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The Robocall Crisis Will Never Be Totally Fixed

Par Lily Hay Newman
Believe it or not, the robocall crisis has stabilized. But like email spam, it's never going to go away entirely.

Want to Know How to Build a Better Democracy? Ask Wikipedia

Par Noam Cohen
With its insistence on fairness, neutrality, and community consensus, the online storehouse of knowledge is a model for a more perfect union.

7 Best Socks for Running (2019): Trails, Workouts, and More

Par Peter Rubin
Leave the cotton behind in favor of technical fabrics and constructions that help you pile on the miles.

Tesla’s Disappointing Numbers and More Car News This Week

Par Aarian Marshall
Tesla's deliveries fell 31 percent in the first quarter compared with the fourth quarter of 2018. New York moves toward congestion pricing. And trucking futures.

The Quest for Mueller's Report Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup

Par Graeme McMillan
Last week the internet spent a lot of time discussing the Mueller report—because it's still not public.

The Math of How Crickets, Starlings, and Neurons Sync Up

Par Natalie Wolchover
Scientists have discovered new patterns that help explain the synchronized behaviors of pendulum clocks, fireflies, and even the power grid.

A Fight Over Specialized Chips Threatens an Ethereum Split

Par Gregory Barber
The Ethereum community is divided over whether some chips are too powerful, pricing out small miners. The dispute also reflects heightened US-China tensions.

Coding Is for Everyone—as Long as You Speak English

Par Gretchen McCulloch
Code depends on English—for reasons that are entirely unnecessary at a technical level.

Ikea and Sonos Symfonisk Range Includes a Speaker That’s a Lamp

Par Brian Barrett
This release marks the first set of products in a collaboration where scale meets sound.

Beyoncé's New Film 'Homecoming' Is Headed to Netflix

Par Angela Watercutter
The movie launches April 17. In other news, AMC just ordered another 'Walking Dead' spinoff.

The Plan to Save the Rhino With a Cervix-Navigating Robot

Par Matt Simon
To perform IVF on the white rhino, researchers are developing a special robot to navigate the females' complex cervixes and deposit an embryo.

'Exodus' Spyware Posed as a Legit iOS App

Par Lily Hay Newman
Researchers had already found a spyware app called Exodus plaguing Android. Now it has shown up on iPhones.

'Apex Legends' Succeeds By Keeping It Simple

Par Julie Muncy
There's a reason it can compete with massively popular games like *Fortnite* and *PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds*.

An iOS App That Secretly Spies on You, And More News

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news today in 2 minutes or less.

Why the Audi E-tron’s Range Came Up Short

Par Eric Adams
The new electric SUV is yet another with a dispiriting EPA range rating.

How Android Fought the Chamois Botnet—and Won

Par Lily Hay Newman
The Chamois botnet once infected 20 million Android devices. Here's how Google finally tore it up.

The Weather Channel Flooded Charleston to Make You Care About Climate Change

Par Brian Barrett
To show climate change's devastating effects, the Weather Channel used its immersive mixed-reality studio to span centuries.

A Brief History of Porn on the Internet

Par David Kushner
Pornographers developed many early innovations in internet marketing, like pop-up ads and subscriptions. And women were among the most successful entrepreneurs in the business.

Meet Blue: The Cheap and Manipulative (in a Good Way) Robot

Par Matt Simon
The tiny price point could launch the robot into research stardom, forging a path to a future in which machines can do just about anything.

The UK's Tech Backlash Could Change the Internet

Par Paris Martineau
A British white paper suggests requiring tech giants to remove content that's "harmful," as well as illegal, a far-reaching proposal for a western democracy.

Spotify Tips and Tricks: How to Get More Out of Each Listen

Par Lauren Goode
Whether you're a new user of the music streaming service or a playlist pro, these tips will improve your next Spotify session.

The Loopy Secrets of How Charging Cables Work

Par Rhett Allain
Your phone charger and USB cables look like they're single cords, but don't be fooled: Unwrap any cable and you'll find multiple wires inside.

Facebook Rolls Out More Features for Dead People

Par Louise Matsakis
When you die, Facebook wants your profile to become a place for grieving friends and family to gather online. 

Photographing All 2,000 Miles of the US–Mexico Border

Par Michael Hardy
America's border communities are politically and culturally diverse, but they agree on one thing: A border wall is a terrible idea.

In Congressional Hearing on Hate, the Haters Got Their Way

Par Issie Lapowsky
YouTube even had to disable comments on the House Judiciary Committee’s livestream of the hearing because it filled up with so much filth.

Hate Wins in Congress, Epic (Virtual) Floods, and More News

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news today in 2 minutes or less.

China Says Bitcoin Is Wasteful. Now It Wants to Ban Mining

Par Gregory Barber
China is home to more cryptocurrency mining operations than any other country. Now the government wants to eliminate them.

Ford Taps the Brakes on the Arrival of Self-Driving Cars

Par Aarian Marshall
Ford CEO Jim Hackett joined the growing ranks of executives saying that fully self-driving cars won't arrive as soon as some had forecast.

A New Breed of ATM Hackers Gets in Through a Bank’s Network

Par Lily Hay Newman
Innovations in digital payment system attack methods mean the rash of heists isn’t over.

Mysterious Hackers Hid Their Swiss Army Spyware for 5 Years

Par Andy Greenberg
The TajMahal spyware includes more than 80 distinct spy tools, and went undetected for five years.

A Peek Into the Toolkit of the Dangerous 'Triton' Hackers

Par Andy Greenberg
Security firm FireEye is naming a collection of tools it says might help identify more of the digital saboteurs' intrusions.

Amazon Kindle Review (2019): A Cheaper Way to Read at Night

Par Adrienne So
Amazon’s new entry-level Kindle ebook reader is just like the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite, but $40 cheaper.

What I Learned by Binge-Watching 'Game of Thrones' Backward

Par Zak Jason
This is what happens when an attempt to defeat algorithms turns into a glimpse into the dark soul of humanity.

Watch SpaceX Launch a Falcon Heavy on Its First Real Mission

Par Daniel Oberhaus
This is the second time SpaceX is flying the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket by a factor of two, but it's the first time it's doing real work.

New York's Vaccine Order Shows How Health Laws Are Failing Us

Par Megan Molteni
The threat of bigger measles outbreaks is turning the political tides, making public health officials more willing to take draconian steps.

Noisy Quantum Computers Could Be Good for Chemistry Problems

Par Anton Toutov
Opinion: Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum devices produce errors. And in a field like chemistry, errors could be a feature, not a bug.

Verizon’s 5G Network Is Here—If You Can Get a Signal

Par Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica
Finding a 5G signal in Verizon’s launch areas in Chicago proved difficult for reviewers from the Verge and CNET.

The First Black Hole Picture Has Finally Been Revealed

Par Sophia Chen
The Event Horizon Telescope has captured a photo of a supermassive black hole at the center of M87, a galaxy 54 million light-years away.

Google DLP Makes It Easier to Safeguard Sensitive Data Troves

Par Lily Hay Newman
Google's Data Loss Prevention tool finds and redacts sensitive data in the cloud. A new user interface makes now makes it more broadly accessible.

Facebook Is Changing News Feed (Again) to Stop Fake News

Par Emily Dreyfuss
The social media giant debuted new features and tools to help in its Sisyphean fight against misinformation and abuse on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

House Endorses Net Neutrality, but the Outlook Remains Dim

Par Klint Finley
The House voted largely along party lines to restore the FCC's net neutrality rules, but the measure faces opposition in the Senate and a likely veto by President Trump.

William Barr Sends Troubling Signals Ahead of Mueller Report Release

Par Garrett M. Graff
Attorney general William Barr will have tremendous sway over how much of the Mueller report the public can see. Right now, it doesn't look promising.

The Perplexing Physics of Imaging a Black Hole

Par Rhett Allain
Why is it so difficult to see a black hole? What is a radio wave image anyway? Here's the science behind the first-ever "picture" of a black hole.

The First Black Hole Picture, Facebook Newsfeed Changes, and More News

Par Alex Baker-Whitcomb
Catch up on the most important news today in 2 minutes or less.

Inside James Holzhauer's _Jeopardy!_-Dominating Strategy

Par Brian Barrett
James Holzhauer won a record $110,914 in a single game of 'Jeopardy!' by perfecting a playbook.

Pete Buttigieg Revived South Bend With Tech. Up Next: America

Par Paul Tullis
As the mayor of a small Indiana city, Buttigieg applied his low-key technocratic style to economic and social dysfunction. Now he wants a chance to fix the country.

What Will 'Game of Thrones' Mean When It's All Over?

Par Angela Watercutter
No matter who wins the game, their victory will signify something.

In an Ex-Googler's Novel, Silicon Valley Runs on Male Ego

Par Nitasha Tiku
The book by former Google communications head Jessica Powell is fiction, but many of its tropes are drawn from real life.

How the Boston Marathon Messes With Runners to Slow Them Down

Par Nicholas Thompson
The course is mostly downhill and has few dramatic turns, yet it ranks among the slowest marathons in the world. Here's why.

'Game of Thrones' Marketing Is Spreading Like Greyscale

Par Emma Grey Ellis
Winter is coming for marketing teams working with the show—and they know it.