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A Brain Implant Restored This Man's Motion and Sense of Touch

Par Daniel Oberhaus
After his accident, Ian Burkhart didn’t think he’d ever be able to move or feel his hand again. A small chip in his brain changed everything.

A Coronavirus Silver Lining: Less Driving, Fewer Crashes

Par Alex Davies
A study finds that California lockdown restrictions reduced crashes that kill or seriously injure people to 200 a day, down from 400 in the same period last year.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is … Fearing Fear Itself

Par Adam Waytz
Research into damaged brains provides a vital lesson for our times: Anxiety is not a weakness but a guide.

The Best High-Tech Socks to Tackle Your Next Run or Workout

Par Parker Hall, Peter Rubin
Leave the cotton behind in favor of technical fabrics and constructions that help you pile on the miles.

The Anti-Quarantine Protests Aren't About Covid-19

Par Emma Grey Ellis
If the tone of the demonstrations against stay-at-home orders seems familiar, that's because it is.

Flying Cars Could Take Off Soon, if We Let the Military Help

Par Will Roper
A ‘New School’ approach to military R&D funding doesn't just advance national security. It advances progress.

26 Hours on a Saharan Freight Train

Par Michael Hardy
Photographer Adrian Guerin rode Mauritania’s Train du Desert, one of the world’s longest trains, at the hottest time of the year. It nearly broke him.

'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Is Coming to Disney+ May 4

Par Angela Watercutter
Yes, it's arriving just in time for Star Wars Day. 

DJI Mavic Air 2: Specs, Price, Release Date

Par Scott Gilbertson
The latest quadcopter from the drone leader goes on sale next month for $799, and it's packed with automated flying and photo improvements.

Here's What Disinfectants and UV Light *Really* Do to Your Body

Par Michele Cohen Marill
There’s a reason why cleaners for external surfaces are not meant for your innards. They’re indiscriminate killers, not medicine.

'Valorant' Is Cutthroat, Punishing, and Addictive as Hell

Par Cecilia D'Anastasio
The Riot Games follow-up to *League of Legends* is worth the wait.

The Pandemic Creates New Challenges for Crisis Counselors 

Par Sidney Fussell
Therapists and hotline workers who work with abuse victims now must take calls from home, increasing their risk for isolation and emotional burnout.

Tech Is a Double-Edged Lifeline for Domestic Violence Victims

Par Emma Grey Ellis
As Covid-19 forces some to shelter place with their abusers, dedicated hotlines, apps, and text messages can provide support. But using them is also risk.

11 Best Fitness Trackers (and Fitness Watches) for 2020

Par Adrienne So
Do you need an activity tracker for skiing, or for counting your steps around the backyard? We've found the best fitness watches and trackers for everybody.

Delivery Robots Aren't Ready—When They Could Be Needed Most

Par Aarian Marshall
Sheltering in place has driven up demand for deliveries, but machines still have trouble confronting the unpredictability of the real world.

Could Staring Into a Stranger’s Eyes Cure Zoom Fatigue?

Par Kelsey Osgood
Human Online still requires a screen, but in place of the agony of work meetings or happy hours, you spend 60 seconds with a single person—no speaking.

Covid-19 Was Here Earlier Than Most Americans Thought. Now What?

Par Gregory Barber
Epidemiologists aren't surprised that virus was spreading in the US in early February. But those early days offer lessons for how to catch the next wave.

Now Is the Time for Main Street Shops to Go Digital

Par WIRED Staff
WIRED editor in chief Nicholas Thompson talks to branding expert Amanda Brinkman about how America’s small businesses are coping with coronavirus

During the Pandemic, the FCC Must Provide Internet for All

Par Gigi Sohn
Broadband access is more crucial than ever, particularly for low-income Americans. The Trump administration must stop withholding it.

How Spies Snuck Malware Into the Google Play Store—Again and Again

Par Andy Greenberg
Malicious Android apps from the so-called PhantomLance campaign targeted hundreds of users, and at least two slipped past Google's defenses.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Reveals Ransomware's Long Game

Par Lily Hay Newman
Hackers laid the groundwork months ago for attacks. Now they're flipping the switch.

5 Big Mistakes We Can Make Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic

Par Matt Simon
Staying at home is a big sacrifice. But lifting shelter-in-place orders too soon is one of the many mistakes that will make the crisis even more brutal.

Best Google Smart Speaker Deals (April 2020): Nest Mini, Hub Max, and More

Par Louryn Strampe
From the Nest Mini to the Hub Max, you can save money if you're looking to build a smarter home. 

Does It Matter That the DOD Released Those UFO Videos?

Par Daniel Oberhaus
The Department of Defense isn't admitting that aliens exist. But apparently they don’t mind if you check out their sweet rides.

Stewart Brand Is 81—and He Doesn’t Want to Go on a Ventilator

Par Steven Levy
The legendary thinker and founder of the *Whole Earth Catalog* raises a public conversation about end-of-life care during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Planes Are Still Flying, but Covid-19 Recovery Will Be Tough

Par Alex Davies
Air travel is down more than 90 percent from last year, and analysts say the rebound will be slower than following 9/11 or the financial crisis.

Microbe Mappers Are Tracking Covid-19's Invisible Traces

Par Megan Molteni
Armies of microbiologists are swabbing subways, ATMs, and hospitals in search of the novel coronavirus. Their data could help cities reopen responsibly.

Physicists Clear the Air With a Sweet Frickin' Laser Beam

Par Sophia Chen
Fast laser pulses produce a shock wave in air that pushes water vapor aside. That clears channels in clouds for transmitting optical data from satellites.

Best Bar Accessories (2020): Shakers, Strainers, Juicers, and More

Par Matt Jancer
Crafting a good cocktail is a game of milliliters (and great technique). It helps to have the right bar equipment to make a winner.

The US Supreme Court Rules That Laws Can’t Be Paywalled

Par Timothy B. Lee, Ars Technica
The ruling over Georgia's official law code sets an important precedent that will help secure the right to publish other legally significant public documents.

What Singapore Can Tell the World About Personal Liberty

Par Jerrine Tan
In a state of emergency, more than a few of us will find ourselves cutting deals with god, the devil, or the government alike.

What Great Zombie Movies Say About This 'Zombie' 'Apocalypse'

Par Jason Kehe
Together, they teach us one crucial thing: You are not a zombie—yet.

Amazon Smart Oven Review: Don’t Let It Anywhere Near Your Kitchen

Par Joe Ray
Connected kitchen gadgets are supposed to streamline cooking, but this one just gave me a headache.

6 Best Board Games You Can Play With Friends Over Zoom (Video Chat)

Par Jess Grey
Don't let the Covid-19 quarantine turn you into a hermit. Video chat with some friends and play a game together.

A New Chatbot Tries a Little Artificial Empathy

Par Will Knight
A bot created by Facebook aims to make conversation with people more natural, though it also could enable better fakes.

Imgflip's AI Meme Generator Gives Us the Absurdist Art We All Need

Par Angela Watercutter
Social media’s new favorite distraction feels as disjointed and surrealist as the current moment. Fire it up.

Party Royale, Travis Scott, and Fortnite's 'Third Place'

Par Cecilia D'Anastasio
As the online game is proving with Travis Scott and Party Royale, digital places are every bit as legitimate as their analog counterparts.

Ad Dollars Keep Flowing Into Google and Facebook—for Now

Par Paris Martineau
The two online ad giants say business fell sharply amid the Covid-19 lockdowns in March but has stabilized in April. 

Tesla Posts Another Profit as Musk Slams Virus Restrictions

Par Aarian Marshall
The CEO has criticized shelter-in-place orders, which have forced the closure of the company's California assembly plant.

27 Days in Tokyo Bay: What Happened on the Diamond Princess

Par Lauren Smiley
The cruise ship captivated the world as it docked in Yokohama, harboring Covid-19—and 3,711 people who became subjects in a life-and-death quarantine experiment.

3 Things to Consider Before Signing Up for a Free Trial

Par Lauren Goode
Companies are blasting us with free trial offers while we’re stuck at home. That’s a good thing—until the bills show up.

The Cubicle Is Back. Blame (or Thank) the Coronavirus

Par Will Knight
As businesses reopen, social distancing rules will lead to new partitions between workspaces, reminiscent of the fabric-clad dividers of the 1980s.

The Kids of 'Teenager Therapy' Just Want You to #Feel

Par Jason Parham
In the desert of ignored teen emotions, five high school podcasters have become a go-to resource on everything from dating to depression.

Trek Checkpoint SL 7: The Next High-Tech Gravel Racer

Par Stephanie Pearson
An advanced frame design and a wireless drivetrain put this bike at the top of the list for any cyclist who loves adventure riding or racing.

Forget the Techlash. The Lawlash Is Long Overdue

Par Elizabeth M. Renieris
If we look closer, we may realize it’s not really the “tech” we’re upset about.

Moxie Is the Robot Pal You Dreamed of as a Kid

Par Daniel Oberhaus
Four years ago, Paolo Pirjanian set out to “reinvent” companion robots. Now he’s ready for the world to meet his creation.

Naked and Unafraid to Exercise in Virtual Reality

Par Jesse Damiani
Get over yourself and try VR workouts already. It’s private, liberating, and doesn’t require gym shorts.

Covid Is Pushing Startups to Execute Long-Term Plans ASAP

Par WIRED Staff
WIRED editor in chief Nicholas Thompson talks to DoorDash CEO Tony Xu about how delivery services are adapting their operations over a matter of weeks—even days.

Motorola Edge and Edge Plus Review: 2-Day Battery (and Some Quirks)

Par Julian Chokkattu
Motorola's first flagships in years are fantastic in many ways, but the Edge and Edge Plus have high price tags and too many quirks.

The Weird Partisan Math of Vote-by-Mail 

Par Gilad Edelman
Research says that expanding mail-in voting doesn’t help Democrats. So why are Republicans so afraid of it?