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A Final Fantasy Newbie's Journey Through FF7 and Its Remake

Par Joshua Adams
For a game that’s so embedded in the common consciousness, I’ve never actually played it—until now. And it’s just as wonderful now as I imagine it was in 1997.

Two Friends, Two Continents, Very Different Pandemics

Par Zachary Woolfe
Steven LaBrie is a freelance baritone in New York. Jarrett Ott has a full-time job singing in Germany. As the coronavirus spread, that made all the difference.

The singers Jarrett Ott (left, in Stuttgart, Germany) and Steven LaBrie (right, in New York City) are friends whose careers were hit very differently by the pandemic.

Scrapped Plans for London Concert Hall Sour Mood for U.K. Musicians

Par Alex Marshall
The decision comes as classical musicians struggle to deal with the impact of the pandemic and Britain’s departure from the European Union.

A computer-generated rendering of the proposed London Center for Music, by the architects Diller Scofidio & Renfro. London authorities announced Thursday that the project would not go ahead.

Cancel Hitchcock: ‘Psycho,’ ‘Guess Who's Coming to Dinner,’ Among the Iconic Films Turner Classic Movies Deems Problematic

Par David Ng, David Ng
Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" and "Rope" are among the films that Turner Classic Movies has deemed "troubling and problematic," joining the ranks of Gone with the Wind in a new series called "Reframed: Classic Films in the Rearview Mirror," which seeks to scrutinize old movies through the lens of today's identity politics.


Shamley Productions/ Paramount Pictures

Foregone Is Slick, and All Too Familiar

Par Jerry Bonner
The hybrid 2D platformer game is something less than the sum of its parts.