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Aujourd’hui — 20 septembre 2019TechRepublic - Articles

How to change a Slack channel name

Did you inherit a mess of a Slack workspace? Find out how to clean that up by renaming channels.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 22:10

Software jobs expected to grow twice as fast as overall US jobs

Average wages for software jobs are rising and the number of jobs available are outpacing other job openings in the US economy.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 21:02
Hier — 19 septembre 2019TechRepublic - Articles

Many US rural areas still suffer slow internet speeds

While metro areas are busy anticipating 5G, rural areas lag behind with an average internet speed of 39.01 Mbps.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 19:17

Revenue from cloud services and infrastructure reaches $150 billion in first half of 2019

Operators and vendors in seven cloud service and infrastructure market segments raked in $150 billion from January to June.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 19:08

The Pragmatic Programmer: Classic developer handbook is retooled for the 21st century

The authors of The Pragmatic Programmer 20th Anniversary Edition on how software development has changed and the essential skills for a modern dev.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 17:46

Startup wants to make solar power plug-and-play

Span has just released a smart electric panel and an app to make it easier for homeowners to install and manage solar power.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 17:33

Why businesses would rather lose revenue than data

While businesses don't want to lose data, 66% of business decision makers said their current IT resources do not keep up with growing technological demands.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 16:57

How to handle the public disclosure of bugs and security vulnerabilities

A full 90% of security professionals say that the disclosure of security vulnerabilities is good for the public, according to a poll conducted by 451 Research and commissioned by security testing company Veracode.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 15:46

Yahoo data breach settlement means affected users may get $100

If you had a Yahoo account between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2016, you may be entitled to a bit of money.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 15:45

Some tech CEOs eyed as untrustworthy but certain companies are still favored

Tech moguls Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos all scored on the bottom half of the scale for trustworthiness, according to analysis conducted by global brand consultancy Landor.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 15:34

How to use Lifesize Go for free video conference calls

If your video conferencing needs are minimal, the free browser-based Lifesize Go service is a useful option.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 02:16

How to use Mission Control to optimize macOS operation

Mission Control can significantly improve your daily efficiency. Here's how to ensure you're making the most of the time-saving macOS feature.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 02:02

How to deploy and manage Google's Chrome browser at your organization

Learn how to use Google's Enterprise version of Chrome to install the browser and then turn to Group Policy to manage it.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 01:49

How to change Windows 10 toast notifications into balloon notifications

With a subtle manual edit of a specific Windows 10 configuration setting, it is possible to change modern toast-style system notifications into old-fashioned balloon notifications.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 01:31

How to create a data backup plan using AWS Backup

Secure backup of vital data is a necessity in business. With cloud computing services like AWS Backup, businesses can contract for fast, reliable backup services on an as-needed basis.
  • 19 septembre 2019 à 01:16

How to edit and update your Slack profile

Help inform your fellow Slack collaborators who you are, what you do, and how they can contact you by editing your workspace profile.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 22:56

4 ways to protect your business from procurement risks

While it's virtually impossible to foresee and protect your business from all procurement-related dangers, you can reduce potential risks.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 20:46

Forecast: 240 devices will have flexible or foldable screens by 2028

This new feature has the potential to keep consumers on the two-year smartphone replacement cycle.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 20:15

Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange shows how big data can impact climate change

Bloomberg's Data for Good Exchange event gave scientists and researchers a chance to show how they're using big data to save the environment.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 20:04

1Password releases security tool designed for businesses

1Password has created an advanced protection suite with new security tools for 1Password business users.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 20:00

Researchers hope 5G expansion revolutionizes data analytics

ABI Research said companies needed to find new ways to use the troves of data that will come with the 5G revolution.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 19:55
À partir d’avant-hierTechRepublic - Articles

Researchers are performing integer factorization using modified MRAM

Ease of scaling could make probabilistic computing competitive with current-day quantum computers, though limitations of the design prompt researchers to dub it the "poor man's qubit."
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 19:00

A new type of DDoS attack can amplify attack strength by more than 15,300%

By abusing a little-known multicast protocol, attackers can launch DDoS attacks of immense power, but there may be an easy fix.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 18:26

How to quiet big data noise

Follow this expert advice on how to refine your big data and team to understand what insights you really need.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 17:32

How to subscribe to a Google Calendar

If you need to follow another Google user's calendar, you're only a few clicks away. Find out how to make this a reality.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 17:25

Virginia tech research team studies low latency military networks with DOD-funded grant

Using a $7.5 million, five-year Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative grant, a Virginia Tech research team looks into the latency of military IoT systems.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 17:22

How the pods approach can be an effective project management strategy

Read about the benefits of using the pods method for project management, and get tips on implementing this strategy.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 17:20

How to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Ubuntu server

Getting a Kubernetes cluster up and running isn't as difficult as you might think.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 17:11

Small businesses underestimate financial damage of cyberattacks

The average breach causes an average of $149,000 in damages, yet most small-to-medium-sized businesses thought cyberattacks would cost them under $10,000, survey reports.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 16:54

What does upstream and downstream development even mean?

Have you heard the terms upstream and downstream applied to source code, and wondered what they meant? Here's a simplified explanation.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 16:52

How to use Docker Compose files without the docker-compose command

Find out how you can use docker-compose.yml files without the docker-compose command.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 16:21

How to disable notifications on the macOS lock screen

Find out how to prevent macOS from inadvertently giving away some precious personal or company secrets from the lock screen.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 15:56

Digital dexterity: What it is, why your organization needs it, and how CIOs can lead the charge

A report from Gartner says digital dexterity is fundamental to modern businesses, and it's the job of CIOs to implement it. Here's how to get started.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 15:50

PwC: Boosting digital resilience is the best defense against cyber attacks

Now that you've completed your digital transformation, you need to build a system to protect this new way of doing business.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 15:43

You've got mail? Adobe survey shows that email won't be going away any time soon

Email and millennials' keen sense of how to achieve a work-life balance were two key findings of a new study.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 15:21

Aliro aims to make quantum computers usable by traditional programmers

Different quantum designs are suited to different workloads. Aliro hopes to provide a common platform to minimize differences and make it easier for businesses to adopt quantum.
  • 18 septembre 2019 à 15:00

How to keep a remote team engaged during meetings

During meetings, it can be a challenge to keep remote team members, lone contributors, and home office staff synchronized and productive. Follow these leadership tips.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 22:04

How to join an existing Slack workspace (or create one of your own)

If you haven't already jumped on the Slack bandwagon, prepare yourself, as it is showing no signs of slowing down. Find out how to join a Slack workspace or create your own.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 21:34

How to configure the time zone on Linux

Having a correct time zone configured on your Linux data center servers could mean the difference between software running properly or not.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 20:58

"You can't moonlight" your way to CI/CD success, declares CircleCI CEO

There are many ways to approach software development automation--find out why CircleCI’s CEO is confident in its approach.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 20:25

Australian not-for-profit's encryption solution to privacy breaches

An Australian open source foundation is introducing a new approach to encryption called splintering, TechRepublic's Karen Roby talks with the Tide Foundation's co-founder.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 20:00

Why organizations need to optimize their employees' messaging tools for the workplace

If the right business apps for mobile messaging aren't accessible or effective, users will turn to consumer apps, which can be insecure and limit productivity, says a new report from enterprise messaging platform NetSfere.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 19:54

DNS amplification attacks increase by 1,000% since 2018

Researchers said a new defense system is fueling a wave of DNS amplification attacks.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 19:43

How to protect yourself against web miners

While using your browser to mine cryptocurrencies for profit, web miners can chew up power from your computer, says a new report from Kaspersky.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 19:40

Gartner Hype Cycle: 5 key emerging trends

TechRepublic's Karen Roby talks with a Gartner analyst about tech trends, including advanced AI analytics, sensing immobility, and more. He also discusses deepfakes and low-Earth orbit satellites.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 19:10

Google, Netflix, and Apple remain most desirable places to work, according to survey

airbnb, SpaceX and hulu are at the top of the list of private companies along with two fintech firms.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 18:57

How to avoid the dreaded Video4Linux flaw in Android

With Google dragging their feet on the fix for Video4Linux, you might consider revoking camera permissions for certain apps.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 18:01

Oracle's new digital assistant sounds suspiciously like Clippy

Oracle aims to simplify the use of their Cloud applications through digital assistants, though this plan resembles a certain loathed paperclip in function, if not form.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 17:40

Why artificial intelligence leads to job growth

IT workforces should prepare for more--not less--job opportunities.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 16:19

Windows Defender Application Control: The enterprise alternative to S-Mode

Microsoft's Windows management tools can lock PCs down to only use trusted software.
  • 17 septembre 2019 à 16:10