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Paid Political Ads Are Not the Problem. Our Perceptions Are

Par Julian Sanchez
Twitter's plan to get rid of them will only make things worse.

Trump Begins Paris Accord Exit, Devices Hacked With Lasers, and More News

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

Facebook's Logo Gets a Face-Lift

Par Arielle Pardes
Today's brand redesign is supposed to remind you that “Facebook” is a family of apps, with a future beyond Big Blue.

The Polestar 1 Is a Powerful Throwback Treat—Like Licorice

Par Alex Davies
The pricey plug-in hybrid is a little retro and a whole lot of fun to drive.

This Week’s Cartoons: Snails, Smartphone, and Screen Time

Par WIRED Cartoons
It’s about the quality of the cave paintings, not the quantity.

Do We Need a Special Language to Talk to Aliens?

Par Daniel Oberhaus
Scientists have tried contacting extraterrestrials with a number of bespoke linguistic systems. But we might be better off using our own languages.

Report: The Government and Tech Need to Cooperate on AI

Par Tom Simonite
It also warns that AI-enhanced national security apparatus like autonomous weapons and surveillance systems will raise ethical questions.

Andrew Yang Is Not Full of Shit

Par Nicholas Thompson
The so-called Silicon Valley candidate has a habit of ripping the tech industry, but his message is catching on, he’s flush with cash, and he’s positioned to survive deep into the primaries.

The Story of Sandworm, the Kremlin's Most Dangerous Hackers

Par Andy Greenberg
For three years, WIRED has tracked the elite and shadowy Russian vanguard of cyberwar.

Here’s How to Watch the WIRED25 Summit

Par Boone Ashworth
See WIRED editors live in conversation with Jeff Weiner, Anne Neuberger, Matthew Prince, Dawn Song, Patrick Collison, Traci Des Jardins, Astro Teller, and more.

Google Is Helping Design an Open Source, Ultra-Secure Chip

Par Lily Hay Newman
OpenTitan is a so-called secure enclave based on open source that could shake up hardware security.

Anti-Deepfake Law in California Is Far Too Feeble

Par Brandie M. Nonnecke
Opinion: While well intentioned, the law has too many loopholes for malicious actors and puts too little responsibility on platforms.

iRobot Roomba S9+ Review: Robot Vacuuming Nirvana

Par Adrienne So
The super-smart, self-emptying bot-vac just keeps getting better at cleaning and navigating, as well as sucking the money out of your wallet.

Why Social Media Companies Frown on 'Gaming the Algorithm'

Par Emma Grey Ellis
A new study examines how platforms talk about people who break their rules—sportily, morally, and sometimes hypocritically.

No, 'Luther,' Cops Can't Get DNA Via Face-Punch

Par Angela Watercutter
Just because Idris Elba does it doesn't make it legal.

SpaceX and Boeing Still Need a Parachute That Always Works

Par Daniel Oberhaus
The two companies are racing to send astronauts into space. But they also need to bring them home safe, with parachutes that won’t fail.

A $60 Million Fine Won't Stop AT&T From Throttling ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans

Par Klint Finley
If you were an AT&T “unlimited” customer in 2011, you might be getting a partial refund due to undisclosed data throttling.

Google's Ultra-Secure Chip, a Facebook Facelift, and More

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

TikTok Is Having a Tough Time in Washington

Par Louise Matsakis
The popular video app gets slammed by lawmakers over everything from children’s privacy to national security, as well as for its ties to Beijing.

Uber’s Self-Driving Car Didn’t Know Pedestrians Could Jaywalk

Par Aarian Marshall, Alex Davies
The National Transportation Safety Board releases hundreds of pages related to the 2018 crash in Tempe, Arizona, that killed Elaine Herzberg.

Amazon Echo Buds Review: Alexa Is Ready for Your Ears

Par Parker Hall
Amazon's first wirefree earbuds let you take Alexa anywhere.

If You Want a Robot to Learn Better, Be a Jerk to It

Par Matt Simon
When humans give robots “tough love” by trying to knock objects out of their hands, it actually helps them find the best ways to hold things.

The 8 Best Robot Vacuums for Every Home and Budget (2019)

Par Adrienne So
We've tested dozens of robot vacuums. Whether you're up against pet hair, carpet, or hardwood floors, we have a pick for you.

Scammers Are Exploiting a Firefox Bug to Freeze Your Browser

Par Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
Fraudulent tech-support sites are causing the browser to lock up and display a disturbing message. Force quitting is the only way out.

China's Sprawling Movie Sets Put Hollywood to Shame

Par Michael Hardy
Full-scale replica of the Forbidden City? Check.

Measurements Are Often Full of Lies—and That's OK

Par Rhett Allain
Does a balance measure mass or weight? This common question reveals a core confusion about lab instruments: It's not always obvious what they measure.

Pixel 1, RIP: Google Ends Support After Just Three Years

Par Ron Amadeo, Ars Technica
The original Google Pixel didn't make the cut for this month's Android security patches. 

The Real Meaning Behind Arson Frog

Par Emma Grey Ellis
The absurd meme says a lot about generational divides. OK, boomer?

'The Outer Worlds': An Anticapitalist Game That's Too Much Work

Par Julie Muncy
Obsidian Entertainment's latest has far too many pointless quests.

Google Enlists Outside Help to Clean Up Android's Malware Mess

Par Lily Hay Newman
The newly formed App Defense Alliance will try to solve a malware problem that has bedeviled the Play Store since inception.

Coinbase Wants to Pay Interest on Crypto Coins, Sort Of

Par Gregory Barber
By holding particular cryptocurrencies in a Coinbase account, the exchange says you’ll receive set returns independent of the market’s spikes.

Trolling Is Now Mainstream Political Discourse

Par Jonathan Albright
Opinion: Our new study on Islamophobia, xenophobia, and racism during the 2018 midterms confirms we're on a path of digital dystopia.

Aerial Scans Help Bust California's Worst Methane Leakers

Par Adam Rogers
The state may emit much more of the greenhouse gas than expected. But a new survey has revealed the top offenders, making leaks easier to control.

How Airbnb’s Fight to Overturn a New Jersey Law Imploded

Par Paris Martineau
The company spent more than $4 million opposing new rules that crack down on short-term rentals, echoing its tactics in other cities.

California Reveals It’s Been Investigating Facebook

Par Louise Matsakis
As attorneys general from one state after another announced probes into tech giants this year, California’s was conspicuously silent. Not anymore.

A Mind-Boggling Uber Oversight, a Firefox Scam, and More News

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

Twitter Insiders Allegedly Spied for Saudi Arabia

Par Lily Hay Newman
Hackers are one thing. But too few companies take the threat of an inside job seriously enough. 

This Martini Wants to Kill Climate Change One Sip at a Time

Par Adam Rogers
A carbon-negative vodka company makes its beverage literally out of thin air. Now that's booze you can use.

M. Night Shyamalan's Apple TV+ Show 'Servant' Has a Trailer

Par Angela Watercutter
Also, consumers are officially overwhelmed by their streaming video options. Whoops!

A New Smoking Gadget Says It's Safe. Should You Trust It?

Par Sara Harrison
Not quite an e-cigarette and not the old paper kind either, the Iqos is the latest controversial device to enter the vaping wars.

Google Nest WiFi Review: Home Networking Made Easy

Par Scott Gilbertson
If you're already on the Google bandwagon, the Nest WiFi fits well with the company's vision of a connected home.

How to Opt Out of the Sites That Sell Your Personal Data

Par David Nield
It's much harder than it should be to get your name off of data broker and people-search sites, but it's possible. 

The Global South Is Redefining Tech Innovation

Par Ramesh Srinivasan
Opinion: Top-down, unsustainable Silicon Valley needs to learn from Africa, South Asia, and South America, where tech is built for and by users.

Hideo Kojima's 'Death Stranding' Is Beautiful, Smart—and Kinda Boring

Par Julie Muncy
Here are 10 things you should know about the auteur’s latest game.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Deal: The Best Kids Tablet Is $40 Off

Par Louryn Strampe
If your youngster is ready for a device of their own, this discounted option is a good pre-Black Friday deal.

The Enduring Power of Asperger's, Even as a Non-Diagnosis

Par Michele Cohen Marill
Six years after it ceased to be an official diagnosis, Asperger's lives on as a unifying label and a source of strength.

Even in an Existential Crisis, WeWork Continues to Grow

Par Arielle Pardes
At a party celebrating the launch of WeWork’s newest Food Lab, the company’s bigger problems seemed far away.

Why Many People Got Mysterious Valentine’s Day Texts Today

Par Louise Matsakis
The issue was reportedly caused by a maintenance update made to “messaging platforms of multiple carriers in the US."

The Best Game Controller Buttons of All Time

From Nintendo to PlayStation, a definitive list of buttons, sticks, and more.

How Facebook Gets the First Amendment Backward

Par Gilad Edelman
The company’s fact-checking policy treats people who aren’t politicians as second-class citizens.