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Kaiju No. 8



A man, unhappy with the work he has had to do in life, is involved in an unexpected…

  • 3 mars 2021 à 13:07

Nano Machine


After being held in disdain and having his life put in danger, an orphan from the Demonic…

  • 6 novembre 2020 à 10:49

Rooftop Sword Master


After being beat up and put into a coma by eight of his classmates at Nun'Gwang Middle school,…

  • 17 octobre 2020 à 21:33

Detective Conan


Shinichi Kudo is a high school detective who sometimes works with the police to solve cases. During an investigation,…

  • 17 septembre 2020 à 10:22



17-year-old Iguchi Tatsuya has just been released from juvenile…

  • 16 septembre 2020 à 23:09



Gabimaru the Empty, a former ninja assassin known feared as a heartless husk of a man, spends his days on death row wondering…

  • 29 juin 2020 à 21:15

Slave B


This is a world whose peace was destroyed by the Shadow Lord, ‘Secneum’. ‘Niro’ is a half-elf,…

  • 24 juin 2020 à 08:46

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint



‘This is a development that I know of.’ The moment he thought that, the world had been destroyed,…

  • 24 juin 2020 à 08:40

3CM Hunter


Everyone in the world suddenly shrank to 3cm ...?! The consequence of this being everything in daily life becoming a…

  • 24 juin 2020 à 08:38

Legend of the Northern Blade



When the world was plunged into darkness martial artists gathered to form the ‘Northern Heavenly…

  • 28 mai 2020 à 11:38

Chainsaw Man


Broke young man + chainsaw dog demon = Chainsaw Man!

  • 27 mai 2020 à 23:53

Makenshi no Maken Niyoru Maken no Tame no Harem Life


Fujinomiya Soujirou is transported to a fantasy world with only his Daisho (pair of samurai swords) in hand. The katana…

  • 26 mai 2020 à 11:01

The Live


After losing his wife and daughter in a horrific accident, Yun-Jae finds himself stuck in his routine until he receives…

  • 22 mai 2020 à 15:05

Made in Abyss


The enormous cave system, known as the Abyss, is the last unexplored place in the world. Nobody knows how deep down goes…

  • 3 mai 2020 à 01:12

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years


The worst student of Westrod Academy, the disgrace of the Blake House.

  • 2 mai 2020 à 21:03

Kenja no Mago



Thanks to various magic, the human race has been saved from calamity many, many times. Retaining his memories…

  • 29 avril 2020 à 15:04

The Scholar's Reincarnation


A material artist, claiming himself to be a "murderer" is…

  • 28 avril 2020 à 19:38

Carrying The Goddess Along


Chen Guang, a bankrupt child of a nouveau riche family, has been drawn into quite the splendid life. His best friend,…

  • 24 avril 2020 à 11:52

Picking Up A Shool Beauty To Be Wife


Wife Is School Goddess Comics Online. A vet returns to school after his military tours, only to find himself involved in the trouble of many girls:

  • 22 avril 2020 à 16:44

Solo Bug Player


If I can succeed it's OK to use bugs or any possible way! A story of reincarnated ultra-high obesity young lord.

  • 22 avril 2020 à 15:31

Princess Bibliophile


The crown prince, Christopher's fiancee, while only in name, Elianna, is a noble lady that enjoys her life by reading…

  • 22 avril 2020 à 10:44

God Of Blackfield


“Who am I?”

  • 19 avril 2020 à 21:06

Rebirth of Abandoned Young Master


300 years ago, abandoned Young Master Zhuo were thrown into the sea, but fortunately, the Master Zunjun passed through…

  • 18 avril 2020 à 20:50

Dragon Pulse



According to the original book of the same name of Zen Sword, in the Kowloon continent, the warrior is…

  • 17 avril 2020 à 11:09

The Descent of the Demonic Master


The first life. After a tragic accident losing his family and legs, he ends his own life. The second life. He earned…

  • 16 avril 2020 à 19:54

Soloist of the Prison


In a prison so big that it is called a city, all sorts of criminals have been amassed. Due to the inescapable walls,…

  • 13 avril 2020 à 19:28

I’m An Evil God


Across the realms, is the manliest and most handsome evil god in history! The peerless beautiful man Xie Yan crossed…

  • 12 avril 2020 à 00:38

Swallowed Star


In the Year 2056, a teenager clad in a tactical vest,…

  • 6 avril 2020 à 21:28



Yidun, a boy who suddenly fell from the sky can only remember two things: His name, and the fact that he will cease to…

  • 3 avril 2020 à 16:28

Game of the Strong


If the city is an ecosystem, then the people living there would be the food chain. I, Jiang Ming, will get to the top…

  • 3 avril 2020 à 16:24

Overgeared (2020)


Young Woo Shin, Username: Grid. In the words best virtual reality game , bad luck always revolves around him. But he…

  • 3 avril 2020 à 16:22

Mo Shou Jian Sheng


Internet addicted boy Liu Feng accidentally crossed the world of sword and magic. He can’t use magic and doesn't…

  • 2 avril 2020 à 18:00

Infinite Apostles And Twelve War Girls



he is recognized as the strongest existence, standing at the top of the world. Wealth? fame? Power? It…

  • 2 avril 2020 à 16:49

Bringing the Nation's Husband Home


Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian marry by the will of their parents. However, Jinnian was no longer the kind boy Anhao once…

  • 25 mars 2020 à 10:29

Reverse Villain


Jung-woo, who was reincarnated in the past and tried to conquer Murim, continued his conquest. Because of Shin-Ryong, who is left in a reincarnation cycle along with…

  • 18 mars 2020 à 14:38

Sword of Benevolence


Sword of Benevolence Comics Online. [Boundless Fairyland],…

  • 17 mars 2020 à 09:41

Goblin Is Very Strong


Goblin-san accidentally reached level 99... and now she keeps killing heroes.

  • 15 mars 2020 à 21:35

The Super Doctor From 2089


Ye Wutian, a brilliant doctor from 2089, somehow time-travels back to the year 2019 in a lab experiment explosion. He…

  • 14 mars 2020 à 22:08

Lord Of The Mysteries


With the rising tide of steam power and machinery, who can…

  • 13 mars 2020 à 18:35

The Rebirth of the Demon God


The demon leader Di Shi Tian was betrayed by his most trusted friend, and perished under the combined attack of the…

  • 11 mars 2020 à 16:59



“Bullets don’t work against the nobles” Japan, including their 23 districts, were in a enormous tower.…

  • 9 mars 2020 à 20:08

My Three Thousand Years To The Sky


In the world of cultivation, cultivators would first refine their Qi (energy), then build the foundation for cultivation,…

  • 6 mars 2020 à 23:48

Zhi Zun Shen Mo


From the top of martial art world to the trash after being in the top of martial art world in a young age he died Because…

  • 6 mars 2020 à 23:41

Dungeon Reset


Once it starts up, the dungeon goes through a process called “Reset the Next User”. Why doesn’t this…

  • 6 mars 2020 à 23:38

Xianzun System in the City


Zhong Ma is an ordinary college student who is graduating but can't find a job. He unexpectedly learned that he was cheated…

  • 6 mars 2020 à 23:30

My Dear Concubine


An excellent white-collar worker travels through time and…

  • 4 mars 2020 à 15:10

Poem of Hell Confession


Well-behaved girl, Lian Yin, finally summoned up the courage to confess to childhood sweetheart, Fengyao Gong, but received…

  • 4 mars 2020 à 00:12

Holy Book and Highness


All of a sudden, I traveled through time and space to be a…

  • 3 mars 2020 à 23:46

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage


It was by chance they met. If it wasn’t because…

  • 3 mars 2020 à 20:35

Journey of the Hidden Blade


The demon sword that destroyed the WuLin world has appeared once again, those who are possessed by it become “Blade…

  • 3 mars 2020 à 11:42