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Aujourd’hui — 27 janvier 2020The Independent - World

'Kobe is responsible for some of my best friendships': America mourns a national hero who transcended sport

Par Clark Mindock, Clark Mindock
Tributes have come in by seemingly everyone from presidents to kids who grew up playing basketball in New York City parks

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 18:48

Super Bowl commercial killing off 'Mr Peanut' mascot cancelled after Kobe Bryant crash

Par Dave Maclean, Dave Maclean
It is unclear what the brand it going to do with its paid-for spots - which cost millions of dollars

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 18:33

Australia wildfires: Devastating photo shows extent of damage

Par Andy Gregory, Andy Gregory
Charred trees seen to stretch for miles in region home to koalas, kangaroos and wombats

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 18:12

Left-wing alliance sees off Salvini's far-right in key Italian regional election after turnout surge

Par Jon Stone, Jon Stone
Setback for League in Emilia Romagna, but party still wins in Calabria

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 18:10

On eve of Trump's long-awaited Middle East peace plan, Palestinians urge boycott

Par Bel Trew, Bel Trew
'It is nothing but a plan to finish off the Palestinian cause', Palestinian prime minister says as Israeli leaders land in Washington

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 17:41

Holocaust Memorial Day: World leaders and survivors mark 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation with calls to defeat antisemitism

Par Tim Wyatt, Tim Wyatt
Presidents of Israel, Germany and Poland gather at infamous death camp to honour survivors and remember the dead

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 17:32

Coronavirus: British boarding schools urged to stay alert to xenophobia towards Chinese students after outbreak

Par Eleanor Busby, Eleanor Busby
'Action should be taken against anyone acting in this way,' warns independent school group

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 17:15

Kobe Bryant death - live updates: Reports emerge of dangerous fog during helicopter crash as all nine victims named

Par Lawrence Ostlere, Tom Kershaw, Chris Riotta, Jack Rathborn, Lawrence Ostlere, Tom Kershaw, Chris Riotta, Jack Rathborn
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department confirm nine passengers are believed to have been killed in the crash

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 17:12

South Carolina shooting: Two dead and four wounded after gunman opens fire in bar

Par Graig Graziosi, Graig Graziosi
Two people are dead and at least four are wounded following a shooting at a South Carolina bar on Sunday morning.

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 17:07

Trump impeachment trial: Romney says 'increasingly likely' John Bolton will be called to testify

Par John T Bennett, John T Bennett
Bolton's account 'goes right to the heart of the charges against the president,' says Schumer

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 16:31

Bernie Sanders' newest fan is probably the last person you'd expect it to be

Par Graig Graziosi, Graig Graziosi
The democratic socialist's campaign is winning a bizarre amount of attention from a certain booster

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 16:25

Harvey Weinstein jury to hear from accuser alleging forced oral sex in his apartment

Par Dave Maclean, Dave Maclean
'I was mortified. I was in disbelief and disgusted'

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 16:06

Alabama dock fire leaves several people dead and missing with dozens of boats destroyed, police say

Par Chris Riotta, Chris Riotta
Officials say survivors jumped into the water to escape massive blaze

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 15:38

Kobe Bryant death: All nine victims in California helicopter crash named

Par Chris Riotta, Chris Riotta
Victims include a beloved baseball coach, families and teammate to Bryant's daughter, Gianna

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 15:29

Trump hits back at 'explosive' Bolton book leak as pressure builds on Republicans to call him as impeachment witness

Par John T Bennett, John T Bennett
Key GOP senators are mum as White House says Bolton is pushing false account to increase sales

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 15:21

'Authoritarian' Zuckerberg intends to use Facebook to re-elect Trump, says Hillary Clinton

Par Andy Gregory, Andy Gregory
President's 2016 opponent compares tech giant to 'a foreign power' yet claims co-founder has been persuaded 'not to cross' president

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 15:09

Kim Jong-un's aunt appears in public for first time since husband's execution in 2013

Par Tim Wyatt, Tim Wyatt
Sudden reappearance belies rumours Kim Kyong-hui had been purged along with her husband years ago

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 14:10

Website that called Trump impeachment 'a Jew coup' gets press passes for president's trip

Par Michael Grynbaum, Michael Grynbaum
TruNews founder Pastor Rick Wiles describes president's opponents as a 'cabal'

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 14:05

Washington Post journalist suspended after tweeting about Kobe Bryant rape case hours after his death

Par Kate Ng, Kate Ng
'Any public figure is worth remembering in their totality, even if that public figure is beloved and that totality unsettling,' says Felicia Sonmez

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 13:38

Trump impeachment: Democrats call for Bolton to testify in trial after explosive Ukraine claims

Par Felicia Sonmez, Seung Min Kim, Felicia Sonmez, Seung Min Kim
Former national security adviser claims president told him about plan to withhold aid over Biden investigation

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 13:09

Prince Andrew: FBI ask to interview royal as part of Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse investigation

Par Andrew Buncombe, Alex Woodward, Andrew Buncombe, Alex Woodward
Federal investigators have asked to interview Prince Andrew as part of an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein and his co-conspirators about his alleged history of sexually abusing young girls.

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 13:06

International Space Station astronauts fix $2 billion cosmic ray detector after spacewalk

Par Andrew Griffin, Andrew Griffin
Instrument expected to make full recovery and start hunting for dark matter again soon

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 12:04

Kobe Bryant death: Helicopter crashed while flying in fog so thick it grounded other flights

Par Tim Wyatt, Tim Wyatt
Local police forces refused to launch own helicopters at time because of poor visibility

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 11:37

Pete Buttigieg insists Bernie Sanders 'can't beat Trump' after senator surges in polls

Par Chelsea Janes, Chelsea Janes
Vermont veteran is a 'risk we can't take', warns rival ahead of first Democratic primary

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 11:08

Kobe Bryant: BBC uses footage of wrong basketball player during broadcast

Par Andy Gregory, Andy Gregory
Editor blames 'human error' as one critic says: "I wish this careless mistake surprised me. It does not'

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 11:06

Woman dies in cake-eating contest in Australia

Par Harry Cockburn, Harry Cockburn
Paramedics were unable to resuscitate her after she appeared to choke

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 10:50

Taliban claims it shot down US military plane which crashed in Afghanistan

Par Alex Woodward, Alex Woodward
US officials are investigating the cause of a crash in Afghanistan after a US Air Force plane went down in Taliban-controlled territory, according to reports.

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 10:33

The Polish hero who volunteered to go to Auschwitz and warned world about the Nazis

Par Gillian Brockell, Gillian Brockell
Witold Pilecki made pleas to British intelligence for the allies to mercifully bomb or to liberate Auschwitz

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 06:12

Video of Kobe Bryant giving basketball pointers to daughter Gianna goes viral after fatal helicopter crash

Par Katie Davies, Katie Davies
A clip showing the pair chatting at a game in December has been shared online

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 03:44

Kobe Bryant death: NBA star congratulates LeBron James in poignant last tweet hours before helicopter crash

Par Chiara Giordano, Chiara Giordano
Retired basketball star lost spot as third-leading scorer in NBA history to fellow Lakers player

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 01:42

Kobe Bryant crash: Helicopter makers vow to probe deadly incident as safety record comes under scrutiny

Par Katie Davies, Katie Davies
Lockheed Martin manufacturers of the Sikorsky S-76B have vowed to help probe the crash that killed nine

  • 27 janvier 2020 à 00:28

Coronavirus: Confusion over government's plan to get 200 British citizens out of China

Par Rob Merrick, Chiara Giordano, Rob Merrick, Chiara Giordano
Downing Street has accepted some form of airlift necessary, source says

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 23:15
Hier — 26 janvier 2020The Independent - World

Kobe Bryant: The record-breaking basketball legend dead at 41

Par Vincent Wood, Vincent Wood
Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, was one of the most celebrated basketball players in NBA history

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 22:10

Trump impeachment: Monica Lewinsky urges people not to her name when referring to 1998

Par Andrew Buncombe, Andrew Buncombe
It is not first time the activist and writer has commented on current case

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 20:31

Coronavirus: France will evacuate its citizens from China's Wuhan by airplane, health ministry confirms

Par Chiara Giordano, Chiara Giordano
French citizens to be airlifted from city at centre of outbreak as death toll hits 56

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 20:08

Coronavirus: Five US cases confirmed as officials warn disease could spread to more people

Par Andrew Buncombe, Andrew Buncombe
Patients had all recently travelled to Wuhan in China

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 19:02

Man kept woman as sex slave for five years, say police

Par Peter Stubley, Peter Stubley
Salvador Escobar arrested in North Carolina after tip-off to human trafficking hotline

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 17:55

Coronavirus: Hospital workers 'wearing adult diapers because they do not have time to go to the bathroom'

Par Matt Drake, Matt Drake
Vital medical supplies dwindling as government rushes to build two hospitals to cope with demand

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 17:40

Coronavirus: Hong Kong protesters set fire to planned quarantine building

Par Jessie Pang, Jessie Pang
Riots and fires have broken out in and near the reacquisitioned residence

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 16:49

Man dresses up skeleton to drive in car-sharing lane

Par Zoe Tidman, Zoe Tidman
Dummy was wearing a sun hat, images show

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 16:33

Video appears to show Trump ordering associates to 'get rid of' US ambassador to Ukraine

Par Kenneth P Vogel, Ben Protess, Kenneth P Vogel, Ben Protess
Trump says after lavish dinner: 'This is all sort of, like, off the record, right?'

  • 26 janvier 2020 à 15:53