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Aujourd’hui — 5 mars 2021Phoronix

PyTorch 1.8 Released With AMD ROCm Binaries

PyTorch 1.8 was released on Thursday as the newest version of this widely-used machine learning library. Exciting many will be easier AMD Radeon ROCm support with Python wheels now provided for that Radeon Open eCosystem support...
  • 5 mars 2021 à 14:23

Intel Tiger Lake Xe Graphics On Linux 5.12 Git, Mesa 21.1-devel

Recently I wrapped up some tests looking at the Dell XPS Linux laptop with Core i7 1165G7 "Tiger Lake" processor when looking at the Linux kernel performance of 5.10 vs. 5.11 vs. 5.12 as well as the impact if upgrading to the Linux 5.12 kernel...
  • 5 mars 2021 à 12:20

NVIDIA 470 Linux Driver Series To Be "Even More Wayland-Friendly"

The next major NVIDIA driver series, the 470 release series, is slated to be "even more Wayland-friendly" but what all that encompasses remains to be seen...
  • 5 mars 2021 à 11:56

Wine's Project Leader Has Given A Blessing To The Wayland Effort

Published last month was an updated but still experimental version of the native Wayland support for Wine after that code was originally published last year. One of the lingering questions has been around the prospects of mainlining this Wayland driver in Wine while last week the longtime Wine project leader, Alexandre Julliard, provided some clarity on the matter...
  • 5 mars 2021 à 09:30

hipSYCL Sees Work-In-Progress Support For Intel oneAPI Level Zero Backend

hipSYCL, the innovative implementation of Khronos' SYCL for targeting CPUs and GPUs by integrating with existing toolchains, is seeing work on supporting Intel oneAPI Level Zero for running directly off Intel graphics hardware...
  • 5 mars 2021 à 06:00

Even In 2021, Intel Squeezes Some Very Nice Performance Gains Out Of Their OpenGL Driver

While it's 2021 and many modern Linux gaming and other workloads are focusing on the Vulkan API, Intel isn't letting up in their aggressive optimizations to their open-source "Iris" OpenGL Gallium3D driver for Linux systems. With the latest Mesa 21.1 code today there is a set of patches providing up to 17% better performance in some games while other OpenGL software is generally a few percent faster at least. In some micro-benchmarks it can be more than 50% faster...
  • 5 mars 2021 à 00:33

Apple M1 Patches For The Linux Kernel Sent Out A Third Time

Hector Martin, who has been working on the crowd-funded effort to bring Linux up on the Apple M1 SoC and the modern Apple devices using that in-house silicon, has sent out the third iteration of his kernel patches...
  • 4 mars 2021 à 23:26
Hier — 4 mars 2021Phoronix

Linux 5.12-rc2 Likely Coming Early Due To That Nasty File-System Corruption Bug

Linus Torvalds has now warned developers over using Linux 5.12-rc1 as a basis for their future branches and is looking to release 5.12-rc2 ahead of schedule as a result of that problematic file-system corruption bug stemming from a swap file bug...
  • 4 mars 2021 à 19:50

Chrome Moving To A 4-Week Release Cycle

Google has been delivering new Chrome milestone releases on a six week cycle for more than one decade while moving ahead they are shifting to a four-week cycle...
  • 4 mars 2021 à 19:15

Qt 5.15.3 LTS Released With 200+ Bug Fixes, But Only For Commercial Customers

Qt 5.15.3 is out today with nearly 250 fixes as the latest point release for this last Qt5 long-term support series. However, as reported previously, new Qt 5.15 LTS point releases are restricted to The Qt Company's commercial customers...
  • 4 mars 2021 à 16:00

Linux 5.10.20 Released - Fixes The Erroneous Record-Breaking AMD Clock Frequencies

Recent kernel point releases have reported erroneous maximum frequencies on AMD Zen 2 / Zen 3 CPUs in the area of 6GHz+ while now with the latest stable releases that is being fixed...
  • 4 mars 2021 à 15:38

Linux 5.13 To Support HDMI CEC With The Raspberry Pi 4

While the 5.12 merge window hasn't even been closed for a full week yet, there is already the first DRM-Misc-Next pull request heading into DRM-Next with the first batch of feature material aiming for the Linux 5.13 kernel cycle...
  • 4 mars 2021 à 15:03

VCN-Less Navi 12 SKU, RX 6000 Series BACO Runtime PM Are Extras For Linux 5.12

A set of "fixes" to the AMDGPU kernel driver were mailed out today that include a few notable changes for some post merge window alterations...
  • 4 mars 2021 à 11:57

Microsoft Sends Out Patches For Hyper-V "Isolation VMs" With Linux

With the forthcoming Linux 5.12 kernel there is a big Redmond victory with Linux being able to boot as the root partition on Microsoft's hypervisor while moving forward the company still has more in store for the ongoing years long effort of Linux on Hyper-V...
  • 4 mars 2021 à 09:25

Chrome 89 vs. Firefox 86 Performance Benchmarks On AMD Ryzen + Ubuntu Linux

Given this week's launch of Chrome 89 and the recent Firefox 86 debut, here are some quick benchmarks for those curious about the current performance when using Ubuntu Linux with a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X and Radeon graphics...
  • 4 mars 2021 à 06:00

Zstd 1.4.9 Released With ~2x Faster Performance For Long Mode

Zstd 1.4.9 is out today as the latest version of this implementation for the Facebook-led Zstandard lossless data compression algorithm. With Zstd 1.4.9 comes a very sizable speed-up when running in its long distance mode...
  • 3 mars 2021 à 21:57

Intel Sends Out KVM SGX Virtualization Patches For Linux

Intel SGX support finally landed in Linux 5.11 after going through 40+ rounds of review that took years for bringing up Software Guard Extensions in the mainline kernel. But that trek isn't yet over as Intel is now working on KVM SGX virtualization support to be upstreamed...
  • 3 mars 2021 à 20:18

NomadBSD 1.4 Released With GUI For Easier Chrome / Brave / Vivaldi Browser Installation

NomadBSD 1.4 is out today as the latest feature update to this operating system that is one of the BSD-based desktop initiatives...
  • 3 mars 2021 à 18:59
À partir d’avant-hierPhoronix

AMD Announces The Radeon RX 6700 XT For $479

AMD today announced the Radeon RX 6700 XT as the newest RDNA 2 graphics card to begin shipping later this month...
  • 3 mars 2021 à 17:19

openSUSE Leap 15.3 Beta Begins

OpenSUSE Leap 15.3 Alpha started rolling out in December while today the beta builds have begun for this next openSUSE Leap installment...
  • 3 mars 2021 à 14:16

Linux 5.12 Lands Fix For File-System Corruption Caused By Swapfile Issue

For those wanting to help in testing out the Linux 5.12 kernel, at least it should no longer eat your data now if you rely on a swapfile...
  • 3 mars 2021 à 12:20

Radeon R600 Gallium3D Flips On OpenGL 4.5 For NIR Backend

The experimental NIR back-end for the R600 Gallium3D driver as an alternative to the default TGSI code-path has now enabled OpenGL 4.5 support for capable GPUs...
  • 3 mars 2021 à 12:00

Gallium Nine Still Seeing Improvements In 2021 For Direct3D 9 Within Mesa

While DXVK has been receiving much attention these days for implementing Direct3D 9/10/11 atop the Vulkan API that can be consumed in a driver agnostic manner, Gallium Nine as a D3D9 state tracker going back years for Mesa continues to receive new work too...
  • 3 mars 2021 à 09:20

LVFS Serves Up 25 Million Firmware/BIOS Updates To Linux Users

It was just this past September that LVFS served its 20 millionth firmware file to Linux users updating their system BIOS or device firmware using Fwupd while this week the Linux Vendor Firmware Service crossed the 25 million milestone!..
  • 3 mars 2021 à 06:00

Steam On Linux In February Still Residing Below 1%

Valve has released their updated Steam Survey figures for February 2021...
  • 3 mars 2021 à 00:05

Multiple New Security Issues Hit GRUB Bootloader Around Secure Boot

Last summer the GRUB bootloader was impacted by "BootHole" with security issues hitting its UEFI Secure Boot support while today a new round of vulnerabilities were made public...
  • 2 mars 2021 à 20:30

That Linux 5.12 Severe Data Corruption Bug Hits Intel CI Systems - Issue Caused By Swap File

Last week I issued a warning of possible data loss on the early Linux 5.12 kernel code that was reliably leaving my test systems severely corrupted. Intel's internal graphics test systems it turns out have now been bitten by this issue in encountering this significant file-system corruption and as such they've been quick to jump on the issue - there's now an idea what's causing the nasty issue and a workaround by reverting select patches...
  • 2 mars 2021 à 19:43

Chrome 89 Released With Various New Web APIs Deemed Stable

Chrome 89 is out today as the latest stable version of Google's web browser. With Chrome 89 various new APis are deemed stable including WebHID, WebNFC, and Web Serial...
  • 2 mars 2021 à 19:30

Updated Portal 2 Vulkan Rendering Code Yielding Great Radeon Results

Valve on Monday rolled out a new Portal 2 build that improves its new Vulkan renderer support. For those interested here are some fresh benchmarks of Portal 2 with OpenGL and Vulkan on the open-source AMD Radeon Linux drivers.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 18:02

Qt 6.1 Beta Released With Porting More Modules To Qt6

The first beta is out today of the forthcoming Qt 6.1 toolkit...
  • 2 mars 2021 à 15:43

Intel Looking To Upstream A Proper SPIR-V Compute Back-End For LLVM

It's been talked about many times from various parties but so far has remained elusive from the mainline LLVM code-base: a SPIR-V back-end for LLVM that would go from LLVM into this Khronos intermediate representation most notably used by OpenCL and Vulkan drivers. Intel engineers are stepping up and hope to help get a proper SPIR-V back-end upstreamed into LLVM...
  • 2 mars 2021 à 14:46

IBM Begins Adding GCC Support For Z Arch14 - Likely IBM z16

GCC compiler patches began appearing this morning for IBM Z "Arch14" as a future architecture extension for their Z mainframe processors. IBM Z Arch14 will likely correlate to IBM z16...
  • 2 mars 2021 à 13:30

New NTFS Driver Misses Out On Linux 5.12 But Revved A 22nd Time

While Linux 5.12 has many great new features, what you won't find in the mainline kernel is the new "NTFS3" kernel driver developed by Paragon Software for NTFS file-systems. That driver is still coming for a future kernel and has now been sent out a twenty-second time for review...
  • 2 mars 2021 à 12:13

RADV Vulkan Driver Adds Option To Force Smart Access Memory Behavior

The latest "Smart Access Memory" work by the open-source AMD Radeon graphics driver stack is an option for the RADV Vulkan driver to force the "SAM" behavior even if the system is not advertising all the video RAM as visible or even if using APU graphics...
  • 2 mars 2021 à 12:00

SDL2 Lands Native PipeWire Support

While SDL2-enabled games/applications can already work on PipeWire-based systems like the forthcoming Fedora Workstation 34 thanks to the PulseAudio compatibility layer, the SDL2 library has merged initial support for interfacing with PipeWire...
  • 2 mars 2021 à 06:00

AES-NI XTS Crypto Performance Looking Good For AMD With Linux 5.12 Fix

Of the performance-related changes with Linux 5.12 worth noting is faster AES-NI XTS performance for systems relying upon return trampolines "Retpolines" as part of the CPU's Spectre V2 mitigations. On the Intel side this primarily impacts older CPUs where Retpolines is still used while on the AMD side through Zen 3 the Retpolines is still relied upon, which as shown by these benchmarks is now much better off for AMD Ryzen AES XTS performance as measured by Cryptsetup...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 22:26

Linux 5.12 Coming In At Around 28.8 Million Lines, AMDGPU Driver Closing In On 3 Million

The Linux kernel source tree following the eventful 5.12 merge window is at 28.81 million lines in the source tree across more than sixty thousand files. The largest in-tree kernel driver continues to be the AMDGPU kernel driver, which in the next kernel release or so should be crossing three million lines...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 19:25

DXVK 1.8.1 Released With More Performance, Game Fixes

Building off the recent DXVK 1.8 release is a new point release with more performance optimizations, game fixes, and related work to this Direct3D-on-Vulkan translation layer that is extremely popular with Linux gamers...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 16:57

Radeon ROCm Updates Documentation Reinforcing Focus On Headless, Non-GUI Workloads

The Radeon ROCm open-source compute documentation has been updated to more clearly spell out what was already implied: their focus is on compute for headless, GUI-less workloads and not OpenCL or compute for conventional desktop applications...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 16:00

helloSystem, System76 Keyboard + Linux 5.11/5.12 Captivated Users In February

From FreeBSD 13 nearing release and helloSystem making waves to Linux 5.11 getting buttoned up while paired with the virtual FOSDEM 2021 conference was able to capture much interest in the open-source community during another pandemic month...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 13:00

Vulkan 1.2.171 Released With New Extension For BlackBerry QNX Support

Vulkan 1.2.171 is out this morning with several fixes and clarifications to this high performance graphics / compute API specification while there is also a new extension for allowing BlackBerry QNX support...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 12:16

Clazy Framework Employed To Help Port Qt 5 Code To Qt 6

The Qt Company is now offering some checks for the Clazy framework to help in porting Qt 5 code to Qt 6 compatibility...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 12:00

There's Finally An Easy Way To Track Mesa's OpenCL Support

While Mesa is most well known for providing OpenGL and Vulkan open-source drivers on Linux systems, via the "Clover" Gallium3D state tracker is also maturing support for OpenCL. But until now it hasn't been straight-forward to track the state of Mesa's OpenCL supported versions and extensions...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 07:00

ET: Legacy 2.77 Released For Letting Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Live On In 2021

ET Legacy 2.77 is out today as the newest version of this open-source game project continuing to advance the open-sourced Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game from the early 2000's...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 06:00

Linux 5.12-rc1 Released As The "Frozen Wasteland" Kernel

Linus Torvalds issued the first release candidate tonight of Linux 5.12 following an unusual merge window...
  • 1 mars 2021 à 02:02

Linux 5.12 Features Intel Xe VRR, Nintendo 64 Port + Clang LTO + Much More

The Linux 5.12 merge window was off to a rough start due to winter storms preventing Linus Torvalds from merging changes for nearly one week, but in any case he appears to have caught up and the Linux 5.12-rc1 kernel is expected later today to end out the merge window. Here is a look at the many exciting changes coming for Linux 5.12.
  • 28 février 2021 à 16:30

Vulkan Ray-Tracing Along With Other New/Updated Benchmarks For February

There have been plenty of new and updated benchmarks over the course of February ahead of upcoming CPU and GPU launches...
  • 28 février 2021 à 15:06

Linux Mint's Update Manager To Encourage Users To Apply Security Updates

Last week the Linux Mint project shared the troubling news how many of its users are behind on important security updates or in some cases even running end-of-life versions. In trying to help address the issue, Linux Mint is working on improvements to its Update Manager to encourage users to apply updates...
  • 28 février 2021 à 14:52

Xilinx Volleys Latest Open-Source Alveo Accelerator Driver Code

Back in March 2019 Xilinx announced they were looking to upstream their Alveo FPGA accelerator drivers into the mainline kernel code. They followed through with posting the initial kernel patches and then fast forward to the end of 2020 they posted a new iteration of the patches. This month the company, which is in the process of being acquired by AMD, posted the third iteration of their open-source Linux kernel driver patches...
  • 28 février 2021 à 13:09

Apple Touch Bar Linux Driver Hopes For Upstream In 2021

For more than four years Apple's MacBook Pro has featured the Touch Bar as a display / control bar input device above the keyboard on these laptops. While there have been reports of Apple potentially phasing out the Touch Bar in future models, an open-source Linux driver for the component is still working its way toward the mainline kernel...
  • 28 février 2021 à 12:25