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Aujourd’hui — 3 juillet 2020The Washington Post - World

Canada suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong

Par By Rob Gillies | AP
Canada has suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong after China imposed a new security law on the territory
  • 3 juillet 2020 à 18:17

China strangles its world city

Par By Ishaan Tharoor
Not long ago, Hong Kong was seen as the city that would prefigure a more liberal, prosperous future for China.

  • 3 juillet 2020 à 18:01

4.9-magnitude quake hits near Puerto Rico; house damaged

Par By DÁnica Coto | AP
A 4.9-magnitude earthquake has struck just southwest of Puerto Rico, but no immediate damage was reported
  • 3 juillet 2020 à 17:34

Iraq sets up border posts to try to prevent Turkish advance

Par By Salar Salim and Samya Kullab | AP
Iraq is enforcing positions along the border with Turkey to try to prevent a Turkish military advance deeper into Iraqi territory after two weeks of airstrikes as Ankara continues to target Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq
  • 3 juillet 2020 à 17:05

Judges allow extra investigations for defense at MH17 trial

Par By Mike Corder | AP
Judges in the trial in absentia of three Russians and a Ukrainian charged with involvement in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 have granted some requests for further investigations submitted by lawyers representing one of the Russian suspects
  • 3 juillet 2020 à 15:51

Khashoggi murder trial begins in Turkey, without the accused

Par By Kareem Fahim
Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post contributing columnist, was killed in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in 2018 by Saudi government agents sent from Riyadh. Saudi Arabia has refused to extradite the suspects.

  • 3 juillet 2020 à 15:02

Philippine president signs widely opposed anti-terror law

Par By Jim Gomez | AP
The Philippine president has signed a widely opposed anti-terror law which critics fear could be used against human rights defenders
  • 3 juillet 2020 à 14:30

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected global poverty?

Par By Siobhán O'Grady
The World Food Program says it needs to reach more people than ever before.

  • 3 juillet 2020 à 14:00

New Iraqi leader tries to rein in Iran-backed militias, but task proves daunting

Par By Mustafa Salim and Louisa Loveluck
Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s raid on Kataib Hezbollah was the boldest move yet against the armed groups.

  • 3 juillet 2020 à 13:00

Prospect of a coronavirus vaccine unites anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and hippie moms in Germany

Par By Loveday Morris and William Glucroft
Health experts worry that even if a vaccine works, refusals could bring a resurgence.

  • 3 juillet 2020 à 12:00

Beijing names hard-liner who crushed protests to head Hong Kong security agency

Par By Eva Dou
Zheng Yanxiong is known for putting down an anti-corruption uprising in neighboring Guangdong province.

  • 3 juillet 2020 à 11:37

Marseille, the site of Europe’s last plague, has escaped the worst of this one

Par By James McAuley and Emilienne Malfatto
As France emerges from its coronavirus lockdown and life returns to almost-normal, Marseille considers itself lucky.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 18:44

Trump administration hires tech firm to build a virtual border wall, an idea Democrats have praised

Par By Nick Miroff
The administration is to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to use a high-tech detection system at same time it spends billions on an actual concrete-and-steel wall.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 17:57

Only verified intelligence? A look at presidents’ briefings

Par By Eric Tucker | AP
The White House says President Donald Trump was never briefed on intelligence that Russia had put a bounty on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan because there wasn’t corroborating evidence
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 14:21

Blue Jays granted exemption to train in Toronto

Par By Rob Gillies | AP
All 30 Major League Baseball teams will train at their regular-season ballparks for the pandemic-shortened season after the Toronto Blue Jays received a Canadian federal government exemption to work out at Rogers Centre
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 14:06

Discussion of Russian bounties thrusts deaths of three Marines into spotlight

Par By Dan Lamothe, Missy Ryan and Paul Sonne
The 2019 attack in Afghanistan has seen renewed focus in recent days amid revelations that intelligence analysts believe those who planned it may have been paid a bounty by a Russian military intelligence unit.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 13:16

UK to end quarantine for travelers from ‘low-risk’ countries

Par By Jill Lawless | AP
Britain is scrapping a 14-day quarantine rule for arrivals from a number of countries deemed “lower risk” for the coronavirus, including France, Spain, Germany and Italy
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 13:04

France and Germany push for cease-fires to tackle pandemic

Par By Edith M. Lederer | AP
France and Germany’s top diplomats are urging stepped-up action to quickly implement a new U.N. Security Council resolution demanding cease-fires in major global conflicts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 12:07

Human foosball: New form of soccer developed for pandemic

Par By Almudena Calatrava | AP
Soccer-starved Argentines have found a way to play their beloved sport while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 10:54

U.S. moves to seize Iranian petroleum aboard four tankers bound for Venezuela in sanctions escalation, push to extend arms embargo

Par By Spencer Hsu and Carol Morello
Washington is targeting Iran’s use of private shippers used by to evade nuclear program sanctions and bolster the Maduro regime.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 10:07

‘We feel absolutely abandoned’: Russia’s economic crisis swallows families that once seemed secure

Par By Robyn Dixon
Charities and aid groups are seeing something new: families never before in financial trouble seeking help, food and even a place to live.

  • 3 juillet 2020 à 07:07

Mexico City deaths spiked to three times normal during covid-19 outbreak, official says

Par By Mary Beth Sheridan
A soon-to-be-published government study will show a much larger toll than previously reported, according to Mexico’s coronavirus czar.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 08:32

Germany disbands elite military unit after reports of right-wing extremism

Par By Loveday Morris and Luisa Beck
About 135 pounds of explosives and 48,000 rounds of ammunition are missing.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 08:17
Hier — 2 juillet 2020The Washington Post - World

Only verified intelligence? A look at presidents’ briefings

Par By Eric Tucker | AP
The White House says President Donald Trump was never briefed on intelligence that Russia had put a bounty on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan because there wasn’t corroborating evidence
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 18:29

New mass grave unearthed in Iraq’s north from brutal IS rule

Par By Farid Abdulwahed and Samya Kullab | AP
Iraqi authorities have uncovered a new mass grave site left by the Islamic State group in northern Iraq this week, believed to contain more than 100 bodies
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 18:19

Sweden: Iran to compensate Ukraine plane crash victims

Par By David Keyton and Jan M. Olsen | AP
Sweden says Iran has agreed to start talks on compensating families of the foreign victims of the Ukrainian passenger plane shot down outside Tehran in January
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 18:18

Family of Palestinian slain by police sees probe dragging on

Par By Josef Federman | AP
The family of a Palestinian man with autism who was fatally shot by Israeli police says it took a month for authorities to confirm the existence of security-camera footage of the shooting
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 17:25

Canada high court dismisses Indigenous appeal of pipeline

Par By Rob Gillies | AP
The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an from British Columbia First Nations against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion that would nearly triple the flow of oil from the Alberta oil sands to the Pacific Coast
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 17:21

Trump’s pick for ambassador was involved in racist smear against black politician

Par By John Hudson
A Democratic senator called for the White House to withdraw the nomination for ambassador to Norway after the discovery of a 1994 court filing.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 16:48

European police crack encrypted phones, arrest hundreds

Par By Mike Corder | AP
European police say they have delivered a major blow to organized crime after cracking an encrypted communications network used by criminal gangs
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 13:20

Former Libya envoy accuses Security Council of ‘hypocrisy’

Par By Noha Elhennawy | AP
A former U.N. envoy to Libya has accused the Security Council of “hypocrisy” and of undermining his efforts to bring peace to the war-torn North African country
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 13:12

Brazil, ravaged by the coronavirus, becomes key testing ground for vaccine

Par By Terrence McCoy
The country with the world’s second worst outbreak is hosting one major trial, with two more likely to follow.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 13:00

Countries prepare to take in Hong Kong refugees fleeing China’s crackdown

Par By Gerry Shih and Shibani Mahtani
Democracies such as Britain and Australia are formulating measures to help, while risking blowback from a furious Beijing.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 14:26

4 linked to reporter’s murder to stay in prison in Pakistan

Par By Adil Jawad | AP
Officials say a British Pakistani man and three others convicted in the kidnapping and killing of a U.S. journalist, whose sentences were overturned in April, will remain in government custody for another three months
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 12:01

As Britain emerges from coronavirus lockdown, Boris Johnson has lost public trust

Par By William Booth and Karla Adam
The free fall in confidence is among the steepest in the world.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 13:39

Report: Detainees at high virus risk in crowded Yemen jail

Par By Noha Elhennawy | AP
A leading rights group has accused secessionist Yemeni authorities of holding detainees in an overcrowded detention center in Aden, exposing them to “serious health risks” amid the global pandemic
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 11:22

Photo of toddler sitting on slain grandpa angers Kashmiris

Par By Aijaz Hussain | AP
A photo of a toddler sitting on the chest of of his dead grandfather has outraged residents of Indian-controlled Kashmir after the victim’s family accused government forces of shooting the 65-year-old man during a clash with rebels
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 11:18

More than 80 reported killed this week in Ethiopia’s unrest

Par By Elias Meseret | AP
The state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation says more than 80 people have been killed in unrest in Ethiopia after a popular singer was shot dead this week
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 10:08

Putin’s term-limit win suggests stagnation, not strength

Par By Adam Taylor
"Who is there to replace him today?" Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov asked.

  • 2 juillet 2020 à 18:00

Landslide at Myanmar jade mine kills at least 123 people

Par By Zaw Moe Htet and Pyae Sone Win | AP
Officials in Myanmar say a landslide at a jade mine in the country’s north has killed at least 123 people
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 09:05

Ban gives tobacco illegal drug status in South Africa

Par By Gerald Imray | AP
South Africa is three months into a ban on the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products, an unusual tactic employed by a government to protect the health of its citizens during the coronavirus pandemic
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 09:00

Hong Kong protester arrested on suspicion of stabbing police

Par By Zen Soo | AP
Hong Kong police arrested a man onboard a London-bound flight on suspicion of stabbing a police officer during protests of the new security law
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 08:43

Sudan’s bid to ban genital mutilation sparks hope, caution

Par By Samy Magdy and Mariam Fam | AP
Sudan’s transitional government is preparing to outlaw female genital mutilation
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 08:27

Long-shut factory helps COVID-struck Afghans breathe free

Par By Tameem Akhgar | AP
For seven years, Najibullah Seddiqi’s oxygen factory sat idle in the Afghan capital Kabul
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 08:20

Australia may offer safe haven to Hong Kong residents

Par By Rod McGuirk | AP
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says his government is considering an offer of safe haven to Hong Kong residents threatened by China’s move to impose a tough national security law on the semi-autonomous territory
  • 2 juillet 2020 à 07:15

Federal judge strikes down Trump asylum rule targeting Central Americans

Par By Spencer Hsu
The ruling is a defeat for the administration as it continues an asylum crackdown and coronavirus border restrictions.

  • 1 juillet 2020 à 17:14
À partir d’avant-hierThe Washington Post - World

UN demands halt to key global conflicts to tackle COVID-19

Par By Edith M. Lederer | AP
The U.N. Security Council is demanding an “immediate cessation of hostilities” in key conflicts including Syria, Yemen, Libya, South Sudan and Congo to tackle COVID-19
  • 1 juillet 2020 à 18:29

Despite COVID surge, Mexico avoids overwhelmed hospitals

Par By MarÍa Verza and Christopher Sherman | AP
Mexico’s health system has so far not been overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, mostly because the country chose early on to invest in expanding hospital beds
  • 1 juillet 2020 à 18:23

Danish authorities: No racial motive in man’s slaying

Par By Jan M. Olsen | AP
Danish authorities say the motive behind the slaying of a biracial man on a Baltic Sea island was a personal relationship gone wrong rather than a racially motivated killing
  • 1 juillet 2020 à 18:23

Outrage in Colombia over alleged soldier abuse of Indigenous

Par By Manuel Rueda | AP
Accusations that a group of soldiers sexually assaulted two young Indigenous girls in rural Colombia have sparked protests outside army bases and rekindled fears about the military’s human rights record, especially in parts of the country still recovering from decades of armed conflict
  • 1 juillet 2020 à 17:51