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Aujourd’hui — 28 octobre 2020The Independent - World

Why the US presidential vote is Russia's unwinnable election

Par Oliver Carroll

Beyond the hacking headlines, Moscow appears resigned to a toxic relationship - no matter who wins, writes Oliver Carroll

Super Bowl champion Tom Brady criticised for Instagram post downplaying Covid death toll

Par Oliver O'Connell

Super Bowl champion Tom Brady has been corrected after claiming on Instagram that the number of deaths by suicide is outpacing the number of deaths from Covid-19.

Chris Paul leads march to voting site at N. Carolina college

Par Via AP news wire
NBA star Chris Paul led nearly 2,500 people on a march to an early-voting site at a university in North Carolina where he also takes classes

‘White racist cops got my own dad’: Walter Wallace’s young son speaks out

Par Harriet Alexander

An investigation has been opened into the police shooting of Walter Wallace who died in Philadelphia on Monday afternoon

Love blossoms amid pandemic, TikTok turmoil for two creators

Par Via AP news wire
With love and pranks, Ian Paget and Chris Olsen are among millions of U.S. newbies looking to soak up social media stardom on TikTok

Spike in Covid survivors with antibodies that attack body instead of virus, study finds

Par Apoorva Mandavilli

Some patients produce molecules called ‘autoantibodies’ that target genetic material from human cells

Turkey says it will take legal action against French caricature of Erdogan

Par Daren Butler

Move comes after teacher was beheaded in France this month for sharing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed 

WhatsApp playing ‘stealth role’ in 2020 election spreading fake news to Indian-Americans

Par Namita Singh

Arun Bantval and his rapid response team has created about 50 graphics and texts in the past three months to debunk fake news

UK under pressure amid warning hospital cases may triple

Par Via AP news wire
The British government is under pressure to develop a national strategy to combat the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and “rescue Christmas’’ as scientists warn that the number of people hospitalized with the disease could almost triple by the end of next month unless something more is done now

Germany, France gear up for new lockdowns as virus surges

Par Via AP news wire
Germany and France were bracing for new lockdowns to stop the fast-rising tide of coronavirus cases beginning to fill hospitals

Germany and France gear up for new lockdowns as coronavirus cases surge

Par Via AP news wire
Germany and France were bracing for new lockdowns to stop the fast-rising tide of coronavirus cases beginning to fill hospitals

Millions vote in 'referendum on Modi's Covid response' despite still soaring numbers in India

Par Stuti Mishra

Key state elections in Bihar seen as gauge of PM’s popularity, after the pandemic and a lockdown that displaced millions

Hundreds of Muslims hold anti-France protest in Bangladesh

Par Via AP news wire
Hundreds of activists from an Islamist political party have protested in Bangladesh’s capital against the French president’s support of secular laws that deem caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad as protected under freedom of speech

Hundreds of Muslims hold anti-France protest in Bangladesh over Prophet Muhammad cartoons

Par Via AP news wire
Hundreds of activists from an Islamist political party have protested in Bangladesh’s capital against the French president’s support of secular laws that deem caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad as protected under freedom of speech

EU countries could receive Covid vaccine by April, as second wave ravages Europe

Par Jane Dalton

Hopes rise of jab as European countries suffer highest ever daily rates of infection  

US towns known as Covid hotspots start to discard face masks despite soaring cases

Par Joel Achenbach

North Dakota not wearing coverings despite most infected state, says White House Covid task force

France expected to announce second lockdown as daily deaths double overnight

Par Anthony Cuthbertson

President Emmanuel Macron to give public address as new coronavirus cases rise to highest in Europe

Israel looks to far-right figure to head Holocaust memorial

Par Via AP news wire
Israel plans to nominate a far-right former general and Cabinet minister who once called for the expulsion of Palestinians from the West Bank to head the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial

Taiwan says newly purchased US arms will help it destroy half of any invading Chinese force

Par Stuti Mishra

Taiwanese lawmaker describes the island’s efforts to bolster its defence as a ‘hedgehog’ strategy

Pompeo says AES of US, PetroVietnam to sign $2.8B LNG deal

Par Via AP news wire
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the U.S. energy firm AES and PetroVietnam plan to soon sign an agreement on a $2.8 billion liquefied natural gas project

EU chief calls for common tests, tracing as virus surges

Par Via AP news wire
A top European Union official is urging the 27 member states to introduce common rules to test for the coronavirus and trace its spread to help prevent further damage to their economies

Maskless pope blames ‘this lady called Covid’ for distance from faithful

Par Via AP news wire
Pope Francis has blamed “this lady called COVID” for forcing him to keep his distance from the faithful during his general audience, which was far smaller than usual amid soaring coronavirus infections in Italy

2020 election polls: Half of Trump supporters say he shouldn’t accept election result if he loses

Par Louise Boyle

Exclusive polling: Some 29% of US adults think it’s ‘perfectly acceptable’ for the president to refuse to accept the outcome of next week’s election if he narrowly loses

The Latest: UN: Over 2 million virus cases in just 1 week

Par Via AP news wire
The World Health Organization said countries globally reported more than 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases last week _ the shortest time ever for such an exponential increase since the pandemic began

Woman in labour refuses to go to hospital until she has voted

Par Emily Goddard

Pregnant woman stays in car as husband runs into elections office to get ballot card

Coronavirus: France braces for possible new lockdown as Covid deaths mount

Par Via AP news wire
France is bracing for a potential new lockdown as the president prepares a televised address Wednesday aimed at stopping a fast-rising tide of virus patients filling French hospitals and a growing daily death toll

Hong Kong democracy activist arrested 'as he went to claim asylum at US consulate'

Par Namita Singh

Tony Chung was arrested under charges of violating the city’s new national security law

Tourist, 12, and guide lose limbs in shark attack in Egypt

Par Colin Drury

Two-metre long Oceanic Whitetip struck after being seen acting aggressively 

Cold case ‘cracked’ as man arrested over murder of woman 44 years ago

Par Via AP news wire
Authorities say a DNA sample that a South Carolina man was required to give after his arrest this year for pointing a gun while drunk has cracked a long-cold murder case

Australia says women on 10 flights strip-searched at Qatari airport 'after baby abandoned in bin'

Par Mayank Aggarwal

Qatar government has said it ‘regrets any distress’ and announces investigation into incident

Coronavirus: Divisions turn Belgium into Europe’s worst Covid hot spot

Par Via AP news wire
Small, yet so divided, Belgium has been hit hard again by the pandemic, and now presents some of the most worrying statistics in a continent reeling under the virus’ resurgence

Poland abortion law: Nationwide strike launched after court ruling

Par Via AP news wire
People across Poland are vowing to stay off their jobs as part of a nationwide strike called to protest a top court ruling that bans abortions in cases of congenitally damaged fetuses

AP News Digest 3:55 a.m.

Par Via AP news wire

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Turkish leaders condemn Charlie Hebdo cartoon of Erdogan

Par Via AP news wire
Turkish officials are railing against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo over its cover-page cartoon mocking Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accusing it of sowing “the seeds of hatred and animosity.”

Iran: Satellite photos show construction at nuclear site

Par Via AP news wire

Satellite photos show Iran has begun construction at its Natanz nuclear facility

Teenager in India kills himself after shattered mobile phone screen means he can’t attend online classes

Par Namita Singh

Pupils are slowly returning to classrooms across India, but experts say lockdown will leave 'permanent scars' on a generation

Asian stocks mostly higher despite worries over virus cases

Par Via AP news wire
Asian shares mostly recovered from an early decline on worries about rising numbers of virus infections and Washington’s inability to deliver more aid to the economy
Hier — 27 octobre 2020The Independent - World

English Channel: Two children among four migrants killed after boat sinks trying to reach UK

Par Lizzie Dearden

Two children are among four migrants to have died after their boat sank as they tried to reach the UK.

Hurricane warning issued for New Orleans as Zeta hits Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Par James Crump

‘We’re doing everything we can to prepare for the storm,’ says Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards

Kamala Harris fever is gripping India - but not everyone is convinced

Par Stuti Mishra

Her comments on Kashmir and her own mixed heritage might be controversial in India, but seeing a first Indian-American in the White House would still be a source of pride pride for many, as Stuti Mishra reports from Delhi

VMI racism probe: Cadets attack black students and women via messaging app amid investigation

Par Ian Shapira

'Someone is making a racist joke. GET OVER IT. Comedians can make them. Why can't I?' one wrote

Rate of starving children in Yemen reaches new high, UN warns

Par Bel Trew

UN agencies counted more than half a million acute malnutrition cases in children

Thai students aim for ambitious political change

Par Via AP news wire
A student-led campaign has shaken Thailand’s ruling establishment with the most significant push for political change in years

Fox News president and top anchors exposed to Covid-19 on private flight

Par Chris Riotta

Martha MacCallum, Bret Baier, Dana Perino and Juan Williams among those reportedly exposed to Covid-19 on charter plane following the final presidential debates

Belgium's ex-King Albert finally receives daughter Delphine

Par Via AP news wire
The long-running royal scandal that has riveted Belgium and damaged those involved reached a new milestone when former King Albert II reunited with the daughter he fathered out of wedlock over half a century ago