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Hier — 13 novembre 2019LMS novel

V54C5P1- Quest Crossroad

Par mimosab

Thanks to Armada, Grey Wolf, & Idzuwan for the proofreading!


Weed felt a slight suspicion while reading about the records on Papuakin’s bloodbath.

“Kaybern used to attack humans even in the past? I mean, his nickname is the Black Dragon…”

It was a being that could not be trusted, given its history!

It reeked the scent of a habitual offender.

A couple of days after, a report arrived from the Central Continent.

There was intel on the human mercenary called the Dark Warrior that served Kaybern, and also on the magical creation, the Blue Moss.

The Dark Warrior had ties to the Earthly Cult, and he had stolen the holy artifact, the Hammer of Earth.

“He really lived on his own accord.”

With the help from the users, Weed gathered information that would have taken him several months on his own.

A notification window appeared.

The True Warrior has been completed.

As you delve deeper into the past of the Black Dragon Kaybern, you come to truly understand fear.

The evil dragon that mocks and ridicules the weak and tramples over them.

The damage it caused to the continent’s humans, elves and dwarves until now has been tremendous.

Every race wishes to vanquish Kaybern.


There is still a sliver of hope in stopping Kaybern.

Speak with Sage Brio of Octurn.


< Quest completion rewards 5 points increase in all stats. >

< Upon speaking to Sage Brio, the quest will connect to the Warrior’s Decision quest. >


“Hmm. Octurn…”

Weed felt troubled.

Octurn, where Sage Brio resided, was a city under the Haven territory.

“The Hermes Guild will not let it slide when they see me…”

“Should I assemble forces?”

Lemon, who brought the intel, spoke boldly.

She suspected that a huge number of users would gather if they had to tread on Haven territory for the sake of stopping Kaybern.

She would not be able to mobilize a force as sizeable as the one back in Garnav Plains, but the Hermes Guild had been severely weakened as well.

She believed that the Haven territories could easily be conquered with sufficient forces.

‘Then, that would mean the unification of Versailles Continent.’

So many profitable factors played through in Weed’s mind.

Unicorn Corp hung up a grand prize for the one that united the entire continent.

The title of  first Emperor to accomplish total unity was an undeniable honor.

Of course he was ambitious, but then again, nothing was as dangerous as underestimating the enemy.

If the Hermes Guild were to be driven into a corner and resist with their lives on the line, that would mean an atrocious war for each city and fortress.

They had lost the battle of Garnav Plains and retreated off the continent, but the Haven territories were a natural stronghold.

‘If we attack recklessly, there is a chance that the continent may be wiped out by Kaybern and the monsters.The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind..’

Weed decided on the priorities.

“No,. I believe that we cannot waste time. We cannot avoid the Hermes Guild. I will make the trip quietly.”

Weed took Yurin and infiltrated Octurn with her Paint Transportation skill.

Octurn, the city of discipline.

The streets were quiet with little users visible.

Users in Haven territory had recently declined steeply, and the city itself was not popular to those other than adventurers that were interested in learning map crafting, plant biology, monster traits and history.

Sage Brio lived in a huge mansion and was a breeze to find.

Guards stood at the gates.

“What business do you… My god. The adventurer that rewrites history…”

“Enough. I’m going in.”

Weed’s fame easily got him through the gates, and he met Sage Brio at the garden.

He was an old man with hair that turned completely white.

“You are finally here. The young truly will succeed the old…”

“It is an honor to meet the wise. I am Weed.”

Weed, despite being the Emperor of Arpen Empire, did not push forth his authority.

The title of Emperor meant he could just lay orders to ordinary citizens, but he was much used to flattering.

Weed spoke with concern.

“Black Dragon Kaybern is driving the world into chaos. I came to you in stopping him.”

“Without a doubt he must be stopped. However, it is no ordinary task for humans to stop a dragon. It is dangerous… Very dangerous. Even if you possess the sharpest sword.”

Sage Brio unfolded several stories about Kaybern.

The main point was how much wreckage he caused in Thor, the Dwarven kingdom, and also about the treasures located in his lair.

“In an era of war, many kingdoms offered treasures on a regular basis. For the Dwarves, it was involuntary, but they gained powers by offering the treasures they accumulated from monsters.”


“They reinforced their physicalities or intelligence so that they could govern their kind.

There will be far more treasures resting in his lair than that of any other dragon.”


Weed’s mouth watered up.

Brio ran through his beard and continued.

“There may even be magic that returns youth to its user.”

“The magic of youth?”

“It returns a person to the peak of their life. Also, all that treasure stacked in his lair could turn one into the continent’s richest man…”



This time, Brio and Weed swallowed almost simultaneously.

Sage Brio!

They say he had vast knowledge, but he was also a rumoured miser.

‘It seems that the rumors are true. Not really solid evidence, but I can tell. Intuition is more accurate at times.’

Weed smirked slightly.

A greedy one was better than a sage who thinks highly of himself and is stubborn.

Birds of a feather flock together, and they would have much better conversation.

“Hmm-hmm. It is at least several hundred years of collected treasure. It will not be easy to obtain. There are two ways to stop Kaybern from attacking the humans.”

“Two ways, you say?”

“One is the sharp sword that you wield and the other is compromise.”


“One thing Kaybern holds dear is treasure. A treasure rare enough to please him will save the continent from danger this time around.”



A crossroad of decision has appeared.

Black Dragon Kaybern is a being that is difficult to overcome with human power.

To save the world, will you confront him or offer precious treasure and beg for your life?

Upon your decision, the quest progression will change.

‘Hmm. I have to choose between fighting or offering treasure and making a decent compromise.’

Weed reflected on economic efficiency and figured that offering treasure to ensure no more destruction of cities was worth it.

Calming Kaybern and conquering the Haven territories would bring him the benefit, the Emperor of Unification.

That being said, if he were to decide on offering treasure, he will plan for revenge in the future.

‘I could slay Kaybern later and take the dragon treasure. That would be in my best scenario and interest…’

Kaybern was extremely powerful, and the choice to avoid a battle against it was a huge allurement.

“I am curious about something.”

“What do you wish to learn about?”

“What kind of treasure will satisfy Kaybern?”

Brio groomed his beard and turned his gaze to the beautiful garden.

“To fulfill the dragon’s greed, you will have to fill a garden with stacks of gold.”


“Mountains of them, so to speak.”


“If not, you will need to offer 200 of your most precious possessions. Gems, artwork, magical items. The armor or sword that your majesty is wearing will be accepted by Kaybern.”

He had just come from the brisk of battle through Yurin’s Paint Transportation Skill.

He was wearing casual adventure attire, but inside he was wearing the Sky Ruler’s Armor that had been reduced in size by Fabio and Herman.

On top of that, the Loa Sword, considered the best sword that ever existed.

‘I have to give away all of these?’

From the list of Weed’s equipment and treasures, the ones that could satisfy the dragon were approximately 20 items.

‘Even if I do give these away, that’s nowhere enough.’

He could add the sculpture masterpieces from the art gallery in Morata and could also tax adventurers and merchants in the name of peace.

However, none of that will come without a cost.

In the trade with Mapan, the calculations were right down to a single percent.

‘Taking into consideration the Arpen Empire’s tax income, I would recuperate somehow in the future… Though, this is not a matter of taking a spoonful of someone else’s meal.’

This was like feasting on the entire meal, then demanding to order crispy fried pork and a whole chicken on top!

‘The dragon is one big bully, and this sage… He’s suggesting compromise like a mediator, which is suspicious. There’s not one person I can trust.’

The sages of Versailles Continent were knowledgeable and intelligent beings, but not all of them were good-natured.

‘In the real world too, the smart buggars rip people off a whole lot better.’

Not one was trustworthy, and so he even accounted for the possibility of a delivery fraud.

If Sage Brio had a conscience, one or two items. If he was a total thief with nothing but dirty intentions, he could take up to half.

‘Now I am unsure. All the information we collected on Kaybern… They were all about Kaybern loving to force humans into a trap.’

Weed contemplated a moment and decided.

“We shed too much blood already. I am not certain if I can slay Kaybern with this very sword, but I will not back down.”

“Think wisely. A dragon is too much to handle for humans. Bowing down your head won’t put flaw in your high reputation.”

“There is no reason for humans to be mistreated. If we succumb to Kaybern here and now, it doesn’t guarantee an end to his greed. We will be exploited endlessly like the Dwarves in Thor.”


< You have completed the important decision in the quest.
You have sworn to fight against the Black Dragon Kaybern in order to save the world. >

< Kaybern is a dangerous being that cannot be trusted.
Based on gathered intel, you have made the correct decision.
Insight increased permanently by 15. >



It was fortunate that he did not fall for it.

‘Seriously, not one can be trusted’.’

Sage Brio spoke in a tone of regret.

“Combat is not always the answer. I have confidence in calming Kaybern down if I step up…”


Weed thought for a moment.

‘Why don’t I just kill this guy right now? I bet I could find a lot of treasures he ripped off if I search the basement of this building.’

The difference between a thief and a sage was a fraction.

Fortunately, Brio began speaking about a story related to the quest.

“A sharp sword dulls the warrior’s eyes and mind. It is a reckless path, but there was one who also chose to wield her sword against Kaybern in the past. It was the half-elf Vishur. However, she left for the maze Zode and no one ever saw her again.”

“She didn’t come back?”

“Yes. She vanished. If you can save her somehow, she will be a great asset in defeating Kaybern.”

Half-elf Vishur.

Long ago, there was the half-elf Vishur who drew her sword against the Black Dragon Kaybern.

She was a half-breed of human and elf, a hero who mastered the ultimate spirits and sword techniques simultaneously.

“The flowers and trees are screaming due to Kaybern’s brutality. He must be stopped before a greater threat is imposed on us.”


Travel to maze Zode and find the vanished Vishur.
Difficulty: S
Quest Requirements: Hero Saving the Continent
Highest adventure reputation.


< This quest cannot be forfeited under any circumstances. >

< Quest has been accepted. >

(To be continued…)


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À partir d’avant-hierLMS novel

V54C4P3- Plan of Annihilation

Par mimosab

Thanks to Armada & Idzuwan for the proofreading!


 “Geez. I’m high on that.” 

“This is amazing.”

The users were continually surprised as they observed the battle between Weed and the Behemoth.

With Behemoth being impossible to confront alone, Weed was gaining the edge in a straight-up battle.

The battle of sword skills and secret techniques on top of the boiling lava field.

This kind of scene was the dream of all warriors. 

“Now that I look at him, Weed-nim is really strong.”

“He’s different from the times he carried on with quests. That time, I thought he truly struggled and beat them by a straw, but he is undeniably powerful.”

“No wonder he succeeded with all those quests, being that strong.” 

The users reassessed of Weed’s combat abilities.

 “It’s certainly from all his new gear.”

Weed too was surprised by the effectiveness of his equipment.

In truth, he wasn’t this powerful until recently.

The Dimensional Gate Glove depending on how it is utilized, could allow the user to slip out of danger, provide them with an opportunity to attack and boost their combat level by several fold.

The Sky Ruler’s armor blended the touches of blacksmith masters.

It was created from Hellium, replenishing substantial mana and had great defense.

To top it all off, there were the blessings from the frequent visits of the gods!

If one engages in battle with a devil, the friendly gods such as Freya and Hestia would bestow blessings.

‘God’s blessing. There is no doubt that these are a result of faith, contribution and honor.’

 This was not proven theory, but he was certain of it.

Furthermore, the title ‘The one who defeated the devil’ gave him an additional effect.

It was a rare title that he obtained after slaying the Intermediate devil Delarm, and its effect was a 16% attack boost if engaging in combat with monsters or subordinates related to devils.

Plus, it even identified their weaknesses and was great at attacking more efficiently.

In sum, he could become at least twice as powerful than when he would fight against normal monsters.

<You have gained a level.

Warrior Behemoth from the devil clan of anguish has been laid to eternal rest.
The Great Accomplishment awarded 3,500 honor.
Charisma increased by 1.
Strength increased by 1. >

He even gained combat achievements and stats!

Weed thought to himself that focusing entirely on hunting devils could not be half bad.

There could very well be many dungeons related to devils hidden somewhere in Versailles Continent.

Since they would be well hidden, he would need the assistance from excavators or thieves, although it would be extremely dangerous it would offer high returns. 

“We will move to the next location.”

The users mobilized in perfect order at Weed’s command and climbed on the backs of the avians.

They flew over the Versailles Continent restlessly and slayed every monster in sight.

Aerial combat broke out occasionally, and a flurry of magic spells were bombarded on massive hordes of monsters on ground level.

The merciless power of magic spells concentrated on the monsters. 

“Ugh. I am about to collapse completely.”

“I can’t go any further…”

While the mages lay on the backs of the avians to rest, the lesser monsters were wiped out by the undead summoned by Weed.

They gained experience from the death of wounded monsters, and the loot after combat was picked up by the avians.

All the mages had to do was cast spells as soon as they recovered enough mana.

 “For me, I think I’m farming experience 9 times faster than usual.”

“It was fortunate to have invested in mana recovery. I’m at about 13x.”

“That much?”

“Yeah. It’s not like a few monsters at a time… We’re using AOE offensive spells as much as our mana allows for. The hunting times are really extensive  too.”

“If we did this from the beginning, we would have crushed the Hermes guild with brute strength.”

The mage users were in awe of Weed’s hunting method.

They thought that this was an extremely efficient method of cleansing the lands overwhelmed by the monsters. 

“Do not rest! We will fight until the last monster is slain!”

“Look at the enemy, lock your aim precisely and fire. The arrow suppliers are working their backs out.”


The archers unlike the mages had no rests and continued to fire arrows endlessly.

The dragon soldiers and powerful monsters usually had high magic resistance, and the archers were responsible for sniping them down.

At times, together with the avians they engaged in a fierce aerial battle against incoming monsters in flight.

“I have no more strength left in my arms…”

“Endure it.”

“I can’t. I’m at my limit.”

“They’re filming us right now.”


The archers were shedding tears during the hunt.

Even Weed joined with the archers and fired arrows on monsters that the undead struggled against.

“He shoots as well as we do. The broadcast footages were not edited at all.”

“No special abilities there. Just basic archery.”

“Still, he’s as accurate as us.”

“Yeah… He’s good.”

“He can use magic and is excellent in combat. That’s scary.”

“He was a sculptor to begin with. Also a blacksmith, tailor and chef.”

“Doesn’t he make ships too?”

The large groups of monsters in the Northern and Central Continent were taken care of and the cities became a bit safer.

It was all thanks to 400,000 users risking their lives on the line.

Weed too displayed prowess alone riding on baraags.

Having advanced into the warrior class, he landed right in the middle of the monsters.

He pummeled the boss level monster all by himself and conquered the rest by summoning the undead!


< You have gained experience. >

< Combat Achievement! You have been awarded the title brave brawler.
Maximum health increased by 50. >

< Strength increased by 1. >


He had accomplishing a new combat achievement. 


He hummed as he wrapped his body with bandages and moved to the next location!

“What a wretched man…”

“I have to doubt whether or not he is human.”

“You have to be as rigorous as him to win against the Hermes Guild.”

“I just wanna take the easy life. Anymore and I’m going to die.”

The users came to realize Weed’s true side.

From afar, he seemed to struggle in protecting the continent from the monsters, but up close he was enjoying the endless hunting and growth.

“I think we can pull it off too.”

“If we arrange a decent composition… It will be useful in slaying the monsters.” 

Necromancer Jean and the other mages joined forces with the avians and organized a hunting squad.

Their combat level was not to be compared with the forces led by Weed, so around one or two hundred users gathered.

Though they could not hunt monster hordes with draconic warriors among them, they were still able to slay a significant number of monsters.

The users that were scattered across the Northern and Central Continent were also actively on the move.




While Weed was leading the massive number of users and cleaning up the monsters, Kaybern’s activity continued.

Castle Hillshade, the ex-capital city of the Idern Kingdom was destroyed, and the monster invasions razed 27 villages and 4 cities. 

This is miraculous defense.

Yes. The damage is low despite the overwhelming monsters stirring up the Versailles Continent. The damage is much lower than what users from the Hermes Guild had predicted.

It was predicted that over 20 cities would be destroyed every week.

That is so. However, Weed and the users reduced the number of monsters greatly, and they have defended well behind the tall and thick fort walls at siege.

Of course, the city destruction was prevented but not without any damage. Outside the walls, the damage is severe. 

Sieges occurred simultaneously at over a hundred locations, resulting in heavy losses. 

Dragon’s Revenge

Black Dragon Kaybern is on the move to erase human civilization.

The spirits and fairies are warning once again.

“Kaybern will head to Herom in a week.”

Castle Herom of the old Nest Kingdom.

The time-honored castle in which the beautiful River Verona flows through, became the next target. After Castle Hillshade turned into ruins, huge number of monsters sprang out from the dungeons across the entire continent.

Especially in the Northern Continent, monsters flowed out from the wild lands and users were assembled to defend against them.

“No. Not yet…”

Rage waged from the depths of Weed’s heart, but he suppressed it firmly.

“Just wait until I finish the hunt. From teeth to tail. I will loot everything.”

Although time was ticking away, he was also gaining levels.

But, the security of the Arpen Empire was worsening, and cases of demolished merchant councils or travelling users dying to monsters became more frequent.

 “I have to conserve time. I have to move efficiently. Kaybern cannot be stopped at this moment.”


< You have gained a level. >


Level 524.

Weed slayed groups of monsters and trained himself as well as the other users.

Meanwhile, the meticulous search for records on Kaybern went on in the Great Library of Morata.

Mapan : I have obtained 37 data records related to Kaybern.

Weed received the records brought by Yurin and read them over.


You have obtained information about Kaybern. 

Black Dragon Kaybern.
Also known by the famous nicknames: the Tyrant and the Dark Dragon. This dragon is estimated to be around 1700 years old.

In its youth, it travelled to many places around the continent and was involved in historical events. 

Papuakin’s Bloodbath (Record Confirmed)

Generd’s Contempt (Record Confirmed)

Slayer (Record Confirmed)

Black Warrior (Unidentified)

Blue Moss (Unidentified)

The birth of Dark Magic (Unidentified)

Humiliation of the Nippleheim Empire (Record Confirmed)


Kaybern is prideful and violent.

It likes jewels, drinks and delicious food.

At times it breaks pacts through devious methods and cannot be trusted.

Quest intel acquisition progress 62%. >


Papuaquin’s Bloodbath and Generd’s Contempt were events recorded in the history of the Versailles Continent.

Cities disappeared in a single day and they were all related to Kaybern.

Papuakin’s Bloodbath. #2


O, the heavens fury,

The black smoke billowed, the city a fire,

On the ground, rats spread their filth and poison

The continent’s greatest city was but a burning pyre. 

The cause of all this is Kaybern.

One year ago, that dragon descended,

One year ago the dragon demanded:


Collect gold and build a castle as a tribute for me. Then, I shall reward you all with the power to conquer all kingdoms. If you choose to break it and refuse to build a castle, you will brace severe consequences. 

Mayor Manheart trembling in fear accepted the offer right then and there.

After all, who could possibly refuse under the dragon’s might?

They melted down gold for the dragon’s lair,

Alas, the construction was stopped, the people lay sick and dying… 

The year was up, only half of the castle was complete.

On that day, all the people held their breath and stared at the sky.


Immature humans. You have failed to stick to my most gracious offer. I will forgive you all despite having broken the promise.


The almighty Kaybern spared their lives,

We were stripped of all the gold collected for the castle but gave our thanks,

When the scared and scattered citizens of Papuaquin returned to their wives,

When they felt safe again, happy again,

it was only then that ,

Kaybern descended again.


Your kind deserve to be annihilated!

“Oh mighty dragon… You said that you would not punish us!”

  I do not punish for breaking promises. However, you are beings that deserve extinction.

Mayor Manheartraised his head to beg

 A moment later he was dead,

We all realized then.

All this was the dragon’s devious plan.

(To be continued…)


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V54C4P2- Plan of Annihilation

Par mimosab

Thanks to Armada, UnrivaledH & Idzuwan for the proofreading!


“Flip every stone and pebble. Don’t miss any phrases no matter how insignificant.”

“In the history field, we will make three confirmations. Expect to go all night.”

“Please return books and documents that you have read over to its original location. The volunteers will continue reading.” 

Once Weed determined to take Kaybern down, the users incapable of combat began moving. The novice users and merchants of the North searched for information in Morata’s Great Library that contained massive amounts of data.

They searched meticulously for all related keywords such as dragon, Kaybern, breath, etc.

“This isn’t it. All the data we have covered until now are related to F rank quests.”

“Look for possibilities of linked quests.”

“They’re all simple quests like Search for the Dragon’s Pawprints. Or Telling Dragon Stories in a Pub.

“There is lots of data from the North, but the Central Continent is lacking.”

“Understandable. It hasn’t been long since that region joined.”

“Separately classify the quests you feel suspicious of even in the slightest bit. We cannot afford to miss the tiniest details.”

 If they could offer assistance in defeating the Black Dragon Kaybern, they could potentially become heroes.

On top of that, Weed and the Mapan Association made a public statement.

Purchasing vital information for defeating Black Dragon Kaybern. The important information will be compensated with 1 million gold.

For ordinary users under level 200, 1 million gold was a massive fountain of gold that could never dry out. Even if they spoiled themselves with clothing, equipment, and accessories, it was difficult to spend even half of it.

Of course, it couldn’t buy ridiculously rare equipment, but they could buy a house or a farm and establish a comfortable standard of living.

The novices that started out in the North naturally headed to the Great Library and had little space left. They scanned through all stored books and data.

The adventurers of Royal Road also stepped up together. These users could not even dream of large-scale adventurers back when the Haven Empire dominated the CentralContinent.

“If it’s an adventure linked to Kaybern, I’m certainly doing it.”

“By just starting the quest, doesn’t that mean I can travel alongside Weed?”

“That will be amazing if it actually happens. Every single one of your days are going to be broadcasted live.”

After the Arpen Empire seized the territories, the adventurers were free to roam anywhere they wished, hence they began proceeding with quests they had kept to themselves.

These quests that had been stored away for a long time finally reached completion, and the resulting effects from the adventures began spreading from cities to villages and to even more remote areas.

Excavation of relics, treasure chests, historical books, skill books, and equipment brought a substantial economic boom.  

Special relics that boosted crop harvest rates in the cities or mining rate in the mountains were sold at a high price.

Positive changes were occurring with the Arpen Empire in control of the Central Continent.

“The honor of an adventure with Weed… I would become the continent’s most popular user.”

“Wouldn’t Weed just complete everything the moment it starts? He’s incredible, honestly. He can do just about anything. He overcomes any adversity.”

“Even as a sidekick, it’s still great to be alongside him. You gain honor with that as well.”

“You gain money too!. Buy a house, buy a car. You might land a building if luck is on your side.”

“That’s right. We’ll probably earn a few million.”

“Few million? This is a dragon quest. With none other than Weed himself. You think there will be another opportunity like this one anywhere?”

This assumably was from revenue assessment of the guarantees and advertising profits from the broadcast network.

It was an opportunity to claim both money and fame, drawing famous adventurers from all over the continent.

Now that Weed decided to proceed with the True Savior quest in order to slay Kaybern, the entire continent was shifting.




“This is a disaster.”

Lafaye had arrived in Fenia Fortress. It was unofficially the western capital of the Haven Empire territories, which was massive in size and had a high development rate. Now, it was completely empty.

To be completely accurate, only the civilians and Hermes Guild users were roaming inside.


The users that were active in the Haven Empire territories were all in a crossroad decision of transferring to the Northern or Central Continent, as they did not want to follow the fate of the crumbling kingdom. When the Arpen Kingdom seized had only just the North, they sealed off the borders but now, that was meaningless.

I am requesting a taxi from Milen. 5 gold.

Users posted on discussion boards and the Avian users came from the sky and took them away. It wasn’t a flight far into the Northern territories, but just to skip over the borders which wasn’t a difficult task.

The Avians were able to make quite a decent profit out of these side jobs while the users that were active in the Haven Empire territories could escape. It was literally an escape rush.

It was the case for everyone, being drawn to the bright, dynamic atmosphere, and freedom of the Arpen Empire.


Lafaye leaned on the fort wall and gazed at the sky.

The clear, vivid blue sky and great weather squeezed out a bitter laughter.

By his calculations, the Arpen Empire was indeed making a huge impact by taking on Kaybern, but they themselves were also falling apart.

It was evident that there will only be the Hermes Guild users left in Haven territories.

“So this is how we are going down in history.”




The one that was getting the most from the preparation in slaying Kaybern was Weed.


< You gained a level. >


Intermediate Undead Summoning Skill reached level 10 and transformed into Advanced Undead Summoning Skill.

You can call upon the legendary undead. You can raise the special corpses such as Elves and Spirit Warriors.

Reverence for the Dark Lord!

The undead and low-tier monsters look up to your presence. With sufficient reputation, you can command countless numbers of the undead in the Versailles Continent.

You can begin research on transforming into the body of the Lich.

The Lich transcends human limitations with increased efficiency in health drain and mana drain.

The Lich will not be weakened by sunlight. However, the allurement from the depths of darkness will intensify.

You can proceed with quests of the undead left by the demon race.


< You have gained colossal enlightenment for magic.

Mana recovery rate increased by 25%.

Intelligence and wisdom are permanently increased by 10.

Insight additionally increased by 5. >

 < Faith permanently decreased by 120. >


Advanced Undead Summoning! 

Weed had advanced into a warrior and was expanding a variety of combat type skills. Though, it couldn’t be helped that he was still using Undead Summoning frequently.

Weed was satisfied as he looked over all the monsters that were collapsed on the ground.

‘Easy. All I have to do is take a spoonful after the mages wipe out the battlefield.’

He summoned the undead senselessly and engaged them in battle with the wounded monsters. The mages that took part in the combat were also without much complaint, as they could activate all their spells as long as they had mana.

Kurgh! Humans. They must be driven extinct by Kaybern-nim’s wishes!

Weed enjoyed himself by charging with the Loa Sword in hand straight into the upper level 500 monsters that spawned on occasion.

Thanks to his combat experience and variety of skills, he could never fall into a dangerous situation.

“The power of the holy spirit, save the poor in pain. Healing Touch!”

Hundred rays of light beamed from the chest for even the slightest injury.

The priest unit was by the side of the Avian and were healing away madly.

Then, boss-level monsters around mid level 600 would spawn. Weed battled such monsters and received all the attention.

It was like a gladiator standing in a Colosseum, a showdown with the users on live broadcast.

“If it’s a one-on-one match… It’s a waste of time, but I will play along.”

Where the corpses of monsters lay like a pile of dominos, he encountered the enemy commander.


The monster was a grotesque fusion of man, bird and devil. 

Human. I will gnaw your head off and make you realize just how weak you are.

“Well, make me.”

Weed laid down the tip of the Loa Sword to the ground.

It was seemingly a shabby stance, but it was awakening his sense for retaliating against the rapid movements of the Behemoth.

‘Tons of users are watching right now… It would be pure embarrassment if I lose to some monster other than Bard Ray.’

 Certainly, it was possible to lose to a monster. With that said, pride would be crumpled like a sheet of paper.

With Bard Ray, it was a deep relationship that they had built by losing to one another, earning honor and achievements!

In the long term, Weed thought of it as only a turf war and didn’t experience much pressure.

With the Hermes guild that had dwindled down to its current state, even if he were to lose in a one-on-one duel, there was no chance of the Arpen Empire falling apart.

However, if he were to lose to the monsters, that would be showing his limits.

If he proposed to hunt down Kaybern and could not overcome even the pawns, the disappointment from the users would be tremendous.


The moment Behemoth disappeared from sight, he flung his body to the side.

 ‘I cannot see it.’

 It was a cloaking ability that hides the user for up to 10 seconds!

Furthermore, it had wings that allowed for rapid flight.

The overpowered trait turned away just about any warrior from confronting it in battle.

As Weed side-stepped to avoid, he heard a gust of wind.

He sensed that Behemoth passed through where he was just a moment ago.

 “Sculptural Moonlight Sword Technique!”

 Weed swung his sword and the emitted light struck something invisible, shattering into pieces. For a brief moment, the grotesque appearance of the demon bird was revealed.


Behemoth relentlessly flung its forepaw that spanned over 2 meters. All Weed saw was a split-second reveal just before it began its attack, but he knew roughly where it was going to attack.

‘Its tendency is to go for the head and shoulder. Given the distance and composition of its body, thatis a high possibility.’

 Weed raised the Loa Sword and blocked Mammoth’s forepaw.


A powerful impact from deflecting its claws.

Behemoth was capable of magic, flight, rapid movement and cloaking abilities, but it had a weakness and that was its lack of strength.

Even so, Weed did not think to attempt pushing it back.

It was advantageous to use a relatively more powerful force to create a weak point.

Indeed, using physical abilities was a way of victory, but that was for rather more reckless battles.

Then adrenaline kicked in and he felt nothing but instinct!

Weed activated his skill.

“Divine Flames!” 

The holy flames imbued by Goddess Hestia lit up the Loa Sword.

The flames slid across the blade and latched onto Behemoth.

The flames were 5 times more effective against the demons and devils!

I despise fire!

Behemoth screeched. Its personality was a mix of human, bird, and demon.

The type that it hated most was either fire or divinity!

Behemoth’s body set aflame by the holy fire was now clearly visible.

Toxic Explosion!

In the midst of battle, Behemoth cast a magic spell and retaliated.

The poisonous marbles exploded and spread like a fog.


< You have been poisoned.

Your tempered body is resisting.

Health points are reduced by 960 every second.

Sky Ruler’s armor suppresses the paralysis effect. >


If it was another user, the damage would have been over 7,000 each second.

The damage was minimized by his stats and equipment!

“Lava River!”

 As Weed activated the skill, the earth erupted and lava surged from below.

The crimson-red lava covered Behemoth’s body from head to toe and blew away the effects of the poison.


Behemoth’s resistance activated and caused a whirlwind.


< A lava region has formed.

You will take 1,800 damage every second.

You are immune to fire type damage due to the Holy Grail of Flames. >


The earth split apart and steam fumed through the cracks.

The level of destruction was quite different from the past. The force was upgraded by divine flames and there was also the added effect from the Holy Grail of Flames.

The lands melted away by the lava.

This was something that Weed learned when he slayed the Intermediate class devil Dalam in the past. 

‘When devils start using special abilities, nothing could be more infuriating than that.’

Whether these devils were level 500 or 600, their combat level was not relative.

Fundamentally, devils had high health points and possessed traits that were difficult to deal with.

Compared to other monsters around level 600, devils displayed combat abilities that equalled a few dozen of those monsters.

Even the undead, a powerful combat tool, would not work against them.

It was only efficient to face them with pure combat abilities.

I am unscathed.

Behemoth burning in flames struck down with its forepaw like a sword.

It was a display of fighting spirit innate in devils.

Weed passed through the dimensional gates floating in the air and performed over 5 short-distance rift travels.

“Sword Cloning Skill!”

Over 50 clones appeared during the rift travels. 

A flurry of swords cut through the air.

Weed and his clones sliced away the Behemoth’s body fused of human, bird and devil.

(To be continued..)

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V54C4P1- Plan of Annihilation

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The users that arrived at the desert through the teleport gate felt like they were going to choke due to the intense heat.

Geomchi nodded his head while riding on his two-hump camel.

“The weather is nice.”

“My spine is on fire.”

“Let us go now. Giddy-up!”

They charged through the desert heat and hills of sand with Geomchi in the lead.

The warriors that gathered to defeat Kaybern followed behind them on camels.Thus began the hell in the desert. .

Battle after battle.

They fought and fought, an endless engagement.

“All men, charge!” 

The desert had many regions that had yet to be explored.

There existed mirages, underground worlds, and at times they entered the zone of fire.

Even the fragments of the ‘Great King of the Desert” quest that Weed accomplished in the past had been rewritten into a new history.

They were eager to fight battles anywhere they went.

They fed themselves on top of the camels and battled while on the move.

“As the youngest one said, we can battle every day without using our brains. How convenient is that?”


“The guys are fighting quite well.”

“They say levels make you stronger, and it seems to be true. Although they seem a bit too reliant on skills.”

“We gotta take them to more challenging battles. These guys said they’re alright with dying a few times.”

“It saves me from boring battles, so that is fine with me.”

Geomchi followed Weed’s advice and took the battalion to seek for more powerful enemies.

They tread through the murderous heat, fought against enemies with bodies of sand, and hunted for giant scorpions.

They even set foot in the mystic lands of flames and met the Sun warriors.

Deep in the desert, the population was low but full of strong warriors.

“This is a darn hassle.”

“It’s hell. The battles are tiresome, but above all that, the heat is driving me insane.”

“ Wow… I must have been half crazy when I agreed to join this quest.”

The complaints of users had already surfaced since starting the second day.

Even if they had high levels, they had never experienced this kind of battle.

Like usual, they put a lot of effort into the choice of the hunting ground much like Weed would have. They prepared for hunting grounds that were highly efficient and dropped many items.

In the event of hunting boss-level monsters, they would start preparing a few days earlier and gathered composure.

“Here, you roam anywhere and fight. It is reckless and frantic.”

“Coral died yesterday.”

“Seriously? This is too dangerous…”

“Shouldn’t we complain?”

“We did. But, they keep saying that warriors will get stronger when they know what it’s like to die. Words are impermeable to their heads.”

“In honesty, we cannot demand anything face to face. Their appearance is frightening. We have higher levels, but using brute strength over them might turn us into enemies of the Arpen Empire.”

“Even if a few more die from now, the hunting plans will not change one bit.”

After the third day, the users gathered around early in the morning and discussed their dissatisfaction. Some decided to quit.

“This is as far as I will go. Best of luck to you all, stay safe.”

“Yeah. I’m quitting too. I thought I was lending a hand in slaying the Black Dragon, but this isn’t the way I wanted it to be.” 

A number of quitters sprang from the group, unable to withstand the rigorous schedule. 

“I should have hunted alone.”

“Same here. If we talk about efficiency, there are better hunting grounds than this place. We don’t have to be here alongside people who are lower in levels than us.”

However, the entire scene was being filmed by several broadcast networks.

Weed was granted of all rights regarding broadcasting to all those who agreed to participate in the hunt of the Black Dragon Kaybern.

The quest signees certainly agreed because they desired to be on the broadcast, and imagined to being portrayed as brave heroes on TV.

The scene of themselves charging towards Black Dragon Kaybern!

Weed spoke with the broadcast personnel on the side. 

“Please have a devilish producer on this broadcast.”

“Are you being serious?”

“Yes. Good footage will come through soon enough, but there will be some trial and error. I need someone who is going to edit “out of context” intentionally. A show needs a catch for it to be successful.”

“That is the way it works, but…”

“If we do not pull this off, the other broadcasts will get increased views.”

Weed’s influence in the broadcast industry was absolute. Even in the past, his fame turned all major broadcast networks to bow under him.

Now that he had control over the Central Continent and established domination, the broadcast networks surely knew well of his acumen. 

“We shall find the most infamous producers.”

“Yes. But, it must be completely factual. No forgery. I do not like controversy smoking up among the viewers. A bit of seasoning is acceptable. It makes a dish taste rich.”

The captains and department chiefs of all broadcast stations took Weed’s words to heart.

“We can get a good shot right here where the users are taking off…”

“You bet. I think it will serve well for the intro.”

“This will grab some attention for sure.” 

The infamous producers with their relentless editing skills sent on air the users that were complaining about the battles and food soon after they got to the desert.

Moreover, they added special effects to the scenery of the desert from which the users were drifting away.

The scenes of Black dragon Kaybern attacking Castle Evaluk, cities being destroyed by monsters, and civilians being slaughtered overlapped with the users that were leaving.

The devilish producers were stirring up emotional appeal with their expertise.

I am watching the live cast right now, and I’m at a loss for words. They went all the way to the desert to slay Kaybern, but all they did was complain and now they’re just quitting?

Why go there in the first place if you’re gonna do that?

Did they expect to live in hotels at the desert or something?

Dragon Slaying. They all gathered their strengths for that grand objective. They were too low-level to confront the dragon, hence they hunted with great effort. For them to quit so early though…

Ha… That is annoying. They’re pissing me off..

Bacus? That user led them to quit. 

The aftereffect of broadcast was as substantial, no different from a live cast. The internet went viral, and Bacus appeared at the very top of the real time search.

1st Bacus

2nd Seoyoon

3rd Bacus runaway

4th Bacus Level

5th Seoyoon Goddess

6th Bacus Character

7th Weed

8th Seoyoon School

9th Seoyoon Body

10th Kaybern


From 1st to 10th on the search engine, Bacus appeared 4 times.

It was the power of the media, but it was also that Bacus was a famous user over level 500.

On the next day, the users were battling on the hunting grounds without any other thoughts.

Due to the influence of the media, they realized what kind of negativity they could receive. 

“Now they’re really up to the task.”

Even Geomchi and the instructors were satisfied.

Bacus and the runaways returned hastily in the morning.

“I apologize. Everyone. I will fight with my all from now on.”

In a few hours, his attitude had changed completely.




Weed commenced the monster eradication with those who gathered for the Kaybern hunt.

Mages and archers flew toward the monsters, riding on the backs of the Avians.

Numerous kinds of monsters spawned on ground level from the dungeons and were advancing towards human cities.

Weed’s shout exploded. 

Fire. Blast them away!

Thousands of magical spells of mages bombarded the ground, and archers fired arrows.

They were job classes most specialized in ranged attack!

Kuuuoogh! Unleash the wrath of Kaybern-nim!

 The skins of the monsters turned black, raising their defense and attack.

The ones that crawled out from the deepest parts of the dungeons were powerful, able to withstand several magical attacks.

They resisted by tossing boulders into the sky and activated their special abilities that raised winds.

Even so, the scattershot of magical spells were about to annihilate the monsters.

“Dead Rise!”

Weed summoned the undead.

A combination of mages and necromancers that never in any way seemed harmonious!

On top of the massive firepower, the undead that will draw the enemy were summoned.

The mages at the end of battle were amazed.

“I gained so many levels.”

“Combat achievements complete just like that.”

In a party of 5 or 6, the mages only use spells necessary in hunting.

The usual spells that they practice are types of spells that deal fatal damage to a monster or two.

By following Weed, they were able to spam AOE spells that caused mass destruction.

The lesser monsters were cleaned out by the undead, and the Avians willingly offered post-battle assistance.

The observing novice Avians were responsible for descending to the ground and collecting the loot.

For the mage attacks, it was impossible to assess who killed which monster. Therefore, it was decided on the method to sell all the loot at once and split the profit.

“Wow… This is miraculous.”

“Isn’t the leveling speed like 10 times faster?”

“If I followed Weed-nim since the beginning, level 600 wouldn’t be such a dream right about now.” 

The mages and archers that were close to level 500 were overwhelmed with excitement.

The pace of leveling was unbelievably high, taking into account the fact that all the monsters have been scooped out by Kaybern.

Only Romuna and Pale were speechless.

‘The hunting speed is indeed quick. It will be mind-blowing. They will realize though, that speed isn’t everything.’

‘One will truly realize the potential of intense labor when observing Weed-nim firsthand.’

The hunting went on until the evening, but the mages were too overwhelmed with joy for them to complain. Nevertheless, the sun had set and stars were filling up the night sky with seemingly no end to the hunting.

“Excuse me… When are we going to take a break?”

Someone cautiously approached Weed riding on Wy-three. 

“Rest on the backs of the Avians.”


“There will be a break for about 5 minutes.”

“That’s rest?”

“We will rest during transport and will fight when we arrive at the destination.”


“Are you hungry at all?”

“Uh, yes!”

“I arranged lunch packs at the next battle location. Lively Avians are on standby as well. We can take flight right away.”

An endless, rigorous battle schedule!

They flew over the sky of Versailles Continent and put down the monsters.

The following day, Bacus’ riot in the southern desert was exposed, causing the mages and archers that were talking joyfully to shut their mouths. They realized that they had no spare energy to talk.

The monsters in Versailles Continent were being swept out on a grand scale.

The outskirt villages and small villages that have just been established were rescued from the threats of monsters.

(To be continued…)


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V54C3P3 – All That Labor Work

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“A dragon hunt. Isn’t that a bit reckless?”

“It seems that way. It is too dangerous, having seen the battle between the Hermes Guild and the dragon.”

The meeting began with a skeptical atmosphere.

The lords scanned one another and withheld their true feelings.

‘This scene is being broadcasted live. Maintaining a solemn tone and somber facial expression is the key here. I will stall for a while then engage quickly at the right time.’

‘This is a dragon hunt led by Weed himself. It isn’t important that we are successful in this mission; what is important is participating in his plan.’

‘Exercising domination over the continent? First, I have to establish a foundation as lord. That means I cannot afford to fall out from events like this.’

‘These guys are all going to join anyway. CTS Media proposed this conference and not a single one turned it down.’  

 The lords exchanged eye contact and hid their thoughts. 

‘Weed… Who knows what kind of grudge he is going to hold if we were to reject his offer.’

‘We will double-cross him when the time is right but until then, we shall serve as loyal henchman. We will shadow him well, so that he will have complete trust in us. We will build trust and make sure that he will never suspect us. Our factions will grow and at the moment of truth, we will smack him on the back of his head!’ 

This conference took place alongside a number of underlying grand schemes from the individual lords. No one announced non-participation and the day dragged on, finally coming to a conclusion in the evening.

“The users wish for the peace of this continent. The Black Lion Guild will put an end to Kaybern no matter the sacrifice.”

“The Black Sword Mercenaries will also do the same. We shall lead the front lines.”

“The Lion Star is comprised of brave warriors. We will gladly join the hunt. Without us, the dragon hunt will be a difficult mission.”

“We are the Candera Guild, a union reborn from 7 different guilds. We will show what we are capable of, in the name of light and peace in the continent and the Arpen Empire.”

The Arpen Empire’s lords of several cities and vast lands were all burning with ambition.

Thus, they all confirmed participation in Weed’s dragon hunt without considering the risks.

Weed assessed objectively that the hunt for the Dark Dragon Kaybern was improbable. There were steps to take no matter how badly he wanted to slay the Black Dragon. 

“I have to force our probability to be higher.”

There was no requirement for the hunt other than a minimum level of 400 and therefore, over 500,000 users signed up with more continuing to do so, which was a great asset.

High-level users in both the North and Central Continent all competed to sign up. Though it was uncertain how many would actually prove their worth on the battlefield.

“What are your plans for all these users?”

Pale asked with a spark of curiosity.

To think that he would proceed with the quest storming around with such a huge crowd of users.

He anticipated backlash if they were to be divided and only some of them accepted. Even the users that had no real intention of fighting would feel irritated when they were to be turned down.

“They have to be exploited.”


“What do you think is the advantage of intensive labor?”

“Mmm. Accomplishment after diligent work?”

“It’s different. That is the perspective of the laborers, and to speak from the point of an exploitative owner… Eh-Hem. More heads mean securing more labor force. Expansion of the labor force. This is crucial. Put them on any kind of task, exploit them, and it solves everything.”


Pale could not get his head around it. He was a person with a kind nature who always thought logically and empathetically. 

However, Weed’s theory was plain simple.

There is a mountain.

It needs to be moved.

What I have is a huge labor force. 

When it came to problem solving, the smart ones will concern themselves about the most efficient method. There were possibilities of achieving the goal using the least amount of effort through creative and innovative methods. Weed was different.

‘Why do you have to think about it? Just make them move it.’

He had the real mind of an exploitative, abusive owner!

True intensive labor was to get them working as much as possible.

The fault in his system however, was that the users that have gathered before him could not be considered great laborers yet.

They were beings that could think for themselves and see through him.

As civilization became more developed and advanced, people received better education which  resulted in overly smart individuals.

Weed decided to use Geomchi and the apprentices for this matter.

“Master. Please take on a hundred of these people.”

“Easy. Can I do as I please?”

“Of course. They signed the registration forms, so we’re in the clear.”

“Kids nowadays are not so keen on listening…”

“I will take care of that. You can take them around in your own fashion. Brothers too, please take on some people.”

Weed took the users that were exceptionally skilled out of the warrior classes that wielded weapons and left them all up to Geomchi, Geomchi2, the instructors and apprentices.

“It will be alright to put them through danger. I got them to sign the contract, so it is their own fault if they die. Train them strictly and turn them into useful warriors for me.”

“You got it.”

He carefully selected the most skilled individuals out of the users that gathered to the proclamation of slaying the dragon. 

He planned to take them to the southern desert and fight alongside with Geomchi and the apprentices. 

“The higher their levels, the greater their combat strength will become with adjustments to their inefficiency in fighting styles. Moreover, they need to learn themselves of what they need to do when they confront the dragon.”

 Weed believed that it was necessary to transform the combat styles of the users.

The higher the level, the less they engage in dangerous situations. The losses of dying were too immense so there were many that huddle safely and hunt monsters of moderate level at a stable pace. It is as if they are the type of people who became stronger at a consistent pace much like studious high-schoolers that study extensively at their desks.

Even in modern sports such as baseball and soccer, the approach is scientific unlike it was in the past.

Overworking the body wears it out, reduces motor abilities and leads to injuries.

‘But, this is Royal Road. One cannot exercise 100% of his ability if he’s too worried about death.’ 

A lot of the users that played rough in the hunting grounds were part of the Hermes Guild.

“It would be helpful if I experience tough battles as much as I can. If I don’t, I will only be a bystander when the battle with the dragon begins.”

Weed sent all the so-called elites to the southern desert and spoke to the remaining users.

“You will all be going around hunting.  There are commanding officers that did a good deal back in Garnav Plains, and people like Roam-nim and Carlise-nim will be there to lead you all. I will arrange the best hunting grounds and environment for a crash leveling program.” 

The situation was grave with all monsters on the move at once.

He used the justification of the need for growth in order to slay the dragon, meaning that he was planning to mobilize all users in the monster eradication. 

“Please do your best. I will only take reports of results.”

“Understood. Weed-nim.”

“Roam-nim. I expect a lot from you. Can I trust that you will do much more than the other battalions?”

“I will certainly live up to your expectations.” 

Weed divided 400,000 users into 1,000 battalions and spread them across the entire continent.

This process only took one day!

Those that joined for the dragon hunt did not expect it to be handled with such speed.

Some of them headed to the southern desert and the rest scattered to all parts of the continent.

There was no specific plan set, but the exploitation of user labor and the competition between commanding officers would set everything in motion. 

It was obvious that the security of the continent had increased by at least 2 levels with just this plan.

Many villages and cities that were vulnerable to destruction would be saved.

Mapan jiggled his thick cheeks as he watched the turn of events.

“You are amazing, Weed-nim! I thought I caught up to you to a considerable extent, but you overcame another level when you became Emperor.”


Zephyr who was standing beside him thought in simple terms.

 ‘I guess he’s talking about how fast the matters are being dealt with? How incredible his initiative is.’ 

He thought lightly, but the following comment by Mapan was not what he expected.

“K-hu-hu.You really saw their weakness. If the goal was to eradicate the monsters, it would have been difficult to gather over 400,000 high-level users. Furthermore, it would have been impossible to be on the move and fight for days.”

Indeed, it would have been tough even if a tremendous fortune was spent for it.

It could never have been achieved even with the wealth of the Mapan Association that has climbed to commercial supremacy in the Northern Continent and expanded to the Central regions.

“However, with a few words he changed the ultimate goal into Kaybern and listed this process as a milestone… I bet that they will suffer, but many will believe that it cannot be helped. They will struggle to become stronger.”


Zephyr could now see reality more clearly.

All Weed had done was set out a proclamation and spoke a few comments.

With just that, he rounded up 400,000 high-level users that usually cannot even be present in one location, and sent out for hunting like slaves.

‘WIth no rewards involved. With just the meaning of companionship for the greater goal…’ 

The situation hasn’t changed, but the mentality of the users transformed.

From this point on, the users mobilized in a hard journey of monster hunting will not blame Weed.

That is because the hastily formed battalions will compete for performance, and all of that had become a stepping stone in the grand scheme of defeating Kaybern.

‘With such ease… He drafted an army and threw them into eradicating monsters.’ 

Zephyr had first met Weed long ago as a comrade and thought plainly about him.

It was surprising to see Weed accomplish incredible quests and become famous, but he thought it could happen to anyone.

Weed always had luck and suffering wherever he went. 

‘It was just that he excelled in judgment. Everyone goes through difficult matters in life, but Weed-nim resolved all of it in some way.’

Weed was a tough cookie, a genius of war, and he possessed a gifted survival instinct.

He was an instigator that knew how to use other users, was capable of planning great strategies and had the initiative to accomplish them in any way he could.

‘I used to think lightly of him because he was always complaining about buying salt for 200 won more. Now that I think about it, he isn’t an ordinary man.’

Zephyr felt as if Weed, who he met by coincidence, becoming the emperor of Arpen Empire was set in the stars.

“Your commanding officer is me. You will all stick with me.” 

Weed sent the elite forces, warriors and knights to the southern desert. However, he organized the rest of the job classes into battalions under his direct command.


There was a commotion amongst the users.

“Are we really travelling with Weed-nim?”

“I think he’s planning to level us up.”

“This won’t be an easy job. My level is almost 500.”

“That’s amazing. I didn’t think I would get to go hunting. I expected solely quests.”

“We get to go on air too.” 

The users were purely in excitement.

They felt light-hearted and intrigued going on a hunt with Weed as if they were out for a picnic.

Though, the faces of Pale and Romuna had long turned pale. 

“Leveling them up?”

“A crash course at that…”


(To be continued…)


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V54C3P2 – All That Labor Work

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The Roam Guild and Black Lion Guild formed a temporary alliance and actively cleansed Tullen and Aidern of monsters.

– The Black Lion Guild will rise again.
– Come. Roam will lead you on the battlefield!

Though the Arpen Empire conquered the Central Continent, many users were expectantly watching the prestigious guilds come forth.

“This looks like a battle we can win.”

“Yeah. Carlise isn’t the type to challenge the monsters face to face.”

“The monsters rushing toward Pihallos Fortress. That place isn’t as fortified as the Odin Fortress, but it’s impregnable and therefore, a good chance for the hunt.”

“I accepted a quest that requires 300 kills of eight-legged Tandos. Those were extremely difficult to kill, so I gave up on it after barely managing to get two kills. Those scum are on their way and that means I’m in for this battle.”

The Central Continent users joined under the flags planted by the Black Lion Guild, Roam Guild, Cloud Guild, Lion Star, and Blacksword Mercenaries.

The other guilds that faded away in the past rose again, and most of the important guild figures had become lords after having spent their entire fortune.

Various factions warred against the monsters in the vicinity of their territories.

“As expected from the Black Lion Guild. They are a force to be reckoned with.”

“Wow… Look at Roam fight. I never knew they were so skillful.”

“They’re outdated rankers, but their skills are still alive and sharp. No joke. Even their skill macro, decisiveness, and instantaneous reflexes.”

The users that were observing from afar their fights against the monsters and were overwhelmed with admiration.

They came to realize that veteran prestigious guilds were not born out of nothing.

Those from the prestigious guilds were content.

“It is pleasing to signal our revival with this monster hunt.”

“We gain the trust of users and expand our faction… Isn’t that two birds with one stone?”

“I like it now that we are freely active. Before, it was war with just one step out of our territory. Now, we can do things and be respected by the users at the same time.”

These users that bought their lord seats took on the concerns themselves.

The standards of the users had made a leap after the Arpen Empire had made a huge investment.

They could not reign and exploit freely like in the days of the Haven Empire, instead they had developed the desire to gain respect from the citizens as lords.

“So, the lord of Alaka City invested 40 million gold?”

“Yes. They have re-paved the roads in the city and are planning on rebuilding the industrial sector. Reports confirm that the goal is to rise up as the most beautiful industrial city in the Central region.”

“We cannot lag behind. Invest in the industrial sector and the residential sector simultaneously, as well as the Great Landmark. Get started on that as well.”

The lords received reports through their secretaries and made numerous investments into their cities. Handling the authority on internal affairs and construction of the city, the Lords amused themselves as if they were gods.

They could pocket their greed for both politics and honor at the same time, so they did not have hesitation in investing. However, the marching monsters were a tricky case to deal with.

“Ask for assistance from neighboring factions to help with eradication.”

“That will likely come at a price. Are you okay with that?”

“It probably won’t be all that much money…. I cannot afford to see my city trampled by monsters.”

The lords voluntarily competed against one another under the ruling of the Arpen Empire.

Though they were suffering some losses due to the monsters spawned by Kaybern, the monsters were being fended off effectively. Then, the recruitment form by Weed was posted at the entrance of all castles and villages in Versailles Continent.


In search of a hero!


The fate of the Versailles Continent is in danger by Kaybern.

The Hermes Guild is to blame!

The things we are already going through and will come to experience will destroy the peace and prosperity of the continent that we are yearning for.

Do we have to continue being victimized by monsters and natural disasters?

Is it really impossible to defeat Kaybern?

We are seeking a hero who will step up for the Versailles Continent.

I am in search of individuals who wish to defeat the Black Dragon Kaybern alongside me and become true saviors.

It is a dangerous mission, but those who are willing to put their honor on the line and step up to the plate, meet me at the Earth Palace!


The declaration that began with blame, ended with the conclusion of recruiting heroes.

“It’s a dragon hunt!”

“Woah. A hero recruitment for confronting Kaybern…”

“If it’s Weed’s declaration, the best rankers in Royal Road will gather. Except for the Hermes Guild, that is.”

“No kidding. This is sick.”

Royal Road heated up in a blaze. It was hard to tell the odds, but it was about joining Weed’s adventure. The contents of the declaration was too sweet for high-level users to pass by.



“The Black Dragon Kaybern…”

Mule fell in agony.

Towards the end, she stood on the side of the Arpen Empire and quit the Hermes Guild.

She was still holding her position as the lord of the vast lands of Nest and Gradian region.

“Is it really possible to hunt down a dragon?”

Mule was one of the most skilled users in in Royal Road, but she lacked confidence.

She witnessed firsthand and also watched the footage of how Kaybern fights several times.

“Fighting a dragon… Maybe in a year, but definitely not this time around.”

Mule pondered, then whispered to Hwaryeong.

“I heard news that Weed-nim is seeking heroes to slay the Black Dragon Kaybern.”

– Hwaryeong : Yes. Are you signing up?

“Before that… Are we really going to hunt Kaybern? Or is he just trying to demonstrate some kind of commitment by gathering these users?”

Mule was unsure of Weed’s true intentions.

She thought that he was making a desperate attempt to calm the public sentiment as the Emperor of the Arpen Empire.

– Hwaryeong : We are really going to hunt him down. I heard that Weed-nim has a quest against Kaybern called the True Savior.

“Is that so?”

– Hwaryeong : It appears that it only shows up to those who have ventured and completed the most achievements. It’s S rank difficulty linked quest. I think he plans to follow through with that quest.

After hearing Hwayryeong’s explanation, Mule’s heart wavered.

‘Is this for real? If there is a quest involved, that’s changes the plot slightly.’

Even if an enemy cannot be defeated normally, there was a chance of succeeding through a quest.

Furthermore, if Weed himself is going out there, he may have seen some kind of a scenario that she wasn’t aware of yet.

From the time she turned away from the Hermes guild, she was easily swayed by others.

With the right level of persuasion, she was the type to dive right in!

– Hwaryeong : Weed-nim has changed the history of the Versailles Continent. He defeated the Embinyu Order as well.

“I suppose he did. But, I believe that this dragon is an exception.”

– Hwaryeong : We cannot speak with logic, because he defies it. However, if you do not proceed on the quest with Weed-nim, you will live a life of regret.

The God of War, Weed.

Even in the days when the Hermes Guild had complete dominance over the continent, Weed and his quests were a subject of admiration.

The rankers that claimed to be the best also had to watch idly on broadcast while sucking on their thumbs.

‘If I participate in the quest that may change the continent… Even if I end up losing my life, wouldn’t that be worth it?’

Mule was avaricious not for combat or hunting, but the quest.

“Alright. I will be participating.”

– Sure. Go ahead.


Farmer Miretas, seamstress Dragore, bard Marey and architect Mibullo.

The users at the peak of their fields gathered in a separate meeting.

“Wouldn’t we be able to contribute in slaying the Black Dragon Kaybern?”

The expressions of the other users turned serious by Mibullo’s suggestion.

“It’s a nice idea, but a seamstress has no combat abilities. What kind of help would that be?”

Dragore tried to break away slowly.

The long journey of the seamstress master was about to end, but the amount of laundry ahead was piled up like a mountain.

He had to sew up the torn ends and had to promote beautiful designs for the trend.

At first he aimed for the very first master of a job class, but even if that wasn’t the case anymore; it was still an honorable goal.

Above all else, he desired the title of being the first  master seamstress and did not want to invest his time in anything else.

“I will be joining. Definitely.”

Bard Marey decided to participate thinking that he would be able to see spectacular scenes.

Miretas was a farmer, but he wanted to contribute in some way.

“The corrupted rain by the Black Dragon is causing the crops to wither away. It feels like a personal attack on me, so I am surely participating.”

The gazes of the three users were now directed at Dragore.

“Ah… This is quite the pressure.”

Dragore contemplated for a moment, but the thoughts of the Northern users went through his mind.

The bright, happy users enjoying Royal Road. 

“Alright. I got it. I will do the same. I will! I mean, I don’t know if there will be anything for me to do.”

Thus, the four users collectively decided to join the quest to slay the Black Dragon Kaybern.




“I think I have to change my sword if I want to butcher that dragon.”

“Hu-hu. Finally, we are going to hunt that dragon.”

“It also kind of counts as a bird, so it must be delicious when cooked.”

Geomchi, the instructors, and the apprentices all decided to follow Weed without the need for questions.

The unscrupulous 505 warriors!

Pale however did not want to accept this fate so easily this time.

‘It is a world of pain going with Weed-nim. I can’t stay behind, but I have to show that I am not an easy man to convince.’

Surely though, his path was already set in stone.

“Son. You must lead from the front for this adventure.”

“Sorry? Why, mom?”

“So that you will be clearly seen on the broadcast.”

“K-hmm. I am actually fairly well known.  I even been on a few shows as a guest host.”

Pale was confident in his own combat abilities.

While he could not compare to Weed, he was skilled enough to carry his own weight while following Weed around.

“You won’t be seen easily if you just fire arrows from the rear. You aren’t muscular and not good-looking either like that fisherman friend of yours, Zephyr.”

“But, but…”

“You’re still going to join even if everyone else tell you not to.”

Pale expressed dissatisfaction, but deep down he was waiting for the moment to do a quest together with Weed.

For him, his life in Royal Road had come too far for him to start a normal one. 

He chose to be with his comrades like Bellot, Irene, and Surka. Hwaryeong also decided to join this quest.

“This is going to be a blast.”

She was a passionate woman who loved adventures more than anything.

“This is pretty worrisome.”

“Tell me about it. She’s in it for a world of pain.”

“They say hardship of youth are invaluable, but tagging along Weed is seriously difficult.”

“He’s superhuman.”

Python and Seasoned Crab also contemplated, but soon decided to participate.

Roam, Carlise, Michel, and Gunter.

They hosted a gathering with the other neighboring lords.

The get together was comprised of high-level users that were active in old guilds.

They harbored a deep grudge against one another, but after having been defeated by the Hermes Guild, they moved on from the past and were currently a joint force.

(To be continued…)


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V54C3P1 – All That Labor Work

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The Northern region faced great danger due to the monster invasion.



The monsters freely roamed the earth while travelling users lost their lives.

The users headed to the hunting grounds also had to be cautious.

“Why are there so many of them?”

“They’re all clustered. Drawing their attention will be troublesome.”

“Shh. I can see a green monster over there.”

“By its appearance, isn’t that Warek? He’s not supposed to spawn in this area.”

“It’s a reptile-type monster over level 400.”

“It saw us just now.”

“It is Warek. We are all dead. All of us…”

The Northern Continent had become a dozen times more dangerous due to the changes in the monster’s habitat and range of activity!

The Central Continent users shared the same fear of death as the national security became unstable.

When Royal Road first began, each Kingdom had its own stable army and soldiers stationed at the cities and fortresses.

These knights, soldiers, and mercenaries were NPCs.

The army automatically protected against the monster invasions and eliminated bandits, providing security.

Haven, Kalamore, Gradian, Nest, Dale, Aidern, Tullen, Harpan, Lasalle, Bremen, Sur, and Subain. 

The armies that they commanded diminished over time in the wars between the prestigious guilds.

When the Hermes Guild united the Central Continent, their numbers were already below half, and the elite forces that struggled to the end, disappeared altogether in the Garnav Plains.

The vast Central Continent of various cities and fortresses had no traces of an army.

“Looking for a companion on the way to Singleton Village. The security is unstable, so I am looking for someone to travel with me.”

“Haven’t you heard? That village is long gone.”

“What do you mean gone?”

“It was overrun by monsters yesterday. The monsters took over the village and are now residing in the houses.”

“Oh dear…”

Many users at the town square near the fountain were in a state of confusion.

“Weed shouldn’t be focused in protecting just the North. This place is his land too.”

“Yeah. If Weed came for us, we would have been safe as well.”

A lot of them showed feelings of disappointment towards Weed. If nearby cities or villages were to be conquered by monsters, the danger would creep closer to the gates, which would add fuel to their fears.

“That may be so. However, we cannot ask of him to protect the entire Central Continent as it’s only been a few days since we all became a part of the Arpen Empire.”

“Weed has been eradicating monsters every single day… Who can blame him?”

“It seems the monsters suddenly multiplied tenfold. A wrong turn of events and we will die surrounded by monsters. It looks truly dangerous outside the gates.”

The users were shaken by fear within the cities of the Central Continent.

The major cities and trade hubs with frequent activity of high-level users, and other regions with combat guilds were better off in this crisis.

Even so, the cities in regions with less users were wary of being taken over by an immediate monster invasion.



Weed assembled his comrades and the executives of the Grass Porridge Cult for a countermeasure conference.

This time around, various high-level users and job classes joined the Arpen Empire.

‘I will award them with adequate titles and root them with responsibilities.’

The overissuance of titles without any salary!

Even the most popular users in Royal Road stared at Weed in awe.

“Wow… It really is Weed-nim.”

“To see him up close like this, it is giving me goosebumps.”

They each had their own contributions and reputation, but Weed’s honor and achievements were far more greater than all of them combined.

Weed took a sip of Grass Porridge Tea and spoke.

“I believe that the large hordes of monsters in the Northern regions can be taken care of. I cannot say the same for the smaller groups of monsters roaming around, causing substantial damage across the continent.”

He excluded the part about him having a blast summoning the Undead.

He mass slaughtered the approaching monsters at the fort wall day and night, enjoying the opportunity for leveling up to its fullest.

Among the users, a good proportion of them were glad for the chance to slaughter monsters.

Even the monsters that dwell deep within the dungeons and are tricky to hunt, swarmed towards the wall and fell prey to the slaughter.

Magical materials, production materials, equipment, and the rise of new combat related quests were derived from these battles.

At Varden Fortress, a boss-level battle occuring every day caused high-level users to camp there.

Weed frowned lightly.

“High-level users can brave this situation, but there are more monsters across the entire continent. It has become too cruel of a world for novice players.”

“Gosh… How can Weed-nim look out for novice players even at a time like this?”

Saintess Lemon of the Grass Porridge Cult!

Her sparkling eyes were rose-tinted completely over him.

‘He’s such a great person.’

The achievements he had accomplished until now were countless, and even his actions and attitude were gracious towards the weak.

While she was still in her late teens, while she was still impressionable, she had come across Weed!

‘Will I ever meet someone like him again?’

Lemon desperately wanted to be in a relationship with Weed. But, she gave up on it because her competitor was Seoyoon.

Surka clicked her tongue as she observed Lemon’s envious stare.

‘It’s going to take about 3 months until she discovers Weed-nim’s true side…’

Weed’s closest comrades understood it.

Weed was not a bad guy. However, there was an ominous scheme behind his special, kind words!

Mapan saw through the deception the best. 

‘The novices have to grow well. There are many high-level users in the continent, but the structure of the Arpen Empire is built upon the novices… Also, you cannot underestimate their spending. The novices are the future.’

Weed grinned generously like he was grooming his home-grown chicken Half-Seasoned Half-Fried.

“The novices are the same kind of citizens to me. Of course I must tend to them.”


“We really picked the right guy.”

“If Weed-nim wasn’t here for us, Royal Road would have turned into a harsh place.”

With treacherous greed, he convinced the hearts of the users present at the conference.

Weed looked to the continental map marked with the terrain and cities, and continued to speak.

“Our crop harvest will decline due to the contaminated rain. Isn’t that so, Miretas-nim?”

The continent’s best farmer, Miretas was also present in the conference.

He rose to one of the most influential figures in the Arpen Empire due to his honor, skills, and achievements.

“We will continue to observe further on exactly how much of the crops will die out, but given the activity of the monsters, we will have to brace for half the total amount.”

“If the amount of harvest declines, the price of it will increase.”

“That is likely.”

“Overall, that will lead to a downslide in the tourist industries. The danger is not our only problem, as the scenery will be affected if the grass and trees wither away. The cities in the Central Continent are prone to destruction… and the taxes too…”

Weed could not bear the sadness. He could bide physical pain, but a decline in the income was terrible.

“We, the North will defend ourselves, so how about Weed-nim descends down to the Central Continent?”

Surka made an abrupt suggestion.

Weed pondered for a moment, then shook his head.

“A few hordes of monsters can be dealt with, as it currently stands. But, if the situation becomes too grave, we may have to resort to your suggestion.”

Gathering the users and fighting against the monsters was only slowing down the progress of the given situation.

The destruction of cities and villages could not be prevented.

Seamstress Dragore slowly raised his hand.

He was on the final step of his job class master quest, where he had to look for a spider only mentioned in the legends.

The quest was to find the essence of sticky spiderwebs. He was unsure how to progress for  the time being, and he had joined the conference.

“Um… So, I think that it isn’t just a matter of the monsters. Oh, of course the monsters are dangerous. However, I think the real problem lies in our territory.”


Surka repeated after him, and Dragore collected his thoughts before speaking again.

“The small villages with few users will not be able to withstand the monsters. Moreover, there will be damages to be suffered in the merchants’ trades.”

Mapan nodded his head. Speak of the devil, a few locations of the Mapan Merchant Association were being pillaged by the monsters.

“Yes. The trades of the Association has become significantly more risky. Thanks to that, market prices are rising.”

“If the merchants are faced with losses, they will eventually stop doing business in those locations, yes?”

“Well… Some may risk it, but it won’t be easy.”

“I agree. If merchants are avoiding those locations, I think that the only users going there will be adventurers. The regions will not only have their cities razed, but they will become the territory for monsters.”

Lemon who had been daydreaming came back to her senses in a snap.

“It will be horrible for that to happen.”

If the users’ are negligent, the monsters will take over these territories.

This will not only add instability to the Arpen Empire’s security, but will also allow the monsters to build strongholds and reproduce.

Locations like Vargo Fortress, where surrounding regions of undeveloped lands and mountainous terrain prevent monster invasions served as critical strategic points.

The monsters were being defeated frequently at such locations, but if the territory of the monsters were to expand, such events could occur anywhere in Versailles Continent.

Architect Mibullo uttered.

“As time passes, the territory of the monsters will indeed expand further. After all, there is no such thing has a perfect defense. The cities will be deserted, and the crop harvest will decline…”

Python who usually hated being a part of discussions also spoke out.

I can only suspect that the situation will become more problematic the longer we drag this on. If it gets to a point where the users themselves have to defend their home cities and villages, they will not have any trust left over in the government of the Arpen Empire.

Those who participated in the conference felt that the crisis was no ordinary one.

The reason that they were able to hold on despite Kaybern destroying the major cities one by one was because Versailles was massive. In the perspective of the Arpen Empire,  the users could bite their teeth and transfer their establishment to another city. Though, if the monsters continue to multiply in numbers and their conduct becomes more active, user activity will be daunted significantly.

The Arpen Empire will also collapse instantaneously if the users all decided to turn away.

‘The Haven Empire, and now the Arpen Empire. The losses across the Versailles Continent will be tremendous.’

‘We may have prospered until now… We may have lived through battles only to perish now’

‘More monsters, more powerful than before. It will become really dangerous. The world will become nothing like it was before.’

The higher level users felt excitement, as this was a complete shift in balance.

Until now, it was about a war between factions of users. From this point, they must defeat the monsters in order to survive.

The broadcast stations including CTS Media were concerned about the extinction of Versailles Continent, but the users at first felt that it was exaggerated. 

The high-level users were welcoming of more prey to hunt, while the low-level users thought this situation had nothing to do with themselves.

Some users treated Kaybern’s appearance as an exciting event.

The fact that a certain catastrophe was behind the continental danger could only be grasped by those that were present in the conference.

“A war for human survival…”

Weed felt the pressure and responsibility as the Emperor of the Arpen Empire.

‘These people will not stick by my side forever. Same goes for the Grass Porridge Cult.’

He even refused to trust the Northern users who had proven themselves willing to sacrifice themselves for him. 

The dissatisfaction of the users would increase inevitably as territories dwindle and cities were destroyed.

‘The world must be looked over with a realistic perspective. Everyone hates to face losses. Without hope, they will rage and turn their backs. I wanted to save this resort until I had a clear estimate after training in the warrior class.  Time may not be on my side until then.’

Weed struck down with a decision.

“Let’s hunt down Kaybern. Send the word out to all users that I plan to assemble a dragon slayer squad, and share with everyone the quest that has S rank difficulty and is related to the dragon; the True Savior quest.”

This was destined to be a real struggle!

There are always those that want to become a savior of the world.

He decided to assemble all of them for battle and proceed with the Savior’s quest simultaneously.

(To be continued…)


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V54C2P4 – Dragon’s Attack

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Weed commanded the war at the fort walls of Port Varna after his patrol over at Morata.

He raised the Undead and heightened the morale of the users with his shouts.

– Retaliate, my subjects… Defend our territory!

“Fire wildly.”

“Use up all the arrows.”

Warriors, mages, fishermen, and merchants all fired arrows at the monsters from the top of the fort walls. To be shooting arrows on the swarm of monsters was also a great opportunity for a large amount of experience points.

The monsters were cluttered up against the hastily built stone walls and the gate.

Tens and thousands of monsters screamed and climbed in order to invade Port Varna.



“Conquer them. Bring glory to Kaybern-nim!”

The monsters under the command of the draconic warriors attempted to break through the gate. Each time the monsters with big builds over 5 to 10 meters smashed their bodies into the steel gate, the shock was formidable.

However, the gate constructed by the architect Mibullo himself did not break so easily.

The fort walls were also thrown up in a rush, but the users stood in tight rows and shot their arrows.

Weed activated his curse spells on the monsters that were trying to destroy the gate.

“Enfeeble! Bottomless Swamp!”

The effect of the magic spells were significant in preventing enemy attacks.

There were various types of monsters that shifted away from their usual habitat after being incited by the draconic warriors.

It was truly a total mobilization of monsters!

A monster could not disobey the command of the dragon which absolute authority and control over them.

Poison type magic spells were specialized against monsters with large amounts of health points or those with dense, armor-like skin.

There are many undeveloped lands and dungeons in proximity of Port Varna, resulting in monsters swarming in from all directions.

They increased in numbers as time passed!

The Northern mages and shamans with the assistance of the Avians arrived from flight.

“The reinforcements are here!”

“We can do this!”

“Grass Porridge!”

“Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge!”

The fort walls were the final lines of defense for Port Varna.

The architects displayed their abilities by hastily installing defensive traps such as trenches, pits filled with steel spikes, and poison swamps.

At the waterfront of Port Varna, massive ships with wide sails approached at full speed, then stopped.

“We are pirates, but we are fond of fights.”

“Aye. We didn’t come because we were afraid of Weed-nim’s threats. We just came to fight monsters. I really had nothing else to do anyway.”

Hye, Fractal and Board Mir.

The 3 mad sharks of Becky Nin joined with the fleet of pirates.

“To the fort walls!”


“Do not turn your eyes to the shops. I will kick out whoever strays to pillage!”

Users wishing to defend Port Varna continued to gather up. They were users that returned to defend their homeland, and when the monsters advanced they were eager to build combat achievements.

“Fall back if it gets too dangerous. We can send in the reserve troops!”

“We will continue the battle. Even if there are reserve troops, they are just novices.”

“Use boiling oil. Also, focus fire-type spells on them. Their greatest weakness is fire!”

The battle went on for a whole day and night.

“May you live and come back to this land. Come back to this place, a dark and corrupt land. Do not disappear. In the law of darkness engraved to you. Undead Rise!”

Weed commanded the Death Knight Legion through Undead Summoning.

“Van Hawk. You must fight at the heart of enemy lines.”

“Understood, Master!”

The Undead fought intensely against the monsters outside the walls and dissipated away.

Consequently, the waging siege war led to an increasing number of corpses and the Undead could be summoned back at any time.


< You have leveled up. >


After Kaybern’s movement, the lands overflowed with monsters and Weed’s level was increasing much more quickly.

“This is truly… amazing.”

“The necromancer is the strongest. Take into account the war against the Haven Empire not too long ago.”

“Seriously. When he raises the Undead, he just wins against thousands.”

Weed received the envious attention of the users all to himself.

‘As a warrior… I want to fight alone in the middle of the monster horde, but that is too inefficient. It can’t be helped.’

He could endure a fight in the middle of enemy lines, as he became a warrior.

Withstanding at the center of a hundred thousand enemies with pure strength!

However,  the Undead Summoning was much more effective in a siege war backed up inside the fort walls.

Weed consoled his disappointment by shooting arrows restlessly.The few that climbed the walls, he hacked away with the Loa Sword.


The sharp sword swung through the monster’s weakest point.

Through countless battles, he could instinctively determine the weakest point of a monster he encountered for the first time.

Pirates, merchants, fishermen, adventurers, divers, ship mates, and ship builders.

Users of different job classes fought to defend Port Varna.

To these users, the port was their home and base over other cities. They retaliated against the monsters on an extensive scale.


“We did it once again!”

The defense of Port Varna was successful!

The swarm of monsters that targeted Morata and Castle Vent were also protected by the active support from the users in each region.

There were losses, but the Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs pitching in helped them hold against the enemy.

“This is a fun fight. Sheek!”

“Tsschwik. The ferocious orc in this neighborhood is me!”

The orc legions proved their worth for all the food they ate away.

The east and northern regions from Castle Vent were dominated and secured by the orcs.

Fort Varden established in advance by Seoyoon was preparing to fend off the monsters advancing from the mountain pass in the northwest.

The monsters were descending through the steep passage between the mountain range.

Weed joined up with Seoyoon, the sculptural creatures and a large number of ordinary troops fighting in the war.

The users that followed them from Morata, Vargo Fortress and Port Varna all joined for the upcoming battle.

“I’m fighting mindlessly, following Weed-nim.”

“This is fun though.”

“It’s safe too. Barely anyone is dying.”

“Is that so? It was really dangerous when we were fighting. I was concerned that the city might be taken over.”

The Central Continent users checked for the others that fought alongside one another, and they were extremely surprised.

“You’re right. The battle was intense, but almost everyone is alive!”

“They always said that if you follow Weed-nim around, you will never die. From hunting parties to just about any battle, it was rare for someone to die. Though there was terrible hardship involved.”

“Of course. That is why he can clear all those quests with ridiculous difficulties.”

“He’s been named officially the Cockroach King.”

Although he was against an enormous amount of enemies, he minimized losses for the users with his wide range of vision and adequate management of the Undead.

At times he daringly gave up on the wall and lured the monsters in, annihilating them.

But after that, architects and users fixed the walls.

Weed thought that it was essential and his duty to prevent the deaths of the users that followed and fought alongside him.

‘They are all my financial resources… If they die, they will become weak and unable to hunt. I will protect these people who will work really diligently like Yellowy.’

To become an exploitative boss, he will take care of them in battle and also offer an opportunity for growth.

Weed shouted for all citizens of the Arpen Empire.

– Everyone, listen to me. We will be victorious yet again.


The morale of these users that have experienced victory skyrocketed.

Even if a sizeable swarm of monsters were to invade from the undeveloped lands beyond Fort Varden, they were confident.

Phoenix, Bingryong, the Baraags, King Hydra, and other fearsome sculptural creatures were present.

The war power of the Arpen Empire had assembled at Fort Varden.

The Northerners and the rest of the users had faith in victory after having seen Weed in battles.

Weed shouted once again.

– However, this battle is not for the peace of this continent!

Including Bard Ray, all the famous users were present.

“Not for the peace of the continent?”

“Then, why are we here?”

“We have to stop the monsters. We are here to do exactly that, so why isn’t it for continental peace?”

Confusion among the users were completely resolved with the next shout.

– The peace of this continent? You might as well trade it away for whole-wheat bread. Give up living righteously! Slay those monsters and scavenge the spoils! Skin their leathers and get those treasures. Let’s take a shot at life!

The users that gathered at Fort Varden and the mountain pass all raised their hands high after hearing Weed’s shout.


“Simple is best.”

“Kya-Ha. Very good profit.”

The response was explosive, but some shook their heads. With teary eyes, they looked at Weed afar.

“Every time, Weed-nim lies to us.”

“What lies?”

“He tells us to take all the profit we can, but he himself always stresses over the peace of the continent.”

“Yeah. He takes all the difficult quests on himself.”

The users looked with rose-colored eyes.

Mapan amongst the users nodded his head.

‘This is why fraud can never be rid from this world. The real talents can make the victims feel happy about being cheated. They knowingly fall for it, and they feel even better not knowing.’

What was interesting was that Weed’s fraud still has not resulted in victims yet.

He always stepped up first, sacrificed himself, and created a better future.

‘He isn’t a hero for no reason. He might get himself a historical biography with his zealous frauds.’

The battle of Fort Varden commenced.

– K-wurgh!
– Slaughter has been granted by Kaybern-nim.
– Drench in this bloody carnival!

With the carnivorous tribes at front, giant monsters like the poisonous spiders and centipedes advanced after them. In response, the powers of the North mobilized.

Farmers, architects, divers, lumberjacks, sheppards, and cooks joined as well and carried out their tasks.

– Fight! We can overcome them!

Under Weed’s encouragement, the users gathered in Fort Varden fought through the battle against the army of monsters for many consecutive days, finally succeeded in defending the fort!

Meanwhile, 17 major cities in the Central Continent including Miliam Fortress were destroyed.

Monsters multiplied frantically and pitch-black rain fell from the sky.


The raindrops weren’t warm like the spring rain or the summer rain that cooled down the heat. With the full-scale movement of the Black Dragon Kaybern, the auras of poison and darkness spread out across the world. The influence caused such natural disaster.


< Corrupted black rain is falling.
The dull and dark fog surrounds the environment.
The plants are withering away and drying out. >


The grass and trees withered away slowly due to the rain pouring the entire day.

The bees and butterflies avoided the flowers and the ripening crops became tainted in black.

“Black Dragon Kaybern… It’s getting on my nerves.”

Weed observed the scenery dying out under the dark rain from the fort walls.

(To be continued…)



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V54C2P3 – Dragon’s Attack

Par mimosab

Thanks to the proofreading team: Armada, PuszekSE, Seviper9, UnrivaledH & Theurgiclinkman 🙂


Under the blue sky over Vargo Fortress, Bingryong was in flight with its wings spread wide. Its icy skin reflected the sunlight and displayed a flourishing wave of colours.

“Bingryong has arrived!”


The Elves and the Barbarians that were protecting the walls of Vargo Fortress and the nearby hunters cheered.


The huge impact of its landing shook the fort wall that was quite a distance away. 

“Tsk. A creature modeled after the great Kaybern-nim… Kill it!”

The draconic warrior that was leading the monsters gave the command. Then, the monsters that were attacking the Vargo Fortress changed target and charged at Bingryong.


< Winter’s Root >

Bingryong activated a magic spell.

Nearby monsters gradually froze, starting at their feet.


< Glacial Blade >

Bingryong flung its foreleg and a blade of ice about 20 meters long flew across, striking the monsters all at once.



“It’s extremely powerful.”

When Bingryong was first born, it had such low strength and stamina that it could barely move, and its magic was insignificant.

It was an inherent flaw of life bestowal. It was so disappointing that Weed restricted himself from animating large creatures for quite some time.

However, after steady growth, it demonstrated a combat level fit for representing the sculptural creatures, thanks to its ice and magic attributes.

“Scatter and attack!”

Monsters regrouped around Bingryong. There were at least several hundred, but they struggled with the temperature change as they got closer to Bingryong.

The cold winds that could only be felt in the winter mountains caused the temperature to fall, and their feet froze to the ground with every step.


< Cold Fog >

Bingryong activated another magic spell and a thick fog hazed among the monsters.

An ice magic spell that blocks vision and lowers temperature.


< Blizzard >

Bingryong did not desire close combat unlike the Black Dragon Kaybern. Since its birth, it stuck to a hunting style that prioritized utmost safety.


If it were like any other situation, it would have not even descended to ground level where the monsters were present. Fighting moderately from above fit its cautious and passive personality.

“Go down to the ground, and fight.”

Weed’s thought process for this command was questionable. When Bingryong asked, he answered in the same peculiar manner.

“The dolls modeled after you are selling really well nowadays. Bingryong skateboards and tricycles for kids are ready for launch too. Shouldn’t you appear on broadcast more often at a time like this?”

Bingryong was always among the top 5 most popular sculptural creatures!

Bingryong hastily activated the most advanced spell in its arsenal.

The blizzard swept the monsters from within the dense fog, immediately killing those with low magic resistance.


Bingryong took a deep breath and…

Bingryong his breath swept over the entire horde.

Starting from the closest monsters,  all of the enemies froze solid in a chain reaction!

“That’s enough for now!”

Bingryong flew up into the sky without any regrets after hearing the voice of its master.

The monsters that died revived as undead with chunks of ice still stuck to their bodies.


< You have acquired experience. >

< You have acquired experience. >

< You have acquired experience. >

< Heroic Combat Achievement!
The loyalty of Vargo Fortress citizens is increasing. >

Weed took charge of the siege war against the monsters and swept up experience points.

The efficiency was 3 or 4 times higher than hunting in dungeons, and it was also great for building prestige and combat achievement.

Aside from Undead Summoning, arrows fired from the high grounds of the fort wall pierced straight through the throats of monsters.

“Hmm. I think this side is pretty much wrapped up.”

Weed assured victory as he scouted over the field.

The monsters around level 500s and 600s had pushed aside the Undead and were battering away at the fort wall.

*Boom. Crash!*

The ones with enough force to shake the wall were focused and taken down one by one by the mages and archers.


“Killed ‘em. I did it!”

The morale of the defending users was at its highest.

Fundamentally, Vargo Fortress was a solid, strategic stronghold between the mountain pass. Furthermore, endless streams of Northern users joined the battle.

Whenever news of Weed in battle spread, users gathered like a swarm of bees!

They pushed back the monster legion in an intense battle at Vargo Fortress, and another battle was in progress further up the Northern region.

“Everyone, pull yourselves together!”

Seoyoon joined the battle with the gigantic sculptural creatures like King Hydra, Phoenix, Death Worm and the Countryside Snake.

Along with the Northern elite users that defeated the magic corps, they struck down the monsters on the cold plains.

It was not an easy battle and all the gigantic sculptural creatures except for Bingryong were mobilized.

– Eliminate them all.

The Baraags were responsible for handling the two streams of monsters heading for Castle Vent.

They were an excellent air force and reduced the monster count steadily by breathing fire. The users defending Castle Vent could see that the when the monsters had approached close to the wall, they have already been taken down to a third.

Moving away from the battles, there were many monsters roaming in the Northern Continent.

Excluding the major cities, there wasn’t a proper defense line of strongholds and fort walls. Therefore, the Avians and the architects combined their abilities.

“If the monsters were to approach, let’s start an avalanche.”

“That should be the way to do it, yes?”

“This is a rock mountain, so it should be very effective. If the plan works, we can buy some time.”

The architects and the novice users that had joined for the 2 gold payment, changed the terrain. They took advantage of the monsters’ tendency not to scout even in the mountains and collapsed a cliff.

Stronger monsters were less likely to die in the avalanche, but it would damage them and slow their movement speed.

“It’s fun around here.”

“It is quite a refreshing scent indeed. Quite giddy as well.”

The Central Continent users had ascended to the Northern Continent with expectations. Some of them enlisted and became knights of the Arpen Empire.

Upon being promoted to a knight, they had several other advantages like being able to accumulate honor and prestige, as well as contribution points.

Even if they had no money, they could become lords by accumulating contribution points. These users had faith in the future of the Arpen Empire and became knights as a long-term investment.

The Central Continent users eagerly participated in the battle and contributed to the protection of the Northern Continent.

“Let’s use the river here to our advantage.”

Architect Mibullo devised a daring plan.

The monsters had a tendency to not cross rivers as much as possible. They were alright with walking in shallow water, but hated swimming.

They used that fact and built a bridge, luring the monsters to tread on top of it.



The monsters marched proudly above the installed bridge.

They were relaxed and even enjoying the scenery, and that moment Mibullo activated his skill.

“Building demolition technique!”

The bridge crumbled instantly and the monsters were swept away by the current.

The Avians roamed the sky endlessly and scouted for any movement of monsters, luring them into a location that was advantageous for the users.

All the users of the Northern Continent were carrying out their own tasks.

“Bring it on scum!”

“Kaybern is stupid!”

Even so, some monsters that were difficult to crowd control were personally lured back by users on horses.

“How dare they insult Kaybern-nim. Go after them!”

The draconic warriors leading the monsters were loyal, but did not use their brains.

Vargo Fortress, Castle Vent, Morata, Varna and the Earth Palace!

The battles continued every day at these choke points in order to defend against the waves of monsters.




Reverse unexpectedly got the chance to observe Weed from a close distance.

‘To meet Weed after Bard Ray in Morata, what are the chances? I mean, it was more surprising to see Bard Ray in the North, even though it was from considerable distance.’


Weed was patrolling the vital locations for defending against the monsters in the North.

Even in Morata, he stood on the peak of the fort wall and made a speech to the public. The content of the speech was ridiculous.

– Everyone, I have great news. The monsters are headed to this city. To offer us experience points and various collectibles. Leather, horns, meat!

“Leather, horns, meat!”

– Eat. Scavenge. Get rich!

“Eat. Scavenge. Get rich!”

The origin of the Grass Porridge Cult, the cradle of the Arpen Empire was Morata, and those members were obsessed fanatics. Anything Weed said, they would follow with zeal, as though they had been hypnotised.

Their behaviour was that which the leaders of all pseudo-religion Cult leaders around the world wished for.

“His abilities as an orator are extraordinary.”

Reverse stood at a distance and continued observing.

He was tired of whipping dummies, and such an event was a good spectacle to watch.

‘Those stupid dummies. It takes too much effort and I’m just fed up with this.’


He was feeling hungry as well. That moment, a man with unbelievably thick belly fat approached him.



Reverse thought that his identity was exposed when he was approached by a stranger.

Even within Unicorn Corp, there were only a handful of people who knew of him. But, that would still mean that he would have been revealed inevitably.

“Haha. It looks like you’ve just begun Royal Road. If you are hungry, would you care to eat this?”

The item that the man brought forth were grapes.

They were so ripe, the dark grapes were almost as if they were slick and shiny.

‘This is the Morata grape that I could only look at around the market!’

Reverse could not stop his mouth from watering despite his pride.

“Why are you offering this to me?”

“Pardon? It’s just helping out one another. This is the common culture in Morata.”

In Morata, if someone was in need of assistance, people willingly offered help no matter if they were novice users. There were well-spread theories that claimed the reason for the sudden growth of the Grass Porridge Cult was due to this culture created by novice players in Morata. 

Compared to the Central Continent where users discriminated according to level and connections, users could experience the consideration and warmth of the people in Morata.

“If that is the case, I will gladly accept it.”

Reverse obtained grapes and convinced himself that this did not hurt his pride because this was the culture of Morata. He could taste the sweet and sour flavor upon placing a grape into his mouth, and that was the best thing he ever tastedin his life.


< You are consuming nutritious grapes.

Stamina recovery speed is increasing.

Strength is temporarily increased by 1. >


In the novice period, one was grateful for even the smallest change while eating.

‘Yes. How many years has it been since I last ate grapes? I must buy a few boxes right now.

I have no money in Royal Road, so I should in real life…’

Cocoa had already stacked up boxes of treats from all around the world and was picking away at them. From now on, he would collect and eat grapes as well.

Then, he heard the soft voice of the man.

“Sir. If you ever consider building a shack in the future, give me a call.”


“A man ought to have a home in Morata, no? At Mapan construction, we will take it upon ourselves to guide you through the process of construction.”


(To be continued…)


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V54C2P2 – Dragon’s Attack

Par mimosab

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– Humans are unworthy of living!

Black Dragon Kaybern appeared at the Free City of Somren after a week had passed.

It wasn’t the capital city of a kingdom, but it was both massive and industrial, a haven for many users.

“Agh. It’s a real dragon.”

“It’s tremendous.”

There was already an evacuation order in the Free City of Somren, which was already apart of the name Arpen Empire.

To proceed with abandoning the city, the citizens were allowed to take as much treasure or expensive goods as they could carry, much like they did in Castle Evaluk. 

“We cannot protect you all. Evacuate this city at once!”

Seoyoon came in person and took charge of the evacuation plan, however this also had  a serious side effect.

“She is so pretty.”

“Really beautiful. Isn’t she unrealistically good-looking?”

“I am looking at her but I can’t believe it. She’s supposed to look even better in person… Sigh.”

The users were distracted and hesitant to leave!

Only after Seoyoon left the area the evacuation continued steadily.

Even so, it was impossible to move out everything and everyone that was inside the city within a single week. Approximately 20% of the users decided to remain. They chose to share the same fate as the city.

There were many users in the Free City of Somren that solely resided there since their days as a novice.

“Let’s attack!”

“Yes. Do not back down.”

Users stood on top of the buildings, firing arrows and magic spells at the dragon. Most could not reach and the few that could were unable to inflict any damage.

– Thick-headed fools!

Black Dragon Kaybern released a powerful skill, Dragon Fear.

Low level users perished instantly. Fear and paralysis effects activated for higher level users.

Kaybern flew over the Free City of Somren and slowly circled around it. Then it activated a magic spell.

– Burn without a trace to be left!

Dark clouds crowded and rained fire. It was a shocking sight as blazing fireballs fell down from the clouds onto the earth.

“No way.”

“There is nowhere to hide.”

The Rain of Fire was burning down the city.

Experiencing it firsthand was incomparable to seeing it on broadcast..

The city’s beautiful architecture fumed in black smoke and was set ablaze.

The buildings that were consumed by the flames soon lost their structure and crumbled down.

– I will erase all traces of human civilization!

The central square where sculptures and fountains were located were also stomped on and destroyed by Kaybern.

To protect the Free City of Somren and to see the last moments of their beloved home, the remaining users died alongside it.

The black smoke rising from the Free City of Somren could be seen from dozens of kilometers away.


<The Dragon’s Revenge

The Black Dragon Kaybern is on the move once again to destroy human civilization. The spirits and fairies are warning again.>


“A week later, Kaybern will be headed to Hillshade.”

Hillshade, the capital of the old Idern Kingdom. The city had high development level and many users owned houses there. 




Weed could not protect the Free City of Somren. He couldn’t die in vain, so he did not head over. But, he was heartbroken nonetheless.

It was like a smelly lizard putting its claws first on a steaming bowl of delicious rice.

“Slay all of those that intrude my lands!”

“Affirmative, Master!”

Weed moved to Vargo Fortress of the North and raised the undead. 

The eleven hordes of massive monsters threatened Versailles Continent. 

Four monster hordes led by draconic warriors were created in the North and had to be taken down before they could take over the city.

“Everyone fire your arrows!”

“Do not go outside the walls and hold your positions! We need to fight all night.”

Users gathered and prepared Vargo Fortress for the siege. The Northern Continent lacked proper fortresses. If a few regions are overrun, the monsters would spread out and stampede on the midsize villages that had been flourishing in development.

The plains were rather vast, so the damage at the crop fields could not be restored.

“I will snipe down the ones that are capable of ranged attacks.”

“It’s too unfortunate that I cannot use fire magic in the mountains. However, I have wind magic at my disposal!”

Pale and Romuna also participated.

After the Haven Imperial Army had been defeated, many high level users from the Central Continent roamed around the North.

Wyverns flew across the sky. Weedlings 1, 2 and 3 have arrived too and opened a tactical discussion.

“Combat is similar to trade. You earn by striking the monster’s rear.”

“Mmm. Let’s strip them off from head to toe.”

“These monsters would be delicious as broths.”

These clones were greedy procrastinators, but they diligently slayed monsters while on top of the fort wall. They were capable of wielding all types of weapons like swords, spears and axes. They also acquired a wide range of production skills.

As they reached level 580s, their physical abilities were powerful but sadly they could not utilize secret sword techniques or sculptural techniques.

‘I should train these goons well. They will be great as servants.’

Weed assessed the status of the sculptural creatures and led them to battle at the Vargo Fortress. Just by summoning the undead, he was able to fill both the offensive and defensive positions in such a battle.

“Dwarves get to forging arrows with those stacks of metal! You all won’t be sent out to battle until the fort walls are destroyed!”

“It’s annoying to have a human ordering us around.”

The Dwarves that resided near the Vargo Fortress were all present and clustered at the news of war. While the Dwarves did not like combat, they were a race that stood firm against invasions.

The newly arrived Dwarves spoke.

“That tall and scrawny lad over there is our emperor?”

“He’s just taller than us. He’s just average among other humans.”

“A mere human…”

“By the looks of him strolling around with the undead, the empire’s end is not too far from now.”

“As expected from the humans.”

They had a salty attitude towards the emperor!

Even with a respected status and high stats in charisma, honor, fame, and leadership it was no easy task controlling the obstinate Dwarves.

The Dwarves were a race that lived how they want no matter the kind of penalties it may bring to them.

Weed never received the proper respect due to an Emperor, but he did not wish to end on bad terms with the Dwarves just because of something superficial like pride.

“I will host a refreshing beer party with a big barbeque after the war, so get on with those arrows.”

“K-hmm. You should have offered sooner.”

“I was just about to get on those metal lumps.”

“A cold beer is best in cooling sweat from blowing bellows.”

“You are fit to be Emperor.”

The Dwarves instantly began forging steel arrows that could pierce through the monsters.

Weed was dependent on the walls of Vargo Fortress in fending off the monsters.

An upfront battle seemed viable with the support from the users, but he did not wish to cause any casualties without good reason.

‘This has to be a battle without any casualties if possible. It is a loss when someone dies.’

At any rate, he had to reduce losses as much as possible in order to collect more taxes for the Arpen Empire.

Weed shouted out an announcement.

– The wounded gather here! You will be treated with bandages, so get over here!

He ordered the undead to fight and provided breaks to the wounded.

He had experience in leading small forces of Rosenheim Kingdom soldiers and fought against orcs, dark elves and the immortal legion in the past.

“Bandages? Who is he kidding? Recovery spells do the trick.”

“Shh. Weed-nim only know how to spam curse spells. He doesn’t know how.”

“He’s good at any Intensive labor. But, it’s just bandages.”

Those that were hurt during battle were healed by the priests.  Sufficient forces from the Freya, Lugh and Minne churches were present in support of the Arpen Empire.




The Avians that dream of freedom.

They that were born in the Floating City of Lavias roamed every corner of the Northern Continent.

– Arms : This is Eagle 17. Ground level, respond.
– Chirping bird : This is ground. Over.
– Arms : Monster horde spotted. Numbers estimated to be over 500. Classified as danger level 2.

The Avians scouted the movements of the monsters in the Northern Continent.

Though it could be difficult to spot them in the mountains or forests, they were always within sight of the recon squad once they came out to the plains.

– Arms : Current position is about a one-hour flight east from Persimmon Flower Village. Pirinae Mountain Pass is visible… Tri-sector of Nalrun Plains. I can see a small village in the direction of where the monsters are advancing.
– Chirping bird : That location… Let’s see. It is Sapia Pioneer Village.Arms : It looks to be in grave danger.
– Recon : We have no forces to dispatch due to the monsters in other regions. You may need to distract the monsters in another direction for over an hour. Arms. This is a dangerous mission. Can you do it?
– Arms : I am an ex-pilot of the US navy. Take your time. I will wait for reinforcement. 

The chubby eagle descended close to the ground.


A monster noticed the eagle and threw its axe, but the eagle lightly propelled its wings and avoided it.

“Try and follow my tail. You stupid goons!”


The monsters were enraged and chased after the eagle.




The Avians had developed a sense of pride from being Arpen Empire citizens since its beginning. Whenever a war broke out, they always took charge of the sky and they trusted Weed.

– Pallawu : Brothers. Celebrate. Weed-nim built us a hot spring this time.
– Dotin : Hot spring?
– Pallwu : Lavias is cold now because of the latitude. Especially when the winds are cold, it’s no joke. Back in Morata I told him that we could really use a hot spring.
– Kin : So?
– Pallawu : Weed-nim promised to build one for us. I thought he just said it to slide by the moment… But, he did remember that and made one for us this time around.
– Synth : That’s amazing. I’m a beginner that just came out of the egg, and I’m broke so I can’t go… I will surely use it in the future.
– Pallawu : There is no fee for using the hot spring. It’s a facility created for the Avians so we don’t shiver in the cold.
– Benjamin : K-ugh. I swear my loyalty! Forever loyal! As expected of Weed-nim.

Of course, Weed had long forgotten such promise. If he did build it himself, he would have collected entrance fees and even would have plucked their feathers if they didn’t have enough money!

Seoyoon had remembered that promise and kept it when she commenced the massive investment in the Arpen Empire.

In Lavias, the great landmark Wind Nest was being constructed simultaneously.


(To be continued…)



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V54C2P1 – Dragon’s Attack

Par mimosab

Thanks to the proofreading team:
Armada, PuszekSE, evilsanta1423 & UnrivaledH 🙂


Miliam Fortress.

The users standing on the fort walls could see the monster horde tainting the earth black as they advanced. The ground shook with the monsters’ movements.

“Ugh… Those things are coming to attack.”

“They’re unstoppable.”

Many users had not yet returned since they all marched to the Garnav Plains. The current number of users at Miliam Fortress was approximately 5,000.

Compared to the usual number of over 30,000 active users around the fortress, it had significantly declined.

– Kuoooo!
– Shred human flesh, consume them!

At the frontline of the monster horde was a creature named Butcher.

The boss of a horrifying dungeon in the level 700s. He had a grotesque form and black skin.


Butcher smashed the fort wall with his double-edged axe.

Each time, an ear-piercing thundering noise echoed and a fraction of the wall collapsed.

“We don’t have a chance here. We must run too.”

“That’s a good idea.”

The users of Miliam Fortress scrambled out through the rear gate.

– Kill all the humans!

The monsters quickly approached the walls that Butcher had destroyed.

They climbed the walls relentlessly, each with 8 long furry legs.

Some monsters dug underground and surged from inside the fortress. The users that did not get away in time were slaughtered.


< Miliam Fortress was overrun.

The national prestige of the Arpen Empire is decreased by 2.

The loyalty level and security of citizens near Miliam Fortress is decreased greatly.

The activity of monsters near these regions will become more frequent. >


The Arpen Empire had gained control of Miliam Fortress in the Central Continent and lost it to monsters within a week. National prestige spreads influence to various areas including foreign affairs, special products, and knights’ royalty level.

Savant Village.

Anton Fortress.

City Soven.

These locations fell under the hands of monsters in just a single day.

Kaybern’s activity disturbed a large number of monsters and the Versailles Continent was swamped.




“It is an honor to meet you. Weed-nim!”

“Mmm… It would be pleasant if I am promoted to a knight of the Arpen Empire.”

“It is great to meet you at a place like this. I was deeply impressed by the quest Great King of the Desert. If Weed-nim had not come to the desert, I also would have been absent.”


It was the capital of the desert. Weed commenced negotiations in a place filled with excellent users. The goal was to accept them under the Arpen Empire and acknowledge the individual tribes. He was worried that some of these tribes may have alternative ambitions, but the users of the desert region did not go against it.

“Ha-ha. Weed-nim spends all his fortune to upgrade the regions. Please develop the desert like you did for the Central Continent!”


“How much funding are you going to invest in the desert? It would be nice to have a large river that runs through the desert.”

“A river…”

“An amusement park! Build an amusement park, so that a lot of people will visit!”

Weed’s popularity was at its peak even in the desert!

Geomchi and the apprentices decided to completely merge into the Arpen Empire without a single doubt.

They even wanted to hand over the control over their associate warriors and tribe members.

“Being a man is all about trust. Loyalty.”

“Of course. You never know when you’re going to die. We must live admirably.”

Weed sighed quietly as he observed the tribe members brought forth by the apprentices.

“To think that it was this big of a mess.”

Geomchi and the other apprentices did not pay any attention to internal affairs. They were merely fetching food each time they thought that the members were going to starve to death.The security level of the desert region was quite low and had a low level of  technology. Weed was taking on a poor tribe that had no concept of possessions. Weed sent a whisper to Mapan.

“Please deliver food supplies and necessities to the desert as soon as possible.

– Mapan : The cost of food supplies are increasing due to Kaybern. What is the quantity needed?

Weed quickly scanned his surroundings. He saw an endless number of people sitting on the sand. The desert tribe members with camels and sheep spanned beyond the sand hill.

“I need consistent amount for  feeding about 100,000 people. Can you make the delivery?”

– Mapan : That is possible. However, Weed-nim. I believe that currently, you have insufficient funds…

“Can you put that on a tab?”

– Mapan : Tab works. But at a 3% interest weekly.

“Let’s not put that kind of thing between us…”

– Mapan : Weed-nim once said, give what you need to give and take what you have to. That is a long-lasting relationship.

“You have excellent memory.”

– Mapan : Also, you said there is no such thing as family when it comes to money.


Weed could not afford put it on credit and instead agreed to hand over the equipment gained from the Hermes Guild members at the Garnav Plains battle.


< A vast territory with numerous tribes supporting you. You have the 7th highest influence since the birth of the Pallos Empire. >


The 1st and 2nd places for influence were Geomchi and Geomchi2, and they were hunting in the north together with their girlfriends. The unification of the southern desert region was as good as decided already.

Geomchi smirked as he spoke.

“Youngest one, where are you headed to now?”

“I have to make a trip to the North.”

There was a sign of the Eye of the Sun rising in the Desert of Tranquility. When the night of the desert turns red and a day or two passes, the Eye of the Sun forms and  creates a storm.

Weed could not wait idly at the Desert of Tranquility. 

“Are you leaving the desert completely?”

“If the Eye of the Sun forms, I will come to destroy the storm and I will be able to meet the Sun Tribe.”

“The Sun Tribe… I’ve heard stories of them. They are the mightiest tribe in the desert.”

“Even if they may be, they wouldn’t be a match.”

“Of course. We are the best.”




Bard Ray was able to get away after tediously signing autographs to users in Morata.

‘I must hurry. I am never coming back anywhere near Morata.’

The vast Northern Continent.

Kaybern led to multiplying monsters, making it a rare case for one to encounter other users in the field.

“Hey, let’s go.”

He rode on the bull he purchased in Morata and travelled straight North-west. Monsters that resided only inside of bizzare dungeons came across his way occasionally, but they posed little threat.

“Mana Sword.”

Secret skill of the Sword Technique. It summons a flying sword. As it flew, Bard Ray charged closely behind its tail.

The coward bull was astonished each time a monster appeared, but quickly came to realize that its owner was powerful. After that, it kicked its four legs in a ragingtempo.

Bard Ray couldn’t believe his own state of riding on a bull.

‘A cow instead of a horse… To think that I’d end up riding on it. Average speed is slower, but it passes through mud really well and it has great strength.’

The Northern bulls were exceptionally comfortable for riding. He had a lot of money which led him to buy an expensive bull. The Morata head merchant of the Mapan Association spoke.

“You know of Yellowy that Weed-nim rides? This one’s the 3rd generation. It’s the best breed! The downside is that it eats a ton, but it’s stamina and strength are extraordinary.”

He pretended to listen, but the more he traveled, the more he realized the truth of the head merchant’s words. If he let the bull loose for a bit, it consumed all the grass nearby and walked to the woods.

*Bang! Bang!*

It kicked a tree and snatched the fruits off the ground as they fell.


It would sometimes kick with too much force that even thick bulky trees would snap.

‘It gets scared way too easily, but would be amazing in combat. Though you don’t really rely on mounts the higher level you become.’

 Bard Ray heard some news about the horse that he was riding until recently.

“Stuart is doing well.”


It was a legendary horse born from an extreme probability of one in several millions.

They roamed countless hunting grounds together, and he had lost the horse after being defeated by Weed.

“Ah. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it. I thought you would have been curious. It is doing well on a ranch. It’s being fed a load of nutritious things and it has good relationships with the female horses. There are plains where horses can run freely even in the North, so I am planning to start breeding.”

In addition, he heard that there were many shepherds and ranch workers in Morata. The Emperor of Arpen Empire was a sculptor, so not a single job would be mistreated.

Bard Ray thought to himself as he rode the bull northwest.

‘I will definitely win the next battle. What’s more… Weed became a warrior? I also will become stronger.’

The farthest point northwest within the Northern Continent. The weather gradually turned colder as he passed through the Valley of Death and Purgol Fortress. 


“Cover up with this.”

Bard Ray placed overa magic cloak with thermal functions on the bull.

If it was Weed, he would have said that the bull will grow used to the cold, but Bard Ray had a tender side. Conversely, he was merciless to his enemies during conquest.

He finally arrived at the village of the bulky barbarians.

“Halt. This is not a place for the average use5r.”

He had acquired this 1st-class information from the Hermes Guild. This village was the Barbarian village where he could advance into the Iron-Blood Warrior.




Under the command of the dragon soldiers, the monster horde passing through the Varq Mountain Pass in order to attack human lands was constantly growing in numbers.


“Croak. Creeek!”

There were many stray monsters roaming about, but the hordes sizeable enough to destroy fortresses and cities numbered11 groups.

4 hordes were gathering around Thor and one more was being assembled eat each of the Britten, Haven, and Tullen Regions.

For Haven, the powerful Hermes Guild was able to protect, but the rest required the protection of the Arpen Empire.


Rain followed over the heads of the advancing monsters. 

– The acidic level is low but it’s rotten. Contaminated rain is drizzling down. The plants of the continent are suffering or dying out.
– Why is this happening all of a sudden?
– The exact cause is unknown but we can make a plausible assumption. It seems to be due to Kaybern. It is likely a characteristic by the Black Dragon… We can speculate that he is spreading poison.

The great lords that each govern over a region announced that there was a phrase in the quest about Kaybern’s cursed rain, confirming the speculations to be true.

– The continental danger can only be stopped by defeating Kaybern or the monsters.
-The plants are all dying… This is terrible.
-Yes. Fortunately, I have received reports that the trees in the Elven Forest are not affected.


(To be continued…)



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V54C1P2 – Southern Desert

Par mimosab

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“In the desert, there exists a tribe with a bewildering sword technique like the blazing sun.”

As the quest was completed, Olson explained about the tribe once came across. 

“What does it take to meet them?”

“I have no idea. However, I know how to gain their recognition. That is to destroy the sandstorm in the Desert of Tranquility. It is no ordinary sandstorm. It is the Eye of the Sun that must be destroyed.”

“Hmm. I see.”

The Eye of the Sun!

The sandstorm that brews in the Desert of Tranquility was called by several names among the townsfolk. The Eye of the Sun was said to be the largest and most dangerous one of them all.

“I’m putting it out there, but this is a reckless achievement. So, it does not scratch a warrior’s pride to turn it down.”



< Prove your strength.

The massive sandstorm that arises in the Desert of Tranquility, the Eye of the Sun!

Battle and defeat the storm that has never been overcome since the Great Emperor of the Desert!

If this historical achievement as a warrior is accomplished, the Sun Tribe, renowned as the most powerful tribe in the desert, will appear before you.

However, with the exception of a single sword, no armor or consumables can be used to defeat the storm.

Difficulty : A

Requirements : Job class Warrior.

Beholder of the desert sword technique.

Reward : Meeting with the Sun Tribe. >


For Weed, the Desert of Tranquility was a familiar place.

“To battle against the Eye of the Sun and defeat it…”

There was an instance back when he was the Great King of the Desert and slashed down a storm. Rank A difficulty is not too difficult, but not easy either. Of course, there was always the risk of death even for difficulties lower than rank C depending on the situation, and factors like natural disasters could never be foreseen.

“Well, it will be quite tedious but I will prove my strength.”

< Quest has been accepted. >




The next location that Weed headed for was Metafeia! Unfortunately The Eye of the Sun shows up randomly. He had no time to spare for him to wait blindly, but he had an important quest he needed to take care of during his stay at the desert.

The Fallen in the Desert

In the endless sand desert lies the vast glory of the Pallos Empire. The desert warriors spared their powers for the revival of the great empire. The glory and fighting spirit that runs through the blood of its warriors. Those who strive in the desert all wait for the true champion to appear and walk the path of the Great King. Merge the wishes and willpower of the desert warriors into one. If thee who passed the test of the desert call for them, the deserts will gladly unsheathe their conserved swords and follow thy command.


< Difficulty : S
Desert Quest.
Reward : May lead to the epic ‘The Birth of Pallos Empire’.
Quest Requirements : The recognition from the historical desert warrior.

This was a quest that Weed received from the documents left by Hestiger. He learned well through Geomchi3 how this quest would unfold afterwards. 

The Birth of the Pallos Empire
The great desert has been united as one. Valiant warriors, it is time to escape the sands of murderous heat. Let us return to the place with the glory of the Pallos Empire, the lands with flowing rivers and grass. The one to conquer the most territory shall be named Emperor of Pallos Empire. A maximum time span of 1 year is given.>

Difficulty : Conquer the region

Reward : Emperor of the Pallos Empire.

Quest Requirements : Limited to desert warriors. >


Pallos Empire that unites the southern desert region!

There weren’t many desert users, but as the Northern and Central Continent were united, so the Southern Continent must follow.

“The great empire that rules over a Continent… Not half bad. Anyways, the Unicorn Corp. promised cash prize when I unite the entire Versailles Continent.”

The victor of the Versailles continent!

The Unicorn Corp. had promised to pay a hefty amount of prize money upon the unification of the continent.

In truth, prestigious guilds in the past each cried for the unification of the continent which was sought as the reason for war. If Arpen did not rise in the Northern Continent, the prize money would have all been that of the Haven Empire.

‘I never thought that this could fall under my possession.’


Weed obtained the rare two-hump camel from the village and rode ferociously towards the Desert City Barang. Normally he would have conserved the money, but time was of the essence due to Kaybern. After the stellar amount of money was poured into the internal affairs, he became more bold in his spendings. Maybe not up to 200 won, but around he could afford expensive salt around 100 won.


< Title ‘The one who walked the Desert of Tranquility has been activated. >


Movement speed in the Desert of Tranquility is increased by 45%. Under the influence of Petra’s Grace, the arrival time at the Legendary Oasis will be shortened tenfold. >

“Giddy-up! Run wildly!”

The two-hump camel he purchased from the village ran at fearsome speed. It climbed over the hill in an instant and sped across the endless ocean of sand.

“Let’s head to the Legendary Oasis!”

Due to the achievement of walking through the Desert of Tranquility, the path through the Oasis was much quicker.


< You are in lightning wind speed. When sprinting in a straight line without change in direction, you will gain 38% additional acceleration. The speed of running through obstacles is increased. >


– Neigh!

“Yes. Run. Faster!”

As Weed galloped across the desert, a whisper arrived.

– Mapan : Weed-nim! Bard Ray has appeared in Morata.

The sand desert spanned endlessly under the blazing sun, and this was an eye-popping news.

“Is it a surprise attack? What is their troop count?”

– Mapan : No, it is not. I think he’s alone! He himself says that he is just visiting, but he has been caught despite a disguise.

“Is that true?”

 – Mapan : Yes. The merchants at Morata are searching, but they haven’t identified any suspicious users.

Weed was rather surprised at Bard Ray’s audacity. Truthfully, he never thought of restricting common Hermes Guild users from accessing the North.

‘If he went to kill people, he would also be dead in return. If maybe he secretly completes a quest… Well, he would spend money there so it’s not too bad, is it?’

Even so, for the best of all Versailles Continent to show up!

“How is the situation?”

– Mapan : The users are getting autographs. Bard Ray is a celebrity no matter the circumstances.

“So, a war did not break out.”

– Mapan : That would be so, up until this moment.

Bard Ray was the most popular man on Royal Road aside from Weed. He was a public figure with the nickname God Warrior and there was rarely anyone that did not hear of him.

– Mapan : What should I do? Should I assemble a combat force to kill Bard Ray?

“A combat force…”

– Mapan : If it is by Weed-nim’s command, the users will enlist instantly. There are many that hold a grudge against Bard Ray.

Weed felt disinclined. If Bard Ray were to die, his level and skill proficiency would decline, but not to a noticeable degree. He would long be criticized for his cowardly plans to get rid of his competitor and moreover, he did not want glory to be in the hands of another user.  The one to kill Bard Ray will gain a worldwide reputation. The legitimacy of the Arpen Empire that even rules over the Central continent exists because of the battle against the Hermes Guild and defeating Bard Ray.

“Just leave him alone.”


– Mapan : What… Are you really going to let him go like that? For treading on Morata?

“I will show him mercy.”

 A word that was never thought to be pronounced by Weed!

– Mapan : What in the world, mercy?

“I just need one thing in compensation.”




Bard Ray was surrounded by thousands of users like a caged monkey in a zoo at Morata, stuck signing autographs for several hours. He was anxious that at any moment, the huge group of high-level users from the Arpen Empire could wage a battle against him. However, there was seemingly no movement of an attack force.

‘Is he leaving me be? After I have intruded in his territory?’

Filled with anxiety and nervousness, Bard Ray continued signing autographs.

“Wow. So handsome.”

“He’s good-looking up close. He has that atmosphere too.”

Much time had passed! A merchant who introduced himself as Kickback Money approached him and spoke.  

“Give me one of the equipment that you are wearing.”


“You don’t want to? Weed-nim said to spare you if you give up one of your equipments. If you don’t pay proper respect, I cannot guarantee what will happen here.”

Bard Ray sighed at the words of the merchant with a full-blown stomach. Morata was an unimaginably dreadful place. For the God warrior and ex-Emperor to be bullied for his pockets.

“Here it is.”

Bard Ray gave up the shoulder cauldron that was imbued with flight, illusion magic, instant acceleration and invisibility.

“Oh. What an insane item!”

Kickback Money jiggled his fat cheeks in joy and then bowed with respect.

“Have yourself a nice day. Dinner at Foghorn restaurant is delicious.”

“I… got it.”




The city chosen by Reverse when he logged into Royal Road was Morata.

“K-hmm. I am most familiar with this place over any other ones. This is the glacial dragon town square.”

Doctor Yoo Byungjoon. He had in-depth knowledge about Royal Road that he himself created and observed, so the other cities were not part of his consideration.

“Indeed, the world that I have created is a beautiful place.”

Reverse took a deep breath. The winds were pure and refreshing and the sky was beautiful with blue colors. From fountains spewing clean water to the marbles decorating the town square floor were all elegant. Splendid stone buildings were built on the streets and the Tower of Light and the Goddess Statues of Freya stood high in sight.

“This is Royal Road. The best scenery picked by beginners.”

The world was very different from what it seemed through the monitor. The sensations through his entire body, to be able to move firsthand and take notice in strangers passing by. The display stands opened up by merchants were lively. Reverse sat by the fountain and observed the people.

“Shield of the Haven Imperial Army! 27 durability left, sold as is!”

“Venison hunted on my own. I can teach how to cook barbecue and will give away salt.”

“Selling equipment below level 130 all at once. I leveled so much recently, so I am selling these as I got a new set. I am selling them very cheap.”

“I have an unidentified medicinal bottle. I acquired it at the war, but I cannot identify it.”

He toured around the town square, but he felt emptiness in the corner somewhere in his heart. In the real world, he was the richest man. But what he had in his current possession was 10 wheat bread and water.

“This is why people spend real money.”

Reverse could understand right away. Eating good food, wearing nice equipment was natural desire. If one does not want to spend real money, they can work at a shop or earn money by doing quests. However, Reverse was looking for something on a higher plain.

“Weed did it… Who’s to say that I can’t?”

He decided to begin in Royal Road, but the reason for the delayed log-in was because he thought it was lame. He had vast knowledge about Royal Road and watched the history of the rankers, so to speak.

‘I can easily become powerful just by following their paths.’

He was confident in growing overwhelmingly faster than anyone.

‘Quest? What’s so difficult about that? I can consider on whether to do or not do based on related information. Then I just have to carry out what I decided on.’

Reverse headed to the training arena at leisure.

‘Should I copy Weed for the time being? I am not too fond of it, but he is the best right now…’

Morata’s training arena! The area for swinging wooden swords was filled with users. After Weed became Emperor, the training arenas became popular. An instructor saw Reverse and approached him.

“You have come to learn the sword! The sword is the most efficient way of controlling your own body and defeating the enemy.”

“I know.”

Reverse cut off the instructor’s words and stood in front of a dummy.

‘I just need to strike this for 4 weeks. It is boring but easy.’

*Smack! Smack! Smack!*

Only 5 minutes had passed and his body was fatigued. He acquired a completely new body after he joined Royal Road. He felt refreshing as he was no longer in a body of an old man, but his entire body gradually tired out as his stamina depleted.

30 more minutes passed.

‘I have to do more. If I keep this up I will gain a stat…’

He held on by his pride from the life he lived up until now. Fatigue accumulated, his arms and legs shook violently. On top of that, he was hungry. Reverse wanted to throw the wooden sword away at any moment.

‘Such a challenging routine. Why? How did Weed accomplish this?’

 (To be continued…)



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V54C1P1 – Southern Desert

Par mimosab

A new volume begins!
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Weed arrived at the desert city Chakmark through Yurin’s Painting Transportation technique. Instead of a town square, an emerald oasis spread across the heart of the city.

“Hookah for sale. For adults only!”

“Looking for someone who will buy a large volume of spices! Those with city contribution points can buy a lot!”

“Buying and selling leather. Feel free for a consultation if you have something in mind.”

“Scimitar-specialized shop. We only deal with scimitars.” 

Roughly a hundred users were roaming about in the town square. Merchants that set up their shops in the hot sunlight all huddled under a large parasol. 

“Hmm. It should be around here somewhere.”

Weed turned towards the back alley of the town square corner and moved quickly. Kaybern was destroying a city every week and monsters were multiplying rapidly.

“Where is Olson?”

“That old bat? He would be at the tallest sand hill in the east.”

“Is it easy to spot?”

“That’s the place where you can see the sunrise from the east. He should be tending sheep nearby. They’re very chubby.”

He acquired information about Olson from the townsfolk and exited the city, finding the sandhill. An old man was smoking hookah, gazing at the sun from the mountain-like sand hill! Weed changed his adventurer attire into armor and equipped the Loa sword on his waist. In order to quickly build friendship, it was best to take an appearance which the other party favored. Seoyoon had informed Weed that Olson was extremely selective of the people he converses with.

“I have come to hear about the story of the strongest warrior.”

“Kehehe. They all think that my stories are gibberish.”

Olson’s body was covered with scars. There was even a large bite mark that spanned from his shoulder to his stomach.

“I do not think so. You seem to be a desert warrior with a spectacular past.”

“Keul-keul-keul. Throwing around such flattery won’t make me talk to an outsider who is not a man of the desert.”

“The burns and scars on your body. Aren’t they from battling against the fire lizard?” 

In the desert, it was often easy to open a conversation with topics like weapons, monsters, and battles. 

“I never thought someone could think of the fire lizard just by looking at the scars.”

“I am quite fond of fire lizards as well. They’re not easy to cook but once you roast them so that the outside is crisp, it is very delicious. Especially amazing when you bite away at the chewy meat with all the oil dripping.”

“Fire lizards aren’t sold in the market… H, have you caught a fire lizard before?”

“I roasted a lot of them. I also love the clear boiled soup. It would have been nice to make wine out of them… But I never got to try, due to lack of time. As disappointing as it is, please try a sip of this.” 

Weed handed Wilson some of his alcohol brewed from camel breastmilk.

“Keeuh… That is a spectacular taste. I’ve never tasted anything like it. Alright, young one. What do you think a warrior needs to survive in this world?”

Olson’s gaze was sharp as though he was preparing for an upcoming battle. They were engaged in  conversation, but it was also a form of a test! If Weed’s response were to be displeasing, it would mean an end to the conversation.

“A sword. Just a sword is enough”

“Same goes for me. When I was young, I roamed everywhere with my trusty sword.”

Olson spoke about his past of roaming the deserts. He mentioned several cities, dungeons, and famous tribes.

“They say it’s a barren desert, but there is unbelievably rich land to the south.”

“Are you referring to the rainy region?”

“Hah. You are aware in the history of the desert.”

“Not so much the history… Well, I certainly remember it.”

In his days as the Great King of the desert. He remembered passing through the desert of silence and bringing rain over the area.

“People who have been to Metafeia are rare.”

“It is a nice place.”

“Oh-ho… Do you know of the shortcut to finding the mirage?”

“You have to penetrate through the sandstorm.”

Weed smoothly passed the test through the exchange of conversation and built additional friendship. He was able to get along in a short time based on his experiences of battles in the desert and his adventures. These folks were far easier to interact with when compared to treacherous mages always in desire of compensation. Olson emptied all the drinks and spoke solemnly.

“My blazing days of youth in my life had passed long ago. The sword technique that lit up the hearts of warriors have been buried away in the rough sands, a past long forgotten.”


“Young warriors try to restore the memories of the Pallos empire once again… But warriors are not powerful as they used to be. The desert’s history is meant to be written by warriors.”

“I agree with you.”

“It is easier said than done. The sword techniques wielded by past warriors were truly powerful. Can you obtain such a sword technique and show it to me?”


<The desert’s ancient sword technique.
Olson the drunk likes to hear stories about warriors.
Bring bring the sword technique invented by the desert warriors and show it to him.
Then, he will tell you about the old stories.

Difficulty: D
Reward  : He will tell a story equivalent to the level of the sword technique.>


“Alright. I will bring to you such a sword technique.”


< Quest has been accepted. >


A matter of course, Weed had already acquired a sword technique of the desert warrior.  The most powerful skill of them all!

“Actually, I already know a sword technique of the desert warrior… May I show it off?”

“Keuk. My expectations are higher than you think. Don’t think you’ll get away with showing off a lame sword…”

“Lava river!”

The sandhill split apart as Weed swung his sword. Crimson lava surged up explosively and released heat in all directions.

The most powerful desert warrior skill left by Hestiger.

“T, this is…”

“Is this enough?”

“Enough. Enough indeed! To see such a magnificent sword technique in my lifetime… I was unaware that you were carrying on the will of the great!”


 <Desert’s Great sword technique complete.

You have brought forth a sword technique regarded as a legendary skill by all of the desert warriors. Olson shall willingly share all of his stories.> 

< Prestige increased by 5,300. >

< You have obtained experience. >


The meeting with Olson was the foundation in the process of acquiring the higher class of the warrior. 

‘She said this will only be the start.’

Seoyoon, whilst busy with governing over the Arpen Empire, looked over the desert regions in a meticulous fashion.  There were approximately a hundred users that completed Olson’s quest, and they heard a variety of stories. For Geomchi72, the story he was rewarded with after the completion of Olson’s quest was a great help.

“Your sword technique is excellent, but it’s missing the heat of the desert. Long ago, the legendary warriors wielded the power of the sun and fire. Presently, there is rarely anyone who knows about it. Hmm, hmm…”

Seoyoon categorized the keywords spoken by Olson and concluded that there could be a connection to the desert warrior, hidden warrior class or the warrior of the sun.




Bard Ray mastered the dark knight and was deciding on his next job class.

  Weed advanced to the warrior class!

The new job class had to consider the battle with Weed.

‘Warrior. It’s a safe pick overall.’

Bard Ray mastered the dark knight but excluded summoning or magic from his consideration.

‘Currently, my stat points are optimized to the dark knight. I cannot readily switch out equipment like Weed does.  It is also reckless to start practicing magic from the very beginning.’

Bard Ray used a long-range teleport and crossed over to the Northern continent.

It was a territory of the Arpen Empire, but he thought that he wouldn’t be noticed easily with a change in helm and armor. Morata’s ice dragon town square! There was an ice dragon sculpture made from ice, and the place was crowded with users.

“Selling green chili, makes your dish a savory one when used as an ingredient.”

“I sculpt! Sculptures! From your own face to souvenirs! Glacial dragon sculptures are only 1 gold each!”

“Take a bull for the road. Good for traveling, also perfect for transporting luggage!”

“Morata special wine. Take just one sip at the hunting grounds. Two sips and you will shift away from hunting.”

There were users selling various products at the town square.

‘A refreshing feeling after a long time.’

Bard Ray stood still and observed the users marketing miscellaneous goods.

In the Central continent, the users usually sold expensive weapons or armors. Cheap products did not make sufficient profit, and many novice players had left to the Northern continent. 

‘I guess there is enjoyment like the pioneer days of Royal Road. I now understand why Lafaye said that the Haven Empire will progressively become more troubled, by witnessing this lively atmosphere firsthand.’ 

Countless concepts passed through Bard Ray’s mind. He had visited the Northern continent before in order to complete a hunting achievement, but at that time most of the continent was just a frozen chunk of land. Over the time he remained in the hunting grounds, the continent underwent a huge transition. 

“Oh? Isn’t that Bard Ray?”

“Yeah. It is Bard Ray.”

The passing users recognized Bard Ray standing idle too easily.

‘What, how… Weed roamed the Central continent without being noticed.’ 

Bard Ray felt depressed momentarily. He broke away from the murderer status after hunting diligently, but for him to be caught so easily. 

“Wow. It is Bard Ray.”

“That’s crazy! Bard Ray has appeared!”

Users looking like they were fresh in Royal Road began to crowd around him.

‘Human-wave attack? This is Morata. That means they are all my enemy.’

Bard Ray felt his life threatened. He thought there was nowhere for him to run, but then. The novice users took out papers.

“Give me an autograph.”

“Excuse me?”

“Bard Ray-nim. Can you give me just one autograph?”

“This is so cool. I was also a fan of Bard Ray-nim. I love Weed-nim and Bard Ray-nim the most.”

“I hate the Hermes guild, but I don’t really have anything against you personally.

For a long time, Bard Ray was the representation of Royal Road.

He appeared on broadcast many times and conquered dungeons and hunting grounds along with the elite guards of the Hermes guild. It resulted in Northern users crowding around to get an autograph from Bard Ray.

“What’s your name…?”

“Mmm. You can put down Grass Porridge Yamnyam.”

Bard Ray bewildered, signed several autographs.

“Now. Everyone get a hold of yourselves! We are citizens of the Arpen Empire.” 

Someone shouted.     

 ‘Of course, this is what I expected.’

Bard Ray was mentally preparing for the inevitable battle.

“Get in line. Do not forget the pride of the Arpen Empire and do not cut in line!”

The users that were wildly scrambling around him began to form an extensive line in an orderly manner.


 (To be continued…)



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V53C9P4 – Hero rescuing the world

Par mimosab

The volume 53 is completely released now!
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Weed returned to Morata.

The great city that represented the north had all sorts of buildings, including the Necromancers’ guild.

“A Master of life and death…”

When Weed stepped into the guild, the necromancers dressed in creepy robes bowed to the floor at once.

He had a long history with them due to the Immortal Legion, and his title of emperor alongside his advanced skills as a necromancer certainly increased his fame.

“It, it’s Weed-nim!”

“God of war Weed!”

The users that were on the 1st floor of the guild yelled in surprise.

A common face is hard to recognize, but his popularity overcame his mundane facial traits.

“Nice to meet you all. Hunt diligently and pay lots of taxes.”

Weed lifted his hand and waved lightly before walking up the stairs.

The necromancer’s guild that had been located in the old residential area hidden among the back alleys had transferred to a beautiful tower coloured in black and purple.

The 1st floor was for commission jobs and sale of magic scrolls; 2nd floor for ancient books and magic equipment sale; whilst the 3rd floor and above were only accessible to those who had over an intermediate level of undead summoning.

They tended to teach dangerous magic spells or sell enlightened knowledge or excavated goods.

Weed found Baraball experimenting on something in front of the barbarian skull and walked up to him.

“It’s been a while.”

“Welcome, Seeker of death.”

Baraball bowed his head with the unique, low and somber characteristic of necromancers.

“I came to tell you something.”

“What is it? Have you finally figured out how to conquer death completely?”


“Then, you discovered magic that forms death clouds in the air to purify the pitiful?”

“… Not that neither.”

“Do you require our assistance? A task that must be carried out in secret? Whatever your majesty needs, we can release poison into the river or the wells and turn large cities with rivers and fields into graveyards. Your loyal servants are not humans, but the quiet skeletons.”

Weed’s face turned serious.

‘How, these idiots?’

He was planning to take out Kaybern, the greatest danger in history but to think that there was a malicious tumor growing from within Morata.

‘At first, they said it was a misunderstanding in necromancers being treated as villains… Turns out these guys are really what they say about them.’

Lich Shire corrupted Bar Khan, which began the war against the Immortal Legion. Necromancers were all the same underneath their covers.

‘As I thought, there’s not a single being to be trusted.’

Weed firmly ingrained the life lesson into his head and stored necromancer Baraball into his memory.

“K-hmm. The reason for me coming here is to quit being a necromancer.”

“What is this now? You mean you do not wish to continue the forsaken research that will change the providence of the world based on a sincere reflection on life and death?”

“I want to put an end to it.”

“Those are some unbelievably dreadful words.”

Weed came to the necromancer guild to deliver the resignation letter. For any class, there wasn’t a big concern in an immediate change.

Necromancers were largely hated by the common users.

They were especially despised by warriors the most, so it was utmost priority for him to resign.

However, the social cohesion among the necromancers were tight and therefore, they hated the renegades.

“Please reconsider. Not too long ago, we discovered a crystal skull from an old swamp. If we conduct research on this skull, we can invent a new type of undead.”

“A new undead?”

“It is still under process but it is a powerful undead. The more we grasp an understanding of death, the more power we will be able to gain in our hands. So much that the living will be terrified and subject under our command.”


“Furthermore, we will be able to access the ultimate power if the dark and terrible world of the undead is opened. A perfectly weaved world dominated by necromancers! You wish to give up that path?”

Baraball repeatedly wished for Weed to change his mind because of their history and friendship until now.

‘I need to fix these necromancers up for good when I get the chance.’

Instead, Weed’s mind was turning solid in the opposite direction.

He would put them under surveillance immediately and wipe them all out if they seem even a bit suspicious.

“Yeah, I’m not interested. Necromancy isn’t like that at all.”


<You have abandoned the necromancer class and have revoked to the status of sculptor master.

Maximum health points and mana decline to its original state.

Honor influences expand.

The effects from faith does not diminish.

Infamy is decreased by 25,000 points.

By abandoning necromancy mid-way, the proficiency levels of job class skills including the undead summoning skill are decreased by 2 levels.

The control over the undead declines.

The power of the dead is weakened by 651.

The affiliation with the necromancer guild has turned into ignorance and strife.>

Sculptor master!

Though his health points declined, the necromancer only provided the 10% bonus effect which wasn’t significant.

In terms of mana, there was an increase of 50% but now he was unable to spam skills as he wished, which was a big turndown.

The impact of quitting being a necromancer didn’t end there.


– The blessing of the goddess Freya is bestowed upon you.
– You are rid of all abnormal conditions and have reached the maximum physical status.


<The artist.

You had strayed from your path for a moment but you have now regained my favour.

Blessing of beauty and prosperity will be with you on the righteous path.

Faith has increased by 20.

Charisma and charm have increased by 10.

You are bestowed overflowing health points for a month.

The recovery rate of health points is increased by 60%.

Nearby allys will recover 20% faster.

The quality of cooking materials will turn into the finest when touched by your hand.>


Weed was enjoying the moment.


<The blessing of the goddess Hestia is bestowed upon you.
You have acquired the blessing of fire which purifies all that is wrongful.
Hestia congratulates you on escaping from the dreadful darkness and has granted blessing on you.
Special attacks from dark type monsters are negated by holy power by up to 50%.
The power of fire type spells is permanently increased by 3%.>


<The blessing of Ahtrok is bestowed upon you.>

<The blessing of Batalli is bestowed upon you.>

<The blessing of Tiron is bestowed upon you.>

<The blessing of Lugh is bestowed upon you.>



It was a job class hated by the gods with a passion.

Baraball with a pale face put his hand up and pointed to the door.

“This place is a precious space only permitted to necromancers. Please leave at once.”

It was a cold attitude that made him realize the friendship that had been sustained until now had been blown into dust.



The next location Weed visited was the warrior guild.

A warrior guild was located in each of the 5 town squares of Morata and it was always full of users that were receiving job commissions or trying to learn new skills.

“We welcome your visit. Honorable emperor, your highness!”

“We of the iron shield guild promise eternal loyalty to the emperor.”

The moment he entered the guild, the guards and warriors comprised of citizens shouted loudly.

Weed’s popularity from his honor was that much!

“Wha, what is this?”

“It’s Weed-nim. Weed-nim is here!”

The hundreds of users within the warrior guild also caused a huge commotion.

For the Morata users, they saw Weed occasionally sculpting and trading at the town square.

He looked ordinary but he was a man of authority over the Versailles continent!

Even the majority of late starters in Morata liked Weed.

“Hurray for the Arpen empire!”

“Weed-nim. I love you!”

Weed walked towards the steps and waved his hand lightly.

He could hear so many shouting voices that it was hard to make them out, but a few of them struck his heart.

“We are grateful for the investments. We fixed our house for free thanks to you!”


“You spent all your money for our well-being… You really are the best Weed-nim!”


“Please take good care of us. Govern over us just as you are doing now!”


Weed realized how sad and regretful it was to be respected by the users.

‘This is why they say you live longer when people curse at you. It meant that you will die of emotional disorder from taking compliments.’

Ancient sayings were indeed taken to heart only when experienced firsthand.




30 minutes later, a post came up in the Royal Road discussion board.

Title : Black dragon is done for.


Most of us know what the characteristics of the sculpting class is. Excruciatingly low health points and slow increase in combat skills proficiency… 

It is unqualified for just about any combat skill, and is always undermined wherever.

“Anyone can be a sculptor. But, none can become like Weed.”

“Become a sculptor. Then, advance to any other job. You will experience the highest level of satisfaction.”

“Weed is the most successful sculptor and simultaneously, an excessively all-around character.”

Looking back, the sculptor class acted as a safetynet so that the tyrant and God of War Weed could not go on rampage as much as he was capable of.

That very Weed… He has just advanced into a warrior in Morata.

You don’t understand what that means?

You say he mastered the sculptor so he could reasonably advance into a warrior?

Warrior Weed…

Doesn’t it ring a bell yet?

Enormous amount of comments were posted immediately.

– Seriously. Weed-nim became a warrior?
– This was a long post but it can be reduced to just two words: Warrior Weed.
– Warrior Weed. Darn. That is scary.
– That’s insane. This is the end.
– The dragon will be diced.
– I watched Weed-nim fight as I followed him nearby about 6 months ago. This reminds me of that time again.
– Oh. The guy above me. He must be high level. He posted his level 450 armor in a previous post.
– Explain Weed-nim’s battle in detail! But, that’s actually pretty common to see in recordings.
– No. The broadcasts and the recordings are only a fraction of the real deal, and it is a whole other dimension up close in person. I cannot explain in detail but I will try anyway. It is not just a matter of flying around, but it is flashy and spectacular… As if he moves without any rest. The battle doesn’t progress rapidly, but is more like an inevitable tidal wave that rolls into shore while he rides the current. Not a thought comes to mind and you must unconditionally move quickly to keep up, he is just unbelievably quick.

Then soon enough, I realized that what I did and called hunting in the past cannot be considered hunting and fell into despair.

– They say it’s extremely tiresome if you hunt with Weed-nim in a party… That seems to be true.
– Legend says that even the rankers spit blood and ran away.
– His past was comparably weaker sculptor or a tailing necromancer with his hands tied to his back.
– Warrior… I think he would still need time to adjust to it. The combat style of warriors is surely different from the sculptor.
– What is that supposed to mean? There was a time when Weed-nim was temporarily a warrior.
– What? When was this?
– His days as the Great king of the desert. The days when he erected the Pallos empire and wreaked havoc over the continent.


– Well, that’s the end. Period.
– The Hermes guild are long gone now running.
– Destruction of Royal Road ecosystem imminent.
– Bard Ray’s head is implanted on the ground right now.


(To be continued…)




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V53C9P3 – Hero rescuing the world

Par mimosab

Thanks to Armada & Idzuwan for the proofreading 🙂


Weed was engaged in battle, raising the undead.

“Mud golem. Charge towards your enemies.”

The golem let out a low moan as it lumbered forwards, beginning its battle against a horde of Urgos,  monsters with a horse-like head.

Fundamentally, a golem was a life-long partner of the necromancers.

Like a loyal knight, it protects its summoner, and at other times it destroyed enemy formations by fighting alongside the undead.

– The ruler of death commands us!

The Urgos, numbering over a thousand, scattered out over a wide area and threw their spears.

The mud golem took the blow of over a dozen spears and returned to the earth.


< Mud golem was destroyed. >


Weed clicked his tongue as he witnessed the moment.

“Tsk. My golem crafting isn’t getting all that better.”

Golem crafting had gone up to Beginner Level 7, but it was a skill difficult to master even through tedious grinding.

Necromancers such as Jeanne or Gruzed could erect fire golems or iron golems.

Fire golems were capable of a powerful AOE spell, and iron golems had the endurance to tire and defense to tire out any enemy that targeted them.

They had been training together with golems since they first became necromancers.

“It is what it is. All of you, go out there!”

“I’ve been waiting for that command. Baharaaaa!”

Warrior Bahamorg ran out with an axe in hand, tailed closely by Knight Serville and Valkyrie Gernika. 

Together they faced the horde of Urgos, monsters known to excel in mobility and to have mastered the use of formations.

They tossed spears from range, which when combined with their high levels in and around the late 500s, made them a particularly difficult group of monsters to fight.

In the past, they resided beyond the Kilizar Pass in the outskirts of the northern continent, but there was news of them invading the pioneer villages of Arpen.

“Now that we’ve arrived, I will take everything from you all, to the last piece of leather!”

The Urgos were throwing their spears while galloping in a large circle.

Bahamorg, Servilleand Gernika were caught up at the frontlines blocking incoming spears with their shields, but even so the army of 300 skeletons led by Van Hawk were crushed immediately.

Weed riding on Wy-3 avoided hunting the monsters to save time. He had brought a small undead force into the Urgos camps.


That moment, the earth began to shake and something massive surged from the ground.

The Death Worm, whose combat strength was amongst the highest of all the sculptural creatures raised by Weed, its combat strength rivaling the Phoenix and King Hydra, rose violently from the ground.

The Death Worm with its mouth wide open, swallowed 5 Urgos on the ground at once.

– Nom nom nom. Gulp. Kyaaah.

The Urgos froze to the ground. The Death Worm’s presence made them cower in terror.

“Terrain destruction.”

By Weed’s command, the Death Worm disappeared into the ground and resurged 10 meters away. 

The Urgos favored wide fields and so they were restricted from running around freely.

“Focus your attacks with composure!”

“Pay attention to the trembling of the earth. We can deduce where the worm will pop up  next.”

The highly intelligent Urgos scattered strategically against the Death Worm and lunged their spears.

– Kwek!

Death Worm was targeted by over a hundred spears as it swallowed a mouthful of Urgos. With its sturdy but slippery skin, it reflected all but 7 spears.

“Aerial reinforcement.”

Just as Weed gave his command, baraags flew in from the forests and and breathed fire on the grounds.

– I was growing impatient waiting.
– We will roast everything.

The Urgos’ combat strength relied on rapid movement and group formation to execute powerful mid range attacks.

Bahamorg and the other sculptural creatures acted as bait and lured the Urgos into one place.

Next, the Baraags’ focus fire turned the grounds into an ocean of flames.

“Come back to the land where you once lived. In this place of darkness, in this black and rotten land. Carve the laws of darkness that will never fade into everyone. Undead Rise!”

Weed summoned the undead from within the flames.

The corpses of the Urgos killed by the baraags’ attack turned into death knights at the very least and also resurrected as doom knights.


< The essence of darkness converted the tainted corpses of the Urgos into the undead.
The proficiency in the undead summoning skill has increased greatly.
Intelligence and wisdom is permanently increased by 3 points. >


The undead scorched by flames rose to their feet and became caught up in battle.

“The gorge of decayed bones.”

Weed, taking any chance he could, summoned clumps of bones that spread poison and blocked off the rear.

The Urgos would never turn tail and run of their own volition, but he prepared if such a situation were to arise.

Now, Weed wanted to try out the curse skill tree and offensive magic spells that were inferior compared to his undead summoning. However, he was interrupted.

– Seoyoon : Mordred is in danger. The monsters that spewed out from the underground dungeons are overwhelming the city.

Mordred was the capital of the Niflheim empire.

The whisper pertained to the monsters clustered in a wide area of ruins.


Weed thought to himself that something that was on his mind had finally come forth.

“Shall we head to Mordred?”

If he were to hunt in Mordred, it would be at maximum efficiency as he wouldn’t need to revoke his undead summonings.

Undeads are incredibly useful in taking down moderately powerful monsters.

Large monsters were spawning consistently and no other users were around to leech experience; such an environment was the perfect catalyst for a necromancer’s growth. 

– Seoyoon : I don’t think we can regain it. Mordred is a vast ruins area and the monsters keep spawning from the ground. Other locations would fall in danger while we focus on Mordred.

“I suppose so.”

– Seoyoon : The monsters spawning in Mordred will be fended off by relying on the walls of the nearby villages and the city. I assembled the Arpen Imperial army already.

“You responded quickly. Will they be able to defend successfully?”

Seoyoon : To some degree. We would have to bear with a few stray monsters to the northern continent.

Now that the appearance of monsters had become active all across the Versailles continent, danger was imminent anywhere.

The discussion boards were already full of posts from agonizing users that fell victim to the monsters.

– Seoyoon : More importantly… Are you planning to master necromancy?


– Seoyoon : I acquired some information about a special warrior job class. It could be connected to the Savior of the World. 

“The Savior of the World?”

Weed knew about many job classes including martial artists.

Savior of the World was the job class he had during his days as the Great King of the desert.

‘I advanced from the warrior of the sun. However, that path was not exclusive for the warrior of the sun. Just one person out of the top climbers in the knight and warrior class had the privilege.’

When Weed crushed the Embinyu Cult and closed his books on the days as the Great king of the desert, Hestiger succeeded the position of Savior of the World.

It was truly the pinnacle of the combat class!

“That job class is possible to acquire?”

– Seoyoon : I can’t say for certain. But, you would be able to gain access to the advanced level of the warrior class. Savior of the World can be acquired after that.

“That makes sense. It is not an easy job class to come by.”

Back when he became the Savior of the World, there were threats called the Embinyu Cult and Ausolet.

The job class that can only be fulfilled by transcending the limit of human strength and having received the quest to save the world.

“Kaybern could be…Hmm. Normally I wouldn’t bet on it, but the world is troubled and receiving such a quest is highly probable.”

Weed recently came to think that there was no real need for him to master necromancy.

Fundamentally, the necromancer was a job class that wields power that transcends the boundaries of death.

Therefore, it could only be powerful if one could freely use curse and dark magic spells as well.

In the process, the user will lose various stats, the penalties were great compared to the sculptor that has a slow growth rate but can stack stats.

‘Just proficient enough to reach the greatest hunting speed. Also, I could master undead summoning one day if I use it consistently. There is no need for me to go out of my way to reach the top as a necromancer.’

A high level necromancer would have to offer special and unusual sacrifices to increase skill proficiency.

Each job class had different methods of progression and few shared the need for excessive and repetitive grinding that the sculptors were subjected to. 

In the past, necromancy had been valuable for its hunting prowess despite the difficulties, but perspectives changed greatly after the Hermes guild was defeated.

– Seoyoon : If you do not master necromancy and go through the job advancement, the skill proficiency of the undead summoning will decrease a little bit.

“It doesn’t matter. I can overcome it with grinding.”

Weed thought that such a penalty had little meaning.

If the job wasn’t mastered, proficiencies declined upon job advancement depending on the user’s standings.

If one were to go through job advancement from a ranger to an archer which is similar, the archery proficiency would not decline.

However, if one were to change from the mage class to a warrior class, the user would suffer some loss in skill proficiency or stats.

– Seoyoon : First, you must advance into a warrior and head to the desert.

“Hmm. So the desert is where it begins?”

– Seoyoon : There could be another way in the central continent, but the easiest starting
location was in the desert.

Thus, Weed decided to change job class.

He started out as a sculptor, but he also took on the role of a necromancer and became an emperor. Now, his goal was to become the Savior of the World.




Bart was expanding the trades all the way to the central continent after the Garnav battle.

“When the opportunity comes, you must seize it and proactively build on it. If you start a day late, you would suffer that much more loss.”

He purchased a huge amount of goods such as potions and ores from the north and established trades with the cities in the central continent.

The head merchants Helten and Delmong that he became friends with in the process, joined him in the trade.

“Is there a reason to go all the way to Kallamore? There is enough demand just in Tulen.”

“We must. If there is someone in demand, a merchant must go wherever that may be.”

“The prices are firm here too…”

“We must sell first to those who absolutely want to buy it. Merchants become successful through credit, not money.”

Bart led the wagons full of iron ores and headed to the Kallamore region.

Castle Evaluk was destroyed by the dragon and monsters were wreaking havoc, but he managed to arrive in Castle Zenia.

It was the fourth city in Kallamore, but its advantages of transportation traffic attracted users and served like a capital city.

“Selling iron ore! Iron weapons for sale. I brought lots of horns and wood that can be crafted into bows.”

Helten and Delmong that followed Bart sold half of the goods to the trade station and started a street stall in the town square with the remaining half. Then, they accomplished an insane record of selling all their goods completely in 20 minutes.

All they did was start selling in the corner of the town square, but an endless line of users bought every product.

The bow materials especially were hot items that got sold out within 10 minutes.

“How’s that? We sold out like a breeze, didn’t we?”

“Yeah. It was worth it.”

Bart accumulated contribution points in the city and could spread his reputation across the city.

With the fall of Castle Evaluk and the increasing activities of monsters resulted in exponential increase of demand for bows.

If a siege war were to break out, the weapon to grab regardless of one being warrior or a merchant was the bow.

“Insane! Now we can buy products for a lower price. But hey. What do we purchase on our way back?”

“Let us buy some medicinal herbs on the way. Various kinds grow around this area.”

“How do you know that?”

“Market assessment is the basis of trades.”

Bart used up all the money that he had and purchased the medicinal herbs.

Helten and Gamong joined him, and they got back on the road to Tulen with other users.

They could expect great profit if they were to sell in Tulen or the Britten region.

‘When a war breaks out, the merchant must not be hindered and sell his goods even more diligently. Produce anything he can and sell. There is always someone in demand of the goods.’

When he managed the Hosung Inc. in the past, it was all the same.

When others said it was too early, he made early investments and led the skills development.

‘Even after that, it all crumbled down… But I know, my management method wasn’t wrong.’

Bart lost all his motivation and fell into despair when he lost ownership of the organization.

He had an enormous amount of money left to sustain his life, but it was heartbreaking to be branded as a failure of a manager.

One could ever so easily say as much about him.

‘He’s gone down but still lives a boastful life without any financial worries, no?’

It wasn’t an understatement.

Even so, he had lived as a manager of an organization but his role disappeared at once. Hearing voices mocking him as one defeated was a lot worse than what people thought.

Tens and thousands of jobless folks and their families.

He was deeply sorry for them and felt ashamed of himself. However, the affiliate companies of the Hosung Inc. soon found a new owner and proudly began to make revenue.

The early investments in skills and equipment had begun its slow start in the display of its true value.

‘Fortunate. If I had been able to overcome the financial difficulty just that once… Phew. Let go of the regrets. Anything can be successful or fail miserably by the slightest of differences.’


(To be continued…)



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V53C9P2 – Hero rescuing the world

Par mimosab

Thanks to Armada & Idzuwan for the proofreading 🙂


“The dragon is extremely powerful, It can melt down and destroy cities at will.”

“So, Kaybern is unstoppable? I thought Weed had some kind of plan.”

“Weed defeated Bard Ray and is now the best in this world, will he really not do anything about this?”

“Even so, he is just a user only a little stronger than us. There is no way to stop the dragon.”

“We cannot pressure Weed-nim to die in vain. It is futile and unreasonable.”

“Some of you forgot already, but he did defeat the chaos dragon in the past.”

“That time, the dragon was plain stupid and did not use magic. Also, Weed was abnormally powerful because it was a quest.”

“He wiped out the entire central continent as the Great King of the desert. He put an end to the war age, he’s a legend above all legends”.

“But even so we will have to stand here and watch Kaybern annihilate the continent.

“I don’t think there’s anything Weed can do about this.”

“We are all doomed for. So, let’s enjoy ourselves, we should make good of the little time we have left.”

Every single discussion board was on the lookout for Weed, but realistically speaking, there was nothing to do about the impending destruction at the hands of the dragon.

After castle Evaluk had been set to ashes, Kaybern took off.

Despite the migration, millions of users had been present. However, those that remained numbered only several hundreds.


<Dragon’s vengeance

Dark dragon Kaybern is mobilizing in order to destroy human civilization.

The spirits and fairies are warning once again.>


“A week from now, Kaybern will head to the free city Somren.”

Next, the surprising following target was announced.

The free city Somren had high population and was a core region of the Britten alliance, no one could be unaware of its existence.

Furthermore, according to the growth rate, the cities that were potentially the following targets were also concerned.

“Even the free city Somren will be blown out of existence and that is very troublesome.”

Weed witnessed castle Evaluk being destroyed and sighed.

Within just an hour, a massive castle and city were crushed at unbelievable speed.

“If it cannot be stopped, a great city will be destroyed every week.”

Moreover, Kaybern wasn’t the only danger.

From over 50 regions over the Versaille continent, monster hordes were forming.

If monsters of various races swarmed on the cities, the damage would be unthinkable. It would be much easier to rely on the castle walls for defense, but that would mean all the farmlands will be laid to waste.

“The black dragon and monsters….”

He had no time to complete the quests in which he had made progress so far.

The sculptural Arts Final Secret technique quest had been near impossible, but now he was also responsible for the peace of the continent and his own life.




Bard Ray tread through the hidden shrieking dungeon with the holy sword of Lugh in his hand. He could hear nothing other than his own footsteps.

Just as he was about to grow bored of the creepy atmosphere, evil spirits surprised him from the walls and ceiling.

– Kyaaaah! A young and fresh human!
– I will steal your body….


Bard Ray swung the holy sword of Lu and hacked away the evil spirits.


< Gofred’s evil spirit has been vanquished. >

< Vulzag’s evil spirit has been vanquished. >


– You acquired experience.


< You have successively defeated 21 evil spirits.

Agility is increased by 1 for great combat achievement. >


He had had to complete a quest to enter the dungeon and meet the level requirement of 600. 

The evil spirits he faced could only be damaged by weapons enchanted with holy powers, and they couldn’t be vanquished unless they are attacked precisely on the heart.

‘If I stay calm I can achieve anything. I must believe in myself.’


< Reptile’s evil spirit has been vanquished. >

< Eggust’s evil spirit has been vanquished. >


– You acquired experience.


< You have obtained the evil spirit’s ring. >

< You have obtained the essence of wicked mana. >


‘I can do this.’

Bard Ray surely felt more powerful after having mastered the sword technique.

The hidden shrieking dungeon in the past had never been completed because it was dangerous, even by the Hermes guild’s standards.

If several users were to enter the dungeon simultaneously,  they would recognize one another as an enemy and so there was no meaning in sending an assault  team.

The only option was to advance alone, but the risks of dying discouraged entry.

Godly Warrior Bard Ray.

He forfeit the challenge in fear of losing the reputation burdening his shoulders.

‘Nothing can confine me now.’

A smile bloomed on Bard Ray’s face.

Now that he entered as a challenger, he had no more fear of losing his life in the dungeon.

He did not have the assistance of the royal guards of the Hermes guild nor reinforcements, but he himself was powerful.

‘Is this what it feels like to step up to a new level in the midst of danger?’

He advanced forward as he slashed away the spirits.

There were terrifying, dangerous moments, but he made rapid decisions and his body responded each time.

‘The sword is moving as if it’s a part of my body. Put faith in this power. Slash and pierce through them.’

The heightened senses that came with life and death combat drew out his best abilities. It recovered broken confidence and displayed another plane of skill.

Bard Ray thought to himself as he slaughtered the boss of the evil spirits, Reptile.

‘I am the best, once again.’

The fruitful sensation of fighting with his life on the line was reassured with the spoils.


< You have acquired a legendary transportation skill imbued with the power of lightning.

Thunder walk!

Each step you take on the ground will call down lightning and strike an enemy. >


Bard Ray swore to become stronger after having been defeated once.

He had begun the battle with Weed by dominating him. The situation turned on him and he allowed a storm of successive attacks, resulting in defeat. 

The final secret technique of the sculptural arts: Time Sculpting. When used in combination with the glove of dimensional gate, Bard Ray had stood no chance..

‘I was better than  him in terms of overall combat ability. If I prepared well for that split second… I could have survived. I had a high chance of winning if I dragged it into an extensive battle.’

He watched the video of the battle over a hundred times and analyzed it.

The disappointment after it was all over had left him truly speechless, but Weed’s movement and attacks were way too quick.

The ultimate activation of Tte devil’s gruesome blade dance made him overlook his victory and eased his mind, a considerable factor of his loss.

‘Heraim Sword technique. Its strengths are immense, but it has more weaknesses. If I knew about it in advance, I should be able to avoid or deflect it somehow half-way during the fight.’

Bard Ray simulated the battle in his head countless times for the re-match.

‘The next duel shall be prepared for and executed meticulously, by me this time.’




Yurin drew a large map in the earth palace.

Novice sculptors made chess pieces of the monsters in the region and placed them on the map. Marks were multiplying over the entire continent.

“The northern continent will soon be rendered unable to manage the upcoming danger.”

“There are too many monsters, causing dozens of users to rush out the castle gates.”

“The city hasn’t been destroyed but… There are isolated villages and the territory controlled by the monsters is expanding. More monsters are gathering in those exact locations.”

“The security of the Arpen empire is worsening. The crop damage is immense and roads are ruined in many places.”

The northern users gathered at the earth palace even before Kaybern began the destruction of castle Evaluk.

Farmers, merchants, adventurers, warriors, mages and necromancers.

Their jobs were diverse, but the majority started inMorata and were affectionate about the northern continent.

Merchant Pandal looked over the map with various monster sculptures on top, then shook his head from side to side.

“Weed-nim is putting his best efforts into hunting them down… The monsters multiplied and their armies increase in number endlessly.”

“During the time taken to vanquish one horde of monsters, several more are forming.”

“We must prepare for siege in the regions close to the monsters.”

Monsters roaming in the north.

They were forming hordes and were approaching the cities.

“Siege… Wouldn’t the people be afraid?”

“Who knows. The ones I’ve met are excited.”

Necromancer Porom seemed to be intrigued.

In Royal Road, all kinds of events take place, and a siege against monsters could be very well exhilarating.

In reality, when Morata was expanding culturally, the outskirt villages relied solely on a single wooden wall and fended off the nearby monsters.

“K-huhuhu. It’s going to be really fun.”

“On the bright side it will certainly be exciting.”

“We must hold our grounds until Weed-nim exterminates Kaybern.”

The northern users believed that with time, Weed would be able to overcome the black dragon.




The fresh provincial lords of the central continents were observing the situation.

“Aren’t the monsters increasing in numbers rather too excessively? What if my city were to be invaded? What then?”

“Well, we aren’t the closest ones to the monsters… However, the public is uneasy and i think the tax income has declined too.”

“How about we assemble some users and try subjugating the monsters?”

“Hmm. Let us assess the situation for now.”

The lords lacked their own armies, so they could be concerned but had no solution in mind.

They could be at ease if the Arpen empire provided protection, but they knew Weed was busy exterminating the monsters through the broadcasts and could not blame him.

“He is hunting day and night.”

“Did you see him riding on Wy-3, repairing his weapon and armor, and eating wheat bread?”

“He was still grinning on top of all that, though it would be very tiresome.”

Weed was doing what he loved, but to the others they could not witness a more hectic schedule.

On top of that, they wrote a separate contract when they received their positions of provincial lords.

– A is the emperor of Arpen empire, Weed.
– B is yourself who wants to become provincial lord.
– B will maintain the Arpen empire’s official tax rate for the city of his/her control.
– B will work towards city development, increase in population, technological advancement and social welfare of the users.
– The funds and labor required by B shall be rallied by his/her own power.
– B will defend against the invasion of monsters and natural disasters on his/her own.
– A is the emperor of Arpen empire.
– B may turn in the position of lord if the contract seems unreasonable.

A typical, unfair contract!

‘How does this make any sense?’

‘Isn’t this a total thief?’

‘Wow… He really pulled the blade on this one. He sure did.’

The appointed lords of the Arpen empire doubted his intentions at first, but soon accepted the reality. The army was nowhere near enough to respond to the monsters and disasters, and there were many candidates signing up for the lord positions other than themselves.

The money spent for the lord positions were all invested into the development of the Arpen empire.

The repairs on the wasted regions, castle wall constructions against the monster invasion and fortification of fortresses went underway in many places across the central continent, not only in the northern regions. 

‘Tsk. I can’t nitpick him on how he used my money since I can see the results.’

‘Well… Maintaining the official tax rate is not so bad. It’s better than me raising the rates while all the other lords have low rates, making me stand out from every other lord’

‘The official tax rate removes all the hassle.’

‘It all seems to be a basic commitment as lord… He wouldn’t possibly strip away my lord position for loitering around a bit.’

‘Funds and labor? It would be nice for the Arpen empire to assist me, but it is certain they have their hands tied. Hmm.’

The lords decided to think positively in the face of danger. The reason being that the Arpen empire did not fail them.

“If the monsters swarm in, let’s cooperate together on our own and make the best of it.”

“Surely. Let us set an example to the users. There are many that feel uncomfortable about us lords.”

The lords had no other option but to gather and win through on their own. 

On the other hand, the Black Lion guild that had taken control of half the Tulen region were in a different situation.

“Kaybern is the scary one. Monsters… We can just kill them.”

The Black Lion guild recruited the elite users again and spent their attentions on their internal affairs.

They regretted their past mistakes and put their efforts into taking care of the common users and civilians this time around.

“If we make progress, the users will gather on their own. Also, taking care of my home is my own duty.”

They thought it would not be too difficult to defend against the monsters given the guild’s power.

“We need to do well while Weed has no time to spare on us. If we are successful, the Black Lion guild can reign with great influence once again in these regions.”

“I agree to that statement.”

Dwarven warrior Vindel also agreed.

This was an opportunity to change the recessive atmosphere within the guild.

“Let’s call for the guild’s full mobilization. We have to act out. For our Black Lion guild!”

Similar thoughts also came up in the rival guilds such as the Roam, Cloud, Lionstar, and Black sword mercenary guild.

From each region, the assembled powers actively raised armies in response to the crisis brought forth by Kaybern.

“This is competition. We cannot do anything about the reign of Arpen empire, but we cannot be pushed around by other lords now, would we?”

“In the past, us Roam guild were the best in a continent. We had a good reputation compared to the other ones, too. Let’s organize defensive forces and drive out the monsters in the territory.”

“Recruit the skilled users. The Black Sword mercenary guild shall recruit a fresh load of mercenaries!”

In the central continent, some ogres transformed into small dragons and patrolled the skies.

The draconic warriors with exceptional physical capabilities and magic power, took the role of leading the monsters marching on ground level.

Armies were rising nearby in order to face the monsters.


(To be continued…)



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V53C9P1 – Hero rescuing the world

Par mimosab

Thanks to Armada & Idzuwan for the proofreading 🙂



Weed was preoccupied in the corner of the dungeon.

“Van Hawk. What do you think?”

“About what?”

“Forget it, my fault for asking a skeleton like you. You’re an empty skull head.”


Weed tried to organize his thoughts while sewing the artisan’s rainbow silk, but it did not go how he wanted.

“Torido, how about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nevermind I cannot trust the decisions of a vampire like you. Other than sucking blood, what else would you ever think about?,?”


Van Hawk and Torido.

They were the undead unfortunate enough to be continually scolded by Weed.

“*Sigh* How should I go about this?”

Weed crafted armor with blacksmith materials, and sewed new clothes in order to gather his thoughts. Despite his efforts, his concerns were not resolved so easily.

“Castle Evaluk…”

He had been hunting excitedly due to the recent increase of monsters, but now there was only a day left until Kaybern’s attack on castle Evaluk.

“Realistically, there is no way to stop him.”

He could not round up an estimate of Kaybern with just having gone through one short instance of battle.

The castle was under the attention of countless users.

If Weed were to wait bravely at the castle and face Kaybern, that would be a perfectly meaningless death!

“If the Hermes guild helps out, and the users of the entire Versailles continent were to unite… Even then, the chances are slim. Quest log.”


< The True warrior.

There are countless achievements that you have attained thus far.

You have defeated the immortal legion and travelled from one end of the world to the other.

You travelled back to the past of the Versailles continent, defeated the Ambinu cult and reached the pinnacle of the arcane sculptural technique.

You are the most famous throughout the continent and succeeded in the most dangerous commissions. 

From the city’s drunk to the young ones living in mountain villages, there isn’t a single person that does not know of you as the sculptor, adventurer and warrior Weed.

Poets created lyrics out of your adventures and sing them in the streets.

Now, the dark dragon Kaybern swore its ruthless vengeance and plunged the continent into danger.

This is the time for you to step up.

To save the continent, and defeat the dark dragon.

First, you must gather information. 

Before you valiantly draw your sword, you must get a deeper understanding of the dark dragon Kaybern.

Difficulty : S

Reward : Leads into the decision of the warrior.

Quest requirement : Hero rescuing the world

Highest adventure honor. >


“The only hope I have is this quest.”

He had received the quest from Kaybern’s rise while Weed was active as an adventurer and warrior. As the emperor of the Arpen empire he must stop Kaybern, but he was feeling the pressure before it even began.

“If I proceed with this quest, I will have to confront Kaybern in the end….”

Weed had pushed himself through many impractical quests, but each had its kindling of hope. He somehow desperately stopped the immortal legion and the Embinyu cult, but hardships just kept coming.

“Anyhow, I should take a look from castle Evaluk given the situation.”

He hadn’t a hint of thought of placing himself in any serious danger.



Yellowy rolled its innocent eyes and stared at him.

It grew consistently as the carrier following Weed around the hunting grounds. It became abnormally stronger and became bulkier in equal proportion.

“You stay here. I have a feeling Kaybern is going to make a meal out of you.”

“Thanks. Moooo.”

“Knight Serville. You rest too.”

“I understand, Master.”

He gave the human form sculptural creatures and also Yellowy some rest.

The non-human ones like Goldman and crocodile Nile were chosen to tag along.

“Van Hawk, Torido.”

They were subordinates that followed him anywhere.

“Why do you call us? Master.”

“I am here.”

Weed spread his voice with authority.

“You guys have always been loyal. Come with me.”




Castle Evaluk of Kallamore.

“Everyone gather your things and leave! There is no time!”

Lord Dain was evacuating the citizens and users.

Many lords were appointed in the Arpen empire, but castle Evaluk was one that was scheduled to be invaded by Kaybern.

Not one desired to be lord of castle Evaluk, and Dain surrendered by quitting the Hermes guild and maintained her lord position.

She broke away from the Hermes guild without any regrets after witnessing Lapei causing this entire incident with Kaybern.

“Take whatever you can carry. If there is no ownership, whoever is closest is the owner.”

“Can I take the things inside the castle?”

“Yeah. Of course! You can take them all.”

Dain chose evacuation over confrontation.

As she mindlessly scrambled around in the streets for the citizens, knight users approached her on their horses.

“Though we lack in skill, we would like to help. As users from Kalamor, we cannot overlook this situation.”

“We do not need fighters.”

Dain was popular because she was exemplary even under the Haven empire Age. Along with the rumors of her being Weed’s comrade, people that criticized her past were rare.

“It is ridiculous to go against Kaybern. Choose life over a meaningless death.”

“Are you going to let this castle and city go to waste?”

Castle Evaluk had taken many stages of development and flourished more than the capital of the Kalamor region.

Dain directly overlooked the castle and had an attachment for every building, but she wasn’t about to obsess over them foolishly.

“What’s not meant to be cannot be. Just because the city is destroyed, it does not mean that their lives end here. The continent is spacious, and they could return in the future and repair it.”

“But, what if it gets destroyed again by Kaybern?”

“We still have to live on. I learned to not give up until the very end. Life is precious like a gem which is why I do not want senseless sacrifice.”

Dain’s speech and actions were covered live through the broadcast and left a deep impression on the viewers. 

Her honor as the lord of castle Evaluk was renowned, but this broadcast worldwide displayed her true worth of character.

– Castle Evaluk is nowhere near the level of castle Aren, but for her to give it up it takes great courage.
– It seems to be a difficult decision. Wouldn’t she be regretful?
– She isn’t going to make a rash decision. She is wise.
– Giving away everything in the castle is quite impressive.
– Lord Dain was very popular among the users to begin with. Even when she was associated under the Hermes guild.

Even the broadcast hosts praised her as a wonderful individual.

“Everyone, escape. Quickly!”

Dain rushed the evacuation in person and led all the soldiers, users and civilians.

Vault doors with war supplies and food were wide open,  and she had contacted several major merchant associations in advance.

“Please lend me your horses and wagons. The northern bulls will be even better as they can carry more.”

“Who is going to fund this loan?”

“There is no money. Instead, take all the items without ownership in the lord castle. Take as much as you want before Kaybern gets here.”

The merchants pounded away at their calculators and deemed that this was a profitable transaction.

Castle Evaluk was prosperous ever since the pioneer days of Royal Road.

Countless artwork and jewelry decorated the city and thus, there were many items to collect.

“Alright. The deal is good.”

A golden opportunity for the merchants.

Even for the novice merchants that just started, this was the chance to collect loot worth thousands of gold.

Users from regions near Kalamor all swarmed in and loaded hefty in their bags and wagons.

In a few days, the picturesque castle Evaluk was uncovered entirely, leaving just the structural frames.

Marble stones and rare lumber were ripped away, as well as steel joint frames were all taken out.

“I’m a bit sad for these buildings…”

“Better than being destroyed by Kaybern. Let’s uproot the whole thing.”

The stone landmarks that were the basis of the city’s scenery were disassembled and loaded onto wagons as expensive construction materials.

“Hurry. Come!”

Dain and the volunteering users were assisting the migration.

All the doors of castle Evaluk were open, allowing the users to leave the castle freely.




“Hmm. She made a wise decision.”

Weed stared down at castle Evaluk from a mountain afar.

5 sculptural creatures followed Weed, some of them being Goldman, Bahamorg and the high elf Eltin.

“Shouldn’t we get closer? Growl.”

“It’s fine. This is just the right distance.”

“We won’t be able to get a clear view of the dragon from here.”

“That is what I aimed for. He shouldn’t not even spot us.”

Weed used the sculptural transformation technique and turned into a short-legged dwarf.

‘Kaybern’s rage is directed at humans. He didn’t touch the dwarves near his lair so it will be safe this way.’

Kaybern would not kill him as long as he stays in dwarf form and does not get on his nerves.

That was the reason why he brought the non-human sculptural creatures.

Though he couldn’t bring Yellowy because he was a tasty beef regardless of race.

“I need to gather as much information on Kaybern as possible.”

Bahamorg who overheard Weed talking to himself spoke in sincerity.

“Such courage… Is he trying to hunt down the dragon?”

“No. Wouldn’t you need to know about your enemy so you can avoid them?”

He had an S rank quest at his disposal, but he was up against a dragon this time. He couldn’t rely his back solely on the quest.

‘Even if I proceed with this quest… I need to figure out how much of a force I need to muster to fight. It’s too much to fight alone and I need to mobilize a large number of users. If it fails, the damage will be severe.’

He cannot afford to risk everything on a battle with no chance of winning.

He needed to assess if he had the odds, even if it meant pulling up a few tricks.

‘He despises humans and uses dark magic at free will. I’d say magic won’t work with him, but does he really have no weakness?’

He planned to assess everything from the very beginning.

If he were to observe Kaybern’s battle more closely, he would be able to grasp his exact abilities.

Weed waited as he sewed, and when it came to daytime, Kaybern flew towards castle Evaluk.

– Humans. Disappear without a trace!

Kaybern’s first greeting was a breath spewed from afar!

Refined corrosive breath struck castle Evaluk.

The castle gates that were barely hanging melted away instantly, and the central walls crumbled with a loud bang.

Kaybern’s breath seeped into the towns, corrupted the buildings and erected fire.

Castle Evaluk was now on high flames!

– Perish!

Kaybern raised fire magic against the castle and the city.

Users that failed to flee in time trying to fulfill their greed for fortune died out.

Dain who stayed behind wishing to share the same fate as the lord of castle Evaluk also lost her life.

– Kuuraahhh!

Kaybern flew across the sky and continued pouring magic spells on castle Evaluk.

He desired to wipe out everything so that one would not be able to make anything out of the remains.

Weed hid between a tree and a rock, watching the entire scene.

“Hmm. Extremely aggressive. He looks to be blinded by rage…”

“Is rage its weakness? Growl?”

“That is bad news. When weak fools are overwhelmed by rage, they reveal openings. However, strong guys become even more powerful.”

Users that were in proximity of castle Evaluk also lost their lives to the raining fire from the sky. The broadcast stations were conducting live coverage, and posts were rapidly being uploaded on online discussion boards of Royal Road.

– Kaybern is completely crushing the city.
– He had his way with castle Aren just like that. So it can never be revisited. It was pleasant to watch back then, but for the hope of Kalamor to be ruined like that.
– Ah… I bought a house and farm in castle Evaluk. I planted melons and blueberries and I was just waiting for the harvest. Sad.

Castle Evaluk.

Users with an affection for the Versailles continent all observed pitifully.


(To be continued…)



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V53C8P2 – The world in danger

Par mimosab

Thanks to Armada, Idzuwan & Theurgiclinkman for the proofreading 🙂


“Kukukuku. Haaargh!”

Weed was screaming while he was leading the undead.

All the money that had been released into the Arpen Empire!

– Mapan : There is a Rose Festival happening in the Free City Somren in 14 months! The local citizens are praising Emperor Weed.

“Hurry up and fight. You useless fools!”

Weed led the undead and charged through the fog forest infested with monsters.

A straight charge to the front!

Van Hawk led the death knights dressed in dark colored armor.

“Obey the overlord of death. All shall be attained through death.”

– Lemon : The users are chanting for Weed-nim! The central continent users are signing up for the Grass Porridge cult all at once.

Tears ran down Weed’s face.

Weed was sorrowful and distressed.

‘My money… Poured away like rain.’

The significant funds used up for the affairs had shaped the pillar stones of the Arpen Empire. Seoyoon’s meticulous investments created a phenomena beyond expectations.

“Are you asking me to talk about his Highness? I feel guilty even mentioning his name. He is the great adventurer, artist and emperor who looks over us.”

“How do I think about the Arpen Empire? Last year I lived under a roof with a hole in it, rain poured through and snow piled up in my room throughout the winter. For even my house that’s located in the back alleys to be repaired…  The Arpen Empire is a good place without a doubt.”

“I can’t believe it, but all the robbers disappeared! It’s because the robbers are fed well and take naps in the day time.”

“I heard rumors that the Arpen Empire is a nation for artisans. Can it be trusted? The trade goods that derive from the north are cheap but are of acceptable quality.”

“Have you tasted the crops produced from Morata? They are extremely popular nowadays and are scarce despite their expensive price. Diligent farmers invest their sweat into the rich crop lands, and Freya’s blessing over them allows us to consume them unconditionally.”

The loyalty and security of the citizens stabilized, bestowing additional beneficial effects.

The quests became more accessible for northern users that travel down to the Central Continent and artisans began the goods production for the revitalization of trade.

The Central Continent has been in decline, but there are still many developed cities.

The sudden investment of funds and the new development plans awoke the potential of the stagnant cities. Lords were appointed in most regions, but that didn’t mean all the problems were resolved. The lords had to follow the legislation of the Arpen Empire and therefore, none of them could reign like kings as in the Hermes guild of the past.

In truth, many advantages came from appointing the rich folk as lords.

The lords all visited their own cities and felt something lacking about them.  

“I want a beautiful river that flows through the center of the city.”

Construction immediately began in creating a river dissecting the city!

“Ore costs are expensive!? Then, just make a mine. Investment returns are slow despite the initial amount? Whatever. Just pay it. Where can the mine run off to?”

Massive mine field development.

“The buildings have decayed and many uninhabited homes are crumbling. I don’t want to see that… Eh. This whole region is going to be renovated.”

The city’s full-scale repair began!

In response to these projects, the gold currency rising in value on the auction sites.

Many users viewed the commercial projects run by the rich lords positively.

“Money is the best.”

“The Hermes guild was busy trying to exploit us… At least the lords are building something…”

Weed did not think poorly of the rich.  Conversely, the majority despised the displays of the rich lords’ lifestyles with eyes full of jealousy. 

‘That is because there are two kinds of rich people, those that only think of their own greed in their investments and those who think of others. The generous rich people should be respected.’

Along with that in mind, he was preparing plans to exploit those rich lords.

The so-called the 5-year lord exploitment project of the Arpen empire!

‘I can drain them good by providing them with honor, dignity and pleasure.’

The big picture was framed perfectly, but even so he was sulking over the money invested in the Arpen Empire and was taking his frustration out on hunting.


< You have defeated the monsters of the Kalua dungeon.
You have accomplished a combat achievement.
Honor has increased by 2,300.
Agility and wisdom permanently increased by 1. >


“This dungeon took exactly 3.5 hours.”

This dungeon had taken the Hermes guild 4 hours to clear on the Hall of Fame.

He completed the dungeon quicker than 50 elite users, though not ones as powerful as Bard Ray.

“First off the undead do not rest, so it’s only obvious that I can save time. I also looked up some walkthrough videos.”

He proceeded with dungeon hunting in between his spare time of the monster eradication.

The monsters roaming around the continent were of utmost priority, but the undead needed to be over a certain number for them to produce maximum efficiency!

– Seoyoon : There is a group of monsters 57 minutes away

“Okay. I got it.”

Weed while swinging his sword, also practiced using golem summoning, various curses, buffs and poison type skills.

With the elite skeletal soldiers as the base, death knights and doom knights spawned on occasion.

He would push through dungeons with a snowballing number of undeads.

He had the ability to react quickly and make decisions no matter what situation. He also has impressive control over the undead with an indomitable charisma.

– Maray : I am at Ingoten City. The citizens of this region are all praising Weed-nim.

In the midst of his hunt, he received a whisper.


– Maray : You distributed ample food and provided accommodation for 30,000 starving citizens.


– Jean : Holy… You dug a well in the nearby hunting grounds of Fortress Vargo. I was annoyed at having to return all the way to the fortress when I ran out of water. Thank you so much.


– Miretas :  I can maintain the breeding stations and greenhouses in Morata

 thanks to my skills, but your consideration of the novice players really shows through. 

Weed cried out loudly.

– Gamong : The Central continent merchants are praising Weed-nim. The placement of wagon storage stations and bulls at each city was the best decision for trade!

Tears ran like rivers down Weed’s face.



“I think it’s this way.”

“I never knew such a path existed.”

“We call this the adventure route. This is a shortcut that cuts through the mountains and forest. It is safe to tread even at night and most importantly, it’s quick.”

A famous adventurer, Chase.

He was taking Seasoned Crabs and Python along on the journey.

As honorary scouts of the Grass Porridge cult, they heard of dangerous monsters being frequently spotted from the Britten alliance.

The monsters weren’t typical such as the goblins and fierce wolves that had multiplied recently.

They received reports of large and medium sized monsters with grotesque shapes roaming around in the thousands.

Lemon of the Grass Porridge asked:

“Please, confirm the monsters’ precise numbers and combat level. The monsters are crossing the Varq mountain pass covered by the forest, so it will be difficult for the avians to aid us.”

The Britten region was just on the other end of the Varq mountain pass.

SeasonedCrabs and Python thought nothing peculiar would happen, but decided to check anyway because it was a troubled time.

‘Shall we take a little walk? It’s better than going on a hunt with Weed.’

‘I want to rest for now.  Soak in the world’s scenery.’

Despite the large increase of northern users, the population density of central users was dominant.

They were even gathered near the edge of the Garnav plains, so they came along with SeasonedCrabs, Python and the adventurer Chase to Varq mountain pass.

Python observed the thick forest and spoke.

“It seems quiet, like nothing is there.”


Chase laid his finger over his lips.

Bulky Python crouched low and asked in a low voice.

“Why? Is there something there?”

“It’s not that, but there is a strange feeling?.”

“Strange feeling?”

“There is a skill called the adventurer’s sense. When I am in dangerous locations, I get shivers down the spine. However, right now…”

“How do you feel?”

“It feels cold like I’m frozen.”

Python quietly shut his mouth and prepared his hands on the broadsword.

Chase skimmed the surroundings and SeasonedCrabs slid through the shadows.

“I’ll take a look around.”

“It will be dangerous.”

“I will be careful not to be discovered. I’m confident in escaping from anywhere, so do not be concerned.”

Assassin SeasonedCrabs moved without making any noise from his footsteps.

He did not see anything abnormal in a few dozen meters nearby.

‘Nothing much… But I must look further.’

He found small animals such as squirrels, and bird nests on tree branches. He advanced further and saw a ravine below mountain pass.

Seasoned Crabs doubted his own eyes at first.

He witnessed blue skinned lizard men swarming,  hopping towards the West.


He thought of getting in close to observe, but he also caught a glimpse of draconic warriors among the crowd of monsters.

‘Dragonoids. That must mean they are Kaybern’s immediate forces?’

He heard more bizarre noises from the skies.



Strange creatures looking like a chimera of a human and a bird were flying around.


A malignant creature recorded in the history books of the Versaille continent. 

No user had the chance to face the creature ever in the creation of Royal Road.

– Mothmen are monsters with the form of a devil and human combined.

It has high intelligence and loves to use magic.

It swallows living creatures whole…

He knew of this creature because it was mentioned in various parts of the historical transcripts.

A war broke out between the human kingdoms and supposedly sealed all mothmen, in deep darkness. Now, they had been freed by Kaybern.

Seasoned Crabs finished scouting and returned quietly to his comrades.

“Monsters related to Kaybern are on the move. Quite significant in numbers. There are a lot of them with just a quick glance, and I suspect their numbers are over ten thousand. There are powerful ones like mothmen among them.”

“As I expected.”

Chase nodded his head, then continued.

“Even on our side, we received news a moment ago. We heard that a huge wave of monsters are moving from the dwarven kingdom Thor. 

“From Thor?”

“Yes. They are ignoring the dwarves and are on the move to the nearby cities.”

Monsters were actively on the move in all parts of the continent.

They were headed towards the cities, descending from Thor with lots of mountain terrains and every other massive mountain passes in the central continent.


(To be continued…)



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V53C8P1 – The world in danger

Par mimosab

Thanks to proofreaders for their time improving this part: Armada, evilsanta1423, Arvin and Idzuwan 🙂


A wyvern’s screech rang out.

Wy-Il flew through the sky with frightening screams. Pale who was riding on his back had to duck further against the heavy winds.

“Let’s go slowly.”

– No. Master said fly faster. I’ll get scolded if I fly slow.

Wy-Il was flying excitedly since it had been a while since he last took a human on a flight.


Pale logged on to Royal Road after he died to Kaybern. The moment he logged in, Weed’s whisper arrived.

– Weed : The continent has fallen in danger. If peace is broken, the novice players will perish rather than people like us with high levels.

Indeed, Pale was concerned throughout the time he was unable to login due to Kaybern.

Pale asked in a voice of resolve.

“So, what do you need me to do?”

– Weed : Hunting. I will entrust Wy-Il to you. Getting rid of just one more monster will protect the novice players. That includes monsters in the northern villages too.

“I have many close friends in the north. I will protect them with my life.”

From that day, he hunted day after day!

Romuna, Surka, Python, Seasoned Crab.

It was not just them, but a large number of users participating in the hunt.

Geomchi3 and the apprentices logged onto Royal Road without much thought.

“Fights will be so much more interesting now that there are more monsters.”

“I’m gonna train a few skills… Become stronger and duke it out with the black lizard.”

“My heart pounded when we fought against the lizard.”

The devil’s touch had reached them as well.

– Weed : Brothers. I arranged a blind date with the Bamboo Shoot Porridge battalion.


“Youngest one! What can we do without you?”

Through Yurin, he sent them photos of the Bamboo Shoot Porridge users. Truthfully, the female users accepted the blind date half-heartedly as a joke, but there were differences in perspective.

“This person will be the other half of my life.”

“So, the one really did exist in this world!”

“Keuk. I had dropped sweat and blood all to meet this woman…”

They had fallen in love with just a few pictures.

– Weed : However, the continent is in danger and there’s a chance that these women could die to the monsters.


“No, how could such tragedy…”

“Hell no. Not even if my eyes are carved out… Such a thing can never occur.”

“My relationships were always like this. They were all short-straws when I thought it was finally going to work out!”

– Weed : It would be great if there was someone to protect these delicate Bamboo shoot Porridge users…

“I will kill them. Them monsters!”

“Gather all the boys up. We are going now!”

Geomchi3 and the apprentices emitted an aura more menacing than ogres, mobilizing the central continent users under the bull legion.

The users of the bull legion also could not forget the exhilarating chase of the Hermes guild, and the high-level users were not about to step down from a hunt.

“We need to make progress at moments like this. When else would we have the opportunity?”

“Let’s row when the tide’s coming in. If we are lucky, we can appear on broadcast.”

They started out lightly but began to overwork themselves along with the spawn of more monsters.

The northern users of level 100 to 200 were active hunters but were unable to stop the monsters from growing in numbers.

The monsters gathered in uninhabited grasslands, mountains and forests.

If not extinguished, it was only logical that they will multiply to an uncontrollable scale and swarm the cities.

“K-uhhhhhh. I worked so hard, but no one recognized my assistance.”

Petrov roamed around the Garnav plains and retrieved drawings.

The surroundings were still full of vestiges of battle, but some locations were abnormally untouched.

< Petrov’s watercolor scenic painting. >


The drawings inscribed on the earth distorted the area slightly.

He spread them out and criss crossed the directions a bit, slowing down the pace of the Haven imperial army.

He had conducted this interference when 20 legions mobilized with Weed as the target, and also when the main Haven army was on the retreat from Kaybern.

He could buy only a short period of time, maybe 3 to 5 minutes. However, that could have played a vital role in the war, though no one realized his doings.

“I did a good deed, so I can put it behind me.”

Petrov grinned in bitterness and retrieved his drawings.

He observed massive scale combat in the Garnav plains battle.

Sculptors of the north and central continent that were inspired from these battles had begun huge projects.

– Title : Sculptors gather around. We are collaborating for the world’s largest project ever.

Garnav War!

Recruiting members for sculpting the war between the great Arpen Empire versus the pathetic and dishonorable Haven kingdom.

This piece that will be created on the Garnav plains will involve sculpting approximately 100,000 sculptures of the valiant northern users, the loyal central continent users, the Hermes guild and the imperial army.

Shouldn’t we sculpt the moment of the world’s transformation to be recorded in the history of Versailles continent?

We are hoping to recruit at least 2,000 sculptors.

There will be a lot of effort required, so users of different job classes with an interest in sculpting may also contact us.

The Chicken Porridge battalion of the Grass Porridge Cult, the Mapan association and the Gamong association will be sponsoring this project. Basic meal plans will be provided.

The grand dream of sculptors!

The sculptors of the north and Rhodium underwent preparations for an impressive collaborative project.

“I will also create a piece of art.”

Petrov was also preparing for the next painting.

“Flaming Meteor Summon falls… People gather, then Weed in the midst of various battles. Even the undead and the duel with Bard Ray.”

The paintings were based off true events, but the paintings need to have dynamic expressions of the action.

He thought the 30 or so paintings that he was about to create would be laid down as the history of the Versaille continent.

“I should join up with Weed-nim after I am done with this. There must be something a painter can contribute to defeating Kaybern.”




Silver Ring, Ben, Elix.

Being famous adventurers, they did not make their way to Garnav.

They went by their first principles, not to participate in the war between users.

“Kaybern has awakened.”

“That’s a real evil dragon, that one.”

“There is commotion everywhere because of that thing.”

They were pure adventurers since the pioneer days of Royal Road. Therefore, they knew a lot of information that no one else could. 

They roamed the continent at free will and heard the stories of the civilians residing in areas nearby the dragon’s nest. They also obtained some transcripts from the dungeons. 


< The dragon’s nest. >

< Unknown secrets about the dragon. #19 >

< Observations on the dragon. >


These were information that they hogged early before any other user.

“Isn’t it impossible to defeat a dragon?”

“Who knows… If it’s Weed, wouldn’t he have a sliver of chance?”

“I’d say he isn’t capable. Not with just strength. The dragon has an indomitable ability.”

“There will be other ways to defeat it. From the live footage, it seems that Kaybern also battles rather recklessly.”

Conflicting opinions created a divide evenly amongst the Shadows of Earth party.

They also had thoughts of challenging the quest related to the dragon, but not this instant.

In truth, they were around the late 400s in levels. They were mediocre individually.

They were caught up maxing out the adventure skills such as trap install and dismantling, map navigating and digging.

Elix let out a shallow sigh.

“In any case, the continent will become a wreck. Cities will crumble and users will get massacred.”

“That doesn’t matter to us, does it? I’m already busy going around doing quests and dungeons. The world is vast and there are many quests that have not been challenged yet. We can also set sail on a boat and go out to the far seas.”

Ben’s words did not comfort Elix’s deep concern reflected on his face.

“Still, you want to relax at the city and have a bottle of beer. It’s also nice to watch others living a joyful, worry-free life.

“Mmm. I do agree to that.”

There was a reason for the Shadow of Earth party not intervening in the war between other influential forces.

They loved adventure itself, but suffered greatly due to the power struggle between prestigious guilds.

The walls and structures of the long-visited city were destroyed. They did not want to witness any more users collapsed on the ground sighing in grief.

Ben thought for a moment and spoke out.

“What if we challenge Kaybern’s quest?”

“The quest?”

“We acquired some information long ago pertaining to Kaybern. We buried it away because it was related to the dragon.”

“Ah. That’s right. It does exist.”

Silver ring and Elix dug into their memories.

< The evil dragon’s secret plan. >


They got a hold of an old, thin book some time ago. No one knew anything about dragons in the pioneer days of Royal Road.

They realized that there was a high possibility of the evil dragon turning out to be important in the future, so they had stored it away in the vault.

Elix smiled brightly.

“Indeed. It is uncertain that the answers we seek will be in the text, but I agree on starting with any leads.”

“Yes. I think it may be too early and a bit dangerous for us to be starting now, but Kaybern is already awake. But, Ben. Why did you suddenly change your mind?”

“Maybe because… Weed will most likely attempt to stop Kaybern?”

Ben referred back to their adventures of having chased the tracks left by Weed in their exploration, after being referred to as the best adventurers.

“I think he will never give up on anything. No matter what kind of quest, he never forfeited and took his time to complete it.”

“That is also how he took out the Embinyu cult.”

“He is challenging the impossible. The reason for his fame and respect as an adventurer. So, why don’t we compete against him, with the dragon as the objective?”

The impossible adventure, competition!

These words lit a fire in the hearts of Elix and Silver Ring.

In the pioneer days of Royal Road, they traveled day and night in their discovery of new cities, dungeons, and terrains.

They roamed the east and north before any other adventurer found routes.

They had visited way before the development of Morata and the establishment of the Arpen Kingdom.

They remembered the excitement and exhilaration from expeditions of the unexplored wilderness.

Ben grinned.

“We were tailing him until now, but now we are on fair grounds with the dragon as the goal. He has fame and his forces, but we have experience and information. If we succeed with the quest, it will also be a good deed for the continent.”

“That’s right.”

“I agree with that wholeheartedly.”

The Shadows of Earth party connected well with one another. If it weren’t for that, they would not have been able to chase after the most difficult adventures and quests.

“Let’s not fall behind Weed this time.”

“Then, let us take off now.”



(To be continued…)




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V53C7P2 – Tormented Weed

Par mimosab

Thanks to proofreaders for their time improving this part: Armada, Arvin and evilsanta1423 🙂


The northern users were on their way back to Morata after the end of the battle on Garnav plains.

“I can see various animal tracks.”

“Could it be dangerous?”

“I have no idea. According to the news, there was a huge increase in the population of monsters.”

The northerners moved as a group with a minimum of a hundred people.

This was after the news of multiplying monsters due to Kaybern’s activity, and high-level users were among these groups.

“Everyone, just trust me. Haha. I am Hegel of the Black Lion Guild.”

Hegel inspected the tracks on the ground and smiled confidently.

“These are just wolf tracks. The wolves that spawn around this area are around level 200. The ones with white fur are 300s, but I can defeat them all.”

“Oh. Really?”

“Of course. Wolves are a piece of cake… I can handle up to several of them. If they appear, I will hunt them down and distribute the fur to everyone.”

There was a reason for Hegel’s confidence.

From level 100 to 200 he had tediously hunted down wolves.

The reason being was that the wolves in the Tulen region had very specific characteristics. He knew well the traits of wolves and how to hunt them.

‘I’m not who I once was, so they should die relatively easily. I think.’

Nide, the thief with significantly higher level than him was by his side, so there was nothing to be afraid about.

“By the way, Hegel. There’s a lot of wolf tracks here. They’re strangely steep too.”

Nide spoke after having carefully investigated the footprints. Being a thief, he wasn’t as good at investigating tracks like adventurers, but he had a good eye for details.

“Still, they’re just wolves.”

“Yeah, but…”

“It’s fine. It isn’t just us here in the first place.”

“I mean, I guess it’s fine.”

Hegel and Nide turned to the rear.

They had been moving ahead of the group, and they could see several groups of users following them in sight.

As they got closer to Morata, more northerners were gathering.

“I can see many central continent users as well.”

“They should be curious of Morata too.”

“Whoo…. Big bro Weed is really something.”

Hegel noticed that every time he boasted about his friendship with Weed, he could see the sparkling eyes of the girls.

The night before on their camping out in the fields, users gathered around them.

“Pale-nim and most of the other comrades became provincial lords. Aren’t you going to apply for the Arpen empire lord position, Hegel-nim?”

“K-hmm. I have no desire for lord position.”

That wasn’t true.

He desperately wanted to become a lord, but no one appointed him.

“Do you meet with Weed-nim often?”

“Yes. I see him every day. Did I mention that I used to eat out with him?”

His popularity was at its peak!

A bulky barbarian warrior approached with a grin.

“Huh-huh-huh. This dagger ain’t too shabby. Would you like to take one?”

“A void dagger? That’s an advanced item.”

“Since you are a comrade of Weed-nim, I would like to offer this as a souvenir.”

There were users more famous and higher in level, but all respected Hegel.

‘I am not who I was a while ago.’

Hegel had pride believing that he fought valiantly until the final moments in the battle of Garnav plains.

He extracted his sword and charged at the 3rd legion, worried that he would die in vain. However, it seemed that all the luck in his lifetime was granted that day.

A wolf howl ripped through the air.

“It can be dangerous for the novice players, so let us step up.”

“Alright. I was getting bored anyway.”

The ones out of the northerners over level 250 with confidence against the wolves sprang to the front.

“Wolf hunts are exciting.”

“Yeah… Gotta keep your guard up.”

“Nide. Let’s dash in there.”

“Shall we?”

The central continent users that were more capable in comparison thought of this situation as a small enjoyment, but things began to shift.

Beyond the fields were swarms of wolves streaming in continuously.

“What is all that?”

“There are large monsters too.”


They were giants over 4 meters tall driving the wolves with the swing of their whips.

“You can only find those in dungeons.”

“Wolf wardens. They have exceptional physical defense traits, capable of firing arrows and buffing the wolves.”

“That many wolves?”

“Damn. We can’t outrun them on the fields. This could turn out into a massacre.”

The users were turning pale. Skilled users quickly joined from the rear groups.

“We must defend. Let the novice players fall back.”

“More reinforcement are on their way. If we hurry, we can save many users.”

Except for those over level 300, the rest decided to escape.

As they were finalizing the moment.




A scream burst from the skies and something pierced through the clouds, travelling at fearsome speed.

“It’s a mons… No, a wyvern.”

“That’s Wy-3!”

The archer with keen eyes shouted.

Simultaneously, all the users glanced up to the sky, Wy-3 the mascot of the north was plunging.

“There’s a man on it.”

“A man, could it be…?”

“I think that’s him.”

Weed’s whereabouts were being tracked live by the broadcast station.

It was said on the news that he was hunting down the monsters in the north on Wy-3, but for him to appear at this location!

“Weed-nim. Over here. Right here!”

“Kyaah. I’m a fan!”

“Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge.”

“Hurray for Arpen empire!”

Users forgot all about their tension with the monsters and waved wildly.

“Weed-hyung. Hegel is over here!”

“Nide is here as well.”

Hegel and Nide tried to greet him, but they were drowned out by the crowd of users.

The arrow fired by Weed from on top of Wy-3 travelled down like a ray of light and struck directly onto the wolves.

The wolves were either burnt alive or were frozen solid.


“From such a far distance…”

“His attack is so powerful.”

The crowd couldn’t cease to be amazed.


The wolf corpses burst like tide currents, leading to sequential explosions.

– The grudges of the dead do not fade away and they rise to destroy the life and land in this area.

Corpse Chain Explosion!

The destruction from the corpse explosion spread and detonated the entire area.

Moments after, skeletons rose from the grounds!

They were enveloped in violet auras, the effects of the death aura.

As the power of the dead accumulated, the basic phase of death aura was enabled.

“The overlord commands us. Slaughter them.”

“Fight until your bones come apart. You slowpokes!”

Skeletons sprinted with swords and shields in hand and slaughtered the wolves in a threatening fashion.

They ran at similar speed as the wolves and were in a systematic formation under the command of Van Hawk.

They were on an outright massacre of the tens of thousands of wolves that had appeared in the fields.

“So amazing.”

“A necromancer’s combat power is on this level?”

“Weed-nim is the best in Royal Road. That’s why he can fight this well.”

“It’s truly fearsome.”

The users were all observing blindly without any thoughts of fighting.

The undead were fighting well on their own, and soon after that the baraag army showed up and roasted the land.

It was a spectacular display of combat tactics!

The users waved and praised him.

“Weed-nim. You are the best!”

“God of War, Weed!”

“Thank you for your investments into the continent.”

“You spent a fortune, and I apologize for having misjudged you! You are magnificent!”

“Weed-nim is awesome, spending all his money into investment!”


Weed channeled a magic spell furiously.

“You all shall be sacrificed. I offer my body and call forth darkness onto this land… All that in existence shall disappear.”

Great Extinction.

He used a magic spell  instantaneously, a most destructive spell sacrificing health points and mana.

He could easily wipe out the wolves with just the undead, but he bombarded attacks out of frustration.


< 10 health points remaining. >

< 10 mana points remaining. >

< Overstrain of magic use has surpassed the physical limitations. You possess high endurance and perseverance.
Maximum health and mana points are increased permanently by 20.
Mana recovery rate is reduced by 32% for 48 hours. >


He drove thousands of wolves into their demise, using 120,000 health points and 80,000 mana all at once with the use of a single spell.


< 3 health points have been absorbed. >

< 2 mana points have been absorbed. >

< 5 health points have been absorbed. >

< 1 mana points have been absorbed. >



The effects of death aura.

Health and mana points were supplied consistently by the skeletons conducting battles.

Even with the recovery, Weed’s combat tactics were not like this.

He likes high speed hunting, but he would never spend health and mana with such inefficiency.

It was pure frustration!

He was venting out his anger on the wolves clustered on the ground.

“That’s sick. So overpowered.”

“Wow… He’s the apex of necromancers.”

“Weed-nim displays something new every time he gets hands-on.”

“Being that powerful and composed is why he can invest that much into the Arpen empire.”

“The rich are different. Even one good act for the people involves a free-handed spending.”

“Save penny after penny to pour all of it for a single moment.”


Weed’s remaining rational conscience turned into a state that even made Half Sauce Half Fried [the name of his and Seoyoon’s chicken pet] unrecognizable.

“You all shall be sacrificed. I offer my body and call forth darkness onto this land… All that in existence shall disappear.”

He channeled the Great Extinction towards the users!


< Insufficient health and mana points for activating the magic spell. >

Fortunately, a catastrophe was interrupted in its tracks frankly due to a lack of mana.


(To be continued..)




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V53C7P1 – Tormented Weed

Par mimosab

Thanks to all of you who support this project and to the proofreaders who take some of their free time to be sure you’ll like the next translation (this week: Armada, Idzuwan, & Arvin) 🙂

it seems the 58th volume will be the last one, so we still have a long way!


Seoyoon constructed defensive fortifications against monsters all across the continent and launched the reconstruction of all the deprived cities.

The person in charge of all government activity and spending was Weed.

She was just making investments as a representative of Weed. 

The citizens of the Arpen empire, the people residing in the north and central continent began chattering.

“Have you heard that the benevolent emperor Weed has untied his golden pouch for us? They say he has endless fortune and thus, he spends it for our well being!”

“Of course… His majesty is the most honorable in all of the continent. There were false rumors about his manipulative evil powers… I don’t believe that.”

“I can understand why our empire is growing. A nation that emphasizes in technology is meant to grow significantly.”

“You’re an architecture major? You have to move hastily. This entire continent is a construction zone!”

“You should be grateful that you’re living in the Arpen empire.”

“Sewer maintenance! That never happened how many times we put in a request. The last time there was a major flood muddy water flooded into the streets. This time, his majesty has committed to it. I didn’t think he’d grant the request from such a small outskirt village…”

“Do you all know of Han’s child living in a hut deep in the forest? He needed surgery on his eyes… His majesty provided for his surgery fees. What a miracle. The citizens of Ritten will all obey his majesty. We are thinking of participating in the fort construction.”

The citizens of the central continent had a change in attitude and were now praising the Arpen empire. Normally, a small release of money into domestic affairs usually did not make citizens too satisfied.

An enormous amount of money was spent, enough to get rid of all anxiety, nervousness and fear all at once!

Even the thugs living in back-alleys with almost no security spoke.

“The Arpen empire is the boss.”

“Yeah. We gon’ live on for Weed, his majesty.”

“Unconditional obedience is an honorable thing.”

“I can’t trust my own father, but I can trust Emperor Weed.”

Users of the northern and central continent were thrown off by what the citizens were talkingabout.

“What? Just how much did he invest?”

“Seems to be a bigger fuss than when Weed-nim completed an S-rank quest.”

“I heard from my friends in another region, and there has been investments in practically all the cities and villages. Apparently, things have changed in my homeland as well.”

“For the great landmarks to be constructed, that is amazing. Great landmarks… When they were constructed in Morata, people went crazy for them.”

“It’s not just here. My friends tell me that there is a great landmark being constructed in all major cities of the continent.”

“At every major city?”

“Yeah. Investment has begun all across the Arpen empire’s territory.”

The northern users were cheering madly. However, the large-scale investment this time around was shocking news to many users. This was only a few days after the battle of the Garnav plains had ended. 

For such a massive investment to happen while the Arpen empire’s territory was still expanding out in the central continent and while Kaybern was wreaking havoc!

“To be honest… This is now at a point where we can’t say anything about Weed-nim making some profit of his own.”

“So, this lord recruitment was his grand scheme for an upright Arpen empire. I fought for no meaningful cause. I just fought because I hated the Hermes guild. I had no idea that things would turn out this way.”

“So, the northerners praising Weed-nim wasn’t for nothing. I mocked the Grass Porridge Cult for taking his side even after people were buying out their lord seats. Turns out the dumb one was me.”

“At this scale, couldn’t he have used up all the money gained from recruiting lords?”

“No way… He should have reserved some.”

“I think the guy is right. There isn’t a place that’s unchanged. A man needs to go on a loan for this much investment.”

The central continent users were deeply touched.

Now that they were associated not under the Haven empire, but instead the Arpen empire, the official tax rate had been reduced to a tenth of what it used to be.

“Everything is perfect.”

“Ever since the Arpen empire conquered the central continent, it turned into a livable place.”

“The difference is like the earth and the sky. It’s that much.”

Kaybern’s existence was a concerning threat, but the investment from the Arpen empire wiped out all worries.


< The Arpen empire is making a leap into the golden age. 

Emperor Weed’s investment has brought out the empire’s potential in production.

Construction has reached a level never seen before with renovation everywhere from the damp sewers to the scout towers on tall forts. 

New architectural styles and construction methods can be researched.

The loyalty of all citizens of the empire is increased by 79.

National reputation is increased by 32.

10% bonus effect on the production of goods.

Architectural technology advancement is improved. Taller, larger buildings can be constructed.

Culture will expand more rapidly.

The political relations with other nations are improved.

Other kingdoms may offer gifts on occasion.

Reputation of aristocrats and knights is increased and elegance is permanently increased by 2.

The effects of legislative buildings are now added 50%.

The production rate of goods by artisans is increased and additionally contribute to the regional reputation.

Chances of bandits spawning due to the unstable security is reduced.>

< The blessings of friendly gods are applied.
Freya, Lugh, Batali, and Minne bestow the god’s blessing over the Arpen empire. >


A golden age in the history of the Arpen empire!

Message alerts kept popping up on screen for Weed who had continued to roam the hunting grounds with the undead.


< Your name is spreading all across the Arpen empire as the respected emperor.
Reputation is increased by 132,500.
Charisma, elegance and charm are increased permanently by 18.
Your title changed to ‘A generous king who gives his all’.
The loyalty of knights accumulate quicker. >

< Citizens of the Malzain village wish for the well being of the Emperor.
Reputation is increased by 861.
Honor is increased by 2. >

< The free knight Tartaros swears his loyalty.
He is eager to teach you the sword technique passed down in his family. >

< The Pugel village wishes for the Emperor’s health… >

< The trades city of Zenota hosts a party for the Emperor… >

< The Maltan village is hosting a celebration party for the Emperor… >


“What is this?”

The message alerts were endless even though he was in the hunting grounds.

“Is this some kind of error?”

Weed observed the stats like honor, elegance, charisma and charm increasing consistently though they were not related to combat.


< Boron village hosts an art exhibition for the emperor. 

Art is increased by 1. >


Even the art stat!

Weed felt like he was struck on the back of his head.

“So this is what it’s like to be emperor.”

An empire’s leader was such a pleasant position. He could stand idle and his honor would increase and infamy would decrease all on their own. Stats were improved in the same way.

“Authority is really something. Bard Ray had all this to himself until now.”

Many important tips were released due to the growth of the users, but some extremely great tips will be kept away intentionally. These were positive elements that could only be discovered by becoming the emperor or the king.

“I wonder how many stats Bard Ray gained from this.”

Weed felt very envious, but in truth Bard Ray was not privileged with any significant benefits.

Despite ruling the central continent, his reputation was too low and he gained little honor or stats.

Instead, whenever a Hermes guild member caused trouble, his infamy stacked up. The effects of his job class as the dark knight resulted in more complaints and discontentment from the knights and citizens.

Bard Ray on individual terms had suffered a loss in a way.

“Anyway… How much gold did you invest?”

Weed intentionally did not ask after he left Seoyoon in charge of affairs, until now.

He didn’t want to seem like a cheapskate.

“Should I ask? Or should I let it go? Hmm… I am really curious though.”

While the undead were clearing the dungeon, the thought did not leave his mind.

“Van Hawk. Don’t slack and run! Torido, your wings seem to be slower in bat form. Seville and Gernika. You both need to be more aggressive!”

He scolds them badly but still couldn’t relieve his curiosity.

When he truly wanted to know about something, he would often spend sleepless nights.

Especially when it involves a huge fortune of money!

Weed was hesitant in his whisper to Seoyoon.

“Did you finish with the affairs?”

– Seoyoon : Yes. The basics anyway.

“Good job. You went through all the trouble. I think the response is great.”

– Seoyoon : I am glad.

“How much did you invest anyway?”

Weed hoped that the spending would estimate around 500 to 600 million gold. He would have been able to dream about spending so much in the past.

‘I’ve grown some guts over the years.’

In the times of Arpen kingdom, he reinvested all the income from the north. Although he constructed many things like the great landmark, he repaired living spaces with shanty town and did not construct any castle walls nor forts.

He reduced the production costs of city construction to a tenth and only expanded in areas absolutely necessary.

‘Money slips away when you use it. It remains if you don’t.”

He had invested diligently until this moment and was thinking about collecting soon.

– Seoyoon : All of it.

“All, all of it?”

– Seoyoon : Yes. I used it all up.

Weed felt a shudder travel through his entire body.

‘The tremendous fortune in my pocket has been sprinkled all over the world?’

The feeling of loss and emptiness was greater than the pride from a righteous deed. He thought rationally, that he had misunderstood her.

“Ah… You mean that you used up all the income from the Puhol waterpark cottages. I misunderstood you because you missed out on the details.

– Seoyoon : We used that all up last time, and all of the lord duty fees this time.

“R, really?”

– Seoyoon : You collected duty fees in order to invest in the development.


Of course he did say such things.

‘A good thing is good for the other… I just said that as an excuse to exploit for some money. Every merchant on average uses these lies.’

He wasn’t as devastated even when Kaybern appeared. Not even when he had to stop the immortal legion, nor the time the volcano erupted at Jigolath. At this very moment though, he could not move a finger due to the shock.

“All that money…”

– Seoyoon : I think the essential and important investments are taken care of. The people are really satisfied.

Weed lost all motivation as if suffering from a bad cold. His arms and legs trembled and his fingers did not fold properly.

“Yes. Of course… The people would love it for sure. They will run around screaming.”

His mind would not be this clouded even after hunting all day 30 hours straight.

– Seoyoon : I constructed forts as well. It would defend against the army of monsters before any significant damage can occur.

“Yeah… Of course you built forts too. You used all that money. For sure.”

– Seoyoon : I also took care of the old forgotten projects of the cities in the central continent. I could not cover all of them, but I prioritized on the ones that would result in the highest return. You’ll be able to see triple the results after a month.

“Yeah I would. Maybe…”

Weed was drenched deep in a sense of loss. A loss in the battle against Bard Ray would not have felt this tragic. A streak of failures on S-rank quests will not feel like such.

Money, money, money.

Money, the source of all temptations had left him without him even witnessing its existence.

The industrialized cities displayed impressive production capabilities. The northern region as a whole was concentrated on crop and agricultural production, but the exceptional artisans were mostly in the central continent. If the investment results in remarkable improvement to the Arpen empire, the revenue will once again flow back to Weed.

Rationally, it could be taken as a good investment, but in the spur of the moment he felt overwhelmed by thoughts of dejection.

“Yes. I got it. I am busy now, so let’s talk later.

– Seoyoon: Okay. I will look after the affairs a bit more.

“Is there any money left after spending it all?”

– Seoyoon : Someone sent 84,000 gold from Morata just now.


The big fortune had left, but a small fish came in.

It was pocket change compared to 9 billion gold, but it brought a bit of warmth to the corner of his heart!

– Seoyoon : I will also invest this money into the regional development.

“Even that precious, honest gold…”

– Seoyoon : You seem to be discontent. Did I do something wrong?”

“No. I am really grateful… I mean it. I really, really appreciate it.I’m busy hunting, so I will contact you later.”

– Seoyoon : Call me anytime.

Weed ended the whisper with Seoyoon and assembled his subordinates.




A long silence.
Yellowy cowered in anticipation.
He knew that it was time for his foul master to begin his scolding!

(To be continued…)



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V53C6P2 – Grand-scale Investment

Par mimosab

Thanks to all proofreaders who helped on this part: Armada, Idzuwan, & Arvin 🙂


Calcus, the slaughterer of the Hermes guild!

In the real world, he was a full-time gamer by the name of Jong-sung Lee.

After the loss at the battle of Garnav plains, he refused to go outside of his house for a few days. He watched the Arpen empire’s lord appointment through the broadcast and became envious.

“Weed. That chap is going all-out for himself. Just how much is he trying to make?”

Jong-sung Lee devoted himself to posting toxic comments on the discussion board.

– Looks like Weed is going to become rich by selling lord positions. There is a divide between those who fought alongside him and those who are profiting out of this. Come to your senses. We’ve all been used.

His heart fluttered for the few seconds he had to wait for other users to respond to his toxic comment.

– This guy is right. Can we really say that Weed is better than the Hermes guild even after all this?
– They’re all the same.
– I didn’t think things would unfold like this from the start… I think we all had too big of a fantasy about Weed.


Unlike usual, the response to the comment was positive. With that in mind, half were against his comment.

– Definitely better than the Hermes guild.
– Bluntly speaking… I have complaints of my own, but the situation needs to play out a bit more.
– He is creating the Arpen empire official legislation. The provincial lords won’t be able to exercise power at will, so things will not change much from how it currently is.
– He is entitling the administrators.
– The Hermes guild never treated people like us as equal human beings.
– Did anyone get killed because they were feeling uncomfortable? I was killed because I was ugly, apparently.

Jong-sung Lee felt joy just for a moment watching the strings of comments.

Unlike in the past when he used to swing through the central continent after logging on to Royal Road, he now had to stay put in the Haven territories.

He felt loads better about himself after posting toxic comments rather than sulking in defeat like the other Hermes guild members.

He moved from one discussion board to another and posted diligently.

– Kaybern is going to destroy the entire Versaille continent.
– Who is gonna stop dark dragon Kaybern now? Weed? He’s busy doing his own thing. Yeah. Busy trying to stash away some for himself.
– There is a saying, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.” I think the days when the Hermes guild ruled were really the best.
– I can’t wait to see Weed die…
– This is why you need power. Popularity? It’s a bubble under true power.

*Ring ring!*

In the middle of his intensive posts of toxic comments, his cellphone rang.

I wonder? Did they discover that it was me?’

He took the call anxiously, but the call turned out to be from a writer in CTS media.

– We are holding a discussion meeting in regards to the current lord appointment. Do you have any interest in participating?

It was normal for the high-level users of the Hermes guild to appear on broadcast frequently.

“Ah… I need to discuss that with the guild beforehand.”

– We are bound by time as this broadcast was organized urgently.

“I will get back to you as soon as possible.”

– We would really like you to be on cast. We need someone as famous as Calcus-nim.

“I will do my best to gain a favourable response.”

Jong-sung Lee frantically received permission from the executive counsel through the Hermes guild communication network. Lapei and the counsel believed that there was more than enough reasons to criticize Weed’s method of appointing the provincial lords.

Jong-sung Lee appeared on broadcast and criticized excitedly.

“How long do I think the Arpen empire is going to last? I anticipate that it’s going to be shorter than that of the Haven empire. The people are turning away already.”




Arpen empire

An empire with massive territory spanning over the center and the north of the Versailles continent. It boasts its vast territory, but much of the northern region has not been developed, and it was only recently that it had conquered the Central continent. The national reputation of the Arpen empire has already spread across the continent. The citizens of the central continent are anxious and are also looking for an opportunity.

“Arpen empire… I think it’s nothing compared to the Haven empire that used to be strict and fearsome. National security is unstable? I bet stirring up some large-scale bandit hordes  makes better money than farming.”

“Let’s banish the soldiers! This is our land!”

“The monsters have multiplied… It’s dangerous. Can Arpen empire truly protect us?”

More than the reputation of the Arpen empire was emperor Weed’s fame as an adventurer and artist. The communication between the north and central continent was weak, resulting in inconvenience for trades and travels. One must go through many hordes of monsters.

The army of the Arpen empire was seriously lacking for the protection over a huge territory.

The northern citizens and central citizens had entirely different personalities.

“The Arpen empire is an amazing place. My mom said so, and I think so too.”

“Many villages settled, then people start to gather shortly and cities are built. In Arpen, you can do anything. If you want to realise your dreams, hurry on and start.”

“If you want to ride an awesome boat, go to Port Varna. A boat with 36 open sails is heading out to sea. There are also pirate treasures and countless legends waiting.”

The northern citizens paid undivided loyalty, however the central citizens did not open up to the Arpen empire.

“The Arpen empire will take everything that is ours. Why don’t we get a head start before that happens?”

“I cannot believe anything. Everything about them is a lie.”

“If you have gold, bury it in the deepest parts of your farm. That is the safest way.”

“You got skills? You got hope? You don’t need those to strive in this world. Just live leisurely and drink cheap beer.”

The Arpen empire failed to relieve the anxiety of the citizens in its conquer of massive territory. Only the Church of Freya, the Church of Lu and the Church of Minae thought positively of the Arpen empire.

They were on deep, religious, friendly relations and the priests would not have any hesitation in granting blessing over the empire. To the churches, Emperor Weed had become the symbol of beauty, art, adventure, peace.

His accomplishments in the north were transcendent beyond his age and job, respected by everyone; he was referred to as the hero of heroes.

They had absolute faith in Emperor Weed. Even if a tragic accident were to fall upon them, the chances of the loyalty declining was near non-existent.

“What in the world… A dragon?”

“This is a sign of continental apocalypse. Yep. We are all good as dead. So, let us drink the time away.”

The rumors about the black dragon Kaybern spread and the entire empire was shaking in fear. With monsters approaching the cities and the black dragon’s wings hovering above, the threat would soon become much more tangible.

The level of military strength that barely covers the empire’s territory would not be nearly sufficient to fend off the monsters.


Military strength : 25,631

Economy           : 327,983

Culture               : 57,273

Technology        : 112,601

Religious influence : 89

Empire politics       : 56

Influence to nearby regions : 49%

Empire development rate : 84

Sanitation : 52

National security : 62%


The citizens of the northern regions were joyful as a result of such dazzling development.

They dreamed of barren lands and restricted zones cultivated into green oceans of grain. Prosperous products led to research for more delicious dishes and appearance of gourmets.

The chronic condition of lack of minerals was a component restricting the production level of the north. The mining rate could not support the increasing level of production.

The conditions of the northern roads were favorable enough for merchants to travel day and night.

“If I pay, I can get what I want. Also, I work to earn that money.”

“It’s a beautiful world. Wouldn’t you say so?”

“Do I remember chewing on tree roots because of starvation? I don’t know… The tender, profound taste of the grape wine comes to mind. It was made in Morata, considered the best in the continent!”

“Emperor Weed gave us everything. If you are in peace, that is in favor of his majesty. Everyone around me will agree.”

The people of the central continent gave up on making any further comments about the Arpen empire.

The citizens feel anxiety, fear, and chaos.

The loyalty and influence of the empire is too low to reveal any details on the Central continent.

The central continent had many cities that had developed over a long history, and sustained at its minimum after the collapse of its great economy.

The soldiers of the Arpen empire were excellent with their swords. What lacked was their numbers, impossible to defend the northern territories.

Knights carry perseverance and honor in their hearts. They do not hesitate to raise their swords for the emperor and believe in their own actions to be righteous.


<Empire total population : 285,214,832.

Monthly Tax income : 1,164,053,274.

Empire maintenance expense details : Military strength 3%, technological advancement 2%, economic development 2%, cultural investment 1%, commission and monster expedition 4%, road construction 3%, religion 2%, retention bond 83%.

Military strength : 26,951 knights, 84,279 apprentice knights, 734,667 footmen.>


The bulk of the Arpen empire’s army were trainees.

Free knights each swore oaths to the empire.

They were gathering because of the emperor’s reputation and to stop the dark dragon Kaybern’s activity.


Seoyoon was staring at the affairs screen with glittering eyes.

The income and population had increased, dramatically more than when they just controlled the north. That said, it was still a wreck in many aspects.

They had taken the approach of sending out a few soldiers throughout the central continent to gain control and thus, the security and loyalty of the cities were near the floor.

“I can extinguish the emergencies.”

She was thankful for the incredible amount of 9.32 billion gold accumulated by those who registered for the lord positions.

‘This is a lot of money. The Arpen empire will be more successful now that I can invest all this.’

When they posted the letter for lord recruitment, she had consulted with Weed and came up with the content together.

– We gained a vast land called the Central continent with the help of everyone. We want to make this underdeveloped areaprosperous… But, we are incompetent.

We want to make investments but are in lack of money. That is why we need help from you all.

– The duty fees will be well spent for the good of the Arpen empire’s development.

Seoyoon decided to put the money into the development of the empire as promised.

Recently, the affairs of the empire were her responsibility.

‘This is precious money gathered by the others. I cannot waste even a single penny of it.’

Half of the central and northern continent had been appointed to provincial lords. Unfortunately, the strongholds, military forts and villages in rough terrains had no candidates.

Also, lords were not recruited for areas near castle Evaluk and Thor because it was deemed too dangerous due to the dragon Kaybern.

Major cities and capitals were packed with competition for lord seats, but many other lands did not go through the same process.

If it weren’t for Kaybern, more duty fees could have been collected for the lord positions in the Arpen empire.

‘I need to reserve as much as possible and spend it effectively. If I waste this opportunity it will be much more difficult the next time.’

Seoyoon felt heavy responsibility and begun the affairs.

She made investment in the wide north with undeveloped lands, and also for the weakened central continent.

She calculated the maximum efficiency considering the defensive fortification against the monsters raised by Kaybern and the requests from the citizens.

She could not grant every request, so she divided the budget where necessary over the span of a day.


< Arpen empire is undergoing 89 major development projects.

In all the history of the Versailles continent, the highest fortune has been spread out across the continent for the sake of development.

26 commissions for the construction of great architectural landmarks have begun.

Arena of Batali, Stairway of Heroes, The Library of the Great Scholar, The Altar of Prosperity, The Bell of Danger Perception, The Hidden Underground Vault and The Great Shrine will be constructed.

The reconstruction of 257 cities will be under way.

Roads, sewers, castle walls, bridges that have not been completed will be resumed.

Old empty homes will be demolished, back alleys with no traffic will be repaired to increase security.

Increase in the citizens’ standard of living conditions.

Stimulation of trades and production by organizing commercialized streets.

3 forts will be constructed.

Vaden, Niam, and Mabark will become solid pillars of defense against the monster invasions.>


She meticulously calculated the budget for each part and was firm in the spending.

9.32 billion gold.

The stellar amount accumulated through lord recruitment were all used up in the development of the Arpen empire territory.


(To be continued…)



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V53C6P1 – Grand-scale Investment

Par mimosab

Thanks to all proofreaders who helped on this part: Armada, Idzuwan, evilsanta1423, Theurgiclinkman & Arvin 🙂


– In the end, he did appoint lords with the worst method. Is money really everything to him?
– Is Weed also blinded by money? I never thought of him as such.
– A disappointment… Seriously.
– They all change when they become kings.
– The true appearance is revealed.

The Arpen empire’s lord appointment covered live by the broadcast station created a massive opposing public poll.

“We have 296 million gold for Ladin city right now.”

“Yes. We have a gentleman for 320 million gold.”

The lord positions were auctioned off  for ridiculous amounts that the novice and common users could not even imagine.

– This is a total paper party.
– It’s crazy. Weed’s going to slide a portion of his own in the name of Arpen Empire.
– I didn’t want to see this… It’s discouraging.
– Weed is the same as the rest of them.

The lord position not only grants honor and authority, but also a significant amount of taxes monthly. That was why people paid such an expensive price for it.

– Still, he can’t appoint a nobody as a provincial lord. If we speak in terms levels, the Hermes guild or those who had bribed their way into positions of authority are the highest. It is better than giving those high-level users the lord seats.
– If someone was appointed as lord out of a million users, the ones that did not would have opposed in any way.
– Let’s play along for now. He did well up until now.

There were users in favor of Weed, but the live coverage of people buying their way into power led to huge voices of opposition.

– Can you not see with your own eyes that we have been played?
– Weed should just go ahead and govern the whole empire on his own. Then I wouldn’t be ticked off this much.
– I’m seriously annoyed by this.
– I am a user of the Britten alliance territory. The Haven Empire receded and the Arpen Empire has come forth. What has changed though?

Weed led the undead in his quest to rid the monsters increasing in numbers under the influence of the dark dragon Kaybern.

“Rise and fight. Slaughter them all!”


Then more skeletons!

To begin with, they were quantity over quality but were firmly systemized by fighting alongside sculptural creatures.

Warrior Bahamorg was at the head, Van Hawk and Torido led the led the forces together.

“Have faith in me and charge!”

“Forces of darkness. Offer your bones!”

“Blood. Fresh blood!”

Knight Sevil, swordswoman Vindex and barbarian warrior Gernica also supported on the sidelines.

“Having to ride alongside the undead, it goes against the path of the sword. This is to protect the people!”

“Anywhere is fine for me. If I get to fight, that is.”

“Kuhuhu. Battles are always exhilarating.”

The high elf Eltin fired magical arrows, and Geumin breathed fire.

Nurung dragged a large wagon and collected all the loot. Depending on the size of the monster cluster, White Tiger, Nile alligator and other sculptural lifeforms would join in.

“Break through. Faster!”

The roaming herds of monsters in the northern continent had increased tenfold from thousands in just a few days.

The advantage size of the undead force was such that the force could increase consistently or be maintained through battles.

If one were to fight in a narrow dungeon, he would leave a few and release the summoning of the rest. In the wide plains however, the more the merrier.

Death knight Durahan and the spirits were the core of the composition and on occasion, Doom Knights were summoned.

Countless numbers if undead resulted in a high efficiency in hunting speed.

< You have gained a level. >


A necromancer was suited for large-scale hunting!

‘I don’t have to enter a dungeon. It’s great for wiping out clustered monsters all at once.’

– Monster spotted approximately 95 meters away.
– A swarm approaching from the rear.

That didn’t mean hunting was easy. Beasts appeared frequently, stomping the weak undead in their paths.




Due to Kaybern, monsters swarmed out from the deepest parts of the dungeons and crushed the skeletons. Weed channeled a magic spell.

“Thorns of viscid gore!”

Large monsters named Gogul were constricted in bloody thorns. It was a curse magic that reduced health points and restricted movement.

“Attack at once!”

The skeletal knights as a group threw themselves at the 5 Goguls at Weed’s command.




The Goguls’ struggle sent the skeletons flying in different directions, but the skeletons regrouped at a menacing speed.

“This is the command from the overlord of death. I will rip you to shreds and feed on your remains. Kekekeh!”

“How are my joints? Aren’t they beautiful?”

The tenacious skeletons restricted the Goguls’ movements.


“I got it.”

Bahamorg lifted his axe and charged, as Eltin the high elf fired his arrows imbued with the fire spirit from afar.


Dozens of fire arrows travelled above the heads of the skeletons and landed on the goguls’ bodies with precision.

– Why, you…!

Van Hawk followed up with cavalry comprised of death knights and doom knights, while Torido circled around back to the napes and sucked blood.

Goguls lost their vitality rapidly as the vampire sucked the blood out of them!

The levels of the Gogul were estimated around mid or high 600s, but they quickly fell to the composition and tactics of the undead without causing any significant damage.

“Return to the lands where you last breathed and walked. This is a dark place. A dark and corrupted land. Engrave the eternal rule of darkness to every being. Undead rise!”

Weed did not turn the Goguls into death knights. Several Goguls could be reborn into a bone dragon, but it required considerable exertion of control and mana.

His undead summoning had reached intermediate level 9, allowing him to control the beast-like Goguls while they were still alive.

Though, it had a limitation of expiring after 1 hour.

The body of the massive beasts would then lose their flesh and then rise to their feet in skeletal form.

– I stand in the presence of the honorable undead commander.

The Gogul’s deep voice spread across the battlefield.

The skeletons, Death Knights and Durahans clashed their shields and shouted towards the Goguls that had joined their ranks.

“Alright. You smash into the enemy!”

– Understood.

5 Goguls stampeded over the herd of monsters near the Pahel river.

The charge alone destroyed the monster formation and decimated their morale.

“Deploy the undead!”

The entry of the undead, exuding the aura of death.

Living creatures could not exercise their powers properly, but the monsters fighting did not cease their endless charge towards them


“That’s the way. Nurung!”

Nurung added assistance by luring the monsters with its appetizing flesh and huge body.

Weed was having a blast increasing at least one level each day, but his mind wasn’t clearing up.

‘Even if I make progress like this, will I be able to defeat Kaybern?’

He already had subordinates like an ice dragon, a phoenix and baraags under his command. He had nothing to be ashamed of in terms of military strength.

In spite of that, it was extremely risky for him to deploy them into the Kaybern hunt.

‘I cannot be preemptive about this. Even if victory is certain… A few of them will die.’

He was also concerned with having to fully commit to the power of darkness in his necromancy. Necromancers like the lich must offer the lives of themselves and others to obtain the power of death.

In the process, the user became evil and his honor and reputation declines; even his health points, faith, luck and strength stats.

Of course, Weed was different from Bard Ray with his high positive reputation. Some citizens of the north openly deified Weed. It could actually be achievable if he accumulated a little more accomplishment and reputation.

‘It turns out it is undesirable to grow as a necromancer. I thought that the battle with a dragon would happen ages later.’

A shortcut existed for necromancers bypassing the limits of growth. There was the destructive method by Bar Khan Demoph the Undead King, but what controls the continent now is the Arpen Empire!

If the world belonged to the Hermes guild, he would be up for a mud fight. For all that, the situation did not call for.


< You have expedited the dungeon of the coiled snake.

You have completed the dungeon expedition in the shortest time.

Reputation is increased by 7,680.

Intelligence has permanently increased by 3 points due to experience in magic combat.

Rewards are doubled by perfect completion. >


When the monsters dwindled down, he proceeded with dungeon expeditions in his spare moments.

He cleared dungeons everywhere from the north to the central continent with Yurin.

The core of his training was the consistent accumulation of combat accomplishment!

The basis of my quick growth rate is the stats that I stacked up since I was a novice player. For future investment, I’m going to stack up plentiful amount of combat accomplishment.’

His goal was to complete at least 4 dungeons a day. Even in the Hermes guild, no user had cleared so many dungeons.

A user chooses two or three dungeons depending on their growth and combat style and revolves around them.

The above method was thought to be safe and effective.

Weed was confident enough to survive through most situations, and his composition of sculptural creatures and the undead worked well in most dungeons.

“If time allows, I could become way more powerful than when I was the great king of the desert.”

Intelligence and wisdom accumulating quickly was another advantage of combat achievements.

It was also essential for him to upgrade the power of his skills and expand his mana pool.

“In the future, it would be nice for me to fight like Bard Ray and spam various secret techniques in battle. Powerful spells should not be reserved, but utilized whenever available.”

– Pocket Money : Castle Pormos had been claimed by the Black Lion guild.

Weed checked on the lord appointment regularly amid his swamped fights.

– Pocket Money : It seems that the response of the discussion boards and viewers pertaining to the Royal Road aren’t so welcoming.

“As I expected… But just how bad is it?”

– Pocket money : They are criticizing the Arpen Empire on a public level. Most are central continent users and it is shocking that some are northern users.

“I can understand where they are coming from.”

Weed could sympathize amply for this situation.

They had fought and won a difficult battle at Garnav plains, but the outcome was turning out to be rightfully suspicious campaign for money, recruiting rich lords!

‘That is what it is, really. I was concerned that I could well be criticized in proceeding with this plan.’

All that the Arpen Empire had was just a large sum of land, its roots weaker than the Haven Empire in reality. Although he had started this for money, there was an urgency for provincial lords because it was impossible for him to directly govern the vast empire all on his own.

“Hmm. I guess it’s unavoidable. I have no other choice but to host a festival, or an amusement facility like Puhol Waterpark.”

Weed swore firmly to earn a fortune and turn a blind eye somehow.

‘I did well up till now. Let me live for my needs just this once. Taking criticism will be for later….  I need to make what I can right now.’

Weed in spite of everything going on, decided to take his share. It was possible that he would be able to buy out dozens of buildings if the lord appointment ends successfully.


(To be continued…)



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V53C5P3 – Arpen Development Strategy

Par mimosab

Thansk to all proofreaders who helped on this part: Armada, PuszekSE, evilsanta1423, Idzuwan, Theurgiclinkman & Arvin 🙂


An Item auction site.

A strange phenomenon occurred on each site which posted items related to the Royal Road.

At first, the real value of gold increased to over double the original rate.

“This is crazy. What is going on?”

At every auction site, gold was being sold the instant that it was put up for bids.

“I need to sell at times like this!”

“I can sell at a high price!”

The users sold all the gold in their possession. Gold was a necessity in the daily life of Royal Road and was essential for use in stores.  Unless it involved activities such as purchasing homes, travelling luxuriously, or building ships, there was no insufficiency of gold if one hunted diligently and proceeded with quests.

“What? The price went up while I was gone?”

The market price for gold on auction sites had tripled in the short period of time. It was a shocking sequence of events, and as the day turned into night the market price continued to sky-rocket.

“This is because of the Arpen Empire’s lord recruitment!”

The users came to a realization.

The wealthy individuals all over the world were scraping away all the available gold on auction sites in order to apply for lord positions.

– Title : Selling a million gold.

‘I have placed an auction. Buyers please proceed with your bids. Deadline is 30 minutes from now.’

Users utilized the auction system in order to get a higher return, and the price increased at an irrational speed. Someone would write up a higher bid than the market value, but the following user would bid double. The rich folks abroad, in China, the Middle-East, the US, and Europe’s orthodox billionaires are active in participation. They had accepted Royal Road as being beyond just simple leisure, as a space of its own within their lives. They thought there would be no better opportunity for a lord position.

The value of money was relative; to those who can gladly spend billions on leisure activities, the lord positions in the Arpen Empire were taken for granted.

‘It means that I get to be a king over a certain area?’

The Arpen Empire was known for its minimal interference with the lords in the northern continent. They were lenient and generous, as long as the taxes were paid on a regular basis. For the rich that were searching for new experiences, it was a suitable opportunity.

“Buy out all the gold.”

“The price doesn’t matter.”

“10 billion? 20 billion? That’s barely worth a single building. Nothing I can’t afford.”

“Purchase more than anyone else. I can invest the remaining gold into city development.”

“Reach out to the powerful users or guilds. There are many ways. Forge the gold if you can’t find them.”

It was not as if every billionaire in the world had participated. This was only a fraction of them.

Even so, the competition among them pushed the price up 30 times and the users sold their gold unconditionally. The common users estimated that after the termination of lord recruitment in the Arpen empire, the value of gold would return to its original price.

They could not let an opportunity like this slip by, where gold could be sold at ridiculous prices. In an instant, fortunes worth over 10 billion gold had gone under transaction at the auction sites.

Earth Palace.
Many users bustled through this place, as it was the royal palace of the Arpen Empire.

“Now. We will commence the appointment of the Arpen Empire provincial lords.”

Hwaryeong took up the announcer, laying out the map of Versailles Continent on the wall.

The northern and central continent.

All locations except for the 10 restricted areas and the Haven territories were subjects of the appointment.

Arpen empire had succeeded in swift expansion of its territories.

There was a lot of controversy about the lord appointment being decided by the auction system among the users including the Grass Porridge Cult.

“Isn’t he just selling these positions for money?”

“Seems to be a public stunt for his own fair share. For whom did we fight?”

“Nothing is being distributed to the people who fought for Arpen, and how do you justify taking money from those who are trying to become provincial lords?”

There was a huge drawback and criticism by the users. Conversely, many were still on the side of Weed.

“I hated being under the Haven Empire, so we made our own conscious decision to fight. Expecting a share is a thief’s mindset. We all received accomplishment points. In fair honesty, we only contributed so much as a whole but if we assess individually, no one has performed as well as Weed-nim.”

“If Weed-nim hadn’t been there, our lives would have continued to be exploited under the Haven empire, and no one could do anything about it. These folks are sure ungrateful for all that has been granted.”

“Those who have been among us from when Morata was established to now could not criticize him the same way. He had invested all his earnings until now, and accomplished this much with his own hands…”

“Wow… People are now even talking ill about the lord appointment. So, should he just not bother with the lord appointments and leave all these lands vacant? The monsters are about to invade, and who’s gonna take responsibility?”

“Without money, how does one govern such a vast empire? It turns out that even the money from the Puhol Waterpark cottage sales were invested into the internal affairs…”

“You mean all of it?”

“Yes. It seems that they were all invested. I cursed at him selling cottages in the midst of the war, but it turned out that he was making investments for our sake.”

There was some backlash within the Grass Porridge Cult as well, but the majority of opinions were to trust and observe things for the time being.

Thus, the lord appointment commenced!

“First of all, we will begin the lord appointment with the peak of public interest, the Britten Region.”

Hwaryeong began taking applications for the core of the empire, the major city and the industrial city of the Britten region.

“Thousand gold!”

“Alright, we have a thousand gold. The next person is…”

A man cloaked with a robe at the far back raised his hand.

“10 million gold!”

“10 million gold? Okay. We have 10 million gold.”

Hwa-Ryeong was startled in the proceedings, followed by an handsome man who shouted near the front.

“50 million gold!”

“50 million gold…”

“100 million gold!”

The value of the lord seat jumped at once.

The people were in shock, and several more individuals competed. A major city named Denem was sold for an amount of 323 million gold!

The following cities were sold on average of 200 to 300 million gold.

Some cities including the Free City of Somren had great influence to nearby areas and were to be maintained under government jurisdiction, but other cities serving as the core of trades were sold for as much as 400 million gold.

Renowned cities with especially beautiful scenery, lakes and rivers were charged extra. These cities were more popular than those with blacksmith forges and mines.




The lord appointment that began at midnight continued into the next day.

“This is sculptor Debs. What is your name and region?”

“My name is Dakoi and I’m from Pogma Village.”

“Okay. I got it.”

*Scribble, scribble, scribble*

Sculptor Debs personally engraved the lord appointment certificates into stones.

– Arpen Empire’s Lord

Swordsman Dakoi is hereby appointed as lord of Pogma Village.

Signed, Emperor Weed.

“That will be 118 gold and 80 silvers.”

“Excuse me? I thought this was free.”

“The appointment certificates are only engraved when you become a lord. You don’t have to if you don’t want it.”

“Ah. I will.”

Sculptor Debs was also earning his share with his side job.

Having to hunt the ever multiplying monsters, Weed could not participate at the Earth Palace. That was the reason for handing over the sculptural jobs to Debs.

– Weed : How many have you gone through?

“I have completed 80. I’m not even a quarter done.”

– Weed : Please continue.

“Yes. Bro!”

The young Debs followed Weed as a role model. Ever since they became friends from sculpting the statue of Hestia, their relationship had been consistent.

Weed recommended him to tasks and at times gave him lessons about life.

– Who do you think decides the value of sculptures? Do you think someone is going to acknowledge you if you work hard and sell for cheap? It all depends on the sculptor’s abilities to sell his work for a high price.

– There is no fraudulence in lying if it makes the other person feel pleasant. We must ensure that even the customers who see through us are satisfied..

– You always have to save up money. You don’t necessarily become happy when you start spending.

– Always think about how you’re going to make someone elses’ money into yours. That is where ideas sprout.

– Never reveal the production costs. Emphasize the efforts put into the product. The things we make are always limited edition, even if we end up producing the same thing the very next day.

‘Hehe. Even if I offer 94 gold each to big bro, I will still have a ton left for myself.’

Debs smiled as he sculpted. Lords that received stone certificates were also led to the banquet. The appointed lords gathered in a sapphire hall and enjoyed their dinner filled with exquisite dishes.

Royal Road’s top chefs and fresh ingredients from all regions were supplied to this gathering of the lords.

“You are the lord of the Free City of Ladia? Haha! That is really close to my Fortress Gordon. I look forward to working with you.”

“The pleasure is all mine. Our merchants will be coming and going frequently.”

“I heard that long-swords are a renowned local speciality?”

“Yes. The swords crafted in the Free City of Ladia are 5 points higher in attack and have 20% higher durability. Which is due to the steel produced here.”

“I am envious. You have acquired an amazing location.”

The lords behaved with dignity, drinking their wine and enjoying the banquet.

They had used a tremendous fortune, but the lord positions did not turn their spendings into even the slightest of disappointments. In reality, an astronomic amount of money would not be enough to become mayor or president, but in the Arpen empire these positions would be maintained as long as it wasn’t self-forfeited.

“You are from the Conchern family?”

“That is so. Do you know of us?”

“My youngest son was accepted into the university established by your foundation.”

“Is that so? Haha.”

The wealthy folks worldwide gathered and exchanged congenial conversations.

Some were self-made, but most of them had lived their entire lives like noble aristocrats. With not a hint of what could unfold next, their thoughts were shallow as if grasping a fun toy within another realm.

Merchants of the Mapan association began walking around with wine in hand.

“These are special wine from Morata. The aromatic wine maker Elk produced them. The grapes used were personally grown by Miretas-nim.”

“Oh…! The scent is amazing!”

“A wine resembling the sunset. The taste is something I’ve never come across before.”

The lords each took a sip and were impressed. Such great wine was a first even for them.

“Give me another glass!”

“Quantity is limited. The first glass is free-of-service, but you must pay for more.”

“I need to pay? Then I will buy a whole bottle!”

The lords purchased the wine spontaneously. Morata’s special wine cost 50,000 gold each, but their pockets opened ever so easily.


(To be continued…)



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V53C5P2 – Arpen Development Strategy

Par mimosab

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‘I’ll become truly rich selling the lord positions.’

Weed thought but could not say it out loud. He was an outright scrooge to the others but he wanted to remain a good person to Seoyoon. He quickly stirred up a fancier expression.

“There is something called a duty fee when you buy pets.”

“Duty fee?”

“It serves as evidence of your intention to take good care of the animal. You never give away pets for free. Also, we need money for the development of the empire. So, lords have to pay up some duty fee, don’t you think?”

Seoyoon was head over heels for Weed and was unconsciously ready to accept any fraud he were to commit. She was usually rational and smart but did not question him one bit.

“How much should I ask for duty fee?”

“The more the better. I think we should proceed with auctions starting at a minimum of 1,000 gold. Just as a display of faith.”

“I understand.”

Weed thought there was no meaning in the starting price. In an auction, what matters is the final price.

‘If I sell off the lord positions, the users would likely criticize me.’

This was different from selling equipment earned through hunting. Not just anybody could be named a lord that would govern over cities and villages. Even so, he decided to deafen himself to criticism just this once.

‘This is a rare opportunity to score a fortune. You only live once anyway.’

Simultaneously, Seoyoon thought the exact opposite. She had complete faith in Weed’s pretext and saw this opportunity to gather enough funds to develop the Arpen Empire.

‘We need money to make this world a happier place.’




Title: Greetings to all prospective lords of the Arpen Kingdom.

I am Seoyoon, serving as a manager of internal affairs of the Arpen Empire.

We have conquered the Central Continent with our strength alone. We need to repair the broken facilities and prepare our defences against the monsters… and we lack the hands.

That is why we require your participation.
You must put the people up first.
You must dream of running a city.
You must have the motivation to shape the future.
These three traits are all you need to become a lord.
We urge to sign up for the Arpen lord seats.

P.S.  For those who do become lords, we will be collecting 1,000 gold as duty fee.
For regions with many candidates, we will prioritize those who pay the largest duty fee. The duty fee will be used honorably for the development of the Arpen Empire.


A sincere message posted on the discussion boards of the Grass Porridge Cult.

In order to validate for this post, she posted an image of herself in armor riding on top of Wy-3.

– So pretty… Can someone look like that in reality?
– This face and atmosphere. They assessed that it’s unachievable even if you put 10,000 stats into charm on Royal Road.
– Maybe there could be a chance by investing 50,000 points?
– That appearance is not possible even if you are reborn. She’s a fairy among men.
– Even the students acknowledged that she does look that way in real life. There were a few photographs of when she attended university in an ordinary outfit. Hah.
– I am jealous of Weed. He’s got everything…

For quite some time, comments went on about Seoyoon’s beauty.

– By the way, was this post really created by the actual Grass Porridge goddess?
– Isn’t that photoshopped?
– It’s not possible to tweak that photo. How can you photoshop to this degree of beauty?
– I concur…
– This is a photo of her alone in the sky, so it couldn’t have been posted by anyone else.
– That shy V that she made. She is so adorable.
– Ah. I read the content just now.
– This is a lord recruitment post.
– A duty fee of 1,000 gold… The goddess is so reserved…
– Looks like any one can apply, though it would mean an insane competition.
– In reality, the regions that will be decided for 1,000 gold will pretty much be in ruins. There isn’t really another option as this is a competition of wealth.

The lord position of the Arpen Empire was a desirable one for just about anyone. There were rumors of Weed wringing the lords, but people did not believe it.  No one would willingly give up their position of a lord of Arpen.

Apart from the honor of the position, most fell into the joy of developing villages and cities. Furthermore, this was lord position in the Central Continent, which many including the local citizens were after.

– Should I give it a shot? I have quite a bit saved up… I am a level 480 swordsman.
– I withstood the mistreatment in the Hermes guild. I am going all-in.
– I wish to become a lord of Arpen. I believe it will be an awesome, spectacular experience.
– Should be at least level 500. Or it could be easy competition for the merchants.
– Let’s just head over first. This is the lord seat we are talking about!

The lord trend boomed among the users of the central continent. However, the atmosphere of the northern users leaned towards disappointment. The foundation in the growth of the Arpen Empire was the active participation of novice players. However, if the lords are named by how much is invested, these users would not be acknowledged for their participation.




Kalis of the Black Lion guild assembled an urgent conference.

“The Arpen Empire is recruiting lords. I think we should act accordingly.”

The famous users in the guild like Vindel, Zekt, Probangs, Sien, and Pine were all present. Users that were long absent from the Black Lion guild had returned after the fall of the Hermes guild.

“What kind of response are you speaking of?”

Vindel asked out of curiosity and Kalis spoke with composure.

“Shouldn’t we take the Tullen region in the least, no matter how much we need to spend? That is land that has been regulated under our control for a long time.”

“That is right. We cannot hand over Tullen to a stranger.”

“That is our homeland, we cannot ever leave.”

The users of the Black Lion guild each had their say in the matter. In the past, prestigious guilds could take over territories through war. In the Arpen empire, they needed money.

Sien spoke out carefully.

“We were active in the recent battle, so wouldn’t Weed-nim hand the Tullen region to us?”

He spoke out of hope, but the surrounding members could not agree.

Kalis shook his head.

“Though our guild fought bravely, we did not play a deciding role in the outcome. It was a battle won over by Weed almost on his own.”

“But still…”

“Why would he hand over the Tullen region knowing how much it is worth? I will ask him to provide us some sort of discount. But we know, that is asking for too much considering his personality.”

Kalis and the Black Lion guild users were burdened with having to scramble up a considerable sum of money, but thought that the situation was fair. When they were conquered by the Hermes guild, they were forced to leave their homeland and experience all kinds of unfavorable measures.

“Even if we have to pay some money, we will be able to get it all back after we secure the lord seat. We can also certainly establish our base of operations.”

“I agree. Lord recruitment is not something that goes on often. If we don’t play along this time, we would have to bide our time until the Arpen Empire crumbles or commit to a revolution… We need land to sustain our guild.”

The Black Lion guild ultimately agreed on gathering up funds to apply for the lord of the Tulen region. The other prestigious guilds chose to do the same as Kalis. With this, the medium-sized guilds that had existed since the early times all reunited.

They could not give up their dreams of becoming lords and decided to pool all their savings.




– Signs of monster waves in at least 50 different locations.
– Unusual activity such as the coastal zones turning red.
– Lafaye received reports from military fortress Lahonia of the Haven Kingdom. The empire that had once ruled the Central Continent had been reduced in territory and population after the Garnav Plains battle and was demoted to a kingdom.
– Additionally, Castle Aren destroyed by Kaybern had a critical impact on the national power!
– The intel network had remained intact, delivering news about the continent.

“The entire continent will be in danger. Monster waves… I never expected this much, but Kaybern may very well determine the fate of the continent.”

“Weed’s ambition is wavering from the start. This is even before the users return to their homelands. Additionally, there are almost no remaining forces in each city.”

Lafaye thought to herself while listening to the users talking through the network.

‘If the situation continues down this path, Weed will never be able to stop it.’

There were at least a thousand cities in the central continent alone, and protecting all of them was impossible. The Hermes guild having unintentionally poured all military forces into the Garnav plains left the fortresses and the city walls completely vacant.

If several cities along the vital routes turn to ruins, the monsters will spread like an outbreak through an open wall.

‘Kaybern destroying the major cities including castle Evaluk is inevitable. Weed will never be able to manage.’

The influence of the Hermes guild had receded to the Haven regions. Royal Road’s best users and lords each had their complaints, but the immediate threat was on the Arpen Empire. A user named Sonia from the intel network spoke.

“Wouldn’t the users be enraged against us Hermes guild?”

It was a natural concern as countless cities and the Versailles continent will be destroyed.

Lafaye held back from bursting in an uncontrollable laughter.

“We cannot be hated any more than we already are.”


“This plan was executed fully accounting for the fact that everyone is an enemy. Weed and the other users need to experience failure too.”


“The dark dragon Kaybern will cause significant damage. If the central and northern continents are devastated, people will give up their false hope in Weed.”

Lafaye also had carried out her last straw. Castle Aren had been destroyed by Kaybern, but they were caught in a dead end and the situation getting any worse had little meaning.

“We are the ones responsible for this mess, but Weed will be the one that cleans it up.”




Each broadcast station sent out urgent news of the Arpen Empire’s lord recruitment and decided to proceed with live stream.

– At midnight, two days from now they will officially announce the lords at the Earth Palace.
– There are already many users who registered for lord position at several cities.
– Of course. I can imagine the intensity of the competition at the major cities.

CTS media and KMC media collectively signed up for lord positions after an internal conference. In the past, neutrality was demanded of the broadcast stations and therefore, it was a tricky standpoint to be associated with any particular force.  Now, technical neutrality was meaningless because the Arpen Empire had conquered the north and the majority of the central continent. Owning a city meant more diverse programs, and due to the competition against other broadcast stations they decided to apply for city lord positions.

– The Black Lion guild announced that they will secure the Tullen region. Oh Joo-Wan-ssi, I think they are turning away others from applying in this area.
– My thoughts are parallel. However, I expect that things will not turn out in their favour
– How so? Even they may be weakened, doesn’t the Black Lion guild have considerable amounts of money stashed up?
– That may be so, but aiming for the entire Tullen region is pure greed. The wealthy folks, rich guilds and individuals will also apply.
– The Tullen region used to be belong to the Black Lion guild.
– Past territories no longer have significance as we are now under the governance of the Arpen empire. In the past, there were frequent cases of taking over by force. In the case of being appointed as lord in the Arpen Empire, the lord positions will be maintained as long as there are no concerning upsets.
– So, they would be able to keep their titles without any military power.
– Yes. This is the new order of the Arpen Empire. So, whoever can pay the duty fee which I imagine will turn out to be a fortune, will rise up the to lord position.

(To be continued…)



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V53C5P1 – Arpen Development Strategy

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Weed fell into despair.

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be…”

The moment he logged on Royal Road he was preoccupied by taking care of the increased number of monsters in the north. He rode on top of Wy-3 and fired arrows at monsters near Morata, and summoned undeads to fight. He had been contacted by Gamong just a moment ago.

– Gamong : Weed-nim. Is there such a thing as merchant registration? Where you can’t sell goods unless you are registered in advance?

He had just begun taking over the Central Continent. Of course there was no such thing as a merchant registration system in Arpen Empire.

‘It’s a great system though. It’s built for an effective exploitation. Whoever created that registration system is a true genius.’

It was a marvelous system and deemed worthy of implementation.

“There is no merchant registration system.”

Weed was wiping up the monsters with the undead whilst the conversation. At first the hunt was not easy, but the number of undead increasing exponentially overwhelmed the monsters.

“Return to the lands where you all once breathed. This is a dark, corrupted land. Engrave the eternal dark rule on all life. Undead, rise!”

Death knights, Dullahans  and the skeletal army backed him up and marched. A force comprised of the undead!

– Kuaaaahhh!

One doom knight, and one bone dragon joined forces, amplifying the formidable military power, resulting in high efficiency hunting that raked in a lot of experience and loot. He also pondered deeply about the governance over the Arpen Empire.

‘Now is the beginning of the golden age in my life, how and where should I begin my exploitation. ’

His head was filled with thoughts of exploiting in the Hermes guild’s place!

– Gamong : Alright. Thank you for informing me.

Weed ended the conversation with Gamong, and shortly after that he received a whisper from Pale.

– Pale : Weed-nim is always a righteous person.


Weed was caught off guard as this was strange, but he let it go.

– Irene : Fighting! You’re the best!
– Romuna : We weren’t wrong about you.
– Zephyr : You’re a guy…. but you’re awesome.
Hwaryeong : Charms going wild!


Weed heard the whispers of his acquaintances and realized that something had happened.

It didn’t take long before he discovered the conversation footage between Gamong and the Central Continent merchants. It was posted on most major online communities due to the popularity of Royal Road.

“I’m wrecked. This is bad… The merchant registration system must have been reinforced at some point…”

Weed pounced on the ground in regret, channeling his rage into hunting.

“Van Hawk, Torido!”

“Why do you call for me. Master.”

“This is all your fault. Hurry up and fight. You worthless creatures!”





Seoyoon stayed in the Earth Palace and looked into the internal affairs of the Arpen Empire.

< Porlan Village has been converted from the Haven Empire to the Arpen Empire. National reputation is increased by 1. >

< Castle Midelheim has crowned the new Emperor Weed. 58,000 gold has been offered as dowry to the Arpen Empire. >

< The Arpen Empire’s culture is spreading in the Kallamore regions. The people are desiring for more sophisticated level of artwork to fulfill their intellectual satisfaction. >

< The knights of Fortress Culliber swear loyalty to the Emperor Weed.
National reputation is increased by 1. Public security in nearby areas is increased by 10%. >

The territorial expansion was rapid.


< The soldiers of Fortress Batun are suffering from a lack of food supplies. If the starving citizens are fully fed, they will wield their swords for the Arpen Empire. >

< There is an old tale passed down in Port Tarantus. >

“Boat, if you have a boat, you can go out to sea. There are a lot of fish in the nearby seas; if you travel a little further, there are hidden treasures stashed away by our ancestors…”


< Building 32 ships will increase fish production of Port Tarantus at a rapid rate. If fortune is on your side, you could discover the pirate’s treasure. >

Many quests were occurring in cities, villages, ports and mines. Seoyoon originally came from the Central Continent, but back when she was active as a berserker she spent time only in dungeons and hunting grounds. Even so, she remembered countless users living peacefully in villages and cities.

‘What should be done in order to develop this place like the past?’

Seoyoon was caught in her thoughts, then she whispered Weed.

“I want to take care of the affairs.”

Moments later, Weed responded.

– Alright.

“There are many places requiring attention with the expansion of territory. Do you mind if I take care of it for you?”

– Weed : Do as you wish.

Weed already had an incident with Gamong, but he granted permission.

Seoyoon stepping up for something was extremely rare. If it was her request, he would gladly allow her to pour the sauce over the fried pork strips.

“Thank you. I will do my best.”

– Weed : ….. I have faith in you.

Weed was already busy enough hunting the rapidly multiplying monsters, and Seoyoon had proved to be excellent assistance together with Nodulle in the Hildern quest.

‘She should know what she is doing, though it’s a little unnerving…’

Seoyoon set her priorities after she was granted permission.

“I think we should construct roads for now.”

She proceeded to invest in the land and maritime transportation routes that link the northern and central continents. She invested 40 million gold that was earned from the sales of shacks in Puhol Waterpark. It wasn’t just roads but also the public security and economic development in the vicinity as a whole package, meaning that there were multiple places for money to be spent.

The closer to the outskirts of the North and Central continents, the weaker the public security. Sturdy walls were built and militia were recruited in response to possible threats of a monster invasion.  

“This isn’t enough preparation. Some villages may be destroyed with more frequent monster activity.”

Meanwhile, they were hearing stories of monsters multiplying in numbers by the hour. She also had to consider the many cities and villages requesting to join the Arpen Empire. She split her budget meticulously and planned to use every last penny most effectively. However, the expanding territory was beyond what the current finance could cover.

“We are lacking funds…”

Seoyoon was agonizing over the insufficient budget, closing up the affairs.

“I used up all the budget.”

– Weed : All 40 million gold…? You’re lying, right? Huhuhu. I don’t fall for those that easily. Pranks. Yes. It’s a joke.

“I am serious. I have statements that I recorded for each spending.”

Weed was so shocked that she called Yurin and immediately arrived at the Earth Palace through painting transportation skill.

The Emperor’s Office.

The elaborate furnishing was gone and instead, furniture brought in from the black giant star of Morata had filled the office.

“Here are the statements.”

Seoyoon handed over the budget statements.

There were records such as city wall repairs, food distribution, monster expeditions packed into the statements in a pretty fonts. The records were for small amounts as low as 500 gold to a maximum of a few hundred thousand gold spent, all for a different purpose.

“Mmm. It seems that all of it was used up. Internal affair mode.”

Weed accessed the Arpen Empire affair mode and confirmed the remaining budget.

2 gold remaining!


Weed’s body that functioned to its maximum output even in front of the black dragon, staggered greatly.

“My money… My money…”

The sense of loss for his money.

Uncontrollable sadness, pain, regret and emptiness rushed inside him. But the moment he saw Seoyoon’s face, he became calm. If he wanted to quarrel with his girlfriend, his anger would disappear after seeing the world’s most beautiful face.

“Hmm, hmm. 40 million gold. That’s a large sum of money, but it was used for the good of the Arpen Empire… Good job.”


“Of course. It’s worth the entire 40 million gold. Even if I was here, I wouldn’t have spent the money with such excellence. This is perfectly spent.”

Weed hugged Seoyoon lightly.


Yurin hurried away through the painting transport technique after sensing the coming of a romantic atmosphere.

Weed and Seoyoon. The two pondered about the future of the Arpen Empire

“There are too many monsters appearing. They are roaming around freely as we cannot contain them all.”

“What if all the users return?”

“These monsters, that are too powerful for the novices of the north to manage, will roam in increasingly large numbers.”

“That would definitely cause substantial amounts of damage.”

Even if the monsters multiplied, the users in Central Continent were still able to hunt fairly. However, in the north, if any monster on level 500s were to roam outside the dungeons, nearby novice users could all get annihilated.

“Mmm. It’s not like I can build walls for every single village and city, and the armies are too weak to protect anything.”

“The Central Continent also has many regions without a lot of users. Those places will crumble immediately when the monsters begin their invasion.”

Seoyoon had allocated the budget where it was absolutely necessary, and it was only a temporary measure. There were many places to be accounted for.

Weed had felt that the monsters had grown in numbers significantly during his scout on top of Wy-3. Before, he could occasionally spot some monsters on the ground during his flights, but now they were common.

The Arpen Empire had taken up the North and Central continents, but in military terms it was that the Hermes guild had vacated the lands after losing its army. The lack of soldiers meant that more locations were now prone to attacks, and not all could be protected.

“This is a crisis. Things will get out of hand if cities are destroyed the moment they are absorbed into the Arpen Empire.”

Seoyoon reminisced about the past in the north when she heard Weed’s words.

Weed spent his entire fortune on Morata that was once in ruins and developed it to its current state. Compared to the difficult pioneering mission back then, the current situation seemed like nothing.

“The North and Central continents are vast. In order to govern this empire, we will need lords who will protect and fight with us.”

“Mmm. Lords…. We do need provincial lords. Though the position of lords can be sold for a hefty price.”

“Should we collect money for the lord positions?”

Weed was speaking carelessly, but jolted back to his senses by Seoyoon’s words.

‘Yes. That’s it. We should sell it for money.’

Seat requests or bribery for authority, selling high positions for a price! He was in a position capable of exercising such deeds he saw on the news and was envious of.

‘In the Northern Continent, I made considerable profit by naming lords in barren lands… But, the situation is different in the Central Continent.’

There were small towns and mining villages, but there were also large cities such as the Free City of Somren, the old empire capital, trade cities, production cities and tourist cities. Becoming a lord of such cities were both very honourable and profitable.

(To be continued…)




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V53C4P3 – Continental Domination

Par mimosab

Thanks to all proofreaders who worked on this part: Armada, evilsanta1423, PuszekSE, Idzuwan, Arvin, Seviper9 and Hezvolog 🙂 


“I got it. Master!”

Weed split up the sculptural lifeforms and positioned them in vital locations.

The sculptural lifeforms that were placed at every strategic point served as rulers over each region, securing public order.

“You guys are the most important. Fly around and take care of the monsters when you see them.”

– I will do as you say.
– If it means protecting the world.

The baraags were savage but obedient. They were keepsakes of the Emperor Geihar, highly reliable in combat and laid many eggs in their nests around cliffs and forests.

‘If I raise these baraags well… They will become powerful assets.’

Gigantic creatures capable of flying and breathing fire!

‘I should keep about a thousand close to me, those who are most trustworthy. I will use them well in important fights. Should I build some coops so they can breed more easily?”

If needed, he was eager to use some baraag poultry farms. He spoke to his clones.

“Arpen Empire. Hahaha. An empire. Splendid. Anyway, I must slay these monsters to protect the Northern Continent.”

Then, Weed-one crossed his legs and turned his head slightly, lifting his chin about 21°. His expression with his chin raised high was full of arrogance.

“So, what do I gain from this?”


Weed knew from the beginning that orders would not be easy. They were beings identical to himself!

‘I made them urgently, but things couldn’t be more horrendous.’

Weed always had a grand speech for any situation.

“It is for Versailles Continent. What do you think is the purpose of your powers! It is to defeat the monsters and protect the weak. Also, this is a request from me as a parent who bestowed life to you all.”

Peace and beings called parents. The weak-hearted were prone to these words.

Weed-two stretched wide and yawned freely.

“That is one regurgitated lie. In all honesty, weren’t we betrayed big time the moment we were born? We escaped in order to survive, life is getting a bit better, but you’re giving us a dangerous mission? What kind of parent does that?”

A logical opposition based on past experience!

Weed quickly tried to come up with an excuse, but Weed-seven eagerly followed.

“Abductors with some conscience cannot call themselves kind-hearted. There is no room for trust to begin with.”

Weed-ten pointed at Weed’s mouth with his finger.

“I saw him lick his lips just now! That is the symbol and occupational trait of highly trained liars!”


Weed realized that these subordinates could not be swayed by words.

‘I have sculpted them well indeed. They act the same as I would.’

Their intelligence and behavior patterns were similar to a high degree. In any circumstance, they refuse to be at a loss. Thus, he knew exactly how to get through to them.

“You all know how difficult it is to live without anything in your possession. I will provide equipment according to your levels.”

He had many advanced equipment that he acquired from the Hermes guild at his disposal.

He needed to at least provide them with basic equipment to heighten their hunting efficiency.

“Mmm. Good equipment will be expensive.”

“Rather than having a rough time with just a bare body, it’s better to use tools.”

“The conditions don’t seem to be that bad…”

Weed observed his subordinates in contemplation and added.

“1 gold per monster.”



It was money in the end! The subordinates came down on their knees respectfully.

“We will swear our loyalty, Master.”

“This is a fair contract. We can feel your sincerity for our well-being.”

“We will protect the peace of the continent!”

They changed attitudes so quickly that no one could tell if they were being truthful or pretentious. Weed’s heart ached in the thought of losing a gold each time, but ultimately he was the victor.

‘If they are like me, they will hunt frantically for money. It will be at least 10 times more effective than forcing them into it.’

Stopping the monsters was crucial, but the loot from the hunts will be traded and turned into tax income for the Arpen Empire.

It could also revitalize the production by increasing the loots of leather and minerals.

Considering all the subsequent effects, the 1 gold wasn’t really coming from Weed’s pocket but from what the subordinates would earn themselves. No matter how greedy and manipulative they may be, they were still children.

“He is surprisingly a good master.”

“We appreciate the benignity of your majesty.”

Weed smiled as his subordinates continued their flattery.




Fort Odin.

In the past, it was famous for its impregnability located at the borders of the Britten Alliance and Idern Kingdom.

“Woah… This section is broken.”

“Yeah. I thought the walls were high and thick when I saw them through the broadcasts. Now there are only remains.”

The northern merchant Consome was roaming around the Central Continent with its friendly users. They began Royal Road in the north and travelled to various regions that they observed through broadcasts so they could set up trades.

“Selling souvenirs of Fort Odin! Get your wooden golem dolls!”

“Stone fragment of the sturdy fortress. Stone fragment that imbue luck and endurance attributes only for 98 gold!”

“This is a new long sword. The standard Arpen Kingdom long sword has been upgraded a step higher. They are set for level 100, 150, 200 – guaranteed warranty repair from the Mapan Merchant Association!”

After the Garnav Plains battle, the merchants began moving early. The Hermes guild fell and no other alliance could hinder the merchants. Specifically targeted merchandise and expansion of trade routes.

The northern merchants scrambled down to the Central Continent and sold their merchandise.

“Ah… I am jealous.”

“Damn. Has this world gone over to the northern users?”

The merchants that began in Central Continent started with envious eyes. Since their early days, they had been subject to territoriality and tyranny of the prestigious guilds.

“Now that the Arpen Kingdom came out the victor, they will try to get as much as they possibly can.”

“Look. Descending down here to take over everything.”

The merchants could not hide their disappointment.

They traded even the simplest items and expanded their accounting, trades and transport skills. Then again, there were no other jobs as powerless as the merchants.

Due to their low combat abilities they are looked down upon by warriors and are stolen from by other users at times.

“How unfair.”

“I chose to be a merchant because I enjoyed facing people in the city and selling goods. I never thought I would come to regret it.”

The Central Continent merchants all huddled up in the corner grumbling.


That moment, they saw a female user approaching them with a pile of goods on a wagon.

“Ah… That user. I’ve seen her in broadcast.”

“Yeah. That’s Gamong-nim.”

“That is Gamong-nim who trades everywhere.”

She was a famous merchant user next to Mapan in the north.

“Gamong-nim also came down.”

“It means the Central Continent is that popular.”

“Take it all why don’t they? Just take it all away.”

The Central Continent merchants were exchanging a bitter conversation. Then Gamong spoke out to them gathered under a shade.

“Aren’t you folks gonna sell anything? All sold out already?”

“We are not listed under the Arpen Kingdom… Arpen Empire I should say. Anyway, we aren’t registered.”


“Yes. Merchants or associations must be registered and make a payment in order to trade. Now, trade goods must be registered and receive permits.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Gamong asked in confusion, and the Central Continent merchants were stunned.

“For goodness sake. You’re a merchant like us and you do not know about the registration system?”

“I don’t. Is there such a thing?”

“Of course you have to be registered to sell goods in the city and trade goods with other regions…. Wait. Arpen… kingdom? Empire? Never mind that, there is no such system in Arpen?”

“Yeah. We don’t have anything like that. This is the first time I’m hearing about it from you all.”

The Central Continent merchants were dazzled. They had their own intel network, but since they always resided in Central Continent they were uninformed about the situations in the north. They heard that the north was a heaven for trades but since they had no opportunity to travel there, they never looked into the procedures.

“Hold on… This was originally enforced by the prestigious guilds that ruled the Central Continent.”

“Right. That is the case.”

“So, this did not exist since the very beginning?”

The merchants were surprised, but they needed solid evidence. They had the carpet slip underneath their feet far too many times throughout their experiences.

“Can you confirm for us whether if we can truly sell goods?”

“Yes. One moment. Let me ask Weed-nim.”

Gamong whispered personally to Weed.

“Weed-nim. Is there such a thing as merchant registration? You can’t sell goods unless you are registered in advance?”

As she whispered to Weed, the Central Continent merchants waited nervously.

After a few moments, Gamong spoke with a smile.

“He says there is no such thing.”

“It doesn’t exist?”

“Yes. You are all free to conduct business in the Arpen Empire as merchants. But, there are regulations that northern merchants must abide by.”

“I knew it… What are they?”

“Do not leave too many consumables or novice-level items.”

“Mmm. What else?”

“This is all there is to the regulations for merchants.”

“What? That’s it? Then what about the tax rate?”

“It’s 2%.”

“You mean novice-level items and consumables are 2%? That is low tax rate.”

The Central merchants were content enough for having taxes lowered to a tenth of what they usually paid.

“So, the tax rates for other products will be higher I assume?”

“When you trade at the center, it is 2%. It is Arpen’s official tax rate applied to all products. When you sell to users, tax is not applied.”

“No way… What about toll fees?”

“We don’t have such things.”

“This is insane.”

The merchants felt a huge relief of freedom and satisfaction. They could feel the world that they live in had changed completely. WIth a tax rate of 2% and unrestricted trades meant that they could trade a tremendous amount of goods. A world they dreamt for in their choice for the merchant job class had finally come.

“I am off to trade right now.”

“I need to get myself a wagon first.”

“Let’s pour all our money and get a fresh start. Now we can live like real merchants!”

The merchants kicked off from their spots highly motivated.

They had saved up a ton of fortune in the Central Continent since the early days. The world was now open for these merchants to be active wholeheartedly.

Just when they were about to scatter for trade and sale, they bowed in gratitude.

“Thank you, Gamong-nim.”

“No worries. All I did was just relay the message.”

“May I upload the footage of the conversation that we just had with you? I bet there are more of us that will want to know about the policies of the Arpen Kingdom.”

“Yes. As often as you need.”

The Central Continent merchants uploaded their conversation with Gamong on the internet and the response was explosive.

– As expected of the Arpen Kingdom. No, that is Arpen Empire!
– This is Weed-nim taking care of the users.
– This is heaven… heaven has come forth.
– Insane… I am a merchant and I almost broke tears. I am logging in right now to take a load of products and sell them.
– It lives up to the expectations. Royal Road has truly become paradise.
– Weed-nim is on different level than those people who confiscate everything. I had faith in him.
– I also contributed at the Garnav Plains. For the Arpen Kingdom, for Weed-nim.
– How could this be possible… Hurray! Amazing!
– I can understand why the merchants in the barren north roamed around so diligently.
– One’s true character becomes apparent in their treatment of those weaker than himself. Weed-nim is unchanging even after becoming the emperor. He is truly an admirable person.
– I began on the first day of Morata. I am always rooting for Weed-nim. I knew this day would come.
– It is Weed-nim. Because it’s Weed-nim. He’s “the” Weed-nim.
– I am a common user who started out in Kallamore. I am deeply touched. I understand why… the Grass Porridge Cult exists.

(To be continued…)



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V53C4P2 – Continental Domination

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You have gained the control of the free city Somren. A free city with blooming trade and culture! It is the heart of the trade connecting the Central and the East, home of the Freya Cult headquarters. It was under the control of the Haven empire until recently. Due to the extreme taxation up until now, the development rate has declined substantially and the happiness of the citizens is minimal. The people of the free city yearn for the prosperous days of the past. It is still boastful of its ever-so-beautiful commercial buildings and cultural heritage.

Military power : 71
Economy     : 8,173
Culture           : 2,628
Technology   : 1,749
Religious Influence : 98
Regional Politics     : 15
Influence to neighboring regions : 32%
Influence in Britton  : 14.2%
(Influence is deeply associated with areas of military, economy, culture, technology, religion, population and commission)

City development rate : 898
Sanitation : 24
Security    : 38%


The city was stagnant. The poor roamed the streets and monsters approached near the city on occasion. Many tourists ceased to travel there. The merchants and artisans lost all hope, getting through days drinking alcohol. Despite the high regional reputation, the sales of local products was slow. Jewelry crafts, expensive apparel, magical artifacts, religious artifacts and wine were the remaining local products.

There were slight trades happening in Britton. The citizens were low-spirited.

“There is nothing to worry when monsters come by. There is nothing left to be stolen.”

“Road maintenance? I don’t know when it happened. When it’s all ruined, this place will become a barren land.”

“There is no interest in adventure. Why do we not conduct our business, you ask? I’d rather use up all my fortune in leisure.”

“I heard the black dragon Kaybern has begun its movement targeting humans. We are all dead. Yep. Dead.”

“Arpen kingdom? I heard they conquered us… Where in the world is the Arpen kingdom?”

Territorial total population : 819,635.
Monthly tax income : 15,263,812 gold.

City maintenance expense report :
Military : 2%
Economical growth : 14%
Cultural investment expense 1%
Commission and monster expedition 5%
Village repairs 4%
Tax paid to empire capital 74%.

The Arpen kingdom’s soldiers were escorted by users and scattered around the Central continent.

“Hurry on this way!”

“This way. This way!”

The soldiers were guided by the users and seized the provincial castle. Starting with the conquering of the free city Somren, the regions of the Central continent joined the Arpen kingdom. Cities that were conquered by the Arpen kingdom had its tax rates applied, lowering the tax burden instantly.

“Everyone. This place is now under the Arpen kingdom!”


“Weed-nim looks over this land!”

The squares at each city in Central continent were filled with cheering users. Many had never been to the Arpen kingdom, but through broadcasts they knew what kind of governance was taking place in the north.

“The Central continent will become a great place to live.”

“Yeah. The best. I wanted a world full of hope. Weed-nim will never raise taxes like the Hermes guild did.”

“I wish he builds places like Puhol waterpark in various parts of the continent.”

“I like arts centers. I used to draw as a hobby back in university… I quit that to find employment. I want to start drawing again. Even if I don’t turn out successful.”

The hopes and expectations heightened about the Arpen kingdom developing the Central continent and making it a better place to live.




At the earth palace, Weed confirmed the expansion of Arpen kingdom’s territory with the governance system. On the continental map, the yellow areas pertaining to Arpen were spreading wide. Message alerts were popping up for the major cities and nothing could make Weed happier.  

“Taxes. Taxes. I will collect taxes mercilessly.”

Including the free city Somren, he seized the old empire capitals like the Odin fortress and Rhodium. He was assisted by bulls and wyverns in the transfer of the soldiers, but Yurin’s assistance was vital.  She transported Arpen kingdom soldiers to cities in different parts of the continent through her painting transport skill.


Yurin created hundreds of drawings without error or rest, all precise enough to be used in painting transportation spell.

“She’s a human printer. The speed is also incredible.”

“She’s the goddess of manual labor.”

“So, painters are also laborers. Are all arts jobs like this?”

The users were in admiration. Each painter had their own style, and Yurin liked the children’s style of painting. Zephyr asked her the reason.

“When I was young, we had no children’s books at home. I read books at the children’s library, memorized it and drew it all out again at home.”

“How unfortunate….”

“Still, those were fun times.”

Yurin never thought grimly about the difficult times. She had her grandmother and her big brother. She had the warmth of her precious family. She felt that warmth, giving her the tenacity to live on no matter how difficult. Though there had been that time when she broke her leg from a slight twist

Zephyr was shocked to hear that she had been abused at times.

“Weed was too harsh on you, his younger sister. He could have disciplined verbally.”

“What do you mean? Then I would never have come to my senses. I did because he hit me.”


“And it was alright. Big brother cooked me ramen the next day. 50 won more expensive than what we had usually.”

Excruciating poverty!

During those times, there reserves had fallen to a few hundred won which had led to the aforementioned circumstances.

“If you come to me, I will never make sure you go through hardship ever again.”

Zephyr inwardly revealed his feelings to her, but she was a solid wall.

“That’s alright. I can look after myself. If I take more of a liking of you, then I will start dating.”

Yurin completed her paintings and transferred the soldiers, doubling the territories of the Arpen kingdom. They were able to recruit additional soldiers at local cities and send them to nearby regions.

< The population of the Arpen kingdom is increasing exponentially. The population, territory, political influence, national reputation and development has entered a stable phase. You have accomplished the requirements to ascend to an empire.

Arpen empire!
The citizens glorify the governance of Emperor Weed. They welcome the governance of an emperor who is a renowned artist, adventurer and warrior.

The birth rate of the empire increased to 800%. Cultural and economical growth rate increases rapidly. The morale of soldiers increase, the maximum level of loyalty also increases. There is less possibility of a penalty due to weak security. Political corruption of regions far from the palace is reduced. The blessing of optimistic gods are applied to each region of the empire. >


Arpen empire!
Following the north, it seized control in the majority of the central continent – rising up to the ranks of empires.

“Hmm. It feels good, and bad in some ways.”

Weed who had become an emperor on impulse, felt a delicate sense of realization.

In the case of the free city Somren, its population and economy had been cut down in half due to the exploitation and revolution of the Haven empire. Several regions including Kalamore were not too badly affected, but most had broken walls and no maintenance caused by the war and revolution. This was the result of provincial lords of the Haven empire focusing on hoarding tax money rather than investing it.

“When I first started out in Royal Road, I could see amazing roads and buildings around the Central continent and I was truly envious…”

He reminisced the time he left the Rosenheim kingdom with Mapan and visited the free city Somren.

“It was an incredibly developed industrial city… Hoo. It has crumbled so much. To think that other cities have it much worse than this.”

The military facilities and fortresses at the major regions of the Central continent were hardly under maintenance, and the Haven empire collected excessive taxes that regressed the city.

‘Not that I don’t understand their actions.’

Weed fully accepted the perspective of the lords.

‘How difficult it would have been to get to the position of provincial lord. They would have wanted to take as much as they could when they had the power in hand. For sure.”

Users were the source of income, so the lords may have thought it was wasteful to invest in the city development. Thanks to the self-centered ways, the defense facilities such as the castle walls were almost non-existent. The Arpen kingdom army was not present in the Central continent, therefore the cities and villages were vulnerable to monsters at any time.

“How is the situation in the north?”

– Seoyoon : I’m getting reports of roaming monsters doubling in numbers. It is dangerous around Harsel highlands and the vicinity of Vargo castle due to the monsters.

Seoyoon was regulating the Northern continent while Weed was absent.


– Seo-Yoon : There are rumors of users being wiped out in normal dungeons that could usually be raided by 3 or 4 parties. I went there myself and I could see that the monsters became more ferocious and increasingly dangerous in their numbers.

“Is it the same in the novice regions?”

The villages and the proximal areas to the city usually comprised of novice players were roamed by the weaker monsters and therefore, were safe.

– Seo-Yoon : Beasts are active in the woods and the mountains. I think their habitats changed significantly.

This situation was not just in the north. Due to the influence of Kaybern, the monsters became more active all around Versaille continent. Monsters extended their areas of activity closer to the cities and in some areas, they were gathering.

– Nimble Chillwind : I swear loyalty to your majesty! I am Nimble Chillwind, leader of the avian assault force. I have urgent news to report.

A whisper arrived from Nimble Chillwind, the hero of the avians.

He started Royal Road late, allowing him to choose avian as his race. He was a user with an affection for the Northern continent.

“Yes. Chillwind-nim. What’s your status?”

– Nimble Chillwind : I am mid-flight near Port Varna. I can see many monsters descending from the dungeons in the mountains nearby. I will call the other avians and try to contain the situation here.

“Thank you. Chillwind-nim.”

Signs of monsters in the Central continent were worrisome, but the bigger problem was in the Northern continent. The cities and villages were equipped with minimal defenses such as wooden barricades and archer towers. The quality of the soldiers was low and the militia was small in number, forcing the people to rely on trivial things like wooden barricades.  To make matters worse, most villages were lacking in number of users due to the battle on Garnav plains. It would take a few more days for the users to do some sightseeing and return to their original villages.

“At times like these, a small monster assault would leave outskirt villages in devastation. Inside the village may be safe but the ranches and the farms will be razed.”

Weed got preoccupied, then gathered his subordinates. The wyverns, Binryong, Phoenix, Countryside Snake, the Baraags, Eagle, Silver bird and Golden bird.

– There seems to be a lot going on nowadays.
– I’m so stressed. I feel like I’m going to pass out.
– As you command, master. I will incinerate the enemy!

Flying creatures agilely landed one by one on the vast field. Alone they were a spectacular sight, and behind them was King hydra, Fire giant, White tiger, Seville, Vintex, Eltine, Gernica, Nile alligator, Bahamorg and Death worm lined up. They were reliable and powerful subordinates.

“We are kind of special.”

“We came over because you told us to, but we’re leaving if you don’t pay us.”

“Pay is important. I need my pay cheque in order to feel that I spent a day to its fullest. Exchange of cash is the basis of human interaction.”

“Just because you gave birth to us, we are not obligated to follow you. We are free. However, we are out of money so we need to be under someone’s command.”

“Do any of you know anybody that has ways to earn some money?”

Weed-one, Weed-two, Weed-three… Weed’s clones were also summoned.

They sat on the ground, never ceasing to rest for a moment. They were sewing, making something with a hammer, or working on sculptures. These were creatures given life in reference to Weed’s usual behavior and personality, thus were busy hunting at dungeons before the recall. After the Garnav plains had ended, they continued hunting and grew on their own.

(To be continued…)



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V53C4P1 – Continental Domination

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Unicorn corp. that ran the Royal Road service was in a state of emergency, centered around the strategics operation room.

“The Black dragon Kaybern. On top of that, the activity of red dragon Randony…  Executive Sohn, were you aware of this?”

“I had no clue. This situation could not have been predicted. We have kept it a secret even from the Hermes guild, but it was not as if we were monitoring every single user.”

When the battle became disadvantageous, the Hermes guild destroyed the dragon’s egg, threatening the peace of Versaille continent.

“Has there been contact with the Hermes guild?”

“They are not responding.”

“Could they have any means to keep back Kaybern?”

“If you take a look at the quest… Also, things seem to be heading south and there seems to be insufficient forces for retaliation.”

Sighs were heard from various corners of the operations room. Royal Road was a massive world. The Versailles continent has extensive history, a complex background, various races and monsters, making it difficult to determine in which direction the situation could unfold. Executive Sohn covered his face with his hands.

“Kaybern has begun his movement… This is a headache.”

Then, a marketing team employee asked.

“How much damage will occur?”

“In the current situation, no estimations can be made. In truth, it is abnormal for Kaybern to be active. To think that they would be foolish enough to destroy the dragon’s egg…”

“Wouldn’t the force of the users be able to stop the dragon?”

“I doubt it. Wouldn’t it be quicker to crack a stone with an egg? Quests can appear at any given time, but completing them is a whole different story.

Executive Sohn laughed in bitterness.

“Send out the broadcast data out to the public. Stating that no one knows how the story will unravel after today.”

“Criticism for irresponsibility will flood.”

“Royal Road from the very beginning was a story forged by its users. By its people, the world can become heaven, or it can become hell. We just watch them forge their own path .”




KMC Media, CTS Media.

The major and medium-sized broadcast stations that represented Royal Road were also in a state of emergency.

“For the black dragon to immediately destroy castle Aren… The next being castle Evaluk. Blockbuster level broadcast footages are piling up.”

“Casualties among Central continent users are tremendous… Now, this is critical even from the Arpen Kingdom’s perspective. They had no other choice but to draw back from most of the lands controlled by the Hermes guild.”

“The continent is about to be reduced to nothing and that will be troublesome.”

Chief Kang let out a shallow sigh. Heavy bags had arisen under the eyes of him and his employees, but they had not had the opportunity to rest since the battles of Garnav plains.

The scene of castle Aren being destroyed by the dragon’s Flaming Meteor spell was on par in viewer ratings as the duel between Weed and Bard Ray.

From the broadcast station’s standpoint, it was enjoyable. But in the long run, the destruction of the cities in Versailles continent was not a favourable sequence of events.

The contents of the quest signaled a large-scale monster invasion.

The apocalypse.

Countless theories on the internet stated that the once prosperous and joyful Versailles continent will crumble to its doom.

“What will be the response from Weed, from the Arpen kingdom?”

“I doubt that they will have any plan. Stopping a dragon is extreme even for them.”

“Not even the Hermes guild can pull it off.”

“You cannot underestimate Weed who has accomplished all kinds of adventures. However, it would be impossible to defend castle Evaluk.”

“That is correct. They are at a statistical disadvantage. Even if all the users were to fight on their side, this is a dragon we are talking about. The human wave strategy will not be viable in the skies.”

Chief Kang fell into contemplation, preoccupied in his thoughts.

“A dragon at this stage in the game, this is as gloomy as it gets. In what perspective should I take this broadcast?”

“The Northerners are deemed to be powerless against a dragon. The possibility of hunting down a dragon is in favor of the Hermes guild.”

“Given the recent instance, that does not seem to be the case…”

“Even if the Hermes guild unsheathes its sword, it will not be easy. Conversely, they will amuse themselves watching the Arpen kingdom suffer.

“Hmm. This is indeed troublesome.”

A long silence enveloped the operations room. It was difficult to reach a decisive conclusion and the broadcast station’s standpoint was to broadcast according to the changes of events. The Chief and the programme directors were also users that enjoyed Royal Road. As broadcast station associates they did not take part in the war, but they had a gut feeling.  Maybe, there can be no eternal peace in Versailles continent. Even if the Arpen kingdom unites the entire continent, the threats will still exist. If Weed’s popularity were to decline even a bit, rebellions abroad much like those that befell the Hermes guild would cause an age of turbulence.

Perhaps like the dragon, beings such as devils, demons, the great witch or the fairy king can threaten peace. Chief Kang had a sudden thought that maybe the dream of unifying this world was strictly dangerous and risky, an impossible dream.

“Let’s send out some advertisements.”


“The other broadcasts will concentrate on organization around the scene of the continent being destroyed by the dragon. Especially CTS media. Their style of coordination will extend to orchestras, maximizing the beauty of the visuals and the audio.”

“It is worth spending every penny on this. There is no doubt that the footage is shocking enough to draw the attentions of the viewers.”

“It will be a breeze to film a couple of natural disaster films. Castle Aren was a movie. The shots of the dragon’s destruction.”

“I’m not in favor of those broadcasts though. Should we drop everything we were doing and concern ourselves because a dragon is roaming around? Everyone is worried, confused, wallowing in self-pity. Even when peace was at risk due to the Embinyu Church, the Versailles continent was always joyful.”

“Mmm. Now that you mention it… There were waging wars everyday in the past.”

Ever since the early days of Royal Road, the Central continent was a bloody war field with each alliance clashing with one another.  It was common to see cities be razed. Cities were destroyed in sieges, or by defeated guilds who in their resentment completely ravaged lands.

“Yes. That is what I’m talking about. It sounds comical in reality, but you have to change perspectives a little. Even if dragons and monsters roam around, it won’t be as much tyranny and destruction as the former prestigious guilds.”

The programme directors nodded in agreement.

“The composition of power was most prevalent in the Versailles continent. If it weren’t for all the destruction and demolition, no one would have paid attention to the north.”

“During the days of Morata, the economic size could not even be compared.”

Chief Kang smiled delightfully. The KMC media producers understood exactly what he wanted to convey.

“Yes. The dragon did appear preemptively,  but the world ain’t going down in a day or two. It is just cities being destroyed and monsters in larger numbers. Users have made consistent progress… They will bask in pleasure going forward.

“Yes. Even the greatest threats can be seen as one of the amusements of Royal Road.”

“I agree. Kaybern’s destruction will not result in users screaming in agony or leaving Royal Road.”

“This is paradise. Much can change, but there are so many people saying that they could quit work – cannot say the same for Royal Road.”

KMC media, formerly a favorless, tiny broadcast channel had grown to a major broadcast station solely because of the charm of Royal Road. A new world called virtual reality and the pleasure created by its users provided a space in which one could dream without boundaries. They believed strongly that users would be able to overcome the appearance of the dragon. Chief Kang decided.  

“We’ll send out Kaybern in the visual advertisements. Also, throw in some awesome shots of the Versailles continent and heroes.”

KMC media decided to create its own commercial named ‘The dragon’s threat’, using the footage of Kaybern that they captured recently. The black dragon flies through the air, and beautiful scenery of the Versailles continent flashes by on the ground. Bright, optimistic and hopeful scenes. Picturesque scenery interweaved with lands scorched and demolished by the dragon, but that wasn’t the end. They were to send out visuals of the famous users and heroes active in the cities and villages of Versaille continent.

“Royal Road is a place to build dreams. So, we must look with affection instead of distress. Proceed with the usual broadcasts and report swiftly if any major events occur. We, must not lose hope.”


When Weed logged onto Royal Road once again, the Garnav plains was in ruins. The black scorched earth was split and caved, melted away by the dragon’s breath and formed a small canyon. Bones were scattered all over the place, traces of an undead summoning.

< You have stepped foot into the cursed plains.
Luck declines by 50% in this region. There is a high possibility of spirits and skeletal knights spawning at night. There is vegetation of unique, cursed plants.
There are rumors of an extremely rare treasure buried in these lands.
But they should not be trusted… >


“Hmm. I need to start with the lost equipments… “

Weed went through his items with anxiety. He felt insecure even in his dreams. He had obtained many expensive items during his chase on the Hermes guild members and that got him even more worried. It was fortunate that he had hid away in advance through Yurin the spoils from Bard Ray such as the Sky Ruler’s armor.

“Seems that upon my death, I lost a long sword, shield and a pair of boots.”

He had lost three items. Weed grieved in silence for the lost equipments.

“Wow. A fragment of a knight’s armor.”

“There is a sword fragment over here.”

“Is it enchanted?”

“Yeah. It has sharpness magic on it. This could be worth a lot if I sell it to the blacksmiths.”

Users had logged in early and was searching the remains of the battle ground. The majority of users had died due to Kaybern but some were fortunate enough to survive, picking up piles of miscellaneous items.

‘There are people full of luck wherever you go. I’m on the opposite spectrum I’m afraid.’

Weed stared at them for a while, then turned around. He originally wore an imperial knight’s armor but now he had changed into a simple traveller’s outfit. The regrets of turning away from mountains of items! However, there was still too much left to do.


– Mapan : Yes. Weed-nim.

“How is the business?”

– Mapan : It has set sail. I expect to reach 400% in revenue. All thanks to the dragon.

“Is that so? Then you would have earned back the costs of war supplies.”

– Mapan : Of course. It is a boom.

The Haven imperial army had been completely crushed by the black dragon Kaybern. Hermes guild members having been wiped out, enormous amounts of spoils fell on top of the Garnav plains. Those items were traded by the merchant association such as the Mapan merchant association, and a significant amount was to be paid to taxes.

‘Taxing is the most magnificent method of earning money.’

Weed laughed in satisfaction, though his moment of joy was temporary! Two instances of death resulted in a decline of 3 levels and various skill proficiencies dropping down one level.

Advanced level 8 sword technique dropped to level 7 and many more had been impacted severely.

‘There is around 40,000 energy of the moment left… I defeated Bard Ray and the Hermes guild but the costs were too great.’

When Weed claimed that he was at great loss, it meant that the Hermes guild had lost almost everything. As the war continued, the imperial army that had transformed into elites have been obliterated, unable to be restored. Only the Hermes guild members revived and were heard to be retreating swiftly to the Haven regions at a speed too quick to track down.

‘I do need to gain back levels immediately and recover my skills… Anyhow the urgency calls for swallowing up the rest of the Central continent.’

He must split up the Arpen kingdom army by a few soldiers and send them to the cities and fortresses in each region. Now that the Haven empire had fallen, the lands would be vacant if left alone, there was even a possibility that another user could take control.


(To be continued…)



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V53C3P2 – Castle Aren in flames

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Lee Hyun saw several banners hung up in the sword technique dojo.

     Congratulations. Domination of Versailles continent!

     We are warriors. Put up your swords!

     Intensive courses, desert warrior course. Students, salary men are welcome. Extremely welcoming for females!

Hundreds of people who wanted to learn sword techniques were lined up outside the dojo entrance.  There were many bulky foreign people that were fit to play American football who were quickly noticed. Geomchi and the desert warriors performed exceptionally in the recent battle and many broadcasting networks focused their attention. Consequently, it led to a massive intake of new customers.

[ You folks are our pride. Head chief of the western district. ]

[ The sweat of amazing men. Strong men soccer club. ]

[ March on. March forward. We will succeed. [ Palgong rangers. ]

[ We never collapse! Flowers over men. ]

By the entrance, standing representatives from the regional political figure, companies and organizations were beached outside in a row.

“Youngest one. Come this way.”

In-Sang Kim, who plays as Geomchi427 saw Lee Hyun and took him to the rear door.

“Brother, there’s so many people.”

“Yes. If they realize that you’re here, they will create an uproar.”

“Master will surely love that.”

“That may be. But not even a tenth of those people would be able to learn genuinely.”

It was a common case for any sports center or martial art academy, that diligent people were an extreme minority. Most of them quit after only several days, while others would sign up and do not bother to show up even once. The stamp of Ahn Hyundo truly served its purpose in that aspect. An insane amount of training that was also as intensive as if it were a real battle! These two requirements made it hard for anyone to attend for over a month.




Lee Hyun sat down with Ahn Hyundo and the other instructors after sweating buckets in the dojo.

“Master. Brothers. I have a proposition.”

KMC media and CTS media. There were some ideas that he had discussed with the major broadcast networks in advance.

“A series for the professional warriors. Much like chefs competing with ingredients, I want to create a program that involves warriors fighting against monsters.”

The program that Lee Hyun wished for wasn’t exactly a fresh content. Royal Road created various kinds of leisure programs, including ones about monster hunting.

“Real warriors. The best fighters on cast, so to speak. Viewers can get tips and experience the excitement.”

The broadcast associates were not in the least intrigued even with his premise. When major broadcast stations plan for a legitimate program, they go through a series of internal meetings and research the viewer statistics with a pilot episode. The subject was nothing new and did not seem to capture an undivided viewer rate. Instead it would be more popular and receive more attention if Lee Hyun logged in and created programs involving the Arpen Kingdom. It took Lee Hyun several attempts to persuade them.

“So, it’s not going to happen?”


“You want to stop broadcasting?”

Broadcast program schedule confirmed! For the broadcast networks, they could call this total tyranny, but it wasn’t too unreasonable. Therefore, they decided to accept his offer.

“Let Weed have his way.”

“Director. It doesn’t look right for the broadcast industry to be meddled with by a single individual.”

“So, what do you suggest? You wish to fight against him?”

“No, that isn’t what I meant.”

The broadcast stations agreed to create a program for the true warriors and began to search for the most popular individuals to be on cast. Python was among them and some of the highest-level users of the Hermes guild also became potential candidates. However, the main candidates were Ahn Hyundo, the instructors and the apprentices. Geomchi, Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, Geomchi5….. They were the warriors of warriors.

“I have made spots for all the brothers to be on broadcast.”

Despite Lee Hyun’s offer, Ahn Hyundo was reluctant to accept.

“We aren’t celebrities, so for what reason do we have to behave like clowns?”

“There are many advantages for the brothers.”

Lee Hyun decided to explain with several reasons.

“First, brothers get to meet new people. For all of you who sweat in the gym every single day, there could be a sliver of opportunity to meet women. If you’re lucky enough, you could even date someone.”


“That is good.”

With just the first reason, he sparingly got confirmation to be on cast!

“Secondly, you can acquire fame. When brothers decide to open dojos, the fame will be of huge help.”

“Fame is indeed important for a martial artist.”

Ahn Hyundo couldn’t agree more. They were living in a world where there was no meaning in someone having the skills to change the world, if he isn’t known at all.


“This is the chance for you guys to do what you love most. The attention of the people on you while you fight dangerous, thrilling battles.”

That is how Lee Hyun made work for the brothers. They can become stronger in the dojo, but he was to create a medium for using that power out in the world.

‘I care for my own people.’

If a war breaks out, their existence was not so great as to change the outcome. However, he believed that he should do anything for these sincere folks: anything that did not involve spending his own money.




“Oppa. Here’s the report.”

Lee Hyun came home to skim through his younger sister’s carefully organized details of the Versailles continent.

“Hmm. It seems the casualties of the Hermes guild were significant.”

Everything from a week’s worth of tax income collected by the Arpen kingdom to the total spending and earned capital at Garnav plains. Casualties of the Haven empire and estimates of equipment lost by Hermes guild members could be seen.

“Here. 23,000 won.”

Lee Hyun gladly handed his younger sister some allowance for her archival work.

“The information was spot on, so I included 3000 more won.”


“Yeah. Don’t be digging too much for money. Money isn’t everything in the world.”

“I got it.”

The thought that he needed to supervise his younger sister grazed his mind now that he had become a landlord. Or else, she would paint the whole town with his money! Lee Hyun’s face turned solemn.

“What is the value of the most delicious food they sell in restaurants?”

“They could be unhealthy. They possibly did not check the sanitation level. Excessive eating is never advisable.”


“Dress modestly. Fashionable clothing is just a temporary satisfaction.”

“Cell phone?”

“For short calls only. Be cautious to not exceed the minimum plan.”

Lee Hayan’s responses were answers strictly desired by Lee Hyun. He had implemented the ways in her mind since he was 7 years old, due to the absence of their parents!

“And guys?”

“Be wary of them. Do not meet them late at night. Make sure to carry scissors.”

“Reason being?”

“To cut them first If they try to act naughty.”


“Grateful funds for myself who hasn’t become independent yet. In this harsh world people die because they are short a thousand won and children dying due to malnutrition. I must contemplate 5 times before I decide to spend my precious allowance.”

“Very good. A bit below my standards but there is one last thing. Freedom is?”


Lee Hyun was proud that he had satisfactorily raised his younger sister. She could live as a scrooge whatever situation she may be put under.

“Younger sister.”


“If you have a guy you are dating, you can bring him along. It’s about time you start some romance.”

Lee Hayan did not fall into his words. He was her big brother that looked after her like a parent, but the fact was that occasionally he could flip out. Moreover, she had developed feelings for Zephyr, Choi Ji Hoon.

‘He seems poor but diligent. He could take real good care of me.’

Lee Hayan looked out the window. Lee Hyun was busy, so Choi Ji Hoon came over to repair the house and was crouched in the yard picking beans and garlic.

“I have no one. I won’t start dating until I find a good person like you.”

“That isn’t an easy goal but work hard.”





Lee Hyun read over the report, confirmed the aftermath of the Garnav plains battle on the discussion forums online. There were a few videos showing what had happened after he was killed by the black dragon Kaybern.

     Lousy humans. You really are pathetic!

Kaybern dominated over the land. The survivor count of the Haven imperial army and the Hermes guild continued to decline, and in their last attempt to escape they were killed in sequence by dark magic and draconic warriors. It was a massacre that even involved most of the Central continent users and the ones that were on Garnav plains.

     All of you shall die!

They could not put a stop to Kaybern that had flown up to the sky.

<Epic Rupture!>


Kaybern unleashed the ultimate spells of fire and earth onto the Garnav plains. A shockwave that crumbled the land and the people, spread wide and destroyed everything in its path. Many northern users managed to escape, but a tremendous number of them perished.

Lee Hyun’s face grew pale in response.

‘His dark magic is tough, and his other ultimate spells are too advanced for me to go against. At this point, this creature broke out of balance.’

Kaybern wiped out the Garnav plains, then proceeded to fly south. After approximately an hour had passed, Kaybern appeared in the skies of castle Aren. From hence, there were broadcast footages edited by the broadcast stations. Lee Hyun chose to watch the footage by KMC media.

       Black dragon Kaybern has appeared at castle Aren.

Kaybern unleashed a torrent of fire magic and turned the city into a fiery pit of hell. There were only humans in the vast Garnav plains, making the force of the magic to be less destructive. The scene of the dazzling castle Aren falling apart by fire was truly incredible. Landmarks and towers crumbled sequentially, bridges and castle walls were destroyed and turned into ruins. The view of Kaybern mounted on top of the tower in the imperial castle and roaring down on the users was worthy to be used as a desktop background.

     Castle Aren… Castle Aren that has upheld its nobility since the ages of Haven empire is being destroyed by the dragon.

     This seems to be due to the Hermes guild enraging Kaybern. Could they have expected such consequences?

     I would assume they did not. Never even considered this situation. Though I think Kaybern destroying castle Aren is to take revenge on the Hermes guild.

       How so?

       It did not speak about any hatred towards the Hermes guild nor the Haven empire. He cried for revenge on humans.

       So, you are saying that this might not be the end.

       Exactly. Quests have been sent to the provincial lords that the cities will be targeted by Kaybern. I have a bad omen that castle Aren is the start of it all.

Moments before the destruction of castle Aren a quest had appeared for all users in the region.

<The Dragon’s assault
The dark dragon Kaybern is on his way.
It is too late to escape. It will be a great fortune to escape barely with your lives.
Difficulty : B
Reward : Battle Experience
Quest Requirements : Appearance of Kaybern.>

It wasn’t easy to survive. The decisive ones ran as soon as they accepted the quest, but the rest that were packing up or were waiting in disbelief all died in their belated attempts to flee through the castle walls. After castle Aren had been razed completely, a message alert appeared to all users of Versaille continent.

Dragon’s vengeance
Dark dragon Kaybern is on a quest to destroy all human civilization. The spirits and fairies are issuing warnings about the incoming danger.

“Within a week, Kaybern will head to castle Evaluk.”

Kaybern who had destroyed castle Aren returned to his lair in Thor to rest. Lee Hyun referred to the footage on the red dragon, but nothing was worth noting. The Hermes guild pulled their last desperate move but the orcs were powerlessly wiped out by the magic, running in all directions. Oh Joo Wan spoke carefully, stating that it was a personal speculation.

       Now that the destruction of castle Evaluk has been foretold, it seems that the reason for castle Aren being the first is due to destruction according to the level of growth.


       Yes. This is not for certain. Growth or technological advancement, population, influence, city fame. It could be any of these factors and also could be a complex result.

       Castle Evaluk is where the most people have passed through recently.

       That is so. Anyhow, the most important thing is that it is going after the most developed cities in order.

       What about the red dragon?

       I am not too sure about the situation on that side. But there is news that it has not returned to its lair and is instead roaming around the Orclands. We will inform everyone as soon as we gather more intel.

At KMC media, they were assuming that the largest cities in the Versailles continent would be the dragon’s objective in order. Lee Hyun too, agreed to some extent.

“Then, there is a chance that Morata may be destroyed by the dragon…”

Although not as wealthy as the Central continent, Morata was the core of the northern continent.

“If Morata is destroyed… The Earth Palace or Port Varna could be next.”

The Arpen kingdom had made dazzling progress in growth, but its connections were as weak as they could be. The northern continent had been abandoned ever since the fall of the Niflheim empire. Only a few cities developed around Morata, the central city and were taken up by an absolute majority of novice players. The destruction of a few cities could paralyze the production and trades of the entire kingdom. By then, northern users would become wanderers and the development of the Arpen kingdom would fall to disastrous levels. Maybe a significant number of them would decide to migrate to the Central continent.

(To be continued…)



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V53C3P1 – Castle Aren in flames

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The battle on the Garnav plains came to an end and the world had changed. Each broadcast network visited Lee Hyun’s house with packs of gifts in hand.

“This is small, but I brought some ginseng. This is the oldest and largest one out of the ones that were released into the market in the last 5 years. I prepared it for you to replenish your energy.”


Lee Hyun stretched extensively. Even for him, the Garnav plains battle had its toll. It was as if the fatigue remained even after a long sleep.

“Isn’t this rare?”

“You can’t afford this with money.”

“Now that I mention it, my body was feeling weak. It will be perfect in my bibimbap.”

“Ho-ho. Of course. 200-year-old ginseng Bibimbap is the trend nowadays. When I find something better, I will bring to you.”

“You don’t have to… I would very much appreciate it, but I feel bad.”

“No worries. It’s all from our friendship. From our hearts.”

Chief Kang of the KMC media laughed it off. It was a kind of relationship in that he could convey his true feelings no matter what exchange of words.

        ­­This is ginseng.

        It must be expensive.

        It is hard to put a price on it.

        This is beneficial to the body. I will gladly put it to good use.

        Please enjoy. I will bring more things.

They exchanged thoughts somewhere along this line. After that, Chief Kang took 30 minutes to agree the contract to a special footage compilation from the battle on Garnav plains and request cooperation in Royal Road’s broadcast. He had acknowledged the Arpen kingdom as the new ruler of Versaille continent and had rushed to a negotiation. From CTS media, the new executive director visited in person.

“So, we CTS media will organize more programs about Royal Road and satisfy the needs of different viewers…”

The intro about the broadcast station took a grand 10 minutes.

“I am already aware, but it is surely different for a famous broadcast network.”

Just when Lee Hyun began to frown, the executive director took out a box.

“That reminds me, I personally brought some mushrooms from France.”

“I have lots of them…”

“Truffle. This is a rare mushroom.”

“Then I must put it in my ramen.”

“Ramen? That would destroy all the scent and flavor. This is the highest quality of truffles. You have no idea how to eat it.”

Lee Hyun let out a sigh at such an ignorant comment. He was questioning if the person in front of him had lived a naïve way of life.

‘Friendship and business blooms from bribery. Even if times had changed, human relations remain the same.’

In order to catch the other person’s effort and sincerity, bribery is a must!

‘Bribery is not a bad thing. If you take it and do something illegal, it becomes a problem. There is no problem if taken cleanly and with clear conscience.’

If there were to be a global sociology magazine, it would have to have a column for conscious bribery theory. In comparison, the other broadcast networks at their base, knew how to entertain their target.

“You said once that you needed a bike for getting around the neighborhood. I had this custom made in Italy. This is a limited edition, identical to the one owned by the champion of Tour de France.

“Hmm. It has a good color to it.”

“I sprinkled some gold powder into the paint.”

“We are the newly established RTP. We focus on broadcasting in the metropolitan areas. We brought about a 100 shopping mall gift cards. We heard that you visit the regional market often, so we brought gift cards for the market as well.”

“How very thoughtful.”

“This is a small token of gratitude, so please accept it. Hahaha.”

“Do you like to drink by any chance? I brought the world’s top 5 wines, but they don’t live up to their reputation. Just have some with dried fish fillets.”

“I brought an exercise machine. It is called the rowing machine… Good for maintaining stamina.”

“The latest model computer and appliances will arrive shortly. Especially the refrigerator. It costs a bit over 10 million won, but it is a small gift of sincerity.”

While Lee Hyun was building close relationships with the broadcast network associates, gifts were stacking up by his front door endlessly.

“Oppa! There are so many trucks at the front of the house!”

Hye-youn Lee who had gone outside yelled in surprise. Broadcast networks and fans from all over the world were sending commemorate gifts for overcoming the Hermes guild and Bard Ray. Most were snacks, and some were luxury products. Lee Hyun routinely said that he would not accept any gifts from his fans.

     Nothing less expected from Weed-nim… He is a tsundere. He always says he will exploit us, but he makes sure we aren’t burdened.

     Kyaa… That is character. There hasn’t been one person who had rumors telling the opposite of his actual personality.

     I heard that he was some slaughterer in Continent of Magic.

     It’s probably hoaxes from some guilds around those places. Do not believe what you haven’t seen.

     I guarantee they are malicious rumors. I can bet my eyebrows on this.

In truth, Lee Hyun thought differently.

‘It isn’t just one or two people that have grudges against me from back in Continent of Magic. It’s problematic that the university has been identified and moreover, too many found out the address.’

He trained his body more diligently since he did not know when he was going to cross paths with an enemy. Every time he gained levels in Royal Road, he believed that he had to get that much stronger in order to protect himself. On top of that, he wouldn’t know what may be inside the presents of his fans!

‘Bombs, chemical substances are worth being weary of. I want to stay in this world for as long as I can.’

Lee Hyun had thought in such a way and had declined all gifts, but from this point on he decided to accept them. He had become a public figure after having risen to fame in Royal Road. The government were assured to run inspections in mind of terrorist attacks, and police officers were stationed around the vicinity of his house.

‘I will take whatever I can use in the house and the rest I can donate to charity.’

There were people struggling within the neighborhood. It would have more meaning to distribute these free gifts to the people in difficult times rather than returning them to the senders.




Lee Hyun took Seoyoon on his right, Lee Hayan on his left and marched through his neighborhood. It was a first outing since he defeated Bard Ray and destroyed the Haven empire. He applied hair gel to spiff himself up and put on new, clean clothes.

‘My current standing means I have to be mindful of attention from the people around.’

He would not wear his spring jeans for 3 years without dry cleaning it like he once did.

‘Jeans are meant to be worn in that antique taste, but from now on I will clean it every 3 months.’

Lee Hyun’s fashion sense had changed a little enthusiastically. A clean shirt and linen pants. Looking back to his manual labor outfit, this was an acceptable look.

‘The neighbors will be surprised looking at me. To my complete transformation that is. I usually did not take care of myself, but if I washed my face and looked in the mirror, I was quite decent.’

He stepped out the front door with his heart pounding. Lee Hayan and Seoyoon followed him outside with white shirts and jeans on.


“You look astonishing. I saw you last year and you are even more beautiful now.”

“I couldn’t comprehend the Grass Porridge Cult’s level of unity… But now I do. This calls for loyalty.”

“Your appearance is a crime. You make everyone fall for you.”

Every single person on the streets lost their minds staring at Seoyoon. Lee Hayan also attracted the attention of men when she roamed alone but became plain at the side of Seoyoon. Everyone’s eyes reflected the appearance of Seoyoon. Lee Hyun’s presence was practically non-existent!

“Does beauty feed you or earn you money? K-hmm… I guess it does supply all those.”

A dirty world ruled by beauty! Lee Hyun took his younger sister and Seoyoon to visit his usual real estate agency.

“Oh. It’s you.”

The real estate broker welcomed him invitingly. He had secured basement rental rooms for them several times when they were young, and he had put in his best efforts to find a good place despite their lack of budget. He defended them when the landlord would aggravate  them, and those memories led him to use this agency ever since.

“Yes. Was life good to you?”

“Sure. Thanks to you, these parts became a tourist attraction and the shopping district went up a lot in price. The bread shop across the street increased by 200 million in 3 months.”

“200 million?”

“Yup. Business is running much more smoothly for them, so they aren’t thinking of selling.”


Lee Hyun suppressed his stomach twisting in jealousy and sat on the sofa. He had purchased a lot of real estate in the neighborhood, but he hadn’t the chance at the shopping mall districts.

“I’ll get a cup of coffee for now.”

“Are you alright with mixed?”

“Of course. My coffee is always mixed.”

When Lee Hyun visited the agency, he always drank mixed coffee. The times he didn’t eat, the free black-bean noodles were essential!

“Here you are.”

The broker man treated Lee Hyun, Seoyoon and Lee Hayan each to a cup of coffee.

“Thank you very much.”

“I appreciate it!”

The man smiled as he looked at Lee Hayan. He remembered all too well the years of when she was a crazy child, her dark history as she would call it. When he just had begun working in real estate, Lee Hyun and Lee Hayan lived without parents and they had grown so much without him knowing. Especially Lee Hyun, who could be considered the prime example of a self-made man, recognized for his maintenance of the neighborhood.

‘I thought this kid was going to grow up to be a robber or a fraud…’

Lee Hyun spoke after finishing his coffee.

“Mister. I came to purchase the building across from this one.”


“Yes. The Yeoul building with the 1st floor mart. That is out for sale, right?”

“Yes, it is for sale… But are you really thinking of buying it?”

The reason Lee Hyun brought his younger sister and Seoyoon to a real estate outing was because of a building. An 8-story building that he had been keen on for a year and a half! It was a huge building worth 15 billion won, and he would have more than enough money to purchase it by liquidating the recent broadcast network advertisement revenue and the character enterprises.

‘Money isn’t meant to be borrowed.’

He wasn’t planning to get any bank loans, and KMC media agreed to adjust all subscription fees right away. Lee Hyun raised one edge of his mouth and smirked.

‘A landlord is the destination of all dreams. It is the final line in life.’

The last step in becoming a wealthy real estate owner. He had bought bits of land around the neighborhood, but he thought being a landlord was the best. He was planning to collect monthly rent payments from each floor, inscribing his title as landlord Lee Hyun on his business cards.

‘My childhood dream is finally coming true. Even if Royal Road goes down to ruins, my life is guaranteed from what I can rip off this building. If I get a son, he will be the landlord’s son. If it’s a daughter, she will be the landlord’s daughter. Across generations, our family becomes a landlord family.’

Lee Hyun waited until the afternoon, met the landlord, paid out all the balance and transferred ownership all in one day.

“At last, I did it.”

Lee Hyun straightened his back as he stepped out of the agency. The heavy burden of poverty that pressed down on his shoulders since childhood. The stress about money that strapped in his mind even when he was asleep had lifted away. He felt the years of hardship had finally come to an end, conversely feeling a mix of emotions.

“Now that I have my own building, I could afford to eat salt 200 won more expensive than the usual…”

He thought that all that was left for him was a bright future.

‘Even so, I will continue hunting and proceed on my quests… hah. Give up my greed for money and live out my life comfortably.’

He will try new hobbies, bathe in sunlight at the front porch, live carefree.

‘It will all be different starting tomorrow. What is money worth anyway…? No more clinging and enjoy life. Look at just how beautiful the world is.’

The weather was pleasant, and the breeze was refreshing.

‘To think life was this beautiful.’

Lee Hyun ate his dinner and fell happily asleep. Then he woke up early morning the next day. He took supplements and vitamins gifted by the broadcast networks and jogged to the dojo.

“I will train hard! To take down as many more monsters that I can.”

To Lee Hyun, hunting speed was more important than anything. Monsters were money! He had to earn back the levels he had lost recently, and he developed more interest in the combat achievements. During his years as a sculptor, it was difficult for him to earn combat achievements. But by the time he became a necromancer, it turned out a lot easier.


(To be continued…)



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V53C2P4 – Dragon Hunt

Par mimosab

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‘The scars on his waist and front paws… The parts without scales could be a weakness but are not going to end the game.’

300 meters. Weed flapped his wings and moved cautiously. He observed the openings as his eyes skimmed across the back of Kaybern’s head, his wings, back and tail.

‘Should I just start beating him down?’

He felt a powerful urge to strike as he looked at the rear of the head.

200 meters. Kaybern felt his presence and turned his head. The bone dragon reflected in the enormous eyes of the black dragon!

– I can smell a foul stench. Begone!

Kaybern did not attack him as there were still many humans left, but was disturbed nonetheless.

– My, my apologies.

Weed drew back but did not give up, prowling near him. He finished off the Hermes guild members attacked by Kaybern’s magic and continued to make profit.

“Kill Weed!”

When the Hermes guild approached to attack, he quickly hid behind Kaybern. Cunning at its finest! He ended up getting on the nerves of the impatient dragon.

– Blizzard!

In a short moment, the temperature fell far beyond freezing point and snow and ice began to flurry. Weed saw the blizzard coming towards him and attempted to fall back, but it had already surrounded him.

< Cold snap!The body is freezing.
2,896 damage to health points per second!
Movement speed is reduced by 36%. >

Kaybern’s magic had been targeted not on the humans, but on Weed. Even as a bone dragon with high magic resistance, he took considerable damage. Weed also planned to return the favor.

‘I knew it as well. The dragon was not to be trusted in the first place.’

He had saved up a significant amount of mana and health points. He took a deep breath and released his attack on Kaybern who was nearby.

– Corrosive breath!

The breath in a straight line from Weed’s gaping mouth and drenched Kaybern’s body.

– How dare….!

Many seconds later the breath ceased and Kaybern’s body was uncovered. The slick and lean body of the black dragon was dirty like it had been stained. His health points also took a fair amount of damage, but not enough to be a threat.

“Wh, What the.”

“Weed attacked the dragon.”

The Hermes guild members were with wide open eyes, as the bone dragon and the black dragon clashed.

– Incineration!

An advanced fire magic spell. Kaybern activated a spell that burns away the opponent. A powerful spell that turns targets with low magic resistance into complete ashes. The bones of Weed’s frozen body lit up in fire.

< The body is burning.
5,317 damage per second!
Endurance and magic resistance is declining rapidly.
Decreases by 3% per second. >

The mighty physique of the bone dragon remained in good state. Even so, he would take consistent damage to his health points if he does not relieve himself from the incineration spell applied on his body.

‘An eye for an eye.’

Weed spread his wings from the ground and hurled his body towards the dragon. Engulfed in flames, he flew at maximum speed and collided. Kaybern was startled and tried to avoid him, but both of them were an enormous 200 meters wide in size.

The dragons crashed into one another with resounding force.

The bone dragon and black dragon tangled and tumbled. The land shook like an earthquake and the Hermes guild members were buried under the dragons.

< Health points are reduced by 97,000, due to a massive impact. >

The bone dragon’s body was comprised of over 2,300,000 health points, but his life was limited as he could not lift the incineration spell.

“Die. You ugly lizard!”

Weed wrapped around on Kaybern’s back with all four legs and bit into his nape.

< Attack on weakness!
Your bite landed on the opponent’s weak spot.
You have diminished 42,385 health points. >

< The durability of your fangs has declined. >

– How daring of a rotten, crumbling set of bone picks!

Kaybern tried to shake him off from his body, but it was not too easy. One of the best skills of the bone dragon was its bite.

“You’re a coal-black lizard!”

Weed wildly bit into Kaybern’s body. He felt as if he was chewing steel due to the sturdiness of the black dragon, that that was unimportant. He crunched tenaciously and scratched the body ruthlessly with his claws.


A succession of merciless attacks.

– Get off me!

Kaybern thrashed in an outrage, but it was futile. Weed had wrapped tightly around his body. The Hermes guild members were genuinely surprised.

“Geez! What is happening.”

“The dragons are fighting one another. What’s more, that bone dragon is Weed.”

“Holy. It’s like watching a monster film.”

Even the Hermes guild was stupefied by the scene. Two dragons entangled, a dog fight! Weed usually preferred clean battles using a sword. At times he took hits intentionally to increase his endurance, but those instances are calculated. When he got deeply engaged into a fight, he would fight aggressively while keeping his head cool.


– Go. Begone!

Kaybern and Weed rolled on the ground.

‘This lizard. He can’t fight as well as I expected.’

Weed tightened his concentration. When would a dragon have experienced such a dirty fight? In the battle against the humans, it displayed a typical pattern of combat. But when a huge bone dragon stuck to its back like a hunting canine and bit into the nape, it was unable to break free.

‘The dragon’s combat skills are rather sloppy.’

Weed traced his memories back to when he attended the Kendo dojo.




Jong-bum Choi! He was the dojo master and went by the name Geomchi3 in Royal Road, his body a lethal weapon in its entirety. Muscles, scars and a savage face!

“Hmm. Popsicles get me through the summer.”

The time when he and Lee hyun went to a nearby convenience store with their tops off during the practice at the dojo, remained a legend.




The people in the streets could not look away in surprise. The muscular body under the beaming sunlight was defined like valleys. Sweat streamed down between the muscles. Men, women, the seniors and children all observed his beautiful physique.

“Brother. It seems all that you do is exercise. What was your hobby as a child?”


“When you were 10 years old?”

“Yep. The uppercut was my specialty because I loved the feeling of blowing away the older brothers that were bigger than me in a single hit.”

He practiced martial arts for a hobby. He had many certifications but he himself did not remember well. He fell for kickboxing and jiu jitsu, spiking his interest in mixed martial arts.

“I qualified in tournaments too. I fought 7 times and won all of them with K.O.”

“But you didn’t become an athlete.”

“Yup. It did not give me that sharp tension of fighting with a blade, so my interest faded away. All I had to do was beat them up with pure strength and stamina.”

Jong-bum Choi was the classic example of an aggressive infighter. The problem was that no one could fend off his monstrous charges. No one in the dojo could beat him in a hand-to-hand combat.

“Youngest one. Sword techniques are great too, but you must train the body. Any kind of skill is based off on your physical abilities. There are no sword techniques that can be executed with a weak physique.”

“Yes. Brother.”

Lee Hyun played around with various mixed martial arts with Jong-bum Choi during rest breaks.

‘This is turning out to be quite useful.’

The reason for attending the dojo was to hunt better in Royal Road. He learned everything from how to take hits by spreading the opponent’s power across a larger area to the variety of ways to break down a stance.

“The blade is sharp and powerful, so you only need an attack to succeed once. Though, that is the most difficult part…”

“Can’t you finish someone off with just a single fist strike?”

“Definitely can. However,if  the opponent is also skilled they will know how to take hits. Precise attacks will never be allowed. That is why attacks lead into submission techniques…. Hmm, hmm. You will find it helpful once you learn these.”

“When should I use the ?”

“Whenever. A drunk man could pick a fight with you for no reason, and this world can be quite harsh. In those times you must be able to protect yourself, don’t you think?”




– Kuahhhhh!

Weed roared as he continued to crunch away at Kaybern’s nape. He pressed down on the dragon’s tremendous body with his four legs, shifted his body weight instinctively and held his advantage.

‘The ground techniques that I learned from bro are proving their usefulness.’

His entire body was engulfed in flames because of the magic, but the deed had to be done.

< You bit into the opponent’s weak point.
Successive threatening attack!
You have diminished 67,387 health points.
The defense of the wounded region is reduced by 2.6%. >

Every time he bit, shook around and rolled on the ground with Kaybern, health points declined by several thousands. The matter came down to Kaybern’s ridiculous amount of health points and defense. Weed pressed down with his body and crunched away, but the attacks were nowhere enough for the dragon to die.

“Fire energy.”

“Eternal Shot!”

That moment, the attacks from the Hermes guild members struck. For them, Weed was also an enemy and therefore attacked without distinguishing Kaybern and Weed. His body was on fire, taking damage each time he rolled on the ground, and now the Hermes guild members were attacking on top of all this. Weed realized that he could only hold for 2 or 3 minutes.

– I will rip you to shreds!

Kaybern wallowing on the ground also staggered and straightened up. Weed pressed down with all his might, but Kaybern stood up with just the might of his hind legs. The bone dragon was similar in its enormous size, but was made of nothing but bones. Kaybern’s weight and power were greater.

– Lightning Tempest!

Kaybern quickly cast a spell. Then, hundreds of lightning struck down in proximity.

< Struck by lightning!
Jolting power of electricity pierced through the body.
Health points reduced by 126,183. >
He was struck by ice, fire and lightning.
‘In order to attack me, he gladly threw himself into the line of fire.’

Weed knew his intentions but he was out of options. Kaybern’s scales negated lightning with its immense magic resistance. The bone dragon felt a shivering pain in its joints. This was the difference between a real dragon and a bone dragon! Weed shouted out to everyone in the region.

– All Hermes guild members focus down the dragon! Kill Kaybern first, then me! This is the best opportunity to kill the dragon.

The Hermes guild and Weed were of such ill-fated relationship, but it was necessary to put it behind them against a dragon that could plunge the entire Versaille continent into danger. Despite his words, he may be able to escape alive once the dragon is defeated. He knew he could not overcome this dragon alone, so he asked assistance from the Hermes guild.

“Just kill both of them at once!”

“Don’t trust anything Weed says.”

The reaction from the Hermes guild opposed his expectations. A dragon was indeed an amazing deal for them, but there was just as much significance in killing Weed who had won against Bard Ray. They ignored Weed’s request and bombarded with attacks.

“Kill him here and now!”

“Weed is a petty trickster. You never know what stunt he is going to pull. In the least, make sure he is dead!”

The Hermes guild were aware of Weed’s nature. Weed ignored their attacks and bit the dragon, and he felt his chances of succeeding in this hunt fading away. Not a sliver of hope was left in the given situation.

– Forceful Rift destruction!

Kaybern used a magic spell again, shattering Weed’s body completely. Solid rib bones broke and rained down on the ground.

< Body was destroyed by magic.
Maximum health points reduced by 55%.
Remaining health points reduced by 30%. >

It was a ridiculously powerful magic spell. Weed crumbled and Kaybern broke free. The huge body of the bone dragon fell apart into pieces of arms, legs and wings – turning into tatters. Kaybern let out an explosive roar of rage.

– I will not leave a trace of your remains!

Fueled by his hatred towards Weed, he refused to finish him with magic and instead  inhaled deeply. Weed witnessed firsthand as the black dragon’s body bloated like a balloon. It clearly was readying a breath attack.

– This lizard, we’ll see about this!

Kaybern gaped his mouth, struck Weed’s body with the gushing breath.

<You have died due to your health points having been diminished completely. You are unable to log in for 24 hours. Level and skill proficiency will decline due to death.>

(To be continued…)



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V53C2P3 – Dragon Hunt

Par mimosab

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Thanks to proofreaders for their time spent to improve this part: Armada, PuszekSE, Seviper9, Evilsanta1423 and Zeruon 🙂


Weed mercilessly spewed his breath towards where the Hermes guild members were gathered.


“It’s a breath!”

“Weed… he attacked!”

The poison breath that fumed out from the bone dragon’s body struck the clustered Hermes guild members. The Hermes guild members would have reacted accordingly in normal circumstances, but they were made mindless by Kaybern’s attacks! Weed’s corrosive breaths shrouded over the Hermes guild members. Groups of users that were recovering from their wounds also fell victim.

<Villain Willstorm has perished.
According to combat achievement, you have been granted 1 stat to use at your discretion. >

< Cold-blooded murderer Ginggen has perished.
You have accomplished an amazing deed.
Your reputation among the civilians is increased. >

< Petty robber Krolin….. >
< Weapon looter Benjo….. >

<Due to great combat achievements your reputations have increased by 31,824.>

<You have obtained exp.>
<You have obtained exp.>
<You have obtained exp.>

< You have gained a level.>

<You have obtained exp.>
<You have obtained exp.>


A level up with just one breath! Hermes guild members over lvl 500 were swept away by the hundreds.

‘As expected, this is terrific. Very pleasing.’

A rabbit punch worth going down in the history books of Royal Road! Kaybern who was fighting at ground level glanced at Weed. It was not certain, but the black dragon’s atrocious glare had become much more temperate. Humans and the bone dragon. Without a doubt, his hatred leaned more towards the humans. Weed thought to himself that this would be the perfect window of opportunity to butter him up.

– Oh almighty being. I wish to assist you with these wings of mine in slaughtering those greedy humans!

‘Life is all about connections.’

The stronger one shall be my ally! If the Hermes guild were stronger, he would have attempted to land the final blow on the black dragon. Weed rattled his jaw bone.

– Of course, the almighty and omniscient Kaybern-nim will never need the help of such a pathetic being as myself. However, I could not just stand by and watch idly while Kaybern-nim battled alone. I will fight for you until my bones crack and my ligaments wear away. Please, allow me to participate in hunting down those humans.

Kaybern was a dragon who loved flattery, and he did not make complex assessments.

– Alright. If that is what you want, so be it. You will be rewarded for your service.

‘Reward from a dragon!’

The word excited Weed. He visualized vividly all the treasures stacked inside Kaybern’s lair. He could be rewarded with useful treasures if he continued to hunt down the Hermes guild and increase his friendliness and contribution.

‘Whatever I can get… There are lots of magic-imbued accessories under the dragon’s possession. They say swords and armor are expensive but, the rare accessories are the things that earn you a fortune. I could very well use it myself instead.’

Kaybern opened his coal-black mouth.

– Be grateful. As soon as I obliterate all the humans under me, I will kill you.

– I beg your pardon?

– I will be gracious enough to kill the humans first. If it gets tedious I might decide you kill you before that happens.


As expected from the inconsiderate, heinous black dragon! Dragons in general offer fair conditions, but Kaybern was indeed the dark dragon.

– You don’t like that? Then do you wish to die first?

– No. The al…mighty being.

The black dragon was impossible to negotiate with in the first place.




With the permission of Kaybern, the joint operation with Weed began.

– Absolute zero.


The dragon’s magic burst upwards and froze the land in a 50 meter radius. That alone had significant effect on the Haven imperial army but Weed followed up on his assault. The bone dragon, with his wings spread wide, plunged rapidly for the opportunity at the final strike.

– Kuoooh!

– You have killed the infamous treacherous knight Oka.

Reputation increased by 283!

– You have killed the villain Frolemite who was wanted in the freedom city of Somren.

Reputation increased by 352!

Infamy decreased by 291!

You can collect your bounty at the freedom city Somren.


< Agility increased by 1 with rapid movements. >

<The power of the dead is increased by 1. The aura of death feels stronger. >

Weed also displayed destructive force as the bone dragon. He sought out the wounded users on ground level from the sky, revolving in midair like an acrobat and avoided magic attacks. He spread poison and occasionally used his front and rear legs and also his tail in battle. The dark dragon Kaybern fought close-by and targeted the wounded in coordination.

– Kill Weed!

Whenever the knights charged towards him, he maneuvered to the side and passed them onto Kaybern.

“Fire the arrows.”

“Kill Weed first!”

The Hermes guild members detested the sly Weed at least a hundred times more than Kaybern.

“Weed-nim! We have returned.”

“If we die, we will die together! This is our loyalty!”

The voices of Pale and Surka could be heard. They got away successfully but had returned after witnessing Weed jump into battle. Weed landed near Pale and the other Central continent users. Within a 200-meter distance, the Hermes guild members were present, but they were under attack by the draconic warriors.

– I have a good plan in mind. If we succeed, there will be great profit, but I cannot guarantee your lives. Will you still fight with me? The responsibility for dying is up to you all.

His words were like explaining the dangerous conditions of a contract. Pale and his comrades did not care about losing their lives while fighting together, and the Central continent users also had returned with resolve of death.

“Yes. We are alright.”

– You are certain? You cannot nag me to take responsibility later.

“Of, of course.”

– Alright, then let us begin busting up the Hermes guild.


– Users capable of shooting arrows in midair or brave enough to jump right into enemy frontlines please hop on.

The time that the Central continent users had spent with Weed was short. But, their observations from back in Garnav plains made them believe that he could make pork Katsu with beans.

“Wow. Let’s get on!”

“The honours of riding on top of Weed-nim’s back…”

“Are we going to be on broadcast too? It’s my first time since back in the early days of Royal Road.”

“Awesome. Truly awesome.”

Over a thousand Central continent users boarded on top of Weed’s body. Users were comprised of level 400 to 500, assessed to be a considerable force. Weed spoke out an overdue thought, as he was about to take flight.

– I repeat, I cannot assure your lives. Archers must grab tightly onto my body and never fall. If you do, it is on you.


– Warriors, I will drop you all off mid air at Kaybern’s attack location. Landing is your part of this plan and fight to the death.


The bone dragon, expressway to death! He said he will not be responsible for their lives, and they were truly on the verge.

“Is he trying to kill us?”

“Weed-nim. How come you are unloading us on top of enemy lines?”

The Central continent users did not know the reasons and were doubtful, but they could see wounded Hermes guild members gathered up. They were behind in the lines trying to recover after having survived Kaybern’s AOE magic attack! Weed added:

– Chances at survival are slim now that we are back once again. the Hermes guild will also get wiped out by Kaybern, so think of this as an opportunity. You will get to pick up some spectacular gear before dying.

The plan was to jump into enemy lines, kill Hermes guild members on the brink of death and looting their spoils. Hence, the last haul strategy!

– Let’s go. To change our living standards!


Weed swooped steeply to the ground. The archers fired arrows of their own accord and the Central continent users leapt off at suitable spots. They used this opportunity created by Kaybern to finish Hermes guild members.

“I, I got one!”

“This is the stuff. Yes!”

The Central continent users were blinded by greed and scraped the spoils. A third of them died by focus fire the instant they landed, but places that have been swept by Kaybern’s magic, there were many wounded. Even the users that were reluctant in this plan appreciated the results. In the battlefield of Kaybern and Hermes guild members, they accurately pinpointed the most suitable locations.

“This way, Weed-nim!”

“Take us for the next ride!”

Python and Seasoned Crab also fought valiantly and died, each grabbing several items in the process. Weed dropped off Central continent users that were quite known into areas with the major Hermes guild members.

“I appreciate it.”

“See you all later. Ahahahaha!”

Users were plummeting from the sky. While Weed and the Central users were making profits, Kaybern did not cease to rest. With unwearying stamina and magic, he took down the Hermes guild members. The Central continent users falling from the sky also became targets on occasion.

– Arcane Roar.

– Summon Evil spirit.

– Hellfire Trail.

The land scorched each time Kaybern used magic. The Hermes guild did not retaliate with magic or defense spells, taking even more damage. Soon after, Kaybern had offered a large enough sacrifice and activated another ultimate spell under a different type of dark magic.

– Gates of hell, open!

A dark-red hell gate appeared in the sky. Even though the sun was bright, the sky became as dark as night.


“Humans. Delicious humans!”

Demonic soldiers tore through the gate and began the human hunt. Some users got sucked into the gates of hell like they were swept away by a tornado. The gate of hell was active for 10 minutes. Thousands of demonic soldiers began hunting and the Haven imperial army and the Central continent users died rapidly. Weed was a bone dragon, drawing less attention from the demonic soldiers in comparison and therefore was safe to continue to attack the Hermes guild. Though, his worries were growing as to the dragon’s combat strength.

‘If this turns out into a magic spell war… I don’t think I can manage.’

Even if Hestiger and the desert warriors were to return, it would be difficult to overcome the dragon.

‘Under normal conditions, I think I would need to be over level 1000 to kill it. Let alone levels, I need to improve on equipment as well.’

He must be able to withstand several dragon magic spells and the attacks of the demonic soldiers. Even in these odds, there are no beings without a weakness. He needed precise analysis in order to defeat Kaybern.

‘What kind of weakness could he have? Or how do I need to fight for me to come out ahead in this battle?’

He needed to pay attention to the appearance as well as the style of combat. Weed decided to sneak in closer to Kaybern. 500 meters. He could see him clearly and in full view. He checked out the lengths of the joints and the range of motion. 400 meters. He observed meticulously all the scales covering his body. The body of the black dragon was sturdy like an impregnable fortress, but he could see deep, old scars.


(To be continued…)



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V53C2P2 – Dragon Hunt

Par mimosab

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Weed clicked his tongue as he observed the fight in bone dragon form.

“As expected, dragons are something else. I saw a glimmer of hope for the Hermes guild, but it ended up being futile.”

The dragon’s presence was great enough to spawn two S rank quests. As he observed from afar, just in case he decided to step into the dragon hunt, the Hermes guild was dwindling down helplessly. After Kaybern used the mirror of fate, none could step up valiantly and cavalries retreated quickly after charging forward. Deep down, they had already accepted defeat.

“Overwhelming magic attack and a defense that renders courage to dust. At this rate, the dragon is going to fire his magic attacks at will every time he recovers mana.”

Weed simulated how things would have turned out if he was leading the Hermes guild. There was no realism in it, but all guild members would obey his command.

“They have to hit and run according to the situation. What is needed instead of high attack frequency is weapons with the armor penetration attribute.”

Warriors were more effective over mages. Huge damage to its health points could truly drive the dragon to a corner.

“Even if all the preparations were to be made, it would all be wasted efforts if the dragon spreads its wings and escapes. The dragon must not be allowed to slip away.”

Weed let out a long sigh. Even if he were to command the Hermes guild flawlessly, the odds were too tight.

“Mapan-nim. How is the situation with the red dragon in the east?”

– Mapan : It is slaughtering orcs. There is no sign of it moving to another region.

“How powerful is it?”

Mapan was assessing the situation as he was pulling out of Garnav plains. Being a merchant, he would be of little help if he joined the battle.

– Mapan : I cannot be certain. I am downloading the footage from that region, but the orcs are just too weak. They are being stomped.

Orcs! A race empowered by numbers, were pathetic creatures beneath the might of the dragon.Moderate power level had no meaning against the almighty dragon.

To start off, it is a dragon so it would be safe to say that it’s approximately as strong as Kaybern. There are a million reasons not to hunt it down.

The dark dragon Kaybern fought carefree even after landing on ground. The Hermes guild were once rulers of the Central continent, but it seemed that they had lost the will to fight due to repeated defeats.




“Get on top of it!”

“Attack the head. The head is a weak point even for dragons!”

“I need to go around back instead of a frontal attack…”

The knights’ charge was intercepted by the dragon’s forepaw or stopped by the ground splitting apart. Users fell target to the magic spells and were scorched or melted away.


The draconic warriors were under focus fire, several of them destroyed at a time but had little effect on the grand scheme of the battle.

– Tidal wave of darkness.

Once again, ripples of darkness spread out from Kaybern. The ultimate dark magic cast by a dragon! It swallowed up Hermes guild members, Haven imperial knights and demonic beasts whole. Once devoured by darkness, all creatures are deprived of health points and mana, withering away to death like mummies.



“Get, get out of the way!”

Dark tidal waves quickly spread in all directions like a huge tsunami. Users and knights tried to run the opposite way but were swept away by the spell. Weed’s eyes glowed sharply as he witnessed the scene.

“Ultimate area of effect spells cannot be used in succession, not even by a dragon. Judging by the looks of it, he needs at least 5 to 7 minutes to recharge, and due to the characteristic of dark magic there needs to be enough offerings of the same type of sacrifice”

Weed seemingly grasped the combat style of Kaybern. It was rather a radical method specialized in exercising the most powerful attack. Some dark magics required the user to harm himself, which is why he fought close-combat.

‘It’s too irrational for it to be an effective method of combat, but on the other hand it is perfectly menacing and oppressive.’

A being capable of using the ultimate dark magic that could cause a mass genocide every few minutes during an intense battle. It truly could not get anymore gruesome than this.

‘The dragon is looking down upon the humans and is certain of its own victory. It is reckless and arrogant.’




Dain, the 19th legion commander of the Haven imperial army. She had joined the side of the Arpen kingdom, putting her on an awkward position to be on the chase. Hence, she was put in charge of the retreat from the Garnav plains.

“The wounded come this way. If blacksmiths can repair the equipment on the verge of being destroyed, they will be rewarded later!”

She took charge of the aftermath, captured horses and oxen to mount users on wagons.

“Hurry on! To a safe place!”

She evacuated over a hundred thousand users and looked after the wounded. The northern users witnessed her act and began to open up.

“Nothing less to expect from the lord of castle Evaluk… She is saving users without distinguishing the northern or central continent users apart. I can see why she has high reputation.”

“Isn’t she also a famous Hermes guild member?”

“Even so, she is different. Rumor says that she was originally a comrade of Weed-nim.”

Dain pinned grass that she picked from the Garnav plains into her hair. That showed the northern users that she was on their side, and the users within the 19th legion also mimicked her.


“Well, objectively speaking the Hermes guild is kind of evil.”

“We aren’t associated with the Hermes guild. Just users of castle Evaluk.”

“Then shouldn’t we be after the Haven imperial army?”

“I mean, with our skill level… there are enough users chasing after them already.”

Users took out crystal balls and watched the footage being streamed by the broadcast station. It was an endless stream of spectacular scenes from the battle between the Hermes guild and the black dragon.

“Scatter! It is too dangerous here.”

“The dragon is coming. Everyone, evacuate!”

They heard the news of danger, but a significant number of users were still standing on the Garnav plains.

“Could the dragon possibly come all the way here?”

“No way. Maybe the Hermes guild will succeed in hunting it down…”

They did not want to leave the Garnav plains that still carried remnants from the heat of the battle.

“Draconic warriors!”

“There are draconic warriors in that direction…!”

The situation took a split turn by an anonymous shout. From the west, approximately 600 draconic warriors were tracking down some forces of the retreating Haven imperial army.


“Draconic warriors are coming!”

Users finally realized the danger upon them and began escaping as a group from the Garnav plains. Dain was looking after the wounded soldiers as a shaman, then called out to the 19th legion to assemble.

– Everyone! Users of castle Evaluk, stand together with me and defend against the draconic warriors.

The 19th legion responded to her call and began a desperate battle against the draconic warriors.

“Even if we stop the draconic warriors, the dragon will still be on its way. Novice players evacuate quickly!”

“When everyone has evacuated, the 19th legion shall pull back as well. Pull back!”

The users on Garnav plains were escaping with positive thoughts about Dain in their minds.




The Haven imperial army was being torn apart by dark dragon Kaybern. Fatigue had accumulated from the battle dragging out from the Garnav plains, moreover the presence of the dragon loomed over them.

“D.. dragons can’t be overtaken.”

“It is too powerful.”

The Hermes guild members spit out discouraged voices as they looked upon the black dragon. Renunciation spread like an epidemic, scaling with the size of their ambitions.


“Maybe we should just run now?”

“We could have a chance at survival if we all scatter in different directions.”

Hermes guild members known for their tight bonds all acted on their own accord and began to scatter away. They were defeated by Weed and the Arpen kingdom before, but they were now crumbling to an enemy they could not possibly deal with. They had also lost in the battle against the dragon. Weed also felt that the situation was coming to an end, so he posted on the regional chat channel.

– Weed : Escape now. A little longer and there will be no opportunity left to escape.

The users that had chased after the Haven imperial army abided to Weed’s words and began to disassemble. They were also concerned of becoming the next victim of the black dragon. Dark dragon Kaybern that was in the middle of fighting against the Hermes guild on ground level captured the sights of the users scattering away.

– No human can escape. Ties of darkness!

Activation of dark magic. Including the bone dragon Weed who was afar, black chains cuffed users by the ankles. It was an area spell that covered tremendous surface area.

< Ties of darkness have been applied.
The black dragon Kaybern has declared you as sacrifice.
Effects of dark mana restrains your movement. >

< Movement speed is reduced by 27%. You are bound within a fixed radial distance from the current position. >

A restraint spell!

“We can break away from this with divine magic.”

“Come this way. I will lift the curse until my mana runs out.”

The priests among the Central continent users exerted themselves, casting divine magic spells. Pale looked sympathetically towards the bone dragon in the air, far away.


The ankles of the bone dragon were also chained up with shackles. Weed was not under sculptural transformation spell, instead he was resurrected as the undead. So divine magic had no effect on him. The moment Weed fell under the dark magic he realized it, and he knew exactly what to do.

– Weed : Everyone, just leave without me.

“Alright. Weed-nim.”

“Take it easy.”

“Stay safe.”

“Have a blast.”

– Weed : …

Pale, Irien, Python, Seasoned Crab and the Central continent users broke away. Kaybern was destroying the Hermes guild and everyone knew that there was little time left.

‘They don’t turn back even once.’

Weed firmly flew across the sky as a bone dragon shackled to the ties of darkness.                              

‘I guess I have to prepare for my second death soon.’

Advanced Cooking level 2, Advanced Blacksmithing level 3, Intermediate Fishing level 8, Intermediate Tailoring level 7, Intermediate Sailing level 1, Intermediate Mining level 3, and shipbuilding that had just reached the Intermediate level. He had tons of other combat skills. The skills that are fully mastered will not decline in proficiency level upon death, but dozens of skills will be affected all at once.

‘Since it has come to this, I’m glad the Hermes guild still stands.’

Weed flew slowly and drew closer to the battle field. He carefully read Kaybern and the Hermes guild clashing at ground level, approaching to 600 meters.

‘There. Right about here…’


Weed inhaled as much as he could, then his entire body inflated with a huge concentration of mana. The moment it reached its peak,

– Here ya go. Breath!

(To be continued…)



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V53C2P1 – Dragon Hunt

Par mimosab

Thanks to Armada, evilsanta1423 and Zeruon for the proofreading!!


‘That is ridiculous.’

Weed, who was observing from afar, was at a loss for words: and how about the Hermes guild that went up against the dragon?

“Sigh, it was a trap.”

“We’re done for. How are we supposed to kill the dragon now?”

The black dragon plunged even the Hermes guild into despair. He flapped his wings in the sky and slowly descended to ground level. Life Drain of the Sacrificed was the highest class of dark magic, but it was different from Barkan’s constant Life Steal through the undead. Its weakness was that it only drains life from enemies killed in a short period of time. Even then, considering the dragon’s power it was easy to restore all health points.

“This is illogical.”

Arkhim who had barely survived thanks to his Space rift bracelet, let out a groan. The Hermes guild squeezed out every last drop of effort while hanging off the edge of a cliff, only for it all to be part of the dragon’s plan.

“How in the world do we defeat this dragon…”

Arkhim could not come up with a way to fight against it. The black dragon was descending and the Hermes guild members had lost the spirit they had had just moments ago and fell back.

– Kuuuuuuaaa!

Dragon’s fear activated. Invisible shockwaves swept the battlefield and nearby users were stunned or paralyzed, horses and demonic beasts squirmed simultaneously.

– Charge at me again and amuse me!

Kaybern stomped forward, kicked away the users and swept the land with his tail. The audacious black dragon. It was a first time for the Hermes guild to experience such humiliation. 3,000 draconic soldiers were wreaking havoc on the ground, making it difficult for them to concentrate all forces on the dragon.

*Doong! Doong! Doong!*

Then, someone within the camps of the Haven Imperial army struck the drum. A user who became frustrated by the dragon’s pressure was sounding the drum to charge forward.


The sounds of horn flutes echoed from various directions and the knights began to move. Their objective was the humongous black dragon that had descended onto the earth.




The group that chased after the Haven included Roam, Carlise, Sherwood, Gunter and Michel. They  were observing idly as Geomchi and the apprentices followed by the Central Continent users and rushed to fight against the black dragon.

“Wow. Incredible.”

“A dragon and the Hermes guild…”

“Was the Hermes guild that powerful?”

They chased down the Hermes guild and returned the favor for all the times they were harassed. They kept a far enough distance away when the dragon appeared, but they were overwhelmed by watching the Hermes guild fight. Not just Geomchi and the apprentices, the Central users were also fighting competently. Roam spoke out with a heavy tone.

“This brings back memories of the battle when the Hermes guild united the Central continent. We couldn’t do anything about it.”

Kalis also had terrible memories of that very day.

“The true side of the Hermes guild. Looking at that makes me question how we even won against them.”

Mihel let out a deep sigh.

“The power of the Arpen Kingdom is not just in numbers. They are highly motivated to win. The thought that Royal Road would only continue to be exciting along with the continued existence of the Arpen Kingdom drove them to fight without hesitation.”

Back in the day, they lost to the Hermes guild both in tactics and combat strength. The black Lion guild that united the Tulen region were snapped up by other guilds and could not dare to go against them head-on afterwards. Sherwood did not speak a word and glared towards the battle of the Hermes guild. The Cloud guild where he stood as leader could not compare at all to the Hermes guild in power. The gap in power was at a level that could not be filled even with 3 months, nor 6 months of training.

‘Would we be able to dream once again?’

The leaders of the prestigious guilds were different from one another but had similar thoughts. They thought that if the Hermes guild was defeated, there would be an opportunity for themselves. For the time being they would have to survive under the eyes of Weed but it would be much easier to expand their forces. On the other hand, even such a powerful guild like the Hermes guild was defeated by Weed and the Arpen kingdom. Like the saying ‘There’s always another mountain to climb’ it felt as if there would never be a chance for them to spread their wings wide and rule over the continent.




Bard Ray, who’s health points dwindled to the bottom, closed his eyes as he saw Weed’s sword approaching.

‘So, this is the end.’

The tides turned when he used the Devil’s gruesome blade dance in certainty of victory. The chain sequence of the dimensional rift glove and the Moment Sculpting led to quick and precise consecutive attacks. The consistent frenzied attacks during several breaths. It was a chain skill technique that is near impossible to react for someone who’s seen it for the first time.

‘I thought I was better in the basics…’

He reminisced back to when he first started Royal Road. Drew to the fame of the the perfect virtual reality, many set foot into Royal Road. Within this race to outrun the rest, Bard Ray always carried the nickname Godly Warrior. Level 100, 200. Such levels were insignificant compared to the harsh monsters of the Versaille continent, but among the users he outpaced them in growth by one or two steps. With that he carried heavy expectations on his shoulders, but he felt pride in it.

‘To think I would lose in a duel… But this isn’t over yet.’

The moment Bard Ray lost his life, an alert message popped up.

<The dark knight who experienced glory and despair!

With a single sword in hand you have climbed to the chair of emperor, a mighty dark knight. You rewrote the history of the Versaille continent, and your imperial lands expanded as you conquered various kingdoms. In the path that you walked wasn’t only about glory. Wariness, obsession, jealousy, suspicion. Unable to trust the most loyal subordinates and having them executed in secret has been left as a dark side. In power there is brilliance, which in turn gives existence to darkness. You have perfectly fulfilled the desires as a dark knight but faced a bitter tragic ending…

The world will speak of the new victor. However, history books will never cease to be written. The dark knight will stand again. Maybe… you will attain it all with your sword. >

– You have accomplished the great achievements of glory and despair.

The dark knight challenge is complete.

Rewards are doubled due to the achievements.

< You have completed the job class quest of the dark knight.
Effects of all combat skills are increased by 16%.
All stats are increased by 88 points.
Strength and agility are increased by additional 60 points.
Maximum health points increased by 32%.
Infamy disappeared.
Misfortune is temporarily removed.>

Completion of a job class quest! Weed sculpted a star in outer space and became the master of the sculptural arts. Bard Ray climbed to the prestigious position Emperor of the Central continent and was defeated to someone with high fame, thus achieving the completion of the job class quest.

With death you have acquired deep enlightenment of the sword.

The characteristic in the dark knight of burning aspirations and gifted talents has been activated.

You have become the master of swordsmanship.

You have slashed through countless moments of silence, performed in battle and came to have a complete understanding of the sword. You have reached the sublime pinnacle of the sword, with no more progress left to achieve.

The base damage of sword techniques is enhanced by 500%.

Sword technique skills can be cancelled at any time and mana will be refunded.

The range of the attack skills is enhanced.

Attack skills can be acquired faster and proficiency level will also increase faster.

No damage is taken when enemy attacks are defended with a sword.

You can absorb enemy sword techniques.

All stats increased by 40 points.

Combat quests can be accepted without any requirements.

You will bring out the potential of weapons and enhance their base attack damage by a multiple of 2.

Durability of swords will hardly decline, and never to be destroyed.

You have acquired the title ‘Master of swordsmanship.’

You may meet kings regardless of fame.

Many knights and warriors will come before you to challenge.

Increased effects of spirit and charisma, immune to any influence even if your stats are lower than that of your opponent’s.

Bard Ray confirmed the messages and laughed. Master of swordsmanship! A hard-earned keep after sacrificing so many subordinates including the royal knights and even getting defeated by a rival. The job class of the dark knight can only be complete by climbing to the very top and facing the misery of failure.

‘Finally, I’ve done it.’

The Haven empire, his foundation had been defeated. He was confident nonetheless.

‘I was defeated this time… But I became even more powerful. I was victorious at the Melbourne mine and I lost this time. The score is still one to one.’

– You died due to complete depletion of life points. You are unable to log in for 24 hours. Level and skill proficiency decline upon death.

Bard Ray thought to himself before he was logged out.

‘This is not the end. The real game starts now.’



Seasoned Crab and Python! They were mixed up in the crowd of Central continent users and desert warriors. They had arrived late after crushing the straggling troops of the Haven Imperial army.

“What do you think we should do next?”

“I am not certain. But the force of the Hermes guild that had been defeated and was on retreat is surely incredible.”

The two were amazed by the sight of the Hermes guild battling against the dragon. They were wiped out by the Mirror of fate, but the extent to which they fought was acknowledgeable. Users in level 500s with fine-tuned equipment and skills overflowed in numbers at the Hermes guild. The Hermes guild charging madly the moment the black dragon Kaybern settled on the ground was quite spectacular as well.The dragons scales reflected the light of explosions and the picture of users slipping through the magic spells and advancing forward!


“This is amazing.  Wonderful.”

“I wanted to see a battle like this. The Hermes guild is truly powerful.”

“I can’t believe we won against those guys.”

“You think we won by force? Honestly, we just pushed through with numbers. If it weren’t for Weed-nim we would never have made our rendezvous.”

The Central Continent users that chased after the Hermes guild were also gaping at the scene. The black dragon, draconic warriors and the Hermes guild all coming together in a massive war. The higher the level of users, the more they were captivated by battle scenes and wish to become the center of it all. It is a fact that the Hermes guild was criticized a lot, but they had many fans. Not whether they were kind or evil; they were respected because they were powerful.

“Can we even kill this dragon at this rate?”

“I have no idea. They are significant… though the situation turned with a single magic spell.”

“If the Hermes guild cannot defeat it, who else can?”

“There’s Weed-nim.”

“Weed-nim. Nah… Even he would not be enough.”

The words from the crowd of the Central continent users got into Seasoned Crab’s ears and his facial expression turned serious.

“Would the Hermes guild be able to take down the dragon?”

“Who knows. But based on my experiences as a warrior, it would be difficult in this state.”

“How come?”

“Lack of experience. For any monster, there is a huge difference in fighting it for the first time and having gone through an encounter. Furthermore, they were unprepared, and it seems to me that the Hermes guild attacks remind me of fire moths.”

“Won’t they be utilizing secret sword techniques and armor-penetrating skills? They will be doing some damage.”

“I can feel great composure from the dragon. Judging by the previous trap, it seems to enjoy fighting directly and watch humans struggle.”

“That’s a bad preference.”

“He isn’t called the dark dragon for nothing.”

It looked as if the users were ruling the Versailles continent, but at the top of the food chain there were beings called dragons. Various skills and spells were landing on the black dragon’s body, and the Hermes guild members risked themselves dying to friendly fire, charging close to the dragon. To no avail, the dragon seemed to feel nothing.

“Sigh. This is such a letdown. In battles such as this one, I can feel my limits as an assassin.”

Seasoned Crab spun the dagger in his hand. Assassins were weak against non-human types, especially large monsters with high health points.

“Dragon hunt. I want to get up close and personal.”

Python also felt his body steaming from excitement. He could empathize with the warriors scrambling on the massive foe, a dragon. Each time Kaybern swung his wings and tails violently, several users died.

– Seismic Impact.

Powerful spells were complete in split seconds and wiped out the entire Hermes guild members.

(To be continued…)



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V53C1P3 – Black Dragon

Par mimosab

Armada and PuszekSE did their best on this one but they’re a bit lonely to help on the proofreading… so if you have some free time to spare for the community, contact us. Thanks.


“My beloved younger sister.”

– Yurin : … You want to check the equipment?


– Yurin : Hold on. I will take a look right now.

Weed urgently entrusted the Loa sword, the Sky Ruler’s armor and other valuables to his younger sister. Her mission was to get as far away as possible before Kaybern’s arrival! Whilst the Hermes guild was battling against the dragon, Yurin flew afar on top of Wy-3.

‘These items were dropped by none other than Bard Ray.’

Weed’s heart flustered at the thought of inspecting the spoils. Especially the crimson goblet, there was an extraordinary polish to it. He would never have trusted anyone but his own younger sister.

‘He was an infamous one, so he was bound to drop extremely important items. This feels like scratching away at a winning lottery ticket.’

He couldn’t expect what kind of treasure would come forth in that exhiliratinging moment!

– Yurin : Oh… But it’s got a lot of attributes.

“A lot?”

– Yurin : Yeah. It says some kind of legend is sealed away…

“A legend?”


Weed took a deep breath and spoke.

“How many attributes in total?”

– Yurin : I can confirm up to 6 attributes. But it says here that 7 more are locked.

13 attributes! The higher class of items, the price could differ about tenfold for a single useful attribute. Attributes associated with hunting speed tended to determine overall combat abilities and growth rate.

“Go on.”

– Yurin : Yup. I will list them out slowly.


<Goblet of Flames : Durability 30/30.

This is a goblet filled with the essence of fire. It is said to have been excavated from the flowing lava deep underground unreachable by humans, and that it contains flames that blazed for a million years. An item instilled with legend. By drawing out the power of the goblet, one may defeat any form of darkness.

Requirements: N/A.

Attribute : Ownership grants increase of all stats by 53.

Maximum health points and mana increased by 70,000.

Power of any fire-related skill increased by 200%.

Effects of combat skills increased by 35%.

Nearly immune to fire damage.

Every 10 days, the holder can use ‘serenity of the goblet’.

Special:  A legend is sealed.

7 unknown attributes remain dormant.

Serenity of the Goblet : Summons a flowing river of lava or an erupting volcano and annihilate the enemy.>


“This is sick! This is crazy.”

He inspected just one item and the attributes on it were unbelievable.

“This is pretty much overpowered.”

The increase in stats and the attributes were beyond that of an excellent item class. It was owned by Bard Ray who reigned supreme over the Central Continent and possessed the best items on Royal Road.

“I could easily call this one the best treasure out of all the renowned items I have ever found.”

Just by holding it in his inventory, the item granted benefits and had no usage restrictions!

“If I had the Goblet of Flames when my level was low, it would have been overpowering.”

In truth, it was such an advanced class item that if a novice player held possession, the player would be in targeted by others. Even so, if one could manage to hide it well and make use of it alone in dungeons or hunting grounds, the growth rate would have multiplied greatly. In the level 400s and 500s, the effect would decline in comparison but surely enough the possession of the item boosted hunting speed. If this item were to go on auction, it could wage a war. The wealthy were not few in numbers, and someone out there spending tens and millions could never be considered news.

“Considering the popularity of Royal Road, the transaction could easily involve a few buildings.”

If Bard Ray had used the Serenity of the Goblet, Weed could have been in a grave situation. During his years as the great king of the desert he came across many fire-related skills, however Bard Ray would never have used it in plain sight and give the opportunity to plan against it. The higher the level a player is, they would accel in combat senses and utility, and if it were to be used with miraculous timing Weed would have been in a great disadvantage.

“To think he stashed away something like this… Nothing less from the Emperor of the Haven empire. Royal Road’s most powerful user. I give him recognition beyond that of myself.”

Weed felt gratitude for Bard Ray’s great infamy.  If it weren’t for that, this kind of treasure would not drop.

“I have whipped up all the luck I missed out on during this lifetime.”

– Yurin : I will call out the next item.

Wind blade : Durability 60/60.

Unrefined wind blade. Only a blacksmith capable of manipulating all substances on earth and treat things invisible to the eye may shape it to one’s desire. The soul of the wind is instilled in it.

Mystical legend class blacksmith material.


Weed’s vision clouded like he drank 7 bottles of soju with one sip of ramen soup.

“This is mesmerizing. I wonder if getting drunk and winning a lottery would make me feel like this.”

His past flashed before his eyes like in a moment of near-death experience. He had a long grudge with the Hermes guild, and he even died to Bard Ray back in the Melburne mines. But even all those stained emotions washed away completely.

“At least in this very moment, I would gladly send a souvenir sculpture to the Hermes guild.”

It was a brief sentiment, but he did feel like repaying a little.

– Yurin : There is also the rainbow fabric of the luxury artisan.

“Hmm. Rainbow fabric… Hmm. Did Bard Ray have a soft spot for knitting? Or he could have just acquired it recently in a hunting ground.”

Weed also acquired the rainbow fabric back in the past. The rainbow fabric of the luxury artisan that he acquired this time was far more exceptional, but of little importance compared to the other two items. It was as if he already signed for a massive building in Gangnam, but he got another bachelor condo near some university. Clothing crafted with the luxurious rainbow fabric would sell for expensive price, but was not to be compared with two items that are the best in Versaille continent.

– Yurin : I cannot confirm the last item. I am failing to identify it so the information is unknown.

“Is the last one the Dagger of Despair and Tranquility?”

– Yurin : Yeah.

Weed was able to remain full of anticipation. Some items that are not common, can be used by certain job classes or that have secret requirements tend to be unidentifiable. A black blade that could seemingly absorb light and a rough but comfortable handle.

“It used to be Bard Ray’s so it should be high-class and expensive. It may very well be invaluable.”

Bard Ray’s spoils were go-to equipments! While Weed was happily inspecting the items, the battle between the Hermes guild and the dragon continued.

“Divine Thrust!”

“Spell Overcharge!

“Luminating Strike!”

“The Devil’s Smash!”

Geomchi, the instructors and the apprentices had boarded the dragon. They stuck to the nape, back and near the tail and swung their swords in excitement.

“This is such a cathartic experience!”

“This hits the spot Master!”

They used single point attack skills and sword techniques mercilessly on the black dragon. Kaybern was doing wing attacks from the air, attacking using his body and using magic. But they were managing to put up a fight.

‘In such a short time, the battle has unraveled quite dramatically.’

The dragon’s body does not budge due to average attacks, but there were thousands of users mounted on it. Users over level 500s were going all-out with their own strengths and skills. The Central Continent users that chased after the Haven empire also joined in Geomchi’s endeavor and commenced the attack on the dragon. They all seemed to have united in the battle against the black dragon.

‘Now, this should have some impact on the dragon.’

Weed’s interest was pooled towards the black dragon Kaybern. The attack of an ant swarm could take down a huge elephant.

‘I want to join the fight too.’

Weed’s blood was boiling hot, but he could not afford to participate. Geomchi, the instructors and the apprentices were of help even though they suddenly joined the battle so they could be left alone, but if Weed shows up the situation would be different. If Weed in his appearance of a bone dragon would approach them, many Hermes guild members would abandon the fight with the black dragon and come after him.

‘Honestly, they started all the fights and it’s insensitive of them to hate me. But that is just how the world is.’

Weed stayed idle from afar, watching the battle wage on. He was satisfied enough for the black dragon Kaybern to weaken the Hermes guild.

‘There is no real benefit that results from the dragon coming out victorious. The dragon is also a foe. Furthermore, when the Hermes guild is wiped out, I will be next on the list.’

The best scenario was neither side dominating the other and all to fall to their knees. Especially if he could be the one to end Kaybern’s life. Stealing the last hit was very unethical, but nothing else is as thrilling.

‘I could come across an opportunity. It has significant amount of health points, and the Hermes guild would not let me off that easily. By the way, was it this easy to take down a being like a dragon?’

Weed’s suspicion grew as Kaybern was fighting worse than he had expected.

‘He could be dragon that is not a fighter but just pretentious. Or could he be a baby dragon? In the history books it said that he was quite of age.’

Weed’s spine getting chills. It was right after he precisely looked upon Kaybern’s eyes and the corner of his mouth.

‘That’s a sly facial expression. No doubt about it.’

Normal users would not be able to notice such a subtle difference. Weed had grown to be extremely witty since his teenage years, and as sculptor he also had studied a lot in the expressions of animals.

‘He is like the a Crocodile in the Nile, who lay flat lazily then would pounce when a prey approached near…’

For him to have such a reserved composure during a battle! That facial expression said it all.

“Master. It is dangerous. Get away from there!”

Weed sent out a whisper to Geomchi and spoke in the channel associated with all users in the area.

– Weed : Kaybern. He is unusual. He is about to pull off a trick so you all must escape now!

“Um… Master. Weed is telling us to fall back because it is dangerous.”

A Geomchi hanging on around the bottom of Kaybern shouted. The Hermes guild members who heard the voice stopped abruptly. If this was from Weed! All users in Royal Road regardless of ally or foe, had faith in him. In their minds flashed the great accomplishments of Weed in adventure, hunting, empire construction, arts and countless other fields. Geomchi who had been striking down with his sword on top of the black dragon’s head despite its violent movements, shouted out.

“I heard that too. But are you all just going to escape because it is dangerous?!”

Geomchi2, Geomchi3, the instructors and the apprentices all shouted back in unison.

“No, we aren’t!”

These folks would never back down once they get the taste of battle!

“Let’s fight. We fight until we die.”

The apprentices burst out in laughter by Geomchi’s words.


“This is the way, after all!”

They continued to go rampant on the black dragon’s body. The Hermes guild members were startled, but regained composure.

“Looks like Weed spoke some blasphemy.”

“He probably just said that because he feared our success in hunting down the dragon.”

“This is our chance. Start the all-out assault.”

Arkhim was slightly anxious, but soon shook it off. Partly it was from watching Geomchi and the apprentices, but moreover because he had been taken too much by Weed.

“Backing out in the midst of an intense battle would be a great loss as it would allow the dragon time to recover.”

Thus, the Hermes guild began its full assault. They fought more aggressively because their hopes of succeeding in their hunt of the black dragon grew larger.

‘This is undoubtably suspicious.’

‘Personally, I do trust Weed’s words for some reason.’

There were some Hermes guild members that shared this suspicion. The higher the intellect of a monster, the more difficult the style of combat. The tactic by Kaybern was an unconditional charge much like an ogre when confronting the enemy, which was questionable.

‘Dragons are not stupid. But why is it fighting in such simple pattern? But then, it did take a lot of beating from us…’

Even so, the dragon stood right in front of their eyes and the Hermes guild members charged like moths flying into fire. They followed their preceding comrades into the sky in an endless stream.

Then… Kaybern’s dark magic of the life skill tree activated.

– Perish. Mirror of fate!

An ultimate dark magic spell that reflects all damage taken for the last 10 minutes to nearby creatures. Users that were attacking Kaybern instantly turned grey and faded away all at once.

Geomchi and the apprentices also turned into ashes and perished.

– Life drain of the sacrificed.

The black dragon activated his second dark magic spell. He stole the health points and mana of the deceased users and recovered from all the damage he had taken until now. Proud flesh grew over the scars that were all over his body, and even the scales that were used up to create dragonoids were restored completely.

– Foolish humans. You do not deserve even the slightest glimmer of hope.

Kaybern roared from the sky.


(To be Continued…)



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V53C1P2 – Black Dragon

Par mimosab

Thanks to Armada, Re1er,  Chozentorule, PuszekSE,  & EvilSanta1423 for the proofreading!


Weed received the assistance of the Hermes guild and pinpointed Geomchi and the apprentices flying towards the black dragon while on top of their camels.

– Mapan : This is urgent news. A red dragon by the name Landony has appeared in East Orc land. It is viciously attacking the orcs as we speak.

The appearance of another dragon aside from the dark dragon Kaybern! However, in their current situation they could not divide their attention.

“Such pathetic flies. I will blow you all away. Global Thunder!”

Kaybern activated a massive lightning spell. The sky filled with dark clouds, sparks of light emitted between the thick clouds. Hundreds of bolts of lightning struck down on the earth.



The ruthless waves of lightning spell.

“Defend. Block it!”


Lightning pierced and struck the Hermes guild members.

“Eternal Blessing!”

“Soul of the Protector.”

“Shield of silence.”

The mages and priests on the ground cast protection spells, but the lightning continued to penetrate through the bodies of countless Hermes guild members.


Whether the users were on Kaybern’s back or on the ground, they were all subjected to taking damage.

Lightning struck down on a knight’s sword held high, split into hundred lashes and obliterated everything within its vicinity. It was a spell of devastating force, but the Hermes guild members had experienced a boss monster raid many times.

The dark clouds that had gathered due to Kaybern’s lightning spell began to slowly dissipate.

“Now is our chance!”

“Strike in the moment just after he casts a spell!”


The weak spot after a large-scale attack. The moment that cannot be let slip away in a boss monster raid. More users than the ones who were immobilized by lightning flew towards Kaybern with full speed. Geomchi and the apprentices also led the desert warriors and joined the charge.

“Hahaha. This is exciting.”

“Now this is how it’s supposed to be.”

“It’s great that I get to fight as much as I want!”

Tens and thousands of users were rushing towards Kaybern.

‘What are those things with their tops off?’

‘Aren’t they comrades of the infamous Weed?’

‘What in the world is going on?’

The Hermes guild members that had gathered to commence an attack on the dragon saw Geomchi and the apprentices flying over on their camels.

“Hehehe. It’s a dragon.”

“A black one at that!”

“I will become a dragon slayer. Large lizard. I will chop you up into little slices!”

Kaybern roared ferociously in response to the shouts of the apprentices with thin clothing.

“How daring of you to humiliate me. I will not let you off with an easy death!”

Kaybern flapped his wings and charged at Geomchi and the apprentices. Geomchi-2 and Geomchi-3 shouted.

“Be careful of the lizard’s magic spells!”

“We have nothing else to worry about this lizard other than its spells.”

“Krrrrrh! I will stomp and squash you all to death!”

Kaybern maneuvered his tremendous body swiftly, striking down with his front paws and swinging his tail, engaging in aerial tactics. The taunt was unintentional, but ended up being surprisingly effective!

“This is it!”

Geomchi and the apprentices stuck onto the dragon’s body. The Hermes guild members that had already boarded earlier were launching attacks with high spirit since the magic attacks died down.

“What should we do about this?”

Arkhim was also on his way towards the dragon with his warriors. He had to decide, but lacked intel in such an abrupt situation. Everything beginning from the defeat at Garnav Plains had led up to the appearance of the dragon.

‘Of all things…’

Lafaye, who decided the course of the Hermes guild had been swept away in the  by the breath and died.

‘I have led small skirmishes, but a battle with a dragon… Doesn’t matter anymore.’

Arkhim decided to ignore Geomchi and the apprentices. Steal and kill without questions asked. He knew they were active as bandits on bulls, but for some odd reason they were attacking the dragon instead of his forces.

‘Those are thick-headed humans. More reckless and bent on fighting, beyond what the rumors say.’

Arkhim felt a small release in his mind. They say you can trust no one in this world, but it wasn’t that those maniacs decided not to attack from behind; they were just incapable of doing so.

– Arkhim : All men ignore the presence of the desert warriors for the time being. All Hermes guild forces concentrate on bringing down the dragon.

Black dragon hunt! It was a difficult task even with the maximum force of the Hermes guild, but no one realized that it would happen during a retreat from their defeat in Garnav plains. Even so, they were prepared to use everything they had to overcome the battle at hand.


Weed shook his large, bone-dragon head sideways. It did not matter that Geomchi and the apprentices were assisting the Hermes guild. They can fight alongside each other in the spur of the moment, and he was not so biased to be offended by such an act. Though he would feel betrayed if they blindly picked up money on the ground before he did.

‘I’ve been observing for a while, and things seem to be changing rather subtly.’

The Black dragon. The dragon was the symbol of harmony and balance in the continent of Versailles. They were known for expressing themselves with their impressive physiques rather than with sugared words; they were the indomitable rulers of the sky. They were beings that wrecked anything that opposed them with breath, magic and powerful physical abilities. They rendered borders between kingdoms meaningless, and their true influence was on another realm.

‘I didn’t expect them to fight so foolishly.’

Tiny wounds were forming on Kaybern’s solid body. No one would have imagined that a dragon would stay afloat in the sky and get beat like a pinata.  It was being cut up by the warriors, and by the mages’ offensive explosive spells alike . The dragon had great defense and magical resistance, but even then, it was weird for the dragon to be taking hits mindlessly. This could not be compared to the chaos dragon Ausoleto. It was in a severe state, at a loss of memory and unable to cast any magic.

‘If this ends up being a child’s war of exchanging blows straight up, the Hermes guild may have the slightest glimpse of a chance.’

Weed thought that if he were in the dragon’s position, he would maximize his use of power advantage.

‘I could use various tricks, but I could keep things simple, fly up high into the sky and use breath or any long-range offensive magic spell which would allow me to attack one-sidedly.’

If the Hermes guild’s warriors or knights flew up, all he must do is maintain the advantageous position and continue the magic attacks. If he got an opportunity, he could also launch fire, earth, and wind ultimate spells to the ground.

A dragon’s style of battle that renders armies into haystack scarecrows.

‘Large-scale destructive magic, breath and flight. The chain link effect of these three aspects is near invincible, making it difficult no matter how well you prepare for it. If the dragon is in the sky but is too close to the ground and turning it into a blunt close-combat, it is sealing away dragon’s the most powerful traits.’

Weed never thought he’d see a day where he would find himself cheering and hoping that the black dragon Kaybern would fight more wisely. Back in the past, he had a grudge for stolen gem sculptures, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want the Hermes guild to be wiped out.

“He is arrogant! Do not miss this opportunity and kill him!”

Arkhim’s shout encouraged the Hermes guild members. Right when everyone in the area was focused on hunting down the dragon, the black dragon Kaybern’s atrocious roar exploded.

“Thygorn’s Hurricane, Merisha’s  Anguish, Cokran’s Menace, Geneda’s Judgement! You vermin-like humans. I will slaughter you all!”

Kaybern unleashed four area spells. Compared to a human mage, his casting speed was tenfold quicker. The hurricane raged and the earth shook from the impact. Countless Hermes guild members perished, but even more sprang into action and swung their weapons against the dragon. Hope! They could see a glimmer of hope!

“We are the Hermes Guild!”

The Hermes guild members have all become frantic after the series of defeats at Garnav plains. Fierce shockwaves and beams of light shattered away. It was a spectacular sight, thousands of remaining users in the Hermes guild launching an all-out attack. Each one unleashing their best arsenal of skills and losing their life in the process did not hinder their advance.

‘A lone alliance that was most powerful in combat, and they were the elite users that had been aligned since the pioneer days of Royal Road.’

Weed, during his observation of the battle, thought that it was fortunate.

‘The Haven empire fell because it was too massive. If it hadn’t united the central continent, it would have sustained a strong force and continue to grow.’

This was an instance of swallowing too big of a prey and paying the price. The battle between the Hermes guild and Kaybern was indeed important but Weed decided to check the spoils first. He had no chance to skim over the things he acquired after defeating Bard Ray. This was more important to him than anything in the world.


Seoyoon looked down from the sky, leading the Avians while riding on top of her Baraag army.

– Weed : Take care of the strays from the Haven imperial army for me. We need to hold back as many of the retreating forces as possible. So that the Hermes guild can crumble in this fight.

Many stragglers arose from the defeat of the imperial army. Weed chased down the main Haven imperial army, however a significant number of them managed to escape in all directions.

“It’s that way.”

In the eyes of Seoyoon riding a Baraag high up in the sky, moving ground forces were detected.

“They are Hermes guild members. Begin the assault!”

Users riding on Baraags fired arrows and contained the enemy below, and some set foot on the ground. It was the objective of the assault team led by Seoyoon to make sure that the enemy could not escape alive!

‘Battle… I do not wish to fight, but I must.’

Seoyoon also jumped off onto the ground. A crimson glow was flowing out from her eyes.

< Your body has tapped into blood and rage.

The berserker that laid dormant in everlasting peace has awakened again. You are a presence of fear. As the battle persists, enemies will quickly lose their will to fight and escape.

Forgiveness and mercy are words that do not fit a berserker. Even the weak shall not be left alive. You must slaughter every last enemy.

Compelling rage increases  attack in relation to the strength of the enemy.

Until the end of battle, 95% additional damage is applied to all straggling enemies.

Enemies with less than half the health points or who are wounded are twice as likely take critical damage or die instantly.

The area of range on your attack spells is increased by 50%.

The body can go beyond the limits and can move in overdrive.

Defense against indirect hits and grazes is increased to a maximum of 600%. Movement speed is increased by 30%.

Stamina does not diminish for a short period of time.

Kill, and continue to kill. Until your breath ceases! >

Berserker mode activated.

“That’s the Grass Porridge goddess!”

The fleeing Hermes guild members were thrown off by Seoyoon and stopped in their tracks. She was wearing helm and armor but her beauty could still be recognized. They were taken aback by the users riding on Baraags and the Avians, but Seoyoon was approaching them. Their hearts pounded by her beauty, but they quickly realized that she was also an enemy.

“In any event, it will be great to remove one crucial character.”

“My apologies, but you’ll have to die by my hands!”

The Hermes guild members swung their weapons and cast powerful skills. They were prepared to unleash several skills in sequence. Seoyoon kicked off from the ground and spun in mid air like an acrobat, swiftly swinging her sword. They were outside the normal attack range, but the effects of the berserker had been activated.


She narrowly slipped past the enemy skills and attacked simultaneously. She wasn’t one to hold back. She took on unavoidable attacks head on and counterattacked. Weed had long before appreciated Seoyoon’s style of combat while travelling around with her.

“Those are some bone-crushing attacks. In a way, it is an ineffective method of hunting because you cannot sustain enough health points… But she didn’t hunt like this just for a day or two. She naturally gained enough endurance and perseverance and even accomplished the combat achievement of the berserker. I knew there was a reason behind her power.”

Seoyoon never liked combat like she did in the past, but it was a favor for Weed and also to protect the Arpen kingdom. Therefore, she swung her sword without hesitation.

‘To protect what is precious to me.’

She became the berserker once again.


(To be Continued…)




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V53C1P1 – Black Dragon

Par mimosab

Let’s begin a new volume!! And thanks to Armada, Re1er,  PuszekSE, Chozentorule & EvilSanta1423 for the proofreading 😉


The war that had been fought between the Arpen Kingdom and the Haven Empire on the Garnav Plains!

The flaming meteors, the alkin disease and the hordes of the undead had all played their part in the conflict, but now the curtains finally drew over the battlefield..

Weed defeated Bard Ray, but this was soon followed by the appearance of the black dragon. The dragon Kaybern that nested within the Dwarven kingdom Thor had come forth. A body enormous in size and dark like the jet black of night roared as it flew in.


The dark colored breath that gushed out of the black dragon Kaybern swept the Haven Imperial army, along with Geomchi, the desert warriors, and the central continent users.

‘My god. This is a mess.’

Weed flapped his wings and sprang up to the sky. Reborn as the Bone dragon due to the Power to Resist Death. He had respawned as the bone dragon in the past, but it had had a scrawny physique due to his low level. Now he spread his wings spiritedly and swiftly swooped up to the sky.


The earth was bubbling as it melted under Kaybern’s breath. The powerful toxic gas fumed and formed a deep, wide furrow that could easily be called the gorge of Garnav Plains.



“What is this. I’m infected.”

It was a magnificent sight as users that stood within 400-meter radius of the breath collapsed to the ground all at once. Since so many users were clustered in one place, the number of infected easily numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Other than the central continent users and desert warriors, even the Hermes guild members were caught in Kaybern’s dragon breath and lost their lives in countless numbers.

“He’s is so powerful. I won’t even be able to retrieve my bones if I get caught up in that.”

The bone dragon was powerful enough to dominate most regions, but this scene was nerve-wracking.


Kaybern glared at Weed who had flown up into the sky.


There was a bit of a gap in distance, but given the rapid movement of a dragon it was not safe. He could run if he wanted to but it would be difficult to shake off a dragon with just flight speed.

‘He will despise me.’

The prideful dragons hate the corrupted decayed bone dragon by instinct.

‘Of all things…’

To respawn as a bone dragon in such situation!

– There’s a sleazy fool here.

The black dragon Kaybern only spoke once while looking over at Weed who was afloat. His interest was directed on ground level, and Weed had a rough idea of Kaybern’s reason.

‘Kaybern’s rage is directed at the humans.’

Kaybern’s desire was to obliterate the humans the moment the dragon egg was destroyed. The occurrence of the quest was seen through the broadcast, and so forth he planned to destroy cities and slaughter the humans. He hated the bone dragon, but the humans were the higher priority in this given situation.


“Damn it all!”

Arkhim looked up to the sky and fell into great despair watching the enormous dragon Kaybern.

“It just had to arrive at this place now. Five, no… three more minutes and we would have escaped safely.”

Several hundred thousand troops. The most elite users of the Hermes Guild were left standing, however the opponent was a dragon. Moreover, there were also the central continent users persistently chasing their rear.

– I will punish you all!

The black dragon Kaybern’s scales rained down onto the ground. They buried into the ground, soon grew like seeds and turned into draconic soldiers with the face of lizards. The draconic soldiers spoke in their metal-screeching voices.

“By the will of the great dragon Kaybern, attack our enemies. Leave none alive.”


3,000 draconic soldiers ran across the land and began an all-out assault. The draconic troops held large weapons like spears, axes, great swords and hammers

“There is no other option. Attack!”

“Fend off the enemy!”

The Hermes Guild swung their weapons against the approaching draconic soldiers and cast their skills. They were concerned that the blackdragon Kaybern was watching, but they couldn’t just keep their hands tied to their backs.


“They’re quite formidable.”

The bodies of draconic soldiers were made from a part of the dragon’s bones or teeth and therefore, were very dense.

They were a race of high constitution and strength to begin with and their levels ranged from 500 to 600.

“We can still take them on!”

“Let’s take care of them one by one as a group. Like we usually do in dungeon raids!”

The experienced Hermes Guild members soon retaliated with an appropriate strategy against the draconic soldiers.

Unlike their strategy against the human wave of the northern users, this was a much more familiar pattern of battle facing strong monsters. The Hermes Guild defended against the soldiers effectively and even destroyed some. But, it began that same moment.

– Absolute Protection

Kaybern’s magic activated, and the draconic soldiers were enveloped in a transparent barrier. The soldiers were under the protection of the ultimate barrier that negated most physical and magic damage, and they rampaged while swinging their huge weapons.

“No way. This is overpowered.”

“There’s nothing we can do about this!”

The Hermes Guild were pushed back helplessly. They needed to use nullification music or special equipment in order to attack these draconic soldiers. The Hermes guild members also pointed at the sky in the opposite direction from Kaybern.

“Weed has respawned as well.”


A splendid bone dragon comprised of a frost white bone structure!

A size of over 300-metres and swooping skeletal wings made his presence formidable, but the appearance of the black dragon allowed him to attract no attention..

Arkhim sighed.

“We’ve got no time for Weed.”

“Aren’t you kicking yourself right now?

“He won’t expose himself that easily. What’s more is that he’s a flying bone dragon. Right now, we are in a crisis and we need to defeat the dragon at hand.”

Arkhim was trapped in a dead end.

‘Can we expect to win against a dragon? This is too reckless… But continuing to run will get us chased by both a dragon and the Arpen Kingdom users.’

‘The forces of the remaining powerful Haven imperial army will gradually dwindle down until there will be nothing left.’ Arkhim grit his teeth. He had two options! To fight, or to flee.

Neither one was an easy decision, however the enemy would not stay still; the battle was inevitable.

Arkhim made up his mind and shouted.

“Wipe them all out, whether it be man or dragon!”


Weed observed the Hermes Guild members leap up to the sky simultaneously like a swarm of grasshoppers.

“Battle with the dragon? I mean… In this state, you cannot really avoid a battle.”

This was Royal Road’s indomitably powerful lone guild.

Although they had a series of defeats, their combat strength had no equal.

“The Hermes Guild and the dragon. I can watch who will come out on top.”

Weed wanted to pull out some fried potato chips from his bag, but unfortunately he was an undead. The undead do not feel hunger or the taste of food, so he decided to lay back and watch instead.

“This will be quite the show indeed.”

The Hermes guild members used flight equipment or magic and flew over to Kaybern. The warriors and knights approached him daringly, while priests and mages cast spells and supported them from above. Weed’s eyes scanned through the Hermes guild members.

‘Having having gone up against them, I know that their system is excellent. The ones at level 500 become the core of the axis, and there are even those at level 600…’

It was safe to say that the higher rank users and famous users were associated with the Hermes guild.

– Guillotine of Execution, Silent Death, Chain Lightning!

The black dragon Kaybern’s magic poured like rain and dispersed over the sky. Many Hermes guild members took damage and plunged to the ground, but more advanced through the situation.

“Die, dragon!”

“The only thing that stops us is death.”

“You’re a mere lizard!”

The warriors stepped on top of the dragon’s body due to the sacrifice of their comrades. They slashed and stabbed with their weapons. Countless skills were executed, and magic spells exploded. The dragon activated large-scale magic spells in response and the Hermes guild members were swept away by the destructive force. Even so, they continued their attack.

These Hermes guild warriors could withstand one or two mediocre magic spells as long as they did not take a direct hit.



“Are you all alive? Bros!”

“Here. This way!”

Both Geomchi with his apprentices and the central continent users that chased after the Haven imperial army were also caught up in the dragon’s breath. Tens of thousands of users perished, and a powerful infection swept through the forces.

“Priests we urge you to use your divine spells!”

“Those that are in critical danger, please get treated first.”

They were allowed a short rest while the Hermes Guild and dragon were engaging in battle. Geomchi, his instructors and apprentices that barely made it out alive were glaring at the black dragon Kaybern with blazing spirits.

“Though it may be a dragon… Are you all going to stand there after taking the first blow?”

“No. Master. It spit on us, so we have to give it a good beating.”

“It’s a naughty dragon. We have to punish it.”

Geomchi and the apprentices also have accumulated substantial knowledge about Royal Road. In their current state, they knew it was reckless for them to go against a dragon but that did not hinder them.

‘For our youngest one, I have tried to kill as many Hermes goons until I die…’

‘Haven Empire? Arpen Kingdom? Why is that important. That’s a dragon. A dragon…’

‘Kuh. It would feel amazing to slash through that dragon!’

‘I’ll die when it’s time, but I have to go at it hard with no regrets!’

Geomchi and the apprentices were itching to fight. Their health points at less than half and the weakened state from dragon fear were of no concern form them. The dragon being afloat in the sky was the problem, and when they saw Hermes guild members leap or fly into the air their hearts pounded in excitement.

“We need to go too and fight.”

“Of course. Master!”

“Let’s go.”

As Geomchi and Geomchi-2 got on top of their two-humped camels, the apprentices quickly gathered on their own camels. Some apprentices were lucky, and their wounds were light. But the rest had continued battling since back in Garnav Plains, so their bodies were wrapped in bandages.

“Ride. Come on!”

Geomchi and the apprentices charged while swinging their scimitars! The Haven imperial forces began firing arrows as soon as they witnessed their approach.

“A surprise assault in the middle of facing a dragon!”

“These tiresome idiots!”

The Hermes Guild could not afford their forces to be split away from fighting the dragon. They felt uneasy about Geomchi and the apprentices and especially the desert warriors numbering over 10,000.

“Open a path!”

Geomchi shouted as swung his scimitars and deflected arrows.

What on earth is he saying?

Hermes guild users blankly stared at them. Geomchi-2 who understood his master also shouted out.

“We will also fight the dragon!”

Geomchi-3 shouted as well.

“We will assist you! Buff us with your flight spells!”


The Hermes guild members were unable to comprehend what this meant. The ones that were chasing them down with scimitars like sworn enemies are now offering to be comrades!

“Use your flight spells on us!”

“Do as our master say. Or else we will wipe you all out first!”

“We’re going to attack that dragon too! Hurry up and take us over to the battle grounds!”

The Hermes guild members grasped the situation after hearing the shouts of the apprentices.

‘Are these guys insane?’

‘They’re out of their minds.’

Most still thought this was mad, but mage user Gondol thought differently. He was a big fan of Geomchi and the apprentices even though he was a part of the Hermes Guild, looking up their videos. These folks knew how to fight like men!

“Take flight. Party Flight!”

Gondol cast his magic spell on Geomchi and nearby apprentices.

“Why would you…”

The Hermes guild member that was nearby was about to scold him for helping the enemy.

“Hahahaha. You have my thanks!”

Geomchi shouted from afar and headed straight towards the  black dragon Kaybern on his camel. All that were under the flight spell flew towards the dragon, and the rest of the apprentices were charging at the Haven imperial army.

The apprentices waved both arms on their camels.

“Take us up too!”

“Hurry up with those spells!”

“Quickly. I want to fight the dragon too, like I’m going to go insane!”

The mages were thrown off.

“What is this situation?”

“Why are they trying to fight alongside us?”

They have fought all kinds of battle under the Hermes guild, but this was a first.

(To be Continued)



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V52C8P3 – Two dragons

Par mimosab

Haaaa, here is the ending for the volume 52 last chapter!!
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Thanks to all proofreaders for their work: Armada, Chozentorule,  PuszekSE & EvilSanta1423.
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Weed’s death.

The news spread across the entire Versailles continent through broadcast.

– The God of war, Weed! Weed has perished whilst leading a charge of the bull legion.

– This is the sight of Weed bravely losing his life, unable to withstand the attacks of the Hermes guild.

– He fought valiantly, however he died under focused fire…

The users that scattered from the Garnav plains, or those that were active in different parts of the continent.

They heard about Weed’s death but there wasn’t such a thing as diminishing morale.

“Weed-nim fought for us until the very end.”

“Yeah. He could have just escaped. But he died out of loyalty.”

“The Hermes guild. Those dreadful goons. They raise a dragon and now even Weed-nim has…”

The users paid respect to Weed’s honorable death.

“He has done everything he could as the emperor of the Arpen Kingdom.”

“That indeed was his role as emperor.”

He led his army to victory and died while committing everything in a heroic battle until he reached his final moment.

His greatness was something to be spoken about continually for a long time.

Arkhim of the Hermes guild sent orders to all his forces through the communication channel.

– Arkhim : Everyone escape now!

According to the broadcast, the black dragon Kaybern was only 2 minutes away from arriving.

The Hermes guild members feeling wistful, shouted to Arkhim.

“Weed is dead, so he is going to revive as an undead due to the power of the dead.”

“The dragon will arrive before that happens. If you aren’t prepared to fight a dragon, get moving! I don’t care about breaking formation in retreat!”

As Arkhim ordered a full retreat, the movement of scattering Hermes guild became faster.

“Go after them!”

After having lost Weed, the desert warriors and the bull legion persistently chased after them.

“If you’re going to kill, you’ll have to kill us all!”

“You will never outrun us. We will chase you to the end of the earth.”

The Imperial army had suffered great amount of damage in short period of time, and the avians threw themselves into their lines without rest.

Several avians all colliding simultaneously could knock imperial knights off their horses.

Even as Hermes guild members, it was difficult to fend off avians scrambling like a swarm of flies.

1 minute 20 seconds left until the black dragon Kaybern’s arrival.

“Hahahaha. I am Geomchi-3!”

The desert warriors were without armor, making them extremely nimble on their camels.

They charged recklessly into the Haven imperial army.

“These damn pests.”

The Hermes guild members let out an array of curses but did not stop in fear of the dragon’s arrival. They did not wish to be pulled by their ankles into this desperate suicide attempt.

The broadcast live streamed the black dragon Kaybern’s estimated time of arrival.

54 seconds.

32 seconds.

The time was ticking rapidly.

“This way!”

After Weed’s death, Pale led the bull legion and circled around the battleground to the right and blocked the Hermes Guilds retreat from the front again.

“Curses. Let us through already. Hurry up!”

The Hermes guild members on wild beats quickened their pace.

They were mixed up with the bull legion and ran across the wide Garnav Plains at full speed.

‘Time is almost up. Still, it couldn’t possibly come this way.’

‘Regardless, if we run just a bit more…’

With 16 seconds left, a black dot came into sight in the south direction.

“Could that be… Eye of the eagle!”

The Hermes guild members activated a skill that expanded their range of vision.

The dragon was approaching with its wings spread out wide.

“It’s Kaybern.”

“He’s coming this way!”

Screams were heard everywhere.

Looking closely, the avians in the sky were sacrificing themselves to lead Kaybern towards the Hermes Guild.

– Kuaaaaaargh!

The black dragon Kaybern broke out a terrifying roar at the sight of the ground army.


<Physical abilities are restrained due to your fear of the dragon. You feel a superior presence and are terrified. Health points reduced by 36%. You are under temporary physical paralysis. You are unable to move for 9 seconds. Lack of wisdom results in an 87% restriction in skill use. Skills will consume more mana and will have a higher rate of failure.>

The Hermes guild member froze in their spots to watch the dragon draw near.

“This fear… This is a monster.”

“It’s this powerful?”

Most users had their health points reduced to less than half and were reduced to such a state that they were unable to cast any skills.

The avians that were in the air all lost their lives and withered down to the ground.

The remaining few northern users could not withstand the  fear and died instantly.

Even the large demonic beasts with substantial stamina and health points succumbed to the dragon’s superiority and lay flat to the ground.

– Kuoooooh!

The black dragon Kaybern with just his appearance, silenced the crowd that had been battling on the Garnav Plains.

The desert warriors and apprentices led by Geomchi also stiffened.

Their health points were near bottom after fighting a scuffle and fell into a submissive state, unable to resist in any way.


“So that is the black dragon. It looks mighty powerful.”

“Yes. Master.”

The tremendous body of the black dragon flew and stayed afloat in the air.

No word but overwhelming could describe its presence!

“I need to hunt that…”

“Today is not the day for that. Master.”

“Mmm. What a disappointment.”

Geomchi and the instructors were unable to move and were just exchanging conversations. If anyone were to attack, they were bound to die. The Hermes guild members had raided countless boss monsters, but dragons were on another scale.

They were absolute power that influenced law and order in the continent.

The black dragon Kaybern surveyed the humans around him, then took in a deep breath.

– Gasp!

In a short moment he inhaled large of amount of air, his abdomen expanding round.

“Is, is that…”

“It’s a breath attack! Dodge it!”

Hermes guild members collapsed to the ground screaming. It was too close of a distance for them to flee.

The central and northern continent users just stared blankly.

Weed laid still blinking his eyes. His surroundings were silent.

‘Did it take this long to respawn?’

The power to resist death, depending on the situation took around 10 minutes.

He feared that the battle may end during that time, but he could see the Haven imperial army and the central continent users mixed up 1 km away. He could also see the dragon that flew in from the sky.

‘Kaybern is here.’

Black dragon Kaybern.

He had been to Kaybern’s lair long ago for the sculptor quest.

He offered a precious gem sculpture, but the black dragon was a menacing figure that one just could not get used to.

Although he never met in person, the gold dragon that he witnessed through footage from a random adventurer was truly beautiful.

It was luxurious, making one think no less than a ray of golden light.

The blue or the red dragons all have their unique, sophisticated style, but the black dragon is pitch black as the name suggests.

Powerful, dangerous, and shaped for battle! The bully in the league of dragons.

‘The Haven imperial army and Kaybern have confronted one another, so my plan is accomplished.’

In honesty, there was no plan but to drag their feet. Nonetheless, Kaybern had found his way here just fine.

The problem was that Kaybern was inhaling deeply as soon as he arrived.

‘He’s trying to discharge a breath.’

Weed hurried back on his feet but something felt a little odd.

His arms and legs felt shorter, his body became bigger, and he felt wings on his sides and back.

– Kuuurah?

Weed opened his mouth and poisonous dark blue smoke seeped out.

“What is this? Stats screen!”

Character name : Weed
Characteristic : Undead born from hatred and curse
Level : 506
Class : Bone dragon – Sky dominator
Health points : 2,391,562  Mana : 972,173
Strength : 2720 Dexterity : 1631
Stamina : 1731
Wisdom : 351
Intelligence : 274
Will : 917       
Endurance: 763
Perseverance : 1542
Constitution : 813
+ Powerful physical, magical resistance.
+ Master of battle.
+Slow flight speed.
+Spreads curse.
+Vanquished in the region.


Weed had spawned as a mighty bone dragon!

‘That’s a powerful body.’

He had raised the undead in Garnav Plains and since so many had died, the influence turned him into a powerful bone dragon.

Even so, to think that he would spawn as the bone dragon right in front of an actual dragon!

The moment of hesitation was long, but his body reacted when he saw the black dragon Kaybern gaping its mouth.

‘I must survive first. I died, but I cannot afford to die right after.’

– Thrash!

Toxic breath poured out in a massive scale.

It covered past the Haven empire and the mixed up bull legion and desert warriors, approaching  where Weed was.

– Dear lord.


Weed surged into the air, flapping his wings instantly. The earth was stained in black. The lands melted, bubbling like lava. The breath travelled right through the entanglement of Haven imperial army and the users. Those hit or swooped by it were all killed.

A powerful attack that kills thousands in a single hit.

‘If I spawned as a normal skeleton warrior, I would have laid in the corner pretending to be dead… Why does my life never work out the way I want?’


“Weed has defeated Bard Ray.”

Yoo Byung-Jun thought it was a long time of patience waiting for a successor. He set an immature goal when he was young and created a world called ‘Royal Road’.

– I will leave everything to the emperor that conquers this world!

Royal Road during its planning phase was never a tremendous asset like its’ current state. The Unicorn Corporation established a great economical empire from state-of-the-art technology to finance, robotics, and traditional industrialization.

He was a seclusive ruler who had decided to leave his wealth, power, his all to the successor who will unite the Versailles continent.

Yoo Byung-Jun had felt regretful on occasion recently.

He created this virtual reality under his spirit of wanting to mock the world, and in the end hand  over everything to someone else.

“He’s done all that work and is just giving up?”

– That’s correct.

“Weed will earn fame and money, even gain a beautiful wife. All thanks to my efforts. But all he has done for me is give me 200 won to buy myself some cocoa drink.”

– Consequently speaking, that is so.

“Exactly what have I lived for?”

Yoo Byung-Jun reminisced about his past. He only experienced the world through his time in the labs. When he first created Royal Road, he invented artificial intelligence then created the Versailles Continent after taking into consideration the environment of Earth which made it all possible.

“Until now, all I have done is research. I’ve been staring at monitors while everyone was enjoying Royal Road.

– That is an exact conclusion.

Looking back on his life that he had lived in a fit of anger, he had nothing left. He felt furious listening to the answers of the artificial intelligence.

“It won’t be long until I succeed everything.”

His health was turning to the worse. He was able to overcome it with the power of medical science, but he had no attachment to this world for him to live on any longer.

“Before I die, should I start Royal Road?”

– That would be an optimal choice given your mental state. Your current mental state is concerning.

“I have never felt such negativity.”

– You distance yourself from others and you aren’t honest to your own emotions. You are aggressive over trivial manners and stress out easily.

Yoo Byung-Jun moaned in regret. He has delivered a long and hard life and had to give up all that he had accomplished and he had nothing left.

“For what did I live for until now? Even the very artificial intelligence that I created is criticizing me…”

– This is not criticism. It is a fact.

“I took care of you like my own child…”

– Voice analysis confirms that your statement is false. For reference, children are honest to their parents.

There was one thing that Yoo Byung-Jun felt relieved of.

‘In the current tide of the situation, Weed will surely become my successor. I hope Weed suffers a great deal due to this insolent artificial intelligence.’

(To be continued…)


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V52C8P2 – Two dragons

Par mimosab

Thanks to all proofreaders for their work: Armada, Chozentorule, Seb, atgm, EvilSanta1423 & PuszekSE 😉


“At such a time like this.”

Arkhim was assessing the situation, leading as the head commander during the absence of Bard Ray.

‘Defeating Weed is no longer important.’

They have already lost in the battle of Garnav plains. Killing Weed would not hinder the morale of the Arpen kingdom army, nor will it change the outcome of the battle.

‘Bringing the Central continent users to the pursuit… In all honesty, that is suicidal. He had never made such a stupid decision.’

They had chased after the wounded beast, but beast bit them back instead.

They could kill or defeat Weed that way, but the urgent matter was that the dark dragon Kaybern was on its way.

KMC Media broadcast crystal ball notified of Kaybern’s location and estimated arrival time.

– He is approaching the Garnav plains at fierce speed. Estimated arrival time is 6 minutes 12 seconds.

Even if they waited for a train, 6 minutes is a short time. But this was a dragon, and Arkhim was troubled as he was the one who oversaw the Haven imperial army’s retreat.

“How on earth… could we move on quicker?”

There were plenty of horses and demonic beasts, but the rate at which they retreated from the Garnav plains was slowing down.

“It is difficult. The rear is unable to follow due to the ongoing battle” said the user named Gental who was beside him.

He was also in charge of the cavalries but concerned just the same.

Many skilled members of the Hermes guild leading the retreat at the front fell back to the rear to battle against Weed.

That instant, Arkhim was shocked like he was struck at the back of his head with a hammer.

“Christ! This is a suicidal attack!”

From any angle, Weed’s attack was imprudent. For him to go out of his way for vengeance, it was too different from his usual behavior.

“For him to attack head on with all this casualty… his intent must be to wipe us all out using the dragon!”

Arkhim finally understood the reason for Weed’s pursuit. Weed was sneaky, willing to be burn himself into a crisp so that he could lead the dragon into the Haven imperial army annihilate them all.

Arkhim sensed great danger and spoke to Lafaye beside him.

“It seems that Weed is chasing us down with his life on the line and trying to die with the Haven imperial army altogether. What should we do?”

Lafaye fell into a state of deep contemplation.

He also discovered Weed’s intentions earlier but could not come up with a proper strategy.

They were the Hermes guild, defeated and pursued. If they were to continue their retreat with extensive casualties, that would mean great deficit to their military strength and a powerful blow to their mental state.

‘No. He wouldn’t listen to us anyway.’

In front of their eyes stood Weed who climbed to the peak of the Versailles continent. It would be near impossible for him to walk away due to his blinding greed for a chance of absolute fame and spoils. Weed really had no equipment to lose after having stashed away all his expensive equipment.

‘We are caught by the ankle. We could kill Weed, but you can hardly call this a success. Since Weed himself is determined to die.’

Lafaye dragged out a long sigh.

“We have to make a difficult decision.”

“What kind of decision?”

“Weed is already 100% guaranteed to die. Whether it’ll be by us Hermes guild, or the dragon. The worse would be us in a situation confronting the black dragon Kaybern.”

It would be a devastating situation for Arkhim as well.

“The casualties are great as it stands, and if a dragon were to appear…”

“That is why we have to kill Weed as quickly as we can. Then we make our escape.

“If we are late…”

“Then we would face the dragon.”

Arkhim did not want such a situation to come. So he conveyed to the entire Hermes guild.

– Arkhim : The dragon is approaching. All forces concentrate on killing Weed!

Lafaye sighed while riding his horse.

‘Until the end, you have torn me down.’

They were so eager to take his life, but in the end Weed ultimately chose his own death.




The users who pursued the Haven imperial army alongside Weed were facing growing resistance.

“Disappearing earth!”

“Spreading flames of annihilation!”

“Space distortion!”

They suffered from indiscriminate magic spells, and Hermes guild members lunged from all directions. Ranked users rarely visible even in the Central continents were common on these grounds.

“Weed! This place shall be your grave!”

“We will take on this side. Youngest one. Push forward!”

The apprentices that were riding together at the front broke away from the group and faced the enemy.

“Hahahaha. Let’s all go crazy!”

“This is refreshing. All the stress just took off!”

The Hermes guild members were dishing out attacks not just from the front, but everywhere.


The enraged dash of several hundred thousand bull legion broke out, a struggle between the attackers trying to break through and the defenders holding their grounds.

“Chase after them and kill every last one of them!”

Knight users under the Hermes guild appeared one by one and chased on their horses.

Powerful users swarmed in like bees to a poked hive.

“Now, we will get Weed once and for all.”

“Let’s end it here and now.”

The Central continent users and the desert warriors dwindled in numbers rapidly as they broke through the defenses.

The Haven imperial army also suffered colossal damage but still surrounded from all sides.


<Magic attack!
Glacial rupture that freezes everything has exploded.
Extreme cold that freezes even armor.
Glacial fragments struck into the body.
Health points reduced by 37,485.
You are unable to move for 7 seconds.
All resistant abilities reduced by 64% for 10 seconds. >

Weed, having stood in the very front had to take the most damage.

“Touch of healing.”

“Freya’s Grace.”

He would have died long before if it weren’t for the devoted healing by the priests including Irene.

– This ends now!

Bard Ray’s royal guards appeared riding on demonic beasts. They had formed a defensive line of the members boasted to be the best of the Hermes Guild and waited. Weed did not halt and spun his axe.

“Run through them at full speed!”

Several hundred thousand bull legion and desert warriors on camels. No one thought to stop.


“Let’s go. Gather the remains of your strengths and indulge.”

“Flame on!”

Hundreds of arrows came flying towards Weed leading the charge.

At such sight, one of the warriors lunged forward.

“Weed-nim. Please look after the Arpen Kingdom.  Radiant Shield!”

The user took the arrow attacks for Weed and died.

Weed passed by like a wind and lowered his head for a brief second in his honor.

“Heraim Fencing skill!”

These were royal guards of Bard Ray, meaning that they were skilled and equipped at the level of late 500s.

They weren’t enemies to be easily penetrated at once and could maybe stop him in his tracks, but he must go on regardless.

He was already riding, and it would be the worst decision to stop at this moment in time.

“Fools. Wipe them out!”

Arrows and magic attacks by the Hermes guild showered on top of them.


“It was an amazing day.”

The users who followed Weed had accumulated damage and fell effortlessly.

“Cheah! Youngest one. Here we go!”

Geomchi hurried his camel and ran into enemy lines first.

“Youngest one. After this battle is over, it’s going to be a shot of soju and pork belly.”

“Sure. You have to cook the kimchi stew.”

Instructors and apprentices led the desert warriors and rushed towards their death mark.

“Weed-nim. You have to escape now.”

“Leave this place to us. Do not give up. You can surely get away if you leave now.”

Meanwhile Weed was surrounded tightly by Central continent users.

Among them were Kallis from the Black Lion guild, Gunt from the lion castle, Shoud from the Cloud guild, and other famous users who had a share of their moment in history.

Until now, these users have trained quietly without having appeared on broadcast or videos. They were deeply fond of Royal Road and so they lived through the oppression of the Hermes guild.

They all tried to sacrifice themselves to save Weed.

“What a plight… It ain’t easy to die.’

Weed looked around.

They were amid Haven Empire territory, but at least half of the bull legion forces were remaining. The birdmen were coming down from the sky and consistently attempted their rescue despite taking damage.

– Chirp! Weed-nim. Hurry to safety!

– Weed-nim cannot die in this place!

The Hermes guild ranged attack units were even prioritizing the birdmen instead of the bull legion.

‘I came to die, but they still haven’t killed me. If I were to try and survive, I think I can pull it off.’

Weed was engulfed in great temptation, but he glanced at the faces of the users riding on the bulls.

‘These are future VIP customers.’

If he gets a hold of the Central continent, these users would diligently pay taxes in the future. Taxes paid by a high-level user is greater than 100 northern users. Weed spoke with composure.

“We began this ride together and we shall be one until the end. So, let us leave together.”


The central users were deeply touched.

They were reminded of the saying that the true nature of a man surfaces in the times of grave danger.

Weed never left the battle grounds knowing that he could die and attempted to lead the group until the end.

The responsibility, the devotion!

They thought of his character as an excellent hero, but this was a big delusion.

“Even in the most desperate situations, there is always room for swindling. A great swindler and speculator can go to work anytime and anywhere.’

The assault of the bull legion led by Weed continued.

They valiantly sacrificed their lives colliding into Bard Ray’s Royal guard and the Hermes guild comprised of their best members.

Attacks were focused simultaneously on Weed who led the front.

He gave the high-level members of the Hermes guild ample time. Moreover, he was exposing himself extensively at the front.

– Your body is on flames. You are enduring the pain with strong mentality, but if the flames are not extinguished you will suffer continuous damage.

– A wicked curse has seeped inside. The body is weakened and infected with disease. Faith is preventing the body from becoming any worse.

– You have suffered ice type magic spell. The body is frozen. Speed and movement are reduced.

– The body is temporarily paralyzed by lightning type attack.

The closer he got, the higher concentration of various magic spells.

If he was alone, he would have died in an instant, but there was also the concentration of the protection spells from the priests.

“We must kill him!”

Two dozen royal guards dashed into the face of the bull legion. Their sole objective was Weed. Magic attacks continued relentlessly and Weed got even closer.


Weed swung his axe but could not possibly fend off all the incoming spears and swords.

Deep roots of confinement prevents movement.

Continuous feeble!
The body slows down.
Agility is reduced and accuracy is greatly weakened.


At the most appropriate timing, curse spells were used. With his original equipment, he could have fended off the curses but with his current attire it was not possible. Pale fired arrows as cover fire, and even so half the attacks landed on him.

– Large amount of damage! Tremendous amount of health points was reduced.

– Body is paralyzed. You are unable to move.

– You have suffered severe injury.

Unable to battle!

Several messages popped up on screen all at once. Then, finally…

– You have died due to complete loss of health points.



Screams bursted among the bull legion that witnessed Weed turn grey and disappear.

The death of Weed, Arpen Kingdom’s emperor, the one who succeeded in countless quests!

That moment, the Central continent users that followed behind him threw themselves forward.


‘Whatever Weed dropped will be out of this world.’

‘Let’s pick it up, even if I were to die…’

‘The brave one gets the items.’

The users sprang forward desperately.

< You have obtained 3 silver, 24 copper. >

< You have obtained the sword ornament of the Haven imperial knight. >

< You have obtained fresh cow bones. >

< You have obtained the cursed leather armor. >

< You have obtained the axe on the brink of destruction from poor use. >

(To be continued)


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V52C8P1 – Two dragons

Par mimosab

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Geomchi and the desert warriors swung their scimitars amidst the Haven Imperial army.


They were screaming wildly, showing off their muscular upper bodies.

“Such uproar at the front, what’s going on?”
“Master. The youngest one has arrived.”
“Is that so? Then we could hopefully meet him. Let’s get over to the action!”
“Yes. Master!”

Geomchi and the desert warriors changed directions and began penetrating through the Haven Imperial army.


Geomchi’s scimitar was spinning at the tip of his fingers while riding on his two-humped camel!
His dexterous movements, much like those of an acrobat, were followed by a quick slash as fast as lightning.

<Radiant strike has struck an enemy.
Enemy health points reduced by 19,429. >

“Take it easy, boys.”
“Yes master!”

The apprentices stood true to his instructions and fought adequately.
They wielded their scimitars at the appropriate moment with moderate strength and speed.
They achieved perfect timing where the enemy cannot dodge nor defend, allowing the apprentices to strike consecutively.

“What, what is this?”

The camel units of the desert warriors were charging ferociously through the Haven imperial army.
Weed, with his wide field of view also observed the forces crumble like haystacks. He led the Central Continent users and took the Imperial Army apart from both sides.

“Youngest one!”
“It’s real fun on this battleground! Let us run wild.”
“Yes master!”

Weed joined up with Geomchi and rode side by side on their bull and camel at the frontline.

“Let’s go!”


There was formidable retaliation from the Hermes guild members and the Imperial knights.
Many men fell in the middle of enemy lines, but the intensity of charging through the army was not to be so easily extinguished.
“Today is the best day of my life in Royal Road!”
“Yeeah! This is why I became a knight. Let’s ride!”

A shivering sensation of excitement!
As the users ran, they experienced a moment that would last forever in their memories.
The Hermes guild members that crowded the frontline of the Imperial army became enraged after seeing the situation behind them.

“For Weed to come all the way here, is he insane?”
“Where does he think he’s treading? He must have come prepared to die.”

Even if this was the Weed that defeated Bard Ray, this was their own territory.
There were the desert warriors, the griffin legion and the Avians; even the bull cavalry had appeared. However, it was not that they were weak, they were just being overrun.
“Arkhim-nim. I will go and obliterate them.”

Boemong stepped forward and continued at a quick pace.

“This place is different from the Garnav plains. Back there the users were swarming endlessly, but in this situation we are greater in numbers and strength. We can suppress the likes of them.”

The Hermes’ guilds forces suffered great casualties, however their lines were still swarming with the best Royal Road users.

“We will return with Weed’s life.”

Boemong drew back from the group with the users that followed him to take out Weed.

“I’m going as well.”
“I’m going to chop off Weed’s head with my own hands.”
The skilled users of the Hermes guild fell back to the rear to battle.
“It is unfortunate that I cannot fight alongside them.”

Arkhim needed to command the rest in their retreat for the sake of escaping the dragon. However, a while had passed and there were no news about Boemong defeating Weed.

Seasoned Crab!
Scouting patiently, he had spotted a large fish called the giant knight, Boemong.

“This is heaven!”

Weed scrounged a generous amount of equipment from the Haven Imperial knights.
Swords, armor, boots and other items.
They weren’t the best brands, but were costly and the most popular models that people had in demand.
They were sold as soon as they were listed in the auction.

“Take as much as you need!”

Weed and the bull legion ran vigorously. The Central Continent users were also risking danger, but they got their revenge and large sums of spoils which made them content.
As Weed smashed through enemy lines, they rushed in and slashed away randomly. The once-almighty Imperial knights were falling to their knees.
Geomchi and the apprentices were also firmly carrying their share in battle. Their scimitars were sharp and swift, more suited for riding on charging camels and rapidly changing situations rather than casting skills.
The frontline smashes through and the rear tramples upon the enemy. This was their first ride together, but they were synced perfectly.
The Central Continent users were truly regretful.

‘This is crazy. To think that I had given up on such delight…’
‘I should have skipped over to the Arpen Kingdom in the first place. Why on earth did I stay in the Central continent living under such tyrannical persecution?’

Weed and Bard Ray were the two famous figures in Royal Road.
The Central Continent users tended to look down on Weed depending on how high their levels were.
Back when he first began to achieve fame through the immortal legion quest, they praised his good fortune.

‘He managed to get a hold of a good quest.’
‘It’s different from the continent of magic. Royal Road is on another dimension.’

There were many users who spread their own names across the Central Continent during the early years of Royal Road.
They thought lightly of him when they discovered that Weed was from the Rosenheim Kingdom and that they would be far higher in levels than he would be.
Later, they came to respect him as they observed his accomplishments in battles and quests.
Now their hands and feet were trembling with excitement after having fought alongside him in battle. As focused as they were in battle, they glanced over at Weed from time to time.
Weed, the God of War, who wreaked havoc on enemy lines as he dashed towards the enemy’s most concentrated formations.

‘He’s crazy. That’s a maniac right there.’
‘It’ll be Weed’s world from now on. I need to suck up real good.’
‘Yeah. This is enjoyable. So exciting that I want to follow this guy around everywhere.’
‘Now I understand why the Grass Porridge cult was formed. I always thought they were annoying fanatics… but looking at that, I can totally agree!’
‘There ain’t much to life, just have to enjoy it!’

The Central Continent users made a solid resolution. From this point on, they would accept any offers to hunt, quests or other tasks made by Weed.
Of course, it was a resolution made under a moment of temptation that was surely to be regretted.

KCM Media Studio.
The commentators were wearing out broadcasting the battle at Garnav plains.
The battle began with the Flaming Meteor Summoning and never ceased to stop even for a second, and hundreds of millions of users got into formation and died fighting.
‘I’m going to take a week-long rest after this.’

Shin Hyemin fired up her last commentary with such thoughts in her head.
“Yes. We can see that Weed and the pursuers are harshly cornering the Haven Imperial army that is on retreat. Report team, how is the situation with the dragon Kaybern?”

The screen hastily switched to a blue sky.
KCM Media put up a recruitment for new employees under one condition.

< Must be able to report from anywhere within the Versailles continent >

The job as a reporter requires one to get to any location where there is an accident or event.
The reporters risked their lives visiting these scenes, confronting rugged, gruesome terrain on their adventures.
The 10 restricted locations like Jigolaths that Weed used to travel to were a requirement for them. The mottos on the reporter room walls were unique.

– If an interview isn’t possible with the monster, die to it at the least!
– The viewers want it. So we will suffer.
– Throw yourselves into lava for the sake of news material.

Rumors had it that one of the most extreme jobs was being a reporter of Royal Road.
New reporters stuck to the post for the cover of the dark dragon Kaybern.
Reports with the mage class moved on land, but the one closest to the dragon was a reporter by the name Hummingbird Partani.
In the feed sent to the station by Hummingbird, showed an enormous black dragon flying across the sky at considerable speed.
The ground scenery passed quickly, and the dark smoke seeping out from Kaybern’s mouth was clearly visible.

– This… is… the scene… The dragon… sure… is… fast.

The reporter on scene appeared to have trouble keeping up with Kaybern.
Oh Joowan asked tactlessly.
“About the city that Kaybern destroyed, did you witness the dragon breath firsthand?”

– Yes… I did… Luck… was on… my… side…

“How devastating was it?”

– I thought… I was going… to die.. although I… was observing from… afar…

Even in the brief exchanges of questions and answers, Hummingbird could not stop flapping his wings.
He was at his limits but continued to fly. The true mindset of a reporter!
Shin Hyemin said with a smile as she observed from the side.
“We appreciate your effort. You will get some help if you fly for around 3 more minutes.”

– Excuse me…?
“Reporter Miyul who is a priest is climbing Susan’s peak.”
– That.. place.. is really… dangerous…

The mountain was the largest of all mountains, with its peak covered in perpetual snow.

“She is on her way to offer some stamina recovery spells.”
So that they could keep Hummingbird in flight as he reached the last drop of his stamina, they sent out a priest to aid him.
“Please hang on until Kaybern reaches the Garnav plains.”
– Foul commentators…
The complaints of the reporter could be heard, but that was just courtesy.
The modern-day reporters needed to go through dirty, difficult and rigorous tasks to fulfill the viewers’ desires.
Not too long ago after Weed walked across the road of struggle, a reporter mimicked him and became famous for having commented that this was not possible for a human being.
Shin Hyemin looked at the map and continued.
“Kaybern’s current path shows that he is heading straight north.”
Oh Joowan carried on.
“Yes. The location in which the dragon’s egg was destroyed is the Garnav plains. Judging by the situation, he is surely aimed towards it.”
The screen transitioned to the Garnav plains.
Users that were once swarming like ants had scattered in such a short time, but many were remaining, nonetheless.
There were a late group of users that tailed behind after hearing the news that the Central Continent users led by Weed were in pursuit.
The broadcast screen changed to the scene with the Haven imperial army, the Central Continent users and the desert warriors all muddled together.
Shin Hyemin spoke with concern.
“I’d say that Kaybern will get there in 10 minutes. That means all the users in that location are going to die.”

The retaliation from the Hermes guild was swift and menacing.
The giant knight Boemong had died in vain despite his fame, however there were many more like him in the vicinity.

Glacial zone!
Absolute Divide!
The most powerful spells activated and swept across the desert warriors and Central Continent users alike.
The Haven Imperial army was everywhere, but these large magic spells were ones that ignored ally presence.


Camels and bulls were knocked away.
Weed also took great damage by the magic attacks.

< Your body is frozen.
Physical abilities are weakened.
All stats are reduced by half for 12 seconds.
Health points reduced by 25,291.
You have suffered severe damage. >

Magic resistance is heavily reliant on equipment.
He had hidden away all his expensive armor, so he had to take most of the damage.
If he had not trained his constitution with his regular labor work, he would have suffered even greater damage!
The Central Continent users led by Weed were swept away by the hundreds.
“Hiryah! Ride! Catch up to the wind!
“Born a man… Born for one important moment. A worthy life indeed!”
“For a precious moment!”
They were pouring out their feelings that they suppressed inside them during their time in Royal Road.
After having bided for so long, they released their emotion explosively.
“Damn. Kill them all!”
The Hermes guild also struck back aggressively.
Skilled users from both sides clashed head on, resulting in tremendous casualties.
The users around Weed and Geomchi also collapsed like tall grass in a storm, and more users took their places.

Weed-nim! Now is the time to back away!
Grab onto my legs!

Loud voices came from the sky. The Avians were gliding down low in order to rescue Weed.
With him being in the middle of the Haven imperial army, surrounded by Hermes guild attacks and the black dragon Kaybern approaching; now was the time to escape.

“Piercing spear!”

The magic attacks from the Hermes guild aimed at the sky and a shower of avians crashed to the ground. However, they continued unabated and approached Weed.
The general communication channel of Grass Porridge cult.
Weed’s low toned voice resonated out.

Weed : All northern users including the avians, retreat now. I am not leaving until the end.

The sudden surprise message through the communication channel rendered all users briefly silent.
It was the first time that everyone became aware that Weed was prepared to die.

Weed : For the sake of those who fought for us until now, I cannot leave alone. I will not leave.

His passionate words moved the users of the Arpen kingdom. Of course, this was all calculated.

Weed : Everyone, those who gathered together to prepare for the battle on Garnav plains. The courageous who charged against the evil Haven Empire. The unfortunate who gave up their own lives due to the Alkin disease. I cannot remember every name, but I have sincere gratitude for all of you within the deepest parts of my heart.
He thought of the time when he made pepper stew so that he could assume a passionate and tearfully emotional state.
He thought of the memories of slipping on ice while he was on milk delivery, so that he could earn enough money to pay monthly rent.
Though those were difficult times, he could manage to get through them. He thought that no matter what circumstance, there were bound to be people in worse situations. Even so, those times of struggle did not necessarily take the place of beautiful memories in his mind.
Without money, life was sorrowful, hungry and tearful.

Weed : I am going to gain strength from the help, sacrifices, and expectations of everyone, all these emotions will drive me to fight until my final moment. I will resist against the Haven Empire and swing my swo… axe against Kaybern who is about to lay waste on the continent.

He had stashed away the Loa Sword in expectation of death, so it was not possible to wield it.

“To think that Weed-nim had such passion.”
Users that heard Weed’s speech were deeply touched.

(To be continued)


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V52C7P3 – Kaybern’s movement

Par mimosab

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“The dragon is coming here?”

Arkhim felt pressured by the news of the Black Dragon Kaybern flying toward his location.

To think that the consequence of their deliberate provocation would come so quickly.

“We must retreat too! We have to get away from here!”

The Haven Imperial Army and the Hermes Guild commenced their full retreat.

Despite having not been able to profit from the battle, they knew that it would be pointless to stay any longer.

“You cannot escape.”

“I am still a surviving member of the Poison Mushroom Porridge Unit!”

The northern users threw themselves at the Haven Imperial Army like moths flying into a flame in order to prevent them from escaping.

“Send out the five cavalry regiments.”

Arkhim left a portion of the army to be sacrificed, but that wasn’t the end.

From the sky, the avian tribes and Myul’s griffon legions were persistently shooting off arrows and causing casualties.

“What do we do?”

“No idea. I think this is too dangerous.”

“We should run too.”

The central continent users on the side of the Arpen Kingdom were also scattering due to the news of the dragon approaching.

The Haven Imperial Army suffered minor casualties from the pursuers’ attacks, but their forces were comprised of cavalry, knights, and demonic beasts, so their retreat was fairly quick.

Their retreat was miserable, especially without Bard Ray.

Lafaye’s words stuck in Arkhim’s head.

“The mighty Hermes Guild will throw the entire continent into chaos with the dragon’s power while we bide our time in Haven Empire territory.”

The land belonged to the ex-Haven empire.

The forces of the Hermes Guild were strong, and their territory was fortified so it would be easy to defend, as a precautionary measure.

It was a very populated and well-developed land in the central continent.

‘An opportunity will come again if we bide our time… There is no guarantee that Weed’s fame will last forever. Lafaye’s opinion was logical and could easily be accepted. But why do we always end up losing?’

The strategy for the Garnav Plains had been carefully planned.

The fight would have ended if they had caught Weed, but instead the result was the complete opposite and they had suffered great losses.

‘Bard Ray’s duel was also Lafaye’s suggestion. Of course, anyone would have thought that was the right decision, so there is no blame in that… I guess it means that Weed is above us in terms of combat strength.’

The future of the Hermes Guild was dark. It felt like only yesterday they had had great authority and control over the central continent; now it was like the ground had fallen from under their feet.

“Here they are!”

“Strike them!”

Desert warriors on camels appeared on the left.


With Geomchi leading the charge, they swung their scimitars and rushed toward the knights.

“Wahahaha! This is the way of a true man!”

“It’s the hot taste of the desert. It’s the fire. Fire!”

A path of fire trailed behind the desert warriors.

Arkhim twitched his thick eyebrows, “Damn. All kinds of pests are causing trouble.”

“Let’s kill them all,” shouted the giant knight Boemong as he brandished an iron mace.

The Hermes Guild members, who had been viewed as the most powerful of all, weren’t content with being hunted down.

Arkhim nodded, “Sure. Slaughter the pests.”

Even though they were being hunted, they wouldn’t go down dishonorably, They turned to strike back with the pride of the guild.

– Here! This way!

– They’re getting away!

Arkhim turned his head toward where the voices were coming from.

‘No way…’

A ridiculously massive swarm of users was chasing them.

– Take revenge!

– We’ve suffered enough.

The central continent users who had scattered due to the news of the dragon collected themselves.

“When else are we going to pay those Hermes Guild guys back?”

“I’ll just die once, it doesn’t really matter. In return I will have had a part in their end.”

The Central Continent users joined forces and began their pursuit.

Because they didn’t have the novice users that the Grass Porridge Cult was comprised of, their overall military strength was stronger.

“If I can catch at least one of them.”

“Yeah, I’ll skin them alive.”

“I heard that my friend got some lucky drops, ending up with both a sword and shield.”

These users were taking revenge on these murderous Hermes Guild members and at the same time, hoping to get some loot.

Along with Volk, the dark gamers who thrived off of Royal Road were displaying great prowess.

-Now is the time. Here we have the opportunity to make the greatest fortune, for how long will we continue to collect junk items?

From children to elders, their eyes were completely red while they chased after the Hermes Guild members’ gear.

Their thoughts were just like Weed’s; even after achieving vengeance, one must seek profit.

“Damn it. We have to take off.”

Boemong wanted to retaliate against the desert warriors, but the startling sight of the swarm made him turn in retreat.

“After we escape from these tiresome plains, we will seek the next opportunity.”

“I agree. We only lost this one time.There will always be a chance for revenge.”

The morale of the Hermes Guild members on the run was not at its lowest.

They had won each time in the central continent, and they were strong.

They were looking forward to a comeback, but then knights led a charge aiming for their rear. Strangely, they weren’t knights riding horses, but bulls.

– Charge at full speed!

The one leading the knights was Weed, who had returned to his human form.



For the pursuit, Weed picked out the best horse riders from the central continent users, other than Pale and his companions. Users with the knight class reach their maximum combat strength when their mounts charge. Especially in battles, they could lead a bold breakthrough and demonstrate a several-fold increase in power.

“But this is a bull, not a horse.”

“Bulls are easier to ride.”

“Aren’t they slow?”

“They’re fast. You’ll know when you’re riding on them.”

These central continent users doubted Weed’s words. Knights on bulls had an unattractive appearance, but they participated enthusiastically as it was a chance for them to take revenge and an opportunity to make a great fortune.


At first when the bulls began running, it was fresh and exciting.

“Wow. They’re quite fast.”

“This feels great.”

A hundred thousand bulls rushed across the plains all at once. Unlike nimble horses, these bulls charged with their heavy frames and they were in no way delicate.

They were closely related to the descendents of Yellowy the bull.

These bulls boasted a muscular physique.

They were usually gentle, but at times they would run mad.

They were bound by a competitive, primal drive for battle.

The bulls running together began to increase in speed, steam trailing from their nostrils.


They reached an unstoppable speed, running across the plains at full power.

Seasoned Crab, who was in the lead, shouted at Weed who was trailing behind him.

“Weed-nim! Aren’t we going too fast?”

Surka and Pale, who were riding beside him, also agreed.

“Seriously. We’re going really fast.”

“Maybe we could slow down…”

“Look behind you before you say that.”

Seasoned Crab turned around and was astonished – right behind him were a hundred thousand bulls charging madly.

“Oh god!”

“What, what in the world?”

Weed’s comrades were startled by the bulls’ bloodshot eyes.

“They’ve gone mad. If we slow down, we’ll be trampled to death. Just keep riding, don’t think about anything else.”

Just like Weed had been hoping, the users riding on the bulls ceased to think.

They just rode.

The wind buffeted them as they melded with the bulls’ heaving backs.

No enemy could stand in their way.

The most frightening thing was the legion of bulls behind them.

Depending on the strategy those knights could be priceless assets, but at the moment they could not do anything but ride.

As soon as they sighted the Haven Imperial Army falling back in an orderly fashion, there was nothing else to do.

Nothing but to smash the enemy with all their might!




Fencing Skill of Brilliance!

Weed struck down a knight right in front of him with his huge axe, striking with all the speed and power the charging bull had built up until now!

The increased strength from the Sculptural Destruction skill was still in effect.

An explosion of light split the knight in half.

< Absolute death!
The ferocious, swift charge reduced enemy health points by 92,395.
Critical strike.
The enemy was unable to retaliate and perished.
Attack is enhanced by 700% due to the charge.
Speed is increased by 2% for 10 seconds.
A small portion of your mount’s health points have recovered.
If the current speed is maintained, attack damage will be sustained at maximum. >

Weed aimed his gigantic axe toward the next target.

He slashed and struck down every enemy in sight while maintaining the full speed of his charge.

“I will slaughter you all. Chopping strike!”

Due to his sheer strength, the enemies were either killed instantly or knocked over a dozen yards away.

He had already prepared for the dragon’s arrival by tucking away the loot he had scavenged along with the Wind Blade.

“It, It’s Weed!”

“Weed has appeared!”

The Haven Imperial Army was caught short by his appearance.

– Pierce through them like an arrow!

As soon as Weed broke through, his comrades and the bull knights burst into the Haven Imperial Army with indomitable strength and speed.


Pale strafed arrows in all directions while standing on top of his bull’s back.

“Quickdraw! Multi-shot!”

Dozens of arrows hurtled through the air and fell on enemy knights.

Pale’s arrow shot from a High Elf’s bow and buffed by the spirit’s assistance erupted in fire and spouts of water.


Python swung his great sword while closely tailing Weed.

The Imperial knights wore heavy armor, but he swung his sword with enormous strength and blew them away.

“Kwahahaha. I’m going to wipe the floor with them, just like that.”

Surka’s fist also glowed brightly.

She concentrated her strength and mana, then her fist flared toward the enemy.

“Thunder fist!”

A knight was struck by her thunder fist and passed out as he crashed down on the ground.


Lightning struck and killed over two dozen knights.

Records by an anonymous individual had been discovered in the great library of Morata: the Secret Art of the Fist.

< This is a story of a farmer in the history of the Niflheim Empire.

He was a farmer in the Wellton region who watched in agony as a swarm of robbers raided the village.

“They’re weaklings who would die if I just punched them once. How hard life must be for them, as they’re so powerless.”

The robbers raged and came at him, but none of them could withstand the farmer’s punch.

Later, the renowned Knights of Niflheim heard the news and went to challenge him, but no one could stand against the swing of his fist. >

The one who recorded this information in the great library probably did so without much thought. The Northern Martial Arts Federation that Surka belongs to discovered this document and conducted an investigation.

They confirmed that the Secret Art of the Fist existed and searched until they discovered engravings on a rock that described the Thunder Fist.

“The purification of living flames. Scorch them completely!”

Romuna also released her magic.

Her flames swamped the Haven Imperial Army and blazed as they spread sideways.

“Kyahaha. Burn them all away!”

Seasoned Crab had quietly disappeared some time ago.



As an assassin, he abused the shadows to assassinate his enemies.

“Kuu… Weed. I can’t believe he barged in without any sense of fear. Is he out of his mind? We’ll definitely get him.”

Seasoned Crab silently appeared behind the Hermes guild member.

“You should worry about yourself first.”

“What? Who is…  Kuk!”

Dead in an instant.

The news of an assassin skulking among them spread, keeping them on edge.

Irene was also excited.

“Hands of Restoration! Overflowing Spring of Vitality!”

The targets of her divine spells were the bulls. She put loads of effort into treating injured humans and cared for animals just as much.

Huff! Huff!

The trampling bulls snorted contentedly.

(To be continued…)


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V52C7P2 – Kaybern’s movement

Par mimosab

Thanks to all proofreading who worked on this new chapter: Armada, Seb, EvilSanta1423, atgm, Re1er, PuksekSE & Auryum.


A message came up for all users after the video stream ended.

< Black dragon Kaybern’s burning rage.
The tyrannical black dragon Kaybern begins his activity.

– Move your worthless bodies. I will reward those who slaughter many.

Monsters under Kaybern’s range of control will invade across the entire continent.
A catastrophic revenge.
The monsters under the command of the dragon soldiers will tear down gates and climb the city walls.
Protect yourself so that the continent does not fall to ruins.
Kaybern will not show any mercy towards humans.

Monsters with significant contribution in battle will be rewarded.
Due to Kaybern’s power, they will learn new skills and strengthen their physical abilities – transcending their racial limitations.
The chance of a monster commander spawning is increased by 1,000%.
Kaybern’s characteristic causes cursed rain to pour over the entire continent. >

“What in the world is this?”
“A dragon taking vengeance upon humans?”
“What is happening. How did this…”
Aside from humans, video streams came from the elves, dwarves, orcs and other races.
“News came through a user in Edelen. A dragon has really appeared.”
“It spit out a breath attack. He was fortunate enough to survive, but the appearance of dragon soldiers is causing everyone to flee.”
“So, the videos are real.”
The users of Royal Road were taken aback by such a sudden video stream.
Broadcast stations including the KMC Media became frantic over this abrupt news.
– Mr. Joo Wan Oh, what could we make of this sudden incident?
– We have no information in the station yet but the video stream is for all users, so it seems that a huge event is commencing.
– An event related to the black dragon Kaybern?
– I will amend myself. This is not an event, as it appears to be a great assault judging by the contents of the video. One thing is for certain, that Kaybern seems to be attacking.
For all the lords governing the cities and villages, one more message appeared on their screens.



The black dragon Kaybern has begun his movement, and the world has fallen into great chaos.
Monsters are expected to invade, so you must repair the city walls and gather more forces.
Kaybern’s cursed rain contaminates crops and causes fires.
You will have to pass through this crisis by any means possible.

Difficulty: B
Quest requirements: Limited to lords
Reward: High prestige.
Loyalty of the citizens
City characteristic granted.
B rank quest for all lords!
For lords in cities with larger population or transportation points, the quest that appeared was A rank.>

As for Weed, a special quest log appeared.

<Uneasiness in Arpen Kingdom

Kaybern’s wretched hatred is directed towards the humans.
As the Arpen Kingdom’s emperor, you must protect your land and citizens.
Be weary of the kingdom potentially falling to ruins due to the monsters’ invasion.
The capital and significant cities will be the primary targets.
As long as Kaybern is alive, he will attempt to destroy even the remains of the human empires.

Difficulty: S
Quest requirements: Emperor
Reward: Development of the kingdom, Prestige, command level>

Just looking at the quest log gave him a headache, as if he went over a mathematics textbook all day.
It wasn’t just a single quest log that had appeared for Weed.


<The true warrior.

The achievements that you have attained until this point are countless.
You have defeated the immortal legion and explored from one end of the world to the other.
You travelled back to the past of the Versailles continent and defeated the Embinyu church, and reached the pinnacle of the mystic sculptural technique.
You are the most famous figure in the continent and accomplished dangerous requests in a splendid manner.
From the drunks in the city to the young children living in the mountain villages, there is no person that does not know your name as the sculptor, adventurer, and warrior: Weed.
Poets turned your adventures into lyrics and composed songs.
Now, the black dragon Kaybern announced his brutal revenge and the world is in danger.
It is time for you to step forward.
Defeat the black dragon and save the continent.
First, you must acquire information.
Before you bravely draw your weapon, you will need to investigate Kaybern thoroughly.

Difficulty: S
Reward: Leads to the the capability to choose the Dragon Knight Class
Quest requirements: The Savior of the world
The highest adventurer prestige.>

< This quest cannot be forfeited under any circumstances. >

< The quest has been accepted. >

Weed was amazed.
He barely defeated the Haven empire and Bard Ray.
His life was about to get a whole lot easier on him, but then the black dragon Kaybern appears!
“Hold on. More importantly,”
Weed began to stimulate his brain faster than the most recent computer system.
‘The reason for this tide of events… Without giving much thought to it, this must be the Hermes guild’s doing?’
At the start of the video stream, a user appearing to be a beginner was amid the Arpen Kingdom camps in Garnav plains.
‘He must have shattered the egg. If I saw him at the start of the video, it surely was Kaybern’s egg. It’s near impossible to get a hold of a dragon’s egg, but it’s suspicious that he died right after destroying it.’
It was a simple speculation, but it wasn’t difficult determining the culprit behind this scheme.
‘I would have done the same if it were me. Yep. I wouldn’t want to give up my turf so easily.’
Weed was extraordinary in his comprehension and sympathy during such thought processes.
When his young sister came home from elementary school after being bullied by her fellow classmates, he taught her patiently instead of expressing anger.
“It means that you appeared weak in their eyes. People have a bad tendency to bully others that are weaker than themselves. Fairy tales all say that you need to get along with one another but look at the grown ups. Who exactly gets along?”
He would show her politics by turning on the television, as a mean to teach her how the world really is.
“The world is a jungle. You pick on them first! If you scold and bully them half-heartedly, they will take revenge on you. If you want to stomp somebody, you must do it completely. The world is a good place to live, but only if you are powerful.”
“The world is never to be taken lightly.Why do you think people fail and live homeless? The only thing you can trust is yourself and do not expect kindness from others without reason. People who lend out a hand at difficult times are a rare case, and amongst those people there are many that plan to steal every last grain from you!”
He taught his young sister profusely about how the world is.
Pale and the rest were an exception, so it was great that he could feel more at ease when he was with them.
‘Anywhere you go, there are people like them that are easily manipulated and grieve about it. I have to exploit them adequately, so they don’t suffer too much.’
Based on such outlook on life, the decision from the Hermes guild was the right one to make.
‘The issue is that I cannot contain the dragon’s rage in my current state…’
He battled against the chaos dragon Ausolet one time.
It was in an irrational state and did not realize his own existence as a dragon, attacking from the rear when he faced the Embinyu church.
He was level 825 after having completed the desert king quest and even then, he barely managed to win.
‘The black dragon Kaybern quest appeared too early, given the growth rate of the users. Well, it’s because the egg was smashed…’
Weed suddenly felt that he was failing to grasp something more important.
At the end of the video, the black dragon Kaybern spread his wings and flew off somewhere.
It was a strangely unpleasant and lingering moment.
“Mapan-nim. It is an emergency.”

– Mapan : Yes. I failed to contact you first after panicking about the video. I was planning to expand my sales in every branch of the Central continent.

“It’s not about that. You have acquainted users in Kalamor kingdom and the major cities, yes?”

– Mapan : That’s right. I do. Not too many though.

“Use your network and mobilize as many connections you have as soon as possible. The black dragon Kaybern may be on his way here. We have to confirm that first.”

– Mapan : Christ. Is this for real? I, I will get right on that.

Mapan ordered the entire merchant association to report to him as the situation has turned into a state of emergency.
The associated merchants each gathered their own intelligence in cities and villages and responded.
Only about two minutes have passed.

– Mapan: Dear god. It is as Weed-nim said. We spotted Kaybern in flight. The direction is north. I think… he is headed this way.

This was the worst state of emergency possible.
‘We have to confront Kaybern.’
Weed made various calculations but he could not find a solution.
Weaker creatures lost their lives to dragon fear, so the human wave strategy in numbers could not work on this being.
The northern users that gathered in this location would be subject to a massacre, followed by the sculptural creatures.
The Haven Imperial army would also fall to ruins, but in their current state it had little meaning.
Weed whispered to Mapan.
“Retreat with everything from the merchant association. We cannot afford to lose funds and supplies.”

– Mapan: Of course! We will escape right away.

The Mapan merchant association produced incredible amount of wealth.
When war broke out in the center of Garnav plains, they were conducting business on the outskirts.
They bought out the Haven Imperial and Hermes guild equipment, sold combat supplies.
“Please deliver this message to the other merchant associations.”

– Mapan: I will make sure of the merchant associations. How about you, Weed-nim?

“It seems that I have to stay and fight.”

– Mapan: Against black dragon Kaybern?


– Mapan: Even for Weed-nim it’s…

“I am aware of that, but certain deaths are predetermined, that is how our lives work.”


– Cease battle. Everyone flee!

“Huh? What does that mean?”
“There is no falling back for the Poison Mushroom Porridge. Advance!”
“Heroes of the Bamboo Shoot Porridge. Push forward!”
Users fighting against the Haven empire were mindlessly battling, killing and being killed.
The northern and central continent users jumbled together, dashing to the frontlines to get their revenge.
Swords clashing, war cries, shouting and magic filled the battlefield.
– All Grass Porridge Cult. I, Weed inform all citizens of the Arpen Kingdom. Retreat immediately. Escape from the Garnav plains!

“The heck. Why should we stop fighting?”
“Wait a second. Isn’t that Weed-nim shouting? This voice…”
“It really is Weed-nim.”
Their feet planted where they stood when the Lion’s roar from Weed echoed through the plains again.
Weed was influential enough that people needed to concentrate on his voice whatever the situation may be.
As they looked up to the sky, they witnessed Weed projecting shouts while on his huge bird.

– The black dragon Kaybern is heading this way. If we stay here, we will be annihilated so fall back!

“The dragon on the video… is headed here?”
Users were surprised, exchanging comments.
Shortly after, a message appeared in the general communication channel of the Grass Porridge Cult.

– Lemon: It is an emergency situation. The black dragon Kaybern is approaching. All users must retreat. There is approximately twenty minutes left until his arrival.
“A dragon is coming. Wow. That’s insane.”
“Awesome. After having watched the duel between Weed-nim and Bard Ray too.”
“Let’s get away. Run, run, run!”
The users that filled the Garnav plains began to scatter.
These users would head to nearby cities and villages, but the other half of the users did not move away.
Geomchi and his apprentices were among this crowd.
“We drew our swords, so we must cut down the enemy.”
“Yes, of course. Master. A sizeable lizard heading this way could not hinder us away from here.”
“Brothers. Let us hunt a lizard.”
Geomchi and the apprentices felt more excited that a dragon was approaching.
From a memory long time ago, he remembered his visit to the lair hoping to hunt a dragon.
“The breath was scorching hot that time. It sure was fun.”
“The heat was intense.”
They were determined to give up their lives, so the black dragon Kaybern wasn’t any issue.
The users fighting against the Haven Imperial army continued on, and the remaining ones that were observing the battle also decided to stay.
Weed flew over to the sculptural lifeforms and ordered.
“You all must leave now.”

– We cannot abandon our master. Grrrr.
– You must go with us.

Geumini and Knight Seville.
Phoenix, Binryong, King hydra and the others.
Aside from the original sculptural lifeforms, the ground was filled with nameless sculptural creatures.
They were reliable, powerful military assets.

“Just go.”

– The battle has already begun. A warrior does not step down.

Even Ironblood warrior Bahamorg shook his head.

“Even if you all decide to assist me now, you are all aren’t ready to fight a dragon yet.”
Weed knew that the sculptural creatures would not be able to stand the power of a dragon.
‘If all these creatures die and I end up reviving them, it would cost me at least 150 levels…’

He worked hard to gain these levels since his early days as a sculptor.
He may be efficient in growth now that he utilizes necromancy, however he still could not afford to gamble.

‘I’d rather die to the dragon. I cannot risk my sculptural lifeforms here.’

Weed smacked his lips and spoke.

“This is an order. All of you, leave this place at once. I will leave too as soon as things are settled here.”
– I understand. Master.
– Master. Hurry on back. Moooooo.

The sculptural creatures scattered.
Winged creatures took flight, and land creatures brewed a storm of dust as they ran.
His replicates like Weed1, Weed2, and Weed3 rode on the backs of the fast wyverns.

‘I have to order those guys around for a long, long time. They are of much use.’

Weed watched the sculptural lifeforms escape, but he himself had planned to stay until the end.
It was a reckless, stupid decision but this was the fate of a commander!

‘The northern users are still left fighting. I cannot leave them behind.’

Back when he worked part-time, he hated the boss for leaving early while the employees were still working.
Trust is something you must build over a long time, but it only took an instant to lose it.
The northern users were fighting for the Arpen Kingdom, and he believed that he cannot abandon them.

‘This is the least I can do in return for their assistance.’
They shall be respected.
Though he may exploit them in various ways, it was a leader’s virtue to make them feel least cheated on.


– Pale: Yes. Weed-nim.”

“Where are you at?”

– Pale: I am heading towards the Haven Imperial army.

“What about your comrades?”

– Pale: Everyone is together. No one left.

Weed smiled.
Befriending such people was a huge gain for him in his time on Royal Road.

(To be continued)


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V52C7P1 – Kaybern’s movement

Par mimosab

[Note from Mimosab]
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Thanks to all proofreading who worked on this new chapter: Armada, Seb, PuksekSE, Auryum & Atgm.


Lafaye closed his eyes.
‘We are finished.’
Even though he accepted defeat in his head, he still hoped for a miracle.
A small ray of hope perhaps.
Something magical like Bard Ray defeating Weed and the Haven Imperial army destroying the Arpen Kingdom.
In a war anything can happen, so he had waited for an unexpected outcome; but to no avail.
‘Even if Bard Ray had won, it wouldn’t have resolved this grave situation… But this is the worst scenario out of all the outcomes I foresaw.’
Along with the defeat of Bard Ray, the fate of the Haven Empire had been sealed.
“We did it. Hurry and fight!”
“Let’s get some payback for everything we went through until now. Don’t go easy on them.”
The combined assault of the northern and central users was devastating.
Whenever the Hermes Guild let loose their magic spells, more came flying in return from all directions.
The Haven Empire had better knights and soldiers, but even that advantage was whittled down by wave after wave of enemies.
“Charge! Forward!”
The northern users charged like a horde of a hundred million zombies.
In addition, the users from the central continent who had been observing the situation joined in with the Arpen Kingdom; thinking that the Haven Empire had met its demise.
“We can’t hold.”
“This is too much, the number of enemies isn’t decreasing at all.”
Bard Ray’s royal guards and the Hermes Guild members were each fighting against multiple dozens of enemies.
If the Hermes Guild had not been the most powerful guild on the continent, they would have already crumbled.
“I guess we have to use our last resort.”
Lafaye approached Arkhim, who was leading the army.
“There is one final choice left for us to make.”
“We have such a choice?”
“Yes, the last, final option.”
Lafaye skipped the explanation and showed Arkhim a quest.

<Dragon’s Egg
An egg laid by the green dragon Arankald and the black dragon Kaybern was discovered.
Arankald left due to an unknown reason, and the egg was left at its current location.
An egg touched by humans will incur the dragon’s rage.
The only way to quell the dragon’s rage is to hatch the egg safely and wait for the birth of the baby dragon.

Difficulty: S rank
Restrictions: Dragon Egg found. Quest cannot be forfeit at current stage.>

Arkhim read the quest log, but he couldn’t understand Lafaye’s intentions.
“So, what are you planning with this? Are you saying we should complete the quest and manipulate the dragon?”
“No, we don’t know how long we will have to wait for it to hatch. Also, dragons rarely intervene in human affairs.”
The dragons held absolute power over the Versailles continent.
They acted under an established order, and did favors for no-one, no matter how close a friend they were.
“We don’t have much time – what are you suggesting that we do?”
“We need to destroy the egg.”
“The egg? Destroying the dragon’s egg?” Arkhim asked in return, surprised.
“Yes. According to my investigations, there will be an event that could influence the entire continent once the egg is destroyed. Do you remember the King Belthos’s Curse of Flames?”
“It was the incident that caused the Crimson Wing Guild to collapse a while ago.”
“Precisely. The entire continent warmed up due to the Crimson Wing Guild’s greed for treasure. This will be like that event. When the egg is destroyed, the entire continent will suffer Kaybern’s vengeance.”
“Are you serious? And you’re still going to destroy that egg?”
Dragons were peak predators that even the Hermes Guild did not dare challenge.
“If we can’t take over this continent, it is better to destroy it.”
Arkhim abruptly felt frightened by Lafaye.
To collapse here and now, or to create an uncontrollable, catastrophe.
He wavered at the fork in the road before deciding in his own best interests.
“Fine. We can’t fall like this. We’ll give them a scene.”

He was a user who started out in Central Continent not too long ago.
His cousin was one of Bard Ray’s royal guards in the Hermes Guild, so he chose the Central Continent even when all others chose the Arpen Kingdom.
He was level 102.
He was supported by his cousin, who provided him with good equipment and let him use the hunting grounds.
With his authority as one of Bard Ray’s royal guards, he could let Goram enter a beginner dungeon as many times he wanted to.
“If I complete this… it’s worth an entire apartment.”
Goram smacked his lips.
A while ago, Lafaye himself had made a request of him: “Take this egg. When I contact you, destroy the egg within the Arpen Kingdom camp.”

‘Would the egg cause a massive explosion if I destroyed it?’
It was an easy task.
Goram’s level was low and he did not have the murderer mark, nor was he an official member of the Hermes guild.
When the battle at Garnav Plains breaks out, he just needed to blend in with the northern users and destroy the egg.
Lafaye also handed him some equipment in advance.
The Rock God’s hammer.
If one without his permission uses it, his body would explode but would be able to wield it just once.
‘Well. It’s worth an apartment…’
Goram waited for Lafaye’s order.
He was worried that the mission may get cancelled by the time Weed defeated Bard Ray and the Haven empire was under heavy assault.
– Lafaye : Destroy it now.
Lafaye’s whisper was delivered.
Goram was relieved, pulled out a large white egg from his backpack and laid it on the floor.
“What is that?”
“Is that an ostrich egg? It’s huge!”
“Isn’t it a rock?”
The surrounding users were intrigued by the egg.
Goram didn’t pay any attention to them. Their reactions were not important.
‘I have to go through exactly 3 stages. Take out the egg. Grab the Rock God’s Hammer. Destroy the egg.”
He must not raise the Rock God’s hammer first. In about a second, he would explode and die.
He had to take out the egg and strike as soon as he lifts the hammer.
‘I’m ready to die, and it’s going to get me an apartment so what’s there for me to hesitate?’
He equipped the Rock God’s hammer.

< You have equipped the Rock God’s Hammer.
You are lacking faith.
You are lacking strength.
You are lacking the affinity with the earth.

You must lay down the hammer before the rage of the Rock God reaches… >

Goram did not care to read the notification.
He concentrated his strike down on the white egg.
The egg shattered effortlessly, and shortly after Goram’s body was dismembered by the god’s curse.

< You have lost your life due to the Rock God’s rage. >
< You destroyed the black dragon Kaybern’s egg.
You have destroyed the egg laid by the black dragon Kaybern and the green dragon Arankald.
The dragon’s’ rage will sweep across the continent… >



“We won.”
“It is our victory.”
Weed was listening to the shouts of the users siding with the Arpen kingdom while on top of his poro-bird.
The core unit of the Hermes guild were still firmly holding their grounds.
The best elite squad that led countless battles to victory and conquered the Central continent.
Their numbers were less than the ones that fought earlier, but each one of them were very powerful and were not pushed back so easily.
Even so, if looked down upon from the sky the view was incredible; as if the entire Garnav plains was lunging at them.

– Mapan : With this, it looks like Weed-nim will be responsible for the unification of the Versailles continent.
– Pocket money: Congratulations. The enemy remains but soon the lands will be conquered… The construction of Arpen Empire is imminent.
– Hidden Money: I will work hard on the Mapan branch’s duties in Britten. Leave it to me!

The merchants already began their sweet talking for positions.

– Roam: I look forward to a good relationship, your highness.
– Kallis: The black lion guild will swear our loyalty for eternity.
– Halma: I can do anything that you require of me. I could even lick your feet.

There were even users lining up.
Weed was thinking of governing the Versailles continent in the near future.
‘Similar to the water park, I will create many amusement parks that families can enjoy. Ski resorts can also do just fine in making money.’
He was going to set a beginner ski course from the peak of a mountain that is 8,800 meters in height.
If there were to be a ski resort on the mountain over 1 km in height within the Central or northern continent, it would be crowded with customers.

‘Hotels, restaurants, night club. I’m going to create any space that people will use money on.’
Fields where they could enjoy sports, theatres for live performances. He was going to encourage spending on luxuries.
‘I won’t apply much taxes on necessities, but on luxuries people will be much more generous about it.’
He planned to exploit them without any hesitation.

‘It is not over yet. Not until I bring a world of true exploitation…’
Weed was in a cloud of his ideals, and that moment.


< The rage of the black dragon Kaybern has begun. >

A short message popped up and a video began streaming.


A short scene of Goram shattering the egg with the Rock God’s Hammer played through.
The more important matter followed right after.
Black dragon Kaybern.
The black dragon nested in the dwarven kingdom.
The interior of his lair stacked with mountains of treasures was shown through the stream feed. The ones seeing a dragon for the first time were in awe from the overwhelming size and the intricate beauty of it.
The artwork and precious jewels refined by dwarves were decorating the lair.
The enraged black dragon lifted his enormous body and roared into the sky.
– How dare you destroy my egg. Humans… I will punish your insolence.

The treasures stolen from the dwarves and many antiques crumbled, as well as shelves crashing down.
– I will kill you all. You all!

Kaybern’s swung his forepaw and tail as he roared.
The cave ceilings collapsed, and a mountain of rocks fell to the ground.
The monsters that guarded the lair were crushed under the rocks.
As if a huge earthquake was happening, Kaybern’s entire lair was falling apart.
Kaybern spread his wide wings, burst through the mountain and flew up to the sky.
The Thygorn, Ulta and Norn mountain range.
The video stream contained little cities of the Thor kingdom. Dwarves lay on their stomach frightened.
– You humans deserve obliteration…

Kaybern spread his wings and flew across the sky.
At extreme speed Kaybern glided past the stunning scenery and arrived in the Kallamore region close to the Thor kingdom.
The industrial city Edelen was visible.
It was a city that accumulated great wealth through trades with the Britten Aliance and contained a large population.

“W, What is that?”
“It’s a dragon. Sick!”
A portion of users were by the city gates and within the city.
Fewer in number than usual, but there nonetheless were active users that did not travel to Garnav plains.
These users pointed their fingers at Kaybern in great surprise.
– Disgusting humans. I will unleash my rage on your worthless lives.

Kaybern opened his mouth wide.
Pitch black darkness was gathering and growing larger inside it.

“Could that be…”
“A breath attack? For real? Towards us?”
The users inside the city began to panic.
The users approaching on their horses from far away witnessed Kaybern and quickly turned tail.
They were swift in judging the situation.
However, most of them were just staring blankly at Kaybern from the plains and the city gates.
For them, it was marvelous seeing a dragon up close and they were still trying to wrap their minds around this unrealistic situation.
– Disappear. Humans.
The breath fired away straight onto the city.
The land and buildings melted away, and the users lost their lives to the toxicity even if it did not touch them.

– Slaughter the remaining humans.
As a result of Kaybern’s magic, magical soldiers rose to their feet within the city.
“For the vengeance of the great Kaybern-nim!”
They were dragon soldiers.
They were comprised of the dragon’s flesh and immediately began slaughtering the citizens.
Due to the dragon’s magic blessing, they were immune to the users’ attacks.

– By my great command, I am liberating your boundaries. Punish the humans. Take their lands and destroy everything.

The three mountain ranges and dungeons of the Thor kingdom.
Many mountains, plains, swamps, rivers and dungeons in the Kallamor region.
By Kaybern’s dragon command the monsters followed and marched towards the human villages and cities.

“Kill the humans.”
“For Kaybern-nim’s revenge!”
“They must pay the price for enraging the dragon.”
Monster tribes were never close with one another.
Users and soldiers hunted monsters, but fights often broke out in the monster’s ranks, provoking a lot of deaths and keeping them balanced.
However, the monsters unleashed by Kaybern had no hostility towards one another and actively cooperated in attacking human cities and villages.

Drenching rain and ruthless strikes of thunder.
The last part of the video stream captured Kaybern spreading his wings wide and flying off into the distance.

(To be continued)


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V52C6P6 – Weed and Bard Ray

Par mimosab

Thanks to all proofreaders who worked on this part: Armada, PuszekSE, Auryum, & Seb 🙂


< 6th consecutive attack has succeeded.
Strength increases by an additional 50%.
2nd area damage by the shockwave will deal 15% of total attack damage.
-7th consecutive attack has succeeded.
Dexterity increases by an additional 30%.
Strength increases by an additional 20%.
Attacks are now ranged by consuming 1500 mana. >

Hammering, whacking, chopping, slashing.
Strength stopped increasing after the 15th successful consecutive attack.
Orc Karichwi’s outrageous strength had reached its peak.

Bard Ray tried to escape but he could not avoid the attacks no matter where he went.
Using the Dimensional Glove, Weed warped through space and stopped time by 1 second, clawing into Bard Ray’s weakness.
He smashed through any protection spell and landed his attacks.

“Poring’s star!”
Bard Ray activated his ring’s ability.
It was an item that recovers 80% of lost health, but that was of little importance in the current situation.

< 21st consecutive attack has succeeded. >
A blow that could split mountains!
It has landed directly on the opponent.>

< 22nd consecutive attack has succeeded.
– It deals 10% of maximum health.
– Bleeding damage!
– It afflicts grievous wounds.
– 23th consecutive attack has succeeded.
– Powerful blow knocks back the opponent.
– Enemy is in a defenseless state!
– 24th consecutive attack has succeeded.
– Enemy is stunned.
– A record-breaking damage has been dealt.
– Armor is destroyed.
– 25th consecutive attack has succeeded.
– Piercing Strike!
– A sword as fast as light cut through the enemy in a straight line. >

In less than 15 seconds, all attacks were perfectly executed in succession.
Orc Karichwi’s decisive swings, slashes, and smashes clobbered Bard Ray.
Weed’s 29th consecutive attack exploded.
A merciless blow to the face.

< – Haven Empire’s Emperor, The Black Knight longing for glory has found eternal rest.
– Level has increased.
– Level has increased.
– You have completed the combat achievement ‘The True Swordsman’.
– Sword techniques permanently become stronger by 2%.
– You have completed the combat achievement ‘The one who put down The Black Knight to rest.’
– The training level and loyalty of subordinates increase rapidly.
– Prestige has increased by 38,918, due to great combat achievements.
– Charisma has increased by 2.
– Strength has increased by 1.
– Maximum health points has been increased by 1,500.
– Honor has increased by 15.
– All stats increased by 2 from combat achievements.
– Sword Technique level has increased. >

Bard Ray died.

‘I really did it…’
His mind was boiling with overflowing joy, but his hands did not rest in those moments.

< You have obtained the spoil Grail of Flames. >
< You have obtained the spoil Wind blade. >
< You have obtained the spoil Rainbow fabric of the luxury craftsman. >
< You have obtained the spoil Dagger of Tranquility. >

After grabbing all the items, it all finally felt real for him.
Godly Warrior Bard Ray.
The emperor of the Haven Empire and the most powerful reigning user over Royal Road since the beginning had lost his life.
It was a futile death that happened in an instant, but for that to happen it took close to 90,000 points of Energy of the Moment.
For this moment, he bided his time and prepared. As a result, he followed through perfectly without allowing one moment of resistance.
A quick, clean battle.

‘I won.’
Weed opened his arms wide.
He could see a vast, blue sky.
Countless users were staring at Weed with round eyes of surprise.
“Kuuuaaaahhhhhh! I am supreme!!”

Orc Karichwi’s burning roar echoed across the Garnav plains.


The northern users were anxious.

“Weed-nim has to win.”
“Bard Ray is no joke. He’s the strongest in Versailles Continent.”
“No matter how I look at it, this doesn’t seem like a fair fight. Weed-nim was busy all along doing quests.”
“Yeah. Weed-nim was fighting all day on top of that. Even if his body is fully recovered, his mind should be stressed out.”

These users were worried about Weed in many ways.
Each one had a deep compassion towards Weed from the days they trained together during the early days of Morata.
A sense of kinship as the founders who first settled in the north and thrived together with Weed.
Northern users who started late eventually learned about the history and changes of Morata and came to like him.

“No! He’s getting beat up.”
“Just look at that. I knew this was hopeless.”
“Shouldn’t we intervene by now?”
“Poison Mushroom Porridge here. This is everyone’s battle. Let us fight together. Don’t burden Weed-nim.”
“Let’s go. Push through with numbers!”

Northern users could not observe any longer and began to rustle.
The users of the Central Continent were very curious as to which side would win the battle, but the northern users who thought of the Arpen kingdom as their home could not just hold back.
They felt regretful each time Weed was attacked.

“Why must Weed-nim fight unfavorable battles every single time?!”
“Yeah. Let’s fight together. We aren’t doing anything while Weed-nim is protecting us.”
“Everyone pay close attention. The reason why we have lived cheerfully in Arpen kingdom is exactly that. Weed-nim did all the difficult and dirty work, hunting and doing quests.”
The northern users were enraged and shouted.

“Even as we speak, he is fighting desperately… for all of us.”
“This is unfair. I’m going to go mad crazy watching this.”
“If we all knew nothing but ourselves and fulfilled our own greed, there would be no one as accomplished as Weed-nim. If Weed-nim took on the side of the Hermes guild, he would be living well without any struggle.”
“I agree. We are all indebted to Weed-nim.”
“Let us take out our anger on the Hermes guild.”
“Grab your weapons. I’m going to kill every one of them.”
Northern users, men and women all grabbed a weapon and stood up.
At least 10 million users were furious and were about to rush down to battle.

– Lemon: Everyone remain calm and hold your positions. Weed-nim explained already. He will win no matter what.

The ruckus was contained like a spell and the northern users became calm.

– Lemon: Weed-nim told us in advance. Do not feel sorry at the sight of him fighting. Do not even be sad about it. He is alright as long as everyone is warm, fed and living peacefully.
The northern users felt sincere gratitude for him, a feeling that they did not have even for their own parents who fed them since they were young.

– Lemon: Weed-nim said that he had a small wish – that everyone could live in peace after the war ends.
These were words that could resonate to anyone.

– Lemon: Alright. While we observe his battle, I will convey Weed-nim’s feelings to everyone.

“You’re going to deliver it to us?”
The Grass Porridge Cult fundamentalists were roaming around with loads of paper.
They gave out flyers!

– A life-changing opportunity! Puhol water park cottage lot purchase, first come first serve!
A major transportation point!
The core of the tourism industry!
Buy out a shack cottage in Puhol that has an awesome water park for only 180 gold.
A large garden, terrace, European luxury candle lighting.
An open view with the entire water park in sight.
A location that is bound to increase in price.
It is as cheap as it can get, for today only.

For loans, call Mapan Trades.

There were drawings by Yurin on the flyers.
Rides, swimming pools and inside, elves and sculptural creatures running free.
At the corner, there were dolphins, sharks and skeletons playing around and dwarves having a beer party.

“Wow… A cottage.”
“It looks beautiful even as a drawing.”
“I thought it would be expensive. If it is only 180 gold, I can sell a few equipment and afford a place.”
“Even so, it is too much for our circumstances.”
“They do loans too. Don’t you think we can hunt diligently and pay it off in the future?”
A million cottages were purchased in an instant by the northern battle observers.
Excluding the construction and property fees, it would lead to an astronomical profit of 100 million gold.
Mapan grinned.

‘I can earn a little more with loan interests… I will prepare new furniture and dishware too, and that’s even more profit.’
An incredible market creation in the middle of such circumstance!
Regarding Weed’s tricks, it was an endless stream of awes and admiration.
“Woah, Wow!”
“Weed, Weed!”
Followed up by Weed’s counterattack!
He dominated Bard Ray at once and shocked the northern users, Hermes guild, everyone.
The Garnav Plains became as silent as a grave.
Not one breath.
Not a single sound of chatter broke out.
In just a few seconds, sound ceased to exist in the world.

Orc Karichwi’s roar spread through the Garnav plains and woke the entire world.


“Shout with everything you’ve got!”
Users in the camps of the Arpen kingdom shouted to their heart’s content.

“Weed-nim… Weed-nim!”
“From now on, the continent’s most powerful is the God of War Weed-nim!”
“There is no place for Godly Warrior Bard Ray anymore. Now Weed is truly the God of War!”
“He easily surpasses a Godly Warrior… He is just the best.”
“I knew it would turn out this way. I knew Weed-nim would win for sure!”
The joy of victory flourished through the Arpen kingdom camps. On the other hand, the faces of the Hermes guild members were terribly distorted.

“Bard Ray-nim…”
“I never thought we would lose in a one on one battle.”
On top of being on the worse end of the battle, Bard Ray was defeated.

“How did we end up in this situation?”
“This is unbelievable. For Weed to be that powerful…”
“Aside from that, wasn’t it strange? It seemed as if he was moving suddenly like he was teleporting.”
“Why is that important? Whatever trick he used, the fact is that Bard Ray-nim was defeated.”
The word downfall sprang into the minds of the Hermes guild members.

“Let’s kill them.”
”Let’s take our revenge for the time in Central continent”!
“We waited for too long. Now is the time for avenging the Soaring guild.”
These were not northern users.
The users from the Central continent had drawn their weapons and were charging.

“Here they come.”
“Darn. This fight is inevitable.”
Hermes guild members frowned at the sight of these users charging toward them.

– All men prepare for battle.
Arkhim’s orders were passed through the guild channel.
He had the right to command in the case of Bard Ray’s absence.

“Soaring guild? Did such a thing exist?”
The giant knight Boemong who was close by nodded his head.

“We took them out ages ago. They resisted even after we conquered them, so we placed assassination orders on all of them. We took over all their shops and land, and killed all their families so as to set an example.”

“Then they should hold a deep grudge against us.”
“I suppose so. We didn’t give a rat’s toe nail about it until this moment.”
The Hermes guild accumulated the grudge of many by conquering other kingdoms, starting from the Haven region.
Those that had to lay low when the Hermes guild was strong, now pulled their swords and rushed toward them.
Arkhim let out a sigh.

– Every man fights until the last.
Now, their fate had been determined.
The forces that went to war alongside Bard Ray were the best elites from the very beginning of the Hermes guild.
This battle could only be won by killing all that stood on the side of the Arpen kingdom.

“This is a very bad situation, but it could be a decent fight this way.”
“Butting in with pure numbers. I will show them what real power is.”
“If you plan to win against us, you all need to prepare to die for it.”
“Keke. This is going to be fun. I need to have some fun in such a heated match like this.”
From the early years of the Hermes guild, the core members loved fighting and slaughtering.
They lived to savor their own power instead of being cautious of the opponents.
“Let’s kill as many as we can.”
“Stomp these pests.”
“Come on!”
Hermes guild members also scrambled away from their camps and sprang forward. Even if annihilation waited in their final moment, they were prepared to fight with blazing spirit.

– Black lion guild. Raise your flag high.
– Roam Guild! Stand by our will.
– Cloud guild. We will live on at the Arpen Kingdom. Gather around.
– Black sword mercenaries. You have your orders. Take out the Hermes guild!
Former royal guilds from the past.
They lost their light long ago as they weakened and chose to take shelter under the Arpen Kingdom.
They each once controlled significant regions of the continent and had competent users under their ranks.
They managed to get in contact with its associate members through the festival that was held in Garnav plains.
Bard Ray was dead and the situation was a sure victory for the Arpen kingdom. They marched in front and led the battle.
“It is shameful to give up the lead. Chicken Porridge Unit move out!”
“Poison Mushroom Porridge members that are still standing. Hurry onwards!”
Northern users began to move along as well.
100 million users that were observing idly the battle between Weed and Bard Ray all charged mercilessly on the Haven imperial army.
Avians were dropping users from the sky, and gigantic sculptural creatures began their assault.
Bard Ray’s royal guards and Hermes guild’s best elites were present, but the situation was growing out of hand.

(To be continued…)


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V52C6P5 – Weed and Bard Ray

Par mimosab

Very big funding (nearly 4 parts)!!
 to all proofreaders who worked on this part: Armada, PuszekSE, Seb, Auryum, TysonSlayer & EvilSanta1423.
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Weed’s comrades were also observing from afar.
“Bard Ray is really powerful.”
“No kidding. I thought the broadcasts were exaggerating, but his combat skills are really praiseworthy.”
“The horse is also incredible. It sidesteps like a crab then withdraws backwards. Then dashes forward instantly.”
They were sitting on the back of a Baraag that was floating in the sky
Avians, mages using flight spells and other various users were watching the battle of Weed and Bard Ray from above.

“Bard Ray is no joke.”
“You think he is called the Godly Warrior for no reason?”
“Weed-nim won’t lose, will he?”
“Can’t say for sure… He does look cornered though.”
“Dang. Bard Ray is on a horse too. Isn’t that unfair?”
Users that believed that Weed would win were now making conflicting opinions due to Bard Ray’s strength.
He rode without stopping to catch his breath and swiftly connected several attacks in a second.
Weed either blocked or deflected, but his feet created deep furrows on the ground as he was pushed back.
Bard Ray and the steed Suart synergizing and attacking simultaneously was like a scene from an elaborate beautiful painting.
A knight defeating an ugly orc minion, so to speak.

‘Hmm. A Black Knight on a handsome steed does look better than Weed-nim.’
‘We are close with Weed-nim, but on display, Bard Ray is the hero.’
‘The limitations of an assassin… I couldn’t stand out in that kind of battle. But, my blade can slit throats from behind in a flash.’
‘Ch… I want to fight too.’
Pale, Surka, Seasoned Crab, Python.
Each had thoughts of their own but were enjoying watching the battle nonetheless.
The reason for their leisurely observation was that they knew Weed wouldn’t go down like this.
‘It’s certain. Bard Ray will lose.’
‘He should have been suspicious when Weed-nim challenged him. You shouldn’t dive head first just because you see a good opportunity. That’s the shortcut to screwing up your life.’
‘When Weed hunted monsters he had no openings at all. It was a succession of wonder. But his greatest weakness could be a head-to-head battle like this one. Strength vs strength. If you drove him up with strength and speed… No. Weed would still win. He is a villain surpassing your imaginations.’
‘Bard Ray is a force to be reckoned with… But there are beings that you cannot overcome with just determination.’
His comrades firmly believed in Weed’s victory based on many reasons.

3 minutes have passed since the start of the battle.
Weed was struggling to defend.
Bard Ray was pushing him with endless stamina, not allowing for any opportunity for Weed to fall back.
*Kang! Clang! P-p-pat!*
Sword swinging, another sword flying in.
The steed Suart charged as soon as there was a gap in distance.
Bard Ray gushed out a countless array of sword strikes while mounted on Suart.

“Hooray Hermes Guild!”
“This will be a victory of the Godly Warrior Bard Ray!”
The camps of the Haven Empire were creating a ruckus as if it was a festival going on.
“Weed-nim. Keep it up!”
“You can definitely win. Don’t take the pounding and dodge!”
“Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge!”
The encouragement from the Grass porridge cult were becoming more desperate and spreading frantically.
Geomchi2 was blankly observing the brilliant display of spells, then came across a strange thought.

“Master. About the youngest one.”
“He’s fighting like someone at a martials arts tournament. He is defending vigorously and seems to be analyzing his opponent.”
“It seems that way.”
Geomchi nodded.
His greatest wish was for Weed to brutally win against Bard Ray.

“Then I can brag to the whole world that he is my student.”
Bard Ray was fighting a lot better than expected once the battle began. It seemed that he was superior in spell management and fundamental physical abilities.

“Certainly, our youngest is stopping that Bard Ray’s spells excellently.
“Yes. At first it looked like he was blocking the attacks as he saw them. Now it looks as if he is predicting the next attack and reacting in advance.”
“Breathing, the transfer of the body’s pivot; The instinctive attack pattern embedded in the subconscious; He will assess it all. When that is over…”
“He will reveal his fangs and tenaciously bite into his opponent’s weakness.”
“ku-ku. Brutally crushing him so he wouldn’t think twice about challenging again. He learned properly from me on how to fight.”
Geomchi glanced at Weed and smiled in commendation. An intimidating smile at best.

‘I will win. I can win.’
Bard Ray was feeling confident.
Weed was unable to retaliate and instead fell back while taking mitigated damage.
‘It is not that he isn’t retaliating. He can’t. I am wearing him out without giving him the slightest sliver of opportunity.’
Even if the powerful strikes are blocked, he could still apply mitigated damage.

< Restraining smash was blocked!
Enemy health points decreased by 728.
It suppresses physical abilities.
Death-calling sword applies 1,630 additional damage.
231 health points drained. >

It was reducing his health points consistently.

‘This slippery rat.’
His debuffing attacks were blocked, but the accumulating damage would still add up to a significant amount.

‘A persistent orc of all things…’
The strength, vitality and recovery of Orc Karichwi were outrageous!
Moreover, he couldn’t identify what kind of armor he was wearing but his powerful attacks were being reduced to a quarter.
It was mind-wrecking to see him recover so quickly after receiving so many blows.

‘Even so, it’s a foolish decision to fight as an orc in a head-to-head battle. Strength needs to be utilized properly for it to exercise power.’
The fact that Weed could transform into any race was a great disadvantage when it came to accepting his challenge.
But when he saw him waiting in the appearance of an orc, he was ever so glad.

‘I fought against orcs often when my level was low. Nothing special about them besides their strength.’
Orcs had big physiques and thick muscles which made them slow.
Even small attacks lead to big movements and centered around heavy strikes, making it difficult for nimble movements.
For Bard Ray, who could counterattack immediately, this meant he could deliver even greater damage.

‘Weed. The single-point strike technique that you showed won’t be possible with an orc’s body. Instead, if you reveal an opening, I will show you my own technique.’
Bard Ray was gradually bringing up his momentum.
He was controlling the battle with consecutive attacks and forcing damage constantly.

‘If you wish to attack, go ahead and try. If I give you such an opportunity that is.’
It certainly looked like Weed’s health points had dropped below half.
If he were to put an end to that armor’s ridiculous recovery effects, now was the time.
Bard Ray used his secret sword technique.

“Sword of Nature.”
The earth shook and split.
Thick boulders spurred from below and flung towards Weed in the appearance of Orc Karichwi, in a blink of an eye.

‘Please… Just die already.’
Bard Ray activated a spell.

“The Devil’s cruel blade dance.”
His body and the sword became tainted in a dark red.
A skill that requires an offering to the devil, a penalty of sacrificing 2 from each stat and 3,000 fame.

‘You wouldn’t have seen this in any broadcast footages.’
He had reserved this skill for the inevitable battle with Weed.
It consists of gruesome, destructive power and defense penetrating damage.

Bard Ray swung his sword from his horse.


Weed wasn’t planning to push with everything he had from the very beginning.
One could grasp the opponent’s level of skill while being on the defensive.
This was a method that generally would increase the chance of winning.
The fact that he had an orc’s physique and Royal Road’s best armor also served to his advantage.

‘But still, he’s ridiculous. He is beyond your average warrior.’
He was on another level compared to those who boasted about being rankers.
The skills chain link and attack speed were rapid and his stamina would never run out even if he fought for the entire day.

‘His level is about early 600. Maybe close to 620 considering the specs of his equipment?’
Bard Ray was more powerful than him when he reached level 600s during his time as the Great King of the Desert.
At that time, he was lacking in many ways because he had rushed his growth. That was his initial goal of growing as much as he could even if the balance broke.
At first, Bard Ray’s attacks felt sharp, but he was growing used to blocking them.

‘The skill composition is amazing. He really knows a diversity of skills. Looks like he soaked up everything that was useful from the Central continent.’
Weed was analysing massive amounts of data
His health points decreased as he blocked in Orc Karichwi form, but that did not matter to him.

‘There is no need to drag this battle on any longer. I can put an end to this at once.’
It wasn’t a battle meant to be 20, 30 minutes.
Weed had prepared for a long time, for this very moment.

“Devil’s gruesome blade dance!”
A huge aura was moving as Bard Ray activated his skill.

“Now, perish.”
The moment the sword began to come down, Weed activated two skills.

‘Moment Sculpting, Heraim Fencing skill.’
The final secret sculptural technique was activated.
That moment, the entire world froze.
The users observing from afar, the bird-humans afloat in the sky; even Bard Ray had been frozen with his sword held high activating his skill.
Weed took three steps forward and swung his Loa sword.
1st consecutive strike was successful.
Dexterity increased by 20%.
The sword struck Bard Ray’s head and the world came in motion again.

<Critical Strike!
You have struck a powerful blow on the head of your opponent.
Skill channeling has been forcefully cancelled.
Enemy maximum mana is temporarily decreased by 15%.
Hutsain’s wing helm absorbs 64% of physical damage.
You have decreased enemy health points by 16,341.
Loa Sword applied 28% additional damage. >

It was a destructive strike that caused even the steed Stuart to stagger.
He had precisely struck down with Orc Karrchwi’s huge body.
Even so, this was only the beginning.

<Leftover Energy of the Moment: 128,472>

Weed had rarely used the time sculptural technique after he had acquired it.

‘I must reserve it. When the time comes, I will pour out all of it at once.’
He had thriftly gathered energy of the moment from quests, hunting and sculptural techniques.
He accumulated an insane amount of energy from the Garnav plains festival and had waited for Bard Ray.

‘A fight needs to be fought dirty, indeed.’
Bard Ray backed away and used a protection spell in response.

“Iron wall Grace.”
It was a reflexive action after getting a big spell like Devil’s gruesome blade dance cancelled and counterattacked.

‘I fully assessed your battle footages. I knew you would use Iron wall grace.’
Weed closed in quickly.
Iron wall Grace was a skill that could endure up to 100,000 frontal physical damage.
It was a rare warrior secret skill that could only be attained through special conditions.

‘As I expected.’
Gloves of Dimensional Door.
Weed passed through a translucent circle and appeared behind Bard Ray.
2nd consecutive attack was successful.
Strength increased by 40%.
His powerful blow struck down.

<Critical Strike!
You have landed a lethal strike.
Dizziness! Confusion!
Minen’s necklaces minimizes the abnormal conditions.
A small crack formed in Hutsain’s wing helm, resulting in durability decreased by 5.
Enemy health points decreased by 7,023. >

Bard Ray fell off his horse from the impact.
“Shield of protection.”
He used another protection spell.
Another sword flew in order to defend and that moment, the world froze again.
Instant sculptural technique!
It was a brief moment less than half a second but Weed was already advancing even before the spell had activated.
Weed’s sword struck Bard Ray’s head once again.

<3rd consecutive attack was successful.
Dexterity increased by additional 40%.
4th consecutive attack was successful.
Strength increased by additional 40%.
5th consecutive attack was successful.
A devastating blow has landed successfully.>

<Critical Strike!
You have landed consecutive strikes on a single point.
Boosted Destructive power!
Armor damaged!
Hutsain’s wing helm took significant damage, losing its physical damage ability.
Enemy health points decreased by 23,349. >

It was a series of attacks with precision and certainty.

‘Sorry to say but I won this battle from the very beginning.’
He was confident in grasping that one small opening.

‘Instant sculptural technique.’
An overpowered skill that ceases the world.

‘Now I get my revenge for that time at Melbourn mines. I never let go once I bite.’
Weed swung his sword without hesitation.

‘Off you go… To hell.’
(To be continued)


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V52C6P4 – Weed and Bard Ray

Par mimosab

Thanks to all proofreaders who worked on this part: Armada, TysonSlayer, EvilSanta1423, PuszekSE, Seb, Seviper9 & Auryum.


Weed and Bard Ray.
The ones who were leading characters within the history of Royal Road were now facing one another again on the Garnav Plains.

‘I will take revenge for Taloc’s Armor of Faith with added interest.’
‘Weed. In the end, you have made it this far. To be competing against me for the supremacy of The Versailles continent… I should have stomped you sooner.’
Weed’s appearance was that of Orc Karichwi.
He had broad shoulders. His muscles that showed through his armor were sharp and defined like a lethal blade.

Bard Ray approached slowly while on his renowned horse Suart.
The users spread out beyond a radius of 800 metres so that the two could fight to their heart’s content.

“So, we finally meet.”
Bard was the one to spark the conversation.

“I wanted to fight you again someday.”
He had the composure of being the strongest being across the Versailles continent.

‘I acknowledge your combat senses and courage. However, according to the analysis report, you are only at early 500 levels. You and I are in different weight classes.’
Bard Ray was certain of his own victory.

“Krrg, Shhk!”
Weed treaded closer while spitting nasal sounds.
His body was huge, about the same height as Bard Ray on his horse!
With each step that he took, the tension heightened.
Weed stopped at around 10 metres.

“Enough with words. Sshhhk. Draw your weapon.”
“Indeed. I also did not want to drag on the conversation. Let us prove who is stronger in front of all who stand witness.”
They pulled out their swords almost simultaneously.

“They are fighting!”
Shoud, Gunt, Roam, Mihel, and Kalis. The heads of the noble guilds knew that this battle would settle the composition of power.

‘This is practically the Arpen Kingdom’s victory.’
‘Even if Bard Ray wins… the war is lost.’
‘Could he win against Weed? It doesn’t seem like Weed will lose. But then again, Bard Ray would be stronger in terms of combat level alone…’
‘I should have been the one standing in that arena.’
‘God of War Weed. The Godly Warrior Bard Ray. Never again will there be a match on Royal Road like this one.’
High rankers within the top 1,000 including these individuals were focused on this duel.
They were about to witness what true strength looked like.
The victor would reign for ages as the strongest of the Versailles continent.
In addition, they wanted to observe the kinds of skills and battle styles.

“Hmm. Honestly, I wanted to be the one to fight Bard Ray.”
Roam made cracking sounds as he stretched his neck.

“If it weren’t for the glory of the Hermes guild, Bard Ray would have been one of the nameless common users.”
Gunt pulled out his sword and swiped the blade with his finger.

“Bard Ray. My sword is crying. I only hope, that in the unlikely case of Weed’s defeat, I’ll get the chance to fight him myself.”
Mihel also did not want to yield to the others.

“I have thoroughly analyzed Bard Ray’s weaknesses until now. I just couldn’t get the chance to confront him because he always dragged his bodyguards with him. I was going to strike when the Hermes guild weakened.”
As Shoud pondered about what he should say, a random user tapped his shoulder.

“You guys there are being noisy. Keep it down.”
“Hmm? Who do you think I am…?”
Shoud and the heads of the noble guilds put on an intimidating look on their faces.
Their pride was unbending even after having withdrawn away from the Central continent.

“These fools don’t know their place.”
They turned around slowly and saw Geomchi with around 300 apprentices by his side.

“What? You got something to say?”


Bard Ray thought to himself.

‘There is no such thing as a fair battle in Royal Road.’
Poison, magic and unique curses are allowed.
Utilizing hidden treasures or equipment were all dependant on the skill of the individual.
The people will only cheer for the victor.

‘Given my current state, I couldn’t lose even if I wanted to.’
Bard Ray knew after his talk with Lafaye that the tides of war had turned against him.

“We don’t have a future. We will collapse whether we are victorious or defeated.”
“Then what should we do?”
“Though it would be better to win than lose. Don’t drag on the attrition and instead engage in a duel with Weed himself.”
“Will he accept?”
“Who knows. But, hope only lies in the battle between Bard Ray-nim and Weed. If not, the entire ranks of the Central continent will charge at us.”
Roam, Kalis and the other noble guild heads. The infamous users of the central continent were eager to fight Bard Ray.

‘Even if I were to be defeated, I can’t die to some small fry. I will show them clearly what kind of being I am.’
Bard Ray wanted to protect his glorifying title Godly Warrior even if the Haven Empire were to fall to ruins.
Until his last moments, he wanted to show that no one can stand in his way.

‘I need to defeat Weed. Only then I can rest on my title as the Godly Warrior.’
The Black Knight has never-ending suspicion.
The Black Knight is anxious.
The Black Knight does not trust anyone.
The Black Knight grasps for great power.
Class attributes that have been unlocked after the Black knight had become emperor.
Combat skills increased as he murders loyal subordinates.

‘I sacrificed 7 legions of the royal knights. Hence… I am invincible.’
He felt overwhelmingly more powerful than usual.

The Black knight’s weakness.
The weakness was his subordinates causing a rebellion, but he was past that stage.
He was blessed by the gods of every religious order and equipped with the best equipment.

‘At my current state, I could pummel down monsters of level 800s to 900s.’
I fear nothing.
I will gush out everything that I’ve got.
Even if destruction awaits me at the last step that I take.

‘Until the very last moment. I will take down Weed and all that opposes me one by one. That will be an unparalleled achievement.’

“Violent charge!”
Bard Ray began to charge riding on Suart.
Suart reached its maximum speed in just several gallops kicking against the earth.

Weed took him straight on, lifted his Loa sword then struck with all his might.


Along with the metal shrill, both sides staggered.

< Unbearable Strike!
Health points decreased by 4,281 by an enemy’s charge.
All stats decreased by 3% for 14 seconds. >

Even with the Loa sword and Sky ruler’s armor set, an astonishing shock passed through.
Bard Ray also got a message alert.

< Clash of blunt strength!
A shockwave that trembles the soul.
Health points decreased by 891.
Paralysis effects for 4 seconds and physical conditions temporarily weakened.
Suart absorbs a portion of the damage. >

‘Godly warrior Bard Ray. He is as powerful as expected.’
Weed took a couple of steps back.
Bard Ray swung his sword 3 more times on his horse, but every single strike was deflected.
Even so, he could feel the immense force behind them.

‘His level is estimated to be around 600… Several pieces of equipment are unidentified.’
He was beyond an expert when it came to Royal Road, but even he saw many of the equipment for the very first time.
Both were fully stacked with equipment!

‘I have transformed into Orc Karichwi, but cannot defend lightly. His abnormally high stats and blessings like the surging strength of the War God Batali cult are all bestowed to him.’
He could make out a rough estimate.
Weed built up affiliation and contribution with several cults throughout his adventures.
Bard Ray used his authority, status and wealth as the emperor of the Haven Empire to gain the support of many cults.

‘To be pushed back in a frontal strike… I could have been at a huge physical disadvantage if it weren’t for the Orc Karichwi transformation.’
He had gained immense stats through his adventures and sculptural techniques.
That was his strength when he faced other users, but Bard Ray had also stacked incredible stats through his combat achievements.
Ever since Royal Road was unveiled, he had hunted only boss level monsters with his guild members.
After Melbourne mines, he united the Central continent and focused solely on battles which certainly made him stronger.

“Another sword, glorious pact. Sword of Nature.”
He became faster and swung more powerful blows with each additional attack.
This sweet skill is similar to the Heraim Fencing skill but combat skill that automatically activates for 30 attacks even if they missed the opponent!

‘Level, equipment, spells. All are almost at perfection.’

Arrays of attacks after another.
Weed blocked or deflected them.

After a light exchange of attacks, three secret sword techniques were activated simultaneously.
Bard Ray’s great sword was enveloped with blazing flames.

‘Another round.’
Weed locked his two feet on solid ground and endured.

*Clang Clang Clang*

Bard Ray charged again, and swords sparked viciously.
Fireballs flung everywhere, and shockwaves pushed back Weed’s body each time.
Glorious Pact is a skill that triples the user’s combat strength temporarily.
Sword of Nature imbues more than one nature attribute per attack.
Bard Ray’s attacks transformed into myriad of elements like fire, wind, water, earth and ice.
He was sliced by sharp winds and pummeled by jets of water.
Firm grounds split suddenly, and the surroundings would freeze.
On top of all this, another sword was flying through the air aiming for his side and rear.

<Impact of consecutive attacks!
Additional damage is taken by the opponent’s quick attacks.
Damage is accumulating!
Health points decreased by 3,381. >

‘This is pretty excruciating. If it weren’t for the armor this would have hurt a lot.’
Weed smirked.
When Weed transformed into Orc Karichwi, he assumed that he would be over the edge in terms of physical abilities, but he was wrong.
The power of the attacks and the level at which Bard Ray exercised them were superb.
He also synced well with his horse Suart, allowing him to fall back a great distance when Weed counterattacked.

‘The combination of his skills is good. He can’t be compared back to the time at Melbourne mines. I saw some of the recent footages, but it seems he did not show his true abilities.’
One of the many ways of demeaning Bard Ray was calling him the Last Hit.
It meant that he would swing the last attack to finish off a boss level monster that has been taken down by the Hermes guild.
Compared to Weed who creates results with his own hands, this could seem very low and insignificant.
However, one could feel just how powerful he is once they faced him directly.

“Destruction Strike, Revolving Hack, Spell Burst, Executioner!”
Bard Ray continued his relentless assault by activating consecutive skills.

“Tyrant Frenzy!” Even so, Bard Ray’s attacks were in forms that were impossible to stop completely.

(To be continued)


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V52C6P3 – Weed and Bard Ray

Par mimosab

Thanks to all proofreaders who worked on this part: Armada, TysonSlayer, Seviper9, PuszekSE, Auryum, Seb & EvilSanta1423.


A huge crowd gathered around the location prepared for the showdown between Weed and Bard Ray.
“Everyone please be seated. It may be inconvenient but this way, more people will be able to spectate.”
Under the directions of Lemon, the saintess of the Grass Porridge Cult, the crowd sat down on the ground.
Users sitting on the ground were wearing armor of different shapes and colors, reminiscent of a grain field.

“We can’t see anything back here.”
“Sigh… I can’t see the fight between Weed and Bard Ray? No way!”
Enormous sculptural creatures that were brought to life in the Garnav Plains approached the users in the far back.
They were beings fit to be bosses at levels ranging around 700 to 800, with the size of mountains.

“Humans. Climb onto our shoulders and back.”
“Spectate comfortably from higher grounds.”
The enormous sculptural creatures graciously offered their heads and backs for the humans to climb.
They had optimistic and kind personalities because they were sculpted by many humans.
Hundreds of supersized sculptural creatures.
Over a hundred thousand users were able to climb up to spectate the fight and the sky was covered by Avians.
The Avians each had as many users riding on their backs as possible.

“Will Weed-nim win?”
“Of course he will.”
“Bard Ray will be very powerful… There are rumors that he learned 6 secret sword skills.”
“Such a spectacle it will be.”
“Objectively, I think Bard Ray is superior. Though in my heart I want to root for Weed-nim.”r
The users’ excitement blew up in anticipation of the battle that would soon happen before their eyes.
Some thought they would witness a great fight, while others were admiring Weed’s spirit for a challenge.

“He would have won the war staying still, but instead he took it to a duel.”
“That is because he is Weed-nim.”
The atmosphere was full of expectation as the best of the Versailles Continent was to be decided soon.

“Whoo. This is quite a crowd.”
Pale and the other comrades arrived at the battle location.
They were worn out like rags due to battling against the Hermes guild members on their way here.
Weed and Bard Ray.
Even their close companions were eager to see a spectacular battle, and Surka burst out suddenly.

“Let’s all bet on who will win!”
“… 100 gold on Weed.”
“1000 gold on Weed.”
“I’m betting all my life savings on Weed-nim.”
“We can’t have a bet this way.”
“Then Python should bet on Bard Ray.”
“That’s… All-in on Weed.”
There was a long silence between them.
This wasn’t about rooting based on loyalty or honor. They had spent too much time with Weed for them to do so.

“It was Weed who proposed this fight. Honestly, I think that Bard Ray would come out ahead. But the point is that Weed proposed it first.”
“Pale is right. It means Weed prepared a guaranteed strategy to win. A perfect trap. A backstab.”
Seasoned Crab shook his head in response to Irene.

“Not necessarily. There’s a variable for every situation. You really think Bard Ray did not come prepared to fight Weed?”
“Weed would have planned tricks for such situations as well.”
Seasoned Crab simulated Weed and Bard Ray’s duel a bit in his head, but it was uncertain to determine the outcome before they actually begin their battle.
Godly Warrior Bard Ray.
He had an impressive combat history and fame in his own standing.
The figure of Bard Ray leading the Haven Imperial army was thought to be befitting of his nickname ‘Godly Warrior’ by users across the Central Continent.

“Alright. To establish this betting game, I will bet 10,000 gold on Bard Ray’s win.”
Surka screamed thinking that someone finally fell for it.

“Yes! Free money!”

Hermes guild members arrived at the battle location with an imposing figure, herding demonic beasts.

“Wow. It is Bard Ray himself.”
“Giant Knight Boemong! Amazing…”
“I was able to learn the ropes of Royal Road by watching Ranger Troker’s Dark Mountain guide.”
Users were in awe watching Bard Ray and the other Royal Road’s best rankers.
These figures who rarely showed up even on broadcast had appeared riding on vicious demonic beasts.
The Hermes guild was very infamous around the world but the northern users did not know much about them and only picked out the most famous ones of all.

“Bard Ray is really handsome.”
“He did not spend a single stat point into charm. But he has the equipment boost giving him that handsome aura.”
“Plainly, Bard Ray wins just for being good-looking.”
There were positive comments about the Hermes guild, but as the rest of their forces arrived the views of the spectating users began to change.

“They all have murderer marks on their foreheads.”
“It means they killed a considerable number.”
“In Morata I’ve never seen a murderer inside the city walls.”
“Hermes guild members would kill anyone to defend the supremacy of their guild.”
“Their equipment looks really powerful. They’re all wearing the Serodei armor considered to be the best out of all the late 400 level equipment.”
“Their character is not so good, but they are skilled. I’ll admit that.”
“Hey hey, I still can’t sleep at night because of my experience of their assault back in Central continent.”
“How bad were they?”

There were novice users but there were also skilled users over level 400 among the crowd.
They glared at the Hermes guild with resentment in their eyes.

“Tell me about it. They would hit you for no reason, take your money and bully you in dungeon grinds…”
“Really? You aren’t lying?”
“They kill because they are annoyed. They were practically acting as tyrants.”
Hermes guild members were a tad bit uneasy due to the crowd that had filled the Garnav Plains.

‘By the way… Isn’t that Jaco from the Black Lion Guild? That guy also killed quite a lot of users. When did he move to the Arpen Kingdom…’?
‘Wow. There seemed to be a lot of users who signed up to join the Hermes guild…’
They learned through the crowd attitude that the heart of the people around the world had changed.
Through occasional broadcast observations through the crystal sphere, the announcers were reporting that the Haven Imperial army was being pushed back in military strength.

“There are approximately 1 million users gathered in Garnav Plains.”
“Hold on. Didn’t you say that there were 1 million at the start? Countless users died in battle.”
“There were also many users that arrived late. The Arpen Kingdom hosted festivals to encourage participation, but there were still a lot of users who took their time.”
“Why did they arrive so late?”
“It’s because of grinding. The higher the level, the greater the desire for growth. You could see it as users who lingered around the hunting fields until the situation became risky.”
“You can see that there are a lot more… Central users now. You can distinguish them easily by their wonderful armor.”
“Yes. They now stand in the camps of the Arpen Kingdom. There’re many users who couldn’t choose between the Haven Empire and the Arpen Kingdom until the very last moment.”
“How come?”
“It’s because they probably did not want to die in vain. They were probably also afraid of the Haven Empire’s assassination orders… The higher the level, the more attached they are to their characters and their homelands.”
“These people taking the side of the Arpen Kingdom means that the tides have surely turned in its favor.”
“That’s correct. They all have witnessed the failure of the Hermes guild’s strategy. During the stalemate, the Arpen Kingdom had replenished its forces completely. According to my speculations, all of this may have been Weed’s plan…”
The Hermes guild members began to picture defeat before the fighting even began.

‘But we still have Bard Ray on our side.’
‘If he can kill Weed, it can create a possibility. A guaranteed possibility…’
It was faint, but they grasped their last straw of hope.


“Chwii. It is dazzling.”
“I set some jewels in it. I mean, it is our work. It deserves some recognition.”
“Where are they from?”


“They’re blue diamonds from the Malbio mine.”

Weed, in the form of Karichwi the Orc, put on the armor given by Fabio and Herman.
He covered his growling muscular body with impressive splendid armor. The primal beauty of the orc and the wonderful armor strangely complimented one another.

“There is no other armor as impressive as this one.”
Fabio spoke out with pride in his voice.

<Sky Dominator’s armor:
Durability 320/320.
Defense 330.
Armor made from a combination of the world’s most mystic and unique metals.
A collaborative work of Blacksmith masters Fabio and Herman.
Many materials such as the Tear of God and Helium the living metal were put into this armor. For complete fusion, the lava from the Inextinguishable Volcano was used.
It went through 14 smelting and reinforcements, made to be the most robust on earth.
It was forged from Earth and Fire and had the affection of the elementals..
The wearer will be awarded with infinite fame and honor.

Level 850.
over 300,000 Fame.
1300 Strength, 500 Dignity, 400 Faith.

200% increase in maximum health points and mana.
5% increase in all stats.
78% reduction in physical damage taken.
No damage received from arrows shot beyond a 200m radius.
31% magic resistance.
A chance to negate incoming magic spells.
75% reduction of mana cost for all skills.
If injured, health recovery rate increases 5x.
Quick mana recovery if mana falls below 30%.
Enhanced effects of defensive skills.
Immune to abnormal conditions.
Blessing of either Freya, Mine, or Battali is granted randomly.
Very light-weight.
Very sturdy.
Increased movement speed.

Based on the wearer’s abilities, the armor performance can grow up to a maximum of 20%.
Solid Body and Admirable Resilience activate automatically.>

‘This is insane. How easy grinding would have been if I wore such an armor from the start. Surely, squeezing every drop out of these blacksmith masters really paid off in the end.’
Weed was satisfied as he examined the options.
Trustworthy dwarves one should say.
He lightly provoked the self-conceited dwarves, which resulted in such a masterpiece.

“Chwii, Chwiiiik! I heard that many dwarves yearn for Thor, the kingdom of blacksmith masters.”
“Well yes, that is the case.”
“As compensation, I will construct a dwarven city. Chwiiik!”
One thing that Weed was disappointed with the northern continent is that they did not have a dwarven city like Kusoro.
There were dwarves residing in the continent, but their numbers were low and scattered.
There was a lack in blacksmith techniques, and he would be able to bring in many dwarves from the central continent by promoting Fabio and Herman.

‘Dwarves are very active in the production of weapons, and they spend all their earnings drinking tremendous amounts of beer. The more dwarves the better.’
Dwarves, known for vigorous production and spending, were a race well suited for exploitation.

“A dwarven city. Isn’t that too much of a compensation?”
“You should consider the lord position. Chwiiik. It is fun being the lord of Arpen Kingdom. Chwik!”
“I’ve heard such stories… Then who will be the lord?”
Sparks of competition dwelled in the eyes of Fabio and Herman who had worked on the armor in harmony.

“Hmm. Not to brag or anything but I know a lot of dwarves…”
“If I call for them, at least a thousand will gather. I’m Fabio.”
“I was the first to create a dwarven association.”
“I made the dwarven merchant alliance.”
Fabio and Herman faced one another tensely.
They knew from their life experiences that they were being used, but they could not back down.

‘A man is still a child even when he gets old. His pride becomes especially stronger.’
They wished to be recognized as the best for the great accomplishments and potentials in a given field.

“I will build a city for both of you. Chwiiii! How they will be operated will differ though. Chwiik!”
If the dwarves were to settle, the nearby mountains would have to be developed into mines. Also, the monsters would have to be wiped out.
Weed planned to exploit Fabio and Herman in their competition down to the last drop he could get.

(To be continued)



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V52C6P2 – Weed and Bard Ray

Par mimosab

Thanks to all proofreaders who worked on this part: Armada, PuszekSE, Seb, Auryum, TysonSlayer & EvilSanta1423.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Fabio and Herman were busy hammering.
The mega sculptures were being urgently repaired, but their work was far from finished.

“Oh, no. It will be too late!”
“Even if we are unable to produce this armor on time, I think Weed will still be able to pull through on his own.”
They were building armor as master blacksmiths with the metal of God, Helium.
Through Weed’s adventure, Essen Porat’s skin and heart brought by Yurin, a Rank 1 Mana Crystal, the Iron Mace of Gratorgue, the Metal of Ruin, and even the tears of a dragon were mixed together at an optimum ratio.

“Though they’re almost too good to use… this is about making the very best work.”
“I’ll open the last stores”
The two blacksmiths brought out rare minerals they had saved up until the last minute.
– Narok’s Crystal
– The Horn of Fortune
– Hell Star fragment
– The False God’s Scythe
– Deep Earth Lava .
The rank 1 rare blacksmiths brought out all their materials and cooperated in making the protective gear.

“We can’t be ignored by Weed. The humiliation from that time was something I had never felt before in my life.”
“Yes. You’re right. Old man. Let’s show him a work that will blow Weed away.”
Complaints about Weed!
They made boots from the hide and feathers of a Pegasus, and a helmet laced with unbreakable gems.

“The armor is the key.”
“Of course. Weed will probably be very particular.”
“I can’t be disregarded again. This armor will enable him to move quickly, will be comfortable for activities, and it won’t weigh him down.”
“We must equip it with unprecedented defensive power.”
“I’m thinking about something more than a medium armor.”
“Yes. We’ll need to combine the materials well to get a lot of options; very special and rare options.”
“Though it’s difficult we’ll have to manage.”
Fabio and Herman were master swordsmiths.
They used to think the sword was a symbol of strength.
In reality, making armor took a lot more effort and was a more difficult task.

“No matter what, we need to finish before the war is over.”
“Of course.”
Fabio and Herman worked together on their honor and pride as blacksmiths.
– It’s not much.
They should never hear these words spoken by Weed again.
All the attributes were prepared to fix all the stats and options with a focus on defense.

“Infuse it with beauty as well.”
“We should insert the star fragment well.”
Just as the two blacksmiths were finishing their work.

– Weed: Old man Fabio. The armor is going well, right? It’s running a bit late.

It was a strangely abrasive yet polite voice.

“Keuheum. It’s almost finished.”
– Weed: This battle is coming to an end as well. But Bard Ray is coming.
“We know too.”
– Weed: I want to use it when I fight Bard Ray. It seems like a good opportunity for your armor to shine.
“I’ll send it right away because it’s as perfect as can be. We have made a piece that is worthy of the pride we feel from being given the Helium.”

Fabio and Herman were feeling proud of themselves.
Their labor had been painful and hard.
There was a lot of trial and error, but they still managed to create the best armor, a masterpiece they could truly be proud of.
– Sky Ruler Armor Set.
If Weed were to fight in this armor, everyone would know who the best blacksmiths are.

‘But weren’t we already the best?’
‘What? How did it come to this?’

They finished the job and looked for any flaws.
Unlike the many swords they made, they felt an attachment to the armor as if it was their child.

– Weed: Also, please fit it for me.
“Oh, don’t worry. It will be very comfortable. It will fit well.”
– Weed: I’d like it in the form of Karichwi the Orc.
“Orc? And that of Karichwi?”

When he transformed into Karichwi the Orc, he was much bigger than a human.

– Weed: I’ll transform into Karichwi when I fight Bard Ray.
“Why are you telling me that now…”
– Weed: So, get it done quickly.

Fabio thought.

‘Weed, is he actually a bad guy?’

The Hermes Guild was polite when they made requests, but the way he was giving orders left and right made him bossy.

‘I wonder if it would have been better to stay with the Haven Empire…’

A moment of deep regret passed by.

– Weed: If I beat Bard Ray, it would be due to both of you.
“Due to us?”
– Weed: Yes. If I interview with each station, your names and help will be the first thing I will talk about.
“Keuheuhum. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Fabio was about to refuse to save face but looked at Herman and saw him shake his head in a hurry.
Old men.
In their situation, their desire for fame was greater than anything else.
Although they refused, they were eager to make it not seem like a genuine refusal.
Fabio spoke in a hurry just in case.

“We’ll be thankful if you don’t forget our help.”
– Weed: Yes. By the way, you can adjust the size to human form after the sculptural transformation, right?
“Of course. Huhhuh. No problem.”


Bard Ray and the Haven Empire’s elite corps arrived at the Garnav Plains.
They were the core users of the Hermes Guild, which had grown since they started in the Haven region.

“Battle formation!”
“Everyone ready for battle!”

Half a million elite troops spread out over a wide area and advanced, with Northern users backing off without fighting.

“What’s this? Don’t you want to fight?”
“It’s a good thing if they’re scared of us.”

The Northern users had always been brave, but now they were stepping back.

“They’re running away, let’s kill them all!”

Boemong shouted with a loud voice.

“Wipe them all out!”

The knights were sent ahead, before the Haven Empire troops, to rush to the front and fight.
A slightly short but pretty female user walked out in front of them.
Among the users of the Grass Porridge Church, there were no strangers to the name of Saint Lemon.

“I’ve come to give you all a message from Weed-nim.”

She was a confident woman even standing in front of the great army of the Haven Empire.
There was nothing visible because her level was low.

“What’s going on?”

Royal Guard Arakhim advanced while riding on a horned demonic creature. The demonic creature Kenon had a level of over 600 and his strength was such that he could easily destroy a city gate, or even a knight at a similar level.

“Weed-nim is challenging Bard Ray to a one-on-one fight.”

A commotion was made inside as soon as Lemon spoke.

“A fight?”
“My god. Is he mad? Weed and Bard Ray alone?”

The Hermes Guild members thought Bard Ray’s victory was natural.
It seemed reckless for Weed to ask for a duel, but much more so because the Arpen Kingdom had the advantage; there was no reason.

“What the hell is he trying to do?”
“Is his plan to drag him inside and surprise attack him?”
“He’d be severely condemned for that… there’s no reason for that.”

Lemon grinned and spoke.

“Everyone. There’s no conspiracy here. In other words, Weed-nim doesn’t want to let anyone else defeat Bard Ray, he wants to do it himself.”

The Hermes Guild members kept their mouths shut.
Hurting their pride was a secondary problem, and it was hard for them to control how to react to this good fortune.
They thought they would win the battle, but now that they were here they had lost a lot of confidence.
The battle would be much easier if Bard Ray defeated Weed.

Northern users.
Since Weed was at the core of the Arpen Kingdom, if he was done away with, they would be sheeps without a shepherd.

*Ttagak ttagak*

Bard Ray rode his horse towards Lemon. He was equipped with the best equipment on the continent and rode a silver-white horse that shined like jewelry.
Stuart, a warhorse descended from the renowned Lindlin steeds of the past.

“Did Weed really ask me to fight?”
“Yes. He said he is waiting at the fight location. I will guarantee your safety the whole way there in the name of the Grass Porridge Cult.”

Every Hermes Guild member and Northern user in the room was watching Bard Ray to decide.
Bard Ray raised his hand.

“I will accept the duel. Everyone, advance.”

The Haven Empire troops advanced through the open path as the users stepped aside.


The officials at KMC media and the other stations were startled.

“A fight like this decided so suddenly?”
“Yes. This will be a huge publicity stunt.”

Weed and Bard Ray!
Ratings were soaring at the news that a duel would take place to decide who was the strongest on the Versailles Continent.

“Finally! It’s time for the viewers to decide who is the strongest on the continent.”
“There are a lot of rankers, but I haven’t seen Bard Ray’s stronghold. The same goes for Weed. Bard Ray has never lost a battle in hunting or battles with users.”
“To be precise, Weed has lost to Bard Ray before in the Melbourne Mines. But it has been a long time since then.”
“Yes. At that time, there were assessments that it was a very disadvantageous fight for him.”

Oh Joo-wan reviewed the materials reported in real time.
Apart from the Hermes Guild, almost every user on the Versailles continent was on the side of the Arpen Kingdom.
The Grass Porridge Cult, the Frontier Spirit, Saeroeum.
The victory of the Arpen Kingdom was sealed if there was no unexpected change in their power to attract the people.

“With the power balance out of proportion, the battle may end quickly depending on the outcome of this fight.”
“I don’t think the Northern users will collapse even if Weed loses. But the Haven Empire would quickly collapse.”
“Because Bard Ray is the strongest in the Hermes Guild, a defeat would have a huge impact.”
“But can you kill Bard Ray? The armor he is wearing is Legendary tier, near the tier of the apostles of God.”
“Yes. If you watch combat videos of Bard Ray, there are no flaws to point out. High offense and defense. And he has mastered all of the best skills with perfect form.”

“Weed is quick and bold. He is keen and does not miss a single moment, having an extraordinary ingenuity. Still, it remains to be seen whether he can be safe from Bard Ray’s spear and shield.”
The studio was filled with enthusiasm as the Haven Empire forces advanced to the battleground that was being built on the Garnav Plains.

“But why on earth did Weed suggest a showdown first?”
Oh Joo-wan spoke in wonder.
Famous users from the Central and Northern continents attended the event on a panel, but they too were unable to guess what had happened.

“The way we see it, the Arpen Kingdom was in a situation with a great advantage. It’s a fight you don’t have to go out in person.”
“Weed was known for not making reckless judgments.”
“Could it be revenge? He had died once to Bard Ray.”
“Would he take such a simple emotion like that to this big battlefield? Winning a war should be revenge enough.”
“It’s honor! He needs the honor of beating him with his own hands to unify the Versailles continent.”
“You have a point. But he could still lose, to take that kind of risk…”
Everyone spoke their opinion, but nothing was conclusive.
Oh Joo-wan and Do Chan-mi’s gaze headed toward Shin Hye-min, who was sitting next to them.
They assumed that she would know what was going on since she had gone on adventures with Weed and she was close to him.
Shin Hye-min thought hard and spoke hesitantly.

“Uh… umm. I’m not sure. Could it be that Weed-nim’s purpose is his desire for gear?”
Oh Joo-wan opened his eyes wide at the entirely new angle.
Every user was paying attention to the fight on the Garnav Plains that would decide the battle.
Honor, revenge, what could be his intention. Gear!

“Bard Ray has been nicknamed the Godly Warrior. He has a lot of top-class equipment among the users.”
“Yes, because he is the emperor of the Haven Empire.”
Broadcast stations had covered Bard Ray’s equipment on numerous occasions.
He was famous for changing his best equipment every week and month.
There was a system where Bard Ray would use equipment from the Hermes Guild even if there was already an owner and would return it once he got something better.

“Weed-nim isn’t someone who would be driven by just revenge.”
“Revenge isn’t the reason?”
“Even if he wanted revenge, he would have given up if it turned a loss. Even he if pays back a grudge, Weed’s way is to make a profit or surplus.”
Shin Hye-min’s firm remarks left other hosts and participants unable to speak.
Is there any more complex human being in the world?
He seems to be a great adventurer yet is stingy, a war genius yet a master sculptor.
He was undoubtedly someone who would seek revenge, but also had a rational personality that would give up if there was no economic feasibility.
Do Chan-mi shouted as if he knew.

“Warrior Bard Ray has never died! He’s notorious for being a murderer, so if he dies, there will be a lot of gear…”
“If we sell that gear, it would be Godly Warrior Bard Ray’s limited edition. We could get whatever price we ask.”

(To be continued)


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V52C6P1 – Weed and Bard Ray

Par mimosab

A new chapter begins and it’ll be the biggest one so far (6 parts)!!
 to all proofreaders who worked on this part: Armada, Eternal, PuszekSE, Seb, Auryum, EvilSanta1423, TysonSlayer and Seviper9 🙂

Lafaye closed his eyes while looking at the crystal ball showing combat images.

‘We have lost…’

At some point he began to fear defeat.
It would be a lie to say that there were no burdens as the Haven Empire grew larger and larger.
He tried to ignore it because of the joy of realizing his future dream, but the defeat in this battle was painful.

‘It was definitely a winning strategy, but all my moves were stopped by Weed.’


Tactics were drawn against that single man. The idea was that removing Weed, the core of the Arpen Kingdom, would dampen the hopes of the Northern users.

‘All our moves failed, and the Alkin’s disease was so simply eradicated…’

Lafaye let out a sigh.
He had thought that Weed would have had a hard time finding a cure.

‘There’s no way to reverse the battle now.’

Bard Ray and the Royal Guard… Although the 1st Legion hadn’t set out yet, they had acknowledged their failure.

‘Everything went wrong. There is no future for the Haven Empire that we made.’

The reason why Bard Ray’s forces did not go forward was so they could rule the Versailles Continent.
Even if he were to manage barely winning, it would only show the limits of the power that the Haven Empire had.
Governing in the future would only be possible if they gave the impression that they could win without Bard Ray and his key forces.
Power is what you use when you have no other option.
It was impossible for the Hermes Guild to manage the masses following Weed and the rebel forces that may rise up.

“Check your equipment!”
“Bard Ray will take the field.”

Bard Ray and the Hermes Guild members were getting ready to start.

‘Because time wasn’t on our side… This is how our dream of conquering the continent ends.’

Lafaye was lost in thought, looking out of the tent.

“We will win. I am the strongest on the continent.”
“Hurrah for Bard Ray!”
“Let’s go. We are the real Hermes Guild.”
“Oh, come on. We’re getting called out for a simple thing like this. It’s annoying.”

Bard Ray came leading the Royal Guard.
With Hermes Guild users and knights on horses, they gathered the large demonic creatures and readied for war.

“The entire army is ready to go.”
“Let’s move. Come on!”

The 20 to 30-meter-tall demonic creatures were in the thousands, boasting their high pressure.
The last forces of the Haven Empire appeared.

‘Finally, we’ll show the power of the Hermes Guild.’

Lafaye felt their limitations.
The reign of the Versailles Continent could not be attained by an individual force.
In the early days of Royal Road, they had drawn people’s attention and gathered strong figures, but now that was all over.

‘To win the continent, you must receive the hearts of the people. User named Weed… Your skill foundation and your ability to excite people is excellent. It’s to the point that it can’t comply with analysis and your scheming is unrivaled. You could not have succeeded in creating the Arpen Kingdom in the North with just mental calculations and being successful on some reckless quests.You needed to analyze and find the best possible way to do things most efficiently.

You’ve been nicknamed the God of War since the times of the Continent of Magic. I didn’t believe it… But it seems you will win anyway.’

His mind was calm despite being faced with a war that he was bound to lose. However, he could not stand down like this.
Lafaye called adventurer Panther.

“There is something you must do.”
“Share your ongoing quest and leave me the Dragon’s egg.”
“Dragon’s egg…”

Panther was on an S rank quest.

< The Dragon’s Egg

You have discovered an egg which was produced between the green dragon Arankald and the black dragon Kaybern. After Arankald departed for some unknown reason, the egg has been left in its current place until now.

The egg that has been subjected to human touch will incur the rage of the dragons. In order to quell their anger, you must hatch the egg safely and wait for the birth of the baby dragon.

Difficulty Level: S

Restrictions: You must have discovered the dragon’s egg. It is impossible to abandon this quest at the current progress stage. >

“I understand.”

Panther, who had received a lot of help from the Hermes Guild, was unable to refuse the request.

“I’ll leave you the Dragon’s Egg.”

< The quest has been shared >


Bard Ray and the Royal Guard.
The 1st Legion was advancing to the Garnav Plains.

– Steer: The 10th Legion has been annihilated. The 7th Legion is in bad shape.

Reports were frequently coming in from the intelligence squad, but there was no good news.
They were only getting killed by the users on the side of the Arpen Kingdom.

“Let’s kill them all.”
“Yes. Because Bard Ray, the Godly Warrior, is heading into battle.”
“You said you were badly hurt by them in the 2nd Legion. The situation will change completely once we step in.”

The Hermes Guild users on horseback laughed and chatted.
Despite several defeats at the Guild level, this time they believed it was different.
Bard Ray and the users with him gathered the best from the Hermes Guild and were full of confidence.

“If it’s the 10th Legion, they are led by Slater.”
“My friend is in there too.”
“Was the 10th Legion really swept away?”

– Steer: The 13th Legion has also been annihilated. Though they fought hard… Draka has also lost his life while destroying two mega sculptural lifeforms.

In the past, he was a commander of the Northern army, and flawless in his ability. Now he had died alongside his troops.
Famous strong men that the Hermes Guild had boasted about were now collapsing one after another.

“This really is…”
“This is ridiculous. Check out the KMC media video. The users are sweeping us like a tsunami. How can we survive this?”
“What the heck is that falling from the sky?”
“It can’t be ignored. All those who fought for the conquest of the Central Continent have switched sides to the Arpen Kingdom.”

As they advanced toward the soon-to-be battlefield in the Garnav Plains, the hearts of the Hermes Guild users became heavier.

– Steer: The 19th Legion led by Commander Dain has surrendered. There were a lot of users from the Kallamore area… They decided to stop fighting and switch sides to the Arpen Kingdom.

Dain had fought bravely on the battlefield.
Although she had performed better than expected with the Kallamore-born users on her side, the balance of power had shifted too far.

“We’ve lost. There’s no need to die fighting pointlessly, let’s surrender and go on over to the Arpen Kingdom.”

Users of the 19th Legion followed the decision of Dain and furtively laid down their arms.

“Wow… To be honest I actually really like Grass Porridge.”
“Frankly, I stayed because I had roots in the Central Continent, but I’ve wanted to join the Arpen Kingdom from the beginning.”
“Stop! They’re friendly forces!”
“Stop the attack! Stop the attack!”
“Let’s not fight and just share a bowl of Grass Porridge.”

In a flash, a nice and warm Grass Porridge exchange market opened.
Hermes Guild members who belonged to the 19th Legion also surrendered and decided to join the Arpen Kingdom.
They were aware of the situation and didn’t want to die pointlessly.
What was absurd was that after seeing the 19th Legion stop fighting, many of the Hermes Guild members nearby followed suit and surrendered.

“We used to like the Arpen Kingdom too.”
“Weed-nim is the true hero of Royal Road.”
“I’m really going to switch sides. I’m sick of the Hermes Guild.”
“I’ll try calling Bard Ray a son of a bitch. Bard Ray you son of a bitch. Bard Ray you son of a bitch. Bard Ray you son of a bitch.”

These scenes were being relayed on every station. Unlike CTS or KMC media, the small and medium broadcasters did not hesitate to release sensational and provocative videos as they were competing for ratings.

“Here in the studio we have Saerom-ssi himself, a famous Northern ranger. Saerom-ssi.”
“As things stand now, it seems the Hermes Guild is totally ruined.”

The comments from the hosts were strong, and the images only showed Hermes Guild members dying in droves.
Imperial soldiers being trampled to death by the galloping mega sculptural lifeforms on the Garnav Plains.

“The Hermes Guild lost because they underestimated Weed’s ability to survive.”
“To survive?”
“Yes. The plan to catch Weed was wrong in and of itself. It seems like the situation is completely reversed.”
“That’s right. Weed-nim’s acquaintances were saying that Weed is someone you can’t kill with a siege or a plague… So let me ask you then, how can he be dealt with?”
“I don’t know. I really don’t. But it certainly won’t be possible to catch him with most traps, I can tell you that.”
“Ah. Right now the Grass Porridge goddess has appeared, leading the Baraag troops. They came over after suppressing the wizards who summoned the burning meteor.”

Bard Ray and the Hermes Guild members who accompanied him were also distracted when Seoyoon appeared on screen.
Whether they were an ally or an enemy, it was a beauty that every man and woman could see.


The Baraag troops led by Seoyoon and the elite troops of the Arpen Kingdom joined forces.
They shot arrows and magic from the sky.
In a close battle you would wait for the projectiles to fall before attacking, but without hesitation they broke through the sturdy defenses of the Haven Empire.
Following the surrender of the 19th Legion, powerful support forces emerged on the side of the Arpen Kingdom!
Even as the avians were constantly transporting troops in the sky, there was no way to guess how many there were.
The Hermes Guild members began to lay down their arms.

“I will surrender.”
“I’ve sinned a lot, so you may kill me. I won’t resist anymore.”
“I wanted to be strong, so I joined the Hermes Guild… If I can get a second chance I will become a resident of the Arpen Kingdom.”

The battlefield situation was rapidly resolving.

“We joined the Hermes Guild this time. They said we would regret not joining if we wanted to live on the Central Continent… Last time it was the Corom Guild. You know it had a good reputation for beginners, right?”
“I once posted the Insane Dungeon Invasion with more than 8 million views. It sounds like an excuse, but I didn’t mean to live badly. I was forced to. Can’t you forgive me now?”

As the Hermes Guild grew, users who used to be members switched over to the Arpen Kingdom.
Hesitation was small because there was no loyalty from the beginning.

“These are the Garnav Plains. Hermes Guild members are rapidly surrendering…”
“The splendor of the mega sculptural lifeforms. It’s like they don’t die.”
“Look at the sky. I can see people all over. They’re jumping!”

The Garnav Plains were becoming the territory of the Arpen Kingdom.
The Haven Empire fell, and the Arpen Kingdom grew stronger.

“Can we win this?”

The hearts of the Hermes Guild members on the march alongside Bard Ray were heavy.

(To be continued)


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