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À partir d’avant-hierTASS

Ecuador confirms first coronavirus death

This patient was the first to contract the coronavirus

Guatemala reports first coronavirus case

The person who had contracted the virus has been taken to the hospital

Russian national charged with $26 mln securities fraud in US

Denis Sotnikov over his alleged participation in a fraudulent scheme to lure US investors into buying fictitious Certificates of Deposit

Cuba’s top diplomat slams US sanctions against Rosneft subsidiary

On Thursday, the United States imposed sanctions on TNK Trading International S.A., a subsidiary of Russia’s Rosneft oil company, stressing that the goal is to bring Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro to the negotiation table

UN staff asked to telecommute due to coronavirus pandemic

The New York mayor earlier declared a state of emergency in the city

Merkel: coronavirus situation is common challenge for Europe and the world

German Chancellor assured the participants in the meeting that the government would to its utmost to stabilize the economy under these circumstances

Rossiya Airlines suspends flights to Cyprus starting March 14

President Nicos Anastasiades said that Cyprus would impose a 15-day ban on entering the country starting March 15 for non-accredited foreign citizens

Russian Embassy calls on US politicians to jointly combat coronavirus pandemic

We urge US politicians to show common sense and pool efforts in the fight against a common misfortune, the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian embassy stressed

Coronavirus claims 13 lives in China over past 24 hours

The number of infected people has grown by 11, 1,430 patients have recovered

Coronavirus situation may lead to reduction in jobs in tourism industry - experts

Approximate losses of the Russian outbound tourism due to the coronavirus amounted to 27 bln rubles ($402.2 mln)

Russia’s government prepares proposals to level effects of coronavirus

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier that measures taken in advance will allow Russia to partially compensate for the negative processes in the global economy

Two coronavirus cases confirmed in Russia’s Kemerovo region

Both patients are under the supervision of doctors in a city hospital, they are isolated and receive the necessary treatment

Oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia may benefit both - experts

Saudi Arabia may reach production level of 12 mln barrels per day (bpd) in 3-6 months, Director of ACRA corporate rating group Vasily Tanurkov said

S7 suspends flights to Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus due to coronavirus

Over the past month and a half, amid the spread of coronavirus, flights to China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Spain, Germany and France were limited

Aeroflot to reduce number of flights to Europe from March 16 - company

Starting from March 16, regular flights to and from Moscow to Munich, Frankfurt, Burgas, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Barcelona and Zurich will be temporarily suspended

Law on amendments to Russian Constitution submitted to Constitutional Court

If the court releases a positive ruling, a nationwide vote will be held on April 22

Russian lawmakers approve law on purchasing Sberbank shares from Bank of Russia

The law establishes that the acquisition of shares in Sberbank will be carried out as part of the placement of funds of the National Wealth Fund

Russians should minimize foreign trips amid coronavirus fears - PM

The prime minister reminded that the cabinet recommended "all federal executive bodies to refrain from work trips or cancel them"

Coronavirus cases rise to 59 in Russia in past day

Аll the 14 Russians infected with the novel coronavirus travelled to the European Union in the past two weeks

Putin plans no travel abroad in near future

Earlier in the day, the Russian government advised Russians to avoid all travel abroad

Airports, train stations should tighten control on Saturday, Sunday over coronavirus - PM

Russia limited flights to all the European Union countries, and to Switzerland and Norway starting at 00.00 on March 16

Russian-Turkish coordinating center launched in Syria - Russia’s Defense Ministry

Engineering reconnaissance of the patrol itinerary was conducted outside Saraqib as part of preparations for joint Russian-Turkish patrols along the M-4 highway

Russian government orders to close border with Poland, Norway for foreigners on Sunday

The Foreign Ministry is tasked with notifying Poland, Norway and other states whose interests might be affected by the implementation of the regulation

Russian, Belarusian PMs agree to join efforts to control coronavirus spread

Last week, Mishustin and Rumas held talks in Moscow focusing on the two countries’ integration

Sixth coronavirus case confirmed in St Petersburg

St. Petersburg’s authorities banned mass gatherings of more than 1,000 people from March 16 until April 30

Test systems for coronavirus available in all Russian regions

All the diagnostic laboratories of the agency in Russia have required equipment in sufficient numbers and specialists for use of developed diagnostic tools, Rospotrebnadzor said

Several Space Research Institute employees quarantined after trip to Europe

The state space corporation Roscosmos told TASS earlier about limiting overseas business trips of their staff due to the coronavirus spread

Renault increased car prices in Russia by 1.14%

Some automakers have already announced possible revision of car prices in view of the national currency rate drop

Coronavirus found in three more countries

Authorities of St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda and the Republic of Congo confirmed new coronavirus cases on their territories

Russia, Turkey to start joint patrolling in Idlib

The first joint Russian-Turkish patrolling of the M-4 highway connecting Al-Hasakah and Aleppo Governorates in Northern Syria will take place on Sunday

US Commerce Department blacklisted two Russian companies

The US Department of Commerce blacklisted Russian companies Avilon Ltd. and Technomar

Russian military police heading to meet with Turkish troops for patrol mission in Idlib

The mission will be carried out in accordance with an agreement reached by the presidents of Russia and Turkey on March 5

Uzbekistan identifies first coronavirus case

Uzbekistan’s Institute of Virology has identified the COVID-19 virus in the samples of an Uzbek citizen who recently returned from France

Militants sought to disrupt Russian-Turkish patrol mission

Terrorists sought to use civilians, including women and children, as human shields, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement

Russia suspends trains to and from Ukraine, Moldova over coronavirus

Russia earlier suspended trains to and from the French city of Nice and Germany’s capital of Berlin, as well as through coaches to and from the Czech capital of Prague

WTO suspends all meetings till late April over coronavirus situation

The World Trade Organization is reviewing "alternatives for arranging virtual meetings to enable members to participate remotely"

Russian Finance Ministry to continue currency regulation liberalization in 2020

Moreover, it is planned to liberalize currency regulation norms through establishing additional allowed cases of making foreign exchange transactions between residents on accounts opened in banks located outside the Russian Federation

Trains to Kaliningrad to make no stops in Lithuania

The decision was taken as a measure to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection and will come into effect from March 16

First coronavirus-associated death reported in Hungary

As of today, the country has 32 confirmed coronavirus cases

Aeroflot suspends flights to 16 more destinations

Thus, it will suspend flights to Prague, Frankfurt, Munich, Thessaloniki, Barcelona, Zurich, Copenhagen, Oslo, Chisinau, Vilnius, Warsaw, Tallinn, Vienna, Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand