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Aujourd’hui — 5 mars 2021TechRepublic - Articles

8 ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Experts detail a few ways employers can show their workers a little love in honor of Employee Appreciation Day.
  • 5 mars 2021 à 11:00

International Women's Day 2021: Female tech titans on how to thrive in the enterprise and beyond

Help forge a gender-equal world, and start spreading the word that #ChooseToChallenge and #IWD2021 are this year's official IWD hashtags.
  • 5 mars 2021 à 11:00

Digital transformation hit overdrive for retailers and restaurants in 2020

Commentary: We'll all be glad to see the COVID-19 pandemic end. Before it does, it's remaking key industries.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 23:41

How to access and listen to podcasts on a Chromebook

Chrome OS includes a basic audio player, yet other options offer many more features to Chromebook podcast listeners.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 21:51

Employees care deeply about societal and cultural issues

A new Gartner HR survey finds the events of the past six months have created workplace tension, and 68% would quit their job for a different organization.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 20:28

How to work with Vault Secrets Engines

Jack Wallen shows you how to create both local and AWS secrets engines with Hashicorp's Vault.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 20:24

How to install the Bacula backup server on Ubuntu 20.04

If you're looking for one of the best networkable Linux backup solutions, you cannot go wrong with Bacula. Jack Wallen walks you through the installation and setup of the server portion.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 19:23

Remote workers fess up to these bad habits

Surfing the web, shopping online, perusing social media and binge-watching Netflix are some of the distractions of telecommuting, Plugable finds in a WFH survey.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 19:07
Hier — 4 mars 2021TechRepublic - Articles

Politics and religion: How the new normal neutralized former work taboos

Sure 9-to-5 is dead, but welcome to the workplace upside down, where what was considered inappropriate only a year ago is a new cultural norm.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 18:00

COBOL remains alive and well, despite its age

While the future is uncertain, the decades-old programming language running on mainframes proved its staying power during the pandemic. Now, more professionals are needed.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 17:22

Drone vaccine delivery? Agile aircraft reimagine cold-chain logistics in rural North Carolina

The coronavirus vaccine has brought attention to the challenges associated with delivering sensitive medical supplies. These drones could help address logistical challenges in the supply chain.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 16:43

Report: Quality, not quantity, is the hallmark of the latest waves of phishing attacks

Cybercriminals have changed tactics since COVID-19, with surgically precise social engineering attacks targeting business apps replacing batch-and-blast phishing.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 16:24

PC shipments expected to inch up this year despite supply shortages

Demand for devices will continue from at-home workers and students, though gains could be hampered by component shortages, says Canalys.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 16:19

How banks and banking customers can protect themselves against financial crimes

Account takeovers and online banking fraud are two types of attacks on the rise against financial institutions and their customers, says Feedzai.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 15:17

Intel assists NFL hopefuls with 3D athlete tracking and AI insights

A partnership with the human performance company EXOS aims to help college football stars hone their game ahead of the NFL draft.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 15:00

Microsoft Power BI Premium: New platform and pricing, what you need to know

It used to cost $5,000 a month and run on dedicated hardware; now it's a $20 per user cloud service, which proves that a multi-tenant architecture delivers better performance.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 12:07

Study: Digital capabilities to manage information are still lacking

Most knowledge workers would welcome more digital tools to improve information handling and collaboration with their peers.
  • 4 mars 2021 à 11:00

Microsoft and IBM use apprentice programs to diversify the tech world and solve the labor shortage

Apprenti works with tech companies in 15 states to expand the pipeline of software engineers, cloud administrators and data analysts.
  • 3 mars 2021 à 20:19

Red Hat survey points to enterprises' biggest pain point with open source: Support

Commentary: Enterprises want their vendors to contribute to open source projects, but code is just the beginning.
  • 3 mars 2021 à 19:56

6 shortcuts for working with Table objects in Excel

Use these six shortcuts to select Table elements and insert columns and rows quickly in Microsoft Excel, making your use of Tables that much easier.
  • 3 mars 2021 à 19:23

How to quickly validate your Kubernetes configuration files

Your Kubernetes YAML files need validation. Jack Wallen shows you a very easy tool that can drastically simplify that task.
  • 3 mars 2021 à 18:51

Google announces Flutter 2, Google Mobile Ads for Flutter beta, and more

Google announced its UI toolkit for cross-platform app development in 2018. On Wednesday, the company announced Flutter 2 and the availability of Dart 2.12.
  • 3 mars 2021 à 18:50
À partir d’avant-hierTechRepublic - Articles

The Linux desktop is boring again, and that's a good thing

Jack Wallen has become nostalgic for the Linux desktop days of old. What does that say for the current state of the UI?
  • 3 mars 2021 à 17:30

Deloitte partnering with NVIDIA to launch artificial intelligence computing center

The Deloitte Center for AI Computing aims to deliver an accelerated platform to co-innovate with clients and expedite the development of AI applications.
  • 3 mars 2021 à 17:08

Microsoft's new Power Fx is an open source language based on Excel

Microsoft Power Fx is an open-source programming language that hopes to make coding as straightforward as building a spreadsheet.
  • 3 mars 2021 à 15:28

PS5 shortage: Supply chain disruptions affect gamers and developers alike

The semiconductor chip shortage has disrupted the Sony PS5 rollout. When could supplies normalize and how are developers being impacted?
  • 3 mars 2021 à 14:51

How to apply "platform thinking" to your tech strategy for greater success

Rather than thinking about your IT strategy in terms of projects and systems, try applying platform thinking.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 22:55

How to use iOS tools to create better work-life balance

Make sure working from home doesn't mean "always working" by using tools built into iOS. You can ensure that your work life doesn't creep into your home life by taking some key steps on your devices.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 20:50

Salesforce adds out-of-the-box B2B rebate management to its CRM platform

The new feature will take rebate tracking out of spreadsheets and give visibility to sales teams, customers and anyone else that needs to see it.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 20:46

Should you pay up when hit by ransomware? There are several things to consider first

Whether paying ransom for data held hostage makes sense depends on many variables. Experts define the variables and why they're important.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 20:24

How to use the Android Messages Schedule Send feature

Jack Wallen introduces you to a long overdue new Android Messages feature that allows you to schedule the sending of SMS messages.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 20:03

Why it's time to stop setting SELinux to Permissive or Disabled

Too many people shrug off SELinux on their data center systems. Jack Wallen says it's time to stop giving into that siren song so your operating systems are weakened.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 19:48

How to use the translation tools in iOS 14 for easier communication and website translation

Translate website content from one language to another, or learn how to use the Translate app in iOS 14 to communicate more effectively between two non-native speakers while on the go.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 19:41

Infrastructure modernization remains the biggest use case for enterprise open source

A new Red Hat report also finds that app development and digital transformation are important to users and that security perceptions have improved.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 18:11

AI now added to Zillow 3D Home tours to even more closely mimic an in-person viewing

Next-gen tech merges existing media content such as 3D home tours and detailed listing photos and AI-generated floor plans.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 17:49

Saving lives with 3D printing: Seattle Children's Hospital is using printed airways to transform surgery

These 3D printed components could also revolutionize medical school training, enabling students to work with realistic printed models rather than cadavers.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 17:39

AWS selected as official cloud provider of PGA Tour

The partnership will offer new fan experiences and engagement opportunities with features like Every Shot Live and access to historical events dating back nearly 100 years.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 17:33

Women wanted: The tech industry's quest for gender diversity via role models

Thursday, Kaspersky and Ada's List will host an online event looking at the evolution of women in technology and will ask "Where are we now?"
  • 2 mars 2021 à 17:31

Microsoft launching new Windows Virtual Desktop certification for developers and IT admins

A new certification targets Microsoft Azure administrators skilled at managing virtual desktop experiences and remote apps.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 16:49

How to create a configuration profile in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Sometimes you need to perform configuration changes that the basic administrative tools of Microsoft 365 were not designed to handle. For those, Endpoint Manager, also known as Intune, is recommended.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 16:39

Microsoft Ignite: How Azure Percept will bring AI to the edge for the enterprise

The overall goal of the new platform is to give customers an end-to-end system from hardware to AI.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 15:53

Microsoft Ignite: Intelligent speakers and new features announced for Microsoft Teams

Updates and new hardware for Microsoft Teams are part of the push for the future of work.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 15:01

L&D programs secure and elevated to long-term role in organizations

Upskilling/reskilling, leadership and management and virtual onboard are the top 3 areas of focus in 2021, according to a new report from LinkedIn Learning.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 14:59

Right to repair moves forward for your broken devices. But campaigners want to go much further

New rules mean certain electrical goods sold in Europe need to be repairable for at least 10 years. But smartphone and laptop owners can't celebrate just yet.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 14:34

Cisco Webex adds real-time translation in over 100 languages

Move over, Zoom and Teams: Cisco's video conferencing app can now cross language barriers during live meetings without the need for a human translator.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 14:00

The office still matters. But it's going to look very different when you get back

Businesses are still figuring out how to use their office spaces when they re-open to employees. Whatever happens, the role they play in our day-to-day work looks set to change.
  • 2 mars 2021 à 11:02

Top 5 things to know about hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is gaining popularity, but there are still important factors to consider before implementing it in your organization. Tom Merritt lists five things to know about hybrid cloud.
  • 1 mars 2021 à 23:04

How edge computing can help save the environment

One expert says caching content at the edge and closer to its users prevents more carbon emissions.
  • 1 mars 2021 à 23:02

How to keep Mac hard drives tidy with the GrandPerspective app

If you require free space on a Mac, but you're having trouble deciding what to delete, the GrandPerspective app can identify long-unused files for less than the cost of a large latte.
  • 1 mars 2021 à 21:05