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Aujourd’hui — 20 septembre 2019Wired

A Major Legal Battle May Change How Digital Game Sales Work

Par Julie Muncy
Valve's Steam platform is currently appealing a case in France over consumers' ability to resell games.

Thousands of Tech Workers Join Global Climate Change Strike

Par Louise Matsakis
Employees in Silicon Valley want their companies to do more to help the planet. Will this activism make a difference?

A Global Climate Strike, a Dangerous Huawei Move, and More News

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

The Feds Need to 'Grow a Set and Do Their Jobs'

Par Matt Laslo
Lawmakers are busy building their case against Silicon Valley's giants, but they're less optimistic about the agencies in charge of antitrust enforcement.

An End to Pornography, Sophistry, and Panty Raids

Par Virginia Heffernan
How I stopped being polite to the self-styled Great Men of the Edge Organization.

What to Expect From a Pooch on a Paddleboard

Par Rhett Allain
Sharing your deck with a dog is risky, but knowing about conservation of momentum might help you stay dry.

How to Back Up Your iPhone to iCloud or Mac

Par WIRED Staff
Save your memories before you grab that new version of iOS. We explain how to back up to iCloud or your Mac (with or without iTunes).

Gadget Lab Podcast: Your DNA Belongs on the Blockchain

Par WIRED Staff
Guest Megan Molteni tells us about gene-sequencing startup Nebula, and how its privacy practices could positively impact the way we share personal information on the web.

The Bleak Hopefulness of *Ad Astra*

Par Angela Watercutter
Brad Pitt goes to space in a new psychodrama from director James Gray—and confronts the idea of home.

Enter the Capitalocene: How Climate Change Will Ruin Capitalism

Par Matt Simon
Capitalism is responsible for climate change—not you and me. But here’s what one economist says we could do about it.

We All Could Pay a Price for the Latest Slap at Huawei

Par Klint Finley
An international cybersecurity group has evicted the Chinese telecom company to comply with US sanctions. That could allow malware to spread more easily.

An Apple iOS 13 Review, Spying Streaming Devices, and More News

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

Amazon Puts a Charge Into Startup Automaker Rivian

Par Alex Davies
The retail giant says it will buy 100,000 electric vans by 2030 from a company that doesn’t yet have a single vehicle on the road.

Depth of Field: Hong Kong's Flash Mob for Democracy

Par Jason Parham
In photographer Philip Fong's image, you can almost feel the people of Hong Kong reaching for a future that belongs to them.

How Painter Alexa Meade Creates Dimension-Collapsing Art

Par Patrick Farrell
The Google Artist in Residence is working with the company's AR/VR team to digitally capture her new installation as a rainbow-hued depth map.

Amazon’s New Climate Pledges Won’t Stop Employee Walkout

Par Louise Matsakis
CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled ambitious plans to reduce his company’s carbon footprint. But some workers say the efforts don’t go far enough.

Generation Z Is Making Music With Anti-Radical Tones

Par Jason Parham
Whereas millennial artists embrace experimentation and maximalism, Gen Z finds beauty inside of parameters.

Farm Animals Are the Next Big Antibiotic Resistance Threat

Par Maryn McKenna
Bacteria harvested from pigs and chickens are developing resistance to numerous antibiotics at an alarming rate.
Hier — 19 septembre 2019Wired

Bob Iger Imagines an Alt-History Where Disney and Apple Merge

Par Angela Watercutter
In his new memoir, the Mouse House CEO claims that if Steve Jobs were still alive they would've discussed combining their companies.

iOS 13 Arrives, But Not Without Some Bugs

Par Lauren Goode
Your iPhone will get a software update this week, but you might want to wait for iOS 13.1.

How Apple Arcade Will Reshape Mobile Gaming

Par Brian Barrett
The gaming app ecosystem is built on in-app purchases and ads. What happens when you take them away?

You Can Soon Get Your DNA Sequenced Anonymously

Par Megan Molteni
Using a blockchain, Nebula Genomics has crafted a way for customers to get their genomes sequenced without revealing personally identifying data.

The Traces of Human Activity in the Burning Man Void

Par Laura Mallonee
Photographer Michael Light captures surreal, manmade marks in the Great Basin region.

'Sorry to This Man' Is the Perfect Meme for Right Now

Par Emma Grey Ellis
Keke Palmer's accidental roast of Dick Cheney encapsulates a lot of people's feelings in this moment in time.

An Exclusive Look Inside Apple's A13 Bionic Chip

Par Om Malik
What Apple's A13 Bionic chip signals about the future of mobile technology.

Roku Ultra and Express (2019): Price, Specs, Release Date

Par Boone Ashworth
The cord-cutting king's new streamers are smaller and faster, and its software now makes it easier for the indecisive viewers to find something to watch.

How to Go to the Bathroom in Space

Par Daniel Oberhaus
Hear from a real-live astronaut about pee rainbows, poop practice, and the cosmic quest for good hygiene in zero gravity.

Trump Threatens California's Role as a Clean-Air Pioneer

Par Alex Davies
From the catalytic converter to electric vehicles, the Golden State has pushed automakers to build cleaner cars.

Veja's New Running Shoe Subtracts the Plastic

Par Liz Stinson
The so-called "post-petroleum" shoe joins the growing ranks of eco-runners.

AI Could Reinvent Medicine—Or Become a Patient's Nightmare

Par Megan Molteni
The Mayo Clinic will store health data in Google's cloud and use its AI expertise to unearth insights. But Google has made mistakes before.

Sorry, Streamers: The Race to Snag Old Shows Leads Nowhere

Par Peter Rubin
Reruns of 'Friends' and 'The Office' have been a phenomenon for Netflix, but aren't a lock to attract subscribers in the coming streaming wars.

The Viral App That Labels You Isn't Quite What You Think

Par Gregory Barber
ImageNet Roulette reveals biases in artificial intelligence algorithms. But the vast majority of tags attached to people are rarely used.

Jack Conte, Patreon, and the Plight of the Creative Class

Par Jonah Weiner
The DIY musician's membership platform set out to provide a livelihood for artists on the internet. Is it more than just a band-aid for a broken system?

An Area 51 Warning, Trump Takes on California, and More News

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

On Roku and Amazon Fire TV, Channels Are Watching You

Par Lily Hay Newman
New research shows that over 2,000 streaming apps track information about your devices—even when you tell them not to.

The Fight Over California's Emissions Rules Just Got Real

Par Aarian Marshall
The Trump administration plans to revoke California's authority to set regulations for vehicle fuel economy and emissions, likely setting up a court fight.
À partir d’avant-hierWired

Amazon Cracks Down on Third-Party Apps Over Privacy Violations

Par Louise Matsakis
Amazon sellers use the apps to do business more efficiently, but they can also access shoppers’ personal information.

The Myth of Technophobia

Par Cal Newport
Opinion: From the telegraph to cars, we've never feared tech as much as we think we have.

Clever New DDoS Attack Gets a Lot of Bang for a Hacker's Buck

Par Lily Hay Newman
By exploiting the WS-Discovery protocol, a new breed of DDoS attack can get a huge rate of return.

Sonos Move Review: The King of Wi-Fi Speakers Adds Bluetooth

Par Jeffrey Van Camp
Our time with the first Sonos speaker that has a battery and Bluetooth. Is Sonos ready for portability?

Does the FDA Even Regulate E-Cigs? Actually Kinda Not

Par Sara Harrison
That’s why all those weird, possibly toxic flavorings are allowed—and the lax regulatory environment goes back a century.

The Facebook Portal Smart Speaker Is Back, Now With More AI

Par Tom Simonite
New models of Facebook's smart speaker plus camera start at $129, and offer improved tech to track body movements during calls.

Richard Stallman and the Fall of the Clueless Nerd

Par Steven Levy
The controversial pioneer of free software resigned from MIT over his remarks on Jeffrey Epstein and Marvin Minsky. Stallman won’t be the last.

Don't Storm Area 51, Begs the Webmaster of the UFO Kingdom

Par Sarah Scoles
Joerg Arnu loves the secretive military base, documents it on an exhaustive fan site, and wants people to visit—just not all at once.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Always on Time

Par Lauren Goode
The biggest update is a most welcome one: A redesigned display that always shows the time of day.

A Massive GM Strike, a LastPass Vulnerability, and More News

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

A Password-Exposing Bug Was Purged From LastPass

Par Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
Google Project Zero found and reported a flaw in the widely used password manager.

Got What It Takes to Compete in Speed Climbing?

Par Rhett Allain
Let's compute the power output required to sprint up a vertical wall.

One Very Specific Reason Rami Malek Deserved His 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Oscar

Par Angela Watercutter
It has to do with how the actor playing Freddie Mercury managed those prosthetic teeth.

Why We Need Brain Scan Data Guidelines

Par Evan D. Morris
Opinion: Aided by AI, brain scans know your past and future as well as your DNA. Determining their ethical implications is vital to scientific integrity.