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Catching the virus

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, criminals have been quick to seize opportunities to exploit the crisis by adapting their modi operandi and engaging in new criminal activities. Cybercriminals have been among the most adept at exploiting the pandemic. The threat from cybercrime activities during the crisis is dynamic and has the potential to increase further. With a record number of potential victims staying at home and using online services across the EU, the ways for cybercriminals seeking to exploit emerging opportunities and vulnerabilities have multiplied.
  • 3 avril 2020 à 11:16

90 suspects identified in major online child sexual abuse operation

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This case was sparked by the Belgian East Flanders Federal Judicial Police (Federale Gerechtelijke Politie Oost-Vlaanderen) after more than 9 million pictures and videos of the abuse of thousands of children from around the world were found there during a house search.
  • 31 mars 2020 à 16:10

How criminals profit from the COVID-19 pandemic

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During this unprecedented crisis, governments across Europe are intensifying their efforts to combat the global spread of the coronavirus by enacting various measures to support public health systems, safeguard the economy and to ensure public order and safety. A number of these measures have a significant impact on the serious and organised crime landscape. Criminals have been quick to seize opportunities to exploit the crisis by adapting their modi operandi or engaging in new criminal activities. Factors that prompt changes in crime and terrorism include:
  • 26 mars 2020 à 18:09

Rise of fake ‘corona cures’ revealed in global counterfeit medicine operation

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Europol has supported a global operation to target trafficking counterfeit medicines. Operation Pangea, coordinated by INTERPOL and involved 90 countries worldwide, took place between 3 and 10 March 2020.
  • 20 mars 2020 à 20:36

COVID-19 joint statement

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The coronavirus outbreak has spurred widespread anxiety and forced many people to work from home. Malign actors are actively exploiting these new challenging circumstances to target remote workers, businesses and individuals alike.  
  • 20 mars 2020 à 10:15

Large-scale heroin shipments from the Middle East: 2.4 tonnes of heroin seized and two high value criminal targets arrested

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Police in the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey carried out the transnational joint investigation Operation Horizoncity in the beginning of March. Europol coordinated and supported the investigations over the last two years. In addition, Belgium and Germany cooperated actively. Operation Horizoncity aimed at unprecedented large-scale heroin shipments from the Middle East and big amounts of cocaine coming from Latin America. 
  • 16 mars 2020 à 15:03

Spain and Portugal take illegal ivory off the black market

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The Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) and the Portuguese Civil Guard (Guardia Nacional Republicana) have broken up a criminal network trafficking ivory online.  The investigation led to the seizure of 355 ivory figurines and 2 tusks in Spain and Portugal, all worth about €120 000 on the black market. The operation, which was supported by Europol, resulted in the arrest of eight individuals suspected of crimes against wildlife.
  • 16 mars 2020 à 10:37

COVID - 19 Update

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Update 17 March 2020 - 17:43
  • 13 mars 2020 à 14:18

Dark web child abuse: Administrator of DarkScandals arrested in the Netherlands

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Website taken down and splash paged published by the Dutch Police and US Authorities. The site had more than 2,000 videos and images and advertised that it offered “real blackmail, rape and forced videos of girls all around the world.”
  • 12 mars 2020 à 16:45

The SIM highjackers: how criminals are stealing millions by highjacking phone numbers

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It is a common story: the signal bars disappears from their mobile phones, they call the phone number – it rings, but it’s not their phone ringing. They try to login to their bank account, but the password fails. They have become the newest victim of SIM swap fraud and their phone number is now in the control of a criminal. 
  • 12 mars 2020 à 16:20

6 arrested and scores of weapons seized in raids across Slovakia

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With the active support of Europol, the Slovak National Crime Agency (Národná Kriminálna Agentúra) has seized hundreds of illegal guns and ammunition, including decommissioned guns that had been restored to their full operation, as part of the Operational Taskforce LYNA. The Slovak police found the weapons in a series of house searches in the region of Košice and charged six individuals for their involvement in this illegal gun-running operation.
  • 12 mars 2020 à 11:07

Balkan cocaine cartel taken down in Montenegro

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A large Balkan criminal network trafficking drugs, mainly cocaine, from source countries to Europe has been dismantled in a large international operation. This hit has severely disrupted one of the smuggling routes from Central America to Europe.  This complex international investigation was led by Montenegro and supported by Europol, and law enforcement authorities from Austria, Croatia, France, Portugal, Serbia and Slovenia. 
  • 11 mars 2020 à 16:26

Fake love: devious men luring young women into prostitution busted in Spain and Romania

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The so-called lover boy method entails the recruitment of a victim by establishing a fake romantic relationship between one of the members of the criminal network and a targeted potential victim of trafficking. Once the victim has fallen in love, the deception/involvement of the victim into criminal activity is much easier. When the victims of trafficking are young girls, the younger traffickers are mainly male and applying the lover boy method to recruit the victims.
  • 11 mars 2020 à 12:02

68 arrested for €10 million ‘fast and furious’ – style heists on moving lorries

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An unprecedented law enforcement operation involving 5 countries has resulted in the takedown of one of the most active networks of cargo thieves operating across Europe. Composed of over 100 members, this organised crime group is believed to have committed over 150 acts of cargo theft for a total estimated damage worth in excess of €10 million.  The coordinated actions took place under the umbrella of a joint investigation, code-named ‘ARROW’, coordinated by Europol at the international level. 
  • 10 mars 2020 à 09:36

€7.9 million of illegal products seized in a hit against medicine traffickers

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Europol supported a pan-European operation targeting the illicit online and offline trafficking of misused and counterfeit medicines. The operation, led by the French National Gendarmerie (Central Office against Environmental and Public Health Crime - OCLAESP) and the Finnish Customs (Tulli), involved law enforcement authorities from 11* EU Member States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States. The operation was also supported by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Eurojust and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).
  • 6 mars 2020 à 10:33

42 Rolex thieves who stole over €1 million in jewellery arrested in Spain and Romania

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On 18 February, hundreds of police officers from the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) and the Romanian National Police (Poliția Română), with the support of Europol and Eurojust, swooped on a network of Romanian thieves snatching expensive jewellery off elderly people.  On 18 February, hundreds of police officers from the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) and the Romanian National Police (Poliția Română), with the support of Europol and Eurojust, swooped on a network of Romanian thieves snatching expensive jewellery off elderly people. 
  • 5 mars 2020 à 10:57

6 arrested in Germany for smuggling over a hundred Vietnamese migrants to Europe

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A key Vietnamese migrant smuggling network was broken up today after the German Federal Police (Bundespolizei), with the support of Europol, targeted suspects across the country, arresting 6 individuals. It is estimated that this criminal network facilitated the entry into Germany of almost 160 irregular migrants of Vietnamese origin, charging each migrant between €5000 and €20 000 for the journey. 
  • 3 mars 2020 à 16:48

Network defrauding at least €5 million dismantled in Portugal

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On 26 and 27 February, the Fiscal Action Unit of the Portuguese National Republican Guard (Guarda Nacional Republicana) under the direction of the Central Public Prosecutor’s Office carried out operation Netto Price which aimed to dismantle a transnational network obtaining illegitimate patrimonial advantages, through a fraudulent scheme based on fictitious invoice circuits. The suspects attempted to evade VAT and carry out fraud and illegal EU fundraising. Due to the international dimension of the criminal activities, this operation was supported by Europol and Eurojust.
  • 2 mars 2020 à 11:19

Mexico and Europol begin consultations to strengthen cooperation on security and illicit flow of arms, ammunition and explosives

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The Mexican Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Europol are in talks to expand and deepen collaboration on security matters. Mexico was recently included in the list of priority partners with which Europol intends to establish cooperative relations. For the Government of Mexico collaboration with the European Union is essential to complement national capacities against transnational organised crime and, in particular, to curb the illicit flow of arms, their components, ammunition, and explosives.
  • 28 février 2020 à 16:53

Sham marriages in Europe: Ring leader arrested in Germany

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A cross-border criminal investigation into Indian nationals entering into bogus marriages for immigration purposes has led to the arrest on 26 February in Germany of the ringleader of the network. 
  • 27 février 2020 à 15:23

New initiative brings together law enforcement and Europe’s largest financial infrastructures

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Europol has joined forces with the European Central Bank and a group of Europe’s largest and most important financial infrastructures to share vital cybersecurity threat information to help protect European citizens’ savings against cybercriminals.
  • 27 février 2020 à 10:50

Corrupted football officials cornered in Spain

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Since 2018, the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) has been investigating two football agents linked to one of the most relevant player representation agencies in Europe. They are suspected of money laundering and tax evasion. The operation, supported by Europol and in cooperation with the Spanish Tax Agency, led to five prosecutions. In the following weeks, several dozen will be called for court hearings.
  • 25 février 2020 à 11:53

Four metres underground: illegal cigarette factory uncovered in a bunker in Spain

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On 13 and 14 February 2020, the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) dismantled an organised crime group involved in illegal cigarette manufacturing and drug trafficking.
  • 20 février 2020 à 11:01

Second staff exchange between EU cybersecurity organisations

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After a successful first edition at Europol in June 2019, the second staff exchange initiative between the four parties to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – the European Defence Agency (EDA), CERT-EU, the EU Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA) and Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), took place from 17 to 20 February 2020. 
  • 19 février 2020 à 16:41

Metal thieves arrested in France and Romania for great train robbery

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A ruthless gang of metal thieves believed to have caused over €1 million of damage to the French national railway company (SNCF) has been dismantled following a series of coordinated actions across Romania on 12 February with the active involvement of Europol.  16 house searches were carried out in four different regions of Romania, as a result of which one suspect was arrested and three placed under judicial control. These arrests follow the ones in France of 9 other members of this criminal syndicate in October last year.  
  • 13 février 2020 à 15:08

Scammers arrested after evading €7.2 million in tax

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Europol supported the National Organised Crime Agency of the Czech Police (Policie České republiky) in a Joint Investigation Team with the Slovak National Criminal Agency (NAKA) in close cooperation with the Czech Financial Intelligence Unit (Finanční analytický úřad) and the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic (Finanční správa) to arrest 23 people suspected of tax evasion through employment agencies.
  • 13 février 2020 à 13:54

Over 150 children celebrate Safer Internet Day at Europol

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Working together with young people is one of the best ways to stop them from falling victim to crimes like sexual extortion and coercion, cyberbullying, grooming and sexting, online fraud, counterfeit goods and identity theft. Protecting new generations in a cyber world full of threats is a top priority for law enforcement all over Europe.
  • 11 février 2020 à 14:37

14 arrests in Spain after cocaine found in boxes of A4 paper

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Europol supported the Central Narcotics Unit and the Central Money Laundering Unit of regional Catalan police (Mossos D’esquadra) in arresting 14 members of an international criminal organisation trafficking cocaine and laundering money. Ten members of the criminal organisation have been sent to prison.
  • 10 février 2020 à 12:11

42 arrested for trafficking stolen waste from Spain to Asia

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The Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil), supported by Europol and the Spanish Central Prosecutor Unit for Environment and Urbanism (Fiscalía de Medio Ambiente y Urbanismo), cracked down on a large criminal network involved in environmental crime and money laundering.
  • 7 février 2020 à 09:44

25 arrests in series of police actions against an Albanian drug trafficking gang

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Today, 25 suspects tied to an Albanian-speaking organised crime network were arrested during a simultaneous operation carried out in Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and France which saw the involvement of over 600 police officers on the ground. 
  • 6 février 2020 à 15:34

Huge hit to illegal IPTV distributors in Bulgaria

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Europol supported a massive crackdown on illegal IPTV distributors in an operation executed by the Cybercrime Unit of the Bulgarian General Directorate Combating Organised Crime (Главна Дирекция Борба с Организираната Престъпност) of the Ministry of Interior and led by the Bulgarian Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Cassation. This has been Bulgaria’s third successful operation, supported by Europol against illegal IPTV distributors in the past year.
  • 5 février 2020 à 16:35

Blow to fuel fraudsters: 59 arrests in Europe

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Law enforcement authorities from 23 EU Member States struck a blow at organised crime groups involved in fuel fraud by arresting 59 individuals in a year-long operation. The joint operation was supported by Europol as part of the European multidisciplinary platform against criminal threats (EMPACT). Including the arrests, the operation led to:
  • 5 février 2020 à 11:24

Eight arrested for smuggling migrants from Greece to Italy

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On 2 February 2020, a law enforcement operation supported by Europol saw the arrest of eight individuals suspected of smuggling migrants from Greece to Italy using sailing vessels. Operation Odyssey led by the Organised Crime Unit of the Hellenic Police (Ελληνική Αστυνομία), together with the Hellenic Coast Guard (Λιμενικό Σώμα-Ελληνική Ακτοφυλακή) and the British National Crime Agency (NCA) began in autumn 2019. 
  • 4 février 2020 à 15:15

Spanish police arrest 26 for smuggling migrants from Algeria and Morocco

Par CorpComm_MG
On 19 November 2019, the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) dismantled an organised criminal group specialised in migrant smuggling using speedboats from Algeria and Morocco to Europe. The operation, which was supported by Europol, led to 26 arrests for facilitating illegal immigration. The investigators have obtained two clear statements from a number of the suspects proving their involvement in these criminal activities.
  • 4 février 2020 à 15:01

Fake investors busted in Belgium and France

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The French National Gendarmerie (Gendarmerie Nationale) in collaboration with the Belgian Federal Judicial Police (Police Judiciaire Fédérale) and the Israeli Police, supported by Europol and Eurojust, have brought down a large network of investment fraudsters. The criminal group was involved in money laundering and binary investment fraud. 
  • 29 janvier 2020 à 15:58

How to catch bad guys with the help of data – the right way.

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During my career, data and data protection has always been an important part of police work, however, since I was assigned as the Executive Director of Europol, data protection started to play an even more important role in my job. At Europol data is at the core of our work and we are using data to dismantle serious and organised crime groups every day. I believe that data protection regulations and efficient investigative policing do not exclude each other. Both are possible at the same time.
  • 28 janvier 2020 à 11:40

Romanian kingpin of rare book thieves behind bars thanks to Italy

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A 40-year-old Romanian national, who was wanted by the British authorities since June 2019, was arrested earlier this month in Turin, Italy, by the Italian Carabinieri (Arma dei Carabinieri -Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale). 
  • 28 janvier 2020 à 10:39

16 members of the United Tribuns Nomads street gang arrested in Spain

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The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) in cooperation with the German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) and supported by Europol arrested 16 individuals of this violent street gang for trafficking drugs in Spain. The investigation began when the police officers detected a nightclub on the Spanish island of Mallorca, following similar clubs in the country, where some of their members worked in the security teams, which helped the gang to hide their illegal drug activity.
  • 24 janvier 2020 à 16:47

Here’s how international collaboration led to arrest of child sexual abuser in Portugal.

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Today the Portuguese Judicial Police hosted a media event to show how international cooperation led to the arrest of two men who sexually abused children.  The event, hosted at the Portuguese Judicial Police Headquarters in Lisbon included Europol, INTERPOL and US ICE, each of which had an important part to play in the events leading up to the arrest of the men in 2017.
  • 23 janvier 2020 à 11:01

Cocaine caravans immobilised: 12 arrests in big bust against drug traffickers in the Canary Islands

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A large-scale drug trafficking organisation linked to Colombian and Peruvian cartels was dismantled in Spain and Colombia in an international law enforcement operation. Europol supported the two-year-long investigation, led by the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) in close collaboration with the National Police of Colombia and the US DEA. 
  • 23 janvier 2020 à 10:17

23 arrests in France and the Netherlands as Iraqi-Kurdish smuggling network busted

Par CorpComm_MG
The French Border Guard together with the French National Police (Police nationale) and the  Dutch Royal Marechaussee (Koninklijke Marechaussee), supported by Europol and Eurojust, dismantled a large criminal network involved in migrant smuggling. 
  • 23 janvier 2020 à 09:34

How to Connect the Dots in Davos

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The most dangerous phrase in business is “we've always done it this way.” Creative thinkers in the past have always changed the world with their fresh and innovative thoughts. People like Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein connected experiences and observations and created a new world view. In its core, creativity is all about connecting things in a new way. 
  • 22 janvier 2020 à 17:38

48 arrests and 6 organised crime groups dismantled in medicine-trafficking operation

Par CorpComm_MG
Europol supported a pan-European operation targeting the illicit online and offline trafficking of misused and counterfeit medicines. The operation was led by Finnish Customs (Tulli) and the Central office against environmental and public health crime  of the French National Gendarmerie (Gendarmerie Nationale, Office central de lutte contre les atteintes à l'environnement et à la santé publique) and involved law enforcement authorities from 11* EU Member States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 10:16

15 arrested in Spain in inedible horsemeat scam

Par CorpComm_MG
The Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil), supported by Europol, has dismantled an organised crime group selling horsemeat which was deemed unsuitable for human consumption. The criminal organisation – active in the province of Barcelona – falsified documents to support their illegal activities. Law enforcement also carried out searches in various horse stables in Catalonia.
  • 20 janvier 2020 à 11:27

Sham partnerships for permits: 30 arrested in Spain

Par CorpComm_SL
On 10 December 2019, the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional), supported by Europol, dismantled an organised crime group involved in the facilitation of illegal immigration by arranging sham unmarried partnerships in Spain. The partnerships of convenience were set up to ensure legal permanent permits of residence for irregular migrants.
  • 17 janvier 2020 à 17:38

Fuel fraudsters busted for trafficking over 300 000 litres of illicit fuel

Par CorpComm_MG
Europol supported an international operation led by the Criminal Office of the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic (Finančná správa Slovenskej republiky) in cooperation with Polish Customs (Służba Celna). The operation began in 2019 with surveillance as part of an investigation targeting mineral oil fraud in the EU. Thanks to this coordinated action, 16 000 litres of illicit fuel were seized in November 2019 and the organised crime group behind this illegal activities was dismantled.
  • 17 janvier 2020 à 14:45

Board Meeting of the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce

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Today, the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT), an international initiative to tackle the most pressing threats of cybercrime, met within the framework of its Board in Rome, Italy, to discuss operational and strategic matters for the year ahead.
  • 14 janvier 2020 à 17:14

47 arrests for smuggling Moroccan citizens to the EU

Par CorpComm_MG
The British Royal Gibraltar Police  and the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) supported by Europol, dismantled an organised criminal group smuggling migrants from Morocco to Europe. The operation led to 47 arrests, house searches in Gibraltar and Spain and the seizure of €19 000 in cash, 12 smartphones, five cars and various documents. A total of 16 devices were successfully examined: six mobile phones, four media storage devices and six SIM cards. 
  • 13 janvier 2020 à 11:51

SIRIUS: European Union Digital Evidence Situation Report 2019

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A new Europol report aims to draw a picture of the status of access of European Union (EU) Member States to electronic evidence held by foreign-based online service providers in 2018. The report presents data in relation to the volume of requests from EU Member States to online service providers; the main reasons for refusal or delay of EU requests; and the main challenges in the process from the perspective of the different stakeholders.
  • 20 décembre 2019 à 12:30

Crime gang makes over €2 million trafficking illegal steroids worldwide

Par CorpComm_AG
On 16 December an investigation by  the Financial Police Division of Hellenic Police (Διεύθυνση Οικονομικής Αστυνομίας της Ελληνικής Αστυνομίας), the Central Office to fight Against Environmental and Public Health Crime (OCLAESP) and French Customs (Direction générale des douanes et droits indirects) with the support of experts from Europol resulted in the arrest of  nine members in Greece and one in France of an organised crime group responsible for the production and trafficking of illegal anabolic substances and medicines around the world.
  • 20 décembre 2019 à 10:45