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Hier — 20 novembre 2019Infowars

Watch Live: Alex Jones Bullhorns Trump & Antifa in Austin, Texas

President Trump must address Big Tech censorship!

Alex Jones Bullhorns Trump from Battle Tank During Austin Visit to Apple HQ

Infowars host demands Trump confront Tim Cook on Chinese censorship.

US Girl, 10, Was Drugged, Raped and Dismembered But Now Suspect Allowed to Go Free

Par Sputnik
Mother of girl used dating website to find men willing to sexually abuse daughter while she watched.

Ready to risk getting cancer or dementia to set foot on Mars?

Par RT
Main health concerns on your way to the Red Planet

Android camera bug let hackers spy on users even if phone is LOCKED & screen is OFF

Par RT
Even worse, a hacker could silence the camera shutter to make recording unnoticeable

Piracy Thrives in West African Waters

Par Zero Hedge
Reginal efforts failing to curb world's biggest piracy problem

Ex-Hong Kong Consulate Worker Tortured By Chinese Agents

Par Zero Hedge
Says he was shackled, hooded, beaten into submission

Iran Protests Leave Over 100 Dead – Report

Par Deutsche Welle
Real death toll may be much higher

David Knight Show: Man Alleges Bill Clinton Raped Him At Age 8

Par David Knight
FBI to look into authenticity of claims.

Trump: Media Is “Sick” For Speculating About My Health

Par Steve Watson
"We don't have freedom of the press in this country. We have the opposite. We have a very corrupt media"

Wrong narrative? AFP & Reuters scrub story about 100,000 detained migrant children after UN says it happened on Obama’s watch

Par RT
Instead of issuing corrections, however, Nowak’s clarification prompted several outlets to withdraw their stories altogether, including Reuters and AFP, who both said no replacement story would be forthcoming.

War Heroes Bash Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: ‘Operative,’ ‘Disgrace’

Par Breitbart
War heroes slammed Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council official who testified Tuesday in the impeachment inquiry’s third public hearing.

China Threatens Retaliation After US Senate Passes Hong Kong Bill; Stocks, Yuan Tumble

Par Zero Hedge
The Senate has delivered a warning to China against a violent suppression of the demonstrations.

Dan Crenshaw And Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt Follow Each Other Other On Twitter

Par National File
Questions are being raised as to why the Texas congressman is Twitter friends with a fake news propagandist.

U.S. Relations With China Were Just Destroyed, And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again

Par Michael Snyder
The U.S. and China are now enemies, and ultimately that is going to result in a tremendous amount of pain for the entire planet.

Deep State’s Impeachment Theatre Falls Apart

Par Fire Power With Will Johnson
Dems scramble to protect whistleblower's identity

Report: FBI Interviews Victim Alleging Bill Clinton Raped Him At Age 8 In Satanic Ritual

Par Kelen McBreen
Graphic account describes sexual and physical assault of minors by D.C. elite.

Russia to dominate world’s platinum & palladium production with new Arctic project

Par RT
An increase in freight traffic along the Northern Sea Route will make Russia the world’s leader

Seoul, Washington Cease Talks on Hosting US Military Over Trump’s $5 Billion Demand

Par Sputnik
Reported demand a staggering increase from previous year’s $923 million

LISTEN: The sound of Earth being lashed by solar storm will haunt your nightmares

Par RT
Scientists have captured what it sounds like when these charged particles bounce off the magnetosphere

ADHD: Alarms Raised; Risks Ignored

Par Children's Health Defense
Government downplaying environmental links to ADHD

Watch: GOP Senator Says He Doesn’t Believe Epstein Killed Himself

'Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Epstein -- name three things that don't hang themselves,' Kennedy says.

WarRoom: Congress Investigates Epstein’s Death

Owen Shroyer plays highlights from congressional hearings where Epstein’s death now being investigated as organized crime murder.

Not Enough: Gay Rights Group Demands More from Chick-Fil-A

Salvation Army urges 'public to seek the truth before rushing to ill-informed judgment.'

Will You Still Vote For Trump If He Gets Impeached?

Par Millie Weaver
If Trump is impeached, he could still run in 2020.

Scientists Destroying Cancerous Cells From Within Using “Trojan Horses”

Par University of Granada
Tiny catalyst developed to travel inside tumorous cell

Don’t Want a Liquidity Trap? More Saving Is the Answer

The decline in the pool of real savings leads to a decline in the economy

Video: Masked Men Set Fire To Epoch Times’ Hong Kong Printing Press

Par Kelen McBreen
Communist Party likely behind attack on free speech amid violent protests.

Exoplanet axis study boosts hopes of complex life, just not next door

Par Georgia Institute of Technology
Would Mars be like Earth if it had a Moon like ours?

320 ‘Bleed Control Kits’ to be Given to Bars in London

Par Paul Joseph Watson
Diversity continues to be a strength.

Scientists find evidence of missing neutron star

Par Cardiff University
For more than 30 years astronomers have been unable to locate it

Americans Are Already Bored of the Impeachment Hearings

Par Paul Joseph Watson
One Wisconsin voter "never considered" watching them.