as the fake smile.

– I don’t think he was doing that earlier.

– He looked determined when it began. Looks like his face is rotting away gradually.

– If I were to give away treasures, that would be a real shame for me too.

– But those were promised upon the success of the mission. Weed-nim always keeps his words so there is no way!

– Weed-nim’s words weigh heavier than anyone else’s. You do see that he’s distributing them right now.

– Can’t you see the screen? His face was crumpled when he was giving away that sword just now.

– Flip to the CTS Media channel right now. They did a close-up on Weed’s face and his eyes were wet.



Park Sunjo had an afternoon lecture and he got on the bus to school like usual.

“Isn’t he the guy…?”

“The senior from our program?”

“I think it’s him.”

He heard whispers going around in the bus unlike the typical days.

Due to his timid personality, there were only a few that knew of him even though he attended the Virtual Reality program at Korea University.

“Um…Excuse me.”

The female student that was sitting in front of him turned around and stirred a conversation.

“Aren’t you the one who was on TV?”


“Yeah, the thief who ventured together with Weed-nim.”

“Y, yes.”

“Oh my god! It is you. This is so crazy.”

Park Sunjo felt like he became a star.

Lots of students grouped around him as he told stories about the adventure until the bus arrived at Korea University.

“Are you close with Weed-nim?”

“He’s just a bro that I know.”

“Do you know him personally?”

“We go to school together. Though he took years off…”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

The fact that he was acquainted with Weed was enough to envy for normal people.

Even in the Virtual Reality program lectures, there were still people around him.

“The treasure we got this time? He gave me a cape and boots. There’s only one of each so I don’t think you will know even if I tell you the names. Properties? Mmm… There were so many of them that I don’t remember. The material they were made from was dragon skin.”

Park Sunjo rose up to be a famous figure of Korea University.

Text messages frequently alerted his phone.

– This is KMC Media. We wish to meet with you sometime with regards to casting you on broadcast. If you could inform us of a location and time of your convenience, our employees will pay you a visit.

– This is CTS Media. We want to organize a show for Nide-nim’s life story and…

Casting from major broadcast networks followed as well.

Just by being Weed’s associate, his life changed completely.

(To be continued…)


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V55C8P1 – Crisis in Morata

Par mimosab

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Ulgor Highlands.

It was a high, flat terrain located between Idern, Dale and Thor.

The wagons by Mapan Council and the dwarves gathered neatly at the predetermined location.

Each wagon was completely filled with treasures!

Mapan spoke as he walked with his chubby body heavily dependent on his cane.

“How is it?”

“I feel stuffed just by looking at them.”

Weed had nothing else to say.

The stolen treasures were less than a third of what was inside the lair, but it sure was a massive pile now that they had them laid out across the Ulgor Highlands.

“Unfortunately, we lost 21 wagons during the transportation. Some encountered monsters and others broke down while rushing down the mountain. Changing routes due to the dangerous forest fire had a significant impact as well.”

Weed received Mapan’s heart-throbbing report.

The damages resulted from transporting while being chased by monsters down the steep Ulta Mountain Pass.

“How much inventory did we end up with?”

“About 4000 pieces of equipment. Metal alloys, mineral ores, magic ingredients. We scavenged a variety of goods.”

“That number is excluding the shares to be distributed to everyone who participated in the robbery, correct?”

“Yes. Aside from the equipment to be handed out, the treasures and antiques are being checked for their value. There are too many and I estimate about a week for completion.”



Weed and Mapan laughed together.

When they spoke about money, they appeared more similar than close family members.

‘I have to be wary of this man. He could be more dangerous than Bard Ray.’

Close as they were, they were cautious!

If Mapan were to ask for a loan, he would gladly provide with conditions of interest and mortgage.

“Weed-nim, aren’t these items sold at whatever price the seller sets? But, there aren’t going to be that many users that could afford them.”

Just because some people were high-level, it didn’t mean that they stacked great fortune.

There were limited numbers of people that could afford equipment that easily cost over a million gold and most of them had already spent their life savings for the provincial lord positions.

Mapan was worried that the market price would decline when these items went to the auction.

“I’m not going to sell them.”

“You aren’t?”

“Yeah. I’m going to rent them out for now.”

The high-level users will rent these items out even in debt, all in order to come out ahead in the competition against others.

They will hunt diligently every month and pay the rent.

The poor had no choice but to bow before the rich. .

Compared to the people who buy expensive cars and struggle to feed themselves, they had at least one positive point and it was that they grew as they trained in the hunting grounds.

“I’m going to circulate these items and make up for the rent fees and tax income.”

“Darn, I still have so much to learn from you.”

Mapan was truly amazed.

While he was expanding the Mapan Council all across the Versailles Continent, Weed claimed power.

Money and power went hand in hand.



Herman and Fabio too came running to Ulgor Highlands to observe the treasures.

“The properties on this sword are incredible. There are a lot of unique skills.”

“The dwarf blacksmiths are truly skilled… These are made with such fine-tuning and effort.”

There were items scattered around that even themselves as masters had to put in significant effort to achieve.

Blacksmithing was a job that studied metals and objects to the very limit.

Being masters, their stats increased just by observing the equipment.

“Can you fix up this sword of mine?”

Weed showed the two dwarves the nameless sword he picked up in the dragon’s lair.

“So there was another sword like that one.”

“This sword possesses a conscience, an ego sword. To craft one of these requires a secret technique of a blacksmith.”

Herman and Fabio lifted the sword and nodded.

“The balance is great, no flaws to be seen.”

“Wraps well inside the hand. The grasp feels clean.”

They were short, middle-aged dwarfs with thick forearms, but when they focused on the sword they reeked the look of experts.

In real life, they lived very different lives but in Royal Road they were true masters of sword crafting.

“Misters, I know that you each have a secret blacksmith technique that you hid away.”


“Uh. How did you…”

Herman and Fabio’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

Weed gave them a lukewarm look and spoke.

“I was only guessing, but judging by your reaction I was right.”


For them to have been the most famous dwarf blacksmiths and not own a couple of secret techniques did not make sense. Weed was also aware to some degree of their skills traits.

‘Combat type skills are simple. They’re just more powerful.’

Sword secret techniques are destructive. However, they spent a lot of mana and had a steep growth curve in skill proficiency.

Art type skills had the power of bringing miracles, but they were difficult to acquire and required self-sacrifice with every use.

It was giving oneself for the arts.

These secret skills were obtained through difficult and unorthodox quests.

He thought that the path would be different for blacksmiths.

‘It was a job class reflectant of effort, skill and the final product produced. The blacksmith secret technique will never be achieved without proficiency in crafting swords and armor.’

Each blacksmith would possess at least one secret technique as their speciality.

Even when Weed requested crafting for sword and armor, they never opened that last pocket in their pants!

“I understand. It must be a life’s work for the master. It would never be easy to apply something you’ve acquired over years of training into someone else’s item.”

Weed nodded as if he was sympathetic.

He put them up for competition, but they still left their final card up their sleeve.

It was obvious that even Weed himself wouldn’t have put in his best efforts in creating a sword or armor to be used by someone else.

‘The stitches wouldn’t have held back my jealousy.’

Any equipment crafted by blacksmith masters was excellent. But, a sword crafted in a day compared to another that took a month of sweat and effort are in two different dimensions.

The Sky Ruler’s Armor.

It was an item that they melted themselves into, but their expertise was still in weapons.

Weed slapped his lips wet.

“This is my last request. Awaken this sword and realise its powers. If you can’t accomplish 

this request, I will not make any more.”




Fabio and Herman were honestly offended.

They received the best treatments no matter where they went in the Versailles Continent.

“At some point, we are doing all of Weed’s requests.”

“Seriously. We never got the treatment we deserve after completing each task and we get scolded instead.”

Normal blacksmiths would have been enraged and left the spot. However, they were prideful blacksmith masters and could not walk away.

To give up on a client not satisfied with their work was mocking their pride.

Throughout their time in Royal Road, they built up skill, honor and pride.

Herman brushed over the rusty sheath.

“A nameless sword. Aren’t you curious about how it will turn out once we restore it to its original state?”

“I also think it’s worth the challenge. Coincidentally, I have the secret technique for ego swords.”

“I have the property of wind… I could add it in.”

“Let’s make this one into something that will slap his face. So that he will never question our skills again.”

Fabio and Herman decided on restoring the nameless sword into the finest sword, thinking that it would be the best revenge they can take on Weed.




Weed assessed the situation up until now.

There was the half-elf Vishur’s quest for the Brazier of Sacrifice!

There was also the progress of the savior quest and the dwarf race quest through Sculptural Transformation along the quest line.

“I don’t know how much help this will be, but it seems to be related to the dragon.”

Long ago, he encountered the dragon Ratuas and made a sculpture of the silver dragon Yuskellanda.

He pocketed the sculpting materials and made a hefty profit out of it!

< You do not meet the requirements to begin the quest ‘Dragon Ratuas’ Investigator’.
Minimum level of 480 is required.

Dignity and courage is above the minimum requirement of 400.

Essential combat skills haven’t reached advanced level 7.

Quest cannot be accessed. >

Back then, he could not proceed with the quest, but now he was able to.

“Looking back now, this quest is very strange.”

He thought of the conversation he had with Blue Dragon Ratuas.

– Human, how much do you know about Yuskellanda’s death.

“I am a measly sculptor. I know nothing of it. If I ever did, I don’t remember it.”

– It is too early right now. Your abilities are not enough to stop what’s coming.

If you wish for stories, come to me any time. Whether you step up or not, the event will arise. Oh humans that Yuskellanda tried to protect until the end…

Weed felt a tingling sensation.

“Yuskellanda’s death. How it tried to protect the humans until the end bothers me. Maybe Kaybern wasn’t born with its furious mind, but could there be a messed up scheme by the dragons behind all this…?”

Normally, his dangerous suspicions tended to turn out true.

It was just that the reason for his hesitation of going to Ratuas and carrying out the quest preemptively was because there was a possibility that it has no relation to Kaybern whatsoever.

To make matters worse, it may very well become two insanely difficult dragon quests in his hands.

“This is troublesome. Very troublesome.”

Weed thought it was misfortune either way.

If the dragons were to be connected somehow, the scale of this event would be escalated greatly.

There were already monsters wreaking havoc across the entire continent and Thor region was devastated.

So why does it feel like the dragons will start a rampage on Versailles Continent?

“It can’t be. Just my cursed imagination from lack of sleep. Yep. That’s right… No matter how twisted and grindful my fate may be, it can’t turn out that extreme.”

Even so, the humans and dwarves were fully mobilized and moving into an all-out battle against Kaybern.

(To be continued…)


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V55C7P2 – Ramen Day

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada, RealShady & Demonwar!


Dozens of cameras were waiting in front of Lee Hyun’s residence.

It was like when a Korean star passed through the airport gate!

“Hey, get out of the way!”

“Please stand inside the camera zones.”

The reporters interviewed every single guest that was invited to Lee Hyun’s house.

“I’m finally here. I came from Amsterdam. It is my first time eating Korean ramyun… I am very honored.”

“Today is an awesome, special day. I’ll have something to brag about to my kids back home. Dad is eating ramyun cooked by Weed-nim! By the way, my kids dream of becoming someone like Weed-nim.”

“My dream came true today. I think I’m going to enjoy a splendid dish of ramyun.”

All the guests finished their interview and came inside just before lunch.

Oberon’s presence stood out among them all.

“Hello, I am Oberon.”

A gold-blond young man spoke to him with a smile on his face.

He was handsome like the typical ones seen in magazines or programs.

“Are you really Oberon-nim?”

“Yes. It is a great honor to meet you, Weed-nim.”

“You are very fluent in Korean.”

“I picked it up as a hobby.”

“A hobby? Then, can you speak other languages?”

“Yes. I can speak Chinese, Japanese and French.”

He was good-looking and even intelligent!

Soon, tables were set up in the yard, people were seated and ate Lee Hyun’s ramyun.

“Thank you for the food.”

Lee Hyun’s ramyun was special, cooked with crabs, fish oil and various seafoods in the soup base.

The problem was that it was too delicious.

“Agh! It’s so hot!”

“Oh man. It’s burning hot but it’s so good that I can’t wait for it to cool down.”

“Steak? Pshh. I can eat ramyun for the rest of my life if it tastes as good as this.”

The flavor broke down all international taste bud barriers.

It satisfied the taste buds perfectly and slipped down the throat, giving an unexplainable sense of fulfillment.

– Yes, you’ve done well.

You lived so diligently until now.

Life will throw hardships, but will also be fruitful and happy.

Keep your best foot forward.

It tasted like the soup had a soul and delivered a message!

A spoonful of soup that had a depth of life.

28 people remained seated after they completely finished their bowl. The kimchi and pickled radish were cleared too.

“By chance is there… more ramyun?”

Someone asked carefully.

At this moment, nothing was more important than ramyun.

They wanted another bowl very badly.

Lee Hyun’s forehead twitched, but he had a conscience.

They took the flight from such far places and how heartless it could be if he cooks just one bowl for them.

“If you can wait for a bit, I will return with more.”


“Thank you, Weed-nim!”

The ramyun was cooked once again with loud cheers.

The people cleared seconds and thirds right on the spot.

Lee Hyun’s forehead shrivelled gradually, but each time the ramyun came they blew air on the noodles and ate voraciously.

Once their stomachs filled with warm noodles, they began to converse.

It was their first time meeting in real life, but they were close in Royal Road.

“Now that we’ve all tasted the ramyun, don’t you all agree that he shouldn’t have started as a sculptor?”

“Yeah. If he became a cook he would have slaughtered all competitions.”

“I bet the Hermes Guild would have forfeited after tasting his ramyun.”

“There is no ramyun in Royal Road. Maybe a seafood soup.”

“It’s Weed-nim. He can pull out the noodles from dough and it would be easy for him to make the soup base.”

“Using the finest ingredients in Royal Road, the dish would just be the best.”

Lee Hyun’s cooking skills were already famous, and of all the dishes, his best was ramyun.

When he was young, he always cooked the cheapest ramyun.

He had it for breakfast and dinner, thinking about how he could make it taste better, how to keep the noodles firm and juicy by stirring it with chopsticks.

He gave his all to this one pack of ramyun.

That very essence of flavour was delivered to these people.




This ramyun party should have been over with one dish per person!

There were monstrous individuals that ate more than 3, 4 packs, even 7.

They ran out of ramyun halfway and Lee Hyeyun had to go to the store and buy two more boxes.

“Wow… We can film mukbang right here.”

“Hansen-nim. He’s from Netherlands, right? He sure eats a lot.”

So the party that saddened Lee Hyun finally came to an end and Seoyoon served orange juice.

“I don’t know how it will taste. It was freshly squeezed by myself.”

“To what do I owe this honor…”

Of everyone there, they were all males except for two people.

They took the orange juice with two hands like they were blessed.

Lee Hyun was so tired from cooking over 100 servings of ramyun, but he sat down beside Lopez, aka Oberon in Royal Road.

Lopez looked around and spoke.

“It’s such a cozy and warm house.”

“I built a lot of it myself.”

Lee Hyun fixed up his house from time to time.

He bought trees and tiles for decoration, and he also built hen houses and dog homes.

There wasn’t a single corner that didn’t have his fingerprints, but he was never 100% satisfied.

Even those who are happy with plain homes would think the same after seeing Seoyoon’s beautiful adjacent residence. 

“I also wanted to build a house but I did not get the chance yet.”

“Is that so? I mean… It’s not easy buying land and building a house.”

Lee Hyun agreed with Oberon.

When he used to live in a semi-basement rent, he wished to own a house of his own.

A wish too big to ask for.

“I am currently living in a worn-down house that I inherited from my family.”

“How old is it?”

“It’s about 150 years old.”

Lee Hyun felt a bad premonition as he listened to Lopez.

Normally, a 150 year-old house would look something like a deserted house that was about to collapse at any moment. However, he caught on the detail that it was a house inherited through generations.

“By chance is the land like 200 pyeong or something?”

“Pyeong? I’m not familiar with the korean measurements. It should be about 290 acres.”

“290 acres… That is quite the number, maybe because it’s an old home.”

Lee Hyun took out his phone immediately and tapped on the calculator.

The result was insane. 355,000 pyeong!

“290 acres?”


“A house built on such a massive piece of land? Do you run farms as well?”

“I do raise horses. There is also a landing strip?”

“Landing strip?

Lee Hyun heard a word that shouldn’t belong in a house.

“You got a plane at your place?”

“I have a photo of it. Do you want to see?”

Lopez showed him pictures of his home captured in his phone.

It wasn’t a house with a cute sized lawn like the Korean detached homes.

The pictures were taken from the sky on a plane and in those pictures were a landing strip, 3 planes, a massive garden and a mansion.

“This is your home?”

“I have residences in Florida, LA and San Francisco too, but this is my family home.”

Lopez was impressive, an American billionaire!

‘No wonder he has no interest in broadcasts.

Where would he even consider using the small portions of money from interviews and commercials? He wouldn’t even be able to fill the oil tank on his plane with it.

‘If I was rich like this guy, I wouldn’t regret spending 200 won more on salt. Why would I bother saving? I wouldn’t be able to spend it all no matter how hard I try…’

Lee Hyun couldn’t bear the pain of jealousy that was developing in his lower belly.

“So why did you come all the way to South Korea just for ramyun?”

“Haha. Yeah, because you invited me…”

“Do you not have ramyun at home?”

No matter how rich he was; to Weed he was just a disaster that ate 7 free packs of ramyun!




By the time Weed logged into Royal Road, the fate of the continent was much worse.

Thor, the dwarf kingdom had been focused by Kaybern during that time.

“It’s all over. My mine…”

“My house was destroyed.”

They survived for the time being, but Kaybern’s wrath had just begun and the dwarves began to migrate away from Thor.

The draconic warriors from the lair spread out to various parts of the continent and rounded up more monsters.

Seoyoon compensated the dwarves fairly and housed them.

“A dragon that is redrawing the map… I don’t know how this will end.”

The fact that the dwarf race quest surfaced, the situation was becoming more grave.

“Major cities were destroyed, increase in disasters and number of monsters. We can endure this moment, but when will this all end?”

In the past, the Embinyu Cult attempted to dominate the Versailles Continent entirely.

Weed managed to avoid a critical situation via the quest, but if it hadn’t turned out that way, the entire continent would have been under their control.

“The Hermes Guild managed to stop them but… Even I wouldn’t have been able to overcome them if it wasn’t for that special quest. Wouldn’t the Hermes Guild have had quite the struggle if the Embinyu Cult had some kind of hidden power?”

It would have been quite a scene if the two factions collided, but for certain the Embinyu Cult was a threat to the continent.

Now, no one wanted the continent to be destroyed by the dragon, but it could very well happen.

In Royal Road, anything could happen at any time.

“Why now? Life just got easier for me.”

If the dragon cannot be stopped, the world would face a catastrophic end.

The emergence of the savior quest was no coincidence, as Kaybern’s continual attacks posed a threat to the world itself.

Weed’s heavy thoughts were intruded the next moment.

– Mapan: You are here! The goods are on the way to Ulgor Highlands.

The tremendous amount of treasures stolen from Kaybern’s lair!

Weed’s mouth spread wide into a smile.

“K-hu-hu. I assume you took good care of them?”

– Mapan: Of course. Though there were some dwarves that had a different heart.

The dragon’s treasures were overwhelming and there were greedy dwarves among the group.

It was a crisis back at the lair to the forest fire, and some stole a bit of treasure during the trip but most were found out after reviewing the broadcast footages.

Some lucky ones got away, but nothing could be done.

“I will be on my way.”

(To be continued…)


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V55C7P1 – Ramen Day

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada & Demonwar!


The dragon lair robbery was a huge success!

Lee Hyun fell into a pleasant contemplation at the prospect of selling a tremendous amount of gear.

“It’s too much to sell all of this at once…” 

Trades were low at every auction site. It was to purchase equipment from the dragon lair as soon as they became available.

“If I make profit this instant, a lot of people are going to try and take a share.”

Lee Hyun learned a life lesson while watching robbery movies, that teams could break up over the split of the spoils.

“Time to tie up loose ends.”

He decided to proceed slowly with the organization of the treasures. It wasn’t as if these treasures that he stashed were going to walk away on their own. After the shares are distributed to the dwarves, assault team and the Mapan Council he would still have over half left over.

“I’m going to make a crazy amount of money.”

Lee Hyun spoke serenely.

“Going to buy some things that I wanted for myself…”

He was going to buy a thick winter jacket.

Clothes from the market fell off in terms of cold protection compared to the brand jackets sold in a mall.

“If I look for something on clearance, I’m sure I’ll land something not too expensive.

Then with the rest of the money I will buy real estate.”

In the end, it was all real estate!

Lee Hyun made up his mind as he searched the internet and the hot search keyword list came into view.

  • Dragon Lair Robbery
  • Black Dragon Kaybern
  • Ulta Mountain Pass Forest Fire
  • Oberon’s Death
  • Seoyoon’s glamorous body
  • Kaybern’s Lair
  • Seoyoon’s Height
  • Dragon Lair Treasure
  • Seoyoon’s Voice

The dragon lair robbery took most of the keyword charts.

In regards to Seoyoon, she was always on the top of the charts all year long and it was no surprise.

“But, did Oberon-nim die?”

There were related videos of him running alone in order to save the dwarves of the transport team that was surrounded by monsters.

He did save his comrades but died in the end.

He raised his abilities substantially through the Brazier of Sacrifice and therefore was able to save many lives.

He drew the monsters away to aid in the escape of the other transport teams.

“This man was saving the day over there as well.”

Lee Hyun was appreciative of Oberon yet very uncomfortable.

‘Is it fun to live life that way?’

For him, life had value only when he lived for himself.

Oberon had a lifestyle that he could never come to understand, but he was appreciated nonetheless.

“Including the situation at the lair, I acknowledge that Oberon-nim had the biggest contribution. I have at least a bit of conscience after all. I don’t think two items will suffice.”

It was a concern as to what kind of reward he should present to Oberon.

Lee Hyun thought that sincerity was important, so he received the contact information of Oberon and the dwarves that used the Brazier of Sacrifice. He sent them a text message personally.

– Hello. This is Weed. You have my sincerest gratitude for your great help in the dragon’s lair. There doesn’t seem to be a proper way to express my thanks. Hmm-hmm.

Our family is going to get together tomorrow and eat ramen. Delicious kimchi and homemade dumplings are also on the menu.

Would you like to join us?

Ramen specially cooked by Lee Hyun himself.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it was an extraordinary treatment for anyone in the broadcasting station.

He didn’t expect that many people who got the mass text message to visit.

“They are busy people. No way they will actually come to eat ramen. This is just showing some respect through text.”

This was true especially for Oberon who was different from the other users in that he was famous for his inactivity out in the community.

In Royal Road he created a guild and led people passionately, but in real life he never appeared on interviews or shows.

However, the users replied soon after.

– It’s an honor. I will certainly be there.

– For such a day to come. I am not in the least disappointed about dying!

– I’ve wanted to meet you all my life.

– Thank you so much for inviting me. I will definitely make a visit.

– I asked for a day off at work. My boss happily signed off on it. Please give me just one autograph.

– I will run this instant… Ah, it is tomorrow. How can I wait until tomorrow comes?! I will spend the night with my eyes wide open and run over in the morning. Swoosh-swoosh.

There were also users that did not reside in South Korea.

– I booked a flight. I will layover in Paris and arrive in South Korea early morning. I’m so looking forward to it.

– Can I come with my mom? My mom wants to go as well. This is from Moscow.

– Japan here. I’m going to take a figurine with me. Can you sign your autograph on it? I have all 45 figurines of the sculptural creatures including Wyvern and Bingryong!

– I am departing from Turkey. I am leaving now. My heart is pounding.

Lee Hyun sighed regretfully.

“Just eat ramen at your own homes. To think they would really come.”

The people were too clueless. Oberon’s reply came later.

– I just read your message. I will be on my flight right now.

Honestly, it was a frustrating situation.

“Do these people not have any ramen in their lives or something?”




The ramen party, contrary to his intentions, was became too much of a spectacle!

Lee Hyun got up the next morning and walked to the market with Seoyoon.

“I have to cook ramen for the guests when they arrive at lunch.”

“I know. I saw it on broadcast.”


“Yes. It was urgent news on CTS Media, that you are holding a ramen party for the dwarves.”


The broadcast station even sent out ramen cooking as urgent news!

Lee Hyun thought that such intrusion was unavoidable as he had become famous.

“Anyways, people are coming over and I can’t cook just ramen like a bad host.”

“Should we buy beef too?”

“No. Not to that extent… Let’s put a bunch of stuff in the ramen. They say that one needs to live life conservatively, but you shouldn’t cheap out on food for the visitors.”

He had little memories with his parents that passed away when he was young.

But, he did remember that his mom used to cook a lot of food whenever guests came over to the house.

“Let’s buy some mussels… A little bit of crabs too. Crabs in the soup will be amazing.”

 “How about some sashimi? I can cook them spicy fish stew too.”

“I’m saying it again. This shouldn’t go that far.”

Lee Hyun cut her off cold heartedly.

It was because 28 users notified him of their visit.

The two walked around the market, buying necessities and cooking ingredients, enjoying their usual date.




Lunch time approached and Lee Hyun made sure to keep Lee Hyeon’s mouth closed.

“It is the same with all the dwarves, but don’t make fun of Oberon-nim being short when he arrives.”

“Alright, brother.”

“You have to maintain manners. You can’t make fun of people based on their appearances.”

“I don’t do that. And dwarves are just a small race. It has nothing to do with his real life height.”

“Can’t you tell from him not appearing on shows? I guarantee that he will be shorter and uglier than me.”

“That’s strange. He is kind and has good leadership skill. The attitude in which he leads other people doesn’t give off that kind of vibe.”


“I’ll be careful.”

Lee Hyun agreed to it even though it was not logically sound for her.

Quarrelling over his nagging could easily turn into a 10 hour lecture.

A long time ago, she hung out with the wrong group of friends and rebelled to the extreme, breaking her leg in the end.

That was immense pain, but nothing compared to what happened after.

Lee Hyun nagged her 10 hours a day until her leg healed!

“We don’t have mom or dad! School is a pain in the butt! I’m embarrassed to show up in front of other kids looking poor!”

Talking back harshly had no effect.

Once the nagging began, the process and the end was predetermined.

“Are you embarrassed of being poor? Then it means that you can still endure. When you were young I changed your diapers and carried you on my back every day. It seems you forgot all of that. You weren’t potty trained at all.”

Comprehensively covering his raising of her from diapers to adolescence, he spoke about incidents where he went around to pick up school bags or used clothing in order to send her to school.

His nagging drew from everywhere from old, unending stories to analyzing every detail as to why her current actions are illegitimate. He even went onto the worries about the past, present and the future. It was a bombardment of scolding with introduction, development, turn and conclusion on a timeline!

‘Whew. That’s too much.’

Lee Hyun became exhausted and fell asleep. But she couldn’t escape from the nagging that started again the next morning.

About 5 days of his nagging, Lee Hyun thought to herself.

‘I might actually be pretty smart? I’m starting to memorize all his nagging.’

It continued on for 20 days and she was struck with a headache.

‘Getting beat is better on my soul than this. I feel like I’m going to kill myself listening to him.’

Lee Hyun changed drastically after that day.

She cut contact with her bad social circle, studied hard and never let her brother gain an opportunity to scold her.


“I got 98 for the english exam this month. I got one wrong. I will get 100 in the next exam.’

‘Make sure to go over…”

“Yup. I will check two, three times and avoid mistakes.”

“Your friends…”

“Yeah, they’re friends who study diligently at school.”

“Don’t spend time just studying…”

“I don’t study all the time. I have various hobbies. I read books and I work out regularly.”

His nagging converted a human soul!

After that, she would have several dreams where Lee Hyun scolds her that woke her up instantly.

‘Will unni get scolded too?’

Lee Hyun thought that Seoyoon would run away after finding out her brother’s real side.

Nagging got annoying with just a few words, and no one could possibly withstand several hours.

‘Honestly there are other guys out there. If unni leaves, he would be devastated, no?’

It won’t be long until the nagging begins for Seoyoon too.

It was a nagging bombardment that didn’t stop whether you cried or atoned.

That anxiety had continued every day for her.

Lee Hyun with a concerned heart went to see Seoyoon.

“Unni, you have to be cautious of my brother today.”


“He’s cooking ramen for the dwarves. He’s going to feel very annoyed by it.”

“How bad?”

“I know because I’m his sister, and you have to watch out. Especially don’t talk to other guys no matter what happens. My brother has issues with jealousy.”

“Did he ever get jealous because of his girlfriend before?”

“He never did date a girl before… But you can see it in him. He will be narrow minded and overly jealous.”

Seoyoon shook her head in certainty.

“He’s not that kind of person.”

“I’m speaking the truth. I’ll throw in a deep secret. He thinks himself very good looking.”

“He’s the most handsome guy on earth.”


Lee Hyun was confused as if she went through 2 hours of nagging.

‘She’s already been driven mad by him.’

Even so, in order to upkeep justice she spoke softly.

“In fact, my brother nags a lot.”

“He does it so that you will do better in life. I understand all that.”

From a young age, Lee Hyun thought that her brother getting a girlfriend would never come true. But now, she could see the two spending sweet times very often.

‘For me to survive, I have to become independent as soon as possible.’

(To be continued…)


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V55C7P1 – Ramen Day

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada & Demonwar!


The dragon lair robbery was a huge success!

Lee Hyun fell into a pleasant contemplation of selling a tremendous amount of gear.

“It’s too much to sell all of this at once…” 

Trades were low at every auction site. It was to purchase equipments from the dragon lair as soon as they became available.

“If I make profit this instant, a lot of people are going to try and take a share.”

Lee Hyun learned the life lesson while watching robbery movies that teams break up over the split of the spoils.

“Tie up loose ends.”

He decided to proceed slowly with the organization of the treasures. It wasn’t as if these treasures that he stashed were going to walk away on their own. After the shares are distributed to the dwarves, assault team and the Mapan Council he would still have over half left over.

“I’m going to make a crazy amount of money.”

Lee Hyun spoke serenely.

“Going to buy some things that I wanted for myself…”

He was going to buy a thick winter jacket.

Clothes from the market fell off in terms of cold protection compared to the brand jackets sold in a mall.

“If I look for something on clearance, I’m sure I’ll land something not too expensive.

Then with the rest of the money I will buy real estate.”

In the end, it was all real estate!

Lee Hyun made up his mind as he searched the internet and the hot search keyword list came into view.

  • Dragon Lair Robbery
  • Black Dragon Kaybern
  • Ulta Mountain Pass Forest Fire
  • Oberon’s Death
  • Seoyoon’s glamorous body
  • Kaybern’s Lair
  • Seoyoon’s Height
  • Dragon Lair Treasure
  • Seoyoon’s Voice

The dragon lair robbery took most of the keyword charts.

In regards to Seoyoon, she was always on the top of the charts all year long and it was no surprise.

“But, did Oberon-nim die?”

There were related videos of him running alone in order to save the dwarves of the transport team that was surrounded by monsters.

He did save his comrades but died in the end.

He raised his abilities substantially through the Brazier of Sacrifice and therefore was able to save many lives.

He drew the monsters to aid in the escape of the other transport teams.

“This man was saving the day over there as well.”

Lee Hyun was appreciative of Oberon yet very uncomfortable.

‘Is it fun to live life that way?’

For him, life had value only when he lived for himself.

Oberon had a lifestyle that he could never come to understand, but he was appreciated nonetheless.

“Including the situation at the lair, I acknowledge that Oberon-nim had the biggest contribution. I have at least a bit of conscience after all. I don’t think two equipments will suffice.”

It was a concern as to what kind of reward he should present to Oberon.

Lee Hyun thought that sincerity was important, so he received the contact information of Oberon and the dwarves that used the Brazier of Sacrifice. He sent them a text message personally.

– Hello. This is Weed. You have my sincerest gratitude for your great help in the dragon’s lair. There doesn’t seem to be a proper way to express my thanks. Hmm-hmm.

Our family is going to get together tomorrow and eat ramen. Delicious kimchi and homemade dumplings are also on the menu.

Would you like to join us?

Ramen specially cooked by Lee Hyun himself.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it was an extraordinary treatment for anyone in the broadcasting station.

He didn’t expect that many people of whom got the mass text message to visit.

“They are busy people. No way they will actually come to eat ramen. This is just showing some respect through text.”

This was true especially for Oberon who was different from the other users in that he was famous for his inactivity out in the community.

In Royal Road he created a guild and led people passionately, but in real life he never appeared on interviews or shows.

However, the users replied soon after.

– It’s an honor. I will certainly be there.

– For such a day to come. I am in the least disappointed about dying!

– I’ve wanted to meet you all my life.

– Thank you so much for inviting me. I will definitely make a visit.

– I asked for a day off at work. My boss happily signed off on it. Please give me just one autograph.

– I will run this instant… Ah, it is tomorrow. How can I wait until tomorrow comes?! I will spend the night eyes wide open and run over in the morning. Swoosh-swoosh.

There were also users that did not reside in South Korea.

– I booked a flight. I will layover in Paris and arrive in South Korea early morning. I’m so looking forward to it.

– Can I come with my mom? My mom wants to go as well. This is Moscow.

– Japan here. I’m going to take a doll with me. Can you sign your autograph on it? I have all 45 dolls of the sculptural creatures including Wyvern and Bingryong!

– I am departing from Turkey. I am leaving now. My heart is pounding.

Lee Hyun sighed regretfully.

“Just eat ramen at your own homes. To think they would really come.”

The people were too clueless. Oberon’s reply came later.

– I just read your message. I will be on my flight right now.

Honestly, it was a frustrating situation.

“Do these people not have any ramen in their lives or something?”




The ramen party, contrary to his intentions, became too much of a spectacle!

Lee Hyun got up the next morning and walked to the market with Seoyoon.

“I have to cook ramen for the guests when they arrive at lunch.”

“I know. I saw it on broadcast.”


“Yes. It was urgent news on CTS Media, that you are holding a ramen party for the dwarves.”


The broadcast station even sent out ramen cooking as urgent news!

Lee Hyun thought that such intrusion was unavoidable as he had become famous.

“Anyways, people are coming over and I can’t cook just ramen like a bad host.”

“Should we buy beef too?”

“No. Not to that extent… Let’s put a bunch of stuff in the ramen. They say that one needs to live life conservatively, but you shouldn’t cheap out on food for the visitors.”

He had little memories with his parents that passed away when he was young.

But, he did remember that his mom used to cook a lot of food whenever guests came over to the house.

“Let’s buy some mussels… A little bit of crabs too. Crabs in the soup will be amazing.”

 “How about some sashimi? I can cook them spicy fish stew too.”

“I’m saying it again. This shouldn’t go that far.”

Lee Hyun cut her off cold heartedly.

It was because 28 users notified him of their visit.

The two walked around the market, buying necessities and cooking ingredients, enjoying their usual date.



Lunch time approached and Lee Hyun made sure to keep Lee Hyeon’s mouth closed.

“It is the same with all the dwarves, but don’t make fun of Oberon-nim being short when he arrives.”

“Alright, brother.”

“You have to maintain manners. You can’t make fun of people based on their appearances.”

“I don’t do that. And dwarves are just a small race. It has nothing to do with his real life height.”

“Can’t you tell from him not appearing on shows? I guarantee that he will be shorter and uglier than me.”

“That’s strange. He is kind and has leadership. The attitude in which he leads other people doesn’t give off that kind of vibe.”


“I’ll be careful.”

Lee Hyeyun agreed to it even though it was not logically sound for her.

Quarrelling over his nagging could easily turn into a 10 hour lecture.

Long time ago, she hung out with the wrong group of friends and rebelled to the extreme, breaking her leg in the end.

That was immense pain, but nothing compared to what happened after.

Lee Hyun nagged her 10 hours a day until her leg healed!

“We don’t have mom or dad! School is a pain in the butt! I’m embarrassed to show up in front of other kids looking poor!”

Talking back harshly had no effect.

Once the nagging began, the process and the end was predetermined.

“Are you embarrassed of being poor? Then it means that you can still endure. When you were young I changed your diapers and carried you on my back every day. It seems you forgot all of that. You weren’t potty trained at all.”

Since her unretained baby years and along the timeline, he spoke about incidents where he went around to pick up school bags or used clothing in order to send her to school.

His nagging told from old, unending stories to analyzing every detail as to why her current actions are illegitimate. He even went onto the worries about the past, present and the future. It was a bombardment of scolding with introduction, development, turn and conclusion on a timeline!

‘Whew. That’s too much.’

Lee Hyeyun became exhausted and fell asleep. But she couldn’t escape from the nagging that started again the next morning.

About 5 days of his nagging, Lee Hyeyun thought to herself.

‘I might actually be pretty smart? I’m starting to memorize all his nagging.’

It continued on for 20 days and she was struck with a headache.

‘Getting beat is better on my soul than this. I feel like I’m going to kill myself listening to him.’

Lee Hyeyun changed drastically after that day.

She cut contact with her bad social circle, studied hard and never let her brother gain an opportunity to scold her.


“I got 98 for the english exam this month. I got one wrong. I will get 100 in the next exam.’

‘Make sure to go over…”

“Yup. I will check two, three times and avoid mistakes.”

“Your friends…”

“Yeah, they’re friends who study diligently at school.”

“Don’t spend time just studying…”

“I don’t study all the time. I have various hobbies. I read books and I work out regularly.”

His nagging converted a human soul!

After that, she would have several dreams where Lee Hyun scolds her that woke her up instantly.

‘Will unni get scolded too?’

Lee Hyeyun thought that Seoyoon will run away after finding out her brother’s real side.

Nagging got annoying with just a few words, and no one could possibly withstand several hours.

‘Honestly there are other guys out there. If unni leaves, he would be devastated, no?’

It won’t be long until the nagging begins for Seoyoon too.

It was a nagging bombardment that didn’t stop whether you cried or atoned.

That anxiety had continued every day for her.

Lee Hyeyun with a concerned heart went to see Seoyoon.

“Unni, you have to be cautious of my brother today.”


“He’s cooking ramen for the dwarves. He’s going to feel very annoyed by it.”

“How bad?”

“I know because I’m his sister, and you have to watch out. Especially don’t talk to other guys no matter what happens. My brother has issues with jealousy.”

“Did he ever get jealous because of his girlfriend before?”

“He never did date a girl before… But you can see it in him. He will be narrow minded and overly jealous.”

Seoyoon shook her head in certainty.

“He’s not that kind of person.”

“I’m speaking the truth. I’ll throw in a deep secret. He thinks that he himself is very good looking.”

“He’s the most handsome guy on earth.”


Lee Hyeyun was confused as if she went through 2 hours of nagging.

‘She is buried in roses.’

Even so, in order to upkeep justice she spoke softly.

“In fact, my brother nags a lot.”

“He does it so that you will do better in life. I understand all that.”

From a young age, Lee Hyeyun thought that her brother getting a girlfriend would never come true. But now, she could see the two spending sweet times very often.

‘For me to survive, I have to become independent as soon as possible.’

(To be continued…)


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V55C6P4 – The Great Escape

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada, Demonwar & RealShady!


The instant he confirmed the enemy’s skill, he prepared autonomously.

“Sword of Regeneration!”

He bent backwards and used the secret sword technique.

The skill greatly enhanced his health points and defense.


< Health points increased by 200%. Influence of nearby plants increased defense.

   Wrecked trees and grasses transfer all their remaining energy. Defense increased by 12%.>



The Loa Sword and the assassin’s dagger clashed relentlessly in close distance.

At first, it seemed that the assassin’s incoming attack was going to land straight on him, but he barely deflected it.



“Dodge… Huh?”

In the eyes of his approaching comrades, he was just about to be assassinated, but in the next split second, he was already ready to defend himself.

Then, the assassin flung his arm. This time, five daggers flew toward Weed.

– Condemning Throw!

A secret technique in assassination!

It throws a poisoned dagger on the enemy.

‘I’ve heard about it. It is a fearful, lethal skill.’

One dagger could dish out 100,000 damage. That being said, about half was poison damage over time.

Assassins had minimal health points and lacked defensive skills as a tradeoff for the best burst damage.

Weed swung the Loa Sword, deflecting three daggers.

Defensive skills like Closing Eyes Shut had no meaning in this situation!

‘I need some distance.’

He took two daggers to the body while activating his dimensional gate glove, escaping from the attacker’s reach.

He distanced himself about 10 meters and earned enough time to catch his breath.

“Healing Touch!”

Weed only put his trust in reliable priests like Irene.

They were capable of healing health points or abnormal status right away.

– Dwarf. You are quite skilled in surviving.

Zultan slowly approached, slipping out from the veil of darkness.

One of the boss level enemies that guarded Kaybern’s lair now stood in front of him.

Weed whispered while keeping his eyes on Zultan.

“Are there any other enemies following us within a 2 km radius?”

– Swift Coldwind: I am sorry. It seems like he moved among the ashes as I did not spot him.

“Let bygones be bygones. What about the enemy?”

– Swift Coldwind: There are small groups of monsters in sight. No other significant movements spotted.

“What about Kaybern?”

– Swift Coldwind: It is heading to the dwarf village in the west.

He was able to deduce quickly.

‘Assassins do have tracking skills. He must have followed my tracks by chance.’

Weed gave a glance to Pale and Seasoned Crab.

– Pale: Understood.
– Seasoned Crab: Hu-hu-hu-hu.

The comrades and high-level users that were waiting at Tis Village slowly backed away and surrounded the area.

Seasoned Crab hid in the shadows.

Weed tapped the Loa Sword on his palm and spoke.

“Hey. Did you come alone?”

– I alone am enough to kill a lowly dwarf.

Zultan knew of Weed only as one of the countless dwarves that robbed Kaybern’s lair.

Oblivious he had chased down the bandits’ truly evil boss.

Weed let out a deep sigh.


– Are you afraid? Do not worry. Death is close.

It was common to lure out boss level monsters to their defeat.

The minions were taken care of in advance, or there was the other option of setting traps in a good location and playing the waiting game.

Weed didn’t like luring because it usually took too much time.

“I think this is what they mean when something falls into your lap. After such a splendid time at the dragon’s lair, more items are delivering themselves to me. I wonder just how much misfortune there will be after all this luck today.”

Pale, Python and the dwarven warriors assembled in Tis Village.

At least a hundred users had surrounded him.

A typical boss level monster would have fled, but Zultan greatly underestimated humans and dwarves.

Much like how Kaybern looked down on humans, his subordinates did the same.

“Let us begin right away.”

The instant Weed gave the order, Pale’s arrow fired from Zultan’s right.

“Let’s go!”

“Kill it!”

All the users charged at once.

Back at the lair it was an unfavorable battle and they were forced into a defensive stance.

However, if it was a boss monster that came all the way here all on its own, the glory was only for the first to kill!

– Weaklings! I will slaughter you all.

Zultan sprayed his daggers and dropped smoke as he engaged in battle.

“Harmonious Light!”

“Intensifying Flash!”

“Rolling Wind!”

Numerous magic spells cleansed the smoke.

The users stuck close so that cloaking couldn’t be used, followed by concentrated fire, ice and lightning magic attacks.

“Flash Storm!”


“Who used an area of effect magic skill?!”

“Calm down and focus on the fight.”

Zultan was overwhelmed by various magic spells each second.

Surprisingly, most magic spells were swallowed by the darkness, but some did come in direct contact.

He managed to kill ten dwarves, but as he was an assassin his health points were declining fast.

Weed grasped the Loa Sword and engaged in the biggest human contemplation.

‘Do I go for the last hit, or not?’

Finishing Zultan would grant him combat achievements.

‘Wouldn’t it be too obvious? I’m sure there are quite a number of groups that are jealous of me.’

Even if he were to be criticized by other people, it was a stupid thing to give up on such an opportunity.

‘Yeah, this is what it should be. I can deal with the guilt later.’


The force of the dwarves and the other users was elevating.

They too knew that Zultan’s end wasn’t too far.

‘Kill it.’

‘It’s mine.’

He took out a poisoned long sword and swung it in resistance, damaging nearby dwarves.

Even so, the users charged fearlessly to end Zultan’s life with their own hands.

Even mages and priests were preparing their most powerful spells.

‘This fight will end in a split second.’

They didn’t have time to check Zultan’s remaining health points. They left it all on instincts and just bombarded their skills.

It was when all the users were waiting for Zultan’s demise.

A shadow elongated from behind Zultan and pounced.

– Executioner’s Blade!

It was an assassin skill that executed a target instantly if its health points had fallen below 5%.

Seasoned Crab had made his appearance.

“Oh, no way!”

“This cannot be!”

The dwarven users screamed.

“Ah heck, merciless axes!”

“Doom Smash!”


Each user landed the most powerful skill on Zultan.

Kaybern could stand its ground thanks to its high resistance and health points, but assassin Zultan did not have the luxury of having such stats.


< Assassin Zultan of Ulta Mountain Pass, the overseer of death has entered eternal rest… >


Weed passed through multiple dimensional gates the moment Seasoned Crab appeared.

Users were blocking either the entrance or the exit, so he took a few detours, and in the last moment, he debated using Instant Sculptural Technique.

‘I don’t have much temporal energy left, and I have to reserve it for Kaybern…’

He was just 3 meters away when Zultan met his end!

Even as Zultan’s body was fading away with the darkness, melee attacks, as well as magic spells, shamanic chants, arrows and other attacks, were landing – a moment too late.

The interest of the users was not about winning against Zultan.

“What, who got it?!”

“Who is it?”

The users searched their surroundings. They suspected one another, trying to confirm who took Zultan’s loot.

Seasoned Crab stealthily picked up the item dropped by Zultan.

“So, SeasonedCrab-nim got it in the end?”

“Assassin SeasonedCrab. SeasonedCrab-nim got the loot.”

“Such a turd.”

“We did all the work, and SeasonedCrab-nim took the last hit.”

Seasoned Crab became subject to the grudge of all the users!

Seasoned Crab felt this was unfair and he also had a say against this matter.

He was the one who contested Zultan back in the dragon’s lair to begin with.

Assassins with lethal attack damage aiming for surprise attacks and the cutthroat finish was by the books.

Funny enough, the finishing attack led to the hate of all users at the location.

Though achievement points were split up based on the contribution in combat, it was incomparable to the finisher.

Weed sheathed the Loa Sword and spoke as he passed by.

“A man cannot live like that if he has a conscience.”


“I know how to strike last too, but I didn’t.”



The dwarven users of Thor were expecting to welcome a massive change.

First of all, a large forest fire lit between Ulta and Sygorn Mountain Pass, followed by the invasion of monsters led by Kaybern.

“Just what are we going through because of Weed’s robbery?”

“Exactly. My house, my blacksmith shop, everything is gone.”

“What about our homeland? I lived there for four years…”

Kaybern set the dwarves as the target for revenge.

On the day of the robbery alone, he destroyed five dwarven cities and demanded tremendous offerings.

The usual offerings paid by the dwarves increased tenfold!

“What are we supposed to do…? This is just telling us to die.”

The dwarves hated Weed so much that they wanted to kill him.

On the Royal Road discussion board of each race, there was a relay of criticism and complaints about Weed but the impact didn’t spread any further.

The dwarven race quest!

The robbery of the dragon lair was also a release of the old dwarven grudge.

Of course, the quest itself said to steal the Brazier of Sacrifice, not loot as many treasure as possible…

– Kaybern is a seriously evil dragon. Any dwarven user is aware of it. A quest to slay that dragon will arise at any moment.
– Would now be the time? Judging by its pure strength, it just seems impossible.
– He’s carrying out the Wish of the Dwarf, the racial quest and it’s bound to cause some unintended damage. If you’re a dwarf, you have to endure it.
– Did you lose your house? I lost my house that I worked over a year to get.
– I agree. Weed has caused too much damage for us dwarves.
– I sincerely hope that he succeeds in the quest and slays Kaybern. This time around, the humans became the target, but it was us dwarves that suffered for a really long time. Now I just wish that we won’t be bullied anymore.

The Arpen Empire quickly released a statement.

Weed wasn’t in the least interested but Seoyoon created a relief program for the victims.

– I sincerely apologize for the damages. Those of you who lost homes and blacksmith shops in Thor may migrate to the Arpen Empire. Better homes and blacksmith shops will be built for free. For a smooth settlement, we will provide iron ores and various materials for no profit for three months.

The dwarves lost their establishments, but the Arpen Empire offered sincere assistance.

Until now, damages that arose due to quests in Royal Road were never compensated.

Users were trampled upon under the principle of power as prestigious guilds kept killing and stealing.

In comparison, the Arpen Empire stepping up to provide compensation for damages from the race quest remedied the complaints from the dwarves.

(To be continued…)


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V55C6P3 – The Great Escape

Par mimosab

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A massive forest fire spanning across several dozen kilometers was a spectacle for the users watching from over the ridge.

“What do we do about Weed-nim?”

“Shouldn’t we go and rescue him?”

Irene and Surka waited at Tis village located at the entrance of Ulta Mountain Pass.

This small pioneer village with dwarves, humans and elves living in harmony received much attention from Royal Road followers.

Will Weed make it back alive?

Ulta Mountain Pass had already turned into a huge smelting furnace.

The sky was blanketed with black smoke as if a volcano had erupted.

Pale who fled to safety spoke meekly; he knew that he could not escape from such a precarious situation. 

“If he can return from that, I can’t think of him as a human being…”

SeasonedCrab caught on.

“It’s possible if it’s Weed-nim.”

Though the time they spent together wasn’t long, he knew of his tenacity resembling a cockroach!

The four dwarven users died long beforehand.

Back in those moments, there was still a bit of visibility and the situation could be observed via the broadcast screens.

The forest fire was approaching at a fierce rate with the wind.

Tree branches succumbed to the flames one after another and the fire which swallowed everything in its path evoked a primal fear in all who saw it

The fallen leaves also burst into searing flame as the world itself seemed to collapse into a fiery hellscape.

The tides of the fire pushed in. It was impossible to escape the fire that crawled in from all directions.

The hosts of KMC media’s live broadcast were devastated.

– That is truly a terrible forest fire. Hyemin-ssi, do you think that Weed-nim has prepared for death? I believe that he chose death in order to hide the Brazier of Sacrifice instead of being discovered by the harpies.

– I don’t think so. Weed-nim is someone who will find a way to live even when death seems inevitable. 

– Since you spent time up close to him, I’m sure you know him better than I do. Then, what would be his decision at this point?

– It is hard to determine. He declined the uncertain rescue attempt from the avians. I am unsure if he could lose the harpies, but I believe he turned them down because they could attract Kaybern’s attention.

The other female host Dana Lee asked.

– Transformation! Couldn’t he just shapeshift into a fire spirit or something?

– I’m not sure if you can transform into elemental spirits. Even if he were to become one, his physical strength would weaken, thus making it difficult to maneuver the wagon. So,I dont think that’s a possibility.

– Oh. Then, how about just getting out of there first? He could bury the Brazier of Sacrifice and flee to safety. If it’s Weed-nim alone, it won’t be too hard to escape.

Dana Lee’s thoughts caused a surge of comments in the broadcast discussion boards and chat.

– She’s right, that’s it.
– That’s an amazing idea!
– But isn’t it too late now? How can he escape when he’s already surrounded?
– Live, Weed. You must live.
– He’s already as good as dead. Just give in to the flames!
– It seems like Hermes Guild is still alive.

Hyemin Shin considered her idea as plausible but soon shook her head on the contrary.

– Weed-nim will never turn to that idea.
– Pardon? Was there a flaw in my reasoning? It’s the Brazier of Sacrifice, so it won’t melt even if he leaves it in the forest fire.
– It’s not about the damage or the chance of success. Weed-nim is not the type of person who could leave a precious treasure buried in the ground.
– Oh… He is so careful? I mean, it is the treasure of the dwarf race and an item that will serve a vital purpose in defeating Kaybern.
– It is different from that. How should I put this? He trusts no one in this world…  

It was Weed’s anxiety complex!

He didn’t know what would happen to such unique treasures once they left his hands, so he could not leave them be.

On the other hand, it left the hosts puzzled.

Weed’s footage was continuing to air even after the dwarf users lost their lives.

However, the forest fire swept everything and only red flames were visible on the screen.

– It doesn’t make sense that he would be alive in that fire. Every second he would be receiving an insane amount of damage to his health points.
– Logically speaking, that is more than justified. But since it is Weed-nim, he won’t die that easily. I believe he can endure.

Soon enough, intel was delivered to Shin Hyemin.

– I received word that Weed-nim is perfectly fine.
– In that fire?
– Yes, he seems to be searing his body. He’s enjoying it so much that he doesn’t want to leave.

It was hard to believe, but Weed was alive and well even in a forest fire.

 – Ah! The Sun Warrior. Fire damage is reduced significantly from that job class. He has fire affinity.
– Perhaps the Blessing of Goddess Hestia was bestowed on him. Weed-nim has accumulated so many contribution points for her!

Oh Joowan and Dana Lee made several assumptions based on their experience on a number of programs about Royal Road. Hyemin Shin thought the same at first, but the information delivered by Pale was different.

– There are many reasons for his high fire resistance, but the most influential is because of Bard Ray.




Even after the dwarves perished in flames, Weed pushed the wagon and walked silently. The forest fire was somewhat bearable.


< You have taken 34 fire damage. >

< You have taken 11 fire damage. >

< You have taken 63 fire damage. >


The losses were minimal considering the scale of the hellfire covering Ulta Mountain Pass!

‘Indeed, equipment specs.’

He had various equipment and high resistance. To top it off, the property from the Goblet of Flames that he obtained through Bard Ray took effect.


< User takes minimal fire damage. >


Fire-type monsters were actually quite common. However, they posed a challenge and caused users to avoid dungeons that contained too many fire monsters.

It was the same reason that the dwarves possessed low resistance against fire.

‘I guess I should be thanking Bard Ray.’

Weed thought the Goblet of Flames was such a commendable item.

‘Next time I fight Bard Ray I’ll get my hands on great items again. Seriously, the Hermes Guild isn’t all that bad.’

After the wagon burned away, he pushed the brazier forward.

The tree roots that gnotted the ground and had posed as obstacles disappeared in the fire and a path formed through their ashes.

– Swift Coldwind: I am patrolling the outskirts. The harpies are receding from the fire. The skies of where you are located is now safe, Weed-nim.

They had clearance in the sky once again!

Weed was slowly moving away from Kaybern’s lair. It was the moment when his safe escape seemed certain.


< The seal on the Goblet of Flames is weakening.

Progress 1%

Progress 2%

Progress 3%>



Weed brought up the information tab.


< Goblet of Flames: Durability 30/30.

A goblet instilled with the essence of fire. The stories tell that humans collected the flowing lava deep underground, and it contains a fire that has burned for over a million years.

A vessel of legend.

Drawing the power of the goblet may defeat any kind of darkness.

Requirements: None.

Property: All stats increased by 53 by possession.

– Maximum health points and mana increased by 70,000.

– Power of all fire attribute skills enhanced by 200%.

– Effects of combat skills +35%.

– Takes minimal fire damage.

– Able to use ‘Repression of the Goblet’ once every ten days.

Unique: A legend is sealed within.

  7 unidentified properties are dormant.

Repression of the Goblet:  Summons a river of lava or a volcanic eruption and wipes out the enemy. >


An item that concealed a legend.

It was an incredible item even in its current form, and the wrap hasn’t even been taken off yet.

‘So the forest fire… A great presence of fire was breaking the seal.’

Weed reminded himself that he must keep this brazier in his possession.

Alongside the Loa sword, it may prove to be the best of the items in his possession.

He obtained useful weapons and equipment from the dragon’s lair, but items that provided stats just by possession were rare to come by.

It was the treasure of treasures, originally owned by Bard Ray who had seized control of the Central Continent as the leader of the Hermes Guild that unofficially dominated Royal Road!

‘Drawing out power from unlocking the sealed legend in an item of such class? With additional properties… No one could afford this with any amount of money.’

It would become an item impossible to trade with someone else.

There were trinkets or special ornaments that boosted strength, agility or health points.

They were occasionally found in auctions, but none could compare to the Goblet of Flames.

‘In order to break the seal, it had to be put in flames.’

Weed thought it was rather a simple solution for a concealed mystery.

Though in reality, there weren’t many fires with such intensity.

The forest fire of Ulta Mountain Pass was still spreading with the winds.

Enormous trees that probably lived for hundreds of years collapsed in the flames.


< The seal on the Goblet of Flames is weakening.

Progress 33%>


Unfortunately, the trees nearby burned down entirely before the seal had broken.

‘Should I wait inside the forest fire until the seal breaks first?’

Weed contemplated for a moment, but he decided to continue his way out of Ulta Mountain Pass due to the dragon’s presence.

A moment later…


“This way.”

He saw comrades that just couldn’t wait idly at Tis Village climbing up.

Pale, Irene and Surka…

Starting with old comrades, he also saw Seasoned Crab and Python who escaped from the lair.

– Swift Coldwind: Kaybern has risen to the sky once again. Its target of wrath seems to be a dwarven village in the west.

Kaybern too went off in another direction.

“It’s over now…”

He was reassured that the robbery ended successfully.


The instant he heard something flying through the air, his body reacted instinctively.


He lowered his stance, drew the Loa sword and turned his eyes to the sound.

A dark, blurred figure was approaching fast in the blink of an eye.

The distance was no more than 3 meters.

‘Executioner’s Assault. This is an assassin skill.’

It was an attack with pure 80,000 skill damage excluding variables like weapon or levels from the calculation.

If the dagger were to pierce through an unarmored area and land a critical strike, his 300,000 health points would disappear in a flash.


(To be continued…)


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V55C6P2 – The Great Escape

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KMC Media, CTS Media.

They were the top two of the many broadcasting channels out there in Royal Road.

KMC media owned the most popular programs with high view rates.

Even foreign broadcasting channels had overwhelming profits with both indirect and direct exports of these programs.

CTS media was relentless with its aggressive operation based on the capital strength of its parent company.

Revolving around famous hosts, the companies didn’t limit their spendings when it came to casting guests and production costs.

Their primary interest was one man.

“Weed! Get Weed.”

“We get Weed on screen, and that’s game. Who cares if the producer or the chief director changes? More of Weed’s appearance means higher views for that program.”

The broadcasting channels were full of joy each time Weed went on an adventure.

Whether it was combat or sculpting he was guaranteed to bring views.

“We don’t need to worry about foreign exports for the program. Just tell them that we have Weed.”

“But, we don’t have an exclusive contract with him.”

“But it is true that we have produced lots of programs about Weed.”

Under the name of Weed, foreign exports worked out without trouble.

The broadcasting channels were getting a splendid share from it all, but they were not always the ones out ahead.

Birthdays and holidays, even insignificant anniversaries.  They had to find an excuse to bury him with gifts.

“How many times did we send out gifts to Weed-nim this year?”

“Seven times.”

“Send more!  I’m hearing rumors that KMC media has already sent ten gifts.”

“There’s nothing right now to use as an excuse.”

“There’s a dog in that house. If it gives birth, just send something.”

“Isn’t that too blunt?”

“It’s fine. As blunt as it may seem, it’s all about the receiver being happy.”

The broadcasting channel went on a big promotion for the dragon lair robbery.

“Will it actually work? If they get wiped out immediately, that’s the end of our views.”

“But, it is Weed after all.”

It was a half-hearted live broadcast.

“They got discovered by the draconic warriors!”

“There is going to be combat. They’re at it for real.”

The siege inside the lair led to an increase of viewers by the minute.

After that, they seemed to be well on their way to escape but the massive monster chase from the dragon’s lair seemed to douse their hopes.

Furthermore, the trail of fire by the dwarves set ablaze the Ulta and Sygorn Mountain Pass.

The hosts’ veins bulged..

– As you see on the screen, the forest fire is approaching Weed. It seems to be no less than 500 meters away.

– It’s going to reach them at any moment, judging by the speed of the spread.

– I have never been up close to such a forest fire. I’m certain they’re already feeling the heat on their skin. A very flushing heatwave.

– This is a critical situation.

The producers watched in delight as the fire spread; the number of viewers seened to rise with every inch the fire crept closer to Weed.

The broadcasting personnel yelled in delight.





The forest fire was being driven closer by the wind.

Weed calmly carved out a water droplet with his sculpting knife.

“Wow, that’s so cool. How can you carve water?”

“There really is nothing you can’t sculpt. It’s so interesting to see up close.”

Nide and the dwarves were observing in shock.


Weed felt proud every time his sculpting was appreciated.

His sculpting had reached the ultimate level through his flawless grinding!

“Hyung, what exactly are you doing, though?”

“I’m going to make a cloud. I will make it rain.”

“I see.”

It was the sculptural arts of another sculpting master Deikram. He will conjure a miracle of rain and put a rest to the forest fire.

‘Obscuring the sky with dark clouds would help in the escape too.’

Calculations raced through Weed’s head.

‘The dragon’s lair was robbed rather easily. Even though war broke out after getting caught by the draconic warriors; we fended them off thanks to Oberon-nim’s amazing efforts. This fire is nothing in comparison.’

It was a smooth quest considering the initial assessment of near impossibility.

He just had to succeed in the escape somehow.

‘Sculptural art indeed serves its purpose in various situations…’

– Kuaaaaah!

Screaming Kaybern flew right above them.


Weed, Nide and the dwarves dropped right to the ground. Fortunately, they weren’t discovered as it was just passing through.

Kaybern, writhing its body as it roared continuously, was truly nightmarish!

They stuck close to the ground for at least 30 seconds.

It’s not going to work…”


“Sorry, I think I wasted time here.”

Weed gave up on the cloud sculpting.

“I could make it rain, but the fire has gotten too close.”

“But it could still help prevent the fire from spreading, no?”

“Now that the dragon is in proximity, I can’t do anything too suspicious. What a useless thing sculpting is.”

Weed packed his sculpting knife and got on the move once again.

The forest fire tailed close behind them and the fire trail grew down the path along the ridge.

“Hyung, it’s getting hotter.”

“I told you this would happen.”

Running from the fire was becoming more dangerous. It would have been wiser to change routes the moment the dwarves set fire on the forest.

Given the terrain of Ulta Mountain Pass, it was possible to seek the safe paths from the fire trail. The fire and smoke actually diverted the chasers and acted as cover.

Ultimately, they could not go ahead with the option because the escape routes of other transport teams were predetermined.

If the other transport teams were to be discovered, it could lead to unforeseen consequences and any mix-up at this point would be dangerous.

Weed’s team was furthest behind having had to visit the Debrado Village and transport the Brazier of Sacrifice.

“The cleanup is always the most important thing. And now, it is a bit of a crisis.”

Weed felt the tension of running for his life once again..

The forest fire spread and now the entire Ulta Mountain Pass was a hell of fire.

An immense threat that stimulated their primal instinct for survival!


“Yes, hyung.”

“Go ahead on your own. The smoke is thick right now, so you will be able to escape with ease.”

“What about you?”

“I’m going to cut through the fire and move the brazier. I’ll wait until the fire spreads completely.”


Weed decided to use the advancing forest fire to his advantage.

Being engulfed in the flames and smoke would shroud him from the harpies on aerial patrol!

The Brazier of Sacrifice wasn’t something that could be destroyed by fire anyhow.

It was truly an outrageous but innovative plan.


“How could you commit to such a sacrifice…?”

“No. Weed-nim is the emperor of the Arpen Empire. You cannot die in a place like this!”

The dwarves were distraught, but Weed smiled.

“It is okay. I won’t die. But you guys will.”


“I will compensate for your lives.”

Weed’s words had a significant effect in calming the nervous dwarves.

He was the emperor of Arpen Empire with the highest level of trust. Even more, he succeeded in robbingthe dragon lair raid and grasped tremendous wealth.

The treasures they saw earlier proved it to them more than any speech.

“Well, if Weed-nim says so, what fiery path could possibly stop you?”

“I only now have the chance to introduce myself. I am Haron. Thank you. I will only take two pieces of equipment in exchange for my life.”

“I also only need just two.”

“I can choose for myself, if I may? Oh, of course not the overly expensive ones, but something I can equip right now.”

Weed felt that the greed of these dwarves burned deeper than the forest fire.

“Excuse me, I think one is…”

“You’re being stingy with someone’s life here. Don’t we deserve two?”

“Give us two. Two.”

The dwarves in unison pushed for two items.

Even Nide seemed ready to turn at any moment and demand equipment instead of escaping with his life!

‘The world has changed.’

The world was cruel with rarely any gullible people.

“Alright. Let us continue.”

Weed sent Nide first, then pushed the wagon with four others.

He had to wait for the fire and hence there was no need to hurry like before.

The raging forest fire crawled closer and swallowed them.




“It is a massive forest fire.”

“It’s so horrible. The entire Ulta Mountain Pass is going to turn into a pile of ashes. I have never seen such a frightening scene.”

The dwarves that fled north watched the fire over the mountain and were frightened.

“Luckily the fire won’t be coming toward us.”

“Still, let’s keep moving. There is no time to rest.”

The forest fire was forcing these dwarves to flee unreservedly.

“Monsters ahead.”

“There are monsters crossing our route. Oh! The transport team over there…”

The transport teams that went first were surrounded by monsters in combat.

The teams were comprised of dwarven warriors.

Mapan Council left beforehand, and the wagons driven by dwarven warriors that were the last to retreat from the lair were caught in the middle of monsters.

“There is no hope there when monsters are continuing to pool in.”

“Let’s go around.”

The dwarves regrettably turned their heads away and diverted around the monsters.

They had to move according to plan. In the chance of being detected, they agreed on bearing with the situation on their own. However, unpredictable situations always come about. Reinforcement arrived for the dwarves struggling in the intense battle against the monsters.

The short dwarf warrior!

“It’s Oberon-nim.”

“They would have been near us… But Oberon-nim was also leading a transport team.”

“I guess he sent away the transport team already and came by himself.”

Oberon wielded a hammer and axe simultaneously and valiantly fought against the monsters.

It seemed like the effects from the Brazier of Sacrifice remained, as he pushed back the monsters aggressively.

He miraculously rescued two transport teams that were isolated!

In return, he had to be under the concentrated attack from hundreds of monsters.

The dwarves that were watching from afar shook their heads.

“Obern-nim is such an amazing individual… So brilliant, but…”

“Yeah, there is just something that he lacks. For him to step up until the very end even after all that back in the dragon’s lair.”

“By Weed-nim’s own expression, we are all just trying to make a living.”

“We should follow Weed-nim. Life just turns out better when you are beside someone like him.”

“Yup, you are right.”

(To be continued…)


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V55C6P1 – The Great Escape

Par mimosab

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Yoo Byung Joon dwelled in his thoughts.

“The scarecrow strike should have been complete within four weeks, according to the plan.”

He had to increase his stats up to a certain level and proceed to hunt near the castle gates. However, continually swinging his wooden sword was an insane grind. Doing it for four whole weeks was very close to the human limit, both mentally and physically.

He knew that he wasn’t capable at all. Now, he just wanted to collapse and rest every time he grasped a wooden sword.

“This is a novice training arena? This is insane.”

– I don’t think you remember, professor. When you first designed Royal Road, you said it yourself that people who wish to succeed need to suffer. Human limits and potential shall be assessed on the basis of…

Yoo Byung Joon was reminded of his own words from the past.

He blabbered endlessly about the requirements of a hero who will unite the continents, but executing it personally was no different than hell itself.

“My body can’t keep up… I guess I’m too old for this.”

– In Royal Road, there are no restrictions that come from age.

“Well, I’m sure I will feel more mental fatigue than young people.”

– There is absolutely no relevance.

The answers from the AI prevented him from reassuring himself.

He knew all too well of the methods for training quickly in Royal Road.

Even so, mimicking those methods was no ordinary task.

“Mmm, not everyone’s efforts have the same value.”

Yoo Byung Joon then thought of the most brilliant idea.

“Why am I struggling like this? I can go to the item trade website and buy all the best items that I can use.”

Pay to win!

It was using his fortune as the richest man in the world.

Spending millions even on minor items will help him grow exponentially faster than other users.

– Professor, last time you criticized real currency item purchases as an expedient of Royal Road.

“I had no idea what I was talking about back then.”

– In regards to what?

“Real currency was the best.”



Weed slipped out of Debrado Village.

Nide and the dwarven users together transported the Brazier of Sacrifice.

“We need to go right from here.”

“It looks difficult going around the narrow paths through the trees.”

“There’s no other option. It’s our utmost priority to stay undiscovered by Kaybern.”

It was a challenge driving through the mountains with a wagon carrying the Brazier of Sacrifice that was over 2 meters in size.

The wheel rattled ramping over the tree roots, and they had to push the wagon uphill at other times.


  • Swift Coldwind: Sizeable number of monsters are coming out from the lair. It seems that they are trying to track us.


“How is the Mapan Council?”


  • Swift Coldwind: Having left early, they are growing further apart. There are only a few teams that are still in proximity to the monsters.


From the bird’s eye view, with the mine as the starting point, the dwarves and the Mapan Council scattered in all directions.

To spread out the escape routes, some moved to the depths of the Ulta Mountain Pass.


“Padon-nim. Be careful of the monsters.”


  • MoneyGrabber: Yep! I will escape as quickly as possible. Weed-nim, look out for yourself as you will be the furthest behind.


The dwarfs of the Debrado Village were to cover up the tracks, but the whole escape could not solely depend on them.

The quest itself became a large-scale thief raid instead of Weed’s solo plan.

It was to no surprise that lots of tracks would be left behind and the transport teams would be chased.

The Mapan Council accounted for this and had prepared a baiting strategy, and that was to hire the dwarf users of the Thor region.

They would be rewarded upon carrying out their mission as bait and a proper escape, alongside additional hefty compensation if they were to die in the process.

‘Nothing in this world goes for free.’

There was a lot of expenditure on various things for the robbery, but these were all investments!

– Find all those that dared to intrude my lair and slaughter them all!

Kaybern’s ferocious screams could be heard from the distance.

Given Kaybern’s usual personality, it should be in its maddest state.

‘All that is left for us now is to run.’

Weed decided not to pay any more attention to the transport teams.

He stopped by the Debrado Village for the quest, and he, himself transporting the Brazier of Sacrifice was most in danger.

“Let’s hurry.”

“Yes, Hyung.”

Weed busily descended through Ulta Mountain Pass along with Nide and the dwarves.

Debrado Village was located in such a rough terrain that they had to pass through 8 ridges before coming out of the mountain pass.

Halfway, there were dangerous spots that were exposed and hence they had planted trees and grass in advance.

‘When you watch thief movies, the prep is half the plan. Yup, indeed.’


That moment, the mountain began to shake.

– Swift Coldwind: Kaybern used its breath! It seems to be its most powerful level of breathing. The location is quite a distance from Weed-nim but are you alright?


The atmosphere was of pure devastation.

“It really is angry. Let’s hurry.”

Weed urged the dwarves forward. There were no other options but to run at the moment.

‘The dwarves were to cover our tracks, so would it be wise to hide somewhere close?’

He also considered hiding but quickly swayed.

‘The difficultyof this quest certainly grew bigger. If we weren’t discovered by the dragon soldiers and managed to steal just the Brazier of Sacrifice, the dragon perhaps could have passed by without noticing. But now, it’s going to be out to chase with everything it has.’

Considering the dragon’s power, it was capable of wiping out everything in its proximity.

It could turn into a real problem if they were to hide and get annihilated along with the entire region.

– Swift Coldwind: I was late trying to observe Kaybern. As of now, the dwarves of Debrado Village are mobilizing.

“In what way?”

– Swift Coldwind: They are setting fires and scrambling around.

“Setting fire?”

He thought that the dwarves were setting the forest on fire in order to cover the tracks.

– Swift Coldwind: Yes. Harpies are approaching, and I have to retreat. I will try to scout if I can manage to return here.

“Thank you for your assistance.”

 Weed was too preoccupied with running to bother about Swift Coldwind`s message. However, he soon realized what was about to happen.

“Hyung, look at the sky.”


The sky between the tree branches had turned pitch black.

“What’s with that? Is that the dragon’s magic?”

“Doesn’t seem like it. The way it looks like something is fuming up, doesn’t it seem like smoke?”

When they got to an open area, they could see the reason for the darkness in the sky.

The magnificent view of the mountain pass, the scene of thick green trees disappeared, and there was only an ocean of fire spitting black smoke.

Huge trees caught on fire and collapsed, embers danced in the strong winds.

The forest fire was spreading at an uncontrollable rate.

“Could this be… caused by the dwarves?”

“It seems so.”

Weed felt like he was stabbed from behind by his closest friend.

On a rational level, there were surely other ways like covering up the footprints.

“Nide. And fellow dwarves.”


“We have to run much quicker from here.”

“Hyung, you said our priority is to be undiscovered.”

“That is true. But we have to move as quickly as possible. The direction of the wind is facing this way.”


Nide and dwarves turned pale after realizing it.

The immense fiery trail over the mountain was spreading towards them with the wind!

Nearby, there were taller mountains directing more wind in their direction.

“Let us go now, Hyung.”

Nide took the lead to find the path and Weed slashed through the trees with the Loa Sword.


“Hurry up.”

Dwarves pushed the wagon down without a hitch and tailed behind them.

“What kind of a quest is this?”

“So this is a rank S quest. There is danger every other moment.”

“So crazy!”

The dwarven users transporting the Brazier of Sacrifice were elites around level 450 and focused in strength and agility.

They were running in the direction furthest away from the dragon’s lair, but the hostile Ulta Mountain Pass had a series of uphills and downhills.

The forest fire was approaching fast riding on the winds.

“Hyung, smoky scent.”

“I know. Our skins might cook like bacon real soon.”

Weed’s comparison was dead serious, but Nide spoke as it reminded him of something.

“There is a great meat restaurant by the school entrance, and the sophomores and colleagues are dying to meet you at once. When you return to school, take us all out.”

“… You still don’t know me. I will return to school one day, but there will never be a day in my life where I will buy you all meat.”

In the sky, a flock of harpies continued to roam. Monstrous birds with the pouting face of an adolescent girl screeched as they scouted the ground.

“Looks like the harpies under Kaybern’s command are on the search for us.”

“It would be big trouble if we got caught.”

“Then Kaybern will show up. Still, there are lots of people on the run, so hopefully they will be distracted.”

He wished for the other dwarves and transport teams to remain undiscovered, but if they were to be, it would make Weed safer in turn.

One of the dwarves pushing the wagon spoke out.

“The forest fire is inching closer.”

“Remain calm. We have time.”

Each time they saw the harpies in the sky, they hid among the trees and waited.

They dressed the brazier with branches as camouflage and what was fortunate was that the harpies’ eyesights were not the most excellent!

“The fire is closing in.”

Nide felt the intense heat rubbing his face. The thick black smoke was already moving in like a wave.

Even the crackling of burning trees could be heard.

The dwarven users of the wagon were wiped clean of their joy and instead filled with anxiety.

“Are we going to die here?”

“Excuse me, sir, but the fire is way too close.”

They tried to push down the mountain with a wagon, but several areas were already caught on fire or lacked trees to serve as cover.

“This is a sticky situation.”

Weed observed the fiery path led by the wind expanding uncontrollably from a close distance.

“To have such fortune on our side; a nice breeze is blowing. It would be nice to have a rain shower right about now. If the heavens won’t, I have to solve this myself.”

The forest fire was inches away, but given his eventful life, it was not the worst scenario.

“Don’t worry. There are much worse things that can happen in life than this at any moment.”

Weed blurted out words that did little to extinguish the situation as he took out a sculpting knife from his inner pocket.

“Rest up for a bit.”


“I’m going to sculpt something.”

(To be continued…)


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V55C5P3 – The Dream of Dwarves

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada, Idzuwan, Demonwar & RealShady!


“Pant, pant.”

“Let’s keep going. Only a little more left.”

The dwarves pushed the wagon out from the narrow and dark mine tunnel.

The warm sunlight welcomed them outside, but there was no time to relax.

“Load up quickly and go!”

Under Padon’s command, the wagons, pulled by bulls, and with dwarves as bullwhackers left hurriedly, out of the lair.

“I will feed you a lot when we get to a safe place. So run!”


The hundreds of wagons split up down the mountain.

It was the last step of the dragon lair robbery, the escape!

Weed kept on walking through the mine tunnel and the thick dust.

Beside him was the dwarf warrior Oberon, guarding him all the way.

“You have done so much for me. If it weren’t for Oberon-nim, we wouldn’t have pulled it off this successfully.”

“It’s not like that. I only did my part in Weed-nim’s plan.

Oberon was a commander with outstanding leadership and he had a devoted personality.

Weed acknowledged that he accomplished the biggest role and sacrificed a great deal for this robbery plan.

‘Truthfully, I did not trust him.’

Even when they exited the mine tunnel, he put his guard up whenever Oberon got close.

‘Is he going to strike me from behind? This is all on broadcast, but it’s more than possible.

A kind person like me getting duped by the villain, in the end, is all too common. I wouldn’t be this worried normally, but right now he is probably the most powerful user because he activated the Brazier of Sacrifice… No way! Could he have activated the brazier for this opportunity? Yeah, it’s feasible. Such a foul dwarf…’

Suspicion after suspicion. In his mind, Oberon became a villain that must be killed in the future.

‘The thing is that he’s a warrior with his attack damage not too high… I can stop him. If it comes down to it, I will use Time sculpting and strike back.’

Asking to share the load definitely made him a thief, causing Weed to be on alert.

Now that they exited the mine, his suspicion went down to about 50%, putting Oberon back in the good person category.

Weed would never be able to put away his suspicions on people until his death bed.

‘They say the only people you can trust are your family… Even that isn’t always true. The scammers commit their first crime on their very own family.’

In this world, even the words from professionals such as doctors and lawyers must go through suspicion, as well as the confirmation of severa; trades or real estate transactions.

Used goods markets were as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than dungeons.

“I am so reassured to have Oberon-nim here.”

“What I did is small. Thanks to Weed-nim, the Versailles Continent has become a peaceful place.”

Weed exchanged warm compliments even with glaring eyes!

– Swift Coldwind: Kaybern will arrive in approximately 10 minutes.

“Let us hurry to Debrado village.”

“Yes, understood.”

Weed planned on exploiting Oberon for a very long time after wrapping up the current mission.

‘In the right places, he has the potential to become a real asset.’

His combat, connections and accomplishments as a lord were far better than Pale.

He was capable, diligent and selfless; the perfect talent.

I think I understand why businessmen are so thirsty for talents. If what I see is true, this man can be exploited for a long time.’

Weed overly smacked his lips, not to lie this time, but instead, to flatter Oberon.

“Ha-ha-ha. I was observant of your usual accomplishments.”

“You’re just saying that. My accomplishments are not even a tenth of yours.”

“I looked up a lot of videos about Oberon-nim since the start of Royal Road.”


“It sure helped me a lot.”

He most definitely did check them out to analyze and take reference.

He did consider choosing the dwarf as his race, as it was the best class for crafting and selling.

Combat was also formidable, but there was a huge reason that turned him away.

‘They’re too short. Such a big head too…’

A problem of bodily proportions!

Unflattering looks weren’t a problem, but sword techniques were well incorporated with an acceptable length of arms and legs, so in the end, he did not choose this race.

Despite the bland flattery, Oberon’s face blushed.

“For Weed-nim of all people to watch my video, it is such an honor.”

“I watched your dungeon clear of Malinsa 3 times.”

“Oh, even those? My level wasn’t that high around that time.”

“It was when you were training your axe throwing skill, was it not? I’m sure it was a great help for novice players.”

Weed engaged in a friendly conversation with Oberon as he arrived in Debrado village.

Nide and the dwarven users, along with the Brazier of Sacrifice, were waiting at the village entrance.

“Hyung! Apparently, Kaybern is going to arrive at the lair very soon.”

“Yeah, let’s turn in the quest first.”

Weed led the dwarves and the brazier to the elder.

The dwarven elder who was sharpening his axe with a beer at his side, saw the brazier and sprang to his feet.

“This is the Brazier of Sacrifice that you mentioned.”

“This, this… The dwarven treasure!”

The elder wiped a tear and stroked the brazier.


< Dwarves’ Desire for Robbery Complete. 

The determined dwarves recovered the treasure that was stolen by Kaybern.

Their long-awaited wish has been achieved.

The dwarven elder will reward the hero of their kind.

 Honor increased by 32,000. 

 A deep affiliation with the dwarves has been established. >


“It is old and aged, but I can feel a great aura of fire. Countless weapons that changed history were born from this brazier.”

“This is the real artefact that we recovered from Kaybern’s lair. It was the most precious treasure hidden well by the dragon.”

In a conversation, a bit of exaggeration was essential for an exciting story.

The dwarven elder bit the hook.

“Yes, the dragon would have been kept warm with our brazier.”

“For sure. It was a treasure that even Kaybern held dear.”

Weed, while talking to the elder, was still concerned about the whereabouts of Kaybern.

– Swift Coldwind: Kaybern has returned to the lair.

Finally, the owner was home.

Until now, he tried not to think about the Kaybern’s reaction to the robbery.

– Swift Coldwind: I can hear the dragon’s screams. ‘How dare they steal my treasure…’ He is swearing to kill us all.

The dragon was narrow-minded, and its reaction was to be expected.

Weed decided to be bold about it.


‘It isn’t my fault. It was a quest about the long-held wish of the dwarves. It asked me to rescue the Half-elf Vishur too.’

All he did was just carry out a quest.

Though including the Brazier of Sacrifice, he did swipe as many things as he could from the lair. It wasn’t just himself, but he mobilized a thousand dwarves and an assault team to steal.

‘You have to get the biggest bite possible. Dying after just a lick of the dish is so unfortunate. There’s a problem with the quest itself, really. Coming out without grabbing any treasure from a trip into a lair? That is so harmful to your mental state.’

The elder wiped his tears with his dusty sleeves.

“I knew if I waited, this day would come eventually. You need to be rewarded since you recovered the Brazier of Sacrifice.”

“A reward… What kind?”

Weed smiled.

He did grab lots of treasure, but his greed knew no end!

“You are qualified to learn our village’s skill.”

“A skill?”

“The secret technique of working with fire and metal. I will teach you. I think about ten days with the Brazier of Sacrifice will do.”


< You can acquire the secret technique of the dwarven blacksmiths, ‘Method to start and maintain the fire’.

Mastering this technique will increase affinity with fire by 30%.

Blacksmithing skill is enhanced along with Shamanism and magic efficiency. >

 < You can acquire the secret technique of the dwarven blacksmiths, ‘Iron Melding Practice’.

You can obtain the dwarven secrets of working with metal.

You can also earn knowledge about alloys that will assist you in the production of specialized metals. It increases the worth of the blacksmithing products. >


Weed had advanced blacksmithing level 3, so he knew the worth of the skill.

‘The skill in itself is awesome, and the more I craft, the faster the training speed of the blacksmithing skill. I could master blacksmithing more conveniently now.’

He expected to be rewarded with some equipment already crafted by the dwarves, but this was a chance to gain something more.

“Us dwarves are beings that overcome the intense flames. Now that we have the brazier back, we have the power to resist the dragon.”

“You’re going to resist against the dragon?”

“Mmm, maybe not complete independence from the dragon’s influence… But in the least, we have to stand up against something like the Black Dragon Kaybern. As long as it is alive, the dwarves will never be able to live freely.”

Weed groomed his beard and nodded.

“You are right. Kaybern is indeed one evil dragon.”

“I am going to open a general meeting for the dwarves and announce that the brazier has been recovered. We will borrow from its power and fight against Kaybern.”

“Will you be able to win against Kaybern?”

“I know it will be difficult, but we dwarves must follow through with it. Please take the brazier to Stump village of the Norn mountain pass.

“Stump village?”

“It’s the location where dwarves gather for important decisions. They will all welcome you since you recovered the brazier. I will provide you with a map, so please take it there. Kaybern might try to chase you down, but we will divert him away as much as possible. You will be in danger as well, so do not let your guard down.”


< Dwarf General Meeting

The dwarven meeting that will decide the fate of the race will be held in Stump village of Norn Mountain pass, in ten days. Countless dwarves will be expecting you.

On the other hand, Kaybern might trace the tracks leading from the lair, but the dwarves of the Debrado village are prepared.

They will crumble down the mine completely and erase the tracks left on Ulta mountain pass.

Difficulty: S

Quest Requirement: Dwarf.>

< The long-awaited wish of the dwarves is completed.
Quest can proceed because you are in perfect dwarf form through Sculptural Transformation.

If the quest is declined, the relationship with the dwarves will turn hostile. >


“I will get to Stump village no matter what.”


< Quest has been accepted. >

< You have obtained the map of Grutegy village. >


(To be continued…)


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V55C5P2 – The Dream of Dwarves

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada, Demonwar, RealShady & Idzuwan!



Oberon almost rolled across the ground running with his shattered armor.

Even the countless treasure in the dragon’s lair did not hinder his sight.

“You managed to find the Brazier of Sacrifice?”

“That is right.”

“The situation is dire, so can I use it at once?”

“Use it? This thing?”

“Yes, it seems that it is the only way to stop the enemy.”

Oberon naturally had a lot of experience handling a brazier as he was a dwarf.

He smashed empty wagons, threw the wood into the brazier and started a fire.

The fire quickly grew into a roaring blaze!

The firepower was immense as it was a dwarven artefact.

“Brazier of Sacrifice, I will burn 30 levels and 5,000 health points. Reward me with power!”

The fierce flames of the brazier spread to Oberon.

The dwarf’s entire body seemed to be trapped in the flames, but in fact, incredible power was being transferred.

Oberon’s body turned bright red like metal being forged in a fire.

“The Brazier of Sacrifice. The legend was true. I will go out there again to fight. Leave everything to me and retreat.”

Oberon ran towards Bademix to stop him.


His level and health points increased by 800 and 50,000 respectively!

“Iron Rage!”

Depending on the enemy’s power, it raised the attack damage up to 3x temporarily.


Oberon swung his axe and shield alternately and pushed back commander Bademix.

He charged with his body, pushed with his shield, an original strategy of warriors!

Though he had enhanced attack, he drove forward with an overwhelming defense.

Oberon let out his War Cry

“From now on, I will take care of Bademix. Everyone guard the entrance!”

The exhausted dwarven warriors and soldiers took the time to wrap bandages and rub herbs. The dwarves recovered health points by the priests’ healing spells and engaged in battle once again.

The heat of battle reigned over at the lair entrance.

“For him to use the brazier with no hesitation…”

Weed was surprised by Oberon’s sacrifice.

He was well over level 500 but did not hesitate to use it in order to stop the dragon soldiers and defend his comrades.

“If you could excuse me.”

Dwarves who had lost their senses for a moment came one after another and activated the brazier. They weren’t as drastic as Oberon, but they offered 10, 20 levels and returned to the battle with another level of power.

The combat ability they displayed was remarkable.

Though it was only temporary, they could fight as the strongest users in Versailles.

“Come at me! You lizard freaks!”

“Let’s kill them all and steal everything, K-ha-ha-ha!”

About thirty dwarves activating the brazier allowed them to prevent the advance of the dragon soldiers with ease.

Zultan and Smalling poured their magic spells, but the entrance was too narrow.

The forces were too clustered and made it difficult for assassinations. Furthermore, the draconic warriors were obstacles to aoe magic.

– Mihel: Weed-nim! It seems like Kaybern will head to the lair now.

The dwarves barely earned some time to breathe in peace, but Kaybern was about to return.

“There is really no time for breaks.”

Weed realized once again that this was a battle against time.

Even if they managed to smuggle the treasure, they will be chased down unless they escape to a safe distance.

“The Brazier of Sacrifice is the utmost priority. You take this and escape the lair first.”

“Yes, hyung.”

Weed left the brazier to Nide. 4 dwarves pulled the wagon together and exited to the mine.

“We need more time. We would have taken a lot more if we weren’t discovered by the draconic warriors…”

Weed looked around the lair in disappointment.

Not one user knew the exact layout of the dragon lair.

Weed too only got to see near the lair`s entrance before.

‘I prepared so much but it still wasn’t perfect.’

He thought of transporting the treasures as a whole, but there was just too much gold.

Flourishing gold lumps scattered everywhere!

To think that he would have a hard time examining treasures because of the large gold bars getting in his way.

The inheritance, antiques and ornaments of old kingdoms were too large to move with the wagons.

Regardless, if they had enough time, there wouldn’t have been any leftovers, but there were still many treasures that haven’t even been looked at.

– Everyone, retreat!

Weed used Lion’s Roar.

The word retreat echoed inside the lair to no end.

“Let’s get out of here.”

“Weed-nim’s orders. Move out.”

The dwarves that were grabbing a load of treasures pushed the wagon and escaped to the mine.

“The wounded have to move quickly too!”

The users that fell back to the rear after losing health points from defending against the dragon soldiers pulled the treasure wagons as well.

In front of treasures, strength sprang from nowhere.

– You! You cannot escape with Kaybern-nim’s belongings!

Bademix swung the halberd and went berserk, but Oberon blocked him off at close-range with the swing of his shield.

“Everyone, fall back. We will take care of the rear!”

Weed, despite Oberon’s words, couldn’t slip out.

He just stood there dumbfounded, watching the dwarves.

“Weed-nim! Don’t worry about us and go first. Hurry! Then we can escape too!”

Oberon screamed.

Pale and the assault squad prepared to retreat as well, and the draconic warriors became rampant in response.

Dwarf Vindel ran with a full backpack.

“Weed-nim, we must go now.”


“Don’t worry about those bunch. We practiced this procedure dozens of times. We prepped magic scrolls too. Quickly!”

Weed was forced to turn around lonesomely.




< You have exceeded the maximum weight capacity. 

Movement speed is reduced by 84%. >


His load was exceeding the limits of his strength and agility!


He barely passed through the passage connecting the lair and the mine. He used the Loa Sword as a cane.

– You can’t leave! I will not let you!

From the rear, Oberon and the dwarves were fending off Bademix and the dragon soldiers as they receded.

The passage was narrow, so mid-sized monsters could not slip through.


Weed was filled with greed and regret as he walked.


With each step, his sadness grew deeper.

He wanted to return to the treasures, but unfortunately, he couldn’t.


Oberon as he was responsible with the final defense line, kept the draconic warriors at bay with his axe.

If they did not use the Brazier of Sacrifice, the warriors would not have held ground, but they were excellent at their job at the moment.

Oberon pushed Bademix away and shouted.

“Collapse it!”

The exit connected to the lair!

The dwarven architects did not participate in the robbery and instead planted various traps.

They were prepared to be chased away, and now was the time to use the traps. 


The ceiling collapsed right when Oberon passed through, covering the dragon soldiers.

The awfully powerful Bademix also disappeared in the stone rubble that filled the mine track. The dwarven soldiers and warriors felt the need to escape from their bodies as they saw the end of the sealed road.

“Ah, at least it’s over…”

“That was one exhausting battle.”

“Woo, that was fun. Let’s focus. We collapsed the ceiling and traps are in place, but the soldiers will soon give chase. So, let’s get out of here.”

Dwarves in their drained state swayed as they ran.

Oberon in a pool of sweat approached Weed.

“Weed-nim, let’s go.”

“You did so well.”

“It’s nothing. Your load looks pretty heavy, should I help you out?”



“You must not.”


Oberon pulled off an incredible accomplishment, even still, it wasn’t enough for Weed to  hand over his backpack!

“Weed-nim. I admire you so much when you manage to carry out difficult quests like this one alone every time. This couldn’t be done by anyone but you.”

Oberon showed respect to Weed who managed through such rigorous battles.

“It was truly an awesome and exciting experience. This is not over yet, but this day will be one to remember for the rest of my life.”

Weed moaned in despair.

“I should have hogged it all even if it was going to be harder…”


The treasures in the lair that were left behind haunted him and he loathed having to distribute the little treasure he had to the dwarves.

But honestly speaking, the dwarves fought so well that he could’nt think of an excuse for them to be sent home unrewarded.

Oberon continued with no understanding of what it meant.

“In truth, since the preparations began, I thought this would be impossible. You must be so happy to succeed in such a difficult quest.”

“Happy my ass.”


‘My gratitude towards the dwarves will fade away with time. But, the treasures are everlasting.’

It wasn’t a whole lot of time they spent inside the dragon’s lair, but during their stay, they recovered the brazier and grabbed rare treasures here and there.

There were two backpacks containing the most vital items earned from the lair.

‘Both my eyes and hands must be swifter in future. I think I used up  a weeks worth of concentration this time.’

He collected full sets of warrior and archer equipment up to level 900 and also set aside advanced magic staff and robes.

Some of the equipment properties were imbued by the dragon.

He did not have the chance to look over the small items like accessories, and there were likely to be many useful items from what was recovered by Nide, Chase and the other dwarves.

‘I won’t have to worry about equipment for now.’

There wasn’t a single item in the lair that wasn’t rare. He could change everything he wore: boots, belt, adventurer outfit, bracers, his leather armor could be replaced by incomparably better equipment. 

‘My combat strength will be significantly higher now.’

The equipment worn by Weed had a few lacking points.

With the exception of the Loa Sword and the Sky Ruler’s Armor, several items were lower quality overall.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t change them into better gear because the items were too rare and expensive for him to buy in auctions or with gold.

‘Strength, agility. I could afford to increase my attack damage greatly if needed… I could also adjust endurance, enhanced recovery rate, curse resistance and other attributes in order to tackle specific hunting grounds and dungeons.’

He was no longer jealous of the equipment worn by Hermes Guild members.

With good equipment came more power. Hunting speed becomes substantially faster and more efficient.

Even his grinding would ascend to a new level.


(To be continued…)


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V55C5P1 – The Dream of Dwarves

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada, Demonwar, RealShady & Idzuwan!


Castle Bawell was destroyed completely by the Black Dragon Kaybern.

The lord’s castle and the city crumbled in black smoke, but beyond it stood the endlessly sprawling residential district.

The architects put their all into building this faulty city!

– Kuooooo!

Kaybern roared and flew close to the ground.

The poorly constructed buildings blew away from the winds, but the residential district was huge!

“We’ll do a rough job.”

“Yeah… It doesn’t need much effort. Just slack. Take it easy.”

“Let’s build with our feet. Don’t bother cleaning out the garbage. Build with those too. Just a rough job.”

Leaving the final touch to Kaybern, the architects kept building houses.

The common users contributed a little as well, completing a district with 6 times the surface area of Castle Bawell.

The buildings spanned over the plains to the forest and mountain.

– To ruins!

Kaybern caused an earthquake over a large area of land.

The earth shook like it was dancing, demolishing the buildings. Thousands of buildings were destroyed at once.

But, dozens of buildings collapsing at once led to a few lucky structures that caved into and supported one another.

After seeing it, the architects came up with an innovative idea.

“Kaybern destroys and burns with magic.”

“Yeah, seems so.”

“We can’t stall by increasing the durability of these structures. There is no chance in using that kind of a tactic. Even well-constructed stone buildings and palaces are destroyed with ease.

Castle Aren which was considered as the best landmark in the Central Continent did not hold either.

Kaybern sat on top of the castle and roared!

The structures could not handle the heavy weight and crumbled; broke into shivers by magic attacks.

“If we change the structure, we can solve the earthquake problem.”

The architects built a house with a round base.

They built the floor, wall and ceilings in a round shape so that they would roll when an earthquake occurred.

“They are unoccupied. This structure has a free-flow.”

“Yeah, we just need it to hold. After all, our objective is to buy more time.”

Furthermore, these houses were not built collectively but spaced out.

“Let’s build a few stone buildings too.”

“That would take some time.”

“They need to hold against fire magic as well. We can’t do anything about direct impacts, but they will hold against attacks that are slightly off.”

This prevented each collective housing area from being destroyed with a single area of effect spell and forced Kaybern to repeat several times.

“The dragon will surely get ticked off.”

“Yeah, this will get him good.”

To increase fire resistance, they sprayed holy water just before Kaybern arrived.

Buildings constructed in this way did not even make up 1 in 100, but they were strategically and regularly placed, and did their fair share to stall the dragon.

Kaybern poured aoe spells over the entire city, but nearly half the houses remained standing.

Pabo and the architects observed from afar and smiled in success.

“That’s buying us so much time!”

“Tell me about it. This is taking three times longer than the other areas.”

The architects were prideful of their accomplishment.

Faulty construction left the dragon completely at a loss!

It wasn’t an official quest designed by themselves, but the viewers watching the broadcast would acknowledge their project.

Kaybern flew over the residential district and destroyed the buildings one by one with magic or physical force.

It was the Black Dragon, the representation of despair and fear, but somehow it looked very fatigued!

In the end, the vast area of the city along with Castle Bawell burned in flames and turned into ashes.


<The Dragon’s Revenge

Black Dragon Kaybern is on the move again to destroy human civilization. The spirits and fairies are warning once again.>


“Kaybern will be heading to Nehaless in a week.”

The next target was the old capital of Brent Kingdom, Nehaless.

“It’s finally destroyed.”

“So, it did really destroy all of that. It ended faster than I expected, though.”

“The amount of wreckage is endless.”

The users that hid with the architects were sad to see all of Castle Bawell and the houses gone.

It would have been great to stall for longer, but a dragon’s magic attack was indomitable.

Kaybern spread its wings and flew up.

The dragon flew a great distance from the ground and roared with a gaping jaw.

– Kuaaaaargh!

Kaybern flaunted its presence from the skies.

Michel witnessed the scene and reported what she saw.

“Weed-nim! It seems Kaybern will head to the lair now.”




Python and Oberon were fending off commander Bademix, but his sheer strength was enough to make them struggle..

Especially for Oberon who blocked the halberd with his shield each time, the crushing impact sent him flying to the wall.


The dragon soldier was empowered by the dragon’s magic. Bademix charged at Oberon with fearsome strength.

Oberon saw Python shouting as he rushed in from the rear of Bademix.

He was a step too late, and that would lead to lethal consequences.

“Rising Shield.”

From the corner, Oberon stuck his shield on the ground and ascended.


He saw Bademix tearing the wall into pieces. It had such a huge impact that it shook the ground, and nearby dragon soldiers were sent flying.

“Pesty dwarf… Die now!”

Oberon barely escaped by hanging on the ceiling but soon faced another threat.

– Tiny friend, a delicious prey.

A shivering voice tickled his nape.


It was the appearance of the assassin guarding the dragon lair.

Oberon only heard stories about the assassin.

As a warrior who leads the frontline, the assassin was a natural predator, but it was better to trust his comrades at helpless situations like so.

– I will cut up that small body of yours.


A scythe flew in from nowhere and sliced through the air.

He was hanging on the ceiling and below him were Bademix and a swarm of dragon soldiers. Beside him was assassin Zultan!

“Zealous Defense!”

Oberon saw no other way than to activate his skill and take the hit.

Holding a few seconds on the ceiling meant distracting Bademix and Zultan for that much longer.

‘This is the best I can do right now…’ 



The scythe sliced Oberon’s body, decreasing his health points in an instant.


< Critical Strike! >

< Decisive Strike!

Zealous Defense was depleted. >

< Life is in danger… >

< You are incapacitated. >


He fell into danger in just 3 attacks under the defense skill.

Zultan’s body was revealed temporarily while swinging the scythe consecutively.

It was a vicious being that wore a mask made of bones.


< Overwhelming fear stiffened your body. >


It posed an intimidating presence like the assassin type boss monster it was.

‘I’m pretty much dead even without that…’

That moment, Oberon caught a shadow weaving behind Zultan.

‘Was I hallucinating? Or was that a skill?’

The shadow elongated and grabbed the dagger in hand. Then, the hand stabbed Zultan right in the neck.

– Who dares!

Zultan took significant damage and backed off.

The shadow changed into a human figure and grabbed Oberon by the waist as he was about to fall.

“I’m late, aren’t I? Sorry. This guy is so elusive… It took a while to track.”

Though he was wearing a black robe, he was a neat-looking man.

Oberon had an idea who it was and spoke up.

“Are you one of Weed-nim’s comrades…”

“Yes, I am an assassin too.”

He spoke quickly as if he was trying to stop Oberon from speaking.


“K-hmm. Let’s focus on getting out alive for now.”

Oberon thought it was impossible for him to survive in a state of decapacitation and isolation.

“Leave me and escape on your own.”

“I won’t do that. I can survive, but I also can’t leave anyone behind.”

“This is impos…”


That instant, a smokescreen arrow came flying and exploded.

“Now, let’s go!”

Seasoned Crab, with Oberon hanging on his side, kicked off from the ceiling and ran along the wall.

He sprinted with incredible speed as the attacks of the draconic warriors trailed behind him.

“You are so good at dodging!”

“Sure! I have to be! I’m an assassin unlike you. If I couldn’t, I would die in a few hits.”


They had to go through Bademix in order to reach the safe zone.

“Will we make it?”

“I will make it happen. It will work, hopefully!”

– Pulverizing Slash!

Bademix spinned its halberd in midair.

In a place with no cover, it was preparing a devastating attack.


In an instant, over 50 arrows rained down at once.

Exploding, freezing and tearing through the air, various kinds of magical arrows caused a chain reaction and held down Bademix.

Seasoned Crab passed Bademix by a hair.


“Protect Oberon-nim!”

Once they got inside the lair, the dwarven warriors scrambled and stacked their shields in rows. Their armor was stained and crumpled, but they were desperate.

“Leave the draconic warriors and shoot down the mages first!”

Pale continued to lead the battle with the archers.

At the lair entrance, innumerous draconic warriors and monsters squeezed through one after another.

Behind them was a cluster of overlord-level monsters capable of magic.

They were the dungeon boss monsters of Ulta mountain pass.

– Surrender! That is the will of Kaybern-nim!

Bademix pounced at the dwarves again and let out some of Kaybern’s aura.

Nearby dwarves instantly passed out.

“We need more to push, so the wounded can back out!”

Oberon recovered his health points from the healing spells of priests. He dragged his half-healed leg to go against Bademix.

– Swift Coldwind: The situation is getting worse. The monsters of Ulta mountain pass are gathering. Monsters are spawning from every single dungeon. It’s doomsday outside the lair. The trees are being mowed down… It’s a flood of monsters.

An avian user delivered the news through the communication channel.

It was that monsters were gathering in response to the call of Bademix.

“If the attacks continue like this, we can’t defend…”

That moment, Oberon caught Weed and the dwarves dragging the Brazier of Sacrifice.


(To be continued…)


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V55C4P3 – Dragon Lair Defense

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada, Demonwar, RealShady & Idzuwan!


Weed and Nide, searched the lair thoroughly.

“Is it here?”

“It’s not here!”

“Search thoroughly. We are running out of time!”


The dwarves scraped gems like rubies and sapphires into their sacs as if they were sand.


There were so many gold coins being kicked around the floor, that no one paid attention to them anymore.

Not one eye turned, even if they were gold coins from the old Niflheim Kingdom or the Kelten Kingdom worth hundreds more than their face values!

A whisper arrived for Weed.

– Bajo: There is good news. Kaybern is not leaving Castle Bawell.

“Why is that?”

– Bajo: I think it’s due to its arrogance. Since it began the destruction, it plans to see it through to the end.

Kaybern realized that intruders were inside his lair. However, he did not return preemptively.

It decided to destroy Castle Bawell; his arrogance dictated that he must finish the job that he had started.

“Indeed, villains fall because of their pride.”

Weed was anxious thinking that Kaybern was going to return any moment, but now, he even felt lighter. It was like stopping for coffee at a vending machine while being chased by police after a robbery.

Weed spoke out loud.

“Focus on grabbing things; this is the moment of our lives.”

While his eyes were scanning the lair for  the Brazier of Sacrifice, his hands never stopped.

There were more treasures available as Haruna dispelled the magical traps.

He identified the treasures like someone with no tomorrow and immediately seized things worth over 100,000 gold.

‘Shield of Amanta. The current market price is 278,000 gold. 5% platinum in its composition. I can get 40,000 more for reputational increase. Pelsian’s magic modifier will be an additional 30,000, and with an added margin for an appropriate rip-off…’

He was nowhere near as good at calculating as Scholarly mathematicians, but he was quite formidable in terms of market price.



Every time Weed passed by, the quality treasures disappeared.

The dwarves were filled with nervousness, but were also overtaken by a strange feeling.

‘Let’s pack them.’

‘Feed and die.’

‘I lived to see this moment.’

The dwarves watched as their leader lost himself to feverish greed.

With such a role model, they gradually lost their minds; their hands seemed to know only how to grab and snatch.

A loud bang from an explosion right beside them did not hinder them from grabbing the treasure. Not a second could be wasted.

Though they bought some time with extensive buildings in Caste Bawell, it wasn’t plentiful.

“Weed-nim, I found a door here!”

Dwarf Vindel found a small door in the corner of the lair. The Cleansing Torch wore out the illusion magic, causing the wall to sway and uncover the form of a door.

“A secret door?”

Weed, Nide and Haruna quickly ran up to Vindel.

“It is locked by magic. I will dispel it right now.”
“Get on with it.”

“Yes, I am. I need time…”

“You have to be quicker. Hurry up!”


Finally, the spells on the door were lifted and the door opened on its own.

What laid beyond the other side was another mountain of treasures!

“There are traps in the passage too. I will dispel as quickly as I…”

All of a sudden, Haruna was surrounded by dwarves watching her with glittering eyes.

They had already laid their eyes on the treasures.

They remembered that upon death in the midst of this robbery, they would be granted two additional treasures.

“To save time, I will charge through this passage.”

“No, there is no need to do…”

*Crash!* Split!* Crumble!*

The dwarves relentlessly charged into the magic traps, shaking the lair violently.


Haruna was lost for words.

The traps in the passage were activated by force and taken down respectively, resulting in the death of over 40 dwarves.

“Ow, ouch. That hurt…”

“I survived. I should have been dead. How wretched my life is.”

“K-ugh. I would have died for sure if I took off my armor.”

They were the dwarven accident fraud team!

The dwarves that were barely wounded writhed and pretended they were dying. 

The dwarves fighting at the lair entrance advised Pale to retreat. However, the dwarves here were different.

Standing beside Weed, they were swept away by the atmosphere without realizing it.

They were in great anticipation and didn’t know how to hold back.

They were under the impression that a little more would grant them wealth and honor for life!

It was to save time before the monsters began flooding in, but if it weren’t for pure greed, the charge would not be possible to carry out.

The dwarves, the natural born capitalists, all ran to the treasures at once.

“Weed-nim! There’s a brazier here. But.. This isn’t the Brazier of Sacrifice. Nonetheless, I think it’s in here.”

There was a pile of utensils for blacksmiths, tailors and farmers.

Big sparkling jewels were in the mix as well with other incredible items.

“Raktisha’s plough? It is instilled with the essence of nature, and it triples the amount of harvest and substitutes for the requirement for growing the best crops. It also has 100,000 additional health points.”

“Look at this Cloud Sprinkler. Increases the chance of rain and enriches the soil.”

There was especially a lot of equipment related to farming.

Farming equipment was rare among magic items, and these equipment were truly amazing finds.

“Grab them!”

Weed and the dwarves wildly loaded the equipment onto the wagons.

Production type items were more precious than any other and there was high demand for them.

Quickly, they swept away anything in sight. The treasures inside this secret room weren’t protected by magic traps.

Using his know-how from working in moving companies and delivery service, Weed stacked them nicely on top of the wagons.


“Secure the best traffic.”

Upon sighting treasure, two dwarves pushed the wagon at full speed.

They swindled the treasure out like machines.

“Weed-nim, I found the Brazier of Sacrifice!”

At last, the Brazier of Sacrifice was found.

When Weed approached the dwarf who shouted out, he saw a rusty brazier about 2.5 meters tall.

It was undoubtedly worn out, looking like it endured rain and snow for five years, in the corner of a pawn shop.

“To find the brazier so early… Identify!”


< Brazier of Sacrifice.

The forgotten artefact of the dwarven race.

An item of the legendary blacksmith.

It generates intense heat and perfectly removes the impurities in mineral ores.

It is capable of combining various special metals into alloys of the highest strength.

It is also capable of crafting massive weapons.

A brazier of honor, only to be used by the best among the dwarves.

If returned to the dwarves, they will return the favor with the best treatment and a high degree of respect.

On the other hand, there is a mysterious legend about the brazier, and that was how it obtains power by burning away the user’s own health points and levels.

Health points and levels poured into the brazier are melted away forever, but as a result, the user will turn radiant for a short moment.

Production Requirement: Advanced Blacksmithing level 7 and higher.

Dwarf only.

Properties: Blacksmithing skill effect increased by 79%.

The dire concentration with the aura of fire increases the chance of crafting a masterpiece by 4 times.

Produces items with high durability and minimal flaws.

Starting the fire in the Brazier of Sacrifice and throwing in health points and levels will grant 10 times the power.>


“This is the Brazier of Sacrifice!”

It’s abilities were just as what Weed knew already.

‘If I take this back, the dwarven race quest is a guaranteed success. This is such a desirable object.’

If he were to install it in Morata or the Earth Palace, I could create the best tourist trap for the dwarves. All artisans of blacksmiths will gather as well.

‘Anyway, that’s something to think about later… 10 times the health points and level.’

What he heard from Oberon was accurate.

A limit of 10% meant by a simple calculation that a level 500 user was allowed to burn 50 levels.

Well, it’s not necessarily good to burn as much as possible. Honestly, just about 50 levels sounds grotesque already.’

The higher the level, the slower the growth rate will become.

In Weed’s case, he started as a sculptor, which had the worst growth speed, and mastered it, only to take his foot and stick it on the path of the necromancer as well.

So, even though he had the confidence to level up twice as fast as any other person, 50 levels were still a huge sacrifice.

If the best rankers of Royal Road used the brazier, they would plunge from the peak to merely the level of casual players.

‘I am glad that I succeeded with this quest, but… This right here is truly the devil’s artefact.’

Weed decided to take the Brazier of Sacrifice with the dwarves.




“Hurry up, Sh-Sheek!”

“Greetings to big brother’s wife!”

Geumchi2 took 50 apprentices to Orcland.

For them to have arrived so fast despite being so far away, was thanks to Yurin’s Paint Teleportation Skill.

“Thanks, Yurin.”

“It’s nothing. It’s easy to draw you guys.”

“We have pretty thick lines.”

“You all have the same hair-style and similar muscular physique, so all I have to do is make slight adjustments to the angle of the eyes, nose and mouth.”


Geumchi2 and the apprentices recognized one another, but the reality for other people was that it turned into a game of hide and seek if they grouped up!

They could have been ticked off, but instead, they laughed in joy.

They were tearfully thankful for her calling them Oppa even if she were to curse at them a hundred times.

The reason being that over half of them had been called “Sir” since their teenage years.

“Can I go too?”

“Of course. You’re always welcome.”

Yurin decided to stick around since she came all the way to Orcland.

“Dragon, Sh-sheek. It seems to be looking for something, Sheek!”

Seechwi led through the broken orc villages and explained the situation to Geumchi2 and the apprentices.

“This is strange, for sure.”

“Yeah. A dragon doesn’t usually look over anything like this.”

Geumchi2 and the apprentices walked around the orc village with a serious face, but in reality, they had no particular thoughts.

‘I’m hungry. When are we going to eat?’

‘I wish there are some strong monsters around here. My body is turning stiff.’

‘I’m just going to act like I know something, concerned about something. Though I have no clue.’

In spite of their serious appearances, they were just acting like they were thinking!

After a long investigation of the village, Seechwi couldn’t help but feel something was strange.

‘What should I do? I think I need to look into this further.’

For the time being, she decided to look for more orc villages.

The Red Dragon Landony did not destroy every week, unlike Kaybern.

It was just roaming around, while destroying orc camps and strongholds.

Orcs with extraordinary reproductive abilities already made establishments in a different location.

‘Could the dragon be controlling the population balance of orcs?’

Seechwi eventually got to such conclusions, but they weren’t viable.

‘The Red Dragon is known to be more tyrannical than the Black Dragon. It doesn’t protect peace or nature like the Green Dragon. It loves destruction and genocides.’

There was a need for further investigation.

“Let’s track Landony, Sheek!”

In the end, they planned to follow in Landony’s path and collect information.


(To be continued…)


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V55C4P2 – Dragon Lair Defense

Par mimosab

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“We are done for, right?”

“Are we all going to die here trapped in this lair? We have to escape right now!”

The dwarves in the middle of the search began screaming and ran around anxiously.

Nide turned back with a concerned face.

“What do we do, Hyung? The monsters right now are… We didn’t even look over half of these treasures. At this rate, the rest of the monsters or Kaybern are going to get here before we’re even close to done.”

On the contrary, Weed felt more composed.

“Of course, this kind of danger is to be expected when robbing the dragon’s lair.”

They’ve been found out by the dragon within no time and driven into a predicament.

He had to keep his head straight at a time like this.

In that moment he had the resolve of a man drinking ice cold water right after a dental treatment!

“Unless we have Kaybern’s breath coming right at us, then it can always get worst. Also, we already smuggled some treasure, so we already got ourselves out of the worst scenario.”

Weed spoke with determination.

The dwarves got emotional while listening to him, but not all shared the same feeling.

“If this isn’t already the worst, it means we can fall further to  certain doom.”

“Yeah… Kaybern is on his way too.”




Pale fired his arrows against the draconic warriors.

His arrow flew 30 meters through the air in a flash, striking right in the forehead of a draconic warriors soldier. He loaded the next arrow as the draconic warrior fell.

“Pale-nim, what do we do now?!”

One of the assault squad members asked with a trembling voice.

Kaybern had discovered their plans and the monsters were frantically rushing to the entrance of the lair.

The sheer danger of the lair they were staying in made them anxious.

Pale’s answer was simple.

“We prevent those monsters from coming inside.”

“But… Aren’t we doomed if Kaybern gets here? It’s already too much defending against just the monsters.”


Pale’s arrow this time pierced through a monster.

An arrow, released from his fully drawn bow, pierced through several monsters, but only one died.

It was a reptilian creature fuming with a strange smell.

It was their first encounter with these monsters, and they lacked information about them. So, he struck down the one who looked the most dangerous.

“Focus on the battle at hand. Fluttering around isn’t going to get us anywhere. If you’re unsure about what to do, just fight the enemy in front of your eyes.”

“But… What if we advise Weed-nim to retreat? We already have plenty of treasure. You can ask him since you’re close to him, can’t you?”

It was only then that Pale looked to his surroundings.

He saw that the assault squad was shaky. They were of high level, but lacked experience dealing with a crisis.

The Central Continent users had never engaged in large-scale raids as they were oppressed by the Hermes Guild.

Even for the prestigious guild users that went through all sorts of events, the dragon’s lair was a place that planted fear inside their hearts.

In comparison, the dwarves of Thor in their territory acted independently and experienced various battles.

This was likely the reason why they were the majority of the warriors leading the frontlines.


Pale let out a sigh.

Oberon was holding the line together with the dwarves that followed him, but they looked overburdened.

It felt like breakwater barely holding against the raging tides.

The monsters came clashing ferociously, and the dwarves had their hands full defending with their shields upfront.

At the same time, they retaliated with swords and spears, defending their severely wounded comrades.

Pale grit his teeth.

“Make it your own choice whether you want to fight or not. We won’t fall back.”

“Why? There is no reason to die intentionally.”

“If we back out now, when are we going to get stronger?”

“The situation is bad. Instead of being greedy over the treasure…”

“Don’t think about the disadvantages. The enemy is here, so we just fight. Please speak with your heart. Aside from our objective in the lair, if we retreat, can the other dwarven users escape too?”


If they were to withdraw, the dwarves that were barely holding back the draconic warriors and monsters were guaranteed to be slaughtered.

“Weed-nim said that battles are fought with the heart more than the body. If you don’t want to fight, leave by yourself.”

Pale didn’t have the extravagance to engage in a long conversation at such a dangerous time. After all, who could really understand it? He just did what he was capable of!

Since he followed Weed through the most dangerous and difficult battles, Pale thought there was still a fighting chance.

Extremely efficient hunting speed was about keeping health points and mana at the smallest sliver possible whilst continuing to  engage the monsters.

Without concentration, it was always dangerous, no time for relaxing.


Pale stepped up and sprinted sideways on the lair wall.

The agility stat turned his movement light and fast.

“Multi penetrating arrows!”


He rode the wall, spun in midair as he fired the arrows that consecutively landed on the monsters’ heads.


< The arrow penetrated through the head of monster Prem!
Death Shot!
You killed Monster Prem. >

< Bow skill proficiency is significantly increased. >


Pale let go of his bowstring while spinning in midair.

He never missed a target within 200 ~ 300-meter distance.

The entire process of precise aim, the arrow launch and striking the target formed a natural flow.

 “You’re gonna get screwed over listening to your friends.” 

 “You need to hold your own ground. You have to know how to express yourself firmly.” 

Pale thought about all the things he heard when he was little, and he smiled.

‘Everyone was wrong.’

His personality made it difficult for him to turn down the requests of others.

His school teacher was worried that in the future Pale would become a ‘loser’.

However, he came across friends and comrades that he could walk with for the rest of his life. After he became known to the public, people that he met were all envious of him, and relatives he hardly knew constantly contacted him.

Occasionally his combat videos were posted online, easily reaching 10 million views.

‘I must not get overconfident. I have to be careful with my behavior. I’m just a lover of adventure.’

Pale thought that he himself was living and growing proudly as one of the veteran archers and a lord of the Arpen Empire.





Oberon witnessed nearby dwarves sent flying by Bademix’s attack.

The dwarves were his comrades and friends from Royal Road.

“Hold your positions!”

All Oberon could do was butt up against the draconic warriors assault and shout desperately.

It was getting out of hand defending against the ones right in front of them. Using War Cry at every chance he got to recover stamina and health points, keeping them alive and allowing them to stall Bademix was all he could do.

‘We will defend. We must.’

If the entrance were to be breached, the dragons and monsters would stream into the lair.

The consequence was inevitable destruction!

The warriors and soldiers put everything on the line to defend.


< The Sky’s Blessing has been applied. Defense is enhanced by 200% for 3 minutes.

Health points are recovered 5.2 times faster.

Strength and endurance are increased temporarily.

Combat level will be improved  against strong enemies. >


A protection spell from an unknown priest was applied.

The holy magic of the priests gave the warriors on the frontline limitless courage to fight.


That instant, the draconic warrior going on a frenzy with a spear against Oberon collapsed slowly.

There was a giant man that appeared after smashing the dragon soldier’s head with a greatsword.

“I’m Python. You?”


“I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“The same goes for you. I think we will both have to take care of that one.”

Python and Oberon after a short greeting began to set up a plan.

Bademix was the commander of the draconic warriors.

In a mass battle, having a commander in the ranks had a great effect. That being said, the draconic warriors and monsters would rush in regardless of Bademix.

“How many minutes do you think we can hold?”

“We have to try for at least 5 minutes.”

“Seems like this is going to be one deadly battle. Let’s go.”

Oberon and Python charged together at Bademix.

– “Idiots! How dare you challenge me? I will slice you in half by the waist.”

The leader of the dragon soldiers Bademix accepted their challenge and the warriors parted around them, leaving them room to duel.

– “This is my power. Rumbling Swing!”

Bademix’s halberd wiped out even his own men that had cleared the space around him

Oberon easily dodged it thanks to his shortness, but Python slammed his sword into the ground and leapt.

“Skull Crush!”

Python struck hard from the air.

“Such big attacks are dangerous!”

Oberon screamed in panic, but Python had his reasons.

Monsters with intelligence took weak hits directly but could not bypass a menacing attack to the head.

‘It will definitely dodge or deflect it.’

As anticipated, Bademix swung his halberd up in a direct motion.

“Pierce the sky!”

Bademix went against Python’s Skull Crush with his halberd enveloped in a blue aura.

“Blade Defense!”

Python quickly cancelled his skill and changed to a defense skill. He was able to respond swiftly because he already anticipated the move.


Even then, his health points decreased over 30% from Bademix’s attack.

Python, after taking the unbearable hit fell in the middle of the draconic warriors

While the monsters were rushing towards them, Python shouted with no sign of defeat.

“Come on, you damn lizard servant!”

“You wish to die. I’m going to chop you up into pieces.”

Bademix broke free from the surrounding dwarves with big strides.

“Get out of my way.”

It swung his halberd and slashed through the draconic warriors in its path.

“What are you doing?!”

Oberon chased after Bademix, screaming.

He could not bear to watch Python die in isolation.

“It’s a good day to die.”

Python grinned as if he was having fun. Then he shouted to someone.

“I never really fought with my back entrusted to someone else.”


Oberon wanted to question the absurd comment but swallowed his words after seeing the following scene. Bademix did not pay any attention to the surrounding monsters and draconic warriors as he swung his halberd.

The attacks were aimed at Python but inflicted more damage to its own forces.

Due to the battle with Bademix, a third of the enemy was dead or being pushed away.

Oberon’s eyes glistened.

‘He drew him in on purpose.’

Python did look more comfortable sitting in the middle of enemy lines.

One-sidedly taking hits from Bademix was all the same, but it was different from when he couldn’t evade because of their comrades.

Monsters and draconic warriors within the range of the halberd were also being blown away, giving him enough space to move around.

No comrades nearby.

If he meets another dangerous moment, he will surely die, and how much worse could it be than being surrounded by monsters?

“This is a ridiculous move but…”

Oberon loved it so much.

The dwarves that have been suffering until now could be relieved of some pressure.

‘Just a bit of breathing room will last us a few more minutes.’

Out of nowhere, light sparked, and healing spells concentrated on Python and Oberon.


< Purification of light healed abnormal conditions of the body. >

< Healing Touch mends your body.

 Health points recovered by 4,950. >

< Shell of the sea turtle was applied.

The skin becomes hardened ,and defense is enhanced. >

< Wings of the badger has taken effect… >

< Origin of the adventurer has been applied. >

< Strong lower body! >

< The mind is enlightened. >


Over ten kinds of blessings that recovered health points, stamina and mana to full capacity and buff over combat level were concentrated.


The sound of wind coming from behind caused Oberon’s heart to run cold.


But, those flew right by Oberon and stuck to Bademix’s chest.

Five arrows.

It was a special arrow with a tip crafted from obsidian, capable of piercing through monsters.

Python grinned widely.

“It’s Pale-nim. So, this means that he read my mind and is out to support me.”


Bademix raised its halberd high and shouted.

The shockwave swept the surroundings, but Oberon laughed.

“Weed-nim’s comrades. I am in love with all of you and so disappointed that I only got to know you this moment.”

To be overwhelmed or defend was still to be decided.

An intense battle was taking place.

(To be continued…)



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V55C4P1 – Dragon Lair Defense

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada, Demonwar! & Idzuwan!


Oberon smiled faintly and spoke to Weed beside him.

“I will take care of the defense line. I will stall them until I die, so you have to carry on with the objective. Find the Brazier of Sacrifice and transport the treasure.”

He was only asking for them to take care of the dirty work. He was a great leader worthy of praise.

People like him are the ones who miss promotions because they die at the scene.

Weed did not miss this chance to turn around heart-free.

“I got it. I trust you with this situation. I will personally carve your name on your gravestone.”

He only showed his true colors in the midst of a crisis!


Oberon pinned his shield down on the ground and drew the attention of the draconic warriors.

“All of you come at me at once!”

Weed slipped to the back while the draconic warriors were preoccupied with Oberon and assessed the surroundings.

A tremendous amount of treasure was still stacked inside the lair!

It dwindled down slightly as the dwarves carried some out, but there was still so much treasure left as only ten percent of what was in the lair was moved out.

But it was good that the categorization and organization were being done simultaneously which hastened the speed of transport.

Weed asked the dwarves.

“Did you grab the Brazier of Sacrifice.”

“We don’t have it.”

“We haven’t found it either.”

At first, he felt stuffed just looking at the treasures, but now it was a war against time.

At the lair entrance, dozens of dwarves were desperately pushing back Bademix and the other monsters from penetrating through the defense.


< Bademix surrounded itself with a cloak of special power. All physical damage is converted into mana for 30 seconds. >


The assault squad concentrated their attacks on Bademix, but it was having little effect.

Weed observed the situation and turned his head.

“That overpowered… Nide!”

“Yes, hyung.”

“I don’t know what might happen to us, so we have to find the Brazier of Sacrifice first.”

“Okay. I will help out.”

Weed and Nide began searching through the treasure for the large brazier.

Some treasures formed a peaking tower, and the inside was not clearly visible because they were covered in gold and silvers.

“Brazier… It should be in the form of a brazier. It should be big too.”

“Should we search the places where all the artwork and antiques are?”

“That’s an idea.”

He heard stories that the dragon used it as a heating stove, but even among the artwork and furniture, it didn’t stand out.

Kaybern was indeed on the opposite end of tidiness and organization.

It was like the residence of an independent student that hadn’t cleaned for three years!

Antiques, treasures and jewels were all jumbled.

“Damn, he’s thrown it everywhere like it’s a pile of garbage.”

Weed was troubled that he couldn’t properly examine the piles of treasures which had formed massive mountains. 

The hands of adventurer Haruna dispelling the magic traps weren’t too quick either.

“Please hurry!”

“I am doing my best, but we don’t know what kind of dangerous magic traps may await us. I have to confirm each trap one at a time, so going any faster won’t work.”

Haruna had problems of her own to address.

The Cleansing Torch took time to dispel the magic traps, so she could not pick up speed.

“At this rate, we don’t know when we’ll find the Brazier of Sacrifice. We might need quite a long time.”

Weed looked back to the lair entrance, and the attack of the draconic warriors and monsters was brutal.

“Kill the intruders!”

“Eat them alive before Kaybern-nim gets upset!”

“Charge onwards!”

The swarm of draconic warriors and monsters rushed in roaring from the lair entrance.


This time, the earth shook.

“This is gravitational magic.”

“Jesus, this is six times stronger than normal!”

From somewhere, a magic spell that applied extreme gravity to the dwarves was activated.

“Fools that entered Kaybern-nim’s haven with no fear. I’m going to extract your hearts and see how big they are. Ku-ku.”


< Lich Smalling controlled the gravity in the area.

All living creatures…

You weaklings will be crushed flat!

Movement is slowed.

Stamina drains more quickly. >


The undead mage lich that defends the lair!

Following Bademix, even the lich Smalling arrived.

The scary thing about gravitational magic was that it was applied over the entire area and therefore could not be avoided.

With low strength, one would instantly fall into a state of incapacitation.


“Keep your positions. Don’t step out!”

The dwarves were barely maintaining a close formation for defense.

The dwarves were usually like tanks given their exceptional armor and endurance in battles, but the penetration attacks they were facing were too formidable.

If the lair entrance wasn’t narrow, they would have taken gruesome damage by Bademix or the draconic warriors.

They were barely standing, fending off the attacks.

“Weed-nim! My name is Blowhand.”

One of the dwarves ran hurriedly towards him with a chest.

“I was about to move this… There is a magical scroll in it.”

It was a magic scroll crafted by the dragon!

It could be activated without a mage by ripping it apart and could cost a fortune depending on its power.


Weed was calculating the cost of the scrolls piled up inside the chest.

“It would be a great help to deliver these to the ones in combat.”

His brain which  was running at high speed stopped after hearing Blowhand.

“Use rare scrolls…?”

“Yes. The situation calls for it… Would it be unwise?”

Weed heard Blowhand and closed his eyes.

At this very moment, nearby dwarves were watching and listening to him.

Undoubtedly the millions of viewers were watching the live broadcast too.

‘If I turn down his advice now, they will think of me as a cheapskate and a coward.’

In all honesty, he considered himself a cheapskate and a coward.

But, there was a difference between himself being aware and everyone else knowing about it.

It was a small sense of pride that was still left inside him!

Weed swallowed his saliva to prevent his voice from cracking.

“Use it. It is a grave situation, so we have to.”


The support of magic scrolls began to take effect, leading to a bombardment of magic spells at the lair entrance.

Dozens of monsters and draconic warriors were put away, giving the dwarves some grace time! But, the enemy began rushing in a few moments after.

“I don’t think we can hold any longer.”

Weed couldn’t help but think the same.

They could use the magic scroll at every dangerous moment and bought some time , but this was the dragon’s lair.

All kinds of monsters were pouncing at them.




“All houses which shelter humans must be destroyed.”

Kaybern stood on top of the earth and roared.

Castle Bawell was destroyed miserably and only its ashes remained, and the buildings in the city were also razed to the ground.

Bridges were disconnected, and the trees were on fire.

Total destruction! Kaybern inhaled deeply and as he breathed out , he blew down the buildings poorly constructed by the architects to the ground.

The Black Dragon let out a piercing cry as it laid waste to the city.


Kaybern roared and flew up into the sky.

Users observing from afar were waiting for Castle Bawell to be destroyed completely.

The dragon’s behavior up until now was a complete and thorough destruction of the target city. Not one building was left standing, typical for dragons.

“Humans… How dare you enter my territory. You have lost your minds.”

The alert magic around the dragon’s lair was activated, and Kaybern became aware of the intruders.

“Oh no.”

“He found out!”

The face of the architects that built Castle Bawell turned pale.

The plan was discovered!

If the dragon were to fly back to its nest this instant, the robbery would be in vain.

“Pathetic. My lair will become your grave.”

Kaybern did not cease to destroy the city.




– “Bajo: Weed-nim! We’ve been discovered by Kaybern.”

Architect Bajo at Castle Bawell whispered to Weed and explained the situation.

“This is great… It’s still going to be a while until we get all the treasure out.”

“You low lives, gather this instant and protect the lair of Kaybern-nim, the master of your body and soul!”

The commander of the draconic warriors, Bademix, blew a horn carved from bones.


<The horn’s bellow resounded.>


High and mighty echoes spread to the furthest parts of Ulta mountain pass.

“He’s gathering more of them!”

“It’s already tough as it is!”

Screams came out from the mouths of dwarves.

The group was made up of soldiers and warriors and could hold the entrance barely, but Bademix’s attack threatened the lives of these dwarves with one good hit.

“Push through at all costs.”

“Kill those pest-like dwarves! Flash Rupture!”

The charge of draconic warriors already posed a problem, and on top of that, the lich Smalling added his magic attacks to the dwarves.

Lights flashed, and the air blew up, damaging the dwarves each time.

The users of the assault squad were retaliating as well with ranged attacks.

“The enemy is powerful. But if we hold the narrow entrance, we can endure. Do not step back!”

Oberon let out his War Cry that reinvigorated the dwarves.

At that moment!

A priest in the rear who was preparing to cast a healing spell died and turned grey.

“What? Why did he die?”

The other priests alongside were confused, but a moment later two more lives disappeared.

“It’s an assassin!”

From the defense forces of the dragon lair, another commander-level being appeared.

“Hurry and protect the rear!”

“Everyone stay alert and light up the surroundings to keep away the darkness.”

Some of the assault soldiers sprinted to defend the priests and the mages. Then, they spotted a translucent figure in the darkness that blended into the ceiling and escaped.

“Just how many of these Bademix-like guys are there?”

“Just defend. Protect them!”

More casualties occurred from the dwarves and the assault squad.

Swift Coldwind: “Nearby monsters are all directed to the lair.”

Weed observed the situation anxiously.

“I know.”

– Swift Coldwind: “Ah, yes. I thought you would have noticed that already but what I mean to say is that all monsters within a 10 km radius are headed that way!”


Additional reinforcements.

From the dungeons and demon lairs, fearsome high-level monsters were spawning.

Shockingly, they were all headed for the dragon lair.

(To be continued…)


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V55C3P3 – Undeniable Danger

Par mimosab

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‘This doesn’t feel right. We did clear it easily, but it doesn’t mean that this place is safe. It’s too arrogant for us to assume that it’s safe inside a dragon’s lair. It’s not like I am aware of everything in this area. This feeling, it could only mean…’

Weed’s senses were giving out a critical warning.

The back of his head was itching like he was about to get struck!


– Pale: Yes.

“What’s your position?”

– Pale: I am assisting with the transport in the mine. There’s a ton of treasure.

After the draconic warriors’ patrol, the assault squad users were helping with the transport.

They were relaxed in the thought that there would be no battles for a while.

“All members of the assault squad, meet me back in the lair.”

– Pale: Copy.

Weed trusted his instinct and recalled the assault squad.

‘I hope that I’m wrong about this… But, it’s better to be prepared.’

It was only about 2 minutes after he called the assault squad.

“Hyung! The dragon soldiers are swarming in!”

Nide shouted.

As he was watching the lair entrance, fully equipped dragon soldiers came charging into his view. Small lizard-like mages followed as well.

“Everyone prepare for battle! There are already over 200 enemy troops and those are just the ones in view!!”

Weed pulled out the Loa Sword and sighed deeply.

“Damn it, why are the bad hunches never wrong?! Really, you think you’re going to win the lottery, but you never do.”

The dragon soldiers saw the reflections of the dwarves on the surface of the treasures and had gone back to get reinforcements.

“The enemy is coming in!”

Weed used his Lion’s Roar.

– 1st and 3rd dwarf group, continue transporting the treasure. The rest will run over to the lair entrance and prevent their advance. You can make all the noise you want now, so please move as quickly as you can!

Weed never forgot the reason for coming to the lair!

“Follow Weed-nim’s command!”

The dwarves laid down the treasure and drew their weapons.

The 1st and 3rd group were comprised of level 450 and higher.

Even the worst of them were well equipped with good shields and over half of them were warriors with exceptional defense.

Weed and the dwarves charged to the lair entrance.

“Everyone act calmly. We just have to block them at the entrance. It’s simply a change of plans from a robbery to a raid!”




The Arpen Empire conquered the Central Continent, naturally gaining control over the ocean.

“We sure took the right side.”

“Yeah, the best one in fact.”

“Back when we were headed for Jigolaths, I thought we were doomed for good…”

Hye, Fractal and Board mir.

The three crazy sharks of Becky nin smirked every time they reminisced about the past.

They were villains that did not care about what other people say about them.

There was a time when they committed petty theft and felt proud; they had moved up in the world since then.

Things had ended up working out for them due to their diligence of misdeeds and their encounter with Weed.
Becky nin’s 3 mad sharks watched Weed and gained a new perspective on evil.

“We will take over the world too through being pirates.”

“Yeah. We are past our fun with petty crime.”

“Let’s grow our ambitions. The seas will be ours from now on.”

The Arpen Empire’s pirates. If they could exercise dominance over them, they could seize the seas.

Though they cannot overtake the continent, if they could seize the ocean of this world the power at their control would be tremendous!

“Let’s charge toll fees on the ocean.”

“Yes. That is a great idea.”

The maritime control of the Arpen Empire encompassed the entire continent.

There was still the Haven territory of the Hermes Guild, but ever since the Gripis command ship was sunk, they barely roamed the littoral seas.

The Rosenheim Kingdom and Brent Kingdom in the east were nations that were ruined completely by the Embinyu Cult.

Even if the Arpen Empire did not officially conquer them, the users of both kingdoms were already abiding in the empire and crossing the ocean was not an issue.

“What if Weed-nim says something about us charging a toll fee?”

“Are you saying he’s going to punish us?”

“Yeah. There is nothing to worry about except for the Arpen Empire… There is no navy in Arpen but Weed is a problem by himself.”

For the 3 mad sharks of Becky nin, still had to face the final boss named Weed!

They could not let up because they were on the ocean. He could ride on flying barraggs and burn down their entire fleet.

“We just have to use bribery.”


“Yup. Half of the earnings should be enough.”

“Then it’s settled.”

“Of course! Villains are supposed to bribe the higher-ups. It’s called mutual aid.”

“Is it the tight bond that Weed-nim always talks about?”

Bekinin’s 3 crazy sharks announced their control of the oceans.

– All users heading out to sea must turn over 1 gold each! If you wish to avoid the wrath of us pirates that is. Har-har-har!

They claimed dominance over the sea!

Merchants from that day on began paying toll fees to the pirate union.

Seoyoon used the collection to develop the ports and provided funds to unoccupied islands and new sea route findings.

She also made an official request to Becky nin’s 3 mad sharks and the pirates.

– Seoyoon: I appreciate you guys for your consistent hard work. Please continue to tend to the users.

In some ways, she had more power than Weed.

The pirates bowed their heads to Seoyoon’s whisper.

“Of course. We will keep to the ocean.”

“Leave it to us. Please have faith in us. We will not let you down.”

The pirates made a promise and kept to their word.

Securing the sea was a given, as well as protecting the sea routes and saving users from sea monsters.

“When there is no space for luggage, it’s great that the pirate ships load them for us.”

“They even repair broken sails.”

“Pirates are knowledgeable about the geography in new sea routes. They inform you about the locations of sea monsters that must be avoided.”

The pirate users that grew up together with Port Varna since its pioneer days thought of the Northern merchants and adventurers as their own kind.

They wore pirate caps and sailed the seas on pirate ships with skull flags.




– Kill all the intruders!

– How dare the lowly dwarves enter the lair. Murder them all!

– Chop them up! Rip them to shreds!

The draconic warriors blurted foul words as they approached.

They weren’t common soldiers, but the elites defending the lair!

Weed led the dwarves and stood against them.

“Let’s defend the entrance. We have to stop them from entering the lair.”

The dwarves were already wearing the metal armor that they carried in their backpacks.

For the robbery, heavy armor was not worn because it slowed them down, but for battles speed was not so necessary.

“Hoo-hah! I came to this place expecting to die. My comrades are too good.”

“Let’s hold. I think we can do this. We got nothing to worry about if Kaybern isn’t here.”

The dwarves did get frightened when they were discovered, but they were high-level veteran warriors. The warriors fought at the frontlines and were therefore brave and fearless.

They had faith in the other dwarves they had known each other since their youths.

The draconic warriors clashed with the dwarves in a straight line.

“Die, intruders!”

“You will not be forgiven for intruding into Kaybern-nim’s haven. You all are already dead.”

The dwarves put up their shields and withheld the attacks.

The dwarves over level 400 had a great amount of endurance and were not easy to take down.


The retaliation of swinging axes and spears struck against the skins of the dragon soldiers.

“Keep to the defense line and do not get pushed back!”

“Hold this position.”

The dragon soldiers defending the lair were higher in level than usual, but the dwarves chose to maintain close formation despite the impact and fended against the attack.

Weed stepped forward and struck down on the ground with the Loa Sword.

“Lava River!”

The earth split apart and crimson lava engulfed the draconic warriors.


The immediate damage was incredible, but it also pushed back the enemy lines.

“Krrak. Keep pushing even if it costs your life!”

“We must defend Kaybern-nim’s treasures.”

The draconic warriors forced their way through the Lava River. They rushed forward even as their bodies began to burn. The dwarves formed 3 layers of defense formation and put forth their shields to defend.

Some of the assault squad led by Pale arrived just a moment after.

“Weed-nim. We have arrived. We’ll jump right into the battle.”

“Those of you that are capable of ranged support, please snipe the dragon soldiers. Leave the ones with large weapons as they will get in the way of one another, but we have to prioritize the boss-level monsters first.”

Weed quickly analyzed the dragon soldier swarm.

There were approximately 200 of them, and around 40 were deemed to be boss-level!

There were especially stronger monsters or ones with special abilities that could emit fire, lightning and ice auras.

He assessed that it was advantageous to eliminate them first.


The assault squad split up into smaller groups according to Weed’s command.

The melee combat classes charged forward and the rest were led by Pale.

Wherever Pale’s fire arrow flew, the magic and arrow ranged attacks were focused.

Dwarves were formidable, but this group was the top elite of the Arpen Empire, each over level 500!

‘I will do my fair share.’

‘Won’t I be rewarded for doing something at least?’

The users went a little insane with dry mouths after passing by all the treasures in the lair.

Only with some accomplishment could they proudly take some equipment, so they bet their lives on this defense.

The concentrated attacks killed off 7 boss-level monsters.

Over on the side with the rest of the draconic warriors, the dwarves and the assault squad combined forces and led to an intense battle.

They did not dominate over the dragon soldiers, nor were they pushed back easily with their impeccable defense.

“Kreeeak! Kaybern-nim will unleash his wrath upon you.”

“Be it human or dwarf, leave none alive. Kill them!”

More draconic warriors were streaming to the lair entrance.


< You are under the influence of Bademix, Commander of the draconic warriors.

Unparalleled fear grasps you.

Maximum health points are decreased. 

Higher chances of falling into a state of confusion and fear.

Higher damage received by attacks. >


“What is this?”

The dwarves panicked.

A monster three times bigger than other draconic warriors appeared at the lair entrance.

Massive weapons like axes and spears were strung on its back.

They managed to take down the boss-level draconic warriors, but they were inside a dangerous place, the dragon’s lair!

A true boss monster had arrived.

“You have entered this place without permission!”

Bademix swung his halberd, a combination of an axe and spear toward the other draconic warriors. It blew away everything in his way, leaving him a clear path that ran right up to the dwarves.

“Plague Strike!”

Each time it swung its halberd, the defending dwarves went flung back several dozen meters. Blue smoke covered their bodies and drained away their health points each second.

‘This is bad.’

Weed’s instinct was warning him.

Bademix was considered the boss of boss-level monsters, an extremely dangerous being.

If the dwarves could cooperate and fight, they could hold for now. But, it was a problem that several other monsters like Bademix could show up.

All monsters and draconic warriors under Kaybern’s command will be headed this way.’

(To be continued…)


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V55C3P2 – Undeniable Danger

Par mimosab

[NOTE ] Thanks to all proofreaders: Armada, Arvin & Demonwar!


He went over to Oberon and spotted the radiant Kaybern sculpture he made in the past.

A sculpture made from crystals of Agathe glistening like the milky way, carved intricately into beads and threaded through a silver string.

Under bright light, the crystals weaved like waves, sparkling in radiant brilliance.

He worked intensively on it and it was deemed one his best works until now in terms of beauty.

But, it was an unfortunate piece of work that had to be offered to Kaybern.

“At last, I am taking it back. Grab it please.”

“Yup.Leave it to us.”

The dwarves diligently sent down treasure from the lair to the mine.

Even with the expansion, the items were being smuggled through a long and narrow mine passage, forcing the dwarves to shuffle faster on their short legs.

Nide who was scouting came back running.

“No signs of trouble yet?”

“No, hyung. Nothing dangerous yet near this area. It’s almost foreboding.”

“It’s reasonable to think that way. We are in Kaybern’s lair of all places.”

Weed was also vigilant of this silence.

Nothing could really bring assurance, but the treasures that he already grabbed made him happy.

“I can see a lot of footprints of patrols on the path heading to the lair entrance.”

“Draconic warriors?”

“Well actually, the footprints are a lot bigger and steeper than normal draconic warriors.”

Nide, ever studious, prepared extensively.

He memorized the tracks, smell and traits of the monsters.

“That makes sense. They must be boss-level if they patrol inside the lair. There would be more of them.”

“As you know hyung, the draconic warriors are different from other monsters. They do not slack off even without the supervision of the dragon. They will patrol at precise intervals.”

“How much time is left until the patrol?”

“By the extent of the footprints, it won’t be long. 30 minutes? Maybe an hour?”

“Alright. We have to hurry and save time.”

The draconic warriors had a routine of entering and inspecting the lair. However, they were not known to scout the entire lair.




Castle Bawell was on its bare bones!

The castle wall and vital structures were all dismantled by the group of architects,but the total territory of the city had expanded several fold from before.

The weakest of weak buildings spread endlessly across to the plains and beyond.

– I have come to punish the humans!

When Kaybern arrived, the inner part of the city was empty like it always was.

– Fire Stone!

Flaming spheres fell from the skies and struck Castle Bawell and everything else in proximity.


The castle that was barely supporting its own weight after losing the outer wall finally crumbled and the nearby buildings met the same fate.

Kaybern was content with the scene of destruction it caused.

– Rip to shreds. Chains of Darkness!

Dark chains that linked the land and sky began to strike down on the city.

Houses, roads and trees were crushed mercilessly.

The users were watching from a faraway forest after the evacuation.

“It’s crazy watching from here. It would have been devastating if I was still inside the city.”

“I gained proficiency for wind magic just now. It almost went up by one level.”

“Just by watching, our skills gain levels. It’s worthwhile to observe.”

Now that several cities had been destroyed by the dragon, the users had become resigned to the carnage.

Powerful magic spells at times increased the skill proficiency for mages just by observing, and apart from that it was still a spectacle to watch.

The live scene of a dragon destroying a city!

Such a devastating scene sent shivers down their spinest, but on the other hand it felt very awesome.

There were tourists that seeked to watch it every week.

That being said,  there were Hermes Guild members in these groups.

“ I will never let Weed have his way.” 

Calcus and the death squad were wiped out at Thor and logged into Royal Road once again.

They did not want to return to Haven territory after losing levels, proficiency and even equipment.

“Since it has come to this, I will go all out to get my revenge.”

Calcus tried to convince the squad to go with him to Castle Bawell. Not all agreed, but almost half of the guild members followed him.

“Keu-Keuk. It’s simple. I just need to go to Kaybern and tell him that the lair is being robbed…”

He would die due to the merciless dragon, but Weed and his followers would also suffer huge losses. Rather than rationality, he was led by his vengeance.

“It’s so easy because this is such a simple method for stopping Weed.”

Calcus was getting overconfident, while a group of users surrounded them from a distance.

“You think we’ll let you do that?”

Michel of the Black Sword Mercenaries and Gunter of Lion Star Guild led the elite users and surrounded them all of a sudden.

Their objective was to subdue the Hermes Guild that may head to Castle Bawell!

“How did you know we were coming?”

“Weed-nim informed us. The one who couldn’t get a punch in will never give up that easily.”

Calcus did not realize it at first, but things began to unravel in his eyes now that the Hermes Guild was rounded up in the forest.

Weed already had prepared countermeasures for several tricks.

Michel had a deep grudge against the Hermes Guild.

“Don’t worry. I will end you all painlessly.”

The Black Sword Mercenaries and the elites of Lion Star pounced with their weapons.

Warriors and swordsmen comprised the surprise attack and took part in the actual combat.

A few area of effect skills exploded, but with no real need for large-scale magic spells as they flooded in from every direction and quickly took care of the situation!

Meanwhile, Kaybern demolished Castle Bawell and was now bombarding magic spells against the entire city.

Michel got her revenge and laughed in satisfaction.

“Everything here went down the way we thought.”

They looted after taking care of Calcus and the death squad. Also, it was enough to signal the rebirth of the Black Sword Mercenaries as this scene would be on live broadcast.

The users that split away after losing to the Hermes Guild were now returning to the mercenaries.

These users were under the Arpen Empire but also chose to affiliate with the prestigious guild factions.

They were joyful in that the honor of the old days was coming back.

Michel sheathed her sword handsomely and spoke.

“I am reporting to his royal highness, the emperor Weed.”

– Weed: how did it go?

“Calcus appeared. We took care of him.”

Michel after reporting to Weed felt as if she was his subordinate.

‘It’s just a stupid hunch. Yeah, just a hunch.’

– Weed: What about the dragon?

“It has destroyed a third of the city now. The buildings are spread wide apart, so there still seems to be a lot of time left.”

– Weed: Thank you for watching over the scene. Please carry on.

Michel was happy to hear his appreciation as if she felt like Weed recognized her success.

“It is an honor, Weed-nim. I will keep you updated.”




“Please be cautious so that the treasures don’t get chipped. Everyone, pick up the pace!”

The dwarven users were working hard to transport the treasure from the dragon lair.

“I never had a day in my life with such a jackpot.”

“How much will it be after selling all this? It’s going to be hard to think of an estimate.”

The speech of the dwarven users was filled with the joy of success.

They were moving piles of equipment and treasure that they normally couldn’t even lay eyes on. The jolt of excitement that they scored the most outstanding load!

It hyped them up even more thinking about how the many broadcast stations would be watching them live.

“The draconic warriors are on the way here now. 20 of them.”

After hearing from Nide who was guarding the entrance stopped the dwarves in their tracks. Only silence remained.

Weed signaled with his hand and the dwarves moved swiftly behind covers they previewed before.

Dwarves had small stature, able to hide just by going behind treasure chests and piles of gold.

As for the large hole connecting the mine and the lair, a painting was put over on top.

Yurin had prepared an elaborate painting in advance.

– Yurin: Oppa, this painting is not perfect either. I didn’t have enough time… The paint isn’t fully dry yet. They will find out if they get close.

Weed thought there was no other choice but to bet on luck.

If the draconic warriors were to inspect the entire lair, the dwarves in hiding would be discovered first.

Or the tracks left from transporting the treasure would be revealed.

By their tracks, the draconic warriors were said not to be too keen in their patrol, but I can’t rely on that information entirely.’


The sounds of footsteps by the draconic warriors drew closer.

Weed kept silent but got ready to swing the Loa Sword in case he got discovered.

‘The patrolling draconic warriors aren’t a problem. The real issue is the army outside the lair.’

If the draconic warriors and monsters come charging as a whole, a face-off was inevitable.

The dwarves were each hiding behind cover and rolled their eyes. The dwarves were small, perfect for hiding.

– Pale: We are waiting.

The assault squad was also positioned in places suitable for an ambush.

“It is quiet.”

“Krrk. That’s because Kaybern-nim isn’t here.”

“There are a lot of incredible treasures in here.”

“This is the home of the great Kaybern-nim. The dwarves offered these in respect for him.”

The draconic warriors surveyed their surroundings with their snake-like eyes.

Weed’s group hadn’t touched the treasures near the route of the patrols.

“Kaybern-nim hates our scent. We cannot be here for long.”

“We have to patrol the outer layer now.”

“Let’s do that.”

A moment later, the draconic warriors slowly walked out of the lair.

“Whew. They left.”

“Let’s carry on.”

The dwarven users continued loading the treasures.

Weed searched around for the Brazier of Sacrifice, but his mind was unsettled after the draconic warriors passed through.

‘This is a race quest with S rank difficulty. But, I feel like this is all turning out too well. Kaybern should have been in his lair if it was the usual pattern.’

Even though the dwarves dug through the mine into the lair, as long as Kaybern was inside, it was highly unlikely to succeed.

Just the presence of a dragon could turn a quest into the worst success rate of all S rank quests.

‘Kaybern’s absence must have changed the difficulty. I would say it went down by a lot… But, even then this is way too easy.”

Weed read too many stories of villains meeting their demise because of poor planning and underestimating; he was weary.

For a villain, self-conceit had to be avoided at all costs.

‘Am I slacking nowadays because I became emperor of the Arpen Empire? Well, I’m well fed and I’m starting to sweat. I think I’ve smuggled enough treasure already for good profit even if the quest fails.’

Though if someone asked if he could throw out the yogurt lid without licking it, there was not a chance that he would.

(To be continued…)


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V55C3P1 – Undeniable Danger

Par mimosab

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At last, the treasure in the dragon’s lair was revealed.

“Just how much…”

“There’s so much.”

The dwarven users were overwhelmed by the mountains of treasure inside the lair.

Just by looking at them, all scattered across the lair, the dazzling shiny equipment and jewelry and assorted ornaments that seemed to promise endless wealth. 


< You have infiltrated the dragon’s lair.

You have accomplished a historical adventure achievement.

A safe return after venturing inside the dragon’s lair will grant one permanent level for three adventure type skills. >

< Reporting the achievement will grant 50,000 adventure honor points.

   New trends and rumors of the dragon will spread. >


The message alert popped up, but the eyes were fixated on the radiant treasure.


“That is the Hammer of the Everlasting Flame.”

“That’s the Bulwark Cloth. Armor made out of that is…”


The dwarves were more interested in the equipment and treasure than the towers of gold and they could not be more amazed.

“If we stock up all this… We’ll be able to make a killing. Hunting thousands of boss monsters still won’t get us anywhere near as much as grabbing a few things from here.”

“Crazy. This is just crazy. The world’s equipment, all right here.”

The users were reaching out towards the treasure without even realizing it themselves.

Of course, the one who got on all fours ready to pounce was Weed!

“Everyone stop!”

Nide spread his arms wide and blocked Weed and the other users.

“Do not forget that this is the dragon’s lair. There are traces of magic on parts of the treasures. The wrong touch will lead to all sorts of danger.”

“He’s right. We have to check for the magic and dispel them first. Or else it will really become dangerous for us.”

Haruna joined in as well.

The dwarves heard it over a hundred times even before the arrival. Though once he saw the treasure, he lost his senses, but the bitter warning brought him back.

“Let’s be extra careful.”

“Yeah, that could have been trouble. This is not a place to run around freely.”

They managed to suppress greed with reason.

If they wanted to get out with the treasure, they couldn’t risk triggering the traps.


Weed slowly stood up from all fours.

Acting as if it was all very natural!

“The lair floor is surely dense. Come to think of it,the ground is always dense. First… K-hmm! Following proper procedures, adventurer Haruna-nim will check if the lair is enchanted with magic.”

The holy artefact borrowed from the Earth Cult, the Cleansing Torch.

Any curse or trap touched by its warmth will be dispelled.

Weed approached Haruna immediately.

“You have to be quick, okay?”

“Yes. Weed-nim. I understand.”

Haruna lit up the Cleansing Torch. Then, warmth spread out everywhere.

Weed spoke up.

“Haruna-nim. We must hurry. We are out of time.”

“I will get right on it.”

Haruna began walking to the treasure, and after only several steps, Weed’s nagging bombarded her.

“Don’t tell me you’re worried about noise complaints right now. “

“Alright, alright.”

Haruna self-reflected on her slow footwork and walked with wide strides, revealing her long, beautiful elven legs.

It was just when she brought the torch close to the treasure.

“How much longer? It’s not done yet? Do I have to wait more?”

“The magic trap is being dispelled. Give me a bit of time.”

“Carefully but quickly. Can’t you work more efficiently ?”


“How long are you going to take? Jesus.”

Weed was pestering fiercely.




They got inside the Black Dragon Kaybern’s lair through the mine in Debrado village!

The stacks of treasure were enough to blow away all the hardships they had ever faced.

While Haruna was checking for magical traps and defusing them, Nide was scouting around.

“Fortunately, it’s confirmed that there are no draconic warriors inside the lair.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. We caused quite a commotion moments ago, but we weren’t caught because the draconic warriors weren’t here. Though, we can’t be too unguarded. By the footprint tracks on the floor, it seems that they go on patrol.”

Weed was gaining back more of his senses as he heard about the dragon soldiers.

“I was born for this.”


“No. It’s nothing… We don’t know how much time we have in our hands, so let’s grab as much as we can!”

As soon as Weed spoke, the dwarves began moving swiftly.

They expanded the passage connected to the mine and moved the stone debris out of the way so they wouldn’t make a sound.

They had already changed their boots into quiet fur shoes.

The dragon wasn’t present, but the robbery had to be secretive and quick nonetheless.

There was a big ruckus when they just got inside the lair, but the plan soon went underway.

The dwarves came with the wagons and stacked the treasure, Haruna dispelled and confirmed they were free of traps.

“Move, move.”

“Careful not to get in the way of each other.”

The dwarven users were well-prepared for this day.

Weed set out requirements for entering the dragon’s lair, and they took training on how to move cargo like they do in postal services and moving companies.

At least 10 hours of moving, organizing goods were mandatory tasks.

The difference between the experienced and the unexperienced was huge. Doing a task that was done before allowed the time to be used more efficiently.

“Please be as quiet as you can, and prepare the follow-up groups.”

“Copy that, Weed-nim.”

Dwarves paid full attention in following orders.

They too knew the importance of this moment.

Equipment in the range of level 500 ~ 600 were so common in the lair that they were being kicked around on the floor.

Some items were legendary equipment that could only be worn from level 800 ~ 1000.

“Geez… The pieces of Bulen Set’s Armor are all here.”

“There is even the Sword of Patia. Lord, this is special. It has 13 properties on it.”

“Take it. Take it all.”

The dwarves quickly loaded the items on the wagons and began to transport.

The dwarves were promised 20% of the share if the robbery were to succeed.

Stealing as much as they could meant that their share became larger..

The treasures in the common room of the lair were disappearing gradually.

“I can see magic books too. Even combat type books.”

“Grab them already.”

Haruna found rare magic books and even got to the ancient documents.

Certain skills and magic could only be found in the dragon’s lair.

The ultimate magic spells of fire, water, wind and earth were priceless.

Golden and silver bars were taken first, pearls were discarded at first.

‘Things are going swell overall. Though, it could be faster.’

Weed observed the flourishing treasure being moved carefully in the hands of the dwarves.

‘For the quest, I must find the Brazier of Sacrifice.’

He was blinded by the treasure, but finding the brazier was crucial.

‘There’s nothing worse than coming all this way only to leave without the brazier. If the mine is plugged up, I can’t try this quest again…’

The dwarven race quest.

The race quest also traced back to the destiny of dwarves, so it had to be completed when he had the chance.

‘I need to find the brazier…’

The scene of treasures being loaded onto the wagons came into his view.

‘Treasure. Oh. Spectacular treasure!’

The treasures kept distracting his sight!

The Brazier of Sacrifice was challenging to find in the middle of the valleys of treasure.

His sight instinctively was taken away to the dazzling treasure.

Meanwhile, a sword without any decoration drew his eyes for some reason.

‘I am tempted. It doesn’t look anything special, but it feels like a highly branded item.’

Weed requested Haruna to release the magic surrounding the sword.


Nameless Sword: Durability 87/200. Attack damage 151~214.
A sword crafted by a dwarven blacksmith who concealed himself.

“The best sword must be able to cut through anything. Inside such a sword must be the soul of the metal.”

The blacksmith devoted his affection to the metal.

He embraced it in his sleep each night and refined it every day, creating the most outstanding metal in the world.

“I will hammer you into the best sword.”

The blacksmith spent three years with the metal, fire and the anvil.

When the sword was finally complete, he shed tears.

“Poured with the soul of metal, the unstoppable sword is born.” 

The sword was unattended for a long time, but if the blade is sharpened, it will return to its original form.

Requirement: Swordsman only.

— Level 970.

— Swordmaster.

Condition: Requires careful repair.

Properties: Soul of metal with its own consciousness.

+90 to all stats.

Can consume the user’s health points up to 500 per second, increasing the attack damage.

Penetration damage increased in proportion to the enemy’s armor.

Damage and speed increased with consecutive hits.

Mana consumption of sword skills reduced by 70%.

Damage of all skills related to swords is enhanced.

45% increased attack speed.

High chance of instantly executing enemies with under 12% health points.

The sword is in a badly damaged state.

When the repair is completed, it will show its real powers.

One unrecognized by the soul of metal will only be able to draw 30% of the sword’s potential.


“Wow… That’s an incredible sword.”

Such a splendid sword that even adventurer Haruna was amazed.

The Loa Sword was excellent and this sword was surely an equivalent. What’s more, was that it was not even showing its full ability due to the damage.

“I’d expect nothing less from Weed-nim. This looks better than any other equipment in this lair. You have the insight.”

Haruna tried starting a conversation and Weed’s glare became hostile.

“Hurry up and defuse those magic traps.”

“… Alright.”

Weed sent Haruna and stealthily reached over.


He was idle, but his hands grabbed it on their own.


< You have obtained the Nameless Sword.
Once the sword is repaired and its consciousness is complete, it may be named. >



It was a heart-warming and rewarding identification!

He felt content like he reached the mature date of his 3-year installment savings.

– Are you the one who woke me up from my long sleep?

You are yet unworthy of wielding me.

The consciousness inside the sword spoke to him in a majestic tone.

“I’m busy right now, so go back to sleep.”

Weed didn’t have time to spare at the moment, so he wrapped the sword on his back.

“Weed-nim. There is a sculpture over here that you made.”



(To be continued…)


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V55C2P3 – Dragon’s Treasure

Par mimosab

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The Earthly Shadows party walked through the forest and quickly descended south.


< In search of the great mage.

Mage of the wind, Ruckledare.

Find the tracks of the great mage spread over the continent.

Ruckledare knows about Kaybern and Landony.

Gathering 7 clues will lead you to her.

Difficulty: S

Reward: Leads to linked quest ‘The Dragon’s Secret’. >


An S rank difficulty quest!

They too, were doing a quest related to the dragon and they were in a rush.

“Weed is going to rob the lair…”

“Their progress is quick. High chance of success too. We can’t lag behind!”

The Earthly Shadows party borrowed a griffon from Myul and flew down to the South.

Midway they resupplied at the desert oasis, crossed the ocean and finally arrived at the Southern Continent!

“Ugh… It’s cold.”

Silver Ring’s body shivered.

Not a single patch of grass or greenery grew on the ground.

Instead, it was a plane of ice and snow covering the entire continent.

“This place is too cold.”

Ben quickly changed into bear hide clothing. The other two also changed outfits and overcame the cold.

“Adventurer’s Sense!”

Elix used a geographical skill.

It was a skill that informed them of nearby cities, villages or humans within 1 km radius. It also outlined particular traces left on the ground.

“Nothing nearby.”

“We’ll have to go around first.”

They got back on the griffon and scouted the glacial continent.

They discovered frozen valleys that were once streaming with water and also the peaking ice mountains.

Each time they would accumulate a substantial amount of adventure achievements, but they could not find tracks of the wind mage.

Ben spoke anxiously, “We don’t know just how vast this glacial continent is…  Even if the wind mage is nearby, we won’t be able to find her. Maybe we are wasting our time here.”

Elix agreed.

“Usually we would have drawn a map and proceed relatively quickly, but we are already out of time. Weed might finish the adventure before us.”

Silver Ring looked far into the distance but could see nothing other than white snow.

“It’s not like I became an adventurer to compete, but I can’t stand being in second place every time. We have to do something.”

“Then, we have to risk it and split up in our search.”

The Earthly Shadows party took Ben’s opinion and split up individually.


< Extreme cold is setting in.
Due to your survival ability, cold resistance is increased by 80%. >


The adventurer’s survival skill reduced damage from harsh environments.

They were eager to survive in any way and find the tracks, so they only regrouped after three days.

Elix and Ben were out of luck, but Silver Ring had a unique discovery.

“There is a big frozen forest to the east. There is a lake too with trees and animals and even elves.”

“You met an elf?”

“No. They were all frozen.”

“That’s the scent of adventure. Not sure if it’s related to the wind mage though.”

They were indeed adventurers.

A frozen forest in an icy continent!

If they did not find curiosity in such a strange event, they could never have chosen the path of the adventurer.

Ben jumped onto the griffon.

“We have no time to spare, so let’s talk when we get there.”

“I will lead the way!”




Adventurer Chase.

He has led other adventurers since Maze Zode.

“Isn’t it our job to assist Weed-nim in his quest?”

“Yeah. It will be difficult just by himself.”

The adventurers were willing to step up wherever they were needed.

In fact, they were willing to participate in dangerous jobs.

“I think Weed-nim is preparing against Kaybern… It would be hard for him to take on Landony as well.”

“It’s outrageous for him to be responsible for both.”

Adventurer Spenson agreed.

There were over a thousand adventurers following them.

If the opportunity to join the savior quest arose, they wanted to join without a doubt, but did not want to simply wait for it.

“Orcland. I need that area to be searched.”

“There was a request for assistance from Seechwi-nim of the Grass Porridge Cult.”

“Mmm. The villages destroyed by Landony need to be investigated anyhow… But, I plan to go further east.


The adventurers were surprised by Chase’s words.

At first, the continent was only known from the maps!

Rarely in the antique maps sold in shops, the outline of the Eastern Continent was visible.

It wasn’t as big as Versailles Continent, but it was a mystic land with incredibly tall mountains and amazing forests.

Chase had travelled to the Eastern Continent on a boat, but the constant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions sent him home with fear.

Among the adventurers, it was commonly known as the Ring of Fire.

“Landony came from the Ring of Fire. Its lair may be located there too. I am sure there will be some kind of a trace we can refer to. These are the opportunities available to us and a quest could appear for all we know.”

“Going near the lair doesn’t guarantee that we will find a way to defeat it. It’s also difficult to pull a robbery off as Weed-nim does.”

Weed’s robbery was a possible plan because the dwarves had already dug the mine shaft before.

They assessed that it was near impossible given the dangerous terrain in the Ring of Fire.

“Even if we have to take a chance, I want to do at least something. I will not hesitate for even the slightest hope. As an adventurer, it’s what I have to do.”

The adventurers were quite touched by Chase.

The Central Continent was a world of warriors.

Even in the battle against the Hermes Guild, the ones with high combat level swept the floor, and in turn, the adventurers took a scratch to their pride.

At times they invested a lot of time into excavations or quests and picked loot, but more often than not, it was not worth the time compared to hunting.

They often forgot the importance of adventurers, that it was that the job class that was the pioneer of the establishment in the continent and was always the first to jump into the face of danger.

“I will go too.”

“Let us go together. Chase-nim!”

The adventurers collectively agreed to leave for the Ring of Fire.




Three more days passed and finally came the D-Day of the ever anticipated robbery.

“The sky is clear… It is a good day for a robbery.”

This was the first quest ever that Weed looked forward to.

– Nimble Coldwind: Weed-nim. Kaybern flew up from the lair and is headed west.

An avian user informed him of the situation from the sky.

Weed changed his appearance slightly while he was in the form of a dwarf, making his fingers abnormally long and thick. It was to scrape as much treasure as he could carry at once.

“Make sure to inspect all the gear once more. We don’t have second chances.”

“Yes!” The dwarves boomed.

The dwarves participating in the robbery kept checking over their bags and items nervously.

‘Is this really going to work?’

‘Will this robbery succeed?’

They dreamt happily listening to Weed’s speech, but reality hit them.

Primal fear swept them away now that they were about to enter the dragon’s lair.

Even with levels higher than 400, there was no way to escape from a dragon.

They’ve heard since the novice days when they were trained in Thor, from the citizens that often spoke of the dragon’s greatness.

For the dwarves, the dragon was an almighty being.

It was proved not too long ago in Garnav Plains, and it was displaying its power by destroying a city every week.

‘I was insane. I got blinded by the treasure and completely lost my senses.’

‘Are we in actual danger?’

The dwarven users felt uneasy but thought they came too far to turn back. It relieved them that the one leading them was Weed.

‘God of War, Weed… The emperor of the Arpen Empire. The most special individual in all of Royal Road is leading us.’

‘We will pull through because it’s Weed and not me.’

They had faith that Weed would somehow make it happen if they just believed in him.

If they were to forfeit but the robbery succeeded, they were in for years of regret.

The users that joined this robbery bet their lives on Weed who was blinded by the treasure.

“Let us go quickly.”

Weed led the dwarves and ran into the deep part of the mine shaft.

They dug close to the lair and had to dig just a little further.

“Let’s begin!”

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

The dwarven users with over intermediate level mining were assembled in advance and began picking away. The ores crumbled almost instantly and the road extended.

Weed struck down with the pickaxe and dug through the ground.

“Please clean up the debris, so they don’t get in the way.”


For the past week, the dwarves served well as miners.

It wasn’t just for the exit that led to the dragon’s lair, but they also carried out the overall site expansion for widening the mine.

There was sufficient space for the wagons to come and in the corners, they had built defensive facilities, bunkers and storage.

– Shovelmoney: The wagons are ready.

The Mapan Council was ready and waiting.

With money on the line, they boasted speed and accuracy like no other.

A thousand sturdy wagons that could carry anything were on standby!

In the dragon’s lair, there would be heavy mineral ores and miscellaneous items from monsters. The plan was to transport all of them.

– Seasoned Crab: The assault squad is in position and waiting.

The assault squad had subdued Calcus and his group recently.

The assault squad comprised of the Arpen Empire’s elite users excluding the Hermes Guild who were waiting inside the mine.

The moment Weed and the dwarven users enter the mine, the assault squad will follow.

‘It will be best to avoid the dragon soldiers. But I have to be flexible. Robbery is a 100% off the cuff situation. It may turn out better for us if we force our way through if needed and save time where we can.’

When robbing a place, one cannot think about scenarios where they don’t get caught.

Succeeding even after getting discovered is a true robbery!

No one knew what kind of events were waiting for them in the lair, so he prepared as many countermeasures as he could.

“Let’s move.”

Weed and the dwarven users dug through the ground with pickaxes and advanced onward.

The magic lanterns lit up brightly and darkness was no concern for them. They advanced quickly as planned.

Then it was 30 minutes later when they were just about to break into the lair.

– Mapan: Kaybern arrived at Castle Bawell. It didn’t use its breath right away and instead circled the city carefully.

“We are right on time. The objective is insight. Let’s go in. Finally, it is the dragon`s lair!”

Weed and the dwarves struck down, destroyed the thin wall and created a huge hole in it.

“Enter! Hurry up.”

Through the narrow passage, Weed and the dwarves shoved themselves through.

The view that appeared in their eyes the moment they stepped in was indeed breathtaking.

Real gold and silver that they could only dream of were right in front of them in mountains of sparkling gold.

The continent’s most valuable treasures and artefacts were stacked up on top of each other everywhere in this huge lair.


“Look at all this…”

“This, this is unbelievable.”

The dwarven users had their jaws dropped the entire time.

‘This is insane. This right here is heaven.’

The treasures were so seductive that even Weed lost his senses.


(To be continued…)



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V55C2P2 – Dragon’s Treasure

Par mimosab

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Calcus thought it was a dangerous but simple mission and assembled a squad.

“We just need to attack Weed. The attack doesn’t have to be successful, the dragon will do the rest.”

He picked out 700 of the most powerful users in the Hermes Guild and stepped onto the teleportation gate.

“The nearest location to Debrado village, where the objective is.”

He had also changed his attire into a simple adventurer outfit before activating the teleportation gate.

Bright light engulfed them and one by one they arrived at the destination!

They arrived at the dwarven village of Rengsan in Thor and what they witnessed was a huge number of users with their weapons pulled out.

There were also famous users like Myul and Python that were once under the Hermes guild but defected away.

“Wow… Weed told us they might come, and they really did.”

“I got goosebumps. Is he a fortune-teller?”

“He said the Hermes Guild is diligent and should be here four days prior, and he even got the date right too!”

“He also said there would be a few mages in the mix, and even picked out their composition.”

The users under the Arpen Empire grinned as they prepared their skills.

“How is this possible…”

Calcus and the Hermes Guild members grit their teeth as they prepared for battle, but there was a noticeable difference in power. They could lose their lives and even their items in such a situation.




“So, you did turn up. It was going to be quite awkward if you didn’t.”

Weed was reassured after he heard that Calcus and the Hermes Guild members had come to the Thor region.

‘To come just to sabotage my plans, such an innocent bunch.’

The Hermes Guild was actually a group of villains with a human side.

They thought themselves as powerful, but the real villains don’t even reveal themselves to the world.

They do all sorts of wicked deeds but are still respected by the citizens as they grasp power and swing it around.

It’s not just science and maths where you do research. Evil deeds require consistent research too.’

Abusive CEOs, in reality, are people who studied exploitation.

‘How dare they think it is so easy to be evil… That is an amateur attitude with no room for improvement. You can’t succeed in this world like that.’

Meanwhile, Weed  pushed the preparations in the dwarven village.

“I am the branch manager of Thor in Mapan Council’s ‘ShovelGroundForMoney’ division . You can call me Dirtmoney or Shovelmoney. It is an honor to meet you.”

“Sure. How are the wagons?”

“I have prepared them with perfection. We did 7 thorough inspections so they won’t ever get malfunction problems.”

He requested the Mapan Council and they delivered sturdy wagons and Northern bulls.



There was a cluster of yellow and black bulls.

The children of Yellowy!

Due to Weed’s personal preference, the yellow bull had made love with countless cows in the North.

In turn, the descendants were a number of yellow, brown and patched.

Weed called for Yellowy with Sculptural Summoning.

“They are your offspring. Greet them.”


Yellowy, who was at least twice as big as the other bulls, showed off its muscular physique and tread forth. Then the descendant cows rubbed their faces and showed affection.



Weed imagined the mountain of treasures sitting inside the lair.

‘If I take all the treasures in the lair, how many years will it last as the Arpen Empire’s budget?’

Gold, jewellry, antiques and magical items. They were all-cash waiting to be converted.

‘People may not have enough money to purchase all of it. Hmm. It doesn’t matter. I can sell them on credit. They’ll just buy it blindly thinking they can earn later. Ah!’

Credit was common in purchasing things like automobiles!

Weed realized why credit existed.

‘It was a scam to sell things at high prices. It allures impulsive shopping and bombards the buyer with interest… There’s so much to learn in this world.’

People doing business solely with cash transactions were plain stupid.

The law and principle of the world indeed carried great methods of exploitation.

‘And so I picked up another bad deed. One can never learn this through textbooks. You can never underestimate the world even for a moment. Everything and anything must be doubted at first.’

Weed walked into the deep part of the mine. The dwarven users were digging down the trail with pickaxes.

The dwarven warrior Vindel!

Vindell, who was on the highest ranks of the Black Lion Guild, took charge of the dig site upon Weed’s call.

“How is the progress?”

“There are no particular issues. We shifted away a bit from our intended direction, but it is feasible.”

Vindel had a specialized miner’s GPS skill. He could find his way even underground.

Weed nodded.

“There was a trap. We could have gone in a weird direction if we just drilled through…”

“That is why you can’t take the mines lightly.”

“We must enter the lair on the day Kaybern destroys Castle Bawell. Will there be any delays on our schedule?”

“The speed at which the dwarves dig a mine shaft is phenomenal. They have the will too.”

His speech of robbing a fortune had a direct impact.

Therefore, the dwarves dug day and night at incredible speed.

“Don’t dig too close to the lair. The sound and trembles could give us away.”

“Of course. We will dig to a safe distance and wait for further orders.”

Thief Nide also arrived with a mask over his face.

“You’re here.”

“Yeah, Hyung. The site is awesome. I didn’t think it’d be this huge.”

“Everything I do is on a large scale. In life, we only have one shot.”

“I thought you liked working honestly and diligently.”

“Living every day with a diligent attitude is important. But, you can’t miss out on opportunities to earn money.”

Nide looked around and could do nothing but be amazed. Usually, robbery would be a quiet entrance and exit. Until now, the places Nide took out were vaults or cemeteries of greedy nobles or royals.

He often worked alone, but for him, to participate in such a large-scale robbery was something really important.That is why he was willing to work with the company of great numbers!

High level dwarves that would be treated well for their skills were instead busy on their short legs and carried the wagons.

It was amazing that all these users were under Weed’s command, but it was even more nerve-wracking to see the number of wagons and bulls getting prepared.

‘Couldn’t we take down the last furniture with this degree of preparation?’

Weed put his hand on Nide’s shoulder and asked.

“How is this? Do you think we’ll succeed?”

“I can’t say for sure.”

Nide was careful with his words for this massive robbery.

“In truth, I don’t know much about the dragon other than the common information.”

“You can be honest.”

“Um… It’s sort of out of the blue.”

Nide was dumbfounded that only a week after he brought up the lair robbery, the preparation was complete.

After all, it was a robbery in a dragon’s lair.

It would be a common procedure to take at least a month or two for preparation.

“Of course Weed Hyung… You are a legendary adventurer, so I am sure that you will find a way through this.”

“I won’t.”


“I’m going to just go with the flow.”

Nide was somehow reassured by Weed’s composure even under such a critical time.

‘If it was me, this quest would have been so much pressure that I couldn’t eat properly… His guts are on a different level.’

It was as if his past accomplishments proved his worth, and because he was Weed, Nide had to trust him.

If he could remain calm and cold-headed even inside the dragon’s lair…

That very moment! He noticed clear saliva drooling down the side of Weed’s mouth.

“Aren’t you looking forward to the dragon’s treasures?”

“I sure am.”

“Treasure. He-heh. Treasure…”


“Let’s rob all the treasure in there. Yeah. We’ll sweep it clean.”




Red Dragon Landony.

Orc Slaughterer was the nickname given to the dragon who appeared east of the continent.

It attracted less attention in the media or among the users, but the Red Dragon was also a presence threatening the well being of Versailles Continent.

“Shreek, Shreek!”

Seechwi arrived in Orcland in the east of the continent, riding on the pirate ship led by Board mir of the three crazy sharks under Becky nin.

“It was a pleasure to serve you.”

“Thanks for dropping me off, Sheek!”

She landed by the empty shore and visited a nearby orc camp.

“Intruder. Sh-sheek!”

“He’s a brother. Sheek!”

She threw glaives and played around with the orcs, even sharing the dried beef jerky she brought from the North.

The orc users that were in the North like Seechwi loved grape wine and cheese from Morata. But for the most part, they were content with just eating a lot of meat.

“Landony? Sheek?!”

“The Red Dragon. Sheek!”

“Kraaah. Ch-Sheek!”

It was a name feared by even the most ferocious orcs.

“Scary. I don’t know. Sh-Sh-Sheek!”

“Kills our brethren. Sh-Ch-Sheeeeak. Evil dragon.”

“Kills, and kills again. Shuuk!”

Seechwi gathered simple information but came across a strange story.

She learned that Landony destroyed the orc villages and turned them into ruins then carefully examined each location.

‘Is it to leave none alive? Out of hatred toward the orcs? Apparently, it doesn’t even spew breath attacks, unlike Kaybern. Neither does it use area magic spells. This is rather different from the Red Dragon’s usual tendencies.’

The more she heard from the orcs, the stranger it seemed.

The orcs were less intelligent and simple-minded, but they do not lie.

She could easily let these stories slip, but for some reason they did not seem like rumors.

‘I wonder what the reason is. I need to look into this.’

Seechwi decided to take a risk and step into Landony’s territory.

‘It does not reign over a bunch of monsters as Kaybern does, so all I have to do is stay hidden from the dragon.’

It did not frighten her to die proudly as an orc either.

When she arrived at a village which had no orcs, Landony was surprised.

‘The structure of this village is intact? Why did she destroy it this way?’

Seechwi scouted inside the village. Leather, dishware, and wooden furniture were flopped over in this unoccupied orc village.

‘It’s as if it is looking for something that the orcs took.’

She knew instinctively that this information was crucial.

‘I can’t go any further from here by myself.’

Seechwi knew she needed help.


He was the best adventurer she knew, but he was currently busy.

“Help me out. Sheek!”

– Geumchi2: What is it?

“I am on an adventure, and the monsters here are too powerful. Sh-sheek!”

Seechwi’s skills were for small skirmishes and commanding over subordinates.

Without hundreds of orcs under her control, she was powerless!

She decided to call the man she could always depend on, her boyfriend.

– Geumchi2: I will be right there with weapons and my brothers.


(To be continued…)


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V55C2P1 – Dragon’s Treasure

Par mimosab

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Weed received cooperation from the broadcast stations and made an announcement to all the users.

– Weed:  To the dwarven users of Thor: 

We are planning to rob Kaybern’s lair.

Whether we succeed or not, it may result in significant damage to the Thor region.

This quest will form a critical part of our mission to defeat Kaybern.

Therefore, it is essential that we complete this for the dwarves, but the progress could result in unintentional losses.

I urge the dwarves living near Kaybern’s territory to leave the area.

If you come to the Arpen Empire, you will be provided with 100m2 wooden houses, free beer and blacksmith shops.

The atmosphere in Royal Road heated up after Weed’s announcement.

“To think that he would actually do this.”

“Wow. That’s awesome.”

“If I can get my hands on at least one item, it would be insane.”

Skilled users, without exception, wanted to participate, and with even 1% they were ready to bite. After all, it was worth risking their lives for.

“Is he really going through with this?”

“I’m sure, it is Weed after all. Ah, I want to go too.”

Though half-hearted, the dwarven users chose to migrate to the Arpen Empire because of all the benefits that just managed to help them get over their attachment to their homes.

Iron ores and other metal loots from all over the continent were being sent to the Arpen Empire. Enormous investment invigorated the market of metropolitan cities, and the dwarves chose to move.

Dragon’s Revenge
The Black Dragon Kaybern was constantly on the move to destroy human civilization.
The spirits and fairies are warning once again.

“Kaybern will head to Castle Bawell in a week.”

Kaybern ended up destroying Castle Ukten of Haven territory.

The next target was Castle Bawell.

It was a port city in the western region of Norton and possessed a powerful navy force in the early days. Over time, it went through a repetition of wars and monster invasions which left the people unable to recover the city from ruin.

Even so, it was densely populated with many buildings which were the traces of the enormous trade city it once was.

“Castle Bawell… It is far from Thor and is vast, the conditions are great. Initiate the plan.”

Weed contacted the architects, and they headed to Bawell through the teleportation gate.

The skilled architects from the Northern and Central Continent arrived in hundreds every 10 minutes.

“It’s so disappointing for such a beautiful port city to disappear so rapidly.”

“My art stat went up just by looking around the streets. It improved my construction skills too.”

“Seriously. If only I would have come here sooner.”

The city had a beautiful port that embraced the emerald ocean and amazing buildings constructed along the hills. The growth of overseas trade led to the expansion of large commercial buildings in the heart of the city and magnificent shipyards near the ocean.

It was located in the southwest part of the continent and far from the attention of users, but in an era of peace, the city had high development potentials.

The architects were mentally prepared for faulty construction as they took a look around the city and gathered.

“Everything seems good, however, there might be a lack of construction materials. The forest is too small, and we cannot build a lot even if we cut down the trees.”

“Let’s break down the buildings in the castle, or the city. We can cook the sands as well and use it.”

“Won’t it have poor durability?”

“We only need it to hold for a few days.”

“Hmm. It’s such a shame to deconstruct the city’s historical landmarks…”

“It’s the same, whether it gets destroyed by our own hands or by the dragon.”

“If you look at it that way, it’s sad, but you have a point. Let us begin.”

The architects began to extract the materials from the buildings inside the city.

The large buildings would easily be destroyed by the dragon stomp or magic attacks, so there was little purpose in leaving them as they were.

The builders completely deconstructed the buildings prone to destruction and collected construction materials, followed by the removal of the castle walls, along with roads and bridges.

At first, they created a rough square building form, but soon they concluded that there was no need to enforce this principle.

“There is no need to block out the wind, rain, nor insulation.”

“That’s true. There is no need for living spaces either.”

The task was to create empty buildings that would never be occupied!

The architects made a collective decision that they could get away with even more shoddy jobs.

“I might as well try building houses with pointed roofs. Though I feel like it would be very impractical.”

“It’s not a bad method. You just have to build it up and not think about the rest.”

“Even houses with just a single pillar will last a few days. Save constructing so many walls.”

“That’s one way to save materials.”

“As light as possible. Heavy and dense materials are time consuming to transport, so leave them be.”

“We just have to put up a show for the dragon, so filling them up with simple miscellaneous items could be another good way. Stuff them with hay and cap off with thin lumber as roofs.”

The faulty construction principle was developing rapidly!

The architects constructed homes that didn’t follow logic.

They put up the scaffolds with grass or mud and thin wooden panels as roofs.

Rain leak was fine and no matter how uneven the roof tiling was, it constituted completion.

“Why make blueprints? I can build at least ten more buildings instead of spending time on that.”

“There’s no wood. I’m too lazy to go and get it. Keep building with what’s left.”

They transcended beyond faulty construction and spent less and less time constructing each building.

A hundred architects working away led to the instant creation of an entire village.

“This village was built by me, Bajo. I welcome everyone to Bajo’s village!”

The village with 300 houses of delightful colors was named after the architect Bajo.

It was a ghost town with no residents, but it was still a new village in the corner of Castle Bawell, named after the architect.

The architects became embroiled with mixed feelings, and their hearts burned with competitiveness.

“I’m going to make my own village too.”

“It’s a good opportunity to test my design.”

Overnight work commenced immediately.

Small flaws were endless and the buildings looked as though they could barely withstand a gentle breeze.

Shifted pillars and walls partly crumbled were ignored and the work continued.

On extreme speed mode, a ghost village without residents was formed.

This scene was streamed live on broadcast stations.

– Look at that building. It was built a couple days ago. The pillar is made of stone. Judging from the color and pattern, it seems that the materials were extracted from near the gates of Castle Bawell.

– They raised pillars and thin wooden panels over the top. However, that is the most luxurious house in the area.

– There are more houses further back. There is a house built from paper. What in the world… Can you believe that? That is a real paper house.

– You can see the tracks of someone who barged through it!

– It seems that architects like steep hills. At the start, I think their strategy was focused around expanding above flat planes, and I am not sure if this is the right expression, but it seems that they are now building as if they are hanging the buildings on the slanted terrain.

– Look at architect Elma. A famous user in the Kalamor region. He built a house out of haystacks. In the interview, he mentioned that the material is easy to work with and that you can build houses just by tossing them in the right direction.

– A rabbit is chewing through the haystack. Crumbled houses are now coming into view… but the current plan is to build five more houses instead of repairing those houses.

The viewers watching the stream could observe the city’s environment in Castle Bawell changing by the hour.

In the beginning, it was as if slums were forming around outside the castle walls, but moments after, the buildings were expanding out to the open fields.

Roads were not even constructed and obviously, areas were not divided accordingly.

The houses roughly built from nearby dirt, rocks and trees were showing a new paradigm of the construction site.


< You have completed a building that transcended the structural durability limitations.
Construction skill proficiency is increased. >


Even the architects that participated in the project exceeded themselves. Their proficiencies were improving much quicker than when they built gigantic structures.

“How exactly is this increasing my skills?”

“Such ridiculous jobs still enhance my construction. I always tried to build sturdy and artistic structures.”

“So it is better to build ten faulty constructions than one well-made structure. This seems so wrong, but it kind of makes sense.”

“It’s probably because this is our first time building structures like this.”

The architects got to freely experiment in the layout and surfaces while building so many houses and diverted away from the boundaries of conventional materials.




Lafaye did a lot less work compared to when the Hermes Guild governed the Central Continent.

All he had to regulate was the Haven territory, and even then many users left, and the city became blander.

“The rate of development is declining, so that reduces the chance of being attacked by Kaybern.”

Lafaye put on a bitter grin. After they mobilized the Black Dragon Kaybern, all of Haven territory including Castle Aren, became targets of its attacks.

The monsters were being taken care of with ease by the powerful forces of the Hermes Guild, but users were leaving gradually.

The entire region was deteriorating with the economy, population, technology and development on the decline as well.

The Haven territory no longer possessed its proud drastic development in the Central Continent.

Lafaye watched streams related to Royal Road on his spare time.

“A plan to rob Kaybern’s lair. This is a dangerous plan. So reckless that even the Hermes Guild wouldn’t dare attempt… I guess it’s possible because it’s Weed.”

The broadcasts were being flooded with compliments about Weed.

There was a time when the Hermes Guild too had great influence on the broadcast stations, but now there weren’t many users who paid attention to them.

There weren’t many programs about the Haven territory and the few occasions where they were mentioned, were only about the bad things.

According to the cast, the Arpen Empire was referred to as heaven, and the old Haven Empire was described as something close to hell.

“Truthfully I don’t think it was to that extent.”

Lafaye assessed the dwarven village and Weed’s plan as he watched the programs.

“They were filled with the illusion of success, but this is just dangerous. What’s more, there is a disrupter who will meddle with the plan…”

He wanted to sabotage their plan, but frankly, he believed that they wouldn’t succeed anyway.

Even when the force of the Hermes Guild was at its prime, the assassination attempts against Weed failed time and time again.

“Wouldn’t it be alright to sabotage just the quest?”

Lafaye was thinking of someone for the job and called Calcus. He had been spiteful since losing the battle in Garnav Plains.

“Please head over to Thor and sabotage their plan.”

“Do you want me to try to get Weed killed?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, a big commotion will get you killed by Kaybern.”

A few large-scale magic spell explosions in the dwarven village near Kaybern’s territory had a high chance of bringing the dragon.

Calcus finally grasped an understanding of the plan and laughed.

“Weed’s plan will fail miserably.”

“It’s going to be dangerous for you and the other guild members. It would be almost impossible to survive.”

“I will gladly take that risk. No matter the consequence. If I can bring down Weed to a gruesome ruin.”


(To be continued…)


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V55C1P2 – Sneakthieving

Par mimosab

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Weed’s popularity and influence were having a powerful impact on the dwarves.

“Now, I will explain the details for everybody here.”

He explained to them the reason behind the dwarven village’s existence and that the mine was being dug in the direction of Kaybern’s lair.

“Judging by the depth, it should already be close to the lair. The exact location still needs to be determined, but everyone should possess basic mining skills, and if we are diligent, we should easily get inside the lair within five days.”

The dwarven users got overwhelmed with excitement. The more they listened to the plan, the more hopeful they became.


“If it’s sneaking underground, we have a good chance!”

They were starting to genuinely believe that they could steal treasures from Kaybern’s lair.

If they were to succeed, it would be a moment they could never forget.

Oberon asked with caution:

“Let’s say we get inside the lair, then what do we do about Kaybern? If we need someone to act as bait, I will take the lead.”

The words were fitting for someone like Oberon who had great responsibility and leadership.

A head-on battle against Kaybern was impossible to win, so he intended to risk his life to divert attention.

“Oberon-nim is cool like that.”

“He lives by his reputation.”

“I’m sure he will become more popular when this goes live on broadcast.”

The dwarves were sincerely touched, but Weed thought the opposite.

‘To step up like that and sacrifice for the others… That kind of person lives an honourable life, but his wife and children will suffer!’

Friends, comrades.

Sacrificing one’s body for justice will only cause misery for one’s self and their family in this world! 

From the beginning, Weed thought poorly of a plan that required the use of a bait.

If it was absolutely necessary, he could consider following such a plan, depending on the returns which they will gain from the success,  but sacrifices should be left as a last resort. 

‘The users playing bait could die out easily,and it could lead to other variables.’

Weed had a different plan for that very part.

“By the time we’ll empty the lair, Kaybern will be out to destroy a city. It’s sneak thieving, so to speak!”

Sneak thieving!

The dwarven users who gathered in Debrado village felt a jolt all over their bodies. They hadn’t heard a word more impressive in their entire lives.


“I’m getting goosebumps all over my body. This is the deal.”

“An empty lair. An unoccupied house.”

“Yeah. Usually, it would be impossible. But, the lair is free when Kaybern is gone.”

Each of them lived a path far from robbery, but just how appealing was the word sneak thieving?

The temptation was powerful!

“When Kaybern decides on the city to be destroyed, our plan will begin. Firstly, the architects will have a great deal of work to do.”

Weed announced that he asked for assistance from the Northern architects, including Pavo.

“They will buy us as much time as they can.”

One of the dwarves raised his hand.

“In what way?”

All the dwarves were attentive to Weed’s words! They were mindful of even the lightest speech. One would pass any kind of exam if they studied with this kind of concentration.

Weed smirked ominously as he spoke.

“It is to build a ridiculous number of buildings in the city which is determined to be destroyed next, extending the time it takes to destroy it. It doesn’t take experienced architects. We can actually get away with poor construction.”

“That’s some method…”

“Sneak thieving, poor construction. I can understand each part of the plan to the letter. So amazing.”

The dwarven users at the gathering were in awe.

‘Look at this appropriate and versatile plan. Weed isn’t an emperor for no reason.’

‘I should have befriended him earlier. My greatest regret in life is not becoming Weed’s comrade.’

‘It’s so fortunate that I took vacation leave from work and came to his call. In Royal Road, I just need to follow Weed.’

‘From my pessimistic view, this won’t be as easy as it seems. Though the view count will be high.I will become famous and get to shoot some advertisements.’

‘I need to get noticed this time around and stick right by Weed’s side. Then my life’s going to be a blast.’

The dwarven users each had a different perspective, but they shared the same excitement.

It was a great opportunity to be working with Weed, who was practically running the market.

Furthermore, they were convinced by his plans.

Normally, robbing a dragon’s lair would be an outrageous plan.

A few kilometer radius near the lair was considered forbidden territory, and no one would dare to approach it.

But, using Kaybern’s city destruction to their advantage, they will dig an underground tunnel and wipe out an empty house!

The Northern architects will leave out materials and conduct poor construction to their heart’s content, preventing the dragon from returning early.

This plan even accounted for Kaybern’s meticulous personality of turning cities into complete ruins.

‘For some reason, I can’t back out of this.’

‘I have to do it even if the chances are slim. I’m absolutely in.’

‘Rob the treasures. All of it.’

Weed observed the dwarven users’ faces turn red in excitement and was reassured.

‘People are all the same. They can’t get more united than when they plot bad deeds!’




Weed’s plot to rob Kaybern’s lair!

It went viral on the internet after the dwarves spread the news.

– Dear lord! Robbing a dragon’s lair? What on earth are they trying to do!?

– They say class is permanent… I thought adventures nowadays were boring but darn.

– Honestly, I did not expect this at all.

– I watched the teaser, and the elite dwarves were cheering for Weed’s robbery. LOL.

– The selected users over there will be having so much fun. And it looks so tense. It’s a rare chance for someone to go inside the dragon’s lair.

– Would it just be “fun”? If they succeed, they will carry out legendary items on wagons.

– The herd of bulls of the Arpen Empire are on the move. My guess is that they will be utilized to pull the wagons.

Weed’s robbery was considered as an innovation, more a historical event than a quest.

– This is a guaranteed, 100% failure. How stupid. Going to rob a dragon’s lair? It’s guarded by magical traps or monsters, for sure.

– Goes inside the lair. Meets eyes with the dragon. Waaak. Dead.

– Those of you who are just blind with jealousy. It’s an empty lair robbery, so the dragon won’t be home. That is the beauty of it.

– The beauty of robbery is the thrill of getting caught or not, and I wonder?

– Treasures in the lair… My eyes would be delighted if Weed goes in and shows me around.

– Can’t say that he will fail. Those are obvious problems, so how could he be oblivious?

– Weed will come out ahead. It’s meaningless for us to debate about it. It’s always been that way. He always pulls miracles, so let’s wait.

– It will be hilarious if they get discovered and chased by the dragon.

In the urgent surveys conducted by the broadcast stations, only 62% of viewers predicted success, which was startlingly low given Weed’s popularity. It was because the dragon’s lair had been infamous beyond the ten forbidden territories until now.

– Personally speaking, the difficulty is way too high. It’s S rank quest… It means it is that dangerous.

– Not all S ranks are the same. Since it involves a dragon, this should be considered SSSSSSS rank.

– I have hunted Ausoleto in the past… An ex-dragon. Kaybern is on another level.

– The confirmation by many users until now shows that difficulty rank is only a standard, and they turn out very differently depending on how you progress through them.

– Plans are important. Luck has to follow as well.

– Difficulty? Weed already isn’t human since he possesses the job class final secret technique.

– When Weed was on the adventure for the final secret technique, all the lights in the main branch building of Unicorn were on. The promotion team in their live interview the next day mentioned that they were knocked out of their minds because Weed succeeded in an unbelievable adventure.

– Honestly, I thought Weed would fail every adventure, logically speaking. I’ve given up on predicting his failure. Now Weed will outdo himself.

– Weed accepts Weed-like quest, makes Weed-like plans, executes it in Weed fashion and becomes Weed.

– I wish I could live like Weed in Royal Road…

Broadcast stations confirmed live streaming and waited for the plan initiation, as the introduction of the participating dwarves took place.

Nide though human, joined especially as a thief and engaged in an interview in the Northern architect group.

– Har-har. Us architects are already done with preparations.

– We do not know  which city the construction will have to take place yet, so what are the plans to transport the materials?

– We’re just going to go with the flow.

– Go with the flow?

– Construction is quicker when you just do it roughly! We can gather the materials anywhere nearby. It took us so long to build the Earth Palace… But, if we built sloppy it wouldn’t have taken a month.

– How many of you are preparing?

– With a shovel in hand, anyone can be a builder. You can even just stack blocks. Oh. This time there is no need for blocks.

The builders were waiting patiently. They will work hard when it gets to the project, but now was the stage for relaxing.

– Pale: Weed-nim. I think you are too busy and forgot to contact me, but I am ready.

– Surka: You aren’t thinking of going ahead without us, are you?

– Python: We can head over now. Where do we have to go?

– Seasoned Crab: K-hmm. Cough-cough. Hmm. I was just bored.

The comrades that were friends with Weed willingly offered to join the robbery.

Even if they were to die in  the hands of the dragon, they were going to participate anyway, out of loyalty, and if the plan succeeded, it would be a windfall.

‘Being a human, anyone can fail. However, Weed-nim is no ordinary human. Even if things completely fail, he will still scavenge a thing or two.’

‘You have to understand Weed-nim’s language. ‘A little tiring’ means it’s an okay job. ‘The situation isn’t that bad’ means it will be difficult. ‘You’ll have to work hard,’ means that it will be close to impossible.’

The people coveting Kaybern’s lair wasn’t just his comrades but also the best users in Versailles Continent.

The higher the level, the more dependent a user becomes on equipment.

A few unique options change hunting speed and heightened the impact of skill and stats.

– Mule: Weed-nim. Hu-hum. This time, Kaybern’s lair will be…

Even Mule who fell so many times contacted Weed directly.

Weed wasn’t expecting so many people to join in the first place.

‘Excluding the transport team and the dwarves, it should be a small elite team. Thieves do not have to excel in combat.’

Thief was a job class that was difficult to raise levels.

There were very few job class skills that were related to combat.

Even so, they possess skills that silenced their footsteps while running or hiding traces, extremely advantageous for stealing.

‘The dragon’s lair isn’t just a house, it is surrounded by many traps.However, the real problem is the magical traps. Unfortunately, they can’t be broken.’

It was the same reason why he did not think of participation of mages. Even if they were to find magical traps, they didn’t have the ability to defuse them.

There were so many mages in Royal Road, but no one was perverted enough to master not offensive nor defensive spells, but magical trap defuse.


– Haruna: Yes. Weed-nim.

“Come this way.”

– Haruna: Really? I am honored.

The magical traps were a real concern, so he asked elf Haruna to get her assistance.

It was best for her to uncover the traps along with thief Nide. It could turn into a disaster if the magic were to explode by mistake. Nonetheless, to be prepared for everything was impossible.

‘It will become a war against time. We have to pick and pull out before Kaybern returns. Secretly and swiftly. But, if the magical traps activate and we get discovered by the dragon’s soldiers that defend the lair… It’s going to be sink or swim.’

Weed changed his mind and decided that he would bring some of the users with combat skills who wanted to participate.

If everything went wrong, he was planning to wipe out all the dragon’s soldiers and monsters that he could before the dragon returned.

(To be continued…)



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V55C1P1 – Sneakthieving

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It was night by the time Lee Hyun got out of the capsule.

“Underground tunnel…”

Logically, going into Kaybern’s lair and stealing the Brazier of Sacrifice was almost impossible.

Furthermore, robbing a dragon was just plain suicide.

“But the thing is… Kaybern crawls out of his lair to destroy a city every week. In other words, it’s actually robbing an empty house.”

Stealing from  an unoccupied lair!

The world was a place where people steal from right under your nose, so how could it be any different for stealing from a lair without the dragon?

Under normal circumstances, there would have been much effort and secrecy in preparing for an infiltration mission.

However, if the dragon was to empty its seat, the quest atmosphere would change completely.

“Normally, this would have been a quest of atrocious difficulty. But, the Brazier of Sacrifice is no longer an issue, now that it turned out like this. We might be able to rob the entire lair and its treasures.”

Lee Hyun stuck the large map of Thor region on the wall.

He marked the location and direction of the dwarven village, the mines and Kaybern’s lair.

In the past, he carried out quests for offerings to Kaybern.

A dazzling Kaybern sculpture made of the crystal of Agathe.

He referred to his experience when he got inside the lair to offer the crystal sculpture.

“The monsters were mostly guarding the outside. If the underground tunnel is constructed well, we can get in without getting discovered.”

Kaybern’s lair was filled with an enormous amount of treasures and jewelry, so means of transportation was also needed.

“This should not be approached with the mindset that we are stealing something. It has to be a complete wipe-out with a moving company… Yeah. That kind of an approach.”

Lee Hyun had worked part-time in a moving company, even though it was only for a few days.

The company wrapped all necessities quickly and loaded onto the truck. The tasks were well-divided and more rapid than anything.

Clearing an apartment unit 100 wide, was finished before lunch.

“For Kaybern’s lair, there is no need to separate and pack things individually. The focus should be on speed and quantity while taking everything.”

A robbery, a wipe-out!




Weed whispered to Mapan right after logging into Royal Road.

“There is a big job to be done.”

– Mapan: What kind of job? It must be serious coming from you, Weed-nim.

Even back in the war in the Garnav plains, he did not use such an expression. However, robbing Kaybern’s lair was of utmost importance.

“I need skilled workers. They have to be outstanding wagon drivers.”

– Mapan: I don’t know just how skilled you want them to be.

“They have to be able to drive fast on steep mountain tracks on a fully-loaded large wagon. They have to dodge obstacles as well. It will be great if they are confident in diverting  monsters from chasing in order to escape.”

– Mapan: That kind of task will require at least Intermediate level wagon driving. They’re expensive workers.

“The wage doesn’t matter. I need those who I can rely on.”

– Mapan: How many do you need?

“At least 500.”

– Mapan: Excuse me?

“The more, the merrier. I have lots of treasures to be transported.”

– Mapan: Just what exactly are you going to do with that many people?

The footage of Debrado village had yet to be broadcasted.

The stream posed the danger of exposing the quest in progress, and no one knew  what Weed was going to do next.


– Mapan: What?

“I’m going to rob Kaybern’s lair.”




Soonjo Park was on the bus to Korea University when his phone rang.

– Ku-wa-wa-wal Kuwala. Orc. Orc. Sh-sh-shk!

“What is that sound?”

“Someone must be calling.”

Royal Road’s orc song played as the ringtone, grabbing the attention of other passengers.

Soonjo Park hurriedly picked up the call once he saw the caller ID “Arpen Empire Emperor Big Bro”.

“Hey, Hyung. It’s been a while.”

– Yeah. How have you been?

“I’m doing well. When are you returning to school?”

Lee Hyun was a legend to the students who majored in virtual reality!

His school life was nostalgic and becoming the emperor of Arpen Empire spread his name among the community of Korea University.

Even professors from different majors were desperate for a chance to meet Lee Hyun.

– Whenever. I have a favor to ask you.

“No worries. Tell me, Hyung.”

Soonjo Park with his  friendly personality, was happy to do any kind of favor.

– The call has to be short. Anyways, let’s do a job together.

“What kind of a job?”

– Your class is thief.


The Thief Nide.

It was a character that Soonjo Park trained well since the release of Royal Road, and he had learned a variety of skills.

Most job classes were combat-oriented, which set the thieves aside just a little bit, but he did not slack with training class-exclusive skills.

– I saw you last time, and you did really well.

“Haha. Are you thinking of all the times we’ve stolen together?”

The bus passengers stared at Soonjo Park again with his innocent remark.

– Yeah. You up for it?

“Stealing is my profession.”

– How many times have you been caught?

“I’ve never been caught. Though I have backed out when I felt like I was going to be caught half-way. I steal with speed and certainty.”

The passengers responded with a bit of suspicion, but Sangjoon Choi and Sora Min were sitting across from him.

“We are talking about the Royal Road. Don’t get the wrong idea, folks.”

“My buddy’s job class is a thief.”

The passengers, mostly being Korea University students laughed and turned heads.

– Brace yourself for a surprise. It’s okay to be blown away. This time, it’s going to be Kaybern’s lair.

“Robbing Kaybern’s lair!?”

Soonjo Park raised his voice without himself realizing it. He brought together the attention of the other passengers once again, but he couldn’t care less about it.

If this came from someone else, he would have laughed it off or say it was crazy, but this was from the emperor of the Arpen Empire and a hero of Versailles Continent!

Not just Kaybern’s lair, but anywhere in the world he were to mark for robbery, he knew it would be true.

– That’s right. The lair is going to be penniless.

“Kyah. That’s going to be extreme.”

– It’s dangerous, but can you join?

“Of course. Lee Hyun-hyung. Please let me in.”

Of all things that Soonjo Park said, mentioning Kaybern’s lair was big, but saying Lee Hyun’s name hit it home.

The character name Weed was known by just about everyone in Korea University.

Let alone the bus passengers, even Sangjoon Choi and Sora Min were staring with round eyes.




Mibullo was deemed the best architect of Versailles Continent, but Pavo’s influence was unmatched. He was a famous architect who got well-known early in Morata and raised the great landmarks in the North!

Pavo was involved in the recovery project of Free City Somren.

“Please move the material over there safely. Also, it will be best if we recover the industrial areas first. It will push us back from building homes for the users, but utilities for better accessibility should be our priority.”

Pavo was appointed as the leading architect!

He was proceeding with clearing debris in the city and construction tasks simultaneously.

“It’s good that the users stayed behind… Even if the city was a complete ruin, it won’t take long to rebuild.”

The production facilities in Somren were still standing which was a huge asset.

– Weed: Old man Pavo. Are you busy?

“No. Weed. What’s up?”

Pavo just spoke like usual.




Instead, the users nearby got excited.

– Weed: There is an important job that’ll need your assistance.




Weed personally got in contact with the people he needed.

At first, he planned to prepare the means of transportation from Mapan’s council and carry out with a few trustworthy comrades, but he changed his mind.

“The mine is pretty deep.  There are lots of treasures in the lair too…”

The treasures would be stacked like mountains.

Sneaking them out through the mine would require significant time.

It was a dwarven mine with narrow passages and the fact that the large transport wagons won’t fit through inside was another issue to overcome!

“Finishing the job before Kaybern returns will need more manpower.”

Weed decided to increase the number of people to take part in the robbery.

“I cannot leave any treasure behind. Yeah, no way.”

This quest began with the Brazier of Sacrifice, but Weed could smell out the money to be made!

“I need the Black Lion Guild to mobilize 30 dwarves. The most skilled ones.”

– May I ask what you need them for?

“It is related to Kaybern. It may be dangerous, but please account for that.”

– I will find worthy users.

The factions agreed to join before knowing what they were getting into.

After Weed won the war in Garnav plains, his fame and influence were unconditional.

Furthermore, the Kaybern hunt was crucial for the city lords as well.

The development of the Britten Alliance was  so high, and their own establishments were conversely on the decline. In the end though, Tullen or Idern would soon become targets as well.

If the Black Dragon appears and destroys their cities, they would suffer greatly, and in that case, they were willing to send workers.




In just one day!

Weed’s call gathered over 800 dwarven users in Debrado village.

“A village so deeply hidden.”

“It’s a small and secluded village. It’s not visible at all from afar due to the trees. Though I’m kind of shivering knowing that it’s close to Kaybern’s lair.”

“Are they preparing for war? I haven’t sparred much recently because I was busy making swords.”

The best dwarves with proven skills in Versailles Continent stood by the entrance.

There were associates from guilds like the Black Lion and Roam Guild and other regular users, all with excellent skills

(To be continued…)



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V54C9P3- The Plan of the Dwarves

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The corpse explosion was big enough to shake the earth.

With the undead skill, he blew away the corpses and caused a mass slaughter. 

At least a thousand monsters met their deaths all at once.

“Return to the land from whence you came. Rise from the darkness. Ye who are black and corrupted. Engrave the everlasting rule of darkness upon all beings. Undead rise!”

A large number of dullahan knights were summoned!

“Summon the death knight Van Hawk. Summon the vampire Torido!”

Weed even summoned Van Hawk and Torido as he continued the combat.

– He’s a disgusting necromancer!

– Fool. You cannot stop us!

The undead were mercilessly trampled upon by Tabola Gon.

They were weak against the gigantic creature and could not hold it back, due to their lack of defense and vulnerable bones.

On top of this, Weed was wearing the Sky Ruler’s Armor and warrior equipment instead of Bar Khan’s full equipment set, making them even weaker.

“Fight all you want. You incompetent idiots.”

Weed wrapped some bandages around his own body and continued the battle.

The undead split the attack force and created a moment for him to breathe.

This was when his mana replenished sufficiently.

“Day of apocalypse!”

“The ultimate skill of the solar warrior!”

All of his mana was burned, causing waves of smoke to spread in all directions.

The power was enhanced by the holy fire and Goblet of Flames, discharging nearby undead and swallowing all the monsters in the path of its endless spread.


– I’m on my way. Master!

Weed jumped on top of Wy-3 who flew low, close to the ground, before up into the sky again. He was going to leave freely after having spent all of his health points, stamina and mana.

– Don’t run away!

– Sly rat. Come back.

Kural was causing a ruckus from the ground.

It was a powerful monster legion, but the force dwindled down to about half, which made it easier to defend against their siege.

Aside from Kaybern’s doings, 7 cities and 31 villages of the Arpen Empire were destroyed by monsters.

Weed put in a lot of effort, but there were cases where monsters would behave unexpectedly.

There were cases where forces of greater numbers that should have been able to defend easily did not fight effectively and crumbled before a monster invasion.

Old prestigious guilds had a better time, but most of the lords of the Arpen Empire had little to no experience in large-scale battles.

It was only logical that the casualties in the Arpen Empire got out of hand.




After 3 weeks of waiting, an importantreport came in.

– Shaysha: I am at Debrado village right now. This village is not marked on the maps and is in close proximity to Kaybern’s territory. We have found a dwarf who knows about the Brazier of Sacrifice.

It was a dwarven village in the heart of the Ulta mountain pass.

The dwarves in this village produced high quality weapons with refined metal.

Their existence was shrouded in mystery, but the adventurers combed through the Thor region for the Kaybern quest.

Areas near Kaybern’s territory had also been subjected to the search, but dangerous monsters roamed in considerable numbers and the dwarves had had to put their lives on the line.

Dwarves could freely travel in and out of places that weren’t in close proximity to the dragon lair, but every time they ran into Kaybern’s underlings, they had to offer money or jewellery, in exchange for their survival.

After many dwarves had exhausted all their treasure, the fruit of passion and effort was beared.

– Weed: I will be there right away.




Weed moved to a safe location with Yurin’s Paint Teleportation Skill and carved a dwarf sculpture.

“Sculptural Transformation!”

His body turned into a dwarf with a nicely groomed beard. He had a round, protruding belly as well and picked up a decent axe.

The area near the dragon’s territory restricted spatial travel skills like teleportation.

Weed ran through Ulta mountain pass in the appearance of a dwarf and reached Debrado village.

“This way. You are Weed-nim, correct?!”

Shaysha, who was waiting at the entrance, gave him a warm welcome.

“Yes. I am Weed.”

“It is such an honor to meet you. I’m sure you must tend to your business first. The village elder is at the blacksmith shop.”

“Thank you for your assistance in this quest.”

“It’s nothing. I am a dwarf living in Thor, but I think of myself as a citizen of Arpen.”

Shaysha’s face turned pink.

An up-close meeting with Weed who had accomplished countless achievements made her tense. Weed had an ordinary face and was currently transformed into a dwarf but felt like he had unique features.

His arms and legs were short but thick, and his nose especially was red; the look of a dwarf who drinks well and works diligently!

The village elder too was an excellent blacksmith dwarf with a valley of muscles on his arms.

“Shaysha, and a face I’ve never seen before. A young dwarf. What brings you to this village?”

“I am grateful to be in the presence of you, elder. I have come to ask about the Brazier of Sacrifice.”

Weed bowed his head slightly in the dwarven tradition. The effect of being emperor did not work that well for dwarves, and he was under Sculptural Transformation for the time being.

The village elder grabbed the beer on top of the table and gulped it down.

“Brazier of Sacrifice… Our artefact that we held so long ago. I thought no dwarf would ever seek it.”

“What could be the reason for that?”

“That’s… Complicated.”

“It is very important and I must know. Is the Brazier of Sacrifice in this village?”

“Hu-hu. The beer is bitter.”

The elder of Debrado village turned his head elsewhere. He was trying to divert the subject.

“Here, try this beer from Morata.”

“What beer is this? The foam is out of this world!”

Weed had a way of disarming the heavy mouths of the dwarves.

“Have another glass. One-shot.”


The dwarves hardly ever get drunk, but the Morata beer had a trick.

‘7:3 of beer and whiskey. This is the golden ratio.’

It was a bomb shot designed for dwarves!

Weed with his peak dexterity mixed up a good glass. Then, the elder began to tell the secrets that he was reluctant to tell before.

“The Brazier of Sacrifice… Hick. The truth is, we lost it.”

“The dwarven artefact was misplaced?”

“K-uuh… It’s always the same with all our treasures, taken away the moment the dragon lays its eyes on them.”

“If it was taken away by a dragon, Could that dragon possibly be Kaybern?”

“Yes, that is right. That greedy dragon took our brazier.”


Weed felt like he ran into a wall.

The artefact needed to hunt Kaybern had already been stolen!

Once the elder finished telling the story, he could not control his temper.

“Do you know what Kaybern did after it took our treasure?”

“What happened?”

“It was used as a heating stove. Even the brazier was used a few times before it got tossed in a corner and was forgotten.”

“Of course.”

Weed wasn’t in the least surprised even if Kaybern used the brazier for roasting sweet potatoes.

Dragons are not beings that could be assessed with logic.

“Then, the brazier should be inside Kaybern’s lair.”

“It isn’t far from here, but it is in a place where us dwarves cannot reach.”

The elder’s voice became sentimental and Weed sensed it.

‘It won’t end like this. With no doubt, this will lead to a quest.’

It was an intuitive  sense that came from experience.

The dwarven elder laid down his beer glass and spoke heavily.

“If someone were to take back the Brazier of Sacrifice, we can call him the hero of the dwarves. It is something that no one could ever succeed in.”

“But, Kaybern is unbeatable. There are too many guards around as well.”

As a sculptor, Weed once offered a gem sculpture to the dragon for the sake of a quest. That time, he managed to approach the entrance of Kaybern’s lair.

Let alone the steep, dangerous terrain, but it was a haven of menacing monsters.

‘Defeating those monsters is troublesome alone, and there were too many dragon soldiers. There will be magical traps set up as well, and I will die at Kaybern’s hands after infiltrating.’

It was truly an impregnable fortress.

“Hmm. It is indeed too difficult. However, as you may know, us dwarves do not know when to give up. This is actually a secret between dwarves, but there is a reason for this village being so close to the lair.”

“Why is that?”

“It is to do what dwarves do best. If you’re a quick dwarf, you probably understood already.”

“Could that be…”

“Hmm-hmm. I won’t say more. Unless you’re willing to help us out here.”




< The Dwarves Secret Plan
The dwarves had their precious Brazier of Sacrifice taken away by Kaybern.
The dragon was the natural predator against the brave dwarves.
They offered countless treasures, but the Brazier of Sacrifice was an item related to the origin of the dwarves.
Return with the Brazier of Sacrifice stolen by Kaybern.
It is a dangerous task, but the dwarves will reward you greatly if you succeed.
Difficulty: S
Reward: Rare dwarven treasure.
Quest Requirement: Dwarf.>

< The race quest of the dwarves has been activated.

You are in the perfect appearance of a dwarf under Sculptural Transformation and thus capable of proceeding with the quest.

If this task is declined, the dwarves will consider you a coward.

Honor will be decreased by 10,000 and friendship with the dwarves will become negative. >


An S rank difficulty racial quest!

‘I had to take the Brazier of Sacrifice no matter what… I guess the racial quest popped up since I’m in this form. Two birds with one stone ain’t half bad. It’s also what dwarves are good at.’

Something that short dwarves excel at!

A dwarven village close to Kaybern’s lair.

Something sparked in Weed’s mind from the conversations.

“I will return with the brazier.”


< You have accepted the quest. >




Weed began to scout around Debrado village.

‘Dwarven population is 325. Most are elders,and I don’t see any young ones.’

Dwarves were a race that could usually bear over 3 children.

The fact that the village was comprised of elderly townsfolk was unique, and the number of blacksmiths were far less than other dwarven villages.

*Clang! Clang! Clang!*

The dwarves were working and only produced weapons and armor in large quantities.

‘There are rarely any merchants and adventurers, but they keep producing as if they’re preparing for war.’

His suspicions deepened!

Dwarves tended to invite others into their homes if gifted with good beer, and the interior was dressed with premium swords, axes and armor.

Even after considering that these were crafted by dwarves, the quality was very impressive.

‘What the dwarves are good at… The standard of the warriors is excellent too. They are old, but only the born warriors reside in this village.’

His suspicion was quickly developing into certainty. He had to check one more thing before it was perfect.

He asked one of the nearby dwarven townsfolk.

“I want to acquire some minerals. Which way is the mine?”

“It is up north. It’s quite the walk.”

“Thank you.”

Weed ran to the mines with a pickaxe.

The mines in the rocky areas of Ulta mountain pass seemed to have no significance other than that it was huge and steep.

*Clang! Clang! Clang!*

The deeper he went, the more dwarves he saw, busy swinging away and mining iron and silver.

“Did you just dig this up?”

“Yes, I did..”

He examined the iron and silver ores stacked up to the side.



< Low-quality iron ore. Several minerals are mixed in small quantities.
Iron is present, but purity is on the low end. >


Usually, the dwarves used the highest quality iron ores. If it wasn’t a rich vein, the race would never have built a village near it.

After he checked out the mines, he was certain.

There was an unusual ratio of the population with no children, endless production of war supplies, and the mine of low-quality iron ores was wide and steep.

‘Considering the direction this mine has been dug… Of course. I figured out the real purpose of this village. The dwarves here are trying to dig an underground tunnel to rob Kaybern’s lair!’

A spark traveled throughout Weed’s body, just like when he had his first kiss with Seoyoon.


(To be continued…)


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V54C9P2- The Plan of the Dwarves

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Thor region.

The dwarves lived with anxiety as they were close to the Black Dragon Kaybern’s territory.

“Ah. I shouldn’t have chosen to be a dwarf…”

“The race itself is not only adorable but also has powerful combat abilities. Besides, they can forge a bunch of stuff, making it easy to make money as well.”

“But, little did I know I would be subject to the dragon’s tyranny every single day.”

“Dwarves are truly a sorrowful race.”

Each mountain in Thor contains good quality minerals, which makes it easy to enhance blacksmith skills and dexterity. This also results in merchants visiting the area frequently. 

There was also a surplus of hunting grounds, making it the ideal environment for gaining experience points for level growth.

Even though they had all the resources that they could need, the dwarves often left the region and scattered around the continent. The peculiar characteristic of the dwarves was that, once they left home, they never went back.

“This is why I’m familiar with all the elders”.

Weed and the blacksmith Herman travelled around Thor as Weed transformed himself to look like a dwarf.

The Dwarven villages, which were scattered around the Norn, Ulta and Saigo mountain passes, were estimated to be around 2,300 in number. 

Even in regions which had been experiencing monster activity, dwarven pioneer villages and small mining villages existed, and many had no interaction with outsiders.

“The Brazier of Sacrifice could not possibly be in some secluded village… Actually, it is possible, but it will be undeniably tricky given the difficulty rank of the quest”. 

Weed thought the knowledge of where The Brazier of Sacrifice was hiding couldn’t be obtained easily, so he knew that he had to conduct some investigation starting with the residents of known villages.

The fall of the Black Dragon Kaybern was something that the dwarven users of Thor profoundly wished for, and they were participating in the search as well.

“The Brazier of Sacrifice… I don’t know where you heard of its name, but I cannot tell you its whereabouts.”

The dwarven elders of the head village shut their mouths tight and refused to say anything.

Though it wasn’t too difficult to open up dwarvens’ mouths compared to humans’ or elves’.

Weed slid the bribe that he prepared toward him.

“Would you like to try a taste of this stout beer? It is the speciality of Morata. I brewed it from the best quality barley with the richest flavor.”

“Ahh… This hits the spot.”

“Is it for sale?”

“Of course. It’s extremely popular and difficult to find, even if you have the money. But I brought three bottles for all of you.”

“I appreciate that. Going out for orc hunting after chugging this, will be fantastic.”

“So, about that Brazier of Sacrifice that I asked about earlier…”

“Mmm, yeah. I did hear the name when I was young. However, no dwarf has seen it in person so that it may be just a myth.”

The dwarven elders that Weed had met through Herman did not have any real knowledge about the Brazier of Sacrifice.

“Brazier of Sacrifice existed long ago… I heard it just suddenly disappeared.”

“Woah. This beer is delicious. There’s nothing nearly as good in our village. I can swear that on this beer.”

“You’re on an adventure to kill the Black Dragon Kaybern? Ho-ha-ha-ha. That is the funniest joke I’ve heard since I heard someone saying, “I first drank beer at the age of 2!.”

Dwarves rarely lied, and their words were faithful.

Herman asked as he felt awkward.

“I introduced you to all the elders that I know, and we’ve got nothing. So, what do you plan on doing now?”

“I’m not sure. It’s hard to work something out right now, but we will find a way soon. We just have to wait”.

Weed uploaded a post that asked all users for information. The reward was 1 million gold, along with a position as provincial lord. However the most important part of the reward was that the land was to be located in the highly coveted mountainous region.

If someone were to find a dwarven elder that knew the secrets, that person would count as a useful individual.

Placing those skilled individuals in the right places would benefit the growth of the Arpen Empire.

“Dwarven lords increased the production rate, so it is even better.”




The Earthly Shadow party was also working for a quest.


< Kaybern’s wretched preference. >

< The memory of the old tree. >

< Under the damp rock. >

< The egg which must break. >


“Wow. All of this was part of Kaybern’s plot…”


Silver Ring, Ben and Elix discovered over a hundred dragon eggs in a pit.

There was clear evidence that pointed to Kaybern’s egg being fake.


< In search of the great magician. >


Tracking the magician who was deemed as a legend in the history of humankind was the next quest that appeared.

“A glacial type…”

Ben’s eyes sparkled.

Of all quests, he loved the ones that were related to magic. If he didn’t end up being an adventurer, he would have been a wizard for sure.

Ben spoke to two other people.

 “I think the Brazier of Sacrifice would not be in an ordinary place. It must be  in one of the ten forbidden regions; if it is not there, then it is definitely either in the south or the north end.

“We will have to gather some evidence, but I’d say south. You guys remember the lines? “‘Walking past the desert will lead you to the end of the earth’?”

“I do remember. The ocean appears, and then you see a continent formed from ice.”

Silver Ring took a map out of his bag after hearing about Ellix.

The Southern Continent.

They obtained the information that there is a mystic, glacial continent located in the south, similar to the continent of Jigolaths which is found in the North.

“It was also the place we were planning to reach someday. Let us depart after gathering a bit of information.”

“I’m with you.”

The Earthly Shadow party possessed various skills and experiences.

They wandered cluelessly due to a few big quests, but they had solved many commissions in between. Especially for places they have been to previously, no matter how far the distance, they followed the quest route and arrived within a day.

Earthly Shadow, whilst gathering information about the quest, came to learn that Weed figured out the dragon egg was fake.

“As expected of Weed.”

“Even Kaybern cannot underestimate him.”

“We should move on quickly as well.”




Two weeks passed.

Countless dwarves searched for information, but they couldn’t find anything, since all the information was completely hidden away.

“Where in the world is the Brazier of Sacrifice?”

“I have no clue. Perhaps it already disappeared?”

“Quests are surely difficult. It is extremely tiresome to roam around the world as an adventurer.”

“If by any chance the Hermes Guild destroyed it…”

“No way. Well… that may be quite plausible..”

After a long search without news, the Hermes Guild became the target of suspicion for its whereabouts.

During the two weeks, the free cities under the Britten Alliance territories were destroyed by Kaybern, and Castle Ukten of Haven territory became the next target.

“We drew the short straw this week.”

Weed thoroughly explored the maze, but continued raising his skill levels and engaging in battles.

It was swarming with monsters everywhere!

There was a battalion he had gathered to hunt Kaybern, but after he advanced into a sun warrior, he started to roam alone.

He jumped off the back of Wy-Three into the middle of a monster swarm.

Weed got off in a place filled with powerful monsters invading villages and cities.

“Shall we go for a blade dance?”

Weed blended all his art stats into strength using Sculptural Destruction.


That swine. He’s the leader of the humans.

Kill him. For Kaybern-nim!

The monsters surrounded him from all directions like a swarm of bees.

Kural was a demon servant who stood 4 meters tall and wielded an axe.

He rode a gigantic demon beast named Tabola Gon and rushed to the battleground while stomping over the demon soldiers in his path that were a little too slow to move out of their lines.

What made the situation worse was the fact that there were also poison frogmen, who were a twisted mix of frog and human, standing at the tail of the beast. The monsters raised by Kaybern were ready-made armies, they were born already in formation.

Kural acted as the commander while riding on the demon beast Tabola Gon and served as the cavalry. Monsters fit for land troops overflowed in large numbers, and they had significant amounts of frogmen following him from behind.

They focused their saliva and projected it like arrows from their mouths, travelling great distances, to ultimately poison their foe with their toxins. 

Incredibly Weed jumped right in the middle of the enemy lines by himself.

The God of War, Weed. Like his nickname, it seemed like he was about to fight a war by himself.

Monsters were smashing into one another as they were stomped towards their deaths. The path of Weed could only be described as mayhem.

The commentators at the broadcast stations screamed as if they were spewing blood from their mouths.

Absolutely insane. Now, this is a battle. A real battle.

“Many warriors in Royal Road engage in battles. Some charge valiantly, but what are you supposed to make of this scene? Take us to a higher view of the scene so we can see it more clearly, please. All the monsters are charging at a single target; Weed.”

The force of the monsters was powerful enough to destroy a village or a city.

From time to time, Weed took reckless decisions during quests.

‘The head of this swarm is an assault-type monster. There are indeed a lot of them, but not many can face me at the same time. I think it’s worth a shot.’

Even so, the moment he descended from the back of Wy-Three, all the monsters came after him. He did picture this scenario, but once it became a reality, the pressure made him feel overwhelmed.

“Sword of Regeneration!”

Weed cast the Sword of Regeneration.

His overpowered sword techniques that raised defence and boosted recovery.

He planned to hold his ground by deflecting and slashing the monsters.


< You have been struck by the horns of Tabola Gon.

Health points decreased by 1,420. >


A variety of effects from different equipment and the Sky Ruler’s Armor!

“Lava River!”

Weed wrapped the Loa Sword in holy flames and raised lava from the earth, preventing the monsters from advancing.

He thought of facing the monsters from one direction, but the monsters rushed through the lava.



“I will rip you to shreds.”

Raging monsters overtook one side while the other was covered with monsters looking like fireballs running through the lava river.

The rest was a rain of black darts.

Mediocre poison status’ could be healed with necromancer skills, but it had to be consistent, and it still resulted in the loss of health points.

A smile appeared on Weed’s face.

“Yes. This is fun. This is how it should be.”

He got damaged from the monsters as he swung his Sword of Regeneration.

The Loa Sword slashed through them like a ray of light.


< Batali is filled with joy while watching over you.

“Fight. Warrior. Bathe in your power!”

Batali’s blessing is applied.

Mana consumption of attacking skills is reduced by 30% and power enhanced by 25%.

All abnormal and negative status are lifted.

Increased gain of experience points when enemy is killed >


*Crumble! *

Monster birds that transformed into malignant spirits mid-air struck down on him with their beaks.

It was a gruesome battle taking place without even a moment to breathe.

“The battle wasn’t about fighting well, it was about displaying 200% of his capabilities.” 

The enemy was set on fire and the poisonous darts spewed by the frogmen turned into miasma and covered the surroundings like a fog.

Everything happened within the span of 10 minutes as Weed was fighting in a near-death crisis battle.


< Combat Achievement!
You have completed the Lone Battling Warrior.
The attack power of sword techniques are increased by 3%.
Stamina and health points recover quicker when fighting against multiple enemies.>


Dangerous battles sometimes led to unbelievable results, such as combat achievements.

Rows full of monster corpses surrounded Weed.

The number of monsters who died in the actual battle was far less than the one of monsters who were stomped to death.

More monsters climbed over the bodies and charged at Weed endlessly.

The amount of monsters and monster corpses near Weed was so massive that there was no room to set foot on. 

“Alright. Corpse Explosion!”



<You have gained experience.>

<You have gained experience.>

<You have gained experience.>

< You have gained a level. >


(To be continued…)


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