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Hier — 21 janvier 2020The Washington Post - World

NATO chief seeks beefed-up training role in Iraq

Par By Lorne Cook | AP
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says the alliance should boost its military training operation in Iraq
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 18:37

Prosecutors in Brazil charge Greenwald with cybercrimes after Lava Jato revelations

Par By Miriam Berger
Prosecutors allege the Rio-based American journalist is part of a “criminal organization” that hacked public officials’ cellphones.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 18:31

Disappearance of Mexican advocate for monarch butterflies alarms rights activists

Par By Siobhán O'Grady
Homero Gómez González spent years protecting the monarch butterflies who migrate to Mexico each winter. He was last seen Jan. 13.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 18:08

Many Lebanese say acting FM has no business being at Davos

Par By Sarah El Deeb | AP
Lebanon’s acting foreign minister is attending the elite annual World Economic Forum in the Swiss village Davos
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 17:52

Prince Harry joins Meghan in Canada, without the half-in, half-out royal deal they wanted

Par By Karla Adam
In Britain, questions are being asked about their plans to use the SussexRoyal brand.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 17:50

Venezuela lawmakers again blocked from congress session

Par By Scott Smith | AP
Venezuelan lawmakers opposed to President Nicolás Maduro have called off an attempt to hold a session in the national congress building, saying they wanted to avoid clashes with security forces and armed government supporters blocking entry
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 17:49

Sweden summons Chinese ambassador after he appeared to threaten local journalists

Par By Adam Taylor
The dispute comes amid tensions between Stockholm and Beijing about the unexplained detention of a Swedish bookseller, anger in China at a “racist” TV skit on Swedish television about Chinese tourists, and continued threats of retaliation.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 17:39

Greta Thunberg calls for climate action in Davos, as Trump lashes out at ‘prophets of doom’

Par By Rick Noack
The world, Thunberg said Tuesday, needs to “treat this crisis with the importance it deserves.”

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 17:15

Bangladesh court orders 231 factories closed to save river

Par By Julhas Alam | AP
Bangladesh’s High Court has asked authorities to shut 231 factories surrounding the highly polluted main river in the nation’s capital
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 17:13

Abused circus animals arrive at South African sanctuary

Par By Mogomotsi Magome | AP
Twelve tigers and five lions have been relocated to South Africa after being rescued from circuses in Guatemala following years of abuse and confinement
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 17:02

Lev is talking. So where is Igor?

Par By Paul Sonne, Rosalind Helderman and Natalie Gryvnyak
Fruman’s involvement with President Trump’s personal attorney is the latest reinvention of the Miami-based business executive.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 16:51

Iran confirms 2 Russian-made missiles hit Ukrainian airliner

Par By Paul Schemm
The report from the Civil Aviation Organization called for help from U.S. and French authorities in decoding the flight recorders.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 15:54

U.S. journalist detained in Lebanon has been freed

Par By Liz Sly
Freelancer Nicholas Frakes was released two days after being detained on suspicion of sending video footage to an Israeli outlet. Both he and the news outlet deny the allegation.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 14:58

Lions are starving to death in a Sudan park. A worldwide campaign is underway to save them.

Par By Reis Thebault
Photos of the lions have attracted an audience of thousands, prompting an online campaign that has adopted the hashtag #SudanAnimalRescue.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 13:00

Belarus starts importing oil from Norway after Russian halt

Par By Yuras Karmanau | AP
Belarus has started importing oil from Norway after its main oil provider, Russia, suspended supplies earlier this month amid stalled talk on further strengthening economic ties between two countries
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 13:29

Trump crows about the U.S. economy at Davos as Senate impeachment trial begins back home

Par By Anne Gearan and Toluse Olorunnipa
At an annual economic gathering, the U.S. president said he is responsible for an unmatched U.S. economy and dismissed “perennial prophets of doom” on climate change.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 16:55

The U.S. is pushing Latin American allies to send their Cuban doctors packing — and several have

Par By Rachelle Krygier
The signature medical brigades, which serve dozens of countries and generate billions of dollars, are a key source of income and influence for the isolated communist island.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 13:00

China urges travel restrictions in bid to limit outbreak as number of confirmed cases jumps

Par By Anna Fifield
Health authorities sought to impose a quasi-quarantine around Wuhan, a city of 11 million people where the virus is believed to have originated.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 16:07

AP PHOTOS: Auschwitz, 75 years after its liberation

Par By Markus Schreiber And Kirsten Grieshaber | AP
Seventy-five years after the liberation of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz by the Soviet Red Army, survivors from around the world will return to the camp to commemorate the anniversary
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 12:36

As ethnic violence persists in Congo, many fleeing to Uganda

Par By Rodney Muhumuza | AP
Hundreds of Congolese have fled to Uganda in recent days to escape deadly ethnic violence
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 11:52

U.S. journalist detained during Lebanon protests on suspicion of sending footage to Israel

Par By Liz Sly and Suzan Haidamous
Friends and journalist advocacy groups say allegations that Nicholas Frakes sent a video feed to the Israeli Haaretz newspaper were the result of a misunderstanding.

  • 20 janvier 2020 à 10:42

Indonesia says 5 citizens kidnapped by Philippine militants

Par By Niniek Karmini | AP
Indonesian authorities say five of the country’s citizens have been kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf militants in the southern Philippines
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 18:32

West African presidents urge U.S. to stay in the fight against terrorism

Par By Danielle Paquette
“If one actor leaves the chain, it weakens the whole group,” Togo’s president warned.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 11:00

North Korea selects ex-soldier as new top diplomat, a pick that may bode ill for diplomacy

Par By Simon Denyer and Min Joo Kim
While experts cautioned into over-interpreting the change, but Ri Son Gwan, the new foreign minister, has a reputation for being a hard-line, testy negotiator.

  • 21 janvier 2020 à 12:58

Venetian islands revamp traditions to counter depopulation

Par By Colleen Barry | AP
A trio of islands in Venice’s northern lagoon are revamping traditions to counter depopulation
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 09:57

Iran acknowledges Russian-made missiles targeted Ukraine jet

Par By Jon Gambrell | AP
Iran has acknowledged that its armed forces fired two Russian anti-aircraft missiles at a Ukrainian jetliner that crashed after taking off from Tehran’s main airport earlier this month, killing all 176 people on board
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 09:31

AP EXPLAINS: How India ended up in turmoil over citizenship

Par By Ashok Sharma | AP
India has been embroiled in protests since December, when Parliament passed a bill amending the country’s citizenship law
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 08:34

Survivor stories spotlight Auschwitz liberation anniversary

Par By Aron Heller | AP
Seventy-five years after the Auschwitz death camp was liberated, Maurice Gluck is one of 75 Holocaust survivors featured in a commemorative photo project
  • 21 janvier 2020 à 07:15

Norway’s prime minister loses majority after authorities repatriate Islamic State suspect and her children from Syria

Par By Rick Noack
The Norwegian government's crisis was among the most dramatic political ramifications of a dilemma many European governments are facing.

  • 20 janvier 2020 à 18:37

Huawei executive, facing extradition to the United States, argues the allegations aren’t crimes in Canada

Par By Amanda Coletta
The December 2018 detention of Huawei “princess” Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver has left Canada caught between the United States and China.

  • 20 janvier 2020 à 12:15

Laos once considered the letter R a Western interloper. The Internet helped bring it back.

Par By Saqib Rahim
For decades it vanished from practically all writing and speech, except in Buddhist monasteries and among intellectuals. To this day, the words “France” and “America” are officially pronounced “Falang” and “Amaylika.”
  • 20 janvier 2020 à 10:00

Seven still missing, 200 rescued after avalanche hits Himalaya trekkers

Par By Hannah Knowles
The search for a hiking group that went missing in an avalanche last week was thwarted by dangerous conditions around Annapurna.

  • 20 janvier 2020 à 09:28

U.S.-bound migrants clash with Mexican forces at Guatemala border

Par By Kevin Sieff
Scuffles broke out as some members of the caravan pushed past troops guarding an international bridge. Many others waded across the river.

  • 20 janvier 2020 à 09:05

Prince Harry makes first public comments on decision to step back from royal duties

Par By William Booth
He says that he and Meghan had “no other option” but to stand down.

  • 19 janvier 2020 à 16:19
À partir d’avant-hierThe Washington Post - World

In Davos, a search for meaning with capitalism in crisis

Par By Ishaan Tharoor
The World Economic Forum kicks off on Tuesday with concerns over climate change and economic inequity shadowing proceedings.

  • 20 janvier 2020 à 14:43

3 killed when stand collapses in Ethiopian Epiphany ceremony

Par By Elias Meseret | AP
A hospital source in Ethiopia’s city of Gondar confirms that at least three people are dead after a wooden stand erected for the colorful Epiphany celebration collapsed
  • 20 janvier 2020 à 14:41

Lev Parnas’s feverish text messages show his wide reach among Ukraine’s oligarchs and political elite

Par By Robyn Dixon, David L. Stern and Natalie Gryvnyak
Parnas said that, with Rudy Giuliani’s guidance, he frantically worked Ukraine’s government to help Trump’s reelection.

  • 20 janvier 2020 à 14:31

China virus: Expert says it can be spread by human-to-human contact, sparking concerns about the massive holiday travel underway

Par By Anna Fifield
China’s Ministry of Transport expects 3 billion trips to be taken in the 40 days that surround Saturday’s Lunar New Year.

  • 20 janvier 2020 à 17:45

Davos bolsters security as protesters march toward venue

Par By Jamey Keaten | AP
Hundreds of disgruntled protesters against the elite World Economic Forum are marching through the Alpine snows toward its annual gathering in Davos
  • 20 janvier 2020 à 13:56

Sri Lanka to treat war-missing as dead, issue certificates

Par By Krishan Francis | AP
Sri Lanka’s president has decided that tens of thousands of people still missing from the country’s quarter-century civil war will be formally declared dead and death certificates will be issued
  • 20 janvier 2020 à 13:42

South Africa looks again at anti-apartheid activist’s death

Par By Mogomotsi Magome | AP
South Africa has opened an inquest into the death of an anti-apartheid activist in police custody nearly four decades ago as pressure for justice in similar cases continues
  • 20 janvier 2020 à 11:55

Iraqi officials: Clashes in Baghdad kill 2, wound dozens

Par By Qassem Abdul-Zahra and Samya Kullab | AP
Iraqi officials say security forces have fired tear gas and live rounds in clashes with anti-government protesters in Baghdad, killing two and wounding dozens of demonstrators
  • 20 janvier 2020 à 10:46

Many options await Prince Harry and Meghan after royal split

Par By Gregory Katz | AP
A new life awaits Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, now that they are splitting from the royal family
  • 19 janvier 2020 à 17:45

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at rally after protesters attack plainclothes agents

Par By Timothy McLaughlin
The pro-democracy demonstration dissolved into chaos as riot police moved in.

  • 19 janvier 2020 à 17:40

Critics say Mexico social programs used for political ends

Par By Rafael Cabrera | AP
Shortly before taking office in October 2018, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador created an army of 18,000 volunteers  to carry out an unusual mission for an administration yet to begin
  • 19 janvier 2020 à 17:37

AP Explains: CFO of China’s Huawei facing extradition to US

Par By Rob Gillies | AP
An extradition hearing begins Monday for Huawei top executive Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the company’s founder
  • 19 janvier 2020 à 17:05

Extradition hearing of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei executive at the center of U.S.-Canada-China rift, to open in Vancouver

Par By Amanda Coletta
Pressure is growing on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take a harder line against Beijing; Washington has been little help.

  • 19 janvier 2020 à 13:00

Global leaders promise to respect arms embargo on Libya, but fail to secure a lasting cease fire

Par By Sudarsan Raghavan and Loveday Morris
Though the new agreement was portrayed as a step forward, tensions on the ground appeared to be growing on Sunday.

  • 19 janvier 2020 à 12:50

Guaidó makes surprise appearance outside Venezuela, defying travel ban to meet Pompeo, rally support in Europe

Par By Anthony Faiola
The opposition leader’s trip to Colombia and beyond is his first travel abroad in nearly a year. Senior opposition officials are hoping for a meeting with Trump.

  • 19 janvier 2020 à 11:34

Lebanon on ‘brink of chaos and anarchy’ as peaceful protests turn violent

Par By Liz Sly
Hundreds were injured over the weekend as police and protesters battled in the streets of Beirut amid an acute financial crisis.

  • 19 janvier 2020 à 10:48