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Aujourd’hui — 20 septembre 2019The Independent - World

Trump says whistleblower complaint relates to 'totally appropriate conversation'

Par Lily Puckett, Lily Puckett
'Someone ought to look into Joe Biden's billions of dollars and you wouldn't look into that because he's a Democrat,' president tells reporters in testy exchange

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 20:44

Imelda's toll in Texas: Flooding and fears about a bridge

Par Manny Fernandez, Sarah Mervosh, Mitchell Ferman, Manny Fernandez, Sarah Mervosh, Mitchell Ferman
At least two dead as hundreds of homes flooded and thousands left without power

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 19:30

Trump responds to Trudeau blackface scandal: 'I was more surprised when I saw the number of times'

Par Staff Reporter, Staff Reporter
'I've always had a good relationship with Justin,' says president

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 17:39

Tekashi69: Video shows rapper 'being abducted at gunpoint' as Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods trial continues

Par Clémence Michallon, Clémence Michallon
Rapper has testified as a prosecution witness at the federal trial of two alleged gang members

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 16:09

Bill de Blasio: New York mayor quits 2020 Democratic race, prompting sarcastic Trump tweet

Par Phil Thomas, Phil Thomas
The presidential hopeful throws in the towel after failing to distinguish himself in a crowded field

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 14:43

'Our existence is at stake': Students on islands being swallowed by rising seas join global climate strike

Par Colin Drury, Colin Drury
As young people across planet march on cities to demand action, those in territories already suffering the dire impact of environmental catastrophe add their voices to calls for urgent action

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 13:36

Manhunt underway after shooting near White House kills one and injures several

Par Rich McKay, Dan Whitcomb, Rich McKay, Dan Whitcomb
Two of five wounded are in critical condition

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 12:12

Area 51 raid – live updates: Alien hunters arrive near base amid official warnings and fears of 'humanitarian disaster'

Par Andrew Griffin, Andrew Griffin
Alien-hunters are arriving near Area 51 after a viral craze that saw them commit to storm the mysterious US military base.

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 11:17

Twitter removes pro-Saudi accounts and former aide sacked over Khashoggi killing

Par Foo Yun Chee, Katie Paul, Foo Yun Chee, Katie Paul
Company notes violations of its 'platform manipulation' policies

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 11:50

Climate strike – live: Millions across world demand urgent action to save planet in largest environmental protest in history

Par Samuel Osborne, Chris Baynes, Phoebe Weston, Samuel Osborne, Chris Baynes, Phoebe Weston
Demonstrations inspired by teenage Swedish activist Greta Thunberg take place ahead of UN climate summit in New York

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 19:19

Trump's lawyer admits he asked Ukraine to investigate Biden, seconds after denying he did

Par Colin Drury, Colin Drury
Rudy Giuliani contradicts himself over claims he requested corruption probe into former vice-president

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 09:37

Global climate strike begins with huge crowds in Australia and millions more set to take to streets worldwide

Par Samuel Osborne, Samuel Osborne
Follow the latest updates from what could be the largest climate protest in history

  • 20 septembre 2019 à 09:30

Storm Imelda: People warned to stay indoors as 'extreme' floods hit Texas

Par Alex Woodward, Alex Woodward
Heavy rainfall from the remains of Tropical Storm Imelda has flooded parts of southwestern Louisiana and southeastern Texas.

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 22:04

Trump intel scandal: White House threatened with legal action for refusing to share explosive whistleblower complaint

Par John Wagner, Karoun Demirjian, John Wagner, Karoun Demirjian
Adam Schiff says acting director of national intelligence Joseph Maguire's refusal to share the complaint with Congress is 'unprecedented'

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 21:37

Trump White House spending $33 million to house 'imaginary' migrants at empty detention camp

Par Chris Riotta, Chris Riotta
Office of Refugee Resettlement admits the government is pouring millions of dollars into empty detention facilities

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 21:29
Hier — 19 septembre 2019The Independent - World

Trump administration threatens to cut funding from university course for 'positive' discussion of Islam

Par Alex Woodward, Alex Woodward
Opponents of the move warn that "the odour of right wing political correctness that comes through this definitely could have a chilling effect"

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 20:48

Zine el Abidine Ben Ali: First ruler ousted by Arab Spring dies in Saudi exile

Par Associated Press reporters, Associated Press reporters
Former Tunisia president dies aged 83 after suffering from prostate cancer, lawyer says

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 20:31

'We are preparing for the worst': Storm Area 51 event could be disaster, locals fear

Par Andrew Griffin, Andrew Griffin
'They're not going to find what they're looking for, and they are going to get angry'

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 19:22

Boy stabbed to death while dozens of teenagers watched and filmed attack

Par Alex Woodward, Alex Woodward
Footage of the fight was posted to Snapchat and other social media platforms

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 19:12

Obama makes veiled attack on Trump: 'Watching TV or reading social media is not helpful'

Par Andrew Buncombe, Andrew Buncombe
President loves reading Twitter and watching Fox News

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 18:20

Republican mayor calls for his city to ban assault weapons because 'my prayers aren't working'

Par Clark Mindock, Clark Mindock
Politician's resolution would call on Congress to pass a range of gun control measures

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 18:05

Mountain lion wanders into couple's home while they watch TV before getting itself locked in bathroom

Par Clark Mindock, Clark Mindock
Couple say they gave the big cat a little nudge, after initially thinking it was a neighbour's pet

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 17:38

Justin Trudeau blackface scandal: Canadian PM refuses to admit how many times he coloured his face

Par Andrew Buncombe, Andrew Buncombe
Controversy erupts five weeks ahead of close-fought election

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 16:01

'Netanyahu was our best campaigner': Arab politicians emerge as unlikely victors in Israel's fraught elections

Par Bel Trew, Bel Trew
Arab politicians believe Netanyahu's rhetoric actually galvanised support for their coalition

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 17:28

Black panther spotted prowling French rooftops prompts astonishment

Par Jon Sharman, Jon Sharman
'She is beautiful,' says shocked neighbour

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 17:25

Trump sues to try and block New York prosecutors from getting his tax returns

Par Chris Riotta, Chris Riotta
President files lawsuit after state prosecutors subpoena his financial records amid probe

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 17:18

'He has brought shame on Canada': Can Justin Trudeau survive blackface scandal when country heads to polls next month?

Par Brad Hunter, Brad Hunter
Analysis: Can a political career built on his progressive reputation survive unearthing of incidents decried as 'racist'?

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 16:48

Indonesia to make sex outside marriage illegal

Par Tom Allard, Agustinus Bea Da Costa, Tom Allard, Agustinus Bea Da Costa
Gay marriage is not recognised in the country

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 16:33

Shaman walking across Russia to 'exorcise Putin' arrested on 'terrorism' charges

Par Oliver Carroll, Oliver Carroll
Alexander Gabyshev was attempting to walk 5,000 miles from Siberia to banish 'demon' president

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 16:08

Joe Kennedy looks to extend dynasty with 2020 challenge - but will need to persuade Democrats first

Par Chris Riotta, Chris Riotta
The Massachusetts congressman sees himself as the heir apparent to his family's political dynasty. But can he defeat establishment progressive?

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 16:03

US drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan, officials say

Par Jon Sharman, Jon Sharman
'The workers had lit a bonfire and were sitting together when they were targeted,' says tribal elder

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 15:43

How a Sesame Street Muppet became embroiled in a controversy over autism

Par Lindsey Bever, Lindsey Bever
Julia's partnership with Autism Speaks sparks debate in the autistic community

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 15:16

Trump news: President blocks action on gun control weeks after deadly mass shootings, as Fox News poll suggests he will lose in 2020

Par Andrew Buncombe, Joe Sommerlad, Chris Riotta, Andrew Buncombe, Joe Sommerlad, Chris Riotta
Donald Trump has angrily denied reports he made a promise to a mystery foreign leader during a phone call from the Oval Office that so troubled one US intelligence official they felt compelled to file a whistleblower complaint about it, predictably dismissing the story and asking: "Is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate?"

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 23:50

Justin Trudeau blackface: Third incident of Canadian PM wearing racist makeup emerges

Par Zamira Rahim, Zamira Rahim
Clip released hours after apology for 'Arabian Nights' costume

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 14:46

Indonesian police arrest hundreds linked to forest fires spreading noxious haze across southeast Asia

Par Niniek Karmini, Niniek Karmini
Thai authorities say it has reached a dangerous level in the last few days

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 13:18

Edward Snowden: France rejects new asylum request from NSA whistleblower

Par Zoe Tidman, Zoe Tidman
He says he would return to US if guaranteed fair trial

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 12:52

Bisexual women seven times more likely to consume medical cannabis daily than heterosexual women, study finds

Par Maya Oppenheim, Maya Oppenheim
They are also 'twice as likely to have co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders yet often have little contact with service providers,' researcher says

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 12:49

'It's happening': Trump is getting impeached, former White House ethics chief says

Par Zamira Rahim, Zamira Rahim
Democrats remain divided over issue after first hearing with Corey Lewandowski

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 12:46

F-16 fighter jet crash leaves pilot dangling from high-voltage electricity line in France

Par Jon Sharman, Jon Sharman
Airman taken to hospital after two-hour ordeal in Brittany

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 12:25

Trump 'promise' to mystery foreign leader prompted US intelligence official to file formal whistleblower report

Par Zamira Rahim, Zamira Rahim
Putin and emir of Qatar among leaders who spoke to president around time inspector general issued 'urgent concern' notification

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 10:16

Israel election: Gantz rules out Netanyahu's offer of unity government to break deadlock

Par Bel Trew, Bel Trew
Incumbent had invited main rival Benny Gantz to form 'broad, unity government'

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 09:52

Tekashi69 says he ordered hit on rival rapper Chief Keef during court testimony

Par Roisin O'Connor, Roisin O'Connor
23-year-old is currently testifying against members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang in order to have his own sentence reduced

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 09:46

'Listen to the scientists': Climate activist Greta Thunberg issues plea to US Congress

Par Clark Mindock, Clark Mindock
Ms Thunberg will speak before the United Nations in New York about climate change next week

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 09:20

Fukushima executives cleared over worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl

Par Zoe Tidman, Zoe Tidman
'This is only the beginning of a major battle', says prosecution lawyer

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 09:09

Justin Trudeau apologises for 'dumb' brownface photo: 'I didn't think it was racist at the time'

Par Adam Withnall, Adam Withnall
Prime minister photographed dressed in turban and dark makeup during 'Arabian Nights' themed event at school where he worked as teacher

  • 19 septembre 2019 à 04:54