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How to add container management to Cockpit

The Cockpit web-based admin tool can be extended to include container management.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 22:27

How to use GitHub in Chrome OS

Need to connect with GitHub from your chromebook? Thanks to Termux, you can.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 22:23

How to run a command with the Ansible shell module

Ansible includes a shell module that can be used to execute commands on remote machines.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 21:52

Chrome devices receive longer auto update expiration dates

Find out how a Chromebook you use or buy today may receive updates for up to six and a half years.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 21:25

IBM Watson Media releases mobile video streaming app

The video streaming app allows business users to stream live and on-demand video to global employees on computers or smartphones.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 20:49

Cybersecurity remains the top concern for middle market companies

Nearly half (47%) of executives believe they will be at a greater security risk in the next year, a Chubb and NCMM report found.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 17:21

IT heads praise hybrid cloud models but still opt for traditional data centers

A new survey from Nutanix found that IT departments are slowly moving to adopt hybrid cloud environments.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 16:54

How can you protect yourself from hackers? An IBM social engineer offers advice

Stephanie "Snow" Carruthers, Chief People Hacker at IBM, gives advice about protecting yourself online. She also explains how the robocalls and spoofing process works.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 16:06

Traveling for the holidays? Avoid these 5 tech mistakes

Wi-Fi hotspots, public charging stations, and travel planning sites seem helpful, but they could actually be a traveler's worst nightmare.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 15:48

The top 40 companies for flex jobs in 2020

Amazon, SAP, and UnitedHealth Group are among companies recruiting for the most flexible jobs, according to a report from FlexJobs.
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 12:30

5G is on track in China, but will it pay?

Commentary: Recent data from China suggests 5G is on track, but will it pay off?
  • 15 novembre 2019 à 00:10

How to use per-host SSH configuration

Learn how to make your SSH use more efficient and convenient with per-host configurations.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 22:43

How to install ntopng on a Debian minimal server

Getting a real-time network monitor up and running is just a few commands away with ntopng.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 22:34

How to integrate Dropbox into Slack

Learn how to integrate Slack and Dropbox for even more efficient collaboration.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 22:11

How to manage site settings in Vivaldi for Android

Find out how to enable or disable permissions on a site-by-site basis in the Vivaldi browser.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 21:51

74% of US knowledge workers will quit a job for an opportunity to work from home

Nearly everyone in the US workforce wants to work from home, according to Zapier report.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 21:44

Motorola's revived Razr has no compelling productivity angle for professionals

Motorola is releasing a new Razr to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the brand. For a folding phone, there's not a lot here to unpack for business users.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 20:09

The pros and cons for companies of moving to a fully remote workforce

More companies are moving to a fully remote workforce to save money and make employees happier. But there are challenges to consider.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 19:43

How to install a minimal server based on Debian 10

Learn how to install a GUI-less, minimal server based on Debian 10.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 19:29

How to easily manage Firefox Places

Gain more control over what is saved in Firefox by using the hidden Places tool.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 17:44

New phishing email campaign impersonates US postal service to deliver malware

The same threat actor has been observed targeting companies in the US, Italy, and Germany, according to a new report from security provider Proofpoint.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 17:27

The best Android phones of the past decade

Take a walk down memory lane to find out what Jack Wallen considers the best Android phones of the past decade.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 17:07

Survey: Employees with more tech skills needed by 80% of companies

A new study said 57% of businesses anticipate facing a significant skills gap in the next two years, so 72% identify re-skilling existing workforce as high priority.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 16:58

How a hacker at IBM uses disguises and devices to steal private information

An IBM X-Force Red team member explains how her background in makeup and sales helps her social engineering career. Also, she demonstrates how cybercriminals can easily clone your work ID badge.
  • 14 novembre 2019 à 16:42

How to use Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad

Learn how to use Dark Mode, a visual style that can be easier on the eyes, especially under certain conditions.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 22:52

Microsoft OneDrive: A cheat sheet

For Windows 10 and Office 365 users, the default cloud storage service is Microsoft OneDrive. Use this guide quickly get up to speed on Microsoft's cloud storage app.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 22:45

How to use iOS and iPadOS 13's new software keyboard features

Learn how to use new features in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, including swipe to type, one-handed typing mode, and Memojis or Animojis with third-party apps.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 22:25

How to add apps to Slack

Learn how to extend the feature set of your Slack workspace with the addition of Slack apps.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 22:16

Windows 10 November 2019 Update: Version 1909 is available now--here's what's new

Windows 10 Version 1909 is now available as an optional feature update. Electing to install it will add several subtle quality-of-life features and improve your user experience.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 21:43

Tracking endpoints and ensuring device security a vexing problem for healthcare CIOs

The consequences of security incidents in hospitals can be life-or-death, but security practices lag behind other industries.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 21:38

Global public cloud services market expected to grow 17% in 2020

Revenue for the market is projected to total $266.4 billion next year, according to a new estimate from Gartner.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 20:40

How to manage Siri privacy settings in iOS 13.2

In iOS 13.2, you can opt out of Siri voice review requests and delete recording history from your Apple devices.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 16:20

How cybercriminals trick you into giving your information over the phone

IBM's Chief People Hacker Stephanie "Snow" Carruthers describes how criminals use caller ID spoofing to get your private data.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 16:15

Five reasons healthcare data security is at Ebola crisis levels

Lots of PHI, low security, and multiple entry points make hospitals the perfect target for hackers and ransomware attacks are up 45% in Q3.
  • 13 novembre 2019 à 14:48

Dell Tech Summit: Want to help the environment? Start with your company culture

Dell executives dive into the company's 2030 moonshot goals, which focus on sustainability, inclusion, ethics, and privacy.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 23:46

US cities with the fastest and slowest internet speeds

The nationwide average internet speed is 50.2 Mbps, but one city is reaching up to 100.8 Mbps.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 21:08

What happens when your healthcare data is stolen or held for ransom? It depends

Hospitals are reluctant to disclose attacks, and regulations don't offer clear advice about what to tell patients.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 21:06

How to batch rename files in Windows 10 with the PowerToys PowerRename tool

Learn how to use the PowerToys PowerRename tool to rename multiple files in one shot.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 20:43

Counterterrorism expert: Small healthcare companies are the new ransomware targets

MonsterCloud CEO says RYUK attacks can be fatal for businesses that can't afford to pay the ransom or to get help from experts.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 20:18

IBM social engineer easily hacked two journalists' information

A member of IBM's X-Force Red team hacked two CBS reporters for three weeks. Find out what information she gathered, as well as what phishing entails.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 20:08

Slack launches new global partner program for its collaboration software

The new program adds partners from the US, UK and Japan, as the popular collaboration software expands its offerings.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 19:34

Green machine: Dell introduces Latitude 7300 Anniversary Edition

The 13-inch business laptop offers sustainable components inside and out and up to 20 hours of battery life.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 19:19

Micron announces 1TB industrial microSD, aimed at surveillance markets

The 96-layer 3D QLC NAND-based microSDXC card is marketed toward enterprise use.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 17:27

How to free up disk space after a major Windows 10 update

Each major Windows 10 update leaves some residual folders and files behind; learn how to clean them up.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 17:03

How firewall automation can help prevent breaches caused by wrong configurations

A majority of IT staffers polled by firewall management service FireMon said they still use manual processes to manage changes.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 16:32

Dell Tech Summit: Autonomous infrastructure, as-a-service models, and societal change

The tech giant highlighted Dell EMC PowerOne, Dell Technologies on Demand, and sustainability goals during the opening keynote in Austin.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 16:20

Reasonable doubt: Only 17% of CISOs believe their stack is "completely effective" against attacks

An overabundance of confidence can lead to blind spots, but a Nominet report finds widespread doubt in organizations' security posture.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 16:00

Microsoft's Power Platform gives IT more control and more Teams integration

Power BI continues to become the new Excel and Teams continues to bring business information and tools together so you can talk about them. Here are the new features announced at Ignite to help with that.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 12:35

Verizon: As credit-card regulation compliance drops, cybersecurity risk rises

An annual Verizon report looks at how complete compliance to credit-card payment regulations can boost business, save time and money, and maintain safe cybersecurity.
  • 12 novembre 2019 à 06:01

Employees ok with employers monitoring them at work

Horizon study reveals that employees are not very concerned with Big Brother watching over them at work.
  • 11 novembre 2019 à 21:31