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Aujourd’hui — 11 avril 2021The Washington Post - World

Ecuador, Peru head to polls under strict virus measures

Par By Regina Garcia Cano and Mauricio MuÑoz | AP
Ecuador and Peru are choosing new presidents under strict public health measures prompted by the coronavirus pandemic
  • 11 avril 2021 à 18:13

More volcanic eruptions on Caribbean island of St. Vincent

Par By Kristin Deane  | AP
Conditions have worsened at a volcano on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent as loud rumbling, lightning and heavy ashfall were observed and residents reported power cuts
  • 11 avril 2021 à 18:07

Pentagon chief declares ‘ironclad’ US commitment to Israel

Par By Robert Burns | AP
U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is in Israel for his first visit as Pentagon chief, and on Sunday he met with his Israeli counterpart
  • 11 avril 2021 à 18:04

Egypt prosecutors find gross negligence behind train crash

Par By Samy Magdy | AP
Egyptian prosecutors say they found that gross negligence by railway employees was behind a deadly train crash that caused public outcry across the country
  • 11 avril 2021 à 17:57

Ukraine says 1 soldier killed in east as tensions rise

Par By Associated Press
The Ukrainian military says a soldier was killed and another seriously wounded in artillery fire from Russia-backed separatist rebels, as hostilities rise sharply in the country’s east
  • 11 avril 2021 à 17:27

Effectiveness of Chinese vaccines ‘not high’ and needs improvement, top health official says

Par By Gerry Shih
The comments from the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention have since been mostly censored.

  • 11 avril 2021 à 16:43

Amid tensions with Iran, Pentagon chief says alliance with Israel ‘ironclad’

Par By Shira Rubin
The first visit to Israel by a Biden official comes as Iran reports a power outage at its main nuclear site.

  • 11 avril 2021 à 13:53

Mexican migrant deaths in the U.S. have surged during the pandemic. Getting bodies home is a challenge.

Par By Kevin Sieff
Thousands of migrants have died of covid-19. Diplomats and loved ones are working to repatriate their remains.

  • 11 avril 2021 à 12:00

As Britain mourns Prince Philip, palace announced private funeral for April 17

Par By William Booth and Miriam Berger
From 41-gun salutes to distanced moments of silence, Brits mourned the passing of Prince Philip in both traditional and pandemic-related ways.

  • 10 avril 2021 à 18:21

How British media is remembering Prince Philip’s legacy

Par By Miriam Berger
Saturday’s newspaper front pages were dedicated to the man that, despite his flaws and reservations, remained a steadfast supporter of his wife and the monarchy she represented.

  • 10 avril 2021 à 17:48

A ramped-up push for peace is splintering Afghanistan’s already fragile government

Par By Susannah George
The Taliban has shown relative unity during the peace talks. The U.S. and its partners have not.

  • 10 avril 2021 à 16:05

Prince Harry to attend Philip’s funeral for just 30 mourners and ‘no public access’

Par By William Booth and Miriam Berger
‘My dear papa’: Prince Charles offers a videotaped eulogy as funeral is set for April 17.

  • 10 avril 2021 à 09:33

Kerry expected to travel to China in first visit by top Biden official

Par By Lily Kuo and John Hudson
The trip by the U.S. climate envoy is aimed at forging a closer partnership with China on problems related to climate change.

  • 10 avril 2021 à 07:18
Hier — 10 avril 2021The Washington Post - World

Aid group says detained migrant killed, 2 injured in Libya

Par By Associated Press
An international charity says a shooting at a detention center for migrants in Libya’s capital has left one migrant dead and two others injured
  • 10 avril 2021 à 13:41

Iran says nuke program testing newest advanced centrifuge

Par By Associated Press
Iran says it has begun mechanical tests on its newest advanced nuclear centrifuges, even as the five world powers that remain in a foundering 2015 nuclear deal with Iran attempt to bring the U.S. back into the agreement
  • 10 avril 2021 à 13:09

United Arab Emirates names 2 new astronauts, including woman

Par By Jon Gambrell | AP
The United Arab Emirates has named the next two astronauts in its space program, including the country’s first female astronaut
  • 10 avril 2021 à 11:57

Chadian president seeks 6th term after 30 years in power

Par By By Edouard Takadji | AP
Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno is seeking to extend his three-decade long rule, running for a sixth time in this oil-producing Central African nation that is home to nearly half a million refugees and also plays a prominent role in the fight against Islamic extremism in the Sahel
  • 10 avril 2021 à 11:46

EXPLAINER: What is behind the latest unrest in N Ireland?

Par By Jill Lawless | AP
Young people have hurled bricks, fireworks and gasoline  bombs at police and set hijacked cars on fire during a week of violence on the streets of Northern Ireland
  • 10 avril 2021 à 11:38

On Ukraine’s doorstep, Russia boosts military and sends message of regional clout to Biden

Par By Isabelle Khurshudyan, David L. Stern, Loveday Morris and John Hudson
Russia’s moves are seen more as a statement of resolve than as a prelude to an offensive.

  • 10 avril 2021 à 10:00

Gianluigi Colalucci, who gave fresh color to Michelangelo’s frescoes, dies at 91

Par By Emily Langer
As chief conservator of the Vatican Museums, he led a 14-year restoration of the Sistine Chapel that revealed Michelangelo’s masterpiece as it had not been seen since the 16th century.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 13:54

Honduras holds 2 ex-officials on pandemic-tied fraud charges

Par By Marlon GonzÁlez | AP
One year after the Honduran government paid $47 million for seven mobile hospitals to expand its bed space in anticipation of a surge in COVID-19 infections, only two are in use and two former government officials involved in their purchase are jailed on fraud charges
  • 9 avril 2021 à 13:26

US unveils new rules for government contacts with Taiwan

Par By Matthew Lee | AP
The State Department has unveiled new rules for U.S. government contacts with Taiwan that are likely to anger China but appear to reimpose some restrictions that had been lifted by the Trump administration
  • 9 avril 2021 à 13:26

Royal turmoil has Jordanians buzzing even as government tries to silence them

Par By Sarah Dadouch
Authorities seek favorable narrative after putting down rare challenge to King Abdullah.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 18:43

The U.S. and British right ramp up the war on ‘wokeness’

Par By Ishaan Tharoor
In both countries, conservatives are embracing a doctrine of anti-anti-racism.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 18:01

Hans Küng, Catholic theologian who challenged papal authority, dies at 93

Par By Matt Schudel
He was an early friend of Joseph Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI, but was a strong critic of church doctrines.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 18:00

Greta Thunberg to boycott U.N. climate conference over vaccine inequality

Par By Miriam Berger
"If people can’t be vaccinated and travel to be represented equally that’s undemocratic and would worsen the problem," the climate activist wrote on Twitter.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 16:49

Volcano on St. Vincent erupts, spewing column of ash amid evacuations

Par By Teo Armus, Anthony Faiola and Matthew Cappucci
Thousands were evacuating from danger zones on the Caribbean island after the La Soufrière volcano erupted

  • 9 avril 2021 à 11:28

Pentagon to better screen recruits for extremist behavior

Par By Lolita C. Baldor | AP
The Pentagon is developing ways to better screen military recruits for extremist behavior, while improving training for troops leaving the service so they can be more prepared if violent hate groups lure them to join
  • 9 avril 2021 à 11:21

Prince Philip was known for quips. It’s hard to think of a group of people he did not offend.

Par By Karla Adam
He was outspoken, direct and often veered wildly beyond what many believed was appropriate.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 11:01

The Philippines’ drug war is putting more pregnant women behind bars. What happens to their children?

Par By Regine Cabato
The number of drug-related charges filed against women has soared, leading to overcrowded jails and hundreds of pregnant detainees.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 11:00

My unusual week with Myanmar’s violent, paranoid military junta

Par By Allegra Mendelson
Clumsy propaganda tour reveals the generals’ strategy in combating global condemnation amid a crackdown on anti-coup protesters.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 11:00

Australia made a plan to protect Indigenous elders from covid-19. It worked.

Par By Rachel Pannett
The pandemic ravaged first-nation communities in many parts of the world. Australia bucked the trend.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 11:00

Religious party seeks gains in Peru’s legislative elections

Par By Franklin BriceÑo | AP
The Agricultural People’s Front of Peru has emerged as a potential favorite in Sunday’s legislative elections amid widespread disgust with the country’s traditional politicians and an extremely fragmented electorate
  • 9 avril 2021 à 10:59

U.S. cases involving Brazil variant on the rise, according to CDC data

Par By Erin Cunningham, Kim Bellware and Meryl Kornfield
More than 30 million people have been infected with the coronavirus in the United States and over 559,000 have died.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 17:30

Britain mourns Prince Philip with traditions upended by pandemic

Par By William Booth
The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh was the longest-serving royal consort in British history.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 10:34

Iraq’s anti-American militias aren’t just Iranian proxies. That helps explain their troubles.

Par By Louisa Loveluck and Mustafa Salim
Young men once flocked to join them. Now, there’s resentment over what they’ve become and their broken promises.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 10:11

Reactions to Prince Philip’s death pour in from around the world

Par By Jennifer Hassan
The Bidens, Obamas and leaders from around the world continue to pay tribute.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 09:35

Brazil’s daily deaths from COVID pass 4,000 for first time

Par By Mauricio Savarese | AP
Brazil has reported a 24-hour tally of COVID-19 deaths exceeding 4,000 for the first time, becoming the second nation to go above that daily threshold
  • 9 avril 2021 à 09:29

US urges arms embargo and sanctions against Myanmar military

Par By Edith M. Lederer | AP
The United States is urging the international community to take “concrete action” against the military in Myanmar — including an arms embargo and sanctions against its holding companies and those who profit from them
  • 9 avril 2021 à 09:28

China scrambles to lock down Myanmar border amid fears of covid and post-coup instability

Par By Gerry Shih and Lyric Li
Fighting has broken out near the frontier, driving refugees and an uptick in imported cases.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 09:14

Prince Philip, royal consort to Queen Elizabeth II, dies at 99

Par By Adrian Higgins
Philip played a steadfast supporting role to Elizabeth during her long reign over the United Kingdom.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 09:10

Turkey demands apology after Draghi calls Erdogan a dictator

Par By Nicole Winfield and Suzan Fraser | AP
Turkey is demanding an apology from Italy’s premier after he called President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a “dictator.”
  • 9 avril 2021 à 09:07

Who was Prince Philip and what are the plans for his funeral?

Par By Miriam Berger
Here’s what to know about the Duke of Edinburgh's life and legacy.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 09:04

India grapples with vaccine shortages as infections surge to record

Par By Joanna Slater and Niha Masih
Dozens of vaccination centers in Mumbai were closed on Friday due to a lack of supplies.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 08:00

U.S. willing to lift sanctions imposed on Iran by Trump that are ‘inconsistent’ with 2015 nuclear deal, senior Biden administration official says

Par By Karen DeYoung, Loveday Morris, Simon Denyer and Kareem Fahim
Iran is demanding the lifting of all U.S. sanctions imposed since 2017 — a complicated proposition because not all are nuclear-related.

  • 9 avril 2021 à 13:31
À partir d’avant-hierThe Washington Post - World

Biden seems ready to extend US troop presence in Afghanistan

Par By Robert Burns | AP
President Joe Biden appears ready to let lapse a May 1 deadline for completing a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan
  • 8 avril 2021 à 08:20

In Peru, authorities allowed secret burials of virus victims

Par By Franklin BriceÑo | AP
Herman Wong and dozens of other people were clandestinely buried almost a year ago in Iquitos, a city in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon
  • 8 avril 2021 à 07:33

Pakistan visit to Kabul called off after explosives’ find

Par By Rahim Faiez | AP
A senior Afghan military official says a visit by Pakistan’s parliament speaker and a delegation of lawmakers was called off at the last minute after explosives were found near the Kabul airport building
  • 8 avril 2021 à 07:30