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Hier — 1 juillet 2020The Independent - World

Trump claims coronavirus is 'going to just disappear' as US sees record number of new cases

Par ,
Donald Trump repeated a claim that the coronavirus was going to "just disappear", a day after the United States announced a record number of new cases.

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 21:31

2020 election: Why Americans might not find out who won on 3 November

Par Louise Hall, Louise Hall
'There is no chance that we will know on election night the full vote total in Michigan'

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 20:04

Trump's support from white evangelicals slips in new poll

Par Oliver O'Connell, Oliver O'Connell
Polling from Pew Research also shows national satisfaction plummet from 55 per cent to 19 per cent amongst Republicans

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 19:58

Trump claims he was 'never briefed' on Russia bounty threat, calls story a 'hoax' and demands NYT name its source

Par Graig Graziosi, Graig Graziosi
'The Russia Bounty story is just another made up by Fake News tale that is told only to damage me and the Republican Party,' the president tweeted

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 19:36

Sean Hannity: Fox News host mocked for asking Trump softball questions

Par James Crump, James Crump
Mark Cuban jokes about interview with US president

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 19:10

Scientists condemn 'chilling' US move to buy up almost entire supply of coronavirus drug

Par Graig Graziosi, Graig Graziosi
'Hoarding intellectual property for medicine in a pandemic is the behaviour of a sociopath'

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 19:04

Trump administration 'stupefyingly stupid' for withholding information on Russian bounties, Harvard professor says

Par Louise Hall, Louise Hall
'It's almost impressive how the Trump White House keeps making this series of scandals worse,' expert in national security law says

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 18:51

Kissing and heavy breathing banned as Dutch sex workers wave goodbye to lockdown

Par Esther Verkaik, Esther Verkaik
'If I am ill for a week that means a week without income,' one worker says

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 18:30

US withdrawal from WHO will harm people's health, warns Harvard expert

Par James Crump, James Crump
'Americans are getting sick and dying at an unprecedented rate,' says Dr Ashish K Jha

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 18:28

Kentucky election: Democrats flip state Senate seat held by Republicans for 25 years

Par Danielle Zoellner, Danielle Zoellner
Dr Karen Berg wins the special election for 26th Senate District

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 18:05

Trump rape allegation: President's lawyers withdraw claim he can't be sued based on residential status in E Jean Carroll assault case

Par Oliver O'Connell, Oliver O'Connell
President negates defence claim that he can't be sued in New York as he doesn't live there by saying that he lives there

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 17:40

'Grim Reaper' Mitch McConnell stalling lifesaving pandemic aid and policing reform, Nancy Pelosi says

Par Chris Riotta, Chris Riotta
'Mitch McConnell has called himself the Grim Reaper, that any legislation that goes over there will die in the Senate cemetery'

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 17:04

Indigenous tribes condemn Trump's border wall destruction as president protects confederate monuments

Par Gino Spocchia, Gino Spocchia
One tribe member said destruction was 'just about as disrespectful as us going into Arlington cemetery and setting off explosions'

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 16:44

Coronavirus: Indian officials seen dumping bodies of Covid-19 victims into pit

Par Kate Ng, Kate Ng
'Is this civility? This is a reflection of how the government has handled this corona crisis,' says congressman

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 16:27

2020 election: New campaign created by George W Bush administration officials will back Biden

Par James Crump, James Crump
'We know what is normal and what is abnormal, and what we are seeing is highly abnormal,' says group organiser Jennifer Millikin

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 16:18

Italy seizes €1bn-worth of 'Isis-produced' amphetamines

Par Samuel Osborne, Samuel Osborne
Police call discovery biggest seizure of drug ever worldwide

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 16:14

Coronavirus: Texas official says he won't listen to Anthony Fauci as state's hospitalisations surge

Par Andrew Naughtie, Andrew Naughtie
Dan Patrick's state broke its own records for cases and hospitalisations several times in the last few weeks

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 16:13

Trump administration 'squandered' Hong Kong to 'sell soybeans' to China, top Democrat says

Par John T Bennett, John T Bennett
'It's hard to see how Hong Kong can remain a financial hub if China takes over,' Donald Trump said in May, via his top spokesperson

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 16:09

Seattle protests: Police clear autonomous zone after mayor issues executive order

Par Chris Riotta, Chris Riotta
Mayor issues executive order to clear the streets of Seattle's police-free CHOP zone

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 15:59

Ed Henry: Fox News fires anchor after sexual misconduct allegation

Par Danielle Zoellner, Danielle Zoellner
'Fox News Media strictly prohibits all forms of sexual harassment, misconduct, and discrimination,' the company says in an email to employees

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 15:37

Shaw Air Force Base crash: Pilot killed in South Carolina

Par Gino Spocchia, Gino Spocchia
US Air Force officials said a routine training mission had taken place before the incident

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 15:25

European leaders condemn China's 'deplorable' new Hong Kong security law

Par Adam Forrest, Adam Forrest
Beijing faces 'very negative consequences', warns European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 15:20

Putin declared triumphant in referendum allowing him to rule until 2036 – five hours before polls close

Par Oliver Carroll, Oliver Carroll
Opposition groups cast doubt on projection of overwhelming support for amendments that would allow Putin to stay in power past 2024

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 15:15

QAnon supporter defeats incumbent Republican in Colorado primary

Par Andrew Naughtie, Andrew Naughtie
Lauren Boebert has said she hopes conspiracy theory about 'deep state' satanic paedophile ring is true because it means 'people are returning to conservative values'

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 15:03

Trump hotel fails coronavirus cleanliness test

Par Gino Spocchia, Gino Spocchia
New York hotel owned by US president denied investigation's claims

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 13:59

Thailand's migrant sex workers fear for the future post-coronavirus: 'We have been made invisible'

Par Nanchanok Wongsamuth, Nanchanok Wongsamuth
Clients are currently hard to come by as most are foreigners and borders remain closed

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 13:38

UK to offer new route to citizenship for Hong Kongers as China passes new security law

Par Kate Devlin, Kate Devlin
Beijing warned that the UK's relationship with China 'does not come at any price'

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 13:35

Coronavirus: Australia to put 300,000 under lockdown after cases spike in Melbourne suburb

Par Kate Ng, Kate Ng
'If we all stick together these next four weeks, we can regain control of that community transmission,' says state premier

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 13:33

Coronavirus: Nearly third of symptomless people may have developed immunity, study says

Par Matt Mathers, Matt Mathers
'T-cell immunity' found in people who had tested negative for Covid-19 antibodies, say researchers

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 12:54

Family rescues baby bear with plastic tub stuck on face

Par Gino Spocchia, Gino Spocchia
'We're just so fortunate we could help him', said Wisconsin woman who videoed the rescue

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 12:48

Hong Kong paying millions to London PR firm to improve image, amid outcry over new security law

Par Adam Forrest, Adam Forrest
Carrie Lam's administration pays more than £5m to counter negative coverage following protests

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 12:20

Israel's annexation plan: Netanyahu misses target date for starting controversial move

Par Bel Trew, Bel Trew
Boris Johnson wrote an op-ed in an Israeli newspaper urging the government not to go ahead with annexation

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 12:09

Tehran explosion: At least 19 killed in gas blast at medical clinic in Iran capital

Par Associated Press reporters, Associated Press reporters
Vast majority of those killed were women

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 11:57

'A brand in his own right': Trump campaign spends $325,000 on Facebook ads promoting campaign manager

Par Shane Goldmacher, Shane Goldmacher
Brad Parscale's Facebook and Instagram accounts being used as vehicles to display political messages

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 11:04

New York passes budget with police cuts but AOC says it doesn't go far enough

Par Gino Spocchia, Gino Spocchia
Campaigners accuse city authorities of moving funding to other departments

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 11:01

Louisiana police officers face charges of excessive force after violent assault on two men

Par Azi Paybarah, Azi Paybarah
Suspects had put their hands up and surrendered before being attacked, says district attorney

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 10:42

Trump is 'most informed person on the planet' on US security, says press secretary

Par Andrew Naughtie, Andrew Naughtie
Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany insists that 'the president does read'

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 10:00

Hong Kong protests: More than 300 arrested during clashes with teargas and rubber bullets as new security law enters effect

Par Adam Withnall, Adam Withnall
Police fire water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds, as thousands attend illegal rally in central Hong Kong

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 09:34

Biden says he won't hold campaign rallies during pandemic: 'I'm gonna follow the doc's orders'

Par Andrew Naughtie, Andrew Naughtie
Former vice president spoke just as Donald Trump prepares for 4 July event in South Dakota

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 09:11

Remdesivir: US buys up almost entire world supply of coronavirus drug

Par Tom Barnes, Tom Barnes
American purchase of 500,000 doses means drug will likely be scarce in rest of the world for months

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 02:14

Vehicle carrying Iowa governor hits a Black Lives Matter protester

Par Louise Hall, Louise Hall
'This is the governor, my governor ... I'm sure that her car is not going to intentionally hit me – I was wrong'

  • 30 juin 2020 à 23:39

Texas bars sue state's governor and alcohol commission over coronavirus closures

Par James Crump, James Crump
Lawyers claim businesses have been 'relegated to Abbott's loser category and sentenced to bankruptcy'

  • 30 juin 2020 à 23:31

Coronavirus: Canada extends travel restrictions

Par Oliver O'Connell, Oliver O'Connell
Fourteen-day mandatory quarantine measures to remain in place until 31 August

  • 30 juin 2020 à 22:36

Trump a 'coward or complicit' over Russia bounty claims, says ex-Navy SEAL in new ad

Par Graig Graziosi, Graig Graziosi
'Donald Trump is unfit to be our commander in chief, and that's worse than useless'

  • 30 juin 2020 à 22:16

White House dodges questions and blames 'rogue intelligence officers' for leaking Russian bounty claims

Par John T Bennett, John T Bennett
House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff and other Democrats were underwhelmed by a Tuesday morning White House briefing on the administration's latest scandal

  • 30 juin 2020 à 22:07

Trump niece's tell-all book temporarily blocked by judge

Par James Crump, James Crump
'The trial court's temporary restraining order is only temporary but it still is a prior restraint on core political speech that flatly violates the First Amendment,' says Mary Trump's attorney

  • 30 juin 2020 à 21:50