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Aujourd’hui — 20 septembre 2019TASS

US Treasury imposes sanctions on Iran’s National Bank, National Development Fund

Earlier on Friday, US President Donald Trump said that Washington is imposing new sanctions against Iran, which are "highest sanctions ever imposed on a country"

Court arrests police officer shooting at his fellows at Moscow metro station

On Sept 18, security police officers were on an operation to detain a metro police officer suspected of getting a bribe - he opened fire from the service gun when the officers tried to detain him

Russian Football Union denies Zenit FC the right to register forward Kokorin

The RFU stated that the footballer might be registered in line with all required procedures in the next transfer window, which is scheduled to open on January 22, 2020

Moldovan president says reset in relations with Russia will help boost cooperation

In particular, Moldovagaz and Gazprom have reached a preliminary agreement to extend the current gas supplies contract for several years, Dodon said

Washington’s actions undermine viability of New START, Moscow says

The problem of Washington’s unilateral and illegitimate decision to make hundreds of strategic offensive weapons unaccountable under the New START treaty remains unsettled, the Foreign Ministry said

Agreements with Germany form 25% of Moscow State University’s int'l cooperation

The university’s rector Viktor Sadovnichy recalled that every year, over 400 people from each side participate in mutual academic exchange programs

Medvedev bashes US general’s idiotic remarks about Kaliningrad’s air defenses

The Russian PM commented on media reports citing the commander of the US Air Forces in Europe on Pentagon's plans to ‘crack’ the air defenses in the Kaliningrad Region in case of Russia's aggression

‘Passing the torch of an amazing project': Prokhorov on selling the Brooklyn Nets to Tsai

Russian magnate Mikhail Prokhorov added that he would continue rooting for the club and will be attending the games hoping that the Brooklyn Nets would eventually win the NBA Championship

Putin notes dynamic development of relations between Russia and South Ossetia

On September 20, South Ossetia is celebrating a national holiday - the 29th anniversary of the declaration of a republic

Russian parliament to investigate meddling in domestic affairs on September 27

The Commission on the Investigation of Foreign Interference in Russia's Internal Affairs was formed due to actions by some foreign diplomats,media during the unauthorized protests in Moscow

Bulgarian PM confirms intention to develop relations with Russia

Speaking about the possible lifting of sanctions against Russia, the government head reported that this issue is too difficult for Bulgaria

Common historical memory unites Belarussians, Russians, says culture minister

Belarussian Minister Yuri Bondar recalled that this year the two states mark two historical dates:the 75h anniversary of the end of the siege of Leningrad and the liberation of Belarus from the Nazis

Man with Soviet passport spent about 30 years in labor slavery in Kazakhstan

After his citizenship is identified, the man will either return to Russia or will receive Kazakhstan’s passport

Yerevan court leaves former Armenian president Kocharyan under arrest

On September 4, Armenia’s Constitutional Court declared the 35th section of the Criminal Code under which Robert Kocharyan was arrested to be unconstitutional

Arkhangelsk Region to use Norwegian technology in algae production

Norwegian workers use special equipment - mechanical dredges - to cut off kelp, without damaging its base

Zenit FC forward Kokorin passes medical examination, begins individual trainings

Footballers Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, who were sentenced behind the bars earlier in the year on charges of battery and hooliganism, were released on parole on Tuesday

NATO Secretary General to attend session of UN General Assembly

Stoltenberg would visit the United States Military Academy West Point on September 25 and deliver a speech at Columbia University on September 26

Russia expects to cooperate with China on Syrian recovery

Speaking of Russian-Chinese international cooperation, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov pointed out the similar approach of both countries regarding the situation in Venezuela

Anti-Russian campaign launched in Netherlands to increase defense costs, Moscow says

According to Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, the campaign started on Aug 15 when De Telegraaf published an article alleging that Russians were intimidating wives of Dutch F-16 pilots

Normandy Four talks impossible without signed ‘Steinmeier formula’— Ukraine’s top diplomat

Another condition for the talks is the disengagement of forces and equipment in three pre-agreed areas in Donbass

Kaliningrad Region is well protected from US air attacks — top brass

The Russian Defense Ministry also said that the Pentagon had reasons to be concerned that the delivery of the Russian-made S-400 systems to Turkey might tarnish the image of the F-35 stealth aircraft

Putin may hold a meeting to discuss repatriation of foreign currency earnings

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that there is no exact date for the meeting yet, but promised to inform about it when the date is set

More than 138,000 enterprises registered on Hainan in 2019

The Hainan authorities register at least 570 new organizations daily

Russian diplomat castigates Poland for distorting historical facts

According to the diplomat, the event held in Warsaw on September 1, where Russia was snubbed, involved remarks by Polish officials claiming that Poland had ‘suffered’ at the hands of the Soviet Union

Trump says US are introducing sanctions against Iran’s Central Bank

Talking to reporters in the White House during a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the US President said that these are "highest sanctions ever imposed on a country"

Russia, China develop defense cooperation plan for 2020-2021

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that bilateral cooperation between the states is developing due to friendly relations between Russian and Chinese leaders

Kremlin notes presidency is a full-time job: Putin rarely has free time even on days off

When Russian President Vladimir Putin does have some free time though, he plays sports and meets with his family, the presidential press secretary revealed

US behind stalemate in Venezuela talks, says diplomat

The Russian Foreign Ministry recalled that on Sept 16, Venezuelan United Socialist Party,moderate opposition sealed a deal condemning illegal sanctions and demanding their immediate removal

US claims of its brilliant weapons aren’t proven in combat, says Russian Foreign Ministry

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, a lot of what the US is doing in the Middle East "more and more seems to be a regional collapse rather than a policy

First Russian S-400 missile systems to be deployed in Turkey in December — top brass

Turkey tried to negotiate a deal with the US to purchase American Patriot surface-to-air missile systems, which failed

Court releases Russian actor charged with attack on riot policeman on his own recognizance

Ustinov attended the court session from the pre-trial detention center via video conference

One of North Korean poachers detained by Russian border service dies

The man was traumatized offering resistance to the Russian border guards

Russian, Kyrgyz presidents monitor active phase of Tsentr 2019 exercise at Donguz

The aim is to practice measures to repel an offensive and inflict losses on a hypothetical enemy

Terrorists in Syria’s Idlib holding civilian population as ‘human shield’

The Abu al-Duhur checkpoint was opened on September 13 after a long break

Jailed Russian arms smuggler Bout wants to write book, says wife

The Russian national wants to share his experience of surviving in tough conditions, according to his spouse

Lavrov urges world to coordinate common interpretation of international law

According to Russia’s top diplomat, a reform of the UN Security Council would contribute to creating a stable world order

Russian inspectors to perform observation flight over US

The flight will be conducted by the Tu-154MLK-1 aircraft with US experts aboard

Moscow seeks extradition of four Russians from Argentina — deputy prosecutor general

Moscow has requested the extradition of Russians, who are charged, among other, with economic crimes