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Aujourd’hui — 28 octobre 2020Wired

The Best Pizza Ovens to Make the Perfect Slice

Par Adrienne So
In times of trouble, our nation turns to carbs. We picked our favorite portable ovens for backyards, countertops, or camping.

Among Us Was Hit With Pro-Trump Spam

Par Julie Muncy
The attack comes just days after US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played the game in a wildly popular Twitch stream.

The Most Glorious Video Game Music to Level Up Your Workday

Par Whitson Gordon
Turns out these soundtracks can help you beat Bowser and boost productivity. Here are our favorite tunes, from high-fantasy suites to retro beats.

Why The Queen’s Gambit Is the No. 1 Netflix Show Right Now

Par Angela Watercutter
The new miniseries, based on the book by Walter Tevis, revels in the joy of watching someone else play a game beautifully—and our obsession with genius.

The AI Company Helping the Pentagon Assess Disinfo Campaigns

Par Will Knight
Primer can quickly sort through hundreds of sources to identify, say, Russian interference in Azerbaijan. It sells its tech to Walmart too.

Big Tech’s Election Plans Have a Blind Spot: Influencers

Par Arielle Pardes
Platforms like Facebook and Google are sharing their plans to pause political ads around Election Day. That’s won’t stop all paid campaigning.

How to Stop Getting Into Pointless Arguments Online

Par Elizabeth Grace Saunders
It's easy to want to keep talking until you “win,” but in reality, no one's winning.

What Should You Do About Holiday Gatherings and Covid-19?

Par Matt Simon
Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there's no perfectly safe way to socialize. But here are some tips on how to talk to your relatives about risk—or opting out.

The GOP Makes an Unlikely Closing Pitch: Amend Section 230

Par Gilad Edelman
Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey will testify Wednesday on a niche internet law less than a week before Election Day. How did we get here?
Hier — 27 octobre 2020Wired

The Backbone One Takes iPhone Gaming to New Levels

Par Louryn Strampe
This iPhone controller and its app are so immersive and well designed, I forgot I was playing on my phone.

The Queer Appeal of Dead by Daylight

Par Reece Rogers
Is the LGBTQIA+ community a driving force behind the popularity of this asymmetrical multiplayer horror game?

The Science That Spans #MeToo, Memes, and Covid-19

Par C. Brandon Ogbunu
The theory underlying network science predates the internet. But in 2020, it became essential to understanding our interconnected world.

The Chromecast With Google TV Is a Welcome Streaming Upgrade

Par Medea Giordano
The newest Chromecast comes with a remote and has Google TV built in—which makes it way easier to navigate a sea of streaming apps.

These Oceanographers Want to Turn Marine Slime Into Drugs

Par Eric Niiler
A California team will use a robotic vehicle to study tiny seafloor creatures, hoping they might yield new compounds to fight viruses and cancer.

What Comes After the International Space Station?

Par Daniel Oberhaus
Funding for the world's premiere orbital laboratory won't last forever. Its end could usher in a new era of commercial space stations.

Why So Many Esports Pros Come From South Korea

Par Jonathan Lee
If there’s a competitive mode, you'll find Korean players at the top of the charts. But the reasons have less to do with esports and more to do with culture and class.

To Save the Planet, Get More EVs Into Used Car Lots

Par Aarian Marshall
To reduce carbon emissions, electric vehicles need to stay on the road as long as possible. That means developing a robust trade in secondhand cars.

A Hacker Is Threatening to Leak Patients' Therapy Notes

Par Lily Hay Newman
An extortionist has turned a breach of Finland's Vastaamo mental health services provider into a nightmare for victims.

The Russian Hackers Playing 'Chekhov's Gun' With US Targets

Par Andy Greenberg
Berserk Bear has had plenty of opportunity to cause serious trouble. So why hasn't it yet?

Anatomy Opens the Creaking Door to Haunted House Tales

Par Julie Muncy
Kitty Horroshow’s game dissects why a home can feel so familiar—and terrifying.

There May Be Far More Water on the Moon Than NASA Thought

Par Daniel Oberhaus
A new pair of studies reveals that the resource isn’t limited to large shadowy craters. That's good news for the upcoming crewed missions.

Upon My Death, Play the Following Messages

Par Arielle Pardes
A startup called Memories lets you record videos to be sent posthumously—one of many companies seeking to give you more control over your ending.

Boston Dynamics’ Robots Won’t Take Our Jobs … Yet

Par Lauren Goode
On this week’s Get WIRED podcast, writer Matt Simon talks about Spot the dog and SpaceX with Marc Raibert.

How to Get the Most Out of Virtual Doctors' Visits

Par Julie Charnet
Online health care has become a part of pandemic life—and your remote appointments can be easier to navigate than you'd think.

Wikipedia's Plan to Resist Election Day Misinformation

Par Noam Cohen
The encyclopedia is determined to emerge from the insanity of a pandemic and a polarizing election with its information and reputation intact.

Pandemic Quiet Is Helping Humans Eavesdrop on Rare Dolphins

Par Ronan O'Connell
Researchers are hoping to use the opportunity to get a better handle on the language of Australia’s endangered Burrunan dolphins.

My Twitter Addiction Got So Bad, I Had to Block Myself

Par Meghan O'Gieblyn
But wait—does that mean I'm addicted to the blocking software?

How to Carve a Pumpkin—From a Pro Sculptor

Par Adrienne So
We asked a master sculptor and puppeteer how to make a scary-good jack-o-lantern.

Mark Kelly’s Been To Space. Can He Make it to Capitol Hill?

Par Daniel Oberhaus
Mark Kelly isn’t the first former NASA astronaut to run for office, but if he’s elected he’ll be the first astronaut in Congress in nearly 40 years.

An Algorithm Blocked Kidney Transplants to Black Patients

Par Tom Simonite
A formula for assessing the gravity of kidney disease is one of many that is adjusted for race. The practice can exacerbate health disparities.
À partir d’avant-hierWired

How to Shop for Halloween Costumes in This Bizarre Year

Par Medea Giordano
There are still safe ways to celebrate and break the stress. Here are some places to find costumes, including adaptable and accesible ones—and DIY advice.

Scientists Discover the First Room-Temperature Superconductor

Par Charlie Wood
Physicists finally achieved the long-sought goal, but there’s a catch: Their compound requires crushing pressures to keep from falling apart.

On the Week of the Election, Social Media Must Go Dark

Par Martin Skladany
CEOs should voluntarily shut down their platforms to help stanch the spread of misinformation—and protect democracy.

The Unsinkable Maddie Stone, Google’s Bug-Hunting Badass

Par Lily Hay Newman
The Project Zero reverse engineer shuts down some of the world's most dangerous exploits—along with antiquated hacker stereotypes.

I Didn’t Want to Love Zooming on My Facebook Portal—but I Do

Par Adrienne So
Stop trying to duct-tape a ring light to your laptop, and get yourself a dedicated videophone.

How to Clean Up Your Digital History

Par David Nield
There are plenty of reasons to declutter your online traces. Here’s how to tidy up.

Did a Security Researcher Guess Trump’s Twitter Password?

Par Brian Barrett
Plus: An Among Us spam attack, China’s favorite vulnerabilities, and more of the week’s top security news.

There's No Turning Back on AI in the Military

Par Will Roper
In the digital arms race with China, the only thing worse than fearing AI itself is the fear of not having it at all.

The iPhone 12 Finally Gets Magnets Right

Par Alex Lee, WIRED UK
Motorola’s Moto Mods failed to pull off a long-lasting smartphone trend. But Apple’s MagSafe series looks like it might actually stick.

The Best Locks for Protecting Your Bike—or Ebike

Par Matt Jancer
The only thing better than buying a new bicycle is keeping it. We tested a bunch of bike locks and these are our picks—and some advice for using them.

Russia's Laptev Sea Should Have Started to Freeze by Now

Par Jonathan Watts
Normally, the 'birthplace of ice' freezes by late October. For the first time in recorded history, it hasn't. That could have knock-on effects across the Arctic.

It's OK to Play One Game Forever

Par Cecilia D'Anastasio
If you ignore new releases or your massive backlog to return to that one comfort game after a long day, don't feel bad about it. You're not alone.

The 14 Best Weekend Deals on Cold Weather Gear, TVs, and More

Par WIRED Staff
Cozy up with our favorite discounts from Patagonia, Sony, Nintendo, and others.

The US Sanctions Russians for Potentially ‘Fatal’ Malware

Par Andy Greenberg
The message is meant to deter any similar attack against US infrastructure.

Trump's Strangest Lie: A Plague of Suicides Under His Watch

Par Gilad Edelman
Social distancing hasn't led to an increase in suicide rates, despite the president’s claims. But a prolonged pandemic might.

Another Covid Surge, Vaccine and Treatment Progress, and More

Par Eve Sneider
Catch up on the most important updates from this week.

In Synchronic, Time Travel Is Anything but Nostalgic

Par Geek's Guide to the Galaxy
Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead wanted to make a movie that didn't romanticize the past.

The DOJ Is Fighting Google on a Shifting Battlefield

Par Steven Levy
Plus: Facebook’s attempt at a search engine, China’s handling of Covid-19, and a slippery situation for the president.

How the Venus Flytrap ‘Remembers’ When It Captures Prey

Par Jennifer Ouellette, Ars Technica
The carnivorous plant is believed to have something akin to a short-term "memory." A team of scientists has uncovered new details on how it works.

Amnesia: Rebirth Has Evolved Beyond Jump Scares

Par Matthew Gault
The sequel to the 10-year-old horror classic is a psychological journey to hell and back.