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Hier — 27 février 2021Newsclick India - International

US Exceptionalism Surges Again. Will it Fly?

Par M.K. Bhadrakumar
human right

The dramatic events in American society and politics in the recent past badly exposed the country as a sham democracy with an abominable record of racism and appalling inequality.

  • 27 février 2021 à 09:14

Saudi Crown Prince Approved Killing of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi: US Intelligence Report


ODNI said it based the assessment on the prince's control of decision-making in the Saudi Kingdom, the direct involvement of a key adviser.

  • 27 février 2021 à 08:48

Gender Equality Top Agenda for New Tokyo Olympics Organising Committee Head Seiko Hashimoto

Par Newsclick Sports
Seiko Hashimoto Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics Organising Committee announced a new gender equality team led by two-time artistic swimming medallist Kotani Mikako. President Seiko Hashimoto said she wants to “spark” a movement for gender equality.

  • 26 février 2021 à 18:26

Protests in Bangladesh Over Death of Writer Mushtaq Ahmed in Prison

Par The Associated Press

Ahmed, 53, was arrested in Dhaka in May last year for making comments on social media critical of Sheikh Hasina’s government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • 26 février 2021 à 12:25

Cuba Is One Step Closer to Launching its Own Anti-COVID Vaccines

Par Tanya Wadhwa
Cuba Vaccine

Cuba is the only country in the Latin American and the Caribbean region that is working to develop its own vaccines against COVID-19. The country has four vaccine candidates. Two of them, Soberana 02 of the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV) and Abdala of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), will begin the third phase of clinical trials in March

  • 26 février 2021 à 08:08

The Illegal Blockade of Venezuela and the Anti-Blockade Law

Par Vijay Prashad, Manolo De Los Santos

Despite an unrelenting, suffocating blockade on Venezuela, the country has continued to promote social policies to safeguard the population

  • 26 février 2021 à 07:24

Biden and the Saudi Conundrum

Par M.K. Bhadrakumar

The Crown Prince may figure as the central figure in Jamal Khashoggi’s murder in CIA’s report... The diplomatic putdown will have consequences for US politics and Saudi relations.

  • 26 février 2021 à 04:00
À partir d’avant-hierNewsclick India - International

Take a Bow, NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars

Par D Raghunandan
nasa mars

There is plenty to be depressed about these days. The year-long COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague people in India and around the world, the government obstinately refuses to engage with the existential issues raised by farmers, and freedom of speech and everyone expressing critical opinions face continued assault. In the midst of these dark clouds, recent space expeditions to Mars by the United Arab Emirates and China, and especially the dramatic soft landing of NASA’s Perseverance Rover on the red planet streamed live at 2:30 a.m on February 24, 2021, came as welcome rays of light. Together they showed what perseverance in human endeavour can achieve and why it is necessary, especially these days, the very quality cited by an 11-year old US school student who won the competition to name NASA’s rover, the heart of the Mars 2020 Mission.

  • 25 février 2021 à 11:23

Australia Passes Law to Make Google, Facebook Pay for News

Par The Associated Press

Country Press Australia, which represents 161 regional newspapers, has raised concerns that tiny publications outside large cities might miss out on media deals.

  • 25 février 2021 à 07:54

Olympic Hopefuls Bajrang and Vinesh Lead Indian Challenge at Matteo Pellicone

Par Newsclick Sports
Wrestler Bajrang Punia

Deepak Punia, Ravi Kumar and Narsingh Yadav will also feature in the wrestling ranking tournament to be held in Rome from March 4 to 7.

  • 24 février 2021 à 17:35

Indian Football Team to End Covid-19-Forced Hiatus with Friendlies in Dubai

Par Newsclick Sports
Igor stimac at Indian football team camp

Indian men’s football team will play two friendlies -- against Oman on March 25 and the UAE on March 29. The squad will convene in Dubai for a preparatory camp under Igor Stimac on March 15.

  • 23 février 2021 à 14:06

Hundreds of Thousands of Workers Set to Take Part in General Strike in South Africa on February 24

Par Pavan Kulkarni
Hundreds of thousands of workers set to take part in general strike in South Africa on February 24

The South African Federation of Trade Unions, which has called for the strike, has put forward demands for a radical change in policy, including measures such as the nationalization of all strategic monopoly industries and a living minimum wage of at least R12,500 (USD $854)

  • 23 février 2021 à 07:54

US, Iran Edging Back to Negotiating Table

Par M.K. Bhadrakumar
New generation of centrifuges at Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment plant

It’s a delicate tango, as both want the other party to go first, and neither would allow perceptions of weakness to form or that they’re acting under pressure.

  • 23 février 2021 à 04:30

Protests Swell After Myanmar Junta Raises Spectre of Using Force


Despite roadblocks around US Embassy in Yangon, over a 1,000 protesters gathered at the call of the Civil Disobedience Movement, a loosely organised group leading the resistance.

  • 22 février 2021 à 07:57

China Asks US to Stop 'Smearing' CPC, Lift Sanctions on Trade

us china.

Beijing said it is important to step-up dialogue and properly manage the differences between the top two economies of the world.

  • 22 février 2021 à 07:21

Naomi Osaka: Grand Slam Champion, Grand Slam Role Model

Par Leslie Xavier
naomi osaka, the australian open champion

Having sealed her second Australian Open after beating Jennifer Brady in straight sets, the Naomi Osaka legend continues to grow. The story, though, has two parts, one of Osaka on court and the other off it. Both continue to rise, and both need to grow further.

  • 20 février 2021 à 16:16

France: Proposed Anti-radicalism Law Runs into Controversy

Par Newsclick and Peoples Dispatch Production
France Anti-Radicalism Law

Critics have said that the proposed law will stigmatise Muslims and that the existing laws are enough to cover the issues sought to be addressed by the new legislation.

  • 20 février 2021 à 11:57

Somali Security Forces Open Fire as Hundreds Protest Delayed Election

Par The Associated Press

The gunfire began shortly after a former prime minister and presidential candidate, Hassan Ali Khaire, began leading the peaceful march.

  • 20 février 2021 à 08:34

Facebook’s News Censorship in Australia: A Battle Between Monopolies

Par Peoples Dispatch
Facebook’s news censorship in Australia: A battle between monopolies

Facebook’s sweeping ban on news content has also affected non-news websites. Apart from blocking crucial public information websites, left-wing parties, trade unions and progressive movements have also been censored.

  • 20 février 2021 à 07:50

Spain Sees Fourth Night of Street Protests as Government Shows Signs of Strain

Par The Associated Press

Thousands of people joined the marches, but the violence appeared to come from a smaller group.

  • 20 février 2021 à 07:47

Uber Drivers are Workers, Not Independent Contractors, Rules UK's Supreme Court Unanimously

Par The Leaflet

“I think it is a massive achievement in a way that we were able to stand up against a giant.”

  • 20 février 2021 à 07:25

Back in Paris Accord, US Vows no More Sidelining of Climate Crisis

Par The Associated Press

US re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement a “day of hope” for the world, says UN chief Antonio Guterres.

  • 20 février 2021 à 07:19

India’s ‘Forever Wars’ and ‘Forever Warriors’

Par M.K. Bhadrakumar

Washington-based Quincy Institute’s investigative report titled Weapons biz bankrolls experts pushing to extend Afghan War exposes the interest groups that dominate the narratives on America’s ‘forever wars’.

  • 20 février 2021 à 04:00

Australian Open 2021: Medvedev Crushes Tsitsipas to Set Up Date with Djokovic; Osaka-Brady Grudge Match in Women’s Singles Final

Par Newsclick Sports
Daniil Medvedev of Russia

Daniil Medvedev, unbeaten in 20 straight matches, will face his toughest test against eight time Australian Open winner Novak Djokovic at the Rod Laver Arena on Sunday. Naomi Osaka will play Jennifer Brady in the women’s singles final tomorrow, hoping to land her second title on the trot.

  • 19 février 2021 à 18:17

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Successfully Lands on Mars

Par Sandipan Talukdar
NASA’s Perseverance Rover Successfully Lands on Mars

The Perseverance rover will cruise across the planet and undertake an extensive scientific exploration. It is about the size of a car and weighs 1,026 kilograms.

  • 19 février 2021 à 12:15

Biden Repudiates Trump on Iran, Says Ready for Talks Nuke Deal

Par Associated Press
Biden Repudiates Trump on Iran, Says Ready for Talks Nuke Deal

The administration also eased stringent restrictions on the domestic travel of Iranian diplomats posted to the United Nations.

  • 19 février 2021 à 07:21

China Officially Admits 5 Military Officers, Soldiers Killed in 2020 Galwan Clash

China Officially Admits 5 Military Officers, Soldiers Killed in 2020 Galwan Clash

A total of 20 Indian soldiers died in the Galwan Valley clash on June 15, regarded as the worst in over four decades at the India-China border.

  • 19 février 2021 à 07:04

Will Andrés Arauz be the Next President of Ecuador?

Par Vijay Prashad, Pilar Troya Fernández
Andrés Arauz

Uncertainty looms over the electoral process in Ecuador as it has still not been made clear who will face off against front-runner Andrés Arauz in the second round and whether the process will go forward as planned.

  • 18 février 2021 à 16:33

Personal Info of 1,29,000 Users Stolen in Data Breach, Says Singapore’s Singtel

Personal Info of 1,29,000 Users Stolen in Data Breach, Says Singapore’s Singtel

Third party file sharing system blamed for theft of private details like National Registration Identity Card numbers, dates of birth, mobile numbers and addresses, said the associate of Bharti Airtel.

  • 18 février 2021 à 08:01

Australian Open 2021: Tsitsipas Halts Nadal to Set Up Semis With Medvedev; Muchova Stuns Barty

Par Newsclick Sports
Czech tennis player Karolina Muchova

Australian Open 2021 Quarterfinals: Stefanos Tsitsipas stunned Rafael Nadal in five sets and will now face Russia's Daniil Medvedev, who beat Andrey Rublev in the other quarterfinal. It was a disappointing day for home fans in the women’s quarterfinals as Karolina Muchova dumped World No. 1 Ashleigh Barty out of the tournament.

  • 17 février 2021 à 18:08

Qatar on Mission to Break US-Iran Stalemate

Par M.K. Bhadrakumar
Iran foreign minister Javad Zarif (L) and Qatari counterpart Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani (R), Tehran. Feb. 15, 2021

There is more than meets the eye in Qatar Foreign Minister Al Thani’s mission to Tehran on Monday.

  • 17 février 2021 à 04:00

Karatsev Creates History, Djokovic Battles Injury; Serena and Osaka Set Up Semifinal Showdown at Australian Open

Par Newsclick Sports
Russian tennis player Aslan Karatsev

Russian qualifier Aslan Karatsev created history to reach the Australian Open semifinals on debut. He will face World No. 1 Novak Djokovic for a place in the final. On the women’s side of the draw the big semifinal will feature Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams, both of whom cruised through their quarters with relative ease.

  • 16 février 2021 à 16:44

Tokyo Olympics: Indian Boxers in Four Categories Set to Miss Chance to Qualify

Par Newsclick Sports
Indian boxer Amit Panghal

The International Olympic Committee’s decision to scrap the Olympic world qualifiers for boxing, will hurt Indian boxers who are unlikely to make the cut and join the nine who have already qualified for the Tokyo Games.

  • 16 février 2021 à 15:28

The Passing of Mourid Barghouti: Palestinian Poet of/in Exile

Par ICF Team
Mourid Barghouti

Mourid Barghouti, renowned Palestinian poet and author passed away on February 14th in Amman.

  • 16 février 2021 à 10:27

Nigeria’s Okonjo-Iweala Becomes First Woman and African to Head WTO

Par Associated Press
Niheria’s Okonjo-Iweala Becomes First Woman and African to Head WTO

The appointment came after US President Joe Biden endorsed Okonjo-Iweala’s candidacy, which had been blocked by former President Donald Trump.

  • 16 février 2021 à 08:12

Why Amazon is Fighting so Hard to Stop Warehouse Workers From Unionizing

Par Sonali Kolhatkar
Amazon uinon

Workers at one of Amazon’s warehouses are deciding whether or not to join a union. Amazon’s union-busting efforts indicate just how important the vote is

  • 16 février 2021 à 07:52

Landslide Victory for Kosovo’s Leftist Party, Albin Kurti Set to be PM

Par The Associated Press
Albin Kurti Kosova

“We won this referendum for justice and jobs, against state capture and corruption,” Vetevendosje! leader Kurti.

  • 16 février 2021 à 07:05

US-Indian Strategic Construct of Western Indian Ocean Runs into Headwinds

Par M.K. Bhadrakumar
US-Indian Strategic Construct of Western Indian Ocean Runs into Headwinds

India’s campaign to isolate Pakistan is not taken seriously by the international community. India’s Pakistan policy seems to have landed in a cul-de-sac.

  • 14 février 2021 à 16:27

UN and Others Urge Egyptian Government to Stop Persecution of Activists in the Country

Par Peoples Dispatch
Political activist Ghada Naguib with her husband, actor Hisham Abdullah. Photo: HRW

Thousands of activists, journalists, lawyers and opposition figures have been thrown in prison in the country as part of a massive, ongoing crackdown on human rights and dissent since the regime of president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi came to power in 2014.

  • 14 février 2021 à 11:04

Indian Diaspora Groups in US Launch Rose Campaign in Support of Protesting Farmers

Farmers protest - Singhu Border

The Global Indian Progressive Diaspora launched the social media campaign on Valentine's Day, which is observed globally on February 14.

  • 14 février 2021 à 10:53

Biden Kickstarts China Re-engagement

Par M.K. Bhadrakumar
Jo Biden and Xi Jinping

China hopes that engagement will inevitably open up “possibilities” — to borrow Biden’s expression.

  • 14 février 2021 à 09:01

Crucial Vote to Decide Unionisation of Amazon Workers in Alabama

Par Peoples Dispatch
amazon unionisation

Amazon workers are making history with the second-ever vote on unionisation in the company’s US warehouses.

  • 14 février 2021 à 08:19

Have We Seen the Last of Conspiracies?

Par Ajay Gudavarthy

There is a need to now explain and create a sensible narrative about how conspiracies become narratives that favour the ruling dispensation.

  • 13 février 2021 à 12:13

Centres of Global Capitalism Migrating Away From US, Europe, Japan

Par Richard D. Wolff

Moving to new centres – China, India and Brazil – will also see the global 1% get richer because they will draw increased wealth from both the old and new centres.

  • 13 février 2021 à 07:55

Play Halted After Snap Covid-19 Lockdown Imposed in Melbourne; Novak Djokovic Claims To Have Torn Muscle, Unsure of Further Participation

Par Newsclick Sports
Novak Djokovic at Australian Open 2021

With Melbourne in lockdown for five days, spectators have been banned from the stadiums till the women’s semifinals. Tennis Australia made clear that the tournament will continue in a bubble with players and their staff allowed into arenas.

  • 12 février 2021 à 16:48

Yoshiro Mori Resigns as President of Tokyo Olympics Organising Committee; Gender Issues Remain

Par Newsclick Sports
Yoshiro Mori resigns as head of Tokyo Olympics organising committee

Yoshiro Mori’s resignation came following relentless pressure from all quarters, including television pundits, sponsors, and an on-line petition that drew 150,000 signatures.

  • 12 février 2021 à 15:09

Mars Missions: UAE and China Successfully put Spacecrafts into Martian Orbit

Par Sandipan Talukdar
Mars Missions: UAE and China Successfully put Spacecrafts into Martian Orbit

The Chinese mission aims to explore the geology of the red planet along with its soil characteristics. The mission will also look for water and ice on the planet.

  • 12 février 2021 à 14:01

In US, Amazon Faces Biggest Unionisation Push in its History

Par Associated Press
In US, Amazon Faces Biggest Unionisation Push in its History

The American ecommerce major’s workers are getting organised in a big way in the unlikeliest of places: Bessemer, Alabama, a state with laws that don't favour unions.

  • 12 février 2021 à 09:49

Hearings Continue Against anti-terror Law in the Philippines

Par Peoples Dispatch

On the second day of oral arguments being presented before the Supreme Court of the Philippines, petitioners argued that the law undermines protections against state abuse

  • 12 février 2021 à 07:21

Australian Open 2021: Defending Champion Sofia Kenin Crashes Out; Rafael Nadal Breezes Through To Third Round

Par Newsclick Sports
Kaia Kanepi at Australian Open

Australian Open 2021: While Indians in the main draw of the doubles section crashed out in their opening rounds, the highlight of the day was a defending champion’s early loss and a local boy’s exciting if untriumphant return to action.

  • 11 février 2021 à 15:24