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À partir d’avant-hierTASS

Putin arrives in Kyrgyzstan for Collective Security Treaty Organization summit

With regard to Russia’s future presidency in the organization in 2019-2020, Putin is expected to outline Russia’s priorities in CSTO during the next mid-session period

Iran, Russia, China to hold joint naval drills in Indian Ocean soon

The Iranian Navy commander did not specify the exact date of the maneuvers

Ukraine rules out cutting off Europe-bound gas, but says no contract — no transit

If Russian gas enters the country’s transit system without a relevant contract signed, Ukraine will pump it into its underground gas storage facilities

Post-Soviet security bloc CSTO to help preserve Iranian nuclear deal — statement

CSTO ministers also noted the huge potential of Russia’s proposed concept of collective Persian Gulf securty

Death toll in Albanian earthquake rises to 35 — paper

45 people have been pulled alive from the rubble so far

Russia sends another humanitarian aid convoy to Donbass

The convoy carries over 580 tonnes of humanitarian cargo, such as medicines and children’s food

US to keep pressure on Russia over Minsk deal implementation — Department of State

In the run-up to the Normandy Quartet (Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France), due to take place in Paris on December 9, the United States "reaffirms our unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Russian Week fetches almost $50 million to UK auction houses

The most expensive lot of the sale was Ivan Kliun’s Spherical Suprematism

Brewery explosion and fire kills two in southern Russia

A probe is underway to figure out the cause of the explosion

SCO may become key global development center — secretary general

The SCO countries’ share of the global GDP is expected to reach 35-40% by 2030, according to Vladimir Norov

Beijing says US backs criminals in Hong Kong, meddles in Chinese domestic affairs

China’s countermeasures will follow if the US applies the Hong Kong Act, Beijing pledged

Russian military medics start work in clinic in Qamishli in northern Syria

The medical unit has all the necessary means and equipment to provide help

Russia’s 1st upgraded Tu-160M strategic bomber enters trials

After the ground tests are over, the Tu-160M will enter the stage of flight tests, the source said

Putin backs idea of inviting CSTO military to attend 2020 Victory Day Parade

The Russian president noted that a detailed plan on holding memorial, social and cultural events in all member-states of a post-Soviet security bloc had been coordinated

Russia’s oil companies propose postponing extension of OPEC+ deal until March

The OPEC+ production reduction pact is valid until the end of March 2020

Death toll from Albanian quake rises to 39

This earthquake turned out to be the second powerful one in Albania this season

Kiev’s sanctions against archaeologists in Crimea devoid of any sense — scientists

Since major construction projects were launched in 2014 the peninsula has experienced an archaeological boom

Moscow zoo announces birth of two baby alpacas

Zoologists are now keeping a close eye on them to ensure that the babies are as comfortable as possible

Russian military to train 1,000 specialists for Tajikistan’s Defense Ministry next year

The training course will include 15 military occupations and will last for about three months, according to the military district's press service

Zelensky’s approval rating plummeting, opinion poll indicates

Some 19% of the respondents have a negative view of the incumbent president

Russian Black Sea Fleet frigate calls at Cyprus in Mediterranean deployment

Before that, the frigate held drills as part of the Black Sea Fleet’s naval group with the Algerian Navy

Moscow hopes Vienna meeting on Iranian nuclear deal will yield results

On December 6, Vienna is due to host a meeting of the joint commission for implementing the JCPOA at the level of deputy foreign ministers

Joint drills of China, Russia, South Africa aimed to ensure stability — spokesperson

Russia is represented by a naval group headed by the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov at the drills

Russian team to participate in 2020 Youth Olympics without restrictions

The 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games will be held in Switzerland’s Lausanne January 9 - 22

Latest radar ready to go on combat alert in Russian Arctic

Earlier reports said the new radar would assume combat duty in November

Russian diplomat says it’s unacceptable to politicize sports amid looming WADA ban

Maria Zakharova stressed that it’s impossible to turn a blind eye to the fact that the doping issue is focused only on Russia

EC confirms it has no plans to appeal EU’s court decision on OPAL gas pipeline

This refers to the court ruling to restrict Gazprom’s use of the OPAL gas pipeline capacity

Macron calls for transparent dialogue with Russia at meeting with NATO chief

The French leader underlined that "Russia is geographically a part of Europe." According to him, "new relations with Russia vital to create a new security architecture"

Chaplin's film to be screened during Hainan Film Festival

The guests of the festival will see The Gold Rush shot in 1925

Putin hails Kyrgyzstan's presidency of CSTO post-Soviet security bloc

Focusing on bilateral relations, the Russian president noted that they are developing successfully

Russia cautions West against hiding data about military crimes in Afghanistan

Earlier, reports came in the media of war crimes allegedly committed by the British military in Afghanistan

Ukraine drafts five plans to reintegrate Donbass — official

The high-ranking official revealed that the draft plans are beneficial to Ukraine, without disclosing their essence

Moscow concerned over situation with Russian media in Latin America — diplomat

On November 15, Ecuador’s national cable network took Russia's RT TV channel off the air; on November 27, Bolivia followed suit

Diplomat blasts Czech authorities for conniving with attempts to rewrite history

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman recalled that actions of the so-called Russian Liberation Army, which he led during World War II, were branded by the Nuremberg Trials as involvement in war crimes and crimes against humanity, which have no limitations period

Hainan Airlines to launch direct flights to Moscow

The route will be available on December 25

Diplomat slams Spanish media’s interest in alleged Russian interference as unhealthy

The Russian diplomat, in particular, lashed out at reports that Russia allegedly seeks to weaken the European Union

St. Petersburg to introduce a telecom cluster for Arctic in 2020

The cluster will bring together various authorities, corporations, businesses and science, according to the official

OPCW expert’s letter on WikiLeaks shows organization’s bias — Russian Foreign Ministry

The e-mail message authored by an OPCW expert was critical of the OPCW mission’s report of the investigation into the alleged chemical warfare attack in Syria’s Douma in April 2018

Mount Elbrus glaciers melting at alarming pace, expert warns

If the current pace continues, the amount of ice on the mountain may shrink 40% by 2050, according to the expert

Nearly two-thirds of Russians consider bear the most fitting symbol for Russia

The foundation added that 7% of Russians described the bear as an animal "who remains patient for a long time, but if it gets angry, everyone will get theirs"

Macron defends his statement on NATO’s ‘brain death’

In an interview with The Economist earlier, Macron criticized the current state of NATO, claiming that it stands on "the edge of a precipice"