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The Satanic Left Wants Our President To Die

Par Jon Bowne
Democrats increasingly believe Trump's death only way to regain power.

Tomorrow’s News Today: Alex Jones Accurately Predicts RBG’s Death In 2020

Infowars host accurately described how the sequence of political events will occur in election year.

The President’s Life Is In Danger — Being Given Highly Dangerous Drugs

Trump has been given experimental drug and is now undergoing Remdesivir therapy.

Can Deep State Launch Coup While Trump Gets Treatment At Walter Reed Hospital?

'There is a level of arrogance and independence among the military that I have never seen in my lifetime and I think it’s reaching dangerous proportions,' says colonel.

Viral Hydroxychloroquine Doctor Offers To Prescribe Trump Controversial Drug If DC Doctors Won’t

Par Tom Pappert
Dr. Stella Immanuel wants to be sure President Trump and First Lady Melania are taking hydroxychloroquine.

SICK: Profs cheer Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis

Par Campus Reform
Many of these academics appeared to celebrate the commander-in-chief's diagnosis.

AU receives $1.1 million from Bill Gates Foundation, others for ‘antiracist’ learning

Par Campus Reform
American University received over $1.1 million from left-wing nonprofits to decolonize its curriculum.

Facebook Says Users Can Wish For Trump’s Death By COVID So Long As They Don’t Tag Him

Par National File
"We distinguish between public figures and private individuals because we want to allow discussion."

President Trump NOT Taking Hydroxychloroquine After Positive COVID-19 Test

Par National File
The President was admitted into hospital as a precautionary measure earlier today.

Friday Night ANTIFA Smackdown Episode 5

Watch the latest edition below.

What the Devil? Hillary Clinton Has Sexually Explicit Book of Satanic Glass Porn

Par Adan Salazar
Bizarre book appeared in photo posted by former Democrat presidential candidate.

Trump Heads to Military Hospital as “Precautionary Measure”

President to continue work from a "special suite" at Walter Reed military hospital near DC

Over 100 Illegals Found in Trailer at Border Checkpoint

Par Dan Lyman
Hundreds of big rig smuggling attempts involving thousands of illegals thwarted in FY2020

Companies Announce Tens of Thousands of Layoffs

Par Schiff Gold
Government lockdowns causing long-term economic damage


Par Infowars
Music video exposes globalist corona agenda.

Pelosi Discusses Continuity of Government Following Trump Covid Diagnosis

Par Adan Salazar
House Speaker acutely aware she stands second in line to presidency should something happen to Trump, Pence.

Biden Tests Negative For COVID-19 Following Trump Diagnosis

Democrat presidential candidate uses negative results to push face masks.

The Proud Boys Are NOT White Supremacists

Par Jon Bowne
Learn the truth about the controversial group.

TUNE IN NOW: Trump Rushed To Hospital After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

Par Election Countdown
SHARE this broadcast! It's a historic time to be alive.

Trump Vows to Revoke ‘Ridiculous’ Gender-Sensitive Navy SEAL Changes Immediately

Par RT
Navy removes gendered words like “brotherhood," “man” from official SEAL ethos

Leftists Claim Trump Faked His Coronavirus Infection

Par Paul Joseph Watson
To allow him to beat the virus quickly and downplay its severity.

Could Trump’s Coronavirus Test Be a False Positive?

Par Paul Joseph Watson
“Up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus,” NYT reported.

Cadet Sues US Naval Academy Following Expulsion Over ‘Racist’ Tweets

Par Sputnik
Man is 'first casualty in academy’s unconditional adoption of woke culture,' attorney says

Chinese State Media Gloats About Trump Catching Coronavirus

Par Paul Joseph Watson
Celebrates possibility it could cost him the election.

Video: Democratic Ad Compares 2020 America To Nazi Germany

Par Steve Watson
Campaign ad described as "deeply offensive" by ADL

2,000 Honduran Migrants Cross Into Guatemala

Par Deutsche Welle
Latest migrant caravan growing, moving fast towards US

Presidential Debate Moderator Steve Scully Interned For Joe Biden, Reportedly Bashed Trump On Twitter

Par National File
Scully served as an intern for then-Senator Joe Biden and as a staff assistant in Ted Kennedy's media affairs office.

Melania Trump Comes Off Looking Great In Tapes Secretly Recorded by Low-Life Backstabbing ‘Friend’

Par Chris Menahan
How could anyone see the way all the most despicable cretins on the planet hate Trump and his family and not want to vote for him just out of spite?

If Democrats Take The White House And Congress In November, It Will All Be Over For The Republican Party

Par Michael Sndyer
So much is at stake, and right now Republican candidates are behind in the polls in critical races all over the nation.

Medical Journal Calls For Mandatory Covid Vaccine: ‘Noncompliance Should Incur A Penalty’

Par Steve Watson
Suggests that “employment suspension or stay-at-home orders” should be used to force people to get a jab

Leftists Celebrate Trump Covid Diagnosis

Par Steve Watson
CNN wonders who is going to take over as President

Trump, First Lady Test Positive For Covid-19

Par Kit Daniels
Expect the next debate to be postponed

Navy Seals Get Neutered! Plus “Child Marriages” Skyrocketing Due To Covid – Thursday Live

Par 2020 Election Countdown
Navy removes gendered language from SEAL creed - share this link and tune in for the break down!