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Aujourd’hui — 9 avril 2020Phoronix

X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator With Vulkan Performing Very Well On Linux - NVIDIA/AMD OpenGL vs. Vulkan Benchmarks

Last week the X-Plane 11.50 beta was released with its long awaited Vulkan renderer to complement its mature OpenGL rendering code. Since then we've been busy benchmarking with 23 different graphics cards of AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce line-ups while running Ubuntu Linux and comparing the OpenGL vs. Vulkan rendering performance for this realistic flight simulator.
  • 9 avril 2020 à 01:37
Hier — 8 avril 2020Phoronix

LOOPFS File-System Proposed For Linux

LOOPFS is the latest Linux kernel file-system proposal...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 19:16

Linux Security Feature Revised For Randomizing The Kernel Stack Offset At Each System Call

Patches have been revised for allowing Linux to support kernel stack base address offset randomization for each system call...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 17:02

New Qt Releases Might Now Be Restricted To Paying Customers For 12 Months

With an apparent blame on the novel coronavirus, The Qt Company is said to be considering restricting new Qt releases to paying customers for a period of twelve months in an effort to boost their near-term finances...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 13:53

Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" Driver Should Trip Less Often On Some GPUs With Linux 5.7

Last week there were a bunch of new improvements and features for the open-source kernel graphics/display drivers merged for Linux 5.7. There were not any feature changes on the open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver front while this week at least are some fixes/workarounds so it's less buggy for some hardware...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 13:17

OverlayFS Can Be Paired With VirtIO-FS On Linux 5.7

The OverlayFS union mount file-system has a number of fixes and other changes with Linux 5.7...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 13:00

The Qt Company Publishes A 2020 Roadmap Culminating With The Qt 6.0 Release

The Qt Company has made public their 2020 road-map for Qt software releases...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 12:22

TURNIP Vulkan Driver Lands Initial Geometry Shader Support

The TURNIP open-source Vulkan driver continues advancing in-step with the other Mesa drivers...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 08:50

AMD Rebases Their OpenMP For Radeon GPUs Against LLVM 11

At the end of last year with ROCm 3.0 AMD introduced the AOMP compiler for OpenMP support targeting Radeon GPUs. AOMP is another downstream of LLVM Clang and on Tuesday marked the latest update...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 06:05

Google's Propeller Is Beginning To Be Upstreamed For Spinning Faster Program Binaries

We have begun seeing the start of upstreaming on Google's Propeller Framework for offering post-link-time binary optimizations in the LLVM compiler stack to offer measurably faster (re)generated binaries...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 01:36

GNOME Launching A Community Engagement Challenge With $65k+ In Cash/Prizes

The GNOME Foundation in cooperation with Endless has launched their first Community Engagement Challenge where they are offering up many prizes and cash...
  • 8 avril 2020 à 00:00

Some Older Intel Tablets Finally Seeing Working Touchscreen With Linux 5.7

While Intel's open-source Linux hardware support is extremely good even in time for launch day of not only for their server / data center products but also desktop and mobile platforms, occasionally there are exceptions. One of the biggest exceptions over the past decade has been the Bay Trail support sometimes taking years to see fixes or finishing up areas of the support. The latest example of this is some Intel Bay Trail and Cherry Trail tablets finally seeing working/reliable touchscreen support on Linux 5.7...
  • 7 avril 2020 à 21:10
À partir d’avant-hierPhoronix

Vulkan 1.2.137 Specification Brings Many Clarifications + Fixes, Faster HTML Doc Loading

Less than one month ago came the big Vulkan 1.2.135 update with official ray-tracing capabilities and other extension promotions. Out today is Vulkan 1.2.137 with a whole lot of clarifications and fixes...
  • 7 avril 2020 à 19:26

NVIDIA 440.82 Linux Driver Brings DOOM Eternal Performance Fix, Linux 5.6 Compatibility

NVIDIA today released the 440.82 Linux binary display driver as their newest stable update in the current 440 driver series...
  • 7 avril 2020 à 17:59

Linux 5.6 I/O Scheduler Benchmarks: None, Kyber, BFQ, MQ-Deadline

While some Linux distributions are still using MQ-Deadline or Kyber by default for NVMe SSD storage, using no I/O scheduler still tends to perform the best overall for this speedy storage medium.
  • 7 avril 2020 à 15:56

Firefox 75 Released With Flatpak Support, Wayland Improvements

Mozilla has released Firefox 75.0 as what is a big update for Linux users...
  • 7 avril 2020 à 15:30

AMD ACO Begins Using Navi NGG For Tessellation + Vertex Shaders

The AMD "ACO" compiler backed by Valve for offering a faster shader compiler back-end than AMDGPU LLVM for the RADV open-source Radeon Vulkan driver has begun making use of Navi's NGG "Next-Gen Geometry" hardware...
  • 7 avril 2020 à 14:22

GNU MediaGoblin Announces They Are Still Alive

One of several GNU projects that have been silent in recent years is MediaGoblin, the effort to provide a free and decentralized web platform for sharing of digital media...
  • 7 avril 2020 à 13:24

F2FS Introduces Zstd Compression Support With The Linux 5.7 Kernel

The Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) updates have been sent in for the very active Linux 5.7 kernel...
  • 7 avril 2020 à 12:33

LLVM's Flang/F18 Fortran Compiler Might Be Back On Track For Merging Soon

Since the "f18" open-source Fortran compiler front-end was approved last year for merging as the newest LLVM sub-project and using the Flang name, there have been a number of false starts in getting the code merged. This year alone Flang had multiple delays and cancelled merge plans as the developers worked to get the code ready for upstream. Now though it looks like it could be ready to cross that long sought after milestone for having an in-tree Fortran front-end...
  • 7 avril 2020 à 01:43

Canonical Contributing Upstream Improvements To Plymouth Ahead Of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

One of the immediate differences Ubuntu 20.04 desktop/laptop users will notice when booting in UEFI mode is the boot splash screen improvements thanks to leveraging Red Hat's work on providing a flicker-free boot experience and pulling in the UEFI BGRT system/motherboard logo during the boot process to provide a more transitive experience. Canonical in turn is working on pushing some of their improvements back into upstream Plymouth...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 22:38

Intel P-State Driver Shifting To "Schedutil" Governor Default With Linux 5.7

On top of all the other changes in Linux 5.7 so far, a secondary set of power management updates were sent in today for this next version of the kernel and includes now using the Schedutil governor by default for Intel P-State and Arm big.LITTLE systems...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 19:40

AMD's Marek Olšák Lands Even More OpenGL Threading Improvements Into Mesa 20.1

One month ago to the day I was writing about OpenGL threading improvements for Mesa 20.1 and since then more "GLTHREAD" work has materialized and successfully landed for improving the Mesa OpenGL driver performance...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 18:08

Linux 5.7 Changes So Far: New exFAT Driver, Tiger Lake Graphics By Default, Apple Fast Charge, Etc

We are now one week through the two week long Linux 5.7 kernel merge window where new/improved functionality is introduced. Here is a look at the changes so far for Linux 5.7...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 17:00

C-SKY Architecture Gets Fix For Its Own Speculative Execution Bug In Linux 5.7

C-SKY is a Chinese 32-bit CPU architecture intended for low-power devices from media boxes / DVRs to printers and other consumer electronics. C-SKY has also worked its way into a ~$6 development board. With its updates for the Linux 5.7 kernel are various additions to this maturing architecture support along with a speculative execution fix...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 15:47

Initial Benchmarks With Intel oneAPI Level Zero Performance

Last week Intel released an initial set of micro-benchmarks for their oneAPI Level Zero and with L0 support being plumbed into their open-source Intel Compute Runtime, this weekend I started toying around with some Level Zero benchmarks on a variety of Intel processors.
  • 6 avril 2020 à 14:38

L1d Cache Flush On Context Switch Moves Forward For Linux In Light Of Vulnerabilities

A new patch series sent out just under one month ago was providing opt-in L1 data cache flushing on context switching. That work has now been revived again and now with documentation added it's clear that this work is being done in response to a recent CVE being made public...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 14:00

Linux Exec Should Be Less Deadlock Prone In Future Kernels

Ongoing work around Linux's exec() code should make it less deadlock prone in future kernel versions...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 13:07

/dev/random Seeing Performance Work For Linux 5.7

The Linux 5.7 kernel will bring random performance improvements as in /dev/random...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 12:45

Kaidan 0.5 Released As The KDE-Focused Jabber/XMPP Chat Client

Kaidan is the open-source project that last year joined KDE as a Jabber/XMPP chat client. After a half year of work, Kaidan 0.5 has finally been released...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 06:09

Linux 5.7 Perf Changes Include Additions For AMD Zen 3, Intel Tiger Lake

The perf subsystem continues to be quite lively with improvements and for Linux 5.7 is seeing a number of low-level improvements...
  • 6 avril 2020 à 01:05

Phoronix Test Suite 9.6 Milestone 2 Released For Latest Cross-Platform Benchmarking

The second development release of the Phoronix Test Suite 9.6 cross-platform benchmarking software is now available for evaluation and testing...
  • 5 avril 2020 à 22:43

Looking At The LVI Mitigation Impact On Intel Cascade Lake Refresh

On Friday I posted some initial numbers looking at the LVI mitigation impact when using the LLVM Clang compiler with that open-source, multi-platform compiler having landed its mitigation this week for Intel's Load Value Injection (LVI) vulnerability that was disclosed in March. Through the weekend I have been running some additional tests of this compiler-based mitigation and in this article are some numbers off Cascade Lake Refresh, which while recently released is reported by Intel to still be vulnerable to this new disclosure.
  • 5 avril 2020 à 18:30

KVM With Linux 5.7 Supporting Protected/Secure VM Guests For IBM POWER + s390

Both of IBM's s390 and POWER CPU architectures are seeing secure/protected guest virtual machine support with KVM on the in-development Linux 5.7 kernel...
  • 5 avril 2020 à 17:11

XFS Working Towards Online Repair, Many Underlying Improvements

While XFS dates back to the 90's and has been in the Linux kernel for nearly two decades, this proven file-system continues aging gracefully and continuing to see more improvements. With Linux 5.7 is another step forward for XFS...
  • 5 avril 2020 à 15:10

KDE Starts April With Big Performance Jump For Local I/O + 50~95% Faster Samba Transfers

KDE developers managed to squeeze some long-problematic I/O optimizations into the KDE code-base this week along with other enhancements to make for a nice first week of April...
  • 5 avril 2020 à 12:54

DRM TTM Hugepage Support Lands In Linux 5.7

The work led by VMware on allowing the Direct Rendering Manager's TTM memory management code support huge page tables has been added to Linux 5.7...
  • 5 avril 2020 à 11:57

Linux 5.7 To Support Spawning A Process In A Different Cgroup From Its Parent

An important infrastructure change with the Linux 5.7 kernel now allows the ability to create a process in a different cgroup from the parent process...
  • 5 avril 2020 à 07:48

Loongson Improvements Land In Linux 5.7 To Improve The Chinese MIPS CPUs

The MIPS architecture improvements for Linux 5.7 are headlined by Loongson support improvements for those Chinese manufactured MIPS64 platforms...
  • 5 avril 2020 à 06:00

Open-Source Unvanquished Game Aiming For A New Release Soon

One of the most promising open-source game projects of the 2010s when it comes to gameplay and visual quality is the Unvanquished project but sadly in recent years has been fairly quiet although new code continues to be contributed to their repository. It looks like in the weeks ahead could finally be a new release...
  • 5 avril 2020 à 01:31

The New Microsoft exFAT File-System Driver Has Landed In Linux 5.7

As we have been expecting the new Samsung-developed file-system driver for Microsoft's exFAT has successfully landed into the Linux 5.7 kernel to replace the existing exFAT driver added in Linux 5.4 last year after Microsoft published the file-system specifications and gave their blessing to have the support mainlined in the Linux kernel...
  • 4 avril 2020 à 21:37

Linux 5.7 Adds Support For The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, Mainline PinePhone Support

Some exciting ARM SoCs and devices are supported by the mainline Linux 5.7 kernel...
  • 4 avril 2020 à 18:18

Dell XPS Ice Lake Taking A Wallop On Ubuntu 20.04

With our early benchmarking of Ubuntu 20.04 in its current nearing the end of development state, we've been seeing Ubuntu 20.04 boosting Intel Xeon Scalable performance, running well with AMD EPYC Rome, and good AMD Ryzen performance, among other tests. Strangely though the one platform where I've found Ubuntu 20.04 hard regressing so far is with the Dell XPS 7390 Ice Lake...
  • 4 avril 2020 à 14:41

Radeon Open Compute 3.3 Released But Still Without Official Navi Support

This week marked the release of ROCm 3.3 as the newest version of the Radeon Open Compute stack...
  • 4 avril 2020 à 13:03

High Resolution Wheel Scrolling Back To Being Finished Up For The Linux Desktop

Added over a year ago to the mainline Linux kernel was the high resolution mouse wheel scrolling support. While the support landed on kernel-side for to provide "buttery smooth" wheel scrolling, the work has yet to be wrapped up on the user-space side for making this a reality on the Linux desktop...
  • 4 avril 2020 à 12:39

AMD ACO Backend Implements 8-bit / 16-bit Storage Capabilities - Needed For DOOM Eternal

It's been another busy week for Mesa's RADV Vulkan driver with the Valve-backed ACO compiler back-end alternative to AMDGPU LLVM...
  • 4 avril 2020 à 09:25

Steam Survey Points To Tiny Uptick In Linux Percentage For March

With Steam and other online gaming platforms seeing record usage in recent weeks as a result of home isolation around the world as a result of the coronavirus, one of the matters of curiosity has been how this will impact the Linux gaming percentage...
  • 4 avril 2020 à 07:17

Linux 5.7's Char/Misc Brings MHI Bus, Habana Labs AI Accelerator Code Additions

Greg Kroah-Hartman on Friday sent in his "char/misc" updates for the Linux 5.7 kernel several days later than normal...
  • 4 avril 2020 à 06:10

Proton 5.0-6 To Allow Out-Of-The-Box DOOM Eternal On Linux

Valve is finishing up work on Proton 5.0-6 as the next version of their Wine downstream that powers Steam Play. With Proton 5.0-6 are some promising improvements...
  • 4 avril 2020 à 00:00

NIR Vectorization Lands In Mesa 20.1 For Big Intel Graphics Performance Boost

The recently covered NIR vectorization pass ported from AMD's ACO back-end for improving the open-source Intel Linux graphics performance has landed now in Mesa 20.1...
  • 3 avril 2020 à 23:20