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À partir d’avant-hierTASS

Police use tear gas during detention of protesters in Minsk, reports say

Tear gas was used during the detention of a female protester, while her fellow protesters tried to shield her from the police

West wages orchestrated disinformation campaign against Russia over Navalny - legislator

He said this disinformation campaign is aimed at ruining Russia’s fraternal alliance with Belarus and other friendly countries, thus repeating the Ukrainian scenario of 2014

Moldova records daily high of COVID-19 cases

Moldova extended a state of emergency in its healthcare system until September 30, barring foreigners from entering the country and banning public gatherings of more than 50 people

Moscow condemns Zelensky’s allegations of Russia’s plans to divide the world

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that Moscow is not surprised by yet another belligerent statement from the Ukrainian president and his "attempt to scare the entire world" by a Russian threat

Putin reiterates that second COVID-19 vaccine to be registered in Russia soon

Putin also noted other achievements of the healthcare system in fighting the coronavirus

US slaps sanctions on six individuals, two companies from Russia

Inclusion into the sanction list means asset freezing in the United States and ban for US citizens or firms to conduct business with persons in the list

Uzbekistan calls on UN to adopt Code of Voluntary Commitments of States during pandemic

According to the country's president, it will enable the world to create a fair global system ensuring basic rights, freedoms, health and well-being of each human being

Russian diplomat points to risk of quarantine measures in other countries

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called on Russians to carefully plan their trips and avoid risks

Berlin police, authorities tight-lipped about Navalny’s protection

Previously, the media reported that Russian blogger Alexey Navalny was released from the Charite clinic, where he received treatment after the alleged poisoning

Russian diplomat slams West’s rhetoric on Navalny incident as unacceptable

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said "there is and can be no evidence of Russia’s involvement"

Moscow to expand retaliatory list of EU officials banned from entering Russia — diplomat

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman recalled that lately the EU took a number of unfriendly steps towards Russia and Russian citizens, thus bypassing the existing international norms and using sanctions on far-fetched and absurd pretexts

Msta-S self-propelled guns hit targets at distance of 15 km during Kavkaz exercise

Aerial vehicle units carried out fire adjustment and video control of fire accuracy, according to the top brass

Tikhanovskaya says won’t consider Lukashenko legitimate president after inauguration

On Wednesday, Lukashenko was sworn in as president at a ceremony in the Independence Palace in Minsk attended by several hundred people

Nornickel to pay for COVID-19 test of every passenger arriving in Norilsk

According to the representative, the company has purchased 12,000 test kits as part of the initiative

Putin instructs to provide for increase in payments to families with young children

He recalled the decision to establish payments for low-income families with children ages 3 to 7 years

Several countries refuse to recognize Lukashenko’s legitimacy following inauguration

The Baltic countries were the first to refuse to recognize Lukashenko’s legitimacy

Level of antibodies may decrease 2-3 months after COVID-19, says expert

To date, 1,122,241 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Russia, with 923,699 patients having recovered from the disease

Russia-Sweden football friendly match in October relocated from Stockholm to Moscow

Sweden’s borders are currently closed for entry from countries, which are not members of the European Union

Increase of excess income tax rates is justified step, says Putin

The fiscal burden on excess income, in resource sectors primarily, has increased

Unemployment rate in Russia above 6% — Putin

The unemployment rate continued growing in August, the president said

Kremlin sees no direct accusations against Russia in Macron’s statements

On the eve of the UNGA’s session, the French leader called on Moscow to fully shed light on the attempt of murdering political opposition figure Navalny using the Novichok nerve agent

Putin says Russia must remain a strong presidential republic

Putin thanked the Federation Council members for their participation in preparation of the amendments to the basic law

Elysee Palace could not leak Putin-Macron conversation tape to the media — Kremlin

The spokesman noted that the wording of the conversation provided by the French newspaper was not exact

Deal with Yandex provides for preservation of Tinkoff brand — banker Tinkov

The integration of the companies will be minimal, according to the Tinkoff Bank founder

Kremlin says presidential inauguration is Belarus’ domestic affair

Alexander Lukashenko took the oath of office earlier on Wednesday

Flamethrower teams destroy 50 armored targets during Kavkaz-2020 exercise

Under the scenario, military drones spotted a hypothetical enemy’s reserves on the way to command posts, according to the top brass

Bal system copes with task of sinking enemy ship in Caspian Sea during Kavkaz exercise

The small missile ship The Uglich performed the role of an enemy naval vessel, according to the top brass

Police uncover weapons, cash and jewels in raid on Siberian religious sect

The leaders of the notorious Vissarion’s community are accused of profiteering from the religious activity by siphoning money from their adherents

Lukashenko sworn in as Belarusian president

The inauguration ceremony was attended by several hundred people

Navalny discharged from Charite hospital

The Russian blogger had spent 24 days in inpatient care in Berlin being taken off a lung ventilator on September 14

Russia records over 6,400 new coronavirus cases

In the past five days the daily growth rate did not exceed 0.6%

Volume of Hainan's actually used foreign investments in January-August reaches $387 mln

The largest increase in foreign investment was recorded in the cities of Haikou, Sanya and Qionghai

Religious cult leader arrested in Siberian city for two months

Sergei Torop, who calls himself Vissarion, is suspected of setting up a religious group, which used violence against citizens

Hainan sets criteria for highly qualified foreign specialists

In spring, the provincial administration issued a statement proposing some 30,000 vacancies on the island to highly skilled foreign specialists

Russia hopeful Germany will stick with Nord Stream 2, says envoy

Sergei Nechayev underlined that Germany will not be able to meet its energy demands by only employing renewables

ISS successfully avoided unidentified space debris, says NASA administrator

Earlier, NASA reported that the ISS crew had had to take a precautionary measure to relocate to the Soyuz spacecraft as a fragment of space debris was approaching the ISS