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Fukushuu o Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou Suru


Raul who had defeated the demon king as the strongest hero should have become the savior of the world.

  • 16 juillet 2019 à 11:01

No Longer Human


Macabre manga master Junji Ito applys his singularly anxious touch to a comic book adaptation based on No Longer Human…

  • 13 juillet 2019 à 11:00

This Time I Will Definitely Be Happy!


“Wait for me, Louisa.” Those were the words that the hero, Graham, said to me before he set off to defeat…

  • 9 juillet 2019 à 10:13

The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess

  • 9 juillet 2019 à 10:06

Tomb Raider King


The God’s Tombs started to appear around the world. Due to the relics within these tombs, many were able to wield…

  • 9 juillet 2019 à 10:02

MookHyang - Dark Lady


As the master of the School of Unholy Arts and as the undefeated Unmasked Demon, MookHyang unfortunately falls to a strange fantasy world by the magic of his enemies (School of Blood Arts). In the…

  • 7 juillet 2019 à 11:13



  • 4 juillet 2019 à 12:26

Fight Class 3



A world in which Korea is the global capital of combat sports. At Nam-Il High School where the best and…

  • 3 juillet 2019 à 16:26

Player Reborn



Wan Jia was betrayed by one of his own teammates in the virtual reality game, "King of Gamers" (KOG) and…

  • 1 juillet 2019 à 11:19

Wizardly Tower


A powerful grand wizard named “Raim” reappears after a millennium because of a failed experiment. While setting…

  • 29 juin 2019 à 10:57

My Great Sword


This is a story of a man who is cursed to live a life of solitude! Whether the ladies be eight or eighty years old, his…

  • 28 juin 2019 à 15:28

Shokugeki no Soma - Le Dessert

  • 28 juin 2019 à 11:51

Isekai ni Kita Mitai Dakedo Ikanisureba Yoi no Darou



Akihiro is an ordinary 35 year old salary man who loves his food. During his usual daily routine he suddenly…

  • 28 juin 2019 à 00:35

The Missing Gate


College student Zhao Zhe and classmate Liu Qingyan participated in the concert of the idol group MMC48, but they accidentally…

  • 28 juin 2019 à 00:22

Sekai de Tadahitori no Mamono Tsukai ~ Tenshoku Shitara Maou ni Machigawa Remashita


After searching for a long time, Noah finally found the [Divine Job Tome]. With it, he just might be able to get away…

  • 27 juin 2019 à 23:34

Asobinin wa Kenja ni Tenshoku Dekiru tte Shittemashita? ~ Yuusha Party o Tsuihou Sareta Lv 99



The Jester ―― More commonly known as the ‘Playboy’ Dylan, was fired from the party of the…

  • 27 juin 2019 à 16:59

Battle Through The Heavens: Return Of The Beasts


The demonic race from outer territories have invaded The Great Thousand Worlds once again, The Ruler Mu Chen, Martial…

  • 27 juin 2019 à 14:40



Nanoka Kiba, a female high-school student, 8 years earlier was near to die because…

  • 27 juin 2019 à 11:46

The Original


A young man was kidnapped when he was trying to run away from home. He woke up in a strange lab facing a battle of his life…

  • 26 juin 2019 à 12:05

Supreme Spirit Master


I found a strange black blade then I also bumped into a cute girl. It changed my fate completely, it was the end of my boring and steady life and in comes the new and exciting world. Time to fight…

  • 26 juin 2019 à 12:00

The Legendary mortal ShO


The legendary mortal sho

  • 26 juin 2019 à 11:24

Virus Girlfriend


Faced with doomsday, the special power inside Ling Mo was woken up. He found out that he could control zombies. Therefore…

  • 19 juin 2019 à 11:02

Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai


Kazami Shingo was summoned into another world. The purpose for that summoning was "to make the territory more prosperous."…

  • 18 juin 2019 à 23:01

Realist Maou Niyoru Seiiki Naki Isekai Kaikaku


In a dilapidated castle, Astaroth awoke as a Demon King.

  • 17 juin 2019 à 23:17

Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki


A college student, Sakurai Hiroki was summoned to another world to defeat the Demon Lord. And since he got “Priest”…

  • 13 juin 2019 à 23:19

Deity's Path Through Ten Thousand Worlds


Every world is like a flower, The secular realm as we know it is but a speck of dust in the hands of deities and demons. One moment for them, a thousand years in the mortal world. Even mountain ranges…

  • 11 juin 2019 à 11:55

I Am The Sorcerer King


10 years ago, the monster horde from the rift formed from space and time started attacking the mankind. At the same time, people have started to awaken the power and began hunting the monsters for…

  • 9 juin 2019 à 10:44

Regnal Trigger


In the Trebian Empire’s mines, Aren and Toa led a life of harsh labor for 10 years. It was Aren’s dream to…

  • 3 juin 2019 à 23:24

Beautiful Legends


Beautiful Legends, a unit considered legendary. A certain girl who got eternal life by a painting, a martial arts practitioner,…

  • 3 juin 2019 à 22:45

Blue Phobia


Prisoners are sent to an island to mine an ore that lies underneath it, but there was something strange about the ore…

  • 3 juin 2019 à 11:56

Jiuyang Shenwang


The fallen emperor Qin Yun, the inheritance of Jiuyang, awakened the world of martial arts, learned the skills of the…

  • 3 juin 2019 à 10:58

Karate Baka Isekai


A karate practitioner who has been transferred to another world refuses the cheat skills given by the goddess and he…

  • 26 mai 2019 à 02:49

Burning Effect

  • 22 mai 2019 à 19:19

Dark Gathering


Keitarou, who's always had a disposition for attracting spirits, gets hired as a tutor for a little girl named Yayoi…

  • 18 mai 2019 à 12:03

Immortal, Invincible


From a thieving child to one who would shake the world. Rising to the title of Immortal Master, one of the Godly Twelve…

  • 18 mai 2019 à 10:58

The Sorcerer King of Destruction and the Golem of the Barbarian Queen


A young man suddenly awakens in the middle of an open field, with only his lame pajamas as company.

  • 13 mai 2019 à 22:12

Samurai 8: Hachimaruden



He can't run! He can't eat hard food. You can't get any weaker than the boy named Hachimaru. But his dream…

  • 13 mai 2019 à 21:06

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!


Annoying! Cute! But Annoying!

  • 7 mai 2019 à 16:43

Nidome no Yuusha


Ukei Kaito, the protagonist who desperately saved the world after being summoned in another world as a hero to defeat…

  • 5 mai 2019 à 22:19

Return From the World of Immortals


The fairy tales of the celestial world are flying in the soul, and the souls return to the original body on the earth.…

  • 3 mai 2019 à 11:34

Isekai Cheat Survival Meshi


Kazusa Yuu, a Japanese high school student interested in food and camping, dies in a traffic accident and ends up reincarnated…

  • 3 mai 2019 à 10:58

Oni Futatsu


In a world where people and Shinkis…

  • 3 mai 2019 à 10:53

Boku no Heya ga Dungeon no Kyuukeijo ni Natteshimatta Ken


Does a two-bedroom apartment in the Tokyo metropolitan area with a rent of 30,000 yen sound too good to be true? Our…

  • 30 avril 2019 à 23:11

Witch Hunter


Witches suddenly declare war against humans, causing two-thirds of the world to fall apart. They summon monsters called…

  • 29 avril 2019 à 19:04



An exterminator dies and finds himself in a fantasy world, without any skill with the sword or wand he carries on doing…

  • 27 avril 2019 à 10:47



According to old legends, the Stanle stone is said to contain the unlimited power of the universe... And the day when…

  • 24 avril 2019 à 15:35

Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu


Sei, a 20 year old office worker was summoned to a different world after finishing some overtime work. But the person…

  • 22 avril 2019 à 20:42

Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko


Ryouma Takuma, an overworked 39-year-old man finds himself in a strange white room. The gods tell him that he has died…

  • 22 avril 2019 à 20:12

Isekai de Kojiin wo Hiraitakedo, nazeka Darehitori Sudatou to Shinai Ken


Masatsugu was brought from another world in a hero summoning and ended up being part of the lowest possible caste. Awaiting…

  • 22 avril 2019 à 19:46

Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai


Ira Megumi is a 31-year-old woman who is currently at the top of her career. She's a beautiful woman who's brimming with…

  • 22 avril 2019 à 19:45