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Aujourd’hui — 14 novembre 2019Europol

Large network smuggling migrants in lorries dismantled in Germany and Romania

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On 13 November 2019, the German Federal Police (Bundespolizei) and the Romanian Police (Poliția Română) supported by Europol, concluded their operation into a large criminal network smuggling migrants to western Europe in lorries. Austria, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Eurojust also took part in this two-year, Europe-wide operation. 
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 11:59
Hier — 13 novembre 2019Europol

15 arrested in a hit against human trafficking gang in Lithuania and Spain

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On 12 November 2019, the Lithuanian Police (Lietuvos Policija) and the Spanish National Police (Policía National) supported by Europol and Eurojust, have dismantled a large organised crime group involved in human trafficking for sexual exploitation.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 15:41
À partir d’avant-hierEuropol

Illegal tobacco factory dismantled in Hungary

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Six million cigarettes and enough tobacco to produce 21 million cigarettes found in an illegal factory in Budapest.    Hungarian customs officers arrested 20 factory employees and the ringleaders behind the operation.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 13:49

Criminal group producing and circulating fake euro banknotes in Spain and Portugal busted

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Officers arrested six individuals for producing fake euro banknotes and introducing them into circulation through shops and bars in Spain and Portugal. On the day of the operation, investigators found a clandestine print shop in one of the two facilities searched by the police.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 10:18

EU Agencies join 10-year anniversary of EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter

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The nine EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies are marking the 10-year anniversary of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights by pledging to continue to respect and promote fundamental rights throughout the work.
  • 11 novembre 2019 à 11:26

2019 Virtual Global Taskforce Releases Environmental Scan

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The Internet has transformed the threat of child sexual abuse into a global issue. Despite the improved cooperation amongst countries, there are still many barriers to providing a streamlined global response. 
  • 8 novembre 2019 à 13:57

Strengthening co-operation in the fight against IP crime

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The EU’s Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation Europol and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) have today formally signed an agreement to further increase cooperation in fighting infringements of intellectual property rights, both online and offline.
  • 7 novembre 2019 à 15:30

9 suspects arrested in Poland for luxury car theft

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Polish Border Guard and the Swedish police, supported by Europol, have dismantled an organised crime group involved in the theft of luxury cars across Europe. 
  • 7 novembre 2019 à 13:24

17 tonnes of food infected with listeria seized in Spain

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 Listeria outbreak in Spain could be linked to case involving eight individuals The group knew the food products contained the harmful bacteria but failed to inform the authorities
  • 7 novembre 2019 à 10:46

Over 5 tonnes of smuggled glass eels seized in Europe this year

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During the most recent fishing season (2018-19), European law enforcement was able to seize 5 789 kg of smuggled glass eels with an estimated value of € 2 000 per kilo. In total 154 suspected smugglers were arrested and all seized eels were reintroduced into their natural habitat, which is crucial for the survival of the species.
  • 5 novembre 2019 à 17:27

Four arrested for migrant smuggling and document forgery

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On 29 October, the Hellenic Police (Ελληνική Αστυνομία) made four arrests in an operation targeting an organised crime group involved in facilitation of irregular migration. The network provided the migrants with fraudulent travel documents to facilitate their journey across borders. 
  • 5 novembre 2019 à 09:26

Europol Publishes Law Enforcement and Industry Report on Spear Phishing

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Today, 4 November 2019, Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) published a strategic report on spear phishing, reflecting the views of both law enforcement and private industry on one of the most prevalent cyber threats currently affecting organisations across the EU. 
  • 4 novembre 2019 à 10:09

CyLEEx19: Inside a simulated cross-border cyber-attack on critical infrastructure

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“Hola bankers. Your time is running out! You have only 5 hours left to pay up the ransom before Armageddon, otherwise we will bring down your e-banking services and exfiltrate your precious data.”
  • 31 octobre 2019 à 11:37

Two victims identified during a training course on combating child sexual abuse online

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Between the 16 and 25 October, the 20th edition of the Europol Combating Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (COSEC) course gathered 64 investigators from 55 agencies and 35 countries*.  The diverse team of 14 trainers from different countries and organisations** focused on the new and emerging technologies. The training course was organised and funded by Europol and hosted at the LAFP North Rhine-Westphalia police training college in Germany.  
  • 31 octobre 2019 à 10:43

Europol is happy to announce 2019 law enforcement photos of the year!

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Thank you for taking part in the biggest international law enforcement photo competition! Many talented photographers participated in the 11th annual Europol photo competition, sharing their special vision of law enforcement all over the world. 
  • 31 octobre 2019 à 09:41

60 e-commerce fraudsters busted during international operation

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A joint law enforcement operation supported by 19 countriesi  led to the arrest of 60 people suspected of fraud. The main aim of the 2019 e-Commerce Action (eComm 2019) is to target criminal networks suspected of online fraud through coordinated law enforcement action within the European Union, followed by an awareness-raising campaign.
  • 30 octobre 2019 à 10:43

French jeweller held in Germany in international gold trafficking investigation

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A gold trafficking case between France and Germany thought to be worth at least €1 million has led to the arrest on 21 October of a French jeweller and nine of his accomplices, as well as the seizure of nearly €3 million of criminal assets.  The 56-year old jeweller was arrested on a train at the border between France and Germany with €37 000 in cash on him. Two accomplices were arrested in Germany, and one in Austria.
  • 29 octobre 2019 à 11:23

Integrity in sports: Europol and the International Olympic Committee join forces against match fixing

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Today, 28 October, Europol and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to reinforce cooperation in the fight against corruption in sports. The agreements was signed during the annual International Forum for Sports Integrity, organised by the IOC in Lausanne, Switzerland.  
  • 29 octobre 2019 à 10:24

Illegal tobacco trade halted after international operation

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Authorities from seven countries, with the active support of Eurojust, Europol and the European anti-fraud office OLAF, have dismantled an international organised crime group (OCG) which was involved in the large scale illegal trade of tobacco.
  • 28 octobre 2019 à 17:37


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ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity and Europol, the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, co-organised successfully their third annual IoT Security Conference on the 24th and 25th of October in Athens looking at the evolution of IoT security and how to implement adequate security measures.
  • 25 octobre 2019 à 13:29

Addressing access to cross-border electronic evidence in the EU at the third annual SIRIUS conference

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The third annual SIRIUS conference took place on 23 and 24 October 2019, at Europol’s Headquarters in The Hague. This two-day event, organized in collaboration with Eurojust, gathered over 300 law enforcement officers and members of judicial authorities from 40 countries, as well as representatives from Google, Microsoft, Ebay, Cloudflare and Twitter, to address issues and challenges when conducting Internet-based investigations. 
  • 25 octobre 2019 à 10:36

International collaboration via Europol leads to tentative identification of 4 victims of child abuse

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Over the past two weeks, Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) has successfully supported efforts to identify victims of child sexual abuse through its seventh Victim Identification Taskforce (VIDTF), hosted at its headquarters from 14 to 25 October 2019. These efforts have led to 4 victims being tentatively identified. 
  • 25 octobre 2019 à 09:59

Europol and Palo Alto Networks expand their cooperation in tackling cybercrime

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Today, Europol and Palo Alto Networks have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expand their collaborative efforts in combating cybercrime and working together to make cyberspace safer for citizens, businesses and governments. 
  • 23 octobre 2019 à 13:26

Human smuggling network busted: Europol supports action days in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Coordinated action days held between July and October have resulted in the arrest of 10 members of an organised crime group and identification of at least 150 irregular migrants who were smuggled by the criminals.
  • 22 octobre 2019 à 15:49

The carousel of VAT abuse: Dozens arrested in connection with multi-million tax evasion schemes

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OPERATION CHEMIST  Last week, the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration seized almost €2.3 million after unravelling a sophisticated VAT fraud scheme involving fake invoicing. A total of 7 individuals were arrested for their involvement in this tax evasion scheme. As part of these actions, European Investigation Orders were carried out simultaneously in Poland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. The ringleader was arrested in the United States in a speedy procedure on the request of the Hungarian authorities. 
  • 22 octobre 2019 à 10:02

Burglars who targeted La Liga Footballers’ Homes Arrested in Madrid

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In the framework of Operation OP HABITAT RINIA, the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil), in close cooperation with the Albanian Police and Europol, arrested 5 individuals for their alleged involvement in a spate of burglaries targeting the homes of high-profile football players in Spain. The group, which consists of 4 Albanian nationals and one Spaniard, were detained as a result of a series of coordinated raids in Madrid and the nearby city of Toledo on 16 October 2019. 
  • 21 octobre 2019 à 12:44

Operation SECTIO – international hit against Belarusian organised crime group involved in international cargo thefts.

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The German Police Department Heidekreis, in cooperation with the French Gendarmerie and Czech authorities, the German State Criminal Police Office of Saxony-Anhalt, EMPACT OPC, and Europol dismantled a Belarusian organised crime group involved in international cargo thefts. 
  • 18 octobre 2019 à 14:04

476 potential victims of human trafficking identified during the Large-Scale Joint Action Days 2019

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Between 16-25 September, Europol coordinated the EMPACT Large-Scale Joint Action Days (LS-JAD) 2019. The actions targeted synthetic drugs and new psychoactive substances and, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, document fraud and environmental crime and involved law enforcement authorities from EU Member States, third-party countries and EU bodies *.
  • 18 octobre 2019 à 13:03

Crime has no gender: meet Europe’s most wanted female fugitives

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Are women equally as capable of committing serious crimes as men? The female fugitives featured on Europe’s Most Wanted website prove that they are. The criminals – of both genders – in this new campaign by EU law enforcement are all wanted for grave offences like murder, drug trafficking, fraud, theft and trafficking in human beings. We are asking for your information to help us track them down and make them take responsibility for their crimes.
  • 17 octobre 2019 à 10:29

Euro counterfeiting ring successfully dismantled in Spain

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Under the direction of the Spanish authorities, and with the support of Europol, 8 arrests by the National Police (Policía Nacional) took place last week in the Lavapies neighbourhood of Madrid. The suspects, the majority of them Senegalese nationals, are believed to have distributed counterfeit €50 banknotes throughout Spain.
  • 15 octobre 2019 à 16:05

302 potential victims of labour exploitation in the agricultural sector identified in pan-European action

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Between 16 and 20 September 2019, Europol supported the first Europe-wide Joint Action Days against human trafficking for labour exploitation focusing specifically on the agricultural sector. The operation, led by France, also involved law enforcement authorities from Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. 
  • 15 octobre 2019 à 11:44

Fighting Cybercrime in a Connected Future

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More than 400 experts from law enforcement, the private sector, and academia have gathered this week at Europol’s headquarters in The Hague for what is one of the world’s biggest platforms of exchange on cybercrime. 
  • 11 octobre 2019 à 16:03

Wildlife trafficking and environmental crime on the agenda in Latin America

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On 3 and 4 October 2019, Heads of State and Government and Ministers of Environment from several countries met at the first high-level conference of Americas on wildlife trafficking (Primera conferencia de alto nivel de las américas sobre comercio ilícito de vida silvestre) in Lima, Peru to share initiatives and propose common strategies to fight environmental crime.
  • 11 octobre 2019 à 10:46

Boat raided from Brazil to Europe hiding over half a tonne of cocaine and narcotic substances

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Operation 26Kearney, led by the Spanish authorities, National Police (Policía Nacional), Civil Guard (Guardia Civil), and the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria) has seen the arrest of five individuals and the seizure of 500kg of cocaine transported in hidden cabins on a boat in the Azores, Portugal.
  • 10 octobre 2019 à 16:37

Record seizures hit synthetic drugs during the large-scale Joint Action Days 2019

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Between 16 and 20 September and on the 25 September, Europol coordinated the EMPACT large-scale Joint Action Days 2019. The actions targeted synthetic drugs and new psychoactive substances and, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, document fraud and environmental crime and involved law enforcement authorities from EU Member States, third-party countries and EU bodies *.
  • 10 octobre 2019 à 16:57

Europol helps partners seize millions of counterfeit goods in OLAF - coordinated operation

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Approximatively 200 000 pieces of counterfeit perfumes, toothpastes, cosmetics, 120 tons counterfeit detergents, shampoos, diapers as well as more than 4.2 million of other counterfeit goods (battery cells, footwear, toys, tennis balls, shavers, electronic devices, etc.), 77 million cigarettes and 44 tons of counterfeit water pipe tobacco have been seized by the Asian and EU customs authorities an operation coordinated by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) with the support of Europol.
  • 10 octobre 2019 à 13:54

Cybercrime is becoming bolder with data at the centre of the crime scene

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Europol’s 2019 cybercrime report provides insights into emerging threats and key developments. Cybercrime is continuing to mature and becoming more and more bold, shifting its focus to larger and more profitable targets as well as new technologies. Data is the key element in cybercrime, both from a crime and an investigate perspective. 
  • 9 octobre 2019 à 12:55

Digital smuggling and labour exploitation, latest trends reported in EPMT 400

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Since 2015, the Europol Monitoring Team (EPMT) reports provide a regular update on migratory movements, trends and modi operandi in the migrant smuggling and human trafficking crime areas. In 2019, Europol’s European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) witnessed a continued – and in some areas increased – demand for facilitation services, yet  overall migration flow towards the European Union (EU) continued to decrease. 
  • 8 octobre 2019 à 18:06

European Police Chiefs focus on serious and organised crime during the 2019 European Police Chiefs Convention at Europol’s headquarters in The Hague

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Serious and organised crime has been evolving over the last 20 years in terms of the number of criminal organisations, modus operandi, use of technology, and organised crime’s ability to infiltrate infrastructures, public sector and exploit legislative loopholes. This is one of the conclusions made at the 2019 European Police Chiefs Convention (EPCC). Over the last two days, more than 600 police chiefs and senior law enforcement representatives from 50 countries gathered at Europol's headquarters in The Hague for the EPCC, the most significant law enforcement convention in the EU.
  • 4 octobre 2019 à 16:46

New online platform for intelligence analysis

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On 3 October 2019, Europol’s Executive Director, Catherine De Bolle launched CONAN (Connecting Analysts), the new platform for intelligence analysis. The platform was launched in the margins of the European Police Chiefs Convention, the most significant law enforcement convention in the EU. Through the secure, web-based CONAN platform, criminal analysts from EU Member States, third partner countries and relevant partner agencies will be able to elaborate and share guidelines, methodologies, training materials, analytical tools and additional resources.
  • 3 octobre 2019 à 18:25

4 tonnes of cocaine and €2 million in cash seized by Spanish authorities

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A joint investigation, coordinated by Spain and involving law enforcement authorities from Colombia, France, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom and supported by Europol, led to the dismantling of the largest organised crime group in the Spanish Levante area, involved in drug trafficking and money laundering.
  • 30 septembre 2019 à 12:28

Alexa, are you ready to support police investigations?

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The third edition of the EDEN Conference on Data Protection in Law Enforcement kicked off on 19 September in Copenhagen. The two-day event, Paradise lost? Policing in the age of data protection was organised by the Danish National Police (Dansk Politi), the Europol Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN) and the Academy of European Law (ERA).
  • 26 septembre 2019 à 11:50

66 suspected of arranging illegal adoptions and surrogacies, and human egg trafficking in Greece

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On 23 September 2019, Greek law enforcement authorities, supported by Europol, dismantled an organised crime group involved in the trafficking of human beings (selling ova), illegal adoption and money laundering. 
  • 26 septembre 2019 à 10:09

Europol and the Spanish National Police arrest serious supporter of the so-called Islamic State

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Europol supported the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) in arresting a man in Cádiz, Spain suspected of using social media platforms to indoctrinate users; glorify IS attacks; and promote and disseminate jihadist terrorist propaganda in message groups in favour of IS.
  • 23 septembre 2019 à 16:21

Bad harvest for Bulgarian-French network exploiting vineyard workers

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On 17 September 2019, Bulgarian and French law enforcement authorities, supported by Europol and Eurojust, dismantled an organised crime group involved in trafficking human beings for labour exploitation and money laundering. More than 80 investigators from Bulgaria and France were involved in the action day. 
  • 23 septembre 2019 à 15:58

Law Enforcement explained in 120 Seconds

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There are many things one can do in 120 seconds, say a prayer, have an espresso or check your Instagram account. You could also watch Europol’s new video series Law enforcement explained in 120 seconds. The five-clip series shows how serious and organised crime produces, traffics and distributes drugs; explains the negative consequences for our society; and sheds light on criminal activities in cocaine, heroin, synthetic drug and fentanyl trafficking.
  • 23 septembre 2019 à 14:31

11 arrested in child abuse network crackdown in Georgia

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Law enforcement and judicial authorities from Australia, Georgia and the USA, supported by Europol, dismantled an organised criminal network involved in the production and distribution of child sexual exploitation material. 
  • 20 septembre 2019 à 15:15

FS-ISAC and Europol Partner to Combat Cross-Border Cybercrime

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The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) today announced a partnership to combat cybercrime within the European financial services sector. The purpose of the MOU will be to facilitate and enhance the law enforcement response to financially motivated cybercriminals targeting banks and other financial institutions through a symbiotic intelligence-sharing network.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 10:34

Trash worth millions of euros

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It's well known there's always two sides of a story, if not more, but we all agree that waste management is an important issue as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. On the top of that, as a business worth billions of euros, waste management has given criminal networks the opportunity to diversify their activities and infiltrate the economy. The large quantity of waste left over from industry production processes in Europe is feeding a growing demand for waste disposal services.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 16:14

29 arrests in France and Spain in a migrant smuggling case

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The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) and the French National Police (Police Nationale), supported by Europol, dismantled a large poly-criminal network involved in migrant smuggling, trafficking of human beings and drug trafficking. 
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 09:54