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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 794

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Rolling in the VoidNews: Getting an overview of open windows in GNOME, improvements to HAMMER2, Linux to drop x32 support, Quirky discontinuedOpinion: Avoiding the effects of software bloatReleased last week: Tails 3.11, FreeBSD 12.0, Univention Corporate Server 4.3-3Torrent corner: ArcoLinux, Clonezilla, EndlessOS,....
  • 17 décembre 2018 à 01:11

Distribution Release: NethServer 7.6

NethServer is a CentOS-based Linux distribution for servers. The product's main feature is a modular design which makes it simple to assign the server various roles. The project's latest release is NethServer 7.6 which introduces multiple backup storage options, Rspamd is included for blocking unwanted e-mail messages and....
  • 17 décembre 2018 à 16:39

Distribution Release: SparkyLinux 5.6

SparkyLinux is a lightweight distribution based on Debian. The project's latest release is SparkyLinux 5.6 which is based on Debian's Testing 'Buster' branch. The new version includes several package updates and includes PAE support in the 32-bit kernel. Users who need non-PAE kernels are advised to switch to....
  • 17 décembre 2018 à 19:00

BSD Release: HardenedBSD 12-1200058

HardenedBSD is a security-enhanced fork of FreeBSD. the project has released a new stable branch, 12-STABLE, and 12-1200058 is the first version of the new series. The new branch includes the ability to run bhyve inside a jail and introduces Non-Cross-DSO Control-Flow Integrity (CFI). "Non-Cross-DSO CFI is an....
  • 18 décembre 2018 à 04:19

Development Release: MX Linux 18 RC1

The first release candidate of the upcoming MX Linux 18 is now ready for testing. MX Linux is an increasingly popular Debian-based desktop Linux distribution (with Xfce) built in a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS Linux communities. This release fixes several bugs present in the....
  • 18 décembre 2018 à 09:30

Distribution Release: ArchLabs Linux 2018.12.17

Matthew Dobson has announced the release of ArchLabs Linux 2018.12.17. Originally a minimalist, Arch-based live distribution with Openbox, the latest release of ArchLabs Linux is a radical departure from the original concept as the distribution is now designed for users who like to customise their system during installation.....
  • 18 décembre 2018 à 13:06

Distribution Release: Linux Mint 19.1

The Linux Mint team have published an update to the distribution's 19.x series. The new release, Linux Mint 19.1, is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and is available in three flavours: Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce. Apart from some visual and performance improvements to Cinnamon, Linux Mint also makes....
  • 19 décembre 2018 à 16:19

Distribution Release: MX Linux 18

The MX Linux team have announced the release of version 18 of their distribution. The new release is based on Debian 9.6 "Stretch" and features both core system updates and new versions of desktop applications. "We are pleased to offer MX-18 Continuum. MX-18 offers the following features: Updated....
  • 20 décembre 2018 à 16:07

Development Release: SELKS 5.0 RC1

Peter Manev has announced the availability of the first release candidate for SELKS 5.0, a specialist, Debian-based distribution designed for network security management: "Yet another upgrade of our SELKS. We are very thankful to all the great open-source projects and tools for making it possible to showcase Suricata....
  • 21 décembre 2018 à 23:04

Distribution Release: Peppermint OS 9-20181222

Mark Greaves has announed the release of an version of Peppermint OS 9. Peppermint OS is a lightweight distribution based on Ubuntu and featuring a combination of local and web-based applications. The new version is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and offers a number of improvements: "Swapped VLC....
  • 22 décembre 2018 à 00:02

Distribution Release: NuTyX 10.5

NuTyX is a French Linux distribution (with multi-language support) built from Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch, with a custom package manager called "cards". The project has released NuTyX 10.5 which offers a number of software updates in Base (command line) and MATE (desktop) editions. "I'm....
  • 22 décembre 2018 à 03:13

Development Release: Fatdog64 Linux 800 Beta

Fatdog64 Linux is a small, desktop, 64-bit Linux distribution. Originally created as a derivative of Puppy Linux with additional applications. The project has released a new development snapshot, Fatdog64 Linux 800 Beta. The new version includes a number of package updates, Redshift to make late night work easier....
  • 22 décembre 2018 à 16:42

Distribution Release: Elive 3.0.3

Samuel F. Baggen has announced the release of Elive 3.0.3, an updated build of the project's desktop-oriented Linux distribution based on Debian 7 "Wheezy" and featuring a highly customised Enlightenment 17 desktop: "The major stable release of Elive 3.0 has been updated. We were so pleased with this....
  • 23 décembre 2018 à 08:54

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 795

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: First impressions of Pinebook, the $99 Linux laptopNews: Questions and answers with Bedrock developer, Librem 5 development kits shipped, FreeBSD to use ZFS on Linux code base, Alpine being ported to RISC-V, Lubuntu dropping 32-bit supportQuestions and answers: Separate /home partition and....
  • 24 décembre 2018 à 01:44

Development Release: LibreELEC 9.0 Beta 1

LibreELEC is a minimal Linux distribution for running the Kodi media centre. The LibreELEC project has published a new development snapshot, LibreELEC 9.0 Beta 1 (which also carries the build number 8.95.1). "LibreELEC 9.0 (Leia) Beta 1 has finally arrived after a long gestation period. Based upon Kodi....
  • 24 décembre 2018 à 17:34

Development Release: OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Alpha 1

Cristina Sgubbi has announced the availability of the first development build of the upcoming OpenMandriva Lx 4.0. The new version brings a change in the package management department (a switch to RPM 4 and dnf) and the distribution is now compiled with Clang 7.0: "Today we are proud....
  • 25 décembre 2018 à 01:31

Distribution Release: antiX 17.3

antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy-to-install Linux live CD distribution based on Debian's "Stable" branch for x86 systems. The project's latest release is antiX 17.3 which includes new kernel fixes. "This is primarily a point-release upgrade of antiX-17.2 'Helen Keller' with a newer L1TF/Foreshadow and Meltdown/Spectre patched....
  • 26 décembre 2018 à 13:53

Distribution Release: KaOS 2018.12

A new version of KaOS, a rolling-release Linux distribution with KDE Plasma as the preferred desktop environment, has been released. Version 2018.12 comes with the very latest that the KDE and Qt projects have on offer, including Plasma 5.14.4, KDE Applications 18.12.0 and Qt 5.12.0: " KaOS is....
  • 29 décembre 2018 à 08:43

Distribution Release: Calculate Linux 18.12

Alexander Tratsevskiy has announced the release of Calculate Linux 18.12, an updated build of the project's Gentoo-based distribution for desktops and servers. This release updates the Linux kernel to version 4.19.9 and it also brings a new "Education" edition: "Calculate Linux 18.12 released. We have a bunch of....
  • 29 décembre 2018 à 13:30

Distribution Release: Nitrux 1.1.2

Nitrux Latinoamericana S.C. has announced the release of Nitrux 1.1.2, an Ubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution featuring the "Nomad" desktop which is developed in-house and which extends KDE's Plasma with a mix of aesthetics and functionality: "We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 1.1.2. This new version....
  • 30 décembre 2018 à 03:02

Distribution Release: RancherOS 1.5.0

Rancher Labs has published the release of RancherOS 1.5.0, an updated build of the company's minimalist Linux distribution designed for running Docker containers. This release brings a large number of new features, as well as bug fixes: "Release 1.5.0. Versions: Linux 4.14.85, Buildroot 2018.02.7, Docker 18.06.1-ce by default,....
  • 30 décembre 2018 à 06:16

Development Release: Chakra GNU/Linux 2019.01 RC2

Luca Giambonini has announced the availability of the second release candidate for Chakra GNU/Linux 2019.01, an upcoming major new update of project's desktop distribution featuring the latest KDE Plasma: "Chakra 2019.01 'Hawking' RC2 released. The second release candidate is ready; except for the Calamares bug, the RC2....
  • 30 décembre 2018 à 10:07

Distribution Release: OLPC OS 13.2.10

James Cameron has announced the release of OLPC OS 13.2.10, an updated build of the project's specialist distribution developed under the initiative of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project to provide children in developing countries with low-cost laptops. This version, still based on Fedora 18, is mostly....
  • 30 décembre 2018 à 13:30

Distribution Release: Slackel 7.1 "Openbox"

Dimitris Tzemos has announced the release of Slackel 7.1 "Openbox", the latest version of this distribution based on Slackware and Salix. The new version is available in 64-bit builds only and features several application updates and a new icon theme. Persistent file encryption is also supported: "Persistent file....
  • 30 décembre 2018 à 15:50

Distribution Release: Q4OS 2.7

Q4OS is a Debian-based desktop distribution featuring the Trinity desktop, a lightweight environment forked from KDE 3. The project's latest stable release is Q4OS 2.7 which improves scaling for high resolution screens. The release announcement states: "A significant update to the Q4OS 2 Scorpion stable LTS is immediately....
  • 31 décembre 2018 à 03:11

Distribution Release: OviOS Linux 3.00

OviOS Linux is a storage operating systems based on the Linux kernel, with open-source software needed to create a fully functional, high-performance storage server. A major new update, version 3.00 (code name 'Arcturus'), was released yesterday: "OviOS Linux 3 comes with a few package upgrades, bug fixes and....
  • 31 décembre 2018 à 06:51

Distribution Release: Grml 2018.12

Michael Prokop has announced the release of Grml 2018.12, a new version of the project's Debian-based Linux distribution focusing on the needs of system administrators: "So we did it again - we just released Grml 2018.12 'Gnackwatschn'. This Grml release provides fresh software packages from Debian 'Testing' which....
  • 31 décembre 2018 à 15:00

BSD Release: GhostBSD 18.12

GhostBSD is a rolling-release desktop operating system based on TrueOS, which is in turn based on FreeBSD's development (-CURRENT) branch. The project has published an update to GhostBSD 18.10, GhostBSD 18.12, which includes a number of updates and which replaces the Oktopkg graphical package manager with Software Station....
  • 31 décembre 2018 à 23:06

Distribution Release: Septor 2019

Happy New Year! The first announcement of the year 2019 comes courtesy of Septor, a new distribution in the DistroWatch database. It is part of the growing number of projects that focus on preserving the anonymity and privacy of the user while browsing the Internet. Septor is based....
  • 2 janvier 2019 à 02:34

Distribution Release: CAELinux 2018

Joël Cugnoni has announced the release of CAELinux 2018, a new version of the project's Xubuntu-based Linux distribution with a collection of tools designed for computer-aided engineering: "We are proud to announce the new release of CAELinux 2018, which is based on Xubuntu 16.04 and which contains a....
  • 5 janvier 2019 à 00:29

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 796

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: FreeBSD 12.0News: Peppermint releases ISO update, the best distro of 2018, roundtable interview with Debian, elementary OS and Fedora leadersOpinion: Musings on distros after prolonged use (2019)Released last week: antiX 17.3, KaOS 2018.12, Calculate Linux 18.12Torrent corner: antiX, CAELinux, Calculate, Chakra, GhostBSD,....
  • 7 janvier 2019 à 01:15

Distribution Release: Funtoo Linux 1.3

Daniel Robbins has announced the release of Funtoo Linux 1.3. Funtoo, a variant of Gentoo Linux, is an distribution that builds packages automatically from the source code. It was launched in 2009, shortly after Robbins left Gentoo Linux, a project he had founded in 2000. Version 1.3 brings....
  • 8 janvier 2019 à 02:39

Distribution Release: Qubes OS 4.0.1

Marek Marczykowski-Górecki has announced the release of Qubes OS 4.0.1, an updated version of the project's security-focused Linux distribution which allows users to "compartmentalise" computing tasks into isolated compartments called qubes. This new release is mostly a bug-fix and security update and is recommended for all new Qubes....
  • 9 janvier 2019 à 06:27

Distribution Release: Clonezilla Live 2.6.0-37

Steven Shiau has announced the release of Clonezilla Live 2.6.0-37. Clonezilla Live provides tools for backing up, restoring and copying disk images and disk partitions either locally or across the network. The project's latest version includes several updates and fixes. "The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This....
  • 10 janvier 2019 à 18:04

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 797

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Reborn OS 2018.11.28 and TinyPaw-Linux 1.3News: Debian tests Secure Boot, Ubuntu ships on Entroware AIO, most highly popular Steam games run on LinuxQuestions and answers: Dealing with an unresponsive desktopReleased last week: Funtoo Linux 1.3, Qubes OS 4.0.1, Clonezilla Live 2.6.0-37Torrent corner:....
  • 14 janvier 2019 à 01:07

Distribution Release: Netrunner 19.01

The Netrunner development team has announced the release of Netrunner 19.01, a significant update of the project's desktop-oriented Linux distribution (with KDE Plasma) based on Debian's "Testing" branch. This release brings a new default desktop theme, additional web applications, and various Plasma add-ons and tweaks: "After a busy....
  • 14 janvier 2019 à 23:21

Distribution Release: ArcoLinux 19.01.4

Erik Dubois has announced the release of ArcoLinux 19.01.4, a new version of the project's Arch-based, desktop-oriented distribution. Some of the features include a new version of the Calamares installer, additional icons and themes, and some bug fixes: "ArcoLinux -D -B 19.1. Upgrading Calamares gives us a chance....
  • 16 janvier 2019 à 13:33

Distribution Release: deepin 15.9

deepin is a Debian-based desktop distribution which features the custom-made Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE). The project's latest version is deepin 15.9 which features improved touch screen support, better power management and several desktop performance enhancements. "New features: Multiple gestures, tap and see - for touchscreen devices, multiple gestures....
  • 16 janvier 2019 à 16:30

BSD Release: Project Trident 18.12

Project Trident is a new member to the DistroWatch database and a desktop operating system based on TrueOS (which is, in turn, based on FreeBSD's development branch). The first official stable release of Project Trident is based on technologies from FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT and features the Lumina desktop environment.....
  • 16 janvier 2019 à 18:36

Distribution Release: Zevenet 5.9

Zevenet is a load balancer and application delivery system based on Debian. The project's latest release, Zevenet 5.9 Community Edition, includes several package upgrades, moves its base to Debian "Buster" and makes a leap from the i686 architecture to 64-bit. " Good evening, we are proud to announce....
  • 16 janvier 2019 à 22:13

Distribution Release: Endless OS 3.5.4

Will Thompson has announced the release of Endless OS 3.5.4, the latest version of the project's Linux-based operating system with a simplified desktop (forked from GNOME 3) and without any package management system. The latest version introduces new parental controls for applications: "Administrator users may now control which....
  • 17 janvier 2019 à 08:17

Development Release: NomadBSD 1.2 RC1

NomadBSD is a 64-bit live system for USB flash drives, based on FreeBSD. The project has published a release candidate for its upcoming 1.2 version, based on FreeBSD 12.0. "The first release candidate of NomadBSD-1.2 is available! If you notice any problems, please let us know. Changes since....
  • 18 janvier 2019 à 22:30

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 798

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Sculpt OS 18.09News: Solus team plans ahead, Fedora considering how best to count users, NetBSD reaches reproducible builds milestone, MX Linux opens a new bug trackerQuestions and answers: Picking a location for swap spaceReleased last week: Netrunner 19.01 ArcoLinux 19.01.4, deepin 15.9Torrent....
  • 21 janvier 2019 à 01:16

Distribution Release: Porteus Kiosk 4.8.0

Tomasz Jokiel has announced the release of Porteus Kiosk 4.8.0, an updated version of the project's specialist distribution designed for web kiosks - based on Gentoo Linux, with a choice of Firefox or Chrome browsers: "I am pleased to announce that Porteus Kiosk 4.8.0 is now available for....
  • 21 janvier 2019 à 10:53

Distribution Release: Parrot 4.5

Lorenzo Faletra has announced the release of Parrot 4.5, the latest stable version of the project's specialist distribution designed for penetration testing, digital forensics and privacy protection, based on Debian's "Testing" branch: "Parrot 4.5 is officially released and there are some major changes under the hood. We are....
  • 22 janvier 2019 à 01:30

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 799

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: KaOS 2018.12News: Debian 10 freezes while Debian 9 gets a media refresh, Ubuntu publishes IoT releaseBook review: Linux Basics For HackersReleased last week: Porteus Kiosk 4.8.0, Parrot 4.5Torrent corner: ArchLabs, Archman, AUSTRUMI, ClonOS, Debian, Live Raizo, Nitrux, Parrot, Porteus Kiosk, RobolinuxUpcoming releases:....
  • 28 janvier 2019 à 01:03

Distribution Release: MakuluLinux 2019.01.25

MakuluLinux is a Debian-based desktop distribution which ships with many applications and media codecs installed out of the box. The project has published an update, MakuluLinux 2019.01.25, to its Core series which experiments with mouse gestures. This allows users to optionally use their computer almost entirely without the....
  • 28 janvier 2019 à 16:13

Distribution Release: Tails 3.12

The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails) is a Debian-based live DVD/USB with the goal of providing complete Internet anonymity for the user. The project's latest release is Tails 3.12 which introduces a new install method: "The biggest news for 3.12 is that we completely changed the installation methods....
  • 29 janvier 2019 à 20:03

Distribution Release: Alpine Linux 3.9.0

Alpine Linux is a lightweight distribution which features the BusyBox userland utilities and the musl C library. The project has published a new release, Alpine Linux 3.9.0, which expands hardware architecture support and switches its security library from LibreSSL to OpenSSL. "New features and noteworthy new packages: Support....
  • 30 janvier 2019 à 15:41

BSD Release: OPNsense 19.1

OPNsense is a specialist operating system (and a fork of pfSense) designed for firewalls and routers. The project's latest release, OPNsense 19.1, shifts the operating system's base from FreeBSD to HardenedBSD which includes a number of security enhancements. "The 19.1 release, nicknamed "Inspiring Iguana", consists of a total....
  • 31 janvier 2019 à 20:30