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Keep employees engaged and motivated with games and friendly competition

Turning knowledge of key company metrics into a game can make them more accessible and relevant. It can also foster more ownership of company outcomes.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 22:30

Best tech gift splurges in 2020

From ebikes and work pods to designer AirPods cases, underwater drones, and portable drive-in movie theaters, these tech items are worth the splurge.
  • 3 novembre 2020 à 22:12

Top 5 smartphones for business professionals in 2020

Here are five smartphones to consider the next time you're shopping for a new mobile device for work.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 21:59

5 ways to make your home office eco-friendly

If you want a greener home office, here are sustainability tips to keep in mind when WFH.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 21:35

A virtual offsite meeting? Quicken visited Bora Bora

Quicken's VP of Marketing Linda Itskovitz recently hosted a "virtual summit" in Bora Bora. While not as nice as an actual Polynesian paradise, the outcomes were good. Here's how she did it.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 21:21

94% of organizations run into Kubernetes challenges

Despite issues, a new report from D2iQ predicts production projects using Kubernetes will rise 61% in the next two years.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 21:19

Survey: Majority of US workers are optimistic and taking steps to increase job opportunities

Amid high unemployment and economic uncertainty, many employees remain positive about career opportunities; especially respondents with children at home, according to a survey.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 20:27

Gartner's top 10 strategic predictions for "resetting everything" in 2021 and beyond

How tech will lead the reset of everything next year and beyond, and the three key components of these technologies.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 18:32

Mind-expanding STEM gifts for kids including coding robots, rocket kits, and more

The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are fundamental to a wide range of education avenues. Here are 9 of the top STEM gifts for kids to promote hands-on learning opportunities.
  • 6 novembre 2020 à 18:14

How to actively build and maintain culture in a remote workplace

Team and organizational culture is something that must be thoughtfully created and fostered, especially in a distributed workforce.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 17:43

How AI can help boost alternative and renewable energy use

The challenge of inconsistent flow of wind and solar energy is getting help from artificial intelligence, helping companies predict and adapt, saving them money.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 17:10

How to protect your privacy when selling your phone

If your current phone is ready for retirement or you need to sell your current phone to upgrade to a new model, follow these steps to keep your data private.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 16:35

IBM teams with Red Hat, other partners, to bring energy-efficient AI hardware to hybrid clouds

The company made several tech announcements, all geared at accelerating and scaling scientific discovery.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 16:05

Microsoft Edge for Linux arrives in preview for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and openSUSE

Linux developers can test their apps on Edge by downloading the Microsoft Edge Dev Channel for Linux.
  • 21 octobre 2020 à 12:57

The perfect gifts: 14 T-shirts for fans of Bitcoin, the Mandalorian, and retro games

A funny shirt is an ideal holiday present for the person who is impossible to buy for or already has everything they want.
  • 16 novembre 2020 à 16:44

Big data and DevOps: No longer separate silos, and that's a good thing

The pandemic has caused major shifts in the way IT and big data work. Now they may be working together for better outcomes.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 23:36

Google Pixel 5: To upgrade or not to upgrade?

Longtime Android user Jack Wallen debates upgrading to the newest Google Pixel phone. Find out his conclusion and why was it such a hard choice.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 21:34

How to use the Dictate feature instead of typing in Microsoft Word

Whether you're a bad typist or have a hurt thumb, you can still interact with Microsoft Word using its new Dictate feature.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 20:56

Best tech gifts for coworkers in 2020

Check out these holiday gifts even the pickiest coworker will enjoy.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 20:50

How to install the RavenDB NoSQL database on Ubuntu 20.04

If you're looking to deploy a powerful NoSQL database on Linux, let Jack Wallen walk you through the process of installing RavenDB.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 20:30

Best mobile gifts in 2020: Chromebooks, smartwatches, flagship phones, and more

If you're at a loss for what to buy your on-the-go friend or loved one, start with this handy list and let your imagination be inspired.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 19:56

4 key moves CIOs can use to accelerate digital business according to Gartner

Gartner outlines how CIOs can move their companies ahead next year and gain long-term agility.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 18:30

Survey: Fourth graders more tech-savvy than their parents on average

In the digital age, technology moves fast. Amid recurring updates and latest iterations, it can be easy to fall behind. A new survey details generational gaps in technology use.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 17:25

How to migrate away from Office 2010 as Microsoft cuts off support

Microsoft no longer provides support or bug fixes for Office 2010. What should you do if you're stuck on the ten-year-old version of Office?
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 16:52

Remote working: Why we feel more burned out now than we did in the office

Feeling burnt out? It's not just you - more than two-thirds of professionals are currently struggling with continued remote working, according to a survey from Blind.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 16:49

How to create a Windows Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure

Creating a Windows Virtual Desktop using the Azure Portal requires a number of steps, some of which are less than intuitive. This tutorial shows you how to navigate the various configuration screens.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 16:19

Google can now show you how and where to vote

Searching at Google on such phrases as "early voting locations" or "ballot drop boxes near me" can help you learn where to go to vote.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 16:05

The best holiday tech gifts for under $100

Here's a look at some of the best tech-related gifts available now for less than $100, often the budget for close coworkers and good friends.
  • 16 novembre 2020 à 06:38

Top cloud trends for 2021: Forrester predicts spike in cloud-native tech, public cloud, and more

Businesses' reactions to the pandemic response has leaned heavily on the cloud, and demand and revenue escalated for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba, and are expected to grow more in 2021.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 15:07

Homebrew: How to install reconnaissance tools on macOS

We'll guide you through the process of using Homebrew package manager to install security tools on macOS to perform reconnaissance, discovery, and fingerprinting of the devices on your network.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 14:58

Give your resume a pandemic refresh with these 7 savvy tips

With high unemployment and continued economic uncertainty, job seekers face a competitive job market. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when refreshing a resume or CV.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 14:47

IBM launches Call for Code for Racial Justice

IBM wants coders to use open-source technologies to address systemic racism.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 14:09

Salesforce updating with tools to help companies connect with employees and customers

Salesforce is getting two sets of updates focused on improving employee engagement and safely handle in-person customer interactions as companies adjust to the new normal of COVID-19.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 14:00

IT spending forecast for 2021: Gartner predicts some growth, but market still below pre-pandemic levels

IT spending is expected to grow 4% in 2021, which still leaves the market below numbers reached before COVID-19 impacted the enterprise.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 14:00

C# designer Torgersen: Why the programming language is still so popular and where it's going next

C# has been instrumental in setting technical benchmarks for the developer landscape since its creation in 2000. Lead designer Mads Torgersen shares the secrets of its success with TechRepublic.
  • 20 octobre 2020 à 11:57

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop: A cheat sheet

Cloud-based DaaS offers several advantages to a remote workforce. This smart guide to Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop assesses the platform and what it can offer.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 23:02

Best laptops to give as holiday gifts this season

With options from Apple, Dell, Acer, HP, and more, you'll find the best laptop to fit your gift-giving needs.
  • 6 novembre 2020 à 20:24

Top 5 things to know about latency

Latency can interrupt your productivity and generally slow down your workday. Tom Merritt lists five things you should know about latency.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 22:22

Best holiday gifts for iPhone users and Mac fans in 2020

If you're shopping for just the right gift for the Apple lover in your life, search no further. You'll find curated tech gifts in various price ranges, including the new iPad Air and a MacBook cover.
  • 23 novembre 2020 à 22:44

Why ransomware has become such a huge problem for businesses

Ransomware has evolved into a significant threat for all types of organizations. How and why is it such a pervasive issue, and how can organizations better defend themselves against it?
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 20:53

State-sponsored hackers and ransomware gangs are diversifying tactics to inflict more harm

The groups have been using off-the-shelf tooling and open source penetration testing tools at unprecedented scale, according to Accenture's 2020 Cyber Threatscape Report.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 20:29

Holiday tech-related gifts for less than $25

Not everything in today's tech has to cost a fortune, and there are plenty of great tech-related gifts for those on a budget, or for those who find their holiday list expanding.
  • 16 novembre 2020 à 07:04

Top tech trends for 2021: Gartner predicts hyperautomation, AI and more will dominate business technology

Operational resiliency is key as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change how companies will do business next year.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 18:30

NASA to build lunar 4G network

In 2024, NASA is set to return humans to the lunar surface for the first time in decades. This network system could help provide enhanced lunar communications in the years ahead.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 18:19

How to manage or disable MAC randomization in iOS and iPadOS 14

Apple's newest feature enhances network security, but it may cause disruptions when users join wireless networks from iOS devices. Here's how to work around them.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 17:55

Most employees don't feel adequately supported by their managers

Weekly one-on-one meetings between managers and employees are the answer, according to a new 15Five 2020 Workplace Report.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 17:00

Ensure traveler safety and comfort with these great gifts

Some people may limit how much they're traveling now, but lockdown has likely sent many jonesing for plane, train or automobile travel, so take the occasion to gift items for an anticipated venture.
  • 16 novembre 2020 à 09:39

Microsoft now the most impersonated brand in phishing attacks

Almost 20% of phishing campaigns last quarter spoofed Microsoft as many people continue to work remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, says Check Point Research.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 14:56

IBM report: Employees say they have a lack of skills, support, and transparency

Companies underestimate the challenges they face with employees during the COVID-19 crisis, according to a new IBM study.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 14:49

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4: This new, stripped-down Pi 4 comes in 32 variants

Available now from $25, the Compute Module 4 packs the same technical guts as the Raspberry Pi 4, albeit in a more compact form-factor.
  • 19 octobre 2020 à 12:44