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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 900

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: CRUX 3.6.1, NuTyX 20.12.0News: Fedora doubles down on zRAM, Debian developers discuss bundling dependencies, openSUSE 15.1 nearing end of life, FreeBSD publishes status reportQuestions and answers: Alternatives to running commands as root userReleased last week: Alpine Linux 3.13.0, KaOS 2021.01, GhostBSD 21.01.15Torrent....
  • 18 janvier 2021 à 03:05

BSD Release: GhostBSD 21.01.15

GhostBSD is a desktop-oriented operating system based on FreeBSD. The project has released a new snapshot which reduces its memory footprint on live media. This release also removes the guided partitioning option which would take over an entire disk with a UFS partition. "I am happy to announce....
  • 16 janvier 2021 à 19:17

Distribution Release: KaOS 2021.01

KaOS is a desktop Linux distribution that features the latest version of the KDE Plasma desktop environment. The distribution's latest snapshot ships with some components of Qt 6 in preparation for more applications and the Plasma desktop eventually migrating from Qt 5. "For the many changes in this....
  • 15 janvier 2021 à 16:16

Distribution Release: Alpine Linux 3.13.0

Alpine Linux is a community developed, lightweight operating system designed for routers, firewalls, VPNs, VoIP boxes and servers. The project's latest version, Alpine Linux 3.13.0, introduces official cloud images, the option of running PHP 8.0, and Node.js is compiled for better performance. "New features and noteworthy new packages:....
  • 14 janvier 2021 à 18:59

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 899

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: PakOS 2020-08-24News: Arch improving reproducible build tools, Gentoo debates usefulness of LibreSSL, Tails outlines plans for 2021Questions and answers: Testing multiple hardware devices quicklyReleased last week: Linux Mint 20.1, Puppy Linux 7.0 "Slacko", ExTiX 21.1Torrent corner: ExTiX, GParted Live, Linux Mint, KDE....
  • 11 janvier 2021 à 01:07

Distribution Release: Linux Mint 20.1

The Linux Mint team has announced the release of Linux Mint 20.1, a long-term support release which will continue to receive updates until 2025. The project's newest version features a new web apps manager which will assist users in setting up websites to act more like native applications.....
  • 8 janvier 2021 à 15:15

Development Release: Elive 3.8.18 (Beta)

Elive, or Enlightenment live CD, is a Debian-based desktop Linux distribution and live CD featuring the Enlightenment window manager. The distribution's latest development snapshot is Elive 3.8.18 Beta, features convenience functions for trackpad, a faster installer, and updates the base packages to those provided by Debian 10.7. The....
  • 7 janvier 2021 à 02:11

Development Release: Emmabuntüs DE4 Alpha 2

Emmabuntüs is a lightweight desktop distribution based on Debian. The project's latest development release, Debian Edition 4 alpha 2, includes a few new utilities and a series of package upgrades. New utilities featured in the distribution include GtkHash, Warpinator, VeraCrypt, and zram-tools. "This Alpha 2 version includes the....
  • 4 janvier 2021 à 15:58

Distribution Release: Puppy Linux 7.0 "Slacko

If you are a fan of Puppy Linux, a unique, minimalist Linux distribution designed for the desktop, here is an interesting piece of news for you - the based-on-Slackware "Slacko" variant of Puppy Linux has hit version 7.0. This version continues to be built on top of Slackware....
  • 4 janvier 2021 à 10:08

Distribution Release: ExTiX 21.1

Arne Exton has announced the release of ExTiX 21.1, the latest build of the project's desktop-oriented Linux distribution. This version is based on the deepin 20.1 distribution and it features a customised Deepin desktop environment: "ExTiX Deepin 21.1 live based on Deepin 20.1 (latest) with Skype, Spotify, Refracta....
  • 4 janvier 2021 à 04:50

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 898

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: MocaccinoOSNews: Fedora using Btrfs to speed up package upgrades, Haiku improves text contrast, HAMMER2 gets multi-volume support, FreeNAS merges with TrueNASQuestions and answers: Longest supported distributionReleased in the past two weeks: 4MLinux 35.0, Parted Magic 2020_12_25, deepin 20.1Torrent corner: 4MLinux, Arch, ArchBang,....
  • 4 janvier 2021 à 01:17

Distribution Release: Septor 2021

The Debian Srbija project has announced the release of Septor 2021, a brand-new version of its Debian-based distribution with a focus on preserving the anonymity and privacy of users. Unlike the versions of Septor released last year, which were all based on the stable Debian 10 "Buster" version,....
  • 2 janvier 2021 à 04:21

Distribution Release: Slackel 7.4 "Openbox"

Dimitris Tzemos has announced the release of Slackel, a Slackware-based distribution. The project's latest release is Slackel 7.4 which brings the distribution up to date with Slackware's Current development branch. It also introduces support for 64-bit UEFI systems. "The new version is available in 64-bit and 32-bit builds.....
  • 1 janvier 2021 à 16:21

Development Release: OpenMandriva Lx 4.2 RC

Happy New Year 2021! For those of you who'd like to start the new decade with giving a spin to an exciting development release, here is your first chance. The release candidate for the upcoming OpenMandriva Lx 4.2 is now ready for testing: "The release candidate (RC) milestone....
  • 1 janvier 2021 à 03:18

Distribution Release: deepin 20.1

The deepin project has published a new update to the distribution's 20.x series. deepin 20.1 features a new kernel, Linux 5.8, along with bringing the rest of the operating system up to date with Debian 10.6. There have also been a number of performance improvements. "In deepin 20.1,....
  • 30 décembre 2020 à 23:52

Distribution Release: Parted Magic 2020_12_25

Parted Magic is a small live CD/USB/PXE with its elemental purpose being to partition hard drives. Although GParted and Parted are the main programs, the CD/USB also offers other applications, such as Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, and ddrescue. The project's latest release updates the desktop to....
  • 25 décembre 2020 à 20:00

Distribution Release: 4MLinux 35.0

Zbigniew Konojacki has announced the release of 4MLinux 35.0, a quarterly update of the project's minimalist desktop and server distribution featuring "four Ms": maintenance (as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for playing video DVDs and other multimedia files), mini-server (using the inetd daemon) and mystery (providing several....
  • 25 décembre 2020 à 08:45

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 897

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Archman GNU/Linux 2020-11-12 "KDE"News: openSUSE and CloudLinux promote their CentOS alternatives, Tails talks about their adjusted release cycleQuestions and answers: What to do in the wake of Red Hat phasing out CentOSReleased last week: NuTyX 20.12.0, UBports 16.04 OTA-15, Q4OS 3.13Torrent corner:....
  • 21 décembre 2020 à 01:06

Distribution Release: Kwort Linux 4.3.5

Kwort Linux is a CRUX-based Linux distribution that uses the GTK+ toolkit and the Openbox window manager. Its most prominent feature is a package manager, called kpkg. The project's latest version, Kwort 4.3.5, introduces updated kernel, compiler, and package management packages. The distribution's news page lists the highlights....
  • 20 décembre 2020 à 15:45

Distribution Release: Q4OS 3.13

The Q4OS team have published a new update to their distribution's Debian-based desktop operating system. The project's new release updates the Q4OS 3.x series, bringing it up to date with Debian's Stable branch. For this release Canonical's Snap framework has been removed, though it can be installed from....
  • 18 décembre 2020 à 15:14

Distribution Release: UBports 16.04 OTA-15

The UBports team has announced a new update for UBports 16.04. The new update, OTA-15, introduces stable support for more devices and provides a number improvements to the camera app, web browser, and calls: "Ratchanan finally got fed up with the "Redial last called number" button not working....
  • 17 décembre 2020 à 00:31

Development Release: Linux Mint 20.1 Beta

The Linux Mint developers have published a new testing release, Linux Mint 20.1 Beta, which introduces a number of new features. There is a new IPTV application, called Hypnotix, performance improvements for the Cinnamon desktop, and there is a web app manager which helps integrate web apps and....
  • 16 décembre 2020 à 21:38

Development Release: Univention Corporate Server 5.0-0 Beta

Univention Corporate Server is an enterprise-class distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. It features an integrated management system for central administration of servers and Microsoft Active Directory-compatible domain services. The project's latest snapshot, Univention Corporate Server 5.0-0 Beta, introduces a number of changes to the user interface. "The most....
  • 16 décembre 2020 à 19:02

Development Release: openSUSE 15.3 Alpha

The openSUSE team have published a new development snapshot of their upcoming openSUSE 15.3 release. The new Alpha snapshot introduces binary compatibility with SUSE Linux Enterprise and reorganizes the way installation media for different CPU architectures are made available. "You may notice that Installation images for all arches....
  • 16 décembre 2020 à 16:47

Distribution Release: NuTyX 20.12.0

NuTyX is a French Linux distribution (with multi-language support) built from Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch, with a custom package manager called "cards". The project has published a new version with multiple supported desktop editions. "21 months after the release of the first version of....
  • 14 décembre 2020 à 15:54

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 896

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: TTOS Linux 1.1.2News: CentOS Linux being phased out for CentOS Stream, openSUSE running on the PinePhone, Tails changing their ISO verification process, changes coming to UniventionQuestions and answers: Restoring the fstab fileReleased last week: CRUX 3.6, GeckoLinux 152.201210, Rescuezilla 2.1Torrent corner: Alpine,....
  • 14 décembre 2020 à 01:12

Development Release: Mageia 8 Beta 2

Yves Brungard has announced that the second beta build of the upcoming Mageia 8 release is ready for testing: "We are happy to announce the release of Mageia 8 beta 2. After a long time since beta 1, we look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts so....
  • 13 décembre 2020 à 13:14

Distribution Release: Rescuezilla 2.1

Shasheen Ediriweera has announced the release of Rescuezilla 2.1, an updated version of the project's easy-to-use disk imaging application compatible with Clonezilla. The key new feature of this version is the ability to easily mount and explore Clonezilla images to extract files: "Rescuezilla 2.1 provides key bug fixes,....
  • 12 décembre 2020 à 13:03

Distribution Release: GeckoLinux 152.201210

GeckoLinux is a Linux spin based on the openSUSE distribution, with a focus on polish and out-of-the-box usability on the desktop. The project has published updated media for both its Static and Rolling branches. "All editions in this update receive quality of life improvements for Bluetooth audio users.....
  • 11 décembre 2020 à 18:11

Distribution Release: CRUX 3.6

Juergen Daubert has announced the release of CRUX 3.6, the latest stable build of the project's lightweight Linux distribution featuring a straightforward tar.xz-based package system, BSD-style init scripts, and a collection of trimmed packages: "The CRUX team is happy to announce the release of CRUX 3.6. CRUX 3.6....
  • 9 décembre 2020 à 02:22

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 895

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Pop!_OS 20.10 and FuguIta 6.8News: Fedora considers separate Xwayland package, FreeBSD introduces WireGuard support, RancherOS purchased by SUSE, elementary OS to get multi-touch gestures and Raspberry Pi build, Debian publishes updated Buster mediaQuestions and answers: Using a Raspberry Pi to get started....
  • 7 décembre 2020 à 01:46

Distribution Release: T2 SDE 20.10

René Rebe has announced the release of T2 SDE 20.10, a new stable version of the project's distribution build kit (originally forked from ROCK Linux) designed for advanced Linux users who wish to build custom Linux distributions. This version arrives after ten years of development: "After a decade....
  • 5 décembre 2020 à 03:49

Distribution Release: Raspberry Pi OS 2020-12-02

Simon Long has announced the availability of a new version of Raspberry Pi OS, a Debian-based distribution for Raspberry Pi computers. The latest version includes an updated Chromium web browser, a graphical front-end for configuring printers, and the PulseAudio audio control software. "We've updated the Chromium browser to....
  • 4 décembre 2020 à 15:44

Distribution Release: Manjaro Linux 20.2

Philip Müller has announced the release of Manjaro Linux 20.2, the latest update of the project's rolling-release distribution with a choice of Xfce, KDE Plasma and GNOME desktops: "We are happy to announce our latest release of Manjaro we call 'Nibia'. The GNOME edition is the epicenter of....
  • 3 décembre 2020 à 23:53

Distribution Release: NethServer 7.9

NethServer is a CentOS-based Linux distribution for servers. The project's latest release is NethServer 7.9 which replaces its original user interface with Cockpit, introduces a new panel to sync e-mail over IMAP, and brings the distribution up to date with its CentOS base. "Release highlights: Many new features....
  • 1 décembre 2020 à 22:00

Distribution Release: Univention Corporate Server 4.4-7

Univention Corporate Server is an enterprise-class distribution based on Debian. It features an integrated management system for central administration of servers. The distribution's latest release is Univention Corporate Server 4.4-7 which improves single sign-on security and introduces a customizable cookie banner for administrators working within the European Union.....
  • 1 décembre 2020 à 18:58

Distribution Release: BlackArch Linux 2020.12.01

BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based distribution designed for penetration testers and security researchers. The project has published a new snapshot, version 2020.12.01, which includes many new tools and updated packages. The project's blog post states: "Today we released the new BlackArch Linux ISOs and OVA image. Many....
  • 1 décembre 2020 à 16:49

BSD Release: GhostBSD 20.11.28

Eric Turgeon has announced the release of GhostBSD, the latest stable build of the project's desktop operating system based on the development branch of FreeBSD and featuring the MATE desktop: "I am happy to announce the availability of GhostBSD 20.11.28. This release comes with a new live system....
  • 30 novembre 2020 à 05:54

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 894

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Trisquel GNU/Linux 9.0News: HardenedBSD welcomes new contributors, exploring how NetBSD boots, UBports installer now works with LineageOS and AndroidQuestions and answers: Consistent stability from the Linux kernelReleased last week: Proxmox 6.3 "Virtual Environment", Guix System 1.2.0, AV Linux 2020.11.23Torrent corner: AV Linux,....
  • 30 novembre 2020 à 01:04

Development Release: Q4OS 4.2 Testing

Q4OS is a Debian-based distribution featuring the KDE Plasma desktop with a classic layout. The project's latest development release is Q4OS 4.2 Testing which is based off Debian's Testing branch. The release announcement describes the 4.2 snapshot as follows: "An update to the Q4OS 4 Gemini testing branch....
  • 27 novembre 2020 à 21:00

Distribution Release: Proxmox 6.3 "Virtual Environment"

Proxmox is a commercial company offering specialised products based on Debian. The company's latest release is Proxmox 6.3 "Virtual Environment" which integrates with the distribution's Backup Server software. The release announcement reports: "We are really excited to announce the general availability of our virtualization management platform Proxmox VE....
  • 26 novembre 2020 à 16:47

Distribution Release: EuroLinux 7.9

EuroLinux is an enterprise-class Linux distribution made and supported by the EuroLinux company, built mostly from code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The project's latest release is EuroLinux 7.9 which enters a new phase of support. "Because EuroLinux 7 is in the second phase of support, there are....
  • 25 novembre 2020 à 13:15

Distribution Release: AV Linux 2020.11.23

Glen MacArthur has announced the release of AV Linux 2020.11.23, the latest version of the multimedia-oriented distribution with a collection of audio and video production software. This is the project's first build based on MX Linux and it also features separate editions for x86_64 (with Xfce) and i386....
  • 25 novembre 2020 à 11:19

Distribution Release: Guix System 1.2.0

Guix System is a Linux-based, stateless operating system that is built around the GNU Guix package manager. The operating system provides advanced package management features such as transactional upgrades and roll-backs, reproducible build environments, unprivileged package management, and per-user profiles. The project's latest version, 1.2.0, focuses on improving....
  • 24 novembre 2020 à 14:09

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 893

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: ArchBang Linux 0111News: Plasma Mobile coming to PinePhones, Purism launches mass production units of Librem 5, Haiku improves filesystem support, Debian developer seeks guidance on init issue, Fedora 31 reaches the end of its life, Sabayon changes its base to FuntooQuestions and....
  • 23 novembre 2020 à 01:14

Distribution Release: EasyOS 2.5

EasyOS is an experimental Linux distribution which uses many of the technologies and package formats pioneered by Puppy Linux. The distribution features custom container technology called Easy Containers which can run applications or the entire desktop environment in a container. EasyOS 2.5 introduces a number of new changes....
  • 21 novembre 2020 à 01:04

Distribution Release: Kali Linux 2020.4

Kali Linux is a Debian-based distribution with a collection of security and forensics tools. The project's latest release, Kali Linux 2020.4, makes zsh the default command line shell, introduces new users to resources at login, and adjusts the bash shell to appear more like zsh. "In our previous....
  • 18 novembre 2020 à 18:50

Distribution Release: IPFire 2.25 Core 152

IPFire is a Linux-based distribution for network appliances such as routers and firewalls. The project's latest release is IPFire 2.25 Core Update 152. The project's new version includes a number of package updates and a big upgrade for Samba users. "Samba, has been updated to 4.13.0. Because of....
  • 16 novembre 2020 à 21:04

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 892

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Enso OS 0.4News: Debian nears feature freeze for version 11, IPFire shares tips for intrusion prevention systems, UBports looks to improve Anbox supportQuestions and answers: Finding a good distro for common tasksReleased last week: MX Linux 19.3, Endless OS 3.9.0, Proxmox 1.0....
  • 16 novembre 2020 à 01:11

Distribution Release: PrimTux 6

PrimTux is a French Debian and Ubuntu-based distribution developed by a small team of school teachers and computer enthusiasts for educational environments. The project's latest release, PrimTux 6, is available in both Debian (32-bit) and Ubuntu (64-bit) editions. An English translation of the release announcement (in French) reads:....
  • 15 novembre 2020 à 14:37