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Two Friends, Two Continents, Very Different Pandemics

Par Zachary Woolfe
Steven LaBrie is a freelance baritone in New York. Jarrett Ott has a full-time job singing in Germany. As the coronavirus spread, that made all the difference.

The singers Jarrett Ott (left, in Stuttgart, Germany) and Steven LaBrie (right, in New York City) are friends whose careers were hit very differently by the pandemic.

A Final Fantasy Newbie's Journey Through FF7 and Its Remake

Par Joshua Adams
For a game that’s so embedded in the common consciousness, I’ve never actually played it—until now. And it’s just as wonderful now as I imagine it was in 1997.

George Wolf, Caring Neighbor Who Once Glimpsed the Face of Evil, Dies at 92

Par Glenn Thrush
Mr. Wolf escaped the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia and built a life as a garment manufacturer and lover of music in New York City. He was infected with the novel coronavirus.

“It was the end of the world as we knew it,” George Wolf said of the Nazi occupation of his native Czechoslovakia.